Review by Nintendofankid

Reviewed: 01/09/06

An underrated mission based platformer.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. Well you are a tiger. You throw boomerrangs. And have a cool austrailun accent.

Graphics 7.6/10

Nothing wrong here. But nothing to write home about either. All vibrant colors...pretty good detail. Just your average, run of the mill graphics.

Sound/Music 7.9/10

The sound is all normal. Lots of neat little sound effects. All sounds very clear. It sounds as it should. The music I like. It gets repetive but the music set the mood. Very care free. Sounds very austrailiayish (Ok now thats stretching it, lol).

Story 7.1/10

Your classic "Oh I'm a big scary bad guy who's not all that big or all that scary and I will rule the world" story. Basically an evil talking bird person thing attempts to dominate the world using his secret weapon to seek revenge of **SPOILERS** of being put in jail. And guessed's your job to imprism him AGAIN. It has some funny parts too.

Gameplay: 8/10

The gameplay is pretty fun. It is a platformer with some RPG elements. You find "opal's" (A form of currency) and you can buy upgrades to your boomerrangs. You do your classic platforming to driving jeeps, flying helicopters. Sometimes you have to deliver stuff in a certain time, other times you have to herd aligators. Lots of stuff to do. There's even a kart racing game that resembles Mario Kart. There's shortcuts and powerups and even a decent cast of players to choose from. Lots of themed levels from, ice to jungle to lava levels.

Replay Value: 6.7/10

There's some stuff to do after you beat the game. Trying to collect all of those super cool boomerangs to beating every mission. Also just playing the racing kart mode is kinda fun for when friends come over. Not a lot, but still there.

Buy or Rent: Rent

The game is pretty you should be able to beat it within a weeks rental. It's a game not very known but definatly worth a play. If you see it used on ebay for like $10 I siggest picking it up. Overall I say this game is a 7.8 (Not an average) so 8.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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