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Reviewed: 04/15/05

Great Game but they could've done better

Brothers In Arms is about Sgt.Matt Baker, a young man who didn't want to be platoon leader until he had no choice but to become one. This game will shows you what American paratroopers had to endure during their battle against the Germans.

The Review:

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics of Brothers In Arms for the PS2 isn't as good compared to its Xbox/PC counterparts. The soldier models are toned down quite a lot but the environment looks exactly the same as the Xbox version of Brothers In Arms. But the graphics are pretty good when you put them against other first-person-shooting titles. The first thing you'll notice about the graphics is that the environment looks very real. The grass sways, the clouds move, the leaves on the trees move around and shading looks really realistic too. Guns look real and the animations are life-like, the way the soldiers hold their guns and the way your comrades fidget around with their guns are very realistic.
But you can't help feeling that Ubisoft Shanghai could've at least done a better job. People say it's the PS2's ageing hardware that makes the PS2 graphics look bad but really, it's just the way they rushed the port. If any of yous played Metal Gear Solid 3 & 2, Killzone, Hitman Contracts, Jak 3 etc you'll notice they were some of the best graphics on PS2........and probably among all 3 consoles. Those games have good graphics because its developers spent time on the PS2's port and spends countless hours studying the PS2.

Sound: 7/10

The sounds are alright. The voice-making is okay but sometimes you feel like the voice actors aren't even trying. The Gun sounds are good from M1 garands to MP40's. The Thompson, to me, fires the most realistic shots ever, when you fire a thompson in the game, it feels like you are firing it yourself. The guns' recoil feel very realistic too, your controllers rumbles when you fire your weapons and aiming is really hard (just like in real life). Sounds of explosions aren't convincing, they sound fake but you get over it after a while.

Gameplay: 9/10

The gameplay for this game is the real fun factor of Brothers In Arms. Brothers In Arms isn't about run'n'gun, you actually have to use your head instead of your guts. In Brothers In Arms, they'll give you two teams, sometimes one team in some occasions, but they'll usually give you two teams. One Fire team and one Assault team. You suppress the enemy with the Fire team and you make sure the enemy doesn't get a chance to shoot back at you, then you'll assault the enemy with your assault team, by moving them around your enemy and finish them off from left, right or behind. Like Rainbow Six 3, you can die within just 4 shots or less. Charging an enemy or tank does nothing but a fast shortcut to the morgue. You have to stay alert when flanking your enemy, the AI aren't stupid, they take cover when being shot at and will run away when you lob a grenade over. The AI are pretty accurate when it comes to firing a weapon, so you have to be careful, but luckily your teammates are equally smart. Sometimes they can be glitches but they're very rare and sometimes the game will lag if WAY too much combat is going on. The gameplay of Brothers In Arms to similar to those of Full Spectrum Warrior and this game will only be enjoyable to patient gamers. If you're a fan of Run'n'Gun style then this game won't be as enjoyable.

Replay: 8/10

Brothers In Arms has 2 player split-screen and online network play. You can't go co-op with your friend but you can take on your friends by versing them and to see whether who is a better squad leader. I don't have online, but people say the online can be bit of a trouble since they are always complaining about the loading times and the time it takes to get into a room. I personally think Brothers In Arms is more fun when it comes to single player campaigns.

Rent or Buy?

I say rent first then see if you like it or not. But otherwise for WWII buffs, this is definitely a buy.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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