PlayStation2 CodeBreaker Save (Japan)

  1. From TrapperKeeperX (07/11/2006; 20KB) Alot has been Completed At Vinheim With Kratos for The Ending Side Quests 100% Completed + 999999 Grade

PlayStation2 SharkPort 2 Save (Japan)

  1. From Cless Aileron (07/16/2005; 45KB) File #5 - Clear Game Data. You have 1500 grade points for bonus for a new game.
  2. From Cless Aileron (07/16/2005; 45KB) In the last dungeon.
  3. From Cless Aileron (07/16/2005; 45KB) Saved at Flanoir. You have these three to choose for the soulmate: Collet, Genius, and Shihna.
  4. From Cless Aileron (07/16/2005; 45KB) Saved at Meltokio Arena. Complete Highest Rank Single Battle to fight Zelos's sister, Seles, and complete Highest Rank Party Battle to fight past Tales characters Woodrow Kelvin (ToD), Farah Oersted (ToE), and Meredy (ToE).
  5. From Cless Aileron (07/16/2005; 45KB) Saved in the Temple of Darkness. Go all the way down to fight Abicion.

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