_ _                             _   _            _                   
    | (_)_ __ ___  _ __ ___  _   _  | \ | | ___ _   _| |_ _ __ ___  _ __  
 _  | | | '_ ` _ \| '_ ` _ \| | | | |  \| |/ _ \ | | | __| '__/ _ \| '_ \ 
| |_| | | | | | | | | | | | | |_| | | |\  |  __/ |_| | |_| | | (_) | | | |
 \___/|_|_| |_| |_|_| |_| |_|\__, | |_| \_|\___|\__,_|\__|_|  \___/|_| |_|
    _              _      _   _   _             _             __ 
   / \   _ __   __| |    / \ | |_| |_ __ _  ___| | __   ___  / _|
  / _ \ | '_ \ / _` |   / _ \| __| __/ _` |/ __| |/ /  / _ \| |_ 
 / ___ \| | | | (_| |  / ___ \ |_| || (_| | (__|   <  | (_) |  _|
/_/   \_\_| |_|\__,_| /_/   \_\__|\__\__,_|\___|_|\_\  \___/|_|  
 _____ _            _____                     _    _           
|_   _| |__   ___  |_   _|_      _____  _ __ | | _(_) ___  ___ 
  | | | '_ \ / _ \   | | \ \ /\ / / _ \| '_ \| |/ / |/ _ \/ __|
  | | | | | |  __/   | |  \ V  V / (_) | | | |   <| |  __/\__ \
  |_| |_| |_|\___|   |_|   \_/\_/ \___/|_| |_|_|\_\_|\___||___/


Game     : The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Attack of The Twonkies
Platform : Play Station 2
Author   : a_heavenly_body
Version  : 1.0
FAQ Type : FAQ/Walkthrough
E-Mail   : a.heavenly.body@gmail.com

Copyright 2006 a_heavenly_body


2-Copyright Notice
3-Version History



Hello and welcome to my FAQ/Walkthough for this game. I have tried to make the
guide as detailed as possible, hope you find it useful.


2-Copyright Notice

This document is copyright 2006 a_heavenly_body. It cant be altered reproduced
or published under any circumstances without my permission. The only websites
currently allowed to host it are
That's it. If I find it on any other website without my permission then the
web master will be in one heck of a trouble, as I will immediately take legal
action. If you spot it on an un-authorized website inform me via e-mail as
soon as you can (see contacts section). If you want it on your website then me
an e-mail asking permission and we will discuss things (see contacts section)


3-Version History

28 June 2006 --- Made outline and did some basic sections. (0.1)

29 June 2006 --- Completed the first 7 episodes. (0.2)

30 June 2006 --- Completed some more levels. (0.3)

01 July 2006 --- This guide is complete as far as i am concerned. (1.0)



Left Analog Stick  ----- Navigation
Right Analog Stick ----- Camera
X Button           ----- Jump
X + X Button       ----- Double Jump
O Button           ----- Quick Weapon Equip
SQUARE Button      ----- Fire
TRIANGLE Button    ----- Interaction
L1 Button          ----- Focus Camera
R1 Button          ----- Inventerface
L2 Button          ----- NO USE
R2 Button          ----- NO USE
D-Pad              ----- Hypercube
START Button       ----- Infotron XL
SELECT Button      ----- Options (While inside Infotrol XL)



Quicksearch your way to whichever episode you are stuck on.


I.A Comet Cometh!


See Goddard In Power Room
Use Lift To Access Top Level
Create a Super Invention
Explore the Club House


Go towards the green cloured trash can type thing and press the TRIANGLE button
to interact with it. Now go to your right and you will see two more objects you
can interact with. First interact with the alien flower pot and then with the
remote control on the floor. Now go through the two doors for a cut-scene.

See the orange fire-ball type thing in the air, go to it. Rotate the right
analog stick left and right. Now press the L1 button to focus the camera. 
Follow the orange fire-ball and interact with the gadget on the floor. You
have activated a check-point, you will spawn here incase you run out of health.

Follow the fire-ball and go through the object to pick it up. Follow the fire-
ball and then jump and double jump onto the platform and collect the object
present there for a cut-scene. 

You have invented the "Scribble Sneakers" and they can be equipped through the
hypercube by pressing the D-pad.

Jump down and go towards the table on the right of the stairs, jump on it and
collect the object which is "Bicycle Wheels". From this table, look right and
go towards the platform with the air-planes. Jump on it and collect the object
which is a "Rocket Engine". From here go forward and you will see another
object on a table. Jump on it and collect it, it is a "Soda Bottle". All 3 of
these were super invention objects.

Now go towards the door where the orange fire-ball is and go through it. Follow
the path through another door. You will see a blue coloured thing infront of
you, it is a Goddard upgrade, collect it. Collect the invention object on your
right, it is a "Flash Light". 

Use the hypercube to give Goddard the come command. Go towards the locked door.
Infront of it will be it's switch. Position Goddard so that it is standing on
the switch and then give the sit command. Collect the object which is a
"Calculator", an invention object.

Follow the orange fire-ball through the doors and stop on the lift. Interact
with the switch to use the lift. Head left and interact with check-point
machine to activate the check point. Head left and collect the object, it is
a "blue-print".Now go to the other side towards the object. Collect it, it is a
"Remote Control". It is an invention piece. 

Go through the door here and then another one. Head right and interact with
the tunnel to get into your room. Collect the object here, these are "Skies".
It is also a super invention piece. You now have the required four pieces to
make a super invention, so press R1 to open the inventerface and go to the
super inventions. You have created a "Strato XXL Rocket".

Go into the right corner of this room, near the T.V and interact with the
safe to get a gizmo piece, "Goggles". All of your objectives are complete now.
Interact with the door nearby to end this level.

NOTE: If you did everything i told you, your episode grade will be A. Save!


II.Blast Off!


Reach The Space Station
Release The Tether
Override The Defense Systems
Collect Five Fuel Canisters
Board Spaceship
Reach TWONKUS - 3


You are caught in a space storm. There will be large as well as small asteroids
in your way. Fire and destroy them with the SQUARE button. You have manual aim,
avoid the big ones. Keep an eye on the health of your rocket ship. Go forward
and look left, take the object which is a "Magnet", a gizmo piece.  Open your
inventerface and go to the Gizmos section. Combine the Magnet with the sneakers
to invent "Attracto Sneakers". Equip them through the hypercube.

Now carefully go past the spinning terminals of the space station. Interact
with the door on your right when you see the TRIANGLE icon. You will now be
inside the space station. Head forwards towards the checkpoint and then right
towards the big computer screen. Interact with it. You now have to deal with
a simple puzzle.

X Button  -  BLUE LASER
O Button  -  GREEN LASER

Press the buttons in the following order.

1)X Button (1 time)
2)O Button (1 time)
3)SQUARE Button (1 time)

Quickly head back out the door you came through. Continue forward, avoid the
holes in the glass panels and jump on the platform. There will be 5 cells
you can interact with, do all of them and then walk on the platform extending
to your ship for a small cut-scene.

You are now again in a meteor storm, avoid the large ones and blast the small
ones until a cut-scene starts. Keep an eye on the health metre of your ship.


III.Crater Capers!


Collect Yellow Mineral Sample
Collect Red Mineral Sample
Break Through Ice Wall
Blast Pillar
Collect Blue Mineral Sample
Return To Ship Area


Go straight forward towards the yellowish glow. Goddard will follow you. Take
the Goddard upgrade. You have to dig out the yellow mineral sample right in
front of you. Position yourself so that Goddard is standing over the yellow
sample. Use the Excavator mode via the hypercube.

Continue forward inside the cave and follow the path. You will see another
Goddard upgrade, take it for a cut-scene. Position Goddard on the red sample
area and use the Excavator mode via the hypercube. A small blue diamond type
crystal will have dropped near this sample area, collect it. This is an
invention piece.

You can now create an invention, go to the inventerface and combine the remote
control, flashligh and the diamond to create the "RefractoRay". Follow the
path deeper into the cave and your path will be blocked by an ice wall. Use
Goddard's fetch command via the hypercube to get past. Press and hold the
SQUARE button until the fetch is completely filled and then let go.

Continue forward and you will see a shiny green object, collect it as it is
a gizmo piece, "Crystals". Go to your inventerface and combine the goggles
with the crystals to create the Spectrawarp V4. You should see a pillar with
many diamond type crystals embedded in it nearby, blast it down with the

A sort of rough staircase will be formed where the pillar stood, get all the
way up by jumping up the steps. At the top, go left towards the Blue mineral
site. Goddard will already be there. Use th Excavator mode to get the sample.
You will be shown the path back, carefully follow that path. Incase you fall
down, climb back up via the rough stairs. Cut-scene when you reach the end of
the path.


IV.Crater Boss!


Make it to your Ship.


The Crater boss is destroying your ship. As soon as you gain control head
towards your ship while avoiding the rocks the boss throws at you. Jump aside
to avoid them. Don't waste time, your ship has a health metre, get to it
before it ends. Likewise, keep an eye on your health metre as well and get to
the ship before you health drains to zero as well.

If a mad dash towards the ship does not work, then try to stay behind the big
rock pillars whenever a boulder comes flying your war. Avoid the slippery
part od the ice. Reach the ship for a cut-scene.


V.School Daze!


Escape from The Lab
Access The Library
Defeat Bully & Get Twonkus Back
Save Kids In Cafeteria
Access The Classroom
Leave School


On the table on your left will be a blue-print, take it. On the left of this
table will be another object, jump to get it. It is an invention object,
"Rubber Band". Interact with the door infront of you to open it. Enter and head
to the corner on your right. Interact with the locker. Collect the invention
object that comes out. "Antenna". You can now invent something, open the
inventerface and combine remote control, rubber band and antenna to create the
"Shrink Ray".

Interact with the door to get out of this room. Go towards the door that is
blocked by the table that the monster threw. There should be a mirror on its
right. Stand a little away from the mirror but face it, equip the shrink ray
via the hypercube and use it on the mirror to shrink yourself. Get out of the
blocked door before you return to normal size.

Head left and then right. Goddard will join you. Go towards the locker with the
interaction sign on it and interact with it. A Goddard upgrade will come out,
take it. You have a new control mode of Goddard, the "Locate Mode". Use this
anytime a question mark appears above Goddard's head. Go to the last locker
on the left of the batch of lockers where you got the Goddard upgrade. Use the
locate mode via the hypercube and then interact with the locker. Collect the
gizmo piece, "Coloured Chalk". Create a gizmo by combining the sneakers with
the coloured chalk, you will get "Chalky Sneakers".

Head forward and stop near the last batch of lockers before the left turn. You
will notice a question mark on Goddard's head, use the locate mode via the
hypercube. An interaction icon will come up on the locker with the sticker,
interact with it. Pick up the invention piece, "String". Continue and just as
you turn left, another question mark will pop up above Goddard's head.

Use the locate mode and another interact-able locker will be available. Use it
to get the gizmo piece, "Box of Goodies". Interact with the door nearby. There
will a blue print on the table on your left, take it. Interact with computer
with the sign on it. From this computer, go to the right and then left, don't
go down the stairs. You will see an interact-able book on a table. Jump on the
table and interact with book when the bully is ALMOST underneath you so that it
hits him. If you miss, he will throw the book back at you, so avoid it. Hit the
bully 3 times with the book to defeat him.

Go down the stairs, there should be an interact-able computer behind the
reception desk. Interact with it. The required book is on the upper level but
before going up, head to the lest of the reception desk behind the satirs.
There should be some monitors here. Take the shiny object near the monitors to
get a gizmo piece, "Monitor. Head up the stairs. Go to the book shelf that you
saw in the cut-scene and interact with the book.

Go back down the stairs and go through the double doors that you saw the bully
run out of. Goddard will come to you with a ? sign above his head. Use the
locate mode. Goddard will sniff out the locker right infront of you, interact
with it to get an invention object, "Wrench". You can create an invention, open
the inventerface and go to the inventions. Combine the calculator with the
wrench and the string to create "Retrowrench V3".


Go to the locker behind the one you just interacted with and use the locate
mode to get another ineract-able locker. Open it to get the gizmo piece,
"Fruit". You can now create a gizmo, combine the box of goodies with the fruit
in the inventerface to create "Super Health Recharge". Now go straight forward
towards the last batch of lockers and use locate mode. Interact with the locker
Goddard sniff's out to get "Purple Flurp", a gizmo piece. Combine the sneakers
with the purple flurp in the inventerface to create "Speed Sneakers".

Now go and interact with the door in the middle of this hallway. Go to the end
of this room, where the counter is. Jump into the kitchen. The power switch
should be at the end of this room, interact with it. Now interact with another
switch near the door, exactly opposite of this switch. There should be a small
green coloured radio on the table near the power switch, interact with it.

There should be a vent control box near the fridge, use the Retrowrench on it
via the hypercube. Jump back into the cafetaria and interact with the door near
the fire-extinguisher. Go left and then go straight ahead, the janitor's room
will be after room 104 and it will be open, with the janitor sign visible
behind the door. Enter the room and interact with the radio here. Exit this
room and interact with the door to shut it.

Go to room 101 on the otherside of the hallway and interact with door to enter
it. Go to the end of this room and interact with the exit door. End of episode.


VI.Neighborhood Nightmares!


Explore Jimmy's Room
Rescue Hugh from Garage
Clear Jimmy's House
See Sheen in his House
Invent Sheenograph
Gain Access To The Playground


Enter the bathroom and interact with the drawer to get a gizmo piece, "Hair
Gel". Now go to the door near the monitor type thing and interact with it.
Enter the closet and take the invention piece, "Backpack". Now go to the other
door and interact with it. Exit this room and go to the other room in this
area. Interact with the drawer to get a blueprint. Now head down the stairs.

Head left into the dining room and jump on the table to get a gizmo piece,
"Purple Flurp". You can now create a gizmo, head to the inventerface and
combine the monitor with the purple flurp to create "Moduflurpagator". Go
through the doorway on your left and enter the kitchen.. Collect the invention
object on the table, "Funnel". Go to the fridge nearby and interact with it.
Collect the gizmo piece, "Colander".

Exit the kitchen and interact with the door infront of you. On the table on
the left will be an invention object, Blower Vac, take it. You can now make an
invention. Head to the inventerface and combine the backpack with the blower
vac and funnel to get "VDR". Press the O button to equip the VDR and then press
and hold the SQUARE button in the direction of the twonkie. Press and hold down
on the left analog stick to capture the twonkie. Jump on the nearby table and
take another gizmo piece, "Springs".

You can now create another gizmo, go to the inventerface and combine the
sneakers with the springs to get "Bouncy Sneakers".


Equip your Retrowrench and use it on the door to open it. Exit this room. You
have to capture all twonkies in this house. there are 5 of them, capture all
of them.


Exit the house through the door next to the stairs. Move forward a little for
a cut-scene. Go to the house across the street, near the blue car. Interact
with the door to enter, capture the twonkies here. Go up the stairs and enter
the open room, collect the gizmo piece on the table, "Ultra Curl 1000". You can
now create a new gizmo. Go to the inventerface and combine the Hair Gel with
the ultra curl to get "Ultra Hair Slicker V2".

Look to the right of the bed to see an interact-able window. Interact with it
to get on the balcony, collect the super invention object on your right,
"TV Aerial". Exit this house. From here go all the way left capturing as
many twonkies on the way as possible, a little to your right will be the
playground, next to it will be a house and there will be a tree nearby with
an object next to it. The object is a super invention piece, "Rubber Hose".

Now go to your house and go behind it, collect the super invention object,
"Sprinkler Head". Collect the blueprint nearby as well. You can now create a
super invention. Head to the inventerface combine the TV aerial, rubber hose,
yellow mineral and sprinkler head to get "Lightning Absorber V2". Now get to
the front of your house and all the way left so that you reach a T intersection
on the road.

Head left at the T intersection. Exactly next to you will be a BIG monster
attacking a car. Exactly opposite this house is Sheen's house, with the ultra-
lord mailbox. Interact with the door to enter. Activate the checkpoint on your
left. Capture the three twonkies in this room.


Capture the twonkie in the room on your right as well and head upstairs. Take
the blueprint nearby and capture the twonkie. Interact with the door here for
a CUT-SCENE. Head downstairs and collect the invention object near the home
theatre system, it's a "Speaker". Now head to the study nearby and jump on the
table to take another invention object, "Sheen's CD". You can now create an
invention. Head to the inventerface and combine remote contol, Sheen's CD and
speaker to get "Sheenograph XL".


Exit the house and equip the Sheenograph via the hypercube. Aim at the those
big twonkies and press SQUARE to emit sound waves at them. They will shrink
into small twonkies, now equip the VDR and catch them. Repeat the process to
catch all the BIG/small twonkies.


Now head to the playground and enter it to end this level.


VII.Playground BOSS!


Defeat The Playground Boss


Equip your Lightning Absorber V2 via the hypercube. The Playground Boss has 3
attacks. The first is a single lighting attack at you. The second attack is
a lightning attacks that covers the whole ground. The third attack is sending
tornadoes at you. There is an infinite supply of batteries and health packages
so don't worry about them too much. Before doing the second attack, he will
join two lightning bolts, use that as a sign and stay away from all metal
objects to maintain health. Keep a lightning absorber near you as well.

Where ever you are standing make sure you have one-two lighning absorbers
ready in case he does his first attack. The absorbers will absorb his energy
which will steadily decrease his health. Keep repeating this and eventually
his health will run out. Jump away from the tornadoes to avoid them. As for
the battery and health recharges, they regenerate near the swings. Collect
them when you need them. Defeat the boss to end this level.


VIII.Main Street Mayhem!


Capture Twonkies in Main Street
Explore The Candy bar
Rescue Libby From Music Store
Access Krazy Keith's Rooftop
Save Cindy From Building Roof
Gain Entry to Retroville Park


On your left will be an invention object. Take it, "Plastic Pipe". Take out
your VDR and capture the two twonkies nearby.  Continue forward for a cut-scene
showing the twonkies taking over town. Head a little right and towards the
twonkie inside the police car. Interact with the car to open the door, the
twonkie will come out. Use the Sheenograph and then the VDR to capture it.

Head left and capture the two twonkies nearby using the Sheenograph and VDR
combination. Press O shift between the VDR and Sheenograph. Now go to the water
hyrant near the police car and equip the retrowrench V3 via the hypercube. Go
near the hydrant and press the TRIANGLE button to bring the twonkie down.
Capture it. Once this area is clear, head left towards the main road.

Capture the two twonkies in your way and head straight to the candy bar shop.
Interact with the door to enter it. Capture the two twonkies near you and head
left towards the juke box. Interact with it to shut it down.


Take the gizmo piece right next to the juke box, "Chewing Gum". Jump on the
serving table nearby and take the invention object, "Whisk". Head around the
right and interact with the purple flurp machine to get a gizmo piece, "Purple
Flurp". You can now create a gizmo, head to the inventerface and combine the
colander with the purple flurp to get the "Flurpulator". You should see a big
twonkie trapped inside a glass box type thing near the purple flurp machine.
Use your refractoray to break the glass and then capture the twonkie.

Exit the candy shop. From here, head left towards the music shop. Activate the
checkpoint near the hotel on the way to the music shop. Capture the nearby
twonkie and then to the back of the music shop as the front door is blocked.
You will see Goddard there. The backdoor is blocked by crate, use the "play
dead" mode of Goddard via the hypercube near the crates. Interact with the door
to enter.

Capture all the tonkies you see here for a cut-scene. Jump on the table to take
the invention object, "Oxygen Tank". You can now create an invention, head to
the inventerface and combine the backpack, oxygen tank and whisk to get "Jet
Pack". Exit this shop. Go to the main road and head left for a cut-scene. Jump
on the car near the TV shop and equip your jet-pack via the hypercube. Use it
to land on the roof of the TV shop. Use the Sheenograph on both BIG twonkies
and then capture the. Go near both speakers and interact with them to turn them
off. Intereact with the nearby red box to get a gizmo object, "Grease". Drop
down from the roof.

You can now create a new gizmo, combine the sneakers with the grease to get
"Slippery Sneakers".


Go around the road to the other side of the TV store. Capture all twonkies
here and go inside the alley near the phonebooth. Go straight ahead and take
the invention object, "Whipped Cream". Head left for a cut-scene. Take care of
the twonkie and equip the jet-pack. Fly up and land on the various metal ledges
until you reach the rooftop. Avoid the flower pots that drop down. Take out
your Sheenogrph once you reach the top and capture all twonkies with the VDR
once they are small.


After all twonkies are down, use your jet-pack to get on the ledge Cindy is
standing on and ineract with her for a cut-scene. Activate the chekpoint and
collect the invention piece nearby, "Super Oxidizer". You can now create a new
invention. Combine the whipped cream with the super oxidizer and plastic tube
to get "Supa Rusta Spraya".

Carl's dad is standing nearby, interact with him. Equip the supa rusta spraya
and press TRIANGLE near the lock for a cut-scene. End Level.



IX.Park PanDemonium!


Rescue The One Man Band
Return Carl' glasses to him
Herd Llamas back into their pen
Get Gromp off the Bandstand
Retrieve Nick's Slingshot
Head down to the Lake Area


You have to save that guy. Capture all the twonkies chasing after him. You will
see a new type of twonkie here, an aqua blue coloured one. It is exactly the
same as any other stomper twonkie and you can capture it with the VDR after
shrinking it with the Sheenograph. Cut-scene when you save him. Now go to the
tow main gates from where you entered the park. Look left and you will see a
distant red object. Head straight to it and take it. It is a gizmo piece,
"Balloon". You can now create a new gizmo by combining the colander with the
balloon to get "Fantasmogum".

From the main gates to the park, head straight (a little to the right), past
the fountain with the music and you will see Carl. Ignore him for now and
interact with the radio on the picnic table to turn it off. Capture the two
twonkies nearby. Don't interact with Carl yet, instead look behind the picnic
table to see a headge shaped like an elephant. Interact with it. Now go and
interact with Carl.

A door will become available on the left of Carl, go and interact with it to
enter. Interact with the switch nearby for a cut-scene. Take the glasses that
the monkey dropped. Open the closet next to the aquarium in the corner to get a
gizmo object, "Jacket". Head back outside and interact with Carl for a cut-
scene. Now go back inside the office (where the monkey was) and interact with
the door here, go outside.

Capture the two twonkies nearby and follow the path for a cut-scene. Activate
the checkpoint nearby. There are two stomper twonkies here who are scaring the
Llamas. Catch both of them. Now you have to herd the Llamas into their pen.
Just go near one of them make them face the entrance of pen. They will then go
there. Change their direction accordingly until all of them are insdie the pen.
The speed sneakers are very useful in this situation. Take the key that Carl
gives you.

Go back the way you entered this area and you will notice a door with a keyhole
which can be entered now that you have the key. Interact with door and go
inside. Interact with the nearby radio to turn it off and now capture all thee
twonkies in this area. Interact with the door at the end for a cut-scene.
Activate the checkpoint infront of you. Go near Nick for a cut-scene.
From the entrance of this area, head staight forward making your way around
the obstacles and capturing the twonkies. You will reach the cafetaria which is
a big building. Take the gizmo piece infront of it's doors, "UV Light". You
can now create a new gizmo by combining the colander with the UV light to get
"Infravisor". Near the UV light, to the left will be an open speaker, interact
with it to turn it off.

Go to the centre of this park (where the music instruments are) for a cut-
scene. Head up the stairs and take the super invention piece nearby, "Trumpet".
Now interact with the musical instruments. You have to fill the noise metre all
the way up. This is just a button mashing sequence. Just keep mashing all four
buttons (O, X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE) periodically untill the metre fills up for a
cut-scene. Use the sheenograph on this huge twonkie and then capture all small
ones. Go to where Nick was standing and enter and the Giraffe enclosure nearby.

Interact with the nearby lawn mower. Mow around a little bit until one of the
twonkies comes out. Get of the mower and shrink/capture the twonkie. Get on
lawn mower again and repeat the process until all 5 twonkies are captured.
Take the "Slingshot" which the last twonkie drops. This is a super invention
object. Exit the Giraffe enclosure and head left to see the bridge leading to
the lake. Go up it to end this level.


X.Frozen Lake Boss!


Defeat The Lake Boss


Jump on top of the crate on your right to pick up a super invention object,
"Hockey Puck". You can now create a super invention. Combine the trumphet with
the slingshot, red mineral and hockey puck to get "Energy Puck Launcher". Now
go towards the lake boss for cut-scene. Take the gizmo piece infront of you,
"Cotton Candy". Combine your sneakers with cotton candy for "Sticky Sneakers",
equip these via the hypercube whenever you are on ice to prevent slipping.

First of all, there are batteries/health regenerating all over the place. Keep
taking them whenever you need them, specially the batteries because walking
without the sticky sneakers is pure hell.

The boss has two attacks at the start. Tornado breath is what i choose to call
the first attack. He will breathe at you knocking you along with any incoming
puck backwards. His second attack is throwing crystals at you with his hand.
These 5-6 crystals turn into shard point crystals after 3-4 seconds, so get
away from them. Stay near the ramps because thats where the battery/health
pick-ups are and you can throw the puck at him with the ramp.

Press and hold SQUARE for 2-3 seconds while aiming at the ramp and then let go,
the puck will go up the ramp and land somewhere near the feet of the monster
(hopefully). That's all you have to do right now. Keep attacking him this way
until his health drops to half. When his health is almost half, he will add a
new attcack to his list, the pound attack. He will slam his fist on the ground
and if you are caught in the resulting crack, you will become an ice cubicle
for some seconds.  In order to avoid it, press jump and double jump while
moving the analog stick left/right at the exact moment you hear the thud of
his fist. Another method is to fire a puck at the sound of the thud but i have
never been able to avoid becoming an ice-man with this method.

Your best choice is to avoid the pound attack by jumping, the other attacks
with the usualt way and keep attacking him from the ramps until his health
drops to zero and you complete this level.


XI.Sideshow Spectacular!


Capture Dark Matter Twonkies
Access The Arcade
Beat all the Arcade Machines
Access Bat Outta Heck Ride


From your current position, head left towards the Octa-Puke ride. Interact
with it to get genius points. Get of the ride and head ride towards the cannon
type machine. Interact with it and aim left. There should be a purple coloured
stomper twonkie on what looks like the popcorn vendor. Next turn all the way
left and fire down a twonkie on top of the planet type thing in the fountain.
Aim left a little more and knock down the twonkie on top of the Octa-puke sign.

Now get of this cannon and shrink/capture all twonkies you can see. Go to the
ice-cream vendor where you knocked down a twonkie, go around it and collect
the gizmo piece "Popcorn". You can now create a new gizmo by combining the
popcorn with the chewing gum to get "Spectrapops". Now go to the front of the
"Whack-A-Tack" machine near the popcorn vendor. Right next to it will be a
balloon vendor. Collect the gizmo piece on it, "Balloon". You can now create
a new gizmo by combining the jacket with the balloon to get " Floatcoat 1000".

Go to the entrance of "Show me The Mummy", right next to it's gates will be a
gizmo piece, "UV Light". You can now create a new gizmo by combining the
monitor with the UV Light to get "Invertulater".


Now go towards the machine "Eye in The Sky" near the popcorn vendor and enter
the maze. Make your way across the simple maze and activate the checkpoint on
the other side. Capture all twonkies here including the big monster twonkie.
From your current position, you should notice a cage infront of you. Next to it
will be a balloon vendor. Jump on it to get the gizmo piece, "Mega-Phone". You
can now create a new gizmo by combining the sneakers with the mega-phone to get
"Mega Sneakers". Near the cage will be the Ultra-Lord sign, collect the gizmo
piece next to it, "Hair Gel". Create a new gizmo by combining the jacket with
the hair gel to get "Sticky Suit V5". There should be a music speaker behind
this sign, interact with it to turn it off.

Head around this cage towards the right and take the super invention piece,
"Glasses". On the left of the balloon vendor will be another cannon, interact
with it and aim straight up at the ride, it is circling very fast with one
stomper twonkie on it. Just take aim at any seat and keep firing until the
twonkie gets hit and falls down. Aim right and you should see another twonkie
on top of what looks like the drink vendor. Now get of this cannon and capture
ALL twonkies.

Look on the ground and you will see purple coloured footprints, follow them
into the Midway area. As soon as you enter, head left and take the blueprint.
As soon as you enter, there will be a yellow coloured IQ machine on your right.
Interact with it. Now go towards the "Bat Outta Heck" sign and take the super
invention object next to it, "Mine Cart Wheel".On your left will be the arcade,
interact with it for a cut-scene. From your current position, look left and
grab that super invention object, "Spotlight". You can now create a super
invention by combining the Mine Cart Wheel with the spotlight, Blue mineral
and glassed to get "Photon Energy Pulse".


Head towards the arcade games on the right and interact with "Downtown Danger".
In this game you have to guide your squirrel safely across the road avoding the
cars and then across the grass avoiding the animals. Touch the tree and a nut
will pop up on the edge of the road. Collect it and go back to your side of the
place and touch one of your nuts. Repeat until you more then 10,000 points,
then quit the game. You should get 10 tokens bringing your total tokens to

Now go and interact with the game called "Yokian Defender". In this game you
have destroy all the enemies with the SQUARE button while avoiding fire. You
have to score more then 50,000 points to be in a position to quit this game.
Your tokens should now be 23/50. Now go to the game called "Ultra-Lord Rampage"
and interact with it. In this game you have to destroy the enemies by using
the SQUARE button and then escape. You have to score 25,000 points before
quitting the game. You should now have 33/50 tokens.

Now go to the machine called "Lab Rescue" and interact with it. This is a
simple prevent the ball from falling game. Hit all the blocks while deflecting
the ball. Bonus points if you hit the floating man. Score 10,000 or more points
before quitting. You should know have 43/50 tokens. Now go to the game titles
"Influenza". You have to kill the influena viruses. This is very easy, just
keep rotating 360 degress while firing in all directions and eventually you
will recieve the required 25,000 points after which you may quit. You should
now have the required amount of tokens. Exit the arcade and go towards the
entrance of the "Bat Outta Heck" machine for a cutscene and end of this level.

NOTE: You have unlocked a bonus accessible via the main menu.


XII.Bat Outta Heck!




Watch the Cut-scene.


XIII.Roller Coaster Boss!


Defeat The Roller Coaster Boss


Equip your Photon Energy Impulse via the hypercube. This boss like every other
you have met, has 3 attacks. The first one is spitting icky smelly health
reducing goo at you. Avoid it and stay clear of it. The second attack is the
same as the first one except this time the goo is live and moving towards the
you. The third attack is throwing a big web between the pillars so that you
get stuck in it. In addition to that, the boss can dissappear and reappear at
will and you also have to avoid the ride.

Attacks one and three can be avoided by dodging them, the moving goo can be
destroyed by throwing a photon energy impulse in it's path. The only weakness
this boss has is LIGHT. In order to create light, hold the square button while
the PEI is equipped and let it charge for 2-3 seconds, then let go of the
button. The PEI will create a hole in the ceiling and light will come. This is
tedious work as you have to throw at least 60-70 PEI's so that there is
sufficient light to trap the boss. Try to cover every inch of shadow you can.
Once the boss is trapped in a handful of light, there is no turning back and
his health will decrease all the way down. If the boss is caught in just one
hole of light, then he will lose some health but regain it after he moves in
the dark.

There health/battery recharges are every where so don't worry about them. Just
keep creating holes until the boss dies due to the light.


XIV.Radio Station Rampage!


Access interior Via Rooftop
Rescue the Radio Executives
Get in to the Annnouncer Studio
Save the Radio Announcer


There should be a couple of twonkies here inlcuding a monster twonkie. Capture
all of them. There should also be a gizmo piece nearby, take it. It is "Radar
Dish". Interact with elevator switch for a cut-scene. There should be a power
switch to the right of the stage, interact with it to shut it. Take the gizmo
piece nearby, "Capacitor". You can now create a new gizmo by combining the
jacket with the capacitor to get "Minimizer". Capture all the twonkies here.


There should be a door right next to the power switch, interact with it. Enter
and take out the twonkie. Take the gizmo object, "Disco Ball". Go to the
reception desk for a cut-scene. Capture that twonkie. Interact with the door
on the right of the reception desk. The twonkie here will be throwing CD's at
you. Dodge them and go near him. He will jump down. Capture it. Now interact
with the other door near the reception desk to enter the meeting room.

Take out all twonkies you see here. There is a gizmo piece on the left of the
table, take it. "Gaffer Tape". You can now create a new gizmo by combining the
radar dish with the gaffer tape to get "Indestructodish". Interact with the
door in the corner. Capture all twonkies here.


There should be a gizmo piece in one corner of this room, take it."Turn Table".
You can now invent a new gizmo by combining the turn table with the disco ball
to get "Disco King II". Interact with the door here. Activate the checkpoint
on your left. Ignore the stairs and enter the room ahead of you for cut-scene.
Interact with the door and shrink/capture the two monster twonkies. Interact
with the other door her for a cut-scene.

Exit this area and go up the stairs. Ignore the rooms on your left and right
and enter the room right in front you at the top of the stairs. Ignore the two
doors on your left and right, instead follow the path and capture the two
twonkies near the elevator. Now back towards the door through which you entered
this area. Stand infront of it as if you have just entered this area. Interact
with the door on your right. Take out all twonkies you see here. Now interact
with the door on your left. Go straight ahead and take the gizmo piece,
"Insulation Tape". You can now create a new gizmo by combining the turn table
with the insulation tape to get "Spinmaster MK IV". Activate the checkpoint

There are two doors in this room. Interact with door which has the caution sign
next to it. Capture the twonkie here and exit the room. Now interact with the
other door to get to top of the staircase area. There is only one door left and
that is the one on the right as you stop of the stairs. The one with the on-air
sign next to it. Interact with it for a cut-scene.

Interact with the mixing board in front of you. The first time you interact
with it, the aqua blue coloured mixer will go up. Use the Sheenograph in the
mike and the aqua blue coloured twonkie will shrink. Now interact with the
mixer board again, this time the purple one goes up. Again use the Sheenograph
and the purple twonkie will shrink. Repeat for all colours. Now interact with
the door on your right and capture all twonkies. Now go towards the radio
announcer for a cut-scene. End level.


XV.Final Boss!


Defeat The Final Boss


This is the final boss fight of the game. This boss has all the powers of the
previous bosses and he changes the power randomly. Just use the weapon which
was effective against that boss the last time. The dance floor is slippery so
use the sticky sneakers. The following is a weapon reminder:

Playground Boss    --- Lightning Absorber V2
Frozen Lake Boss   --- Energy Puck Launcher
Rollercoaster Boss --- Photon Energy Impulse

The health/battery charges are nearby, they regenerate so use them whenever you
need them. All the previous strategies apply, so just keep your head and defeat
the boss to see the ending cut-scene of the game.





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