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FAQ/Walkthrough by SilverPhoenix

Version: 1.00.3 | Updated: 02/17/07

               ::.    .:7SZ8BX        :;20@@M@W0WB@08a882828MM0
           .raarr iXZZaSX7r;7. ,ZMMBZMMWW8Z8aZB0M;MB0ZS2ZZMMM:
         XZ2;;r;rS7r7;;;;;;;rXMMB.:i @MZ8800a8aB;  Z7XMMMMM
      rZS;;;;;;ii:i;i;;;;r;;;.; ,i;;,,M2SXXSX8ZB i:.;::r
   .aSriii;;,;ii;;i;;;;;iiiii;;;;;;;i 80Za2Z2BM :;;;ii:i7
 :XXi;i;iiiiririir;;;;;i:S:ii;;;;;;;;: M0ZZa0Mr.;;;;;;;;XZ
 M,;ii;:ii;i;;ii;:;r;;;irW:X,;;;;;;;;;.iM0WMMW i;;;;;ii::7i
 M ii;;:;i;;iiii;r;i;i, .Xi0,:;;;;;;;;i 0MMX  :;;;;i:i;rSXr
 W2,iiiii:i;;;;;;;ir:,7iSWW0X.i;;;;;;;;:    ;r;;;::;SSXXX2BMMMMMMa:
  M...    ;i:i;r;irr:.MMMMMMX7.i;;;;;;;;;S:2X;riiXSr72aaaaZa2Xrr77XSr.
  @2.SWMMW8 i7i:;r;;; MMB8B0@77.:;;;;;;;;rrr;;ii;77ZaaaaSSX;7i:...,,:;i
   MM0: MMZi.iii;;;;; M8aZZ8BWXSi,i;;;;;;i;;;;S,aZX22S7riii   ..:::,   i
        MMMS.;;r;;;;i ZM8a8ZaW@222r;;;;;;;r;;i;22MZ,ii:i.  :          .7:
         MMZ.:;r;;i;;,,MZZZa0ZBMMr:;;;;irrrSr:.;0MWMr ,.0MMMMMM   .,irXZ7
          MMS.i;;;;;;i MZ8ZZ0MMr ,;;;;;ir;ii22ZM7   M02M.     M:.i777;,S
           ZM ;r;;;;;; 8@8ZMMr .i;;;;;;;7;r:8Mr      .         ,Xr;::ZMM
            0,;;;;;;;;,,MMWi .i;;;;;;;;i;..2                  i7;rS2;iB
            a7;;;;;;;;i MW  .i;;;;;;;;i. r@Mr                a2Xri.:@M.
            i7i;;;;;;;; rM2a7..i;;;;i..;@M@WMMa            ZZX;iraSr0
       7M0:0i2ii;;;;;;ri MMWZ8r,.:;rXBMMM8a7ZMMMM        787;;r;, MM     .;
        @2r; BS;XXX7X77iiaMMZMMM@X: ..  MMMMMMMBMMMX   rZX7;rr;ia@   .i;Xa2.
         Si7,8S   .   ::    i   :X2M 8,, i;    :  MMMSa27ri7;ii    i7X77788;
          S2,; 08;BSS0X8X0.0M 2r77 M @ 0Xi8 MS X MMM,.rri:ii.   :r;;rr72aZZ
          Z;7ZX.X r  S XSZ27B7M2   Z S 27iW  :S0aM. .i;:::   ,i;r7XXX2SX2Mr
          Br Xr782M7,;7        XMMMMW@@8. XiaMSX;7   ::..  ,;;r7r;r72Z@MM2
          SaW:  .                  XMMMM2,;.MaSa@M8:     .i;;rX7Z@MMMW2
                                       aMMMMMWZZZW0WS ZBB0XS0MWMM.
                                           r0MMMMMMMXXS ,r@MB0S80@M8
                                                 Si   Z0MMMMMMMMMB@MM
                                                  rrX,       :  0ZMMM

TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue -- NTSC version
Platform(s): PlayStation2, GameCube, X-Box
Developer/Publisher: Krome Studios, Pty, Ltd./Electronic Arts, Inc.
Guide Author: SilverPhoenix (K. Martin)
Version 1.00.3, Feb-17-07
    Mission Listing
Comprehensive Game Guide

             This Guide is dedicated to the memory of one of the
            greatest FAQers ever, Kao Megura. May he rest in peace.

If you don't know from other guides, the 'gibberish' letters following the
chapter names are Ctrl-F keywords; press Ctrl-F, type one in, and press Enter
twice. There you are, at the beginning of the section you wanted. Easy, huh?

|                                   Contents                                  |
   1. Disclaimer [DSCL]
   2. Legalese [LGLS]
   3. Getting Started
      3.0 Story [STRY]
      3.1 Health [HLTH]
      3.2 Controls [CNTR]
   4. Walkthrough [WLKT]
      4.0.0 Prologue: Firefight [FRFT]
      4.1.0 Chapter 1: Burramudgee Town/Bush Rescue HQ
        4.1.1 Bush Rescue Training Program [BRTP]
        4.1.2 Tree Rescue [TRER]
        4.1.3 Ghostbuster! [GHBU]
        4.1.4 That's a Croc [THCR]
        4.1.5 Spy Hunter 1 [SPHU]
        4.1.6 Spy Hunter 2 [SPH2]
        4.1.7 Crouching Birrel, Hidden Squeaver [CRBR]
        4.1.8 Explosive Cargo [EXPC]
        4.1.9 Metal Menace [MEME]
        4.1.10 Patchy [BSS1]
      4.2.0 Chapter 2: Heating Things Up
        4.2.1 Training Ground 1 [TRG1]
        4.2.2 Training Ground 2 [TRG2]
        4.2.3 Dennis Freeway [DEFR]
        4.2.4 Croc Stock Pile [CRSP]
        4.2.5 Grub Grab [GRGR]
        4.2.6 Volcano Rescue [VORE]
        4.2.7 Canopy Capers [CANP]
        4.2.8 Ripper Nipper [RINI]
        4.2.9 Oil Rig Fire [OIRF]
        4.2.10 Buster [BSS2]
      4.3.0 Chapter 3: Cass' Plans Take Shape
        4.3.1 Sheep Dip [SHDP]
        4.3.2 Teeter Tottering Inferno [TETN]
        4.3.3 The Deadly Stone Beetle of Rhinokarnook [DSBR]
        4.3.4 The Temple of Carnook [TECR]
        4.3.5 Crocodile Chaos [CRCH]
        4.3.6 Tourist Trap [TOTR]
        4.3.7 King Squeaver and Birrel Hood [KSBH]
        4.3.8 Deep Sea Scare [DSSC]
        4.3.9 Sea Lab [CLAB]
        4.3.10 Bush Fire [BUSF]
        4.3.11 Fluffy [BSS3]
      4.4.0 Chapter 4: It's the Final Countdown
        4.4.1 Fire Fight [FRFG]
        4.4.2 Lava Chill Out [LVCO]
        4.4.3 Rocky Road [RCKR]
        4.4.4 Dennis Dash [DNND]
        4.4.5 Birds of Paradise [BIPR]
        4.4.6 Big Bang [BBNG]
        4.4.7 Truck Tragedy [TRTA]
        4.4.8 Attack of the 50-ft. Squeaver [ATSQ]
        4.4.9 Plutonium Panic [PLPA]
        4.4.10 Truck Stop [TRTS]
        4.4.11 Need a Spare [NSPR]
        4.4.12 Boss Cass Bust-Up [BSS4]
   5. Cart Racing [KRTR]
   6. Collectibles [CLCT]
   7. Codes [CDES]
   8. Outside Sources [OTSS]
   9. Credits/Contact [CRED]

|                               Disclaimer [DSCL]                             |

TY, "Bush Rescue", and *all* related names, objects, etc., are TM and
copyright 2004-7 Krome Studios; Electronic Arts is TM and copyright Electronic
Arts, Inc. All webarticles are copyrighted by their original authors.  No
copyright infringement is intended, implied, or claimed.

By the very nature of the document, it is riddled with **SPOILERS**. Please
consider yourself warned. :)

This document covers the Xbox, GameCube, and Playstation 2 versions of the
game. The GameBoy Advance version is not covered.

|                                Legalese [LGLS]                              |

This document is copyright to K. Martin, a.k.a. SilverPhoenix, as of 01-09-05;
updates are also copyrighted. It may only be hosted at www.gamefaqs.com,
ign.com, and pyrephoenix.com. If you find this guide someplace other than these
three sites, please let me know. Please do not request to be allowed to host it
on your site, as I may update without warning and I don't want outdated
versions floating around the Net. You may download and save a copy for your own
personal use, and may print out a single copy, also for your own personal use.
It may not be distributed in any media, written or electronic, whether or not
for profit, without my prior written permission.

|                                Getting Started                              |

                                The Story [STRY]

When last we saw Ty, he was defeating Boss Cass' giant robot and reuniting with
his family. Well, Cass has some pretty loyal henchmen (and women), and they're
staging a comeback for the evil cassowary!

Luckily, Ty has some loyal friends (and relations) too--not to mention loads of
new 'rangs, new vehicles, and all-new mechas! They're all ready and waiting to
give you a hand stopping Boss Cass in his plans to take over the world. It
won't be easy, and time's short. So what are you waiting for? Get crackin'!

                                  Health [HLTH]

Scattered throughout Burramudgee and the surrounding areas are picnic baskets.
Bite down on one to grab it and release the health ration within. They'll
randomly have either a pawprint, for one health point, or a Ty-head for full
health recovery. It's also rumored that you can find a health gauge upgrade or

Continue points in Ty 2 are the dunny shacks in various locations. If you lose
all your health, you'll respawn at the last dunny you passed.

                                    Controls [CNTR]

    |                  Playing the PlayStation 2 version                  |
    | X=X button | T=Triangle button | []=Square button | O=Circle button |
    |L1, L2, R1, R2=shoulder buttons | L3, R3=left & right analog sticks  |

              |           Playing the GameCube version            |
              | A=A button | B=B button | X=X button | Y=Y button |
              |  L, R=shoulder buttons  | C-stick: 'camera' stick |
              | Z=Z trigger |   D-pad=the plus(+)-shaped button   |

             |              Playing the Xbox version               |
             | A=A button | B=B button  | X=X button | Y=Y button  |
             | Wh=White button |   D-pad=8-way directional button  |
             | Bl=Black button | LA, RA=left & right analog sticks |
             | L, R=shoulder buttons |       Back=Back button      |

                          |  GameCube   |  Playstation 2  |     XBox    |
General Controls:         |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
             Move Camera: |   C-stick   |       R3        |      RA     |
             Zoom Camera: |  D-pad U/D  |    D-pad U/D    |  D-pad U/D  |
          Access Minimap: |  D-pad L/R  |    D-pad L/R    |  D-pad L/R  |
      Display DRA Screen: |      Z      |     Select      |     Back    |
  Display DRA-Map Screen: |    Start    |     Start       |     Back    |

                          |  GameCube   |  Playstation 2  |     XBox    |
On the DRA Screen:        |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
             Change View: |   L & R     |    L1 & R1      |    L & R    |
             Resume Play: |     Y       |       T         |      Y      |

                          |  GameCube   |  Playstation 2  |     XBox    |
As just TY:               |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
                Walk/Run: | Ctrl Stick  |        L3       |      LA     |
                    Jump: |     A       |        X        |      A      |
             Double-jump: |  A, Tap A   |    X, Tap X     |  A, Tap A   |
                    Bite: |     X       |        O        |      B      |
               Dive-bite: |  A, Tap X   |    X, Tap O     |  A, Tap B   |
                   Glide: |  A, Hold A  |    X, Hold X    |  A, Hold A  |
                    Dive: |     X       |        O        |      B      |
        Toss a Boomerang: |     B       |        []       |      X      |
         Swim Underwater: |   Hold A    |      Hold X     |    Hold A   |
             Swim Faster: |  A, Hold A  |    X, Hold X    |  A, Hold A  |
       First-Person View: |     L       |        L1       |      L      |
      Talk/Skip Dialogue: |     Y       |        T        |      Y      |
         Weapons lock-on: |     R       |        R2       |      R      |

                          |  GameCube   |  Playstation 2  |     XBox    |
In a vehicle:             |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
      Enter/Exit vehicle: |     Y       |        T        |      Y      |
                   Steer: | Ctrl Stick  |        L3       |      LA     |
              Accelerate: |     A       |        X        |      A      |
 Gain Altitude (Chopper): |     A       |        X        |      A      |
           Brake/Reverse: |     B       |        []       |      X      |
             Fire weapon: |     L       |        L2       |      L      |
  Powerslide (land only): |     R       |        R2       |      R      |

                          |  GameCube   |  Playstation 2  |     XBox    |
In the Bunyips:           |-------------+-----------------+-------------|
       Enter/Exit Bunyip: |     Y       |        T        |      Y      |
                   Steer: | Ctrl Stick  |        L3       |      LA     |
       Jump (land-based): |     A       |        X        |      A      |
   Vertical Thrust (Sub): |     A       |        X        |      A      |
   Hover (Battle/Thermo): |  A, Hold A  |    X, Hold X    |  A, Hold A  |
    Spin Attack (Thermo): |     X       |        O        |      B      |
           Lift (Lifter): |     X       |        O        |      B      |
     Power Slam (Battle): |     X       |        O        |      B      |
        Punch/Fire/Throw: |     B       |        []       |      X      |

                                  Shops [SHPS]

There are four shops in the game: Trader Bob's General Store, Madame Mopoke's
Mysterious Manor, the Burramudgee Rang Shop, and Sly's Rang Shop. Items
available range from rangs and Bunyip keys to health and map upgrades. In the
following lists, '@' means the amount of Opals needed for purchase.

Trader Bob's:
   Sub Bunyip Key            |  @5000
   Thermo Extreme Bunyip Key |  @5000
   Lifter Bunyip Key         |  @5000
   Gold Paw*                 | @20000
   Platinum Paw*             | @75000
* The Gold and Platinum Paws each double the number of hits you can take before
  you 'die'; Gold increases it to 8, and Platinum increases it to 16.

Madam Mopoke's (All items 10 Kromium Orbs ea.):
   Mysterious Anomalies Map (Gooboo Steve)
   Cog Map (Platinum Cogs)
   Missing Persons Map (Bilbies)

Rang Shop:
   Frostyrang | @2000
   Flamerang  | @2000
   Lasharang  | @3000
   Zappyrang  | @4000
   Infrarang  | @4000
   Smasharang | @5000
   Megarang   | @6000

Sly's Rang Shop*:
   Freezerang  |  @8000
   Lavarang    |  @8000
   Multirang   |  @8000
   Warperang   | @10000
   Thunderang  | @10000
   X-Rang      | @11000
   Kaboomarang | @12000
   Omegarang   | @14000
   Deadlyrang  | @30000**
   Doomerang   | @75000**

There are three other 'Rangs in the game which cannot be bought--this brings
the total to twenty-one. They are (courtesy of pokemega32):

Aquarang: It looks exactly like the boomerang but it is a different rang
because if you have a different rang out and go in the water it switches to

Blastorang: This is another rang that looks exactly like the boomerang. It's
the one you throw while riding the Fourbie that explodes.

Torpedorang: This is the kind of rang that you shoot out of the Sub Bunyip. It
says it on screen on Julius' facts when you first use the Sub Bunyip.

* Sly's rangs can only be purchased after the equivalent rang is bought at the
  regular shop.
** These two Rangs can only be purchased once all others have been.

|                              Walkthrough [WLKT]                             |

Prologue: Firefight [FRFT]
Missions: 1 [] Currawong Jail Break

This level serves as a starting tutorial for the controls and environment of
the game. The 'tutorial' is continued in the first stages of Chapter 1.

And away we go! Watch the short intro movie to learn Shazza's idea of a
shortcut, then listen to Maurie to hear what's going on. The town of Currawong
is under attack by Frill lizards. You join Shazza and Ty's brother Sly in
heading up the roadway to take the Frills out. Throw your boomerangs at
anything that's green and moving; grab any opals (that's the red jewels) that
get dropped.

Once you come to the first roadblock (a wall of fire, with a Fire Bunyip
highlighted in green in front of it), kill any remaining Frills in the area.
Talk to the koala manning the Bunyip to watch the fire go out. Head on up the
roadway as a tree falls across it to learn how to jump, and fight the giant
Frills carrying cannons on the other side. Past them (when the dropship lifts
out of the way) watch the bridge get blown up, and climb down into the ravine
ahead of you. Sly explains about Battle Bunyips; go climb into the one he
points out, and use it to clear the cars off the other side of the fallen

Continuing on up the hill, punch at the now-tiny Frills, and wiggle the analog
stick around in circles if any grab on to the Bunyip. Use Ty's Bite button to
do a Power Slam to take out crowds. Just before the gates, jump onto the
hillside to the right and go into the forest to find a hut surrounded by five
or six 10-Opal bags.

Through the gates, watch the koala cop get lasered, then go to the glowing
green spot and start knocking your way through walls to the upper platform.

Pick up the Battle Mortar and blow shells at the giant mecha that lasered the
cop. Aim for its head for a quick victory. You'll get a short cutscene, then
you'll see two more mechas come into view. Shoot them down quickly, then use
your radar to find the three drop-ships and blow them up too. Once they're
gone, a second wave of ships and mechas appears. Ignore the dropships and shoot
down the two mechas; they're in the same place the first pair was.

When you've shot down the five mechas without dying, you jump down from the
Battle Mortar and a new enemy appears--Fluffy, in a Bunyip-style suit of her
own. Follow her through the gate and avoid the giant purple proximity mines she
throws at you. At the top of the roadway, she breaks through another gate, and
you finally get your chance to beat her down. Use your Power Slam to take off
large chunks of her health bar at a time. When you win, Fluffy finishes
breaking Cass out, and a cutscene ensues.

Chapter 1: Burramudgee Town/Bush Rescue HQ

Missions can be done in pretty much any order and at any time you like once
you've been told about them; most of the time as you clear one Maurie will pop
up and tell you about another one. I'm going to explore the Headquarters and
town areas first, then get into the mission listings. To find a mission, check
your callsheet (pause the game and switch one screen to the right) and locate
the colored star next to the mission listing. Go to the map and find that color
star, then drive to that location. If the colored star isn't on the map, either
it's on the Southern Rivers map and you're in town, or vice-versa, or it's
within the same level as one of the other missions. If you don't immediately
see it, try leaving or entering town and checking the map again.

A real easy (if boring) way to get Opals fast is to save your game, then exit
to the main menu and reload your game. You'll end up back at BRHQ, and all
those Opals, Opal Bags, and crates will have reappeared. Between HQ and east
and west Burramudgee, you can collect around 6000 Opals each time you load your

Bush Rescue HQ
Missions:     1 [] Bush Rescue Training Program [BRTP]
Cogs:         1 [] on a high platform reached via 3 invisible platforms.
Kromium Orbs: 1 [] Under wooden pedestal in water; use Frostyrang to reach.
Bilbies:      4 [] Top of HQ, behind the small round 'turret'.
                [] on the high round rock under the airstrip.
                [] on top of the lookout tower.
                [] on a ledge on the cliffs behind the observatory.
Photos:      43

Explore around the Bush Rescue League headquarters to find a truck-load of
opals (by the time you head to town you should have nearly 4500, including the
ones you get during the jailbreak fight), and talk to Keith and Sneath to be
invited to run the gauntlet through their training program. If you're new to
the game, go do it now; if you've played before, you can leave this for later,
or speed through now by pressing the 'skip dialogue' button to skip the

You should, in your explorations, also be able to find four Bilbies and a
Platinum Cog; look very carefully at the thin air between you and the cog's
platform to see the invisible platforms that will let you get there.

In the water, near the east end of the area, there's a wooden platform with a
Kromium Orb underneath it. There are a couple of ways to get the Orb: you can
do as the sign suggests, and use Frostyrangs once you've bought them, or if you
get Lasharangs first, there's a platform on the east side of the airstrip with
lash-hooks above it and a sign explaining them. From the second hook, rather
than swinging to the third, you can drop and glide to the Orb.

When you get the Lasharang upgrade, called the Warperang, you can get behind
the fence with the glowing purple crystal.

When you're done in the HQ area, head down the roadway toward town.

Burramudgee (East)
Missions:     3 [] That's a Croc
                [] Spy Hunter 1
                [] Spy Hunter 2
Cogs:         1 [] on a floating platform by the two-story house near the
                   bridge out of town; bite spy-eggs to get it.
Kromium Orbs: 3 [] floating platform by bridge. Glide from spy-egg-Cog, or hit
                   switch near Dennis' house.
                [] ledge above entrance to town; glide from top of police HQ.
                [] Lasharang around from the roof of the building closest to
                   Dennis' house
Gooboo Steve:   [] In the sewers
Koalas:       2 [] Next to the bridge leading out of town
                [] By the sand piles to the north of the General Store
Photos:      24

One of the first things you'll notice about Burramudgee is that it's a right
friendly place. Everyone you pass will cheerfully holler 'Hallo', and most
people are more than willing to tell you about their lives. When you first get
into town, Julius radios you to tell you that the green light ahead of you is a
'Rang shop. Stop in to see what's available if you like, but don't buy anything
just yet; explore around town until you have 5000 Opals. Your goal is to be
able to purchase the Smasharang first; this will significantly increase your
ability to collect Opals, because the Smasharang is the only Rang that can
break the steel crates right now.

Explore the east half of the town, noticing the various floating platforms and
hooks as you do. Climb up to the top of the very first house on the left as you
come into town, and face west (toward the tunnel back to HQ). You should see a
line of Opals along the fence; jump up there. Follow the ledge toward the
entrance to town, and cut around the corner to find your first Kromium Orb (the
round silver things with a red center). These are used at the Map shop on the
west side of town.

Jump down to ground level, and head back into town. Go to the south-eastern
corner, near the bridge out of town, and climb to the top of the black two-
story house. From the roof, jump east to a floating platform. Use the spy-eggs
here to carry you across to a second platform, where you'll find a Platinum
Cog. Below you, out over the river, you should be able to see yet another
floating platform; this one has a Kromium Orb on it. It's just barely possible
to glide over to it from the platform you're on now, though that's not what was
intended. The "real" method involves getting back down to street level, and
running north. There's a button on the side of a rock outcropping; when you
press it, moving platforms will appear over the river. You climb the rocks to
reach the first one, and when you jump out toward it, a timer starts. You have
several seconds to jump across three platforms to reach the one with the Orb;
if you don't make it, the platforms disappear.

The house just to the north of the button on the rocks is Dennis' place, and
across the street from him is the Burramudgee Hospital (this is the barn-roofed
building). Now would be a good time to go get the Lasharang, if you have enough
money. If you don't, you can run through the 'save and reload' trick a couple
of times, or just go complete a few missions, since you get paid for those.
Once you have it, climb up to the roof of the Hospital, and jump to the west
onto the floating platform. From here, use your new Lasharang to swing from the
loops across town to another platform. Jump to the platform rotating around the
house, then switch to first-person view and get ready to Lash to another run of
loops. At the end, hop off onto yet another platform holding a Kromium Orb.

The building to the west of the Hospital has a General Store in the lower level
(they sell Bunyip Keys at 5000 Opals apiece, among other things) and the town's
police station on the upper floors. There's a police koala standing outside
what the sign labels the 'Cop Shop'; go talk to him [SPHU]. Turns out there's a
spy in town, and you need the Infrarang (or its upgrade, the X-Rang) to find
him. Go buy the Infrarang, then equip it and use first-person view to check out
everyone. You might not realize you've found him at first; his clothes will
stay the same, but his height and face will change. Once you spot him, he'll
realize his cover is blown, and come after you. Swat him with a rang, grab any
Opals he drops, and go back to talk with the koala-cop. You've completed the
'Spy Hunter' mission. Nice work.

While you've got your attention on the Infrarang, why not put it to some good
use? Make your way to the bridge leading out of town, and go down into the
riverbed. When you see Ranger Ken, don't talk to him yet: While you were
getting the Kromium orb over the river earlier, you probably noticed a rope
along the eastern bank. Head to the far north end of the river to find a button
on the wall at the end. This button sets a timer to lower a platform at the
southern end of the river. Hit the button from as far away as possible, to give
yourself plenty of time to get onto the platform. Hop onto the rope, and press
upon the analog stick to speed up. Once you reach the end of the rope you
should have enough time to run over and grab the Opal bags from the platform
before the timer ends. Use the Infrarang to find several invisible crates with
25-Opal bags inside, then head back to where Ken is waiting. You're still going
to ignore him, however.

Head on into the sewers next to Ken and explore around, using your Infrarang
frequently to find invisible crates. Most, if not all, of them hold portrait
icons--you should be able to find 24 total. The reason you didn't talk to Ken
yet is so there aren't any crocs in here just now, and you can explore
comfortably. Make sure to talk to Gooboo Steve while you're in here. When
you're done just exploring, go back out and talk to Ken [THCR] to get a counter
at the bottom of the screen. Clear out eight crocs, at three rang-hits each, to
complete the mission. Finally, if you've also completed the 'Spy Hunter'
mission, talk to Ken yet again to be told that there are a whole gang of spies
in and around the town [SPH2]. As you play through the game, keep an eye on the
construction-worker koalas; some just might be Cass' cronies using
Disguisatrons! There are two right here in town, despite what Ken says.

That's about it for the east end of town. Head on up the access road to the

Burramudgee (West)
Missions: 2 [] Tree Rescue
            [] Ghostbuster!
Cogs:     2 [] on a platform by the first building you see in western town
            [] On top of the Haunted Manor

When the gate falls, you'll see a fork in the road. The right-hand fork leads
to a couple of mini-missions, while the left one leads into the west side of
town. Head left first.

The first building you see has a large ground floor, and two two-story houses
built on top of that. If you look straight up, you should see a floating
platform near the rooftop closest to the entrance to town. The second half of
this house is connected to the building behind it with an overpass-bridge, that
leads to the foot of a raised gazebo-like structure. The gazebo has a steel
crate inside; break it to reveal a button on the ground. Before you hit it,
practice jumping from the floor with the button up to the roof, because this
next bit takes some practice. When you get up top, look at the peak and find
the rope attached up here.

Hit the button to move the platform you saw on the way into town, and jump to
the roof, then jump from there to grind the rope. While grinding, use your
analog stick to speed up, so that you'll get to the end of the rope in time.
Just before you fall off the end, jump and glide to the platform ahead of you
to grab a Platinum Cog.

Also in this area, you can find Madame Mopoke's Mysterious Manor, where for 10
Kromium Orbs apiece you can buy map additions: locations of each Bilby, Cog,
and Steve.

Head back down toward the entry tunnel, and instead of heading back to town, go
up the roadway you haven't visited yet. Around the corner, fencing on the right
encloses a cemetery; go on in to find several Opal bags, and the object of the
'Tree Rescue' mission [TRER], Boonie, behind a tree in the back left corner.
Talk to him to complete the mission, then go back to the road and continue up
the slope. Through the tunnel, and at the top of the hill, awaits Dennis'
nephew, Clarence. He doesn't want to go back on the manor grounds because the
ghosts are upset. Seems there's an intruder among them. If you bought the
Infrarang already, you can take on the 'Ghostbuster!' mission [GHBU]. Go on in
and look around in first-person view to find the phony, and use the zoom
feature of the Infrarang to smack him. While you're doing so, the real ghosts
will hit back, so be wary.

When you've disposed of the fake ghost, go back and talk to Clarence to clear
the mission. Don't leave just yet. Go around the back of the mansion, and look
up. Tag the button, then go out to the driveway and jump onto the wooden pillar
that's rising and falling. At the top, jump to the moving platform, then over
to the roof. Climb to the peak for a Platinum Cog.

That's it. Go on back to town proper to get started on some "real" missions.

Southern Rivers

Any missions not right in town involve driving the Fourbie across the
countryside around Burramudgee Town, and entering various outskirt areas.
Occasionally while driving, Frills on motorbikes will come after you; fire off
a rang or two at them. Until you've completed Chapter 1, approximately two-
thirds of the map will be closed off.

As you travel around the Southern Rivers, you'll occasionally pass an area gate
which has little checkered flags posted on either side of it, as well as a flag
icon on your map. There are seven of these, and each one leads to a cart-racing
track. See the section on racing, located just after the main walkthrough, for
more details.

Crouching Birrel, Hidden Squeaver [CRBR]

As you enter, a squirrel and a beaver come running past, yelling about being
attacked, and a counter pops up on the bottom of the screen. Use your
Smasharang for this mission, as it'll give you one-hit kills. Run around, using
the auto-lock (the R or R2 button, depending on console) to find and defeat 20

When you've defeated them all, the squirrel and beaver introduce themselves,
and their director steps in... to yell at you?! Oh well. Live and learn; on to
the next mission.

Explosive Cargo [EXPC]
Koalas: 1

Check the group of construction-worker koalas outside the airlock to find a
spy, then head on through and talk to the foreman.

Your help is needed to get "highly unstable dynamite" to its destination. Pilot
the helicopter up a gorge with various obstacles in the way. Every so often a
55-gallon-drum will appear; grab them if you need fuel. About halfway along,
you find the dynamite cargo. Pick it up, and two doors open in the rock wall
ahead of you. It doesn't really matter which side you go through, as they both
lead to the same place.

Try to keep the chopper from running into anything on your way up the oil
pipeline; the game says the dynamite is unstable, but I haven't seen any
evidence of that. Your helicopter, on the other hand, is extremely prone to
take damage. Watch for the fuel-drums on the radar if you get low, and when you
get close to the little house icon, start looking for the gray helipad to
deposit your cargo.

Metal Menace [MEME] | Map location: Outback Oasis
Cogs:         4 [] Behind a breakable boulder in the eastern area.
                [] Behind some rocks in the same area as the first Bilby.
                [] On the other side of a rock wall, near some koalas.
                [] Just before the Training Ground.
Kromium Orbs: 2 [] On the ledge with the Battle Bunyip.
                [] On a floating platform above a land bridge halfway through.
Gooboo Steve:   [] Hidden in the lake halfway through.
Bilbies:      3 [] In a tree in the east, where giant Frills live.
                [] Hanging from the airlock at the entrance.
                [] On a wooden platform in the north-western room.
Koalas:       4 [] At the picnic table just before the entrance.
                [] On the ledge with the Battle Bunyip.
                [] At the wooden platforms by the rock wall with a Cog
                [] On a ledge in the north-western room.
Photos:      13

Just before you go through the entrance airlock, look over to the left and
check the group of koalas at the picnic table for a spy.

As you enter the main area, pull out your Smasharang, and look to the right.
See that glowing rock? Introduce it to your Rang, and go through the resultant
opening. Follow the water to the north, and in the second deep area, hop out of
the water onto a lilypad. Use your Infrarang to find 5 invisible crates, then
drop back into the water and continue.

Back on dry land, take the first right and break through the small glowing
boulder to find a Platinum Cog. Keep going up the passageways until you find a
set of wooden platforms, and climb them to a high ledge where you'll find
several construction-worker koalas and a Battle Bunyip. When you climb into the
Bunyip, you'll get a timer at the bottom of the screen; use it to take out six
giant Frills, and a Kromium Orb will appear back on the ledge where the koalas
are. While you're getting it, check the koalas for a spy.

In the dead-end where the last of the giant Frills was, there's a star-shaped
drum on the ground. Jump on it, and you'll bounce up into the trees. Use this
bounce to find a Bilby, and look for some rocks at the north end of this same
area. Hop over them to find a Platinum Cog, then make your way back to the
beginning of the stage.

Back at the start, get through the first of several giant saw-wheels, then turn
to the left and hop onto the boulder. From here, get on top of the saw-housing,
and jump to the grind-rope in midair. Follow it around to a hanging platform,
then turn around and jump to the top of the doorframe by which you come in.
There's a Bilby hanging on to the right-hand edge, so walk down there and grab

Finally! we can head on into the level proper. Go through the saw-blade again,
and as you hop up the first ledge, look to the right. There's a fence there,
behind which is a glowing purple crystal and three picture frames, as well as
several Frills. Remember this spot for when you get the Warperang--that'll be
the only way of getting in there (and once you do, the red flower is the only
way out). Continue climbing ledges until you find three koalas hanging out by a
couple of wooden platforms. Check them to find a spy, then climb the platforms
and jump over the rock wall for a Platinum Cog. Step into the big red flower to
get back.

Past three more buzz-saws, you'll find a lake split in two by a land-bridge,
with a pair of wooden pedestals on it. Climb them, and hop onto the moving
platforms above the taller one; you should see a Kromium Orb above another
platform in the center. Let the platform you're on circle most of the way
around the central one, and use your Infrarang to find an invisible platform to
use as a stepping stone to get over to it. Jump on down and cross to the far
end of the land bridge.

Climb the ledges (use your Smasharang to get one-hit kills on the stone-
throwing Frills), and hit the big yellow button on the fence to open a gate.
Just on the other side, a dunny pops up; turn right just past it and go into
the dark opening in the cliffside.

Several things to do in this large room. First, at the gap in the fence, jump
out to the closest floating platform, then turn to the left. Use your Infrarang
to take a look at the koalas standing on the far ledge, and take out the spy.
Next, hit the button on the central pillar to start two platforms phasing in
and out below you. Jump down to the stable one nearest the first phased
platform. Jump across quickly to the platform with a giant block of ice on it,
and use your Smasharang to break it. Repeat on the next pair, and finally jump
to the wooden ledge ahead of you for a Bilby. Before jumping back, use your
Infrarang to look down to the floor, and break any invisible crates you see.
If, on your way back to the start, you fall to the floor level, avoid the giant
Frills and use the red flowers to get back up.

From the starting ledge, hop back out to the first floating platform, then
glide across to the stable one nearest the central pillar. Lasharang your way
to the nearest lash-hook, and extend your rope. Swing until you can jump to the
rope stretched between the central pillar and the far wall, and grind along it.
Jump off to reach the platform circling this rope. When you get onto the
platform, look to the left. Use your Infrarang to zoom in on the wooden
platform, and to trigger the button that's on the wall above it. Once that's
done, you should get a cutscene of an underwater door, and you can leave this
room any time you'd like. Head back to the lake and the land-bridge.

Crossing the land-bridge in a southern direction, look to your left into the
water. You should see the door you just opened. Go ahead and swim through the
tunnel, and find Gooboo Steve on the other end.

Back at the land-bridge, find the northern exit to the area, and go there.
Climb the wooden scaffolding, and turn right at the top. Cross the moving
platforms to another wooden pedestal, then carefully cross three phasing
platforms to reach a Platinum Cog. Drop down to ground level and go in the

Just drop level to level until you're on the floor in the next room. Take out
any Frills you might care to, then start climbing the ledges on the far side of
the room. Avoid the sliding blocks, as they'll push you off an edge, and once
you're at the top, go down the short hallway to talk to Julius. He wants you to
test out a training routine.

You must defeat 10 Frills, 10 mini-cannons, and 5 robo-tigers. Use your
Infrarang for the first two rounds, as it has the best range. When fighting the
robo-tigers, your rangs are ineffective; target them and use your bite. When
you finish all three rounds, you've cleared the mission--and if you followed
right along, you've also cleared most of the level (don't forget to come back
when you have the Warperang). Well done.

Patchy [BSS1] | Map location: Steele Springs

Patchy is a ankylosaur that's been armored and trained by Fluffy and Cass to
attack you. There's three stages to defeating him; head, tail, and back. Each
'stage' you complete will allow you to start from that point if you should die.

Start out by auto-targeting the beast, then avoid his charges and smack him
around. Three to five hits should knock the armor off his head and take you to
stage two, which is the most difficult part of the fight.

Patchy will charge at you, then stop and bang his tail into the ground. Avoid
the charge, and jump over the shockwaves that the tail-banging produces.
Quickly target his tail and toss a Rang or two at it. Repeat this as necessary
until you move on to round three.

Cannon ports on Patchy's back will open up, and along with charging and
smashing his tail, he'll now shoot at you. Use your auto-target, jump, and
throw a Rang from mid-air. It should only take three final hits for the poor
beast to go down permanently.

Chapter 2: Heating Things Up

Now that you can access more of the Southern Rivers map, we can do some
exploring. You should have plenty of Opals; let's get a Rang upgrade or two.
Get to the exit to town, and hop into the Fourbie. Check your map. See the
'Shop' icon in the south-west? Drive there. You'll know you're in the right
area when you see a giant rock tower off to your right; that's your

Enter the area and climb the tower. At the top, before you go inside, circle
around to the far side of the platform from the entrance. Hey, look--Gooboo
Steve really gets around. He gives you the usual bucketload of Opals, so go on
inside. My recommendation for a first purchase is the X-Rang. It's the upgrade
to the Infrarang, and you don't need to use first-person view to be able to see
invisible crates and platforms; just having the X-Rang equipped does the trick.
If you have enough money, also grab the Warperang while you're here. Back
outside, get up onto the roof, and circle around back. Hit the button on the
side, and use the spy-eggs that show up to get across to a Kromium Orb. Head on
back to the Fourbie.

Now, drive all the way to the eastern-most point of the map. Just east of the
beach entrance is a pair of rock pillars which you can enter. Go on in for one
of the four optional missions of the game; a second Training Ground area to
clear [TRG1]. This one's really easy--hop in the Battle Bunyip and punch
anything that moves. The only thing you really need to look out for is the
flame-throwers scattered around the arena.

One last stop before heading back into the mission list. Check your map to find
the 'Dennis Freeway' mission marker. Head over there, but stop at the grey star
just to its north. Knock off any Frills that try to stop you from reaching the
airlock-gate at the back of the area, and go on through it. Climb the logs to
find Gooboo Steve standing beside a hollow log. Talk to him, and enter the log
to find the third and final Training Ground. Fight through the three rounds to
clear a second optional mission [TRG2]. The first two rounds consist of
defeating 8 Frill warriors, then 4 Cannon Frills. In the third round, you fight
6 Uber Frills. To defeat them easily, lure them close to one of the explosive
crates around the area, then toss a rang at the crate. One explosion will take
each Uber Frill down. If you have one (or more) of Sly's Rangs, you can also
use them directly.

Dennis Freeway [DEFR]
Kromium Orbs: 1 [] On a floating platform; you need the Warperang to reach it.
Koalas:       1 [] On the hillside on your way in to the area.

When you first enter the area, look to the left. You should see a truck leaning
up against a steep hillside, with some koalas discussing it. Check them to find
a spy. There's also a series of purple crystals floating high above you; if you
have the Warperang, you can use it to swing from one to another, and eventually
reach a Kromium Orb on a floating platform.

Through the airlock, you'll find Dennis with a quick-and-easy helicopter
mission. Fly around the stage, grabbing fragments of highway and transporting
them to their correct spot in the roadbed. Use the helicopter's cannon to take
out any birds that get too close.

There are six fragments; as you pick each one up, its icon on the radar will be
replaced by that of a house, which will clue you in to where it goes.

Croc Stock Pile [CRSP]

Another fairly easy helicopter level. Your help is needed to pick crocodiles up
from a swampy area and bring them to Ken's mobile tagging station, which is
being piloted around the water. The only difficulty here, besides remembering
to grab fuel when it's needed, is not flying into the trees.

As in the other helicopter missions, the delivery point will show up on your
radar as a small icon of a house.

When you're done, return to town to buy some Bunyip keys; get at least the
Thermo Extreme, and you might as well buy the other two if you have enough
Opals. While you're in town, head on over to Dennis' house to start the next

Grub Grab [GRGR] | Map location: South Beach/Wobbygon Bay
Cogs:         3 [] On the northern shore of the southern-most island.
                [] Underwater, next to the boathouse on the middle island.
                [] Underwater, roughly in the middle of the open water
Kromium Orbs: 2 [] Underwater between the north and middle islands.
                [] Underwater just west of the west-most island.
Gooboo Steve:   [] Underneath the bridge at the east end of the beach.
Bilbies:      3 [] Just outside the kart-race cage.
                [] Next to the tree on the middle island.
                [] Underwater, just south of the boathouse.

This is your first timed mission. Talk to Dennis at his house in Burramudgee
Town to receive a package of food for the construction workers, and five
minutes to deliver it in. Run to the Fourbie, and take a quick look at the
missions list. Find the mission star color, and locate it on the map in the far
southeast. Drive down to that location, and find the entrance to the beach.
Once inside, facing the water, run to the left along the fence, and talk to the
koala standing near the corner of the area to clear this mission.

While you're here anyway, you might as well do some exploring. You're standing
near a highway extension that turns into an overpass as the sand drops to meet
the water. Walk on down toward the water, and look under the bridge to find
Gooboo Steve. Dive into the water, and swim to the closest island. At the
north-eastern corner of the cage stands a Bilby. Go in the cage to do some
cart-racing if you like, then dive into the water to the south to find a
Kromium Orb. The next island along has a tree with a Bilby standing in the
shade, and a boathouse anchored to the southern shore. Dive in to the west of
the boathouse, and look down toward the seabed to find another Platinum Cog.
Look toward the seabed just south of you. Just at the point where the coral
ends, you should be able to see a Bilby hanging out. Nab him, then head south.

There's a Platinum Cog on the southern-most island, between one of the support
pillars and the main building. It's on the northern face of the island. There's
nothing else of interest further south, so get back in the water and head west.
Swim around the base of the west-most island to find a Kromium Orb, then round
the island and swim out into the open water. In the center of the area, near
the ocean floor in a patch of coral, you should find a Platinum Cog, the last
item in the area. Head back to the Fourbie, along the way noting the location
of Rex in the small wooden shack near the entrance.

Volcano Rescue [VORE] | Map location: Mount Boom
Cogs:         3 [] Behind the blue door in the lava tunnel.
                [] As you exit the lava in the red door room.
                [] On a high ledge in the red door room.
Kromium Orbs: 2 [] Behind the yellow door in the lava tunnel.
                [] At the end of the lava tunnel in the red door room.
Gooboo Steve:   [] Behind the yellow door in the lava tunnel.
Bilbies:      2 [] Hanging from a wall near the green-button catwalk.
                [] Hanging from a ladder in the red door room
Koalas:       2 [] "Helping" survey the beginning of the level.
                [] With the trapped workers near the end of the level.
Photos:       1    On a ledge at the end of the level.

Before you start this mission, take a quick detour to Sly's shop and buy the
Warperang if you haven't already; you'll need it to clear the level in one

Jump down into the hole behind Dennis, and head into the airlock. Out the other
side, turn to the left and run to the edge of the ledge to grab a 500-Opal bag.
You can run back and forth through the airlock if you want; the Opal bag will
regenerate each time. When you're ready to move on, equip your X-Rang and go
straight out from the airlock door down the little peninsula of land; there's a
spy hanging out at the tip. Return to the airlock door one more time and hop
into the Thermo Bunyip.

Head down the ledge you haven't visited yet, and get an explanation of how to
move the floating platform. Hop on, and water the button next to you; then hop
to the ledge on the other side. Travel along this ledge, knocking around the
Frills in their mech-suits on the way, until you reach the end. Spray down the
yellow button, then hop out of the Bunyip and use your Warperang to trigger the
switch above your head (the hanging loop). Climb the ladder that falls when you
do, and step into the red plant to be tossed across the area.

At the far end, step into the new Bunyip suit, then travel down this ledge.
Just before you round the final corner, there's a turbine next to a green
light. Spray the turbine to turn the light on, in the process also activating
all the other green lights in the level and opening several doors under the
lava. Keep going around the final corner of the ledge, and hit the red button.
Return to the starting end of the ledge, and you should notice a ladder leading
up to the floating balcony. Climb up there.

There are three green buttons and one yellow one up here. The green buttons
move one of three floating platforms below you, while the yellow one resets all
three back to their original positions. The challenge here is to move the three
platforms to create steps between the starting platform and the platforms next
to ledges along the walls of the crater. For the left-most ledge, trigger the
middle green button, and hit it again when you want to stop the platform (you
can move it again later if you like). Next move over and trigger the left-hand
button. Let the platform move a little farther left than you think you need it
to; you'll see why in a moment.

Return to the Bunyip, and use it to cross the platforms. At the final platform,
use first-person view to spray down the turbine and light the first blue light.
Cross back toward the starting point; when you get to the first platform you
moved, jump off and use your Warperang to cross a set of Lasharang hooks. At
the third one, stop and extend your rope to its maximum, then swing toward the
wall. You should be hanging low enough to swing into the Bilby, rather than
having to jump off and hope to slide into him. If you still have the Lasharang,
you'll have to hope for good aim, and you'll have to climb back up to the
higher ledge. Either way, return to the hanging balcony with the three green
buttons, and use the yellow one to reset them.

For the middle and right-hand ledges, you'll have to use all three green
buttons. Start with the middle button again; stop it when it's as close as it
can be to the stable platforms by the ledge you're aiming for. Repeat this with
the left-most green button, then move to the right-hand one. Once you've set up
each bridge, go back to the Bunyip and hop across to the respective ledge; the
first jump between platforms is going to be a long one, so be sure to glide.

When all three blue lights are glowing, make sure you're in the Bunyip suit,
and jump down into the lava. The controls for the suit while in lava are just
like the standard controls for Ty when he's in the water, including the ability
to dive. Go ahead and dive down, then swim under the surface toward the north.
When you see a round portal in the floor, swim down into it, and head north
again. Make your way through the green-lit door at the far end of the chamber,
and immediately turn right to go through a blue-lit door.

Continue to the end of this new tunnel, and swim up to surface in a small round
chamber. Get on dry ground, and climb the ledges to a pair of purple crystals
separated by a fence. Use your Warperang to, well, warp through the fence. Grab
the Platinum Cog, then hit the button on the opposite wall to turn on a red
light and open another door. Warp back to the first crystal, get back to the
Bunyip, and return to the original tunnel.

Continue along until you find a door with a red light on your right. Go through
it and surface to find a Platinum Cog close to the lava; grab it, and douse the
turbine behind it. Head over to the purple crystals, and warp through the
fence. Looking around, you'll find a number of hanging catwalks, a high
platform with a Platinum Cog on it, and a breakable wall which you can bust
through now  or wait a moment. Climb the ladder near the entrance, and swat the
button near the end of the catwalk to drop another ladder for a few seconds.
Climb it quickly, and head down the walkway. Move quickly, because there's a
section that will try to fall out from under you. At the end, you'll find a
Lash-hook switch. Pull it to drop yet another ladder, this one above the
unstable section of walkway.

At the top, head on down to the far end, once again avoiding the unstable
section. Before going off the far end to the lower catwalk, look to the left
and swing to the Lasharang hook, and from there to the platform with the Cog.
Swing right on back, then hop down to the lower level. Turn around, and walk to
the edge. Jump a little bit to rescue the Bilby hanging from the ladder (you
don't have to actually jump to the ladder). Go to the other end of the catwalk,
and hop onto the platform. Look straight up, and hit the button to go up. At
the top, go get into the Bunyip, and jump all the way back down to dry land.

Activate the turbine behind the first catwalk, and break the smashable wall if
you haven't already to be able to activate the turbine behind it. This will
open the door in the lava pool next to you. Dive in, and swim to the end of the
tunnel for a Kromium Orb and a 3000-Opal bag(!). Head all the way back to the
entrance to this side-area, and continue on up the original lava tunnel.

When you exit the lava onto land, turn around and notice the small islands
sticking up from the surface. Switch to Frostyrangs or Freezerangs, and toss
one at the first island to cool it down enough for you to stand on. Jump to it,
then switch to first-person view and toss a rang at the next one. Continue
doing this, taking rest stops at the ledges on the walls of the area, until you
reach the ledge at the back wall. There's a button up here; toss a rang at it
to turn on a yellow light, then step into the red plant to return to where you
left the Bunyip. Go back into the lava tunnel you came here from, and enter the
doorway with a yellow light next to it, on the right side of the passage. Exit
the lava in the chamber on the other side of the door to find a Kromium Orb and
Gooboo Steve, then retrace your path back up the tunnel, heading north.

Final step of the level. At the dry ground where you left your Bunyip the first
time, hop out and switch to X-Rangs, then get back in. Make your way up the
ledge, using your punch or water jets to take out enemies along the way. At the
top, you'll find the missing vulcanologists, who thank the heavens for your
appearance. Hop out of the Bunyip, and discover a Frill spy has been hanging
out with them. One last thing to do here. See those little piles of dirt by the
edge of the ledge? Step up onto the higher one, then use your Warperang to
swing across to the far ledge with the picture frame on it. If you don't have
the Warperang, jump and glide straight down off the edge to find a ledge with a
red flower on it. This will propel you on top of the platform with the lashhook
for 200 Opals, and either way you can reach the ledge with the frame. From
there, glide down to the ledge with the flower to gain enough height to get
back to the original ledge. Head through the airlock.

As you exit, you'll discover you're, not surprisingly, in a different spot from
where you went in. In fact, you're across the street from Frill Neck Forest.
That makes things easy; we have a mission there. Drive right on over. However,
if you don't mind a detour, head back to town to buy a map upgrade from Madam
Mopoke. I'd recommend the Bilby map right now. I'd also be surprised if you
don't have enough Opals for a new rang, or if you have 20,000, you can get a
health upgrade at the General Store in town. The Gold Paw will double the
number of hits you can take until your health runs out.

Canopy Capers [CANP] | Map location: Frill Neck Forest
Cogs:         1 [] Behind the tree trunk at the start, up a grindrail.
Kromium Orbs: 1 [] On a lone platform, near the exit.
Gooboo Steve:   [] Outside the entrance, around the side of the tree.
Bilbies:      2 [] Just inside the start, at the top of a series of vertical
                [] At the end of the level, on the back of the exit tree.
Koalas:       2 [] Outside the entrance, as you're climbing the ledges.
                [] About two-thirds of the way through.
Photos:      15

Get out of the Fourbie, and start climbing the ledges in front of you to reach
the actual start of the level: the giant tree at the top of the hill. Keep an
eye out for the little robocannons. On the second ledge up, look to your left
to find a koala spy, then keep going. When you reach the tree, the door is on
the far side of the tree from the road. Don't go in just yet; rather, when
facing the door, walk around the tree to the left to find Gooboo Steve. Nothing
else out here; head on in.

You start inside a hollow tree trunk, with vines climbing one wall so that you
can climb too. Go ahead on up, and when you reach forks in the vines, go left
first to find five picture frames. Backtrack, then head up the right fork.
Enough repetitions of this, and you'll find the exit from the trunk at the top.

Despite what it looks like when you first step onto the platforms, this is a
very straightforward level; just follow the trail of Opals through the tree
branches, and if you happen to fall to the netting below, find the nearest
ladder and try it again. Of course, there's more detail to it than that, and if
you'd like to make sure you get all the picture frames, Bilbies, and the 3000-
Opal bag (yes, really), keep reading.

When you first exit the trunk, hop off the platforms and run around the trunk
to the right. Find the grind-cable, and go on up to find a Platinum Cog on a
platform. Grind back down, and at the start-point of the cable, look ahead and
to the right a little. See the platforms on the tree near you? Jump on the
lowest one, then start jumping up and out, and curve back in to grab the edge
of the next one up. At the top, hop to the last platform to rescue a Bilby,
then make your way back to the catwalks you came in on.

Follow the opals along the platforms until you get to a darker brown one, with
a broken bridge leading away from it. No problem--just jump the gap. If you
don't quite make it, the half of the bridge that's hanging on the other side
will serve as a ladder. Keep climbing, and when you reach a quarter-circle
platform, rather than gliding down to where a dunny-shack platform waits, turn
to the right and look for a Lash-hook. Use it to swing over and grab the Opal
bag, then come on back the same way.

A whole bridge and a broken bridge further on, you'll find a broken tree trunk
with a rope leading from it to a high platform you can't reach any other way.
Grind up there for a picture frame, and either grind or glide back. At the top
of a second bridge, you should notice a small platform sticking out from the
side of the main path. There's a Lash-hook above it; swing across to grab a
picture frame on a tiny platform opposite. When you return to the main path, at
the end of the next bridge look to your left to see a red Opal-bag on top of a
broken tree-trunk. Grind up and jump at the end to grab the 500 Opals inside;
it might take a few tries.

Continue on down the main path. Your next major obstacle is a swinging bar with
spikes on it. Time it, and run past to the far tree trunk. Go around this tree
counter-clockwise to find a ladder; climb it for a picture frame, then drop
back down. Face the swinging spike again, and this time go left. Stand near the
edge of the platform around the back of the trunk, so it doesn't hit you. Jump
to the tiny (unstable) platform, and quickly jump again to the next one so you
don't get dumped to the netting. Follow the Opals until you reach another
fully-round platform, and go around the tree again to find a ladder. Climb it
for a bird's-eye view of a round platform with a red Opal bag, and a picture
frame on a small platform underneath that one. Glide over for the Opal bag, and
if you can jump out and glide around to the lower platform do so; otherwise get
back to the top of the ladder you just left and glide down instead.

From the next full-round platform, grind down the rail with the opals and
trigger the rope ladder, then grind back up. Use the Lash-hooks above you to
swing to a trunk-top with a 500-Opal bag, then turn right and look down at a
platform with a Kromium Orb on the edge, and a lower one with a picture frame.
Grab the Orb, then jump out and glide to the lower platform. From here, drop to
the netting and run over to the base of the tree trunk that had the Opal bag
atop it for yet another picture frame.

Head over to the ladder you just dropped, and get back up to the main path.
Avoid the spike on the next bridge, and smack the koala spy around when you
reach the platform beyond. Home stretch, here we come.

Cross the bridge with the middle broken out, and hop to the trunk top for a
picture frame. At the end of this bridge, swing from the Lash-hook to a
platform on the side of the exit tree for a Bilby, then swing your way back.
Just as you round the first corner of the next bridge, jump up to the platform
above rather than following the Opal trail. Jump up a level again, then turn
right and jump to the full-circle platform on the dark-brown tree. From there,
turn left and glide to a half-platform. One more jump, to a final full-circle
platform, and walk around behind the trunk for the 3000 Opals I promised at the
beginning. Glide back to the main path, and go meet Bruno. You're done. Nice

Ripper Nipper [RINI]

A second timed mission to notch your belt with, but don't let the clock get to
you. It's a short trip.

The kids are having a surf carnival and forgot their suntan lotion. Luckily,
Rex and Elle have a fresh tube ready to deliver--and they need you to get it
there before the start of the event. You have five minutes to drive down to the
beach area. No worries! This is probably one of the easiest missions in the

Oil Rig Fire [OIRF] | Map location: Wulli Wulli Oil Rig

To find this mission, check the map to find a dead-end road running past the
beach area. Drive down this to find the airlock that leads to the oil rig.

Head through it to find Shazza, who tells you to find the main switch and hit
it, or else the whole thing's gonna explode. The first two rooms are about as
straightforward as they come--fight through the Frills to get into the
structure, and hop into a Thermo Bunyip when you do. Punch your way through the
enemies, putting out any and all fires as you go. When you reach a wall of fire
with four koalas and several 100-Opal bags behind it, and a steel door next to
it, hop out of the Bunyip and backtrack across the room to find a ladder
leading to a series of catwalks. Make your way past Frills and an unstable
floor, and up two more ladders. At the top, a pair of motorized platforms
await; one is moving in and out, while the other just sits there. The plain one
has a 500-Opal bag, and a switch to open the door. Trigger it, and glide back
down to your Bunyip.

The room the door was blocking is pretty small; put out the two fires, and
climb the platforms of the far wall back and forth for a couple of Opal bags.
Get back in the Bunyip and head through the next doorway, to cross a platform
into a room that's also very very standard. Put out all the fires in here, and
climb some ladders and catwalks for a pair of 500-Opal bags if you want--if you
go for it, the toughest spot is two motorized platforms that slide in and out
of the wall. Keep an eye out for unstable floors while you're up there, but
they shouldn't pose a threat. When you're ready, go through the next door and

In the next room, work your way to the end, and hop out and stop climbing
ladders and catwalks. Your goal is to reach the opening at the end of the
catwalks. When you reach the top level, you'll see five koala cops and five
Frills shooting it out; give the cops a hand and rang off the Frills. Cross the
remaining catwalks--it's a straight run for the doorway--and drop down in.

This room has fire shooting up from the floor. Watch the pattern and dash by
the first two waves. At the third segment, you can just scoot past it--there's
plenty of room between the fire and the wall. Head up the corridor on the other
side of the wall, and use the pipe on the right side as a stepstool to bypass
the next set of flames. When you get to the ramp, stick to the right-hand side
again; at the switch-back point, you can look out over the original room to a
series of platforms which lead to three 25-Opal bags. Personally, the risk
isn't worth the reward, but of course it's up to you. Either way, keep climbing
from here to the end of the ramp. At the top of the ramp, before entering the
next room, look back over your left shoulder and you will see a platform
sticking out from the wall.  Jump back to that platform, then jump to the
successive platforms to an ending platform containing several 500-opal bags.

Fight and douse your way through the next room, and cross another balcony.
Through the next door, a crowd of Frills run to man laser-stations, to try to
shoot you down. Use the Bunyip's jump to avoid their attacks, and punch through
the Frills themselves. Cross the balcony outside the door, taking care of the
tree-frog ninjas on the way, and take out anything that moves in the next room.
When nothing's left that can fight back, find and water the two turbines to
light the green bulbs that are next to them, then get to the far end of the
room to find a ladder. Use the three levels of catwalks and the moving
platforms to reach a red button near the roof; hitting it will open the door by
the end of the room with the ladder.

Go on through and cross the balcony. The next room has three turbines; squirt
each one to turn on the green light next to it, and drop a ladder back at the
beginning of the room when the third one comes on. Climb it and cross the
catwalks--no enemies, and only a couple of drop-away floors--to reach the next
doorway/balcony. Take out the Frills that are on the balcony, and drop into the
next room. Find the three red buttons to open the final door and reveal the
main switch that Shazza told you to look for.

When you trigger the final switch, Fluffy shows up, with a tennis-ball-like
thing, and lots of little yellow creatures. She and Ty briefly discuss nano-
technology, and she decides to leave. Ty says "Not without a fight!"--and she
takes him up on it. You immediately head into the fight with Buster.

Buster [BSS2]

This big brute is really no huge challenge. Keep your auto-target on him
whenever he's in 'robot' form. He'll chase you around for several seconds,
smashing his way through boats, landings, and houses. Keep your distance long
enough, and he'll get upset and scream at you. When he does, his mouth opens
wide enough to expose the core; toss a rang at it to knock off a chunk of life.

This will turn Buster into a "puddle" of nano-bots. Don't get too close while
he's in bits and pieces; instead of reforming the robot, he'll try to spike up
at you to damage you. Rob N. tells me that you can use first-person view (the
left shoulder button) and fire as fast as you can into the middle of the mass
to kill the individual bits; this will weaken him gradually.

Damage him enough, and Buster will gain a second tactic. When he reaches about
one-third of his life left, he'll form a giant ball rather than a robot, and
bounce around trying to catch you. Just stay out of the way, and eventually
he'll go back to robot form, at which point it's more rinse and repeat tactics.
Three more hits to the core, and Buster's busted.

An alternate "tease the robot form" tactic, courtesy of Rob N.: While Buster's
in robot form, rather than playing keep-away, run in circles around his legs
until he loses his balance and falls over. This breaks him into the 'bits and
pieces form', and you can then attack the little guys.

Chapter 3: Cass' Plans Take Shape

Sheep Dip [SHDP]
Koalas: 1 [] Outside the entrance
In this helicopter mission, your goal is to grab all eight escaped sheep and
drop them off at the shearing post in the center of the area. Very simple, and
not timed as the pilot implies. If a mini-cannon gives you trouble, simply fire
at it a couple of times and down it'll go. Just keep your fuel up, and watch
out for trees.

Map location: Sulphur Rocks
Missions:     3 [] Teeter Tottering Inferno [TETN]
                [] The Deadly Stone Beetle of Rhinokarnook
                [] The Temple of Carnook
Cogs:         9 [] On a wooden platform which you have to swing to.
                [] On a ledge near the blue wall with a button near the start.
                [] Behind the first buzzsaw.
                [] Behind the boulder by the Lifter Bunyip.
                [] Above the passage leading to the lost hiker.
                [] On a ledge above the water near the Stone Beetle run.
                [] On top of a pedestal in the lake near the Stone Beetle run.
                [] On a pedestal outside the Stone Beetle run.
                [] In the lava room of the Temple.
Kromium Orbs: 7 [] Outside the airlock.
                [] By an UberFrill, about halfway through the level.
                [] On a stone platform in the lava area with the hiker.
                [] On a platform above the river leading to the temple.
                [] On a high ledge across the water on the way to the temple.
                [] On a high ledge, halfway through the Temple.
                [] At the end of the path in the southern area.
Gooboo Steve:   [] Behind a door in the water at the west of the map.
Bilbies:      5 [] On a wooden platform behind a fence.
                [] On a floating platform by the first buzzsaw.
                [] On a wooden platform below the first Kromium Orb.
                [] On a ledge opposite the first Kromium Orb.
                [] On a wooden platform in the river.
Koalas:       3 [] On top of the highest hillside as you enter the level.
                [] Behind one of the two fences by the Temple (use lashhook).
                [] At the eastern-most point of the southern area.
Photos:      22
This is the second largest level in the game, with a pair of optional missions
besides the main and lots of collectibles.

When you exit the Fourbie and run up the hill, you're going to find several
things to do before heading through the airlock. Right by the top of the entry
hill, there are two tall wooden pedestals. If you step into the red flower
that's immediately visible, you're just going to be deposited back in the
middle of the main path. Instead, go around behind them to find a second
flower. This one will toss you to the top of one pedestal, from which you can
jump to the other for a 200-Opal bag.

Next, as you reach the crowd of Frills, you should see a set of floating
platforms to the right. Climb up to them, and as you hop on the first one ([1]
in the following diagram, where [S] is the start), six of the others will
vanish. As you jump onto each successive platform, two others will appear past
it. Take the 1-4-5-6-9 path, and hop to the [KO] for a Kromium Orb.
[1] [2] [3]

[4] [5] [6]

[7] [8] [9] [KO]

Drop down to ground level and head through the airlock. Once in the level, look
at the fence to your left. The lowest green section is actually a flap you can
walk through, in this case to find a Battle Bunyip and a crowd of Frills. Hop
into the Bunyip and take out the enemies (and steel crates if you want), then
jump back out and go back through the fence. Climb to the low hilltop next to
you, and cross the wooden pedestals to the left. From there, jump down onto the
ledge to your right.

Follow the yellow arrows around the corner and up the fenced-ramp, and cross
the bridge at the top. Take out the Frill-warriors on the other side of the
bridge, then hit the red button on the side of the blue wall to drop a rope
ladder. Facing the blue wall, go to the left side of it, and walk down behind.
There should be yellow patterning on the green portion of the wall; this is
netting that you can climb. Do so, and hop out to the top of the blue wall for
a 3000-Opal bag, then drop down on the opposite side from where the button was
to find three picture frames and a Platinum Cog.

Jump down into the small gully below you, and head out toward the middle of the
wide area. Climb the wooden platforms onto a large brown box. From here, first
jump toward the platform that leads back toward the beginning of the level,
then to another yellow-netting ladder. Use your X-Rang to jump to the invisible
platform, then across to the upper hillside for a koala spy and a 500-Opal bag.
Trace your steps back to the brown box, and facing into the level, turn left
and climb the black ladder. Head to the right on this new ledge, and at the
end, use your Warperang to swing out and around the corner to the left. At the
end of the lash-hooks, jump and glide down to a platform with a Platinum Cog,
then drop to ground level and head back toward the brown box.

Remember the ladder that dropped when you hit a button? It's right out in this
area. Kill off the Frills if you haven't already, then climb the ladder. At the
top, turn to the right and walk back toward the area with the blue wall. Look
down inside the fence to find several Frills and a Bilby on a wooden platform.
Do what comes naturally, then use the Bilby's platform to climb out, and get
back to ground level by the brown box.

Climb the ladder again, and this time go to the left at the top. Jump and glide
out to an invisible platform. Hop to the platform to the right for a Bilby,
then jump over the buzzsaw to grab another Platinum Cog. Before going back
through the saw, hit the explosive crate to take out most of the enemies in the
lower area, and head on down to the short fence (just some sticks, really), and
go through it.

Stay on ground level; at the dunny, go to the right. You'll find a fence with a
green door-flap; pass through and use a rang to knock the UberFrill back far
enough that you can hit the explosive crate behind him. Collect any Opals you
want, then keep going around the central hill on the left. When you get to the
next yellow arrow, past the sand piles, you have a choice of right and up a
ladder, or left and over a fence. Go left first.

Drop down and find the Bilby on the central platform, then go over the next
fence. Climb the wooden platforms you ignored earlier, and use the vine to the
left to reach the upper ledges. Follow the yellow arrow and cross the bridge,
then make your way past the swinging spikes. After the fourth one, turn right
and climb to the upper ledge to find a 1000-Opal bag, then cross back over the
bridge. Hop up to the wooden ledge, then back down on the other side and cross
the bridge here. Take down the UberFrill, climb the wooden pedestals for a
Kromium Orb, and drop back down. Jump across to the bridge from the other side
of this hill, and look to the left. See the small rock ledge? Jump over to it
for a Bilby, then come back and cross the bridge.

Go through the fence and climb up to a Lifter Bunyip. Hop in, and go down the
small passage to the right of where you came in. Pick up the rock and carry it
with you; auto target as you round the corner, and toss it at the Frills
waiting for you. Grab the Platinum Cog, then head back to the bridge that led
you in here.

Drop all the way down to ground level, and head to the right. This time, take
the ladder you didn't climb before. In this new area, climb the wooden
platforms behind the first red arrow. When you reach the dunny, switch to your
Warperang and use it. You'll be pulled up to a high ledge with yet another
Platinum Cog; grab it, then drop back down. Go down the passageway with the
green arrow.

When you reach the lava, switch to your Frostyrang or Freezerang. Use it to
cool down any of the low platforms that are red-hot. There are also a few long,
skinny platforms that you can hit with a rang, which will turn them so that one
end is close enough for you to jump on. Cross the platforms until you reach the
second spinnable one, and look around. You should see a Kromium Orb down a
narrow passageway. You can't get it just yet; get to the next platform that
needs to be chilled, and instead of crossing further toward the hiker, hop up
to the nearest stone ledge behind it. From there, hop and use your Warperang to
swing between platforms around through the passage. When you get the Orb, trace
your steps back, then hop across just a few more hot and stone platforms to
reach the hiker. Talking to him puts you back out at the dunny by where you
entered the passage to come down here.

Next, head on down the passage with the yellow arrow (to the left of the
dunny). Pass the buzzsaw, and at the next dunny, go down the short path to the
left. At the end, hop up onto the wooden platform, and jump out to the floating
platform. Turn right, and jump to the next platform when it's lower than the
one you're on, and from here jump and glide to the platform that's circling the
pillar out in the center of the area. If you miss, swim over to the water's
edge on the far right, and kill off the Frills over here. Keep going to the
right to find the dunny where you first turned off to reach the floating

When you reach the circling platform, jump off and glide to the upper section
of the central island. Climb the vines for a Platinum Cog, then look around.
Trigger the button high on one of the rock faces to open a door. Get back onto
the platform that's now circling you, and when it swings close enough, jump
onto the spinning platforms to the north. From there, hop to the stone ledge
for another Platinum Cog, then drop into the water and swim up the passage to
the north-west to find the door you opened a moment ago.

Inside is Steve! Talk to him for some Opals, then go back to the island on the
water and kill off the three crocs on it. Hop to the pedestals leading to the
south, and head down the passage there. Just before you reach the end, look
behind a green bush on the ground for a red flower. Step into it to reach the
top of a stone pedestal, then use your Warperang to swing over to a second
pedestal for a Platinum Cog. Hop on down and go talk to the Marsupial Lion at
the end of the passageway to attempt the Stone Beetle of Rhinokarnook

When running the rails against the Stone Beetle [DSBR], stay to either the left
or right sides of the track; get there by holding the analog stick either left
or right and pressing the jump button.

Avoid all columns and torches; you can jump over the torches. If you happen to
jump into a corner you can jump around columns while staying on the same track,
but overall your best course is to hop back and forth between the center track
and one of the sides. Hitting any obstacle slows you down; to regain your speed
hold the analog stick in the direction of travel. Try to develop a pattern for
yourself as you go (for example: "I need to jump left just after this torch,
then right again after the next column..."), and follow this, adding to it each
time you find something new that works. With some practice you'll have a path
for the whole course.

When you reach the end of the course (the large hole in the floor) be sure
you're on the left or right rail--the center rail just drops you into the pit.
When the game spits you back out into Sulphur Rocks, be sure to talk to the
lion-guy again to score the mission on your totals. Make your way back up to
where you first came down here (by the dunny with the green and yellow arrows
above it).

Climb to either the top of the fence (via yellow netting) or onto the wooden
platform to its right. Either way, glide across to the ledge opposite, and from
there to the wooden pedestal, then one more jump to the lower pedestal. The
long wooden plank near you can be spun with your boomerang, just like the rocks
above the lava. Turn the plank so that it's pointing toward you, then jump on
and run across. Hop to the brown box-structure, and climb the wooden pillars to
reach a 1500-Opal bag, then return to where you were. Use your X-Rang if you
aren't already, and cross the platforms above the water to reach a Kromium Orb.
Next, look straight down and locate the platform with a Bilby, then glide down
to him. You can hop across the lilypads with the hovering Opals to reach land,
or just swim over.

Continue on down this canyon, taking out the UberFrills on the way. When you
reach the bridge, ignore it for now. Climb the fence beyond it, and before
dropping to the other side, target and take out the two spiders waiting for
you. Hop up the platforms to the ledge, and make your way down it to the left.
Use your Warperang to cross to the next ledge, and grab the Kromium Orb at the
end. Drop off the edge, down into the area where the bridge ends.

As you enter the area, switch to your Kaboomerangs or Omegarangs to be able to
take out the maximum number of enemies at a time. Drop off the ledge to your
right, and make your way through the canyon. You should find three picture
frames and a spy. When you reach the starting point, travel along the upper
ledge to an opening in the fence with a flap over it. Head through and climb
the platforms; autotarget and take out any enemies you encounter. From the top-
most platform, glide across to the far ledge; try to end as far to the right as
possible, preferably to the right of all the fire-propellers. Make your way
past the swinging spikes, being careful not to get knocked into the lower
canyon--if you do you'll have to walk all the way back to the start point to
come back to this point. Don't bother climbing up the ladder in the next
section; just walk around the passage to the left. Take out all the enemies in
the final bit before attempting the "puzzle" there. When they're gone, step on
the plate with a skull on it to start a timer, then jump up to the first pillar
and make your way around the circle. You don't have time to stop and aim your
jumps, as the timer destroys each pillar just after you reach it. On top of the
last pillar (it won't blow up) is a Kromium Orb. Jump down and step into the
red flower to be returned to the starting point.

Finally, go back across the bridge and walk back up to the left, past the fence
the spiders were behind. The next segment of fence has a lash-hook above it;
snag onto it and swing over to find a koala spy, then climb the fence to get
out. Use your X-rang to find a couple of invisible crates above you, then climb
the last little bit of the slope to be challenged to run the Temple of Carnook

Say yes, then run forward and climb the ladder. At the top, get your Warperang
ready and hop onto the grindrail. As you slide down, use your rang to hit the
crates lining the walls. The grindrail will deposit you above a room full of
spiders; use the Kaboomerang to take them out quickly. When they're gone, jump
down and run across all the skull-plates on the floor to activate a wooden
pillar that will rise and fall. Jump onto it, and at the top-most height, jump
off to enter a new passage.

As you enter the next chamber, several Frill warriors will attack. One or two
swats with the Kaboomerang will take out all of them at once. Past the buzzsaw,
another group of seven, complete with a counter, will drop in. Take them out to
be able to continue. Pass the second buzzsaw and walk on down into a round
chamber. Kill off the enemies in here, then find the starting point of the ramp
that circles the room and start climbing. Jump the gaps, and get past the
skull-blocks quickly or they'll knock you back to the floor level. At the top,
cross the bridge and use your X-Rang to find the invisible platform. Use it to
get over to a ledge where a Kromium Orb awaits, then jump back and cross the
other bridge into the next section.

Oh, look, lava. Joy. Cross the closest platforms, using your Frostyrang as
necessary to cool the red ones. Inside the first passage, use the Kaboomerang
to defeat the enemies, then before crossing the next section of lava, turn the
rock in the center so that you can reach it. Cool the first platform, and hop
on across. In the next hallway, repeat the 'kill all enemies' process, and grab
the Platinum Cog. Pass the buzzsaw and hop across the final three platforms
into another hallway.

Destroy the enemies in the large chamber at the foot of the passage, then go to
the left and make your way down the green hall. Avoid the rolling spiky pillars
in their various positions (hop the ones in the floor by jumping right from the
edge of the pit, and walk carefully between the cycling ones at the last), and
jump across the three unstable platforms at the end of the hallway. Cross the
narrow bridge above the lava and talk to the princess again to clear the
mission and the level. Phew!

You should have enough Kromium Orbs by this time to be able to purchase a
second map upgrade from Madame Mopoke. If you already got the Bilby map, go for
the Cog map this time, and vice-versa.

Crocodile Chaos [CRCH] | Map location: The Wetlands
Cogs:         6 [] Behind a rock wall near the beginning.
                [] Hit three switches in the western area at the beginning.
                [] Behind a gate in the secret area.
                [] On top of a platform in the northmost area.
                [] On the side of a tree just before a buzz-saw.
                [] Inside the croc pen at the end of the level.
Kromium Orbs: 1 [] On a platform above the crocs at the end.
Gooboo Steve:   [] Near the end of the level, behind a lot of spiders and webs.
Bilbies:      3 [] Inside a hollow log near the cogs at the beginning.
                [] Behind a spiderweb in the secret area.
                [] Behind a giant tree before a buzz-saw.
Koalas:       2 [] Near the beginning, next to a button.
                [] By the crocpit at the end of the level.
Photos:      13
A pretty easy level, though that's not to say there aren't a lot of enemies.
It's worth it, though, for the high number of collectibles found here. Use your
Omegarang or Kaboomarang on the way in, to take out large groups of enemies
quickly, and use the Infrarang or X-Rang on the way out so that you can spot
invisible crates.

Heading into the level, take your first left, next to the koalas. When the
available path goes right and left, head to the right and hit the button on the
wall of the dead-end. This should bring up a counter, showing that you need two
more buttons. On your way back to the split-paths, check the rocks on the
right, and blow them open to find a Platinum Cog.

Head down the path you didn't take on the way down here, and continue until the
path forks again. Go into the little dead-end on the right, and look inside the
fallen log to find a Bilby. Go on back to the fork and walk on down the left
side. Check the koalas here for a spy, then swat the button for #2.

Head on back toward the entrance, and watch the map. There's a huge tree-root
you can go under on what's now your right (it's not very far); climb the ledges
behind it. At the top, hit button #3, and watch the platform come down. Glide
on over for a second Cog, then head back to the spot where you came into this

Continuing on, you're going to arrive at an open gate with a number of Uber-
Frills and several explosive crates on the far side. Rather than trying to kill
the Frills one by one, aim at one of the crates. One hit will do in the whole
crowd for you. Take the exit to the left, and immediately go up the little
passage to the right. Several spiders hiding down here; use your Flamerang to
burn off the webs, and bite the spiders themselves to kill them. When the
passage dead-ends, burn off the web inside the hollow log, then walk in
yourself to find a Battle Bunyip.

Climb on into it, and head on up the pathway. Take out all the Frills and the
three Uber-Frills, then hop out of the Bunyip. Grab the Platinum Cog behind the
gate, then head back toward the entry point. You should see a tree-root blocked
off by a spiderweb. Burn your way through it, and the one behind it, to find a
Bilby. Go on back to the hollow log, and warp back out.

Head on back to the main path, and make your way to the next wide-open area.
Use your Warperang to get into the hollow tree-trunk, and climb the vines for
several picture frames and a 3000-Opal bag. Drop back down and warp out. Around
the next corner, there is a platform just out of jumping reach with a Platinum
Cog on top. Go directly across the area, to find a little side path with a
button at the back. Hit the button to make a floating platform appear for a few
seconds. Run back out and jump on up to the upper platform.

At the next turn, a giant tree has several spiderwebs on it. Burn them away,
and go around the back of the tree to find a Bilby stuck in a bush. Rescue him,
and continue on around the tree to find some more webs. When you're clear of
the tree, don't go through the buzz-saw just yet. Look up, and bite your way
through the spy-eggs above you to grab yet another Platinum Cog.

Just the other side of the buzz-saw, look to the left to find a small
passageway with lots of spiders and webs. Make your way through to find Gooboo
Steve, then head back to the main path, and down into the final area. You find
Dennis' brother and nephew standing above a muddy patch, with six crocodiles
wandering around. They ask you to herd the crocs back into their pen. Use your
Omegarang for a real quick end to the mission. Once the crocs are all in, you
can hop into the pen with them for a Platinum Cog, then jump back out.

Finally, look across the area to find some koalas; one is a spy. Use your
Warperang to latch onto a swing-hook above you so that you can reach the
platform with a Kromium Orb. Don't forget to switch to the Infrarang or X-Rang
on your way out; there are quite a few invisible crates.

Tourist Trap [TOTR] | Map location: Faire Dinkum
Cogs:         3 [] Behind a breakable rock just before the first buzzsaw.
                [] On a tree ledge around the corner from the first buzzsaw.
                [] On a floating platform, near the final button-switch.
Kromium Orbs: 2 [] Just outside the ghost-town, on a ledge.
                [] Behind the last dunny, on the ground.
Bilbies:      4 [] Outside; use invisible platforms and spy-eggs to reach him.
                [] On a ledge just as the catwalks begin.
                [] In a spiderweb just before the second buzzsaw gate.
                [] Behind the fence by the final generator button.
Koalas:       1 [] Underneath the catwalk just past the first fire-propeller.
Photos:      14

When you first step out of the Fourbie, you'll see a wooden pedestal rising and
falling just in front of a swampy section of ground. The purple things in the
water are leeches; use your Kaboomarang or bite to take them out. Hop up onto
it and equip your X-Rang. When it raises to its fullest height, jump straight
up and use the spy-eggs to get across to the now-visible floating platforms.
Cross them and hop quickly across the small unstable wooden platforms just
beyond them. When you reach the last of the small platforms, jump straight up
again, and bite your way through a second set of spy-eggs to reach a Bilby. Hop
across a few more invisible platforms if you like, for a small Opal bag, then
go through the airlock.

Head down the twisting path, and when it opens out into the main level, look
out and down over the rope to your right. See the picnic basket? Remember where
it is, and continue on into the level. As you reach the bottom of the ramp,
just to the left you should see your sister Betty and her boyfriend standing
behind a rope fence. Go on over and talk to them. Seems the power's out, and
they need you to kickstart an emergency generator, via eight button-switches.
Start with the one that appears behind them. Head back toward the entrance to
the area--there's a switch next to the picnic basket I told you to remember a
moment ago--then back out into the main level.

You're starting off in a tiny 'ghost-town'. First, get into the midst of the
cottages and hit the next button-switch. Make your way up to a roof, and hop
between them grabbing picture frames. When you're done, climb to the highest
peak, and jump out onto the floating platform. It'll start moving when you
land; at the far end of its trip, hop off onto a small wooden platform for a
Kromium Orb. Jump down to ground-level and go back through the fence for a
moment. There are several 100-Opal bags scattered around town, and if you smack
the ticket booth just outside the fence you just came through with your rangs,
you'll get several Opals out of it, too.

Enter the gate in the fence. You might notice an Opal bag floating in midair
just beyond the dunny. To get it, look inside the hollow log on the left side
of the pathway, and hit the button to generate a platform. Climb onto the ledge
on the tree root nearby, and hop to the platform from there. You'll be raised
to the Opal bag. Jump down, and deal with the ninja tree-frogs, then go around
the corner to the left to find the fourth button-switch just past another tree

Take out the two crocs, then ignore the wooden catwalk. First, walk under it,
and follow its path until you reach a button. Hit it, then return to the start
of the catwalk and use it to reach the platform you just activated. From the
platform, jump to the wooden ledge on a tree for another Bilby, then hop down
and walk along the catwalk. When you get to the flaming propeller, look below
the catwalk on the far side of it to find a koala spy, then wait for the
propeller to slow down and jump across the gap.

At the second propeller, don't worry about trying to cross; just hop down into
the mud. Take out the crocs and tree-frog ninjas, then activate the fifth
button-switch. Continue along the path. When you get to dry ground again, look
to the left at the first corner for a glowing rock you can blow open for a
couple of picture frames and a Cog.

Head on up the path and through the buzzsaw gate. Drop down to the lower level
and head around the corner. Avoid the flaming propeller and kill off the crocs,
then get up to the wooden platform. Look at the trees across the way from you
to find a tiny metal cage enclosing a button. Jump over to the small platform
in front of the cage, then hit the button from there. Jump to the floating
platform that is activated, and ride it along to where you can hop to a tree
for a second Cog. Make your way back to where you were, and take out the
UberFrill just before the tree root.

Head on up through the tunnel, and edge your way past the pair of flaming
propellers. At the top of the hill, hit the seventh button-switch, then take
out the Frill warriors. In the corner, you should see some spiderwebs behind a
tree root. Deal with the spiders guarding the webs, then use your Flamerang to
burn away the webs to find a Bilby. Back on the main path, hop down the small
ledge and head on up the hill. Just past the dunny, grab the Kromium Orb on the
ground, then go through the buzzsaw to find the final button-switch. Hit it to
clear the mission, and then stick around for a moment. See the Bilby behind the
fence right here? We're going to get him before we leave.

Get around the other fence, on your right as you come through the buzzsaw. Use
your Kaboomarang (or Smasharang, if you haven't gotten the other yet) on the
rock pile next to the wooden pedestals. Hit the button that's revealed to
activate a floating platform. Use the pedestals to reach the new platform, then
hop to the one beyond it. This one will move. Ride it over to a pedestal with a
caged button; when you hit it, yet another platform will lower. This one has a
Platinum Cog on it. Glide over there and snag it, then drop to ground level. Go
around the far fence to break into the steel crates if you want (walk through
the bush next to them for a 200-Opal bag), then climb the pedestals and
platforms again. On the moving platform, wait until it flies as far as it can
to the right, then hop off and glide down outside the fence for that Bilby.
Head on back to town or go find your next mission.

King Squeaver and Birrel Hood [KSBH]

You're going to really dislike these two by the end of the game. Somebody
called in a report that they're in trouble again. Same drill as the first one;
take out 20 ninjas before the ninjas take out Birrel and Squeaver. If you have
Omegarangs yet, use those for a very quick fight.

When you win, you're going to start wondering who's calling in the trouble
reports on these two--they don't seem to really need help...

Deep Sea Scare [DSSC] | Map location: South Beach/Wobbygon Bay

Rex has gotten trapped underwater by a school of sharks, and your help is
needed to rescue him. Pilot the Sub Bunyip north through the water until you
reach Rex's location.

Controls for the Sub are exactly like those of the helicopter. If a shark gets
too close, the auto-target will tag him, and you can fire off a missile. The
area snakes back and forth in an 'S'-shape; check your DRA for where you are
currently in regards to where you need to go. This is an extremely easy
mission; just remember to grab fuel every now and then.

Sea Lab [CLAB] | Map location: South Beach/Wobbygon Bay

Seems Boss Cass has decided to tear apart pipelines supplying an underground
lab with air. Your task is to put the various pieces back in their proper

This mission is basically an underwater rehash of the 'Dennis Freeway' one.
Look on your radar for one of the pieces of piping, pilot on over and nab it,
then fly it to where the little 'house' icon appears. Sharks that get too close
will be auto-targeted and can be shot down. Don't forget fuel-refills, and you
should be quickly done.

Bush Fire [BUSF]

Gunna Gunna village is being plagued by a raging fire. Hop in a Thermo Bunyip
and extinguish the fires on each of thirteen cabins. They show up as flame
icons on your radar, and most of them are in groups of two or three

Each cabin location has several Frill warriors around it, so be wary of them
when heading for a group of cabins. Also, there's an area in the north-west
that's trapped behind three walls of flame; there's nothing major in there but
several wooden crates.

The three turbine switches scattered around the map activate floating platforms
leading to Opal bags overhead; also of note are the various Opal bags
underwater. You can douse flames on pretty much anything alight in the map;
shrubs and trees are a handy way to show yourself where you've already been.

Fluffy [BSS3]

You finally get the chance to fight Fluffy directly, rather than one of her
minions. She climbs into her mecha-suit, so of course you get one too.

This fight takes place on pedestals and platforms above the water. As you begin
the battle, you should notice giant mechas surrounding the arena. Go ahead and
track down Fluffy, and hit her a time or two. She might hit back, and she might
not, but either way a beam of electric energy will shoot from one or another of
those giant mechs to Fluffy. They're refilling her life meter--that's not fair!
Julius will radio you with a quick battle tip--take down the mechas, and they
won't be able to recharge Fluffy.

Make your way to one of the three Battle Mortars at the corners of the arena,
and when you reach it, take aim at the closest mecha. When you've destroyed it
(aim for the head for a quick victory), Fluffy will use her suit's laser cannon
to blow up the Battle Mortar. Get over to one of the remaining two, and repeat
the process. Fluffy will blow this one up too. One more Mortar, one more
mecha--go get 'em.

Once all three mechas are downed, Fluffy's fully vulnerable. Just hang out on
the platform you're currently on, and when she leaps to join you, smack her
around. Four hits should be all it takes to destroy her mecha-suit and give you
the victory.

Back at Bush Rescue HQ, Julius explains that you stopped Fluffy from stealing
something called a Shadow Drive, and you also managed to turn the tables and
snag a Data Nut from her. The Nut might hold the key to Cass' plans, while the
Shadow Drive is going to be put to good use "in a little bit".

Chapter 4: It's the Final Countdown

Just eight more areas to clear, though one is the largest level in the game,
before you get to go fight Boss Cass himself.

Fire Fight [FRFG]

The last of the helicopter missions. You have a bucket suspended from the
chopper this time; fly down so that it dips underwater, then fly back up to
fill it. Find one of the cabins on fire, and fly over it; the bucket should
automatically empty. Repeat this for all eight cabins, and you've completed the

Big Bang [BBNG]

This is a fairly simple timed mission; talk to Julius at Bush Rescue HQ to get
started. You have six minutes to take some explosives from HQ, where Julius
just got done manufacturing it, to the Min Min Mining camp, in the north-west
corner of the map. It should take you about a minute and a half to get to the
airlock leading out of town; from there, check your map and callsheet to find
the mission star location. If you drive fairly well and don't get too stuck by
running into scenery, you should reach the mining site with about 2 minutes to

Attack of the 50-ft. Squeaver [ATSQ]

One final go-round with the now-infamous duo of Birrel and Squeaver. They've
come under attack once more, and you're needed to bail them out yet again.

You should know the drill by now; get to the site, take out the baddies
attacking them, and get... wait, congratulated? These Hollywood-types are nuts,

Plutonium Panic [PLPA]

From the mission with Birrel and Squeaver, head just a little bit south to find
this timed run. Julius needs a replacement plutonium rod, and you have six
minutes to get it to him. Just a quick run back to town and into the HQ area,
and you'll have another mission cleared. Don't try to 'cheat' by using the
'Exit Level' option in the menu--it'll just exit the mission entirely.

Truck Stop [TRTS]

An easy mission, this one gives you seven minutes to wander around in the
Lifter Bunyip, finding five crates of donuts and replacing them onto the
trailers. There are two behind the fence on the eastern side of the area, two
out in plain sight on the west, and one behind the huge pile of rocks in the
south-west. If you need to put a crate down someplace besides one of the
trailers, it'll smash. You can get a replacement crate in the spot where you
originally picked it up.

Truck Tragedy [TRTA]
Koalas: 1 [] As you enter.
A short timed mission; a town official was driving a prison truck and got
caught by a landslide. The prisoners he was delivering escaped, and they're
trying to push his truck off a cliff. You need to get past the boulders and
save him.

Right inside the gate, use your X-Rang to check the koalas standing there for a
spy, then hop into the Lifter Bunyip and start climbing and moving rocks. Give
any Frills that attack the beat-down, and get to the top as quickly as you can
(given that the Bunyip handles like it's in molasses).

Need a Spare [NSPR]
Koalas: 1 [] As you enter.
The final timed mission, you get five minutes to lug a spare spark plug from
Keith and Sneath in Bush Rescue HQ to an entitlement queen who's broken down in
Dusty Burrows. It's the same dead-end where you fought Patchy way back at the
end of Chapter 1, but you're going to the gate straight ahead rather than to
the gully on the right. Don't forget to nab the koala spy while you're here.

Map location: The Never Never
Missions:     4 [] Lava Chill Out
                [] Rocky Road
                [] Dennis Dash
                [] Birds of Paradise
Cogs:        16 [] On a floating platform just before the first buzzsaw.
                [] On a platform in the trees past the first buzzsaw.
                [] On a platform in the trees; climb a ladder to reach it.
                [] On a floating platform just before the end of the trees.
                [] On a platform near the button for the previous Cog.
                [] On a floating platform above the singing bird.
                [] On top of a tree below the singing bird.
                [] On a ledge above the lava.
                [] On a pedestal reached via spy-eggs.
                [] On one of the ledges reached by spinning rocks.
                [] On one of the ledges reached via grind-rail.
                [] On a floating platform above the lake.
                [] On a floating platform above the lake.
                [] Behind a breakable rock wall.
                [] At the top of floating platforms by the end of the bridge.
                [] In a tree in the corner by the treehouse.
Kromium Orbs: 7 [] In a tree in the swamp past the first buzzsaw.
                [] Behind some glowing rocks near a dunny.
                [] On a ledge by two rock pillars; lash-hook to it.
                [] Near the glowing rocks above the singing bird.
                [] On the ledge at the end of the long grindrail.
                [] Underneath the bridge, reachable via lash-hook.
                [] Inside the fence next to the waterwheel.
Gooboo Steve:   [] Through the lava, in the same area where the 'caravan' is.
Bilbies:      4 [] At the bottom of a tree with a Cog in it.
                [] On a ledge in the lava area.
                [] On a ledge in the dino area, reachable via grindrail.
                [] At the end of the level, on a high ledge.
Koalas:       4 [] At the entrance to the level, at the bottom of the hill.
                [] About a third of the way into the level, behind a dunny.
                [] Above the water, near the airlock leading to Dennis.
                [] At the end of the level, by some vines.
Photos:      30
As you enter, at the bottom of the hill inside the gate area, you'll find three
koalas. Check them to find a spy, then continue along the path. Inside the lava
cave, if you want the 200-Opal bag on an upper platform, switch to your
Frostyrang and cool the rocks in the lava, and hop along them to the grindrail.
When you've rounded the last corner of the rail, toss your rang again to cool
the last lavarock before you land on it. From there you can hop to the first of
the floating platforms, and on up to the Opal bag. Jump back down to dry land
and go through the airlock.

Welcome to the largest level of the game, though it's not quite as involved as
Sulphur Rocks was. Right off the bat, open the invisble crates floating above
and ahead of you, then go down the small side-passage on your right. Hit the
button here to lower a platform, then go back out to the watery area below
where the crates were. Hop up the three floating platforms to reach the first
Platinum Cog of the level. Jump down to the ledge below you, and go through the

At the dunny, go down the tiny passage on the left, and turn right at the end.
Hop onto the platform on the tree, and from there alternate between this tree
and the next until you reach a picture frame. From the frame, use the Warperang
to swing across to another one, then jump and glide to a lower tree-platform
with a Kromium Orb. Next, jump to the right and down to a set of floating
platforms. Hop up them to reach a Platinum Cog, then hop back down to the
lowest one and jump up the platforms around the tree next to it. Jump and glide
to the top of the hill with the steel crates on it, then to the full-circle
platform on the neighboring tree. Climb the ladder and step off at the top to
find another Platinum Cog, then drop back down to where the steel crates were.

Hop across to the rock pillar to grab a picture frame, then drop to ground
level and go to the base of the tree you climbed a moment ago to find a Bilby.
Go back to the rock pillar, and follow the yellow arrow and the path it points
to up the hill and through a narrow passage. On your way you should see a
floating platforms with a Platinum Cog on it; we'll come back in a moment.

When the pathway opens out again, you'll be in a small area with some glowing
rocks. Clear off the Frills that run at you, then blow open the rocks for a
Kromuim Orb. Behind the dunny and yellow arrow, you should find some koalas
which you can check to find a spy. On the rock wall above and behind them is a
button. Trigger it to drop a floating platform in the area you came from a
couple of moments ago. Go back there to find that you can now reach the
Platinum Cog you skipped on the way here, then return to the dunny.

Follow the path up the hill and through yet another narrow path through the
rocks to reach a pair of rock pillars. Jump up to the higher one and look out
over the area you just came from. There's a floating platform there with a
Platinum Cog on it; it's a long jump-and-glide, but it's the only way to get
there. Once you get it, climb back up to the taller rock pillar and jump to the
ledge that's behind you if you're facing the Cog's platform. Before following
the yellow arrow, look to the right to find a lash-hook, leading to a Kromium
Orb. Grab it and lash back, then continue up the path.

Through the gate, and off the left side of the stone bridge, is a ledge with a
weird bird and five singing eggs [BIPR]. The bird will sing three notes and
create colors in the air; use your rang to hit the eggs that correspond to the
colors in the same order. Repeat this for four notes, then again for five
notes, and you'll have cleared the mission... such as it is. Once the bird
moves aside, use its nest to hop back up to the rock bridge, and head down the
hill and around the corner to find Snappy.

Snappy lives up to his name, as he snaps at you impatiently quite a bit. He
needs you to get his... err, "caravan" started [LVCO]. Though there's a Thermo
Bunyip right near you, don't bother with it for the moment. Instead, use your
Warperang and just lash your way across the lava. Stop on the ledges halfway
across for a Platinum Cog to the right and a Bilby to the left. When you reach
the "caravan's" ledge, hop down to the tiny ledge below it to the left to grab
a picture frame, then jump back up and go right to the vehicle itself to clear
the mission. Lash your way back across, then hop into the Bunyip. Jump down
into the lava, and swim under. Follow the map to the south and down into a
hidden tunnel, at the end of which you'll find Gooboo Steve's last hiding spot.

When you return to your starting point, hop into the red flower on the ledge
above the Bunyip to be launched to the top of a nearby stone pillar. Bite the
spy-eggs up here to grab another Platinum Cog, then hop down. Walk toward, and
past, the first stone pillar to find a low ledge. Hop up it and the next one to
find an open area with several invisible crates and a glowing rock. To the
right of the rock is a niche between the rock walls, with a Kromium Orb inside.
Grab it, then go blow up the wall.

Go through the opening and turn left to find an ankle-height fence guarding a
row of floating platforms. Jump quickly from one to the next to reach a
Platinum Cog; if you aren't quick enough, they'll drop down several feet, and
you won't be able to reach the next one; either drop to ground level and look
for a new red flower, or jump across to the singing bird's ledge and continue
from there. When you get to the end, look straight down to notice another Cog
in the branches of a tree. Glide down to it, then drop all the way to ground
level. You don't have to walk all the way back up, don't worry; next to a
yellow arrow, a red flower has sprouted that will launch you back up to that
low fence. When you get back, go back to the rock pillars with the spy-eggs
above them, and follow the path to the left.

When you reach the water, explore around for several picture frames. Don't miss
the one on the top of the ledges around the corner to the right of the airlock.
Underneath the waterfall at the back of the area, hit the button to open a
door, then swim back and talk to the girl at the edge of the water [RCKR]. Her
sister is on one of the ledges at the back of the area. A sign right by the
water explains how to get over to her; use your rangs to spin the rocks
balanced on the pillars in the water. At times, you may even have to spin the
one you're on. Cross the platforms to reach first one, then the other of the
ledges. The left-hand one, where the button opened a door, is where Peppa is
stuck. She won't pay any attention to you at first, so toss a rang at the
crates behind the door to startle her and reunite her with Pippa. The other
ledge has a Platinum Cog and a koala spy on it; grab them, then get back to the
airlock and head on through to find Dennis.

Turns out there are some dinosaurs (Muttaburrasauruses, but they just look like
brown T-Rex'es to me...) keeping Dennis from reaching the Bush Rescue office
[DNND]. Hop in the Battle Bunyip and keep the dino's from eating Dennis alive.
This is actually a pretty simple task: run ahead and kill off all the dino's.
Then head back down and find Dennis, and escort him up to the end of the area
where the Bunyip can be used; you may have to knock down trees for him on the
way. Once the mission is clear, the dinosaurs will regenerate; make your way
back to the starting point and take them all out once more. Hop out of the
Bunyip, and go to the water's edge. See that button nearby? Switch to your
Omegarang and hop onto the grindrail. When you come around the first bend, so
the button is in view again, fire off several rangs; one of them will hit the
button. From here, press the analog stick forward to speed up so that you land
on the platform before the timer runs out. When you land, jump forward to the
next platform for a Platinum Cog.

Get back to where the Bunyip is, and head up the hill. Just past the dunny at
the peak of the bridge, you'll find a small group of yellow-headed lizards.
Take them out, and look to the left to find a patch of vines and a glowing
rock. Break open the rock for a picture frame, then climb the vine. Hop on the
grindrail at the top, and be prepared to hop off it three times on the way
down. The first ledge you'll get off for holds a Platinum Cog, the next one has
a Bilby, the third has a picture frame, and the ledge where the rail ends holds
a Kromium Orb. Ride the grindrail back to its other end for a much quicker trip
than walking back.

When you return to where the vine-ladder is, continue on down the hill. Take
out all the enemies at the bottom, then blow up the glowing rock to grab a
Platinum Cog. Look up; see the series of floating platforms? Look over to the
other side of this little valley; see the small dark cave in the wall? Walk
into the cave, and stand in the ring of mushrooms for a moment. You'll be
transported to an upper ledge with a button on a tree, and a 3000-Opal bag. Hit
the button, and those platforms will start moving. Glide down, and climb them
for a Platinum Cog. Instead of jumping directly back to ground level, look at
the ledge above the rocks you blew up a moment ago--glide over there to find
the final Bilby!

Jump down to ground level, and follow the arrows on down the path. At the next
dunny, turn left and head past the waterwheel. On the island in the middle of
the water, look up using the X-Rang for a couple of invisible crates. Climb the
ramp onto the ledge, and take out the enemies up there. Turn to face the
waterwheel, and use the Warperang to grab onto a lash-hook above the fence.
Make the rope as short as you can, then swing up and over the fence for a
Kromium Orb. Stand on the rock pedestal the Orb was on, and hop over the fence
to get out. Climb back up the ramp, and go to the treehouse in the far corner.
Jump onto the platform at the back of the house, and from there into the
treetop for a platinum Cog, then drop down into the water below it and look on
the back of the tree trunk to find a button. Hit it to create a couple of
platforms. Check underneath the waterfall for a 500-Opal bag, then go to the
platforms on the front rock wall and climb out.

Back at the dunny, look up under the bridge. Use your Warperang to latch onto
the closest lash-hooks, and get over to the one nearest the Orb. Swing back and
forth until you reach the Kromium Orb, which should be number 30, and the
picture frame. Drop off the hook, and switch to the X-Rang to find the final
koala spy in the game (at which point Maurie radios you to say 'congrats').
Climb the vines behind him for a few picture frames, which should be the last
few of those you need as well.

Drop down to ground level, and follow the pathway back toward the airlock. When
you reach the dunny on top of the hill, look out over the lake just past it to
find the platforms that were created by the button under the treehouse. Hop
across them for a 500-Opal bag, and use your X-Rang to see the invisible
platforms that will let you reach a Platinum Cog and clear the level.

That's it. Unless you skipped missions or collectibles here and there, you
should now return to Bush Rescue HQ for your final mission.

Boss Cass Bust-Up [BSS4]
Cogs: 1 [] In a corner of the room with the cracked rocks and lava
Somewhere in the midst of the final chapter, Maurie will radio to let you know
that Julius decoded the Data N.U.T. that Fluffy dropped. Head back to HQ to
talk to Julius.

As he finishes telling you about Cass' plans and the decision is made to start
deciding how to stop them, it's too late--Cass' troops invade Burramudgee! Use
the explosive crates lying around HQ to take out 8 UberFrills. When the last
one goes down, Shazza comes running in. She's discovered that Cass's goons have
kidnapped everyone in town in order to create an unstoppable Frill army!

You're going to use Bush Rescue's dropship to head on down to Cassopolis to
rescue the townsfolk. Go talk to the pilot, standing next to the cargo plane.
to get started.

When you first put down, after the cutscenes, you have the option of exploring
around or just bulling your way straight through to Cass. If you decide to just
bull on through, then in the second open area you'll fight both Patchy and
Buster. Of course, in this cool new Bunyip, they're pushovers; Patchy takes
just one hit to each of head and tail, and two to his back, and Buster's even
easier--just two hits to the core-CPU. The door will open, you can go through,
and from there it's just a straight follow-the-map run down to where you enter
Cass' inner sanctum. Skip down several paragraphs for the boss strategy.

For those of you who want to explore and have some fun with the Shadow Bunyip
("Bunyip envy, Sly?"), there's... well, okay, not a lot to do, but you can
knock over trees, use the laser charge to take out groups of enemies, and find
a couple of Opal stashes that'll fatten your wallet.

From the drop zone, head south. To the far east of this first section is a
slender rock spike with a 3000-Opal bag suspended on top. Grab it, then
continue to fight your way past laser-wielding Frills and big ugly UberFrills.
When you reach a doorway, fight your way through the short building behind it,
then hop up the spiral stairs at the end. Out the next door, the exits will
slam shut and you'll fight Patchy and Buster. Use the auto-target feature, and
just shoot at them and stay out of their way; chances are they won't even be
able to touch you.

When both fights are done, go north to the little square island, and look at
the waterfall to the east. There's a button above the door; shoot it to reveal
four other buttons scattered around the area. One is above the waterfall just
to the north of you, one is around the corner to the right of the door that
exits this area, one's on the back side of the bunker building where you
entered, and one is on the north-western wall near the bunker.

Shooting all four buttons opens that northern door; go inside and fight to the
end of the tiny path to find a 10,000-Opal bag. Drop down to ground level and
head for the exit to this area. Fight through the building, and climb the
spiral stairs at the far end. Exit the bunker at the top.

Fight your way due north until you reach a rocky area with cracks full of lava
running across it. Don't be so eager to leave this 'room' that you miss getting
the Platinum Cog in the northern corner. Grab it and find the exit in the east.
Walk up the narrow hallway until you reach a lava pit, with a big ol' hole in
the middle. Ty sends Sly and Shazza off to rescue the townsfolk. He (and you)
are going after Cass. Jump into the hole.

Boss Fight: Boss Cass

You land on a large round platform, and Boss Cass comes floating in on a little
ride-on chair and taunts Ty a bit, and Ty gives it right back. If at any time
you run low on health, jump off the edge of the platform, and glide to a lower
one. You'll find up to four health baskets down there, and they'll replenish if
you wait long enough. Hop on one of the floating platforms around the sides of
the arena to get back up.

Round 1: Cass sends a horde of nano-machines after you; they'll alernately try
to spin you around several times or just hit at you. Keep away from them, and
keep your auto-target on Boss Cass. Try to shoot him, unless he gets close
enough for you to punch. If you try to punch at him, you need to hop into the
air just a little, so that you're at the same height as he. I found that if I
jumped to land on him, I could easily hit him as I was falling off. Three hits,
whether shots or punches, will take you to round two.

The nanobots gather up to Cass to create a large mecha, and the stony outer
ring of the platform falls away. The mecha will try to lunge at you, throw its
arms wide and spin in circles, or raise its arms high and slam them down at
you. Avoid all three of these attacks, and wait for its arms to slam down and
get stuck. Run up and hit him. When you've knocked this new form down to half
the total health, you'll move on to round 3.

Cass will end up back in his little floaty chair, and summon rings of fire
around himself. He'll then shoot it at you; run around him clockwise or double-
jump and float to avoid it. When he stops shooting, land, face him, and quickly
first-person aim and fire at him. You can also try to run up and punch him.
Either way, three more hits, and the floating chair is destroyed. Cass drops to
the platform and starts running around. Auto-target to be able to keep track of
where he is, and just hit him. Three final hits, and you've won.

Enjoy the battle's end cutscene, and the ending movies. If you had everything
except the Cass battle done (all collectibles, cart-racing trophies, and 43
missions) when you entered the level, after the credits play you'll get a
special, short movie, that hints at what might be in store for Ty next?

|                             Cart Racing [KRTR]                              |

There are seven cart-racing tracks in the Southern Rivers area. They are:
Parrotbeard Cove, Hearty Beach, Refinery Run, Outback Dash, Turbo Track, Lava
Falls, and Never Never Road. You can also play the cart-racing in two-player
mode; plug in a second controller, and choose 'Cart Racing' from the main menu
rather than 'Load Game'.

Part of getting 100% is placing first at all 7 tracks, which can be very
tricky (it gets easier with practice). On my first win, I made it by .03

Some general tips: Try to stay to the inside on any given corner, and hit any
and all turbo-patches (the glowing yellow arrows on the courses). Sometimes
you'll come across a grind-rail; hop on it to get a jump on your competition
(if they haven't taken it too!). When grabbing powerups, try to snag either a
shield or a turbo-boost. Use turbo-powerups if you're in a good spot. Hold on
to shield powerups until you see one of the other racers targeting you. For
most other powerups, go ahead and use them whenever you feel it's tactically
appropriate--just before you're about to go past another set of powerups, or
just as someone passes you into first place.

stlscott222 adds: "In many of the races there are shortcuts on the track [five
of the seven tracks have one]. Learn to hit these and the races become much
easier. [Also,] you can build your lead. Unlike many other races in other
games, where the competition always seems to maintain a certain minimum
distance behind you, in TY 2, the bigger your lead, the better. Once you
achieve a comfortable first place, just relax, drive smoothly and keep from
hitting stuff."

Controls are similar to the Fourbie; accelerate is the Jump button (X or A),
brake-and-reverse is the Rang button (B, [], or X), the left shoulder button
uses powerups, the right shoulder button makes your kart 'hop' (tap the button)
and powerslide (hold it), and the analog stick steers. Be careful when
powersliding, as it effectively brakes at the same time.

Here are maps for each track, including shortcuts. 'START' is, perhaps
obviously, the start/finish line, and the arrow next to it shows the direction
of travel. "Darker" pathways are the main track, while "lighter" paths indicate

  jMMM              @MMMMM
  MNM                  iMMM5 :ii::::::::iijj:::
  M#2                    MMMK9:,.,,,,,ii;ijjijjjiii:, .
  M#2                      HHM           ii      ijjjj: ;JXXMDj
  MMN                      XNM7         :jj:         iNMMMMMMMMM#
  :MMM,                 :MMMM:          :i:        PMMMM      XMMMR
    MMMMM              MMMM            i::     XMMMML.         NMMH
      5MMM#            MNM             i::    MMMMR              XMMML
        ,MMMML       @MMM;             ::: XMMM#         :i        KMM
          7@MMM@.    MNM                ';:MMX2 :,;ii;;::::        5HM
             PMMMM2 2MMj                PMMM.  ;::::ii   ::i,     7MMM
                MMMMMMM                MMML               ii::   RMMM
                  jMMMMi              MMM                  i:,  @MMM
                    RMMMMM5ZZZZ#MMMMMMMMZ                    5MMMMi
                       HMMMMMMMMMMP.                   L5MMMMMMPi
                          ;MMM@@                  @MMMMMMMM2
                              5MMMMN.          :KMMMRXR
                                 ZMMMMML     :MMMM9
                                    ;MMMMML MMMX
Parrotbeard Cove:                      :PNKKMH9        _
                                         XNMMHMMMMP   |\
                                     ;NMMMMZ  --START-- \
          MMMMX:iiiiiiiiiiiiii                         j;R@MMMMML
          MH@                                                 XMMMMMMj
          M@K                                                     iXMMMM.
          MHM                                                        2MMMM
          HMMM@X                                                        MMMM
            MMMMMMMMMMMMNRXi                                             M@M
                      XMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM22                               :@MMM

         2MM8             T      :iiir8MMMMMMMMMMX
        MMX               A -->              rXXMMMMMMMMM0Si
        MM                R                            ,0MMMMMMMMMW
        MM                T                                    :iXMM
        MM7                                                       XM2
        2MM7                                                      M@
        ZMM                                                       M@
         WMM                                                     MM
           MM                                                  2MM
             @MM                                              0M@
Hearty Beach:  MMMM8                                       iMM2
                  'aMM                                    iMM
                     XMM                                MMM
                     ,.MM                              7MM.
                    .,; MM                            MM8
                 ,::;'  7MS                          iMM
                 ::'   SMM                         .MMM
                 ::   MMM                         MMM
                 ;:.0MM                          ;MMi
                 'MMMS                          WMM
                 MM@,                         ,MMX
                MMX.:                        MMM
                MM   :::                    WMM
                MM    :::                 ZMMr
                MM     :::              MMMX
                MM      '::.          MMM
                MM        :::,       MM:
                 MM;        ':::..0MMM
                  WMMr          WMMa

Refinery Run:                   i:SMMMMMMMMMMMMMM0;
                              SMMMM0,          r2MMMMMMMM0:
                            SMMa                        SMMMX
                           MMB                             MMM;
                          MM                                 MMM
                         aM8              7BBBB8;             MBM
                         S@8           @MMMWBB@MMMa           rW8M
                         SM8          MMr        MM.           MZMW
          ii;;ii         SMZ         ZMZ         MM            ::MMX
        2MMMMMMMM8       7MW         B@7         aMX           :; MM
       aMM      XMMr      MMi        XMM          M@:,        :;  ZM.
       MM         MM      XMM       --START--     MW::::.    .:;  ;Mr
       MM         ZM:       MM          MMM  \     MB  ':::::::    MM
       MM         iMM       XMMa         :MM: V    BMa             MM
       MM         rW@       ::MMM          MMr      MMM           XMW
       MM         2WB:,     :: BM0          MMM      SMMMr       2MM.
       aM@        ,MW:::,, ,:'  0M@           MMa      iBMMMMMMMMMX
        0M8        MB  ':::;'    ZM            WMM
         MMi       aMB            MM            0M2
          MM.       aMM.          WM            8@S
          7MM         MMX        8MM            8MS
           2MMS        MMMr,  .@MMr             8@S
             SMMZ       iWMMMMMM:               0Ma
               SMMW                            iMM
                 7MMMM8                       MMM
                     2MMZ.                  MMM2
                       XMMMMMW07.        2MMMi

  RMMR                   :ZMM        iXHH92 ;
 ZMM    Outback Dash       PM     ;MMMX  RMMMMMMMMMMMNHRP7i:
  MM                       HMN  .MM;                  KMMMMMMMMMMMMPP5,Lj.
   MMMZ                   MM.  ,MM  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMN5j              H@#MMM2
     LMMMR,             5MM'::;'M@ ZMM              'j9MMMMMMMMMMM#R    :MMM
        ZMMMMMK.       PMM      MM  MM                            72iPXMNH2
             ;MMMMX    MM       M@ -START--
                 KMMM.  MMMi  .,MM  MM |
                    MMM   MMMMMMM   MM |
                     MMM            MM V
                      MM2           MM
                     MMN            2M5
                 .MMMM.              MM
              MMMMM                  ,MP
            MMM                       MM
           MM2                        MM
            MMMj                     ;MM
              #MMMMMMMMMMMMMZ      PjLMM

Turbo Track:                   ,iHH#S:
track in the game;      MMMM;       A             :@MMMMMMMM@Z
you have to run six    MMM          R  <--                jMMMMMMMH
laps rather than      MMM           T                             9MMM@
just three, but      MMH                                             PMMMX
that shouldn't be    MM7                                                XMMM
any problem.        MM7                                                   LMMZ
                    MM7                                                     MM
                    MM7                                                     MMi
                    MM9                                                    ,MM
                     PM#                                                  KMMZ
                      MM7                                               MMMX
                       LMM                                          .MMMM2
                       ;MMM                                     :MMMMML
                        :NMMM:                              XMMMMM2
                           9MMMMM#N#@Z2LL2i     .P@HMMMMMMMMMHj

Lava Falls:  ,^.:KXXMMMMMMMMMM.
             \  \KMMMMMMLCCD###M
          ,^XX\  \#i         MMR
         \  \MM\_/            M#M       PMMMMMMK
   __,  ;M\  \M'              MHN     MMHMMX2KMM
    /| MMMM\_/                MMM    XMRM#    MMM
   /  MMMM                  ,MXM     MKNX     MMM
  --START--               ;X#@M    MMKM      MM7
   RMMML                 XMMMMM     MXNZ     MMM
  :MMMM                5MMMMMP      MM9M     MMM
  HNH#                2MHMP        9MHM    MMMj
 ,MRM,               7MHMM        2MMM    MMM
 2MM                 MH#H        iM#MK  ,MMM
 7MM                ZMKM.        MNMH  MRM:
 7MM                MNKX        M#M7  5MHM
 7MM                #MKM       MNMM  :MMM
 7MM                 M#M9i2 .XMMMM   M@K
 7MM                 ,MMMMMMMMMH     MK#
 7MM                                 RMMMP
 7MM                                  7MMM#
 PMM                                    MMMM
 MXM                                    MMMMR
 M9Mj                                    iMMMMM
 M9M7                                      5MMMM
 :M9M2                                        MMMMP
 MHHM                                          jMMMM
 ZMXM                                             MKMM
 7M9M                                             K@KM
 LMKM                                             K@KM
  ZMNM                                            MHMM

  MMM@X9@MMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPMMMM                           MMMK
 ZMX9999M         ;MMMMMMMM9,       5MMMMMMMMMMMMMM@       MMM7
 7M99999M                          MMHHMMMMMM#KX9XR#M#      :MMM
 ZN99999#K                         MHMR:;;;;jXMM@X99RM#      MRML
 MH99999RMX                        M#R         iM#999RM      M9@M
 MMX99999RNMM                      MM#           M999XM      M9XM2
  MMR999999X#MM                    MN#           M99RMM      MX9M7
   NMMR999999X#MM:     777777ZZ55Z.M@X           MHMMM       MR9@M
        :#MMMMN59i                 KM@ iXKKKKKRP:            NH99KMi
                                 .MMM                        MN999@M
  Never Never Road:          XMMMMMM                         LMK99X#M
                            @MK@N2                            5MMK9XMMj
                            ZM9#j                               ZM#9X@MML
                            9M9M9                                 MR99XKMMX
                            9M9N9                                 KR9999XKMMM
                            X#9HL                                 MR9999999XM
                            M@9RMNX                               MX99999999N7
                            MMR9X@MMM#                           MM999999999#i
                             MMMMMMMMMMMMMMRX,;:::iiiiii;,     :MM#X99999999XM;
                               7MMMMMXXXPNMMMH::       ;:i: HMMMKX9999999X@MM
                                                          ;:;         :ii::
                                                           'ii:       '::;;

|                             Collectibles [CLCT]                             |

Like most platform-genre games, Ty 2 is all about the collecting. Koala spies,
gypsy lizards, Bilbies, cogs, 'kromium orbs', and even portraits litter the
landscapes of the game, and finding them all is an essential part of getting
100%. Not to mention getting paid--each collectible that you pick up, except
frames, will contribute a few Opals to your wallet.

                                 'Koala' Spies

Boss Cass has sent 25 spies wielding 'Disguisatrons' into Burramudgee and the
Southern Rivers areas. One of your missions is to find them using the Infrarang
and/or X-Rang. Locations marked with an 'M' are those where a mission lacking
its own map took place, such as the helicopter missions.

Remember, the way to start this mission is by first talking to the cop standing
on top of the General Store building. After finding the lone spy (near Dennis'
house), talk to the koala cop again to clear the mission. Next, you must talk
to Ranger Ken by the sewer entrance in Burramudgee Town (under the bridge
leading out of town); if you haven't done the crocs-in-sewers mission yet,
complete it, then talk to Ken again until he tells you there are more spies
hanging around (you may need to save and reload your game). Then, and only
then, will you be able to uncover the twenty-five spies listed below.

[2] Burramudgee Town     [1] M: Explosive Cargo    [4] Outback Oasis
[1] M: Dennis Freeway    [2] Mount Boom            [2] Frill Neck Forest
[1] M: Sheep Dip         [2] The Wetlands          [3] Sulphur Rocks
[1] Faire Dinkum         [1] M: Truck Tragedy      [4] Never Never
[1] M: Need a Spare

                                 Gooboo Steve

Gooboo Steve is one of the more colorful characters you'll meet in your
travels. He tends to ramble on, but if you hear him out you'll be rewarded. You
can meet Steve in ten different spots.

[] Burramudgee Town Sewers              [] Outback Oasis
[] Training Grounds (outside)           [] Top floor of Sly's shop
[] Under the bridge at the beach area   [] Inside Mt. Doom
[] Outside Frill Neck Forest entry      [] The Wetlands
[] Behind a door in Sulphur Rocks       [] In Never Never, through the lava


These mouse-like little guys seem to have a thing for getting themselves stuck.
You'll find them in spiderwebs, up trees, even underwater! Find all thirty to
take another step toward 100%.

[] Bush Rescue HQ: Top of HQ, behind the small round 'turret'.
[] Bush Rescue HQ: On the high round rock under the airstrip.
[] Bush Rescue HQ: On top of the lookout tower.
[] Bush Rescue HQ: On a ledge on the cliffs behind the observatory.
[] Outback Oasis: In a tree in the east, where giant Frills live.
[] Outback Oasis: Hanging from the airlock at the entrance.
[] Outback Oasis: On a wooden platform in the north-western room.
[] Wobbygon Bay (South Beach): Just outside the kart-race cage.
[] Wobbygon Bay (South Beach): Next to the tree on the middle island.
[] Wobbygon Bay (South Beach): Underwater, just south of the boathouse.
[] Mt. Boom: Hanging from a wall near the green-button catwalk.
[] Mt. Boom: Hanging from a ladder in the red door room.
[] Frill Neck Forest: By the start, at the top of a set of vertical platforms.
[] Frill Neck Forest: At the end of the level, on the back of the exit tree.
[] The Wetlands: Inside a hollow log near the cogs at the beginning.
[] The Wetlands: Behind a spiderweb in the secret area.
[] The Wetlands: Behind a giant tree before a buzz-saw.
[] Faire Dinkum: On a pedestal before entering the airlock.
[] Faire Dinkum: On a tree-ledge, just before the wooden catwalks.
[] Faire Dinkum: In a spiderweb just before the second buzzsaw gate.
[] Faire Dinkum: Behind the fence by the final generator button.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a wooden platform behind a fence.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a floating platform by the first buzzsaw.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a wooden platform below the first Kromium Orb.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a ledge opposite the first Kromium Orb.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a wooden platform in the river.
[] The Never Never: At the bottom of a tree with a Cog in it.
[] The Never Never: On a ledge in the lava area.
[] The Never Never: On a ledge in the dino area, reachable via grindrail.
[] The Never Never: At the end of the level, on a high ledge.

                                 Platinum Cogs

Silvery, sparkling cogs, roaming wild in the landscapes, romping freely through
the lush forests... oh, wait. Sorry. Um... The 50 Cogs available in the game
serve no other purpose than to be collected and add a little weight to your

[] Bush Rescue HQ: On a high platform reached via 3 invisible platforms.
[] Burramudgee: On a floating platform near the bridge out of town.
[] Burramudgee (Upper): on a platform by the first building you see.
[] Burramudgee (Upper): On top of the Haunted Manor.
[] Outback Oasis: Behind a breakable boulder in the eastern area.
[] Outback Oasis: Behind some rocks in the eastern area, where the Frills are.
[] Outback Oasis: On the other side of a rock wall, near some koalas.
[] Outback Oasis: Just before the Training Ground.
[] Wobbygon Bay (South Beach): On the northern shore of the southern island.
[] Wobbygon Bay (South Beach): Underwater, next to the boathouse.
[] Wobbygon Bay (South Beach): Underwater, in the middle of the open water.
[] Mt. Boom: Behind the blue door in the lava tunnel.
[] Mt. Boom: As you exit the lava in the red door room.
[] Mt. Boom: On a high ledge in the red door room.
[] Frill Neck Forest: Behind the tree trunk at the start, up a grindrail.
[] The Wetlands: Behind a rock wall near the beginning.
[] The Wetlands: Hit three switches in the western area at the beginning.
[] The Wetlands: Behind a gate in the secret area.
[] The Wetlands: On top of a platform in the northmost area.
[] The Wetlands: On the side of a tree just before a buzz-saw.
[] The Wetlands: Inside the croc pen at the end of the level.
[] Faire Dinkum: Behind a breakable rock just before the first buzzsaw.
[] Faire Dinkum: On a tree ledge around the corner from the first buzzsaw.
[] Faire Dinkum: On a floating platform, near the final button-switch.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a wooden platform which you have to swing to.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a ledge near the blue wall with a button near the start.
[] Sulphur Rocks: Behind the first buzzsaw.
[] Sulphur Rocks: Behind the boulder by the Lifter Bunyip.
[] Sulphur Rocks: Above the passage leading to the lost hiker.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a ledge above the water near the Stone Beetle run.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On top of a pedestal in the lake near the Stone Beetle run.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a pedestal outside the Stone Beetle run.
[] Sulphur Rocks: In the lava room of the Temple.
[] The Never Never: On a floating platform just before the first buzzsaw.
[] The Never Never: On a platform in the trees past the first buzzsaw.
[] The Never Never: On a platform in the trees; climb a ladder to reach it.
[] The Never Never: On a floating platform just before the end of the trees.
[] The Never Never: On a platform near the button for the previous Cog.
[] The Never Never: On a floating platform above the singing bird.
[] The Never Never: On top of a tree below the singing bird.
[] The Never Never: On a ledge above the lava.
[] The Never Never: On a pedestal reached via spy-eggs.
[] The Never Never: On one of the ledges reached by spinning rocks.
[] The Never Never: On one of the ledges reached via grind-rail.
[] The Never Never: On a floating platform above the lake.
[] The Never Never: On a floating platform above the lake.
[] The Never Never: Behind a breakable rock wall.
[] The Never Never: At the top of floating platforms by the end of the bridge.
[] The Never Never: In a tree in the corner by the treehouse.
[] Cass' Run: A corner in the second to last room, where the lava cracks are.

                                 Kromium Orbs

There are thirty of these silver-and-red 'donut-like' objects in the game. You
can exchange them for one of three different map upgrades at Madam Mopoke's
shop in Upper Burramudgee, at the low price of 10-for-1.

[] Bush Rescue HQ: In the water
[] E. Burramudgee: Ledge above entry
[] E. Burramudgee: Use Lasharang starting from NE building
[] E. Burramudgee: Hit button near Dennis' house to reveal platforms
[] Outback Oasis: Kill six UberFrills in the eastern area.
[] Outback Oasis: On a floating platform above the lake that leads to Steve.
[] Sly's Shop: On a floating platform; use spy-eggs to reach it.
[] Outside the Dennis Freeway mission; use the Warperang to reach it.
[] Wobbygon Bay (South Beach): Underwater.
[] Wobbygon Bay (South Beach): Underwater.
[] Mt. Boom: Behind the yellow-light door.
[] Mt. Boom: Behind the red-light door and through a lava tunnel.
[] Frill Neck Forest: On a platform near the exit.
[] The Wetlands: On a platform at the end of the level.
[] Faire Dinkum: Just outside the ghost-town, on a ledge.
[] Faire Dinkum: Behind the last dunny, on the ground.
[] Sulphur Rocks: Outside the airlock.
[] Sulphur Rocks: By an UberFrill, about halfway through the level.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a stone platform in the lava area with the hiker.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a platform above the river leading to the temple.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a high ledge across the water on the way to the temple.
[] Sulphur Rocks: On a high ledge halfway through the temple.
[] Sulphur Rocks: At the end of the path in the southern area.
[] The Never Never: In a tree in the swamp past the first buzzsaw.
[] The Never Never: Behind some glowing rocks near a dunny.
[] The Never Never: On a ledge by two rock pillars; lash-hook to it.
[] The Never Never: Near the glowing rocks above the singing bird.
[] The Never Never: On the ledge at the end of the long grindrail.
[] The Never Never: Underneath the bridge, reachable via lash-hook.
[] The Never Never: Inside the fence next to the waterwheel.

                                 Picture Frames

There are 175 yellow picture frames scattered about the levels of Ty 2; each
one unlocks a frame of concept art on the main menu.

[43] Bush Rescue HQ (mostly in steel crates; there might be a couple in
        invisible crates, but I don't think so. The last 3 are behind the fence
        by the Observatory.)
[24] Burramudgee Town Sewers (all in invisible crates)
[13] Outback Oasis (10 in invisible crates the room with all the ropes, and 3
        behind a fence with a Warperang crystal right behind the first buzzsaw)
[1]  Mt. Boom (on the ledge at the end)
[15] Frill Neck Forest (5 in the entry tree trunk, and 10 around the rest of
        the level. One of those 10 is at the base of a tree trunk on the
        second-to-last netting section.)
[22] Sulphur Rocks (scattered, and for the most part in invisible crates)
[13] The Wetlands (scattered, I believe all in invisible crates)
[14] Faire Dinkum (scattered; they should all be out in relatively plain sight)
[30] Never Never (scattered; mostly in invisible crates, though there are
        several out in plain sight)
|                                  Codes [CDES]                               |

There are currently five known codes. Enter each of these during normal
gameplay. Where brackets are around more than one button, it indicates you
should press the appropriate button for your console. If you don't hear a
confirmation noise, you didn't enter the code quickly enough.

Press Start, Start, [Y/T], Start, Start, [Y/T], then the four buttons for the
specific code and console below.

1. All Bunyip Keys: B, X, B, A (GCN)
                    [], O, [], X (PS2)
                    X, B, X, A (XBX)

2. All First-level Rangs (from Burramudgee shop): X, B, X, B (GCN)
                                                  O, [], O, [] (PS2)
                                                  B, X, B, X (XBX)

3. All Second-level Rangs (from Sly's shop): B, X, B, Y (GCN)
                                             [], O, [], T (PS2)
                                             X, B, X, Y (XBX)
(Note that you don't have to enter the first-level code before using this one.)

4. Get 100,000 Opals(!): X, A, X, A (GCN)
                         O, X, O, X (PS2)
                         B, A, B, A (XBX)

5. Highlight all collectibles: Up, Down, Left, Right (All consoles)

|                             Outside Sources [OTSS]                          |

1. The game itself, of course, as well as the booklet.
2. Gamefly.com (control layouts):
   http://www.gamefly.com/products/detail.asp?pid=111230&tab=5 (GCN)
   http://www.gamefly.com/products/detail.asp?pid=111235&tab=5 (PS2)
   http://www.gamefly.com/products/detail.asp?pid=111240&tab=5 (XBox)

|                Acknowledgments/Credits/Contact/Version [CRED]               |

Thanks to Krome Studios for creating and Electronic Arts for publishing the
game, of course.

TY, "Bush Rescue", and *all* related names, objects, etc., are TM and
copyright 2004-7 Krome Studios. Electronic Arts is TM and copyright 2007
Electronic Arts, Inc. No copyright infringement is intended, implied, or

And CJayC of GameFAQs for hosting this guide :)

Special thanks go to my wife, 'bmartin426' on the GameFAQs boards :)

Credit is also due to the following:
- delljr1967, for several various tips
- Glomerate, for finding at least one of the GameCube codes
- Idioasis, for one of the PS2 codes
- stlscott222, for some racing tips.
- Knuxscheats, for correcting the Bunyip controls. Twice (*sigh*).
- Michael, for pointing out a couple of wrong picture counts.
- Thomas, for an Opal-bag location in the Oil Rig.
- pokemega32, for the final three 'Rangs.
- Rob N., for revealing an omission, and the alternate Buster tactic.

The ASCII art was created using ASCII Generator (http://go.to/ascgen/).

When emailing!: Please remember to include a Ty-related subject line! At
the very least, use the subject 'Ty'; I have very strict spam controls in
place and I'd hate to miss a question because it gets trashed before I find
it. Also please make a basic attempt at decent spelling when emailing for
help; most mail programs, including AOL, have a spellchecker. I can't help
if I can't read your question.

Emails I *won't* answer:
   1. Requests to host the guide anywhere other than GameFAQs or IGN. The
      answer is 'No'. Don't bother wasting time writing.
   2. Questions clearly answered in the guide.
   3. Outright flames ("Your guide is awful! it plain bites!").
   4. Spam.
   5. Demands ("Help me. Now!"). This includes emails referring to anything I
      haven't had a chance to respond to yet.
   6. Requests that I can't read (see above).
   7. Requests for Gameshark/ActionReplay codes. So far, anyway, I don't know
      of any. I'll consider including them in a later version. Maybe.
Emails I *will* answer:
   1. Requests for help that aren't answered in the guide.
   2. Contributions, corrections, and *constructive* criticism.

Email me with questions, corrections, and comments at: terra_nouveau-at-yahoo-
dot-com (preferred) or phoenix4777-at-msn-dot-com. Keep in mind that if I know
it, it's most likely already in this guide; please read it first.

This document is copyright to K. Martin, a.k.a. SilverPhoenix, phoenix4777-at-
msn-dot-com (etc.), as of 01-09-05; updates are also copyrighted. It may only
be hosted at www.gamefaqs.com, ign.com, and pyrephoenix.com. If you find this
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and save a copy for your own personal use, and may print out a single copy,
also for your own personal use. It may not be distributed in any media, written
or electronic, whether or not for profit, without my prior written permission.

-- EOF --

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