Review by MGPythagoras

Reviewed: 03/18/05

Eight Days of Hell Payed Off!

I just reserved this game eight days ago, as the title implies, and have been waiting eagerly for it ever since. Since no review has been posted for the PS2 I decided to write one to help out the people who are having trouble deciding to purchase this game or not. I have not played this game online or multiplayer so I will not review that area of the game.

Graphics 8/10

I rate these graphics as a PS2 user, meaning I am used to slightly above average graphics. If you own an Xbox this would probably be lower, around a 6 or so.

For a PS2 game, these graphics are pretty good. There is no fog when you are distanced from an object. The guns look authentic and the enemies and allies are detailed effectively. Patches of grass are detailed down to individual blades and more. The only problem I have with this game is it suffers from the GTA effect, or bad draw distance. You will frequently notice this as the draw distance for the ground, brick walls and buildings is only a few feet of you so you will consistantly notice the draw distance, but when you are absorbed in a battle you won't take notice.

Sound 8/10

I give this an 8 because nothing really stands out. I don't even know if there is music during the levels because if there is it blends in quite well. The guns sound fairly good and the voices for both the the main character, Germans, and your team mates are well done. The only dissapointment are that explosions tend to sound quiter than they should.

Controls 8/10

I give this an 8 for one reason, and that is your character moves slow. At first it will be quite annoying and you WILL have to adjust but once you get used to it you'll never notice. The controls are pretty standard. R1 shoots, square reloads, O is melee, X is jump, triangle is grenades, R2 is weapon switch, L1 issues commands, and so on.

Overall, the controls are done well.

Gameplay 8/10

THe meat of the game. This seems to be the part everyone is torn on. I have not finished the game so this review is only on the first half of the game, but I'm sure the last half is similar.

In this game you assume the role of Matt Baker, a paratrooper, and with a squad of people you drop behind enemy lines in Normandy eight days before D-Day. The missions you are to go on will help D-Day to occur.

Each level only lasts around a half hour or so and consists of a couple simple objectives (wipe out all soldiers in the area, defend the church and more). Unlike other WWII games, you are not a one man army. You have a squad of varying size (and sometimes a tank) that you can command. And command them you must or you will never finish the level. This right here is enough to turn people off the game, but it is actually quite simple. Aim and tap L1 and your troops move to the location. Hold L1 over an enemies head and they will fire at him. This is a crucial tactic as this is what the game basically is.

The aiming in this game is very realistic so its hard to hit people as you are running. Therefore, you must make your troops fire at the enemies. This will cause them to hide behind cover and you can flank them from an other side. This is usally how you kill all enemies as you can only take a few shots before you die and there are no healthpacks. However, there are many checkpoints, unlimited lives, and if you die enough you get full health. You will die a lot in this game in the beginning, and this will cause many people to hate this game, as it almost did to me. As you progress nothing beats the fun you have when your pinned down from all angles, your squad covers you, and you slip unnoticed behind some enemies and kill them. You then proceed to use their machine gun turret to take out all opposition.

Replay 7/10

I haven't heard much good about online (I haven't played it) but I have heard multiplayer offline is quite good, though much different than the standard deathmatch. There is really nothing to do in this game when you beat it except play it again, hence the score.

Rent or Buy: I'd say buy but if your unsure of paying $50, rent first.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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