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Jim FAQ by The1Executioner

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/10/05

 ____                           __                 __      
/\  _`\                  __    /\ \               /\ \__   
\ \ \L\ \     __    ____/\_\   \_\ \     __    ___\ \ ,_\  
 \ \ ,  /   /'__`\ /',__\/\ \  /'_` \  /'__`\/' _ `\ \ \/  
  \ \ \\ \ /\  __//\__, `\ \ \/\ \L\ \/\  __//\ \/\ \ \ \_ 
   \ \_\ \_\ \____\/\____/\ \_\ \___,_\ \____\ \_\ \_\ \__\
    \/_/\/ /\/____/\/___/  \/_/\/__,_ /\/____/\/_/\/_/\/__/
 ____                  ___      
/\  _`\            __ /\_ \     
\ \ \L\_\  __  __ /\_\\//\ \    
 \ \  _\L /\ \/\ \\/\ \ \ \ \   
  \ \ \L\ \ \ \_/ |\ \ \ \_\ \_ 
   \ \____/\ \___/  \ \_\/\____\
    \/___/  \/__/    \/_/\/____/
 _____            __    __                            __         
/\  __`\         /\ \__/\ \                          /\ \        
\ \ \/\ \  __  __\ \ ,_\ \ \____  _ __    __     __  \ \ \/'\    
 \ \ \ \ \/\ \/\ \\ \ \/\ \ '__`\/\`'__\/'__`\ /'__`\ \ \ , <    
  \ \ \_\ \ \ \_\ \\ \ \_\ \ \L\ \ \ \//\  __//\ \L\.\_\ \ \\` \  
   \ \_____\ \____/ \ \__\\ \_,__/\ \_\\ \____\ \__/.\_\\ \_\ \_\
    \/_____/\/___/   \/__/ \/___/  \/_/ \/____/\/__/\/_/ \/_/\/_/
 ____         ___                 __ __        ___     
/\  _`\   __ /\_ \               _\ \\ \__   /'___`\   
\ \ \L\_\/\_\\//\ \      __     /\__  _  _\ /\_\ /\ \  
 \ \  _\/\/\ \ \ \ \   /'__`\   \/_L\ \\ \L_\/_/// /__ 
  \ \ \/  \ \ \ \_\ \_/\  __/     /\_   _  _\  // /_\ \
   \ \_\   \ \_\/\____\ \____\    \/_/\_\\_\/ /\______/
    \/_/    \/_/\/____/\/____/       \/_//_/  \/_____/ 





|Author    : The Executioner                                 |
|FAQ Type  : Jim FAQ                                         |
|Spoilers  : Yes                                             |
|Game      : Resident Evil Outbreak File #2                  |

1)  Introduction/Author Information
2)  Characters    
3)  Jim Information
4)  Boss Strategies for Jim
5)  Scenario Notes about Jim
6)  Jim Secret Costumes List
7)  Jim's SP Item list
8)  Frequently Asked Questions 
9)  Contact
10) Updates
11) Credits
12) Legal and Copyright *MUST KNOW*


1. Introduction/Author Information


Hey there, as you all know I am The Executioner. Yes, I play Outbreak and 
Madden online a lot during weekends. Jim Chapman is one of the best character 
to use in Outbreak File #2 so I decided to write a guide about him and enjoy 
and thanks for reading!

- Executioner


2. Characters


| AIPC Relationships |

When choosing AIPC partner characters before starting any scenario, reefer to 
the following chart to determine a partner who will prove most helpful:

|PC     | Good Relationship   | Bad Relationship |
|Kevin  | Yoko, George, Cindy | Mark, David, Jim |     
|Mark   | Jim, David, Yoko    | Kevin, George    |
|Jim    | Mark, Cindy         | Yoko             |
|George | Kevin, Cindy        | Alyssa           |
|David  | Mark, Yoko          | Cindy            |
|Alyssa | George, David       | Jim              |
|Yoko   | Jim, Alyssa         | George           |
|Cindy  | George, Kevin       | David            |

|| Kevin Ryman ||

|Basic Information\

- Occupation: Police Officer, Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.)

- Vitality: 2300 points

- Viral Infection Rate: 1.19% per minute, 84 minutes to 100%

- Personal Item: 45 Auto
A more powerful weapon than the usual handgun, but ammo for this weapon is 
scarce. Kevin's custom weapon gives him the advantage in boss fights, so 
reserve its usage until encountering a worthwhile foe.

- Extra Item: 45 Auto Magazine
An extra clip of ammunition for Kevin's personal 45 Auto. Hold the L1 button 
to quickly reload the 45 Auto. The magazine can be refilled by combining it 
with 45 Auto Rounds.

- Bio: Officer Ryman works for the Raccoon City Police Department. He 
possesses superior athletic abilities and is an outstanding shot. A all 
around good guy, he's a dyed-in-the-wool optimist who doesn't dwell on petty 
matters. His happy go lucky personality sometimes works against him. He has 
failed the S.T.A.R.S. selection process twice.

- Characteristics: Kevin is the fastest of all the characters, which is 
useful for hurrying through scenarios in the fastest possible time. His 
powerful custom 45 Auto and unique unarmed attacks make him an excellent 
character choice for beginning players and action oriented players alike.

|Special Actions\

- Kick
Hold the R1 button and press Cancel to execute a swift kick. Use it to knock 
enemies backward just as they are about to attack. When used properly, it 
creates enough room to aim a firearm or prepare a knife attack. The kick can 
also be used to kick down locked doors and open locked wall panels.

- Critical Shot
Hold the R1 button for a long moment while equipped with a Handgun or the 45 
Auto. Soon, Kevin will readjust his aim. If you wait to fire until after 
Kevin has readjusted, his aim is better and the resulting shot causes more 
damage to an enemy. This is not effective for rifles.

- Elbow Tackle
Hold the R1 button and press Circle when no weapon is equipped. Kevin lunges 
further and knocks down enemies more easily with this move than other player 
characters can accomplish with standard Tackle attacks.

|| Mark Wilkins ||

|Basic Information\

- Occupation: Security Guard

- Vitality: 3000 points

- Viral Infection Rate: 1.31% per minute, 76 minutes to 100%

- Personal Item: Costume Handgun
Mark's personal automatic is similar to the other handguns found commonly 
throughout the game. Although Mark's Custom Handgun inflicts slightly less 
damage per attack, the barrel has been modified to inflict more damage at 
longer range.

- Extra Item: Handgun Magazine
An extra clip for Mark's Handgun, this clip enables faster reloading. Hold 
the L1 button to quickly reload Mark's Handgun. The Handgun Magazine can be 
refilled by combining it with Handgun Rounds.

- Bio: Currently working for a security company in Raccoon City, Mark is a 
Vietnam veteran. Approximately 50 years old, his robust strength has not 
diminished. He has tasted the emptiness of war and now, more than anything, 
he just wants to live in peace. 

- Characteristics: Mark, who possesses the highest vitality points, is the 
strongest character in the game. On his own, he can move heavy objects that 
normally require two players to move. Due to his size he is the second 
slowest player character in the game, and he cannot hide inside lockers or 

|Special Actions\

- Guard
Hold the R1 button and press Cancel to guard against enemy attacks. Mark can 
fend off common attacks from most frequently encountered foes. However, his 
virus meter still increases due to the contact. Strong attacks from unique 
boss enemies may still cause damage to Mark even while he is guarding.

- Full Swing
Hold the R1 button while equipped with a melee weapon that swings, such as an 
Iron Pipe, Long Pole, or a Crutch. Continue holding the R1 button until Mark 
raises the melee weapon higher than usual. This indicates tat Mark is ready 
to perform a "full swing", causing more damage than the normal melee weapon 

|| Jim Chapman ||

|Basic Information\

- Occupation: Subway Transit System Employee

- Vitality: 1800 points

- Viral Infection Rate: 1.43% per minute, 70 minutes to 100%

- Personal Item: Coin
While hanging around a location that is free of enemies, select Jim's coin 
and use it. Jim produces his coin and flips it into the air. The result is 
displayed on screen. Each time the coin comes up "Heads", Jim's rate of 
critical hits increases 10%. Therefore, if you flip the coin three times in a 
row and achieve "Heads" each time, Jim's critical hit rate rises by 30%! 
However, if the coin comes up "Tails", the bonus is reset to 0%. Used wisely, 
the Coin can turn Jim into a real killing machine!

- Extra Item: Lucky Coin
When Jim or any character possesses this item, the chance of critical hit 
occurrence rises 5%, the durability of melee weapons becomes stronger, and 
Handguns and Shotguns cannot be broken by a Hunter's attack. AIPC Jim rarely 
agrees to trade this item for anything, and players controlling Jim should 
hold onto the Lucky Coin rather than drop it in favor of other items.

- Bio: An agent with the Raccoon City subway, Jim is friendly and cheerful 
but sometimes reveals a hesitant side. Although he means well, he talks too 
much and sometimes bothers people around him. To his credit, he has strong 
powers of intuition and is skillful at solving puzzles.

- Characteristics: Jim is an average person in a very unique situation. 
Guided by fear and cowardice, his greatest skill is his ability to avoid 
attacks by pretending to be dead. Although playing as Jim takes some getting 
used to, a keen player soon realizes that the subway worker presents great 
advantages as a character choice.

|Special Actions\

- Playing Dead
Hold the R1 button, the press and hold the X button. This causes Jim to fall 
to the ground and remain motionless. Enemies will ignore him while he is 
playing dead, so it is useful when surrounded. However, don't overuse this 
skill, as the virus gauge increases more rapidly while he plays dead. By the 
way, if an enemy lands on top of Jim or punched Jim on the ground, Jim can 
still get hurt so be careful!

- Swing Combo
Hold the R1 button and press Circle to swing a melee weapon such as an Iron 
Pipe, Long Pole or Crutch. Press Circle again the moment Jim finishes his 
first swing to immediately perform another. This special action leaves Jim 
breathless for a moment, so use it with caution.

- Item Search
Even when Jim enters a room for the first time, the positions of the items in 
the room are indicated on the map by a question mark. The type of item is not 
specified, however, until the item is examined. This unique feature enables 
Jim to find items faster than other characters, especially hidden or unseen 


4. Boss strategies for Jim


Wild Things Scenario   \

*Stalker as the boss:
- Every time he growls that means he is going to jump at you! What you do is 
simple just play dead until he leave you alone. After you are away from him 
just loaded some shotguns ammo to his side of the body. 
- DO NOT get close to him because he can turn around fast and slam you!

*Titan as the boss:
- Go back to the entrance you came from but do not go to the other area. This 
place is the safest place in the game. The elephant cannot get you here 
unless he uses his nose to reach you. Every time he does that just play dead 
until he stops. You are like in a small cage and he can't get you, which 
makes it easier even in VH games! All you do is just shoot him and play dead 
everytime he tries to attack you.

Underbelly Scenario    \

*Giga Bite boss:
- Not much to do here since Jim can avoid every attack that the insect boss 
has. Every time you see bunch of insects rolling like a tire all you have 
to do is just play dead to avoid it and get back up and continue attacking 
the boss. Beware you still can get hurt while playing dead!

Flashback Scenario     \

*The Axeman:
- Jim ability to play dead is very useful against this boss. He is not 
really the "main" boss in Flashback scenario. But if you see him coming at 
you, all you have to do is play dead until he goes away or if he starts 
chasing your friends.

*Huge Plant:
- Jim is not very good against this plant unless if you are Samuel. Why 
Samuel? Because Samuel got higher damage ratio than any other Jim types. You 
can play dead if you see the plants above your head try to grab you and choke 
you. Try to get at least 2 HEADS and grab an axe.

Desperate Times Scenario \

* Mob of Zombies:
- Jim is not good against this many zombies. I recommend you to use Samuel  
because he is stronger and better with guns. If there are more than 3 zombies 
coming at you, try to do the "worm" by playing dead. You can lead them to the 
gas tank and blow them off. You should choose your partners carefully.

End of The Road Scenario \

* Mr. X first form:
- There is not much you can do with him. All you do is just play dead if he 
comes near you. He is almost like Thantos from File 1 except he is much 
smarter, stronger and faster. 

* Mr. X second form:
- This one is much harder to fight against even if you are Mr. Green or 
Samuel. I recommend you to just ignore him and play dead until he ignores 
you. Do that if you don't have the remote control. Remote control can only 
use once so don't forget that and play dead if he did his 1 hit move!

* Nyx:
- You don't have to fight him unless the helicopter leaves you behind. You 
better wish that you have some magnums or other powerful weapons. You also 
need to have at least 1 rocket launcher too. Take the beast down to his knee 
by the rocket launcher. Try not to miss or you are in big trouble. If you 
missed, just check the van near the monster and you can find an extra rocket 
launcher. Let's think you didn't miss. After the beast is on his knee this is 
your chance to attack him. Wait until the core on his chest open up. If it 
didn't open up and he stand up you better have some "extra" weapons that can 
take him down. After his core opens up, attack it with all your weapons that 
you have. Good Luck!


5. Scenario Notes about Jim


Wild Things:
- Jim's ability to play dead is useful against the elephant boss or the lion
- Jim has more chance to hear the elephant roaring at the beginning

Underbelly Scenario:
- Jim started with the Employee Key under easy or normal mode
- Jim does not need to take the map to know the surroundings
- Jim is able to crawl under the ventilation hole to take shortcuts
- Jim can talk to his friend in the Men's bathroom (East)
- Jim can open his locker in Break room

Flashback Scenario: 
- Its easy to get NO DAMAGE by finishing the game using the "Illusion 
Ending" (Using the new bridge)
- Great against The Axeman
- Great against the Giant Mutated Plant boss (Samuel)

Desperate Times: 
- Samuel's normal virus gauge help you a little bit.
- Jim's ability to play dead is useful to lure zombies to a nearest gas tank.

End Of The Road:
- Jim's ability to play dead is great to use when there is bunch of hunters
- Jim's ability to play dead is great when Mr. X turn his back and try to 
  attack you
- You could beat VH with Samuel or Mr. Green to get NO WEAPONS easily
- Jim's ability to play dead is 2nd to Yoko's crawl to avoid land mines


6. Jim Secret Costumes List


5) Jim B Costume
Points: 1000
Vital: Small
Requirements: Open by default
Starting Status: Fine
Speed: Slow
Starting Item: Lucky Coin

6) Jim C Costume
Points: 1000
Vital: Small
Requirements: Gather all Jim Costume SP
Starting Status: Fine
Speed: Slow
Starting Item: Lucky Coin

29) Kurt B Costume
Points: 3000
Vital: Medium
Requirements: Complete Flashback Scenario as Alyssa, collect all Main Files 
              and kill Axeman 
Starting Status: Danger
Speed: Normal
Starting Item: Hemostat

33) Jean Costume
Points: 5000
Vital: Large 
Requirements: Complete Desperate Times Scenario
Starting Status: Fine 
Speed: Normal 
Starting Item: Blue Herb 

34) Samuel Costume
Points: 4000 
Vital: Large
Requirements: Complete Desperate Times Scenario under Hard 
Starting Status: Fine
Speed: Normal
Starting Item: Iron Pipe

40) Will Costume
Points: 300
Vital: Small
Requirements: Open by default
Starting Status: Fine
Speed: Fast
Starting Item: Recovery Pill

52) Peter Costume
Points: 300
Requirements: All ready there!
Starting Status: Fine 
Speed: Slow
Starting Item: Anti Virus Pill

58) Mr. Green
Points: 10,000
Vital: Super Max 
Requirements: Open by default
Starting Status: Fine
Speed: Fast
Starting Item: None 


7. Jim's SP Item List




[_] Fanny Pack 
I used to think only du***** wore these, but this one looks cool.

[_] Basketball Ticket 
Oh, snap! This is for my team, yo! D***! This is my lucky day! ...S***... 
It's over a year old...

[_] Chicken Sneakers
The name sounds stupid, but these are actually some good shoes, white with 
red and yellow stripes.

[_] Deodorizing Spray
"A 5 seconds spray lasts 5 hours! No odor too strong!" I guess I have been 
smellin' a little funky lately.


[_] Biking Shoes
The soles are flat so you can pedal faster. They look pretty tight.

[_] Custom Shoes
A pair of shoes specially made for whoever ordered 'em. They ain't really 
mine, but whatever...

[_] Memorial Sneakers
These were made when that famous basketballer retired. Only 34 pair were ever 
made. Nice find.

[_] Wooden Clogs
Shoes carved from oak. I seen these on TV, but I never seen anyone crazy 
enough to wear 'em outside.


[_] Water proof parka
D***! That's a nice parka! Thin and waterproof. With style to spare.

[_] Light-Up Shoes
Shoes that light-up when you step. Maybe I'm just nuts, but even though 
they're for kids, I kinda like 'em.

[_] Crossword cards
A set of 128 crossword puzzle cards. A full set is pretty d*** rare!

[_] Stop watch
A digital stop watch. It says it's accurate to 1/1000th of a second. I could 
use-it at work.


[_] Racing Helmet 
A helmet molded from space-age plastic. I've been meanin' to pick one of 
these up anyhow.

[_] Cyber Shoes 
Disco-lookin' shoes that are a mix between futuristic design and 70s flair.

[_] Perfect Dictionary 
"Everything from slang to dead languages! Includes blank pages to add new 
words!" What a rip-off...

[_] Wristband 
My favorite basketball player wears one just like this. Same color and 


[_] Racing Pants 

[_] Luxurious Shoehorn 

[_] "Puzzle 100"
Ancient Puzzle that take "100 years or more to solve". S** ain't nothin' I 
can't handle

[_] "Shoes Monthly" 
A magazine for crazy peeps like me who dig shoes.


8. Frequently Asked Question


Q) What does it mean when you said bad partners and good partners for Jim?
A) This is a new thing in Outbreak File 2. Jim doesn't like Kevin or Yoko. So 
if you choose Kevin and Yoko as your partner in offline mode, it will be a 
harder game because they won't help you or listen to you. On the other hand, 
Mark and George always listen to Jim and protect him, thus making the game 
much easier. 

Q) So, in File 1 can Jim have his lucky coin?

Q) What is the strongest NPCs that have Jim's type?
A) That would be Samuel

Q) Can Jim easily avoid the land mines in End Of The Road scenario?
A) Kind of. If you do it correctly, then it should be easy.

Q) What kind of AIs partners should Jim have in offline mode?
A) To be unstoppable that would be Mr. Gold and The Axeman Costume

Q) Is it true that Jim's voice has changed?
A) Yes

Q) Is it true Jim can get hurt even when he is playing dead?
A) Yes, so becareful!


9. Contact


| E-mail          : Scaryexecutioner@yahoo.com                  |
| Online Username : The_Executioner                             |
| YIM             : Scaryexecutioner (Note: I don't have AIM!)  |


10. Updates


- June 8, 2005
Description: I remade the FAQ

- August 31, 2005
Description: Changes few things


11. Credits


Thanks to:
- Myself
- SpaceKadet's SP FAQ
- My laptop
- Opung Bapa and Opung Dadua
- Brady Walkthrough


12. Legal and Copyright *MUST KNOW*


This FAQ/Walkthrough/Guide is All Right reserved (C) The Executioner 2005

*You may NOT host this FAQ/Walkthrough/Guide without my permission!

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