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    FAQ/Walkthrough by War Doc

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 06/04/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          | S P O N G E B O B   S Q U A R E P A N T S:   T H E  M O V I E |
                 GENRE:  ACTION/ADVENTURE
               CREATOR:  THQ Copyright 2004
    AUTHOR OF THIS FAQ:  Kevin Butler AKA War Doc
                E-MAIL:  kevinb(at)technologist(dot)com
           FAQ VERSION:  1.02
                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
     1.  Legal Stuff
     2.  Version Information
     3.  Acknowledgements
     4.  Welcome
     5.  Overview
     6.  The Levels
     7.  Getting Started
         7.1  Main Menu
     8.  Taking Control
         8.1  The Controls
         8.2  The Screens
     9.  General Strategies
         9.1  Strategies
         9.2  Challenges
    10.  Specific Strategies for Missions and Tasks
         10. 1  Mission  1:  No Cheese!
         10. 2  Mission  2:  I'm Ready... Depression
         10. 3  Mission  3:  Sandwich Driving 101
         10. 4  Mission  4:  Three... Thousand Miles To Shell City
         10. 5  Mission  5:  Rub a Dub Dub, Slip Slide in the Tub
         10. 6  Mission  6:  Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt
         10. 7  Mission  7:  No Weenie Parking Anytime
         10. 8  Mission  8:  I'll Let You Pet Mr. Whiskers
         10. 9  Mission  9:  Rock Slide
         10.10  Mission 10:  Now That We're Men
         10.11  Mission 11:  Shell City, Dead Ahead
         10.12  Mission 12:  Name's Dennis
         10.13  Mission 13:  Sundae Driving
         10.14  Mission 14:  Google-Eyes And Smelly Knick Knacks
         10.15  Mission 15:  Dennis Strikes Back!
         10.16  Mission 16:  Welcome To Planktopolis... Minions
         10.17  Mission 17:  Drive of the Knucklehead-McSpazitron
         10.18  Mission 18:  Turn the Tables on Plankton
         UNIT   V:  APPENDIX
    11.  Abilities and Upgrades
         11.1  Spongebob's Abilities
         11.2  Patrick's Abilities
         11.3  Upgrade Chart
         11.4  Manliness Point Calculations
    12.  Enemies and Items
    13.  Treasure Chests
    14.  Conclusion
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    2.  Press CTRL-C
    3.  Press CTRL-F
    4.  Press CTRL-V
    5.  Press CTRL-F
    5.  You will arrive at the desired chapter or subchapter.
    ********************************* U N I T  I **********************************
    | 1.  LEGAL STUFF |============================================================
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advanced permission from the author.  Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and
    a violation of copyright.  All content in this guide is Copyright 2005 by
    Kevin Butler.  Only the sites listed below have permission to publish this
    work or to display it:
    If you wish to put this guide on your site, e-mail me and ask.  Save yourself
    the headache of putting up with lawsuits and whatnot because you failed to ask
    a simple "Can I post your guide on <insert site>?".  If you wish to use info
    in this guide, please acknowledge that you have done so.  If I don't respond or
    I say no, accept it as fact.  This especially goes out to Dave at
    www.cheatcc.com since he has a habit of taking guides without permission.  In
    addition, do not modify this guide in any way whatsoever to suit your purposes.
    The latest version can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com.
    If you see this guide on any other site then the one listed above, please
    e-mail me.  If you wish to ask questions or give input to this guide, please
    e-mail me.  Just have SBSP:TM as the subject so I know it isn't another kooky
    vendor trying to sell me hair gel or another XXX site telling me I have new
    | 2.  VERSION INFORMATION |====================================================
    Version 1.0    1/15/05:  A guide is born.
    Version 1.01   1/18/05:  Fixed a couple of errors.
    Version 1.02   2/ 4/05:  Added reader input.
    | 3.  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS |=======================================================
    The following are a list of people or organizations that have made this FAQ
    My wonderful family (who has had to put up with the tapping on the keyboard)
    THQ for making a great game
    GameFAQ's for putting up this FAQ
    Dave the Old Hippie for his strategy on Mission 9, Task 4.
    | 4.  WELCOME |================================================================
    Welcome to my FAQ for SpongeBob Squarepants:  The Movie (or SBSP:  TM for
    short).  Since this is an action/adventure game, there is no walkthrough per
    se.  Instead, this FAQ is broken up into parts.  First you will be given an
    explanation of choices you have for playing the game.  Next, you will be given
    all the possible commands you can give with a brief description of what those
    commands are.  The last part is dedicated to strategy.  This strategy will give
    you an idea on how to fulfill the requirements for getting the various items or
    doing the various tasks required to complete each area.  Input is appreciated
    along with constructive criticism.  If you wish to e-mail me thoughts on this
    FAQ, better ways of doing things, other strategies, etc., feel free.  Make sure
    you put SBSP:  TM in the subject.  If you don't, I'm liable to discard the
    e-mail as spam.
    | 5.  OVERVIEW |===============================================================
    Spongebob Squarepants:  The Movie is based on the popular series that runs on
    Nickelodeon.  The movie itself made close to 85 million dollars proving that
    Spongebob is a rather popular character (or too many people had way too much
    free time).  The basic premise of the movie was that Plankton was up to his
    usual tricks of attempting to take over Bikini Bottom.  It seems that Mr. Krabs
    has been implicated in the theft of one crown owned by none other then King
    Neptune himself.  While Spongebob still dreams of being promoted at the Krabby
    Patty, he and Patrick set out on a treacherous journey to prove that Mr. Krabs
    is innocent.  There are many pitfalls along the way and only the strong can
    survive.  Of course, Plankton isn't busy sitting around.  His plans (codenamed
    "Plan Z") include the following steps:
    1.  Frame Mr. Krabs for the disappearance of King Neptune's crown.
    2.  Steal the secret Krabby Patty recipe.
    3.  Brainwash the citizens of Bikini Bottom using souvenir bucket hats to
        control them.
    4.  Conquer the world.
    (excerpts taken from the instruction manual)
    The action is fast paced as you go through the different areas to prove Mr.
    Krabs is innocent while at the same time stopping Plankton from succeeding with
    another evil scheme.
    ******************************** U N I T  II **********************************
    | 6.  THE MISSIONS |===========================================================
    SBSP:  TM will have you going through a possible 68 taskings located within 18
    missions.  Of course, to make it to the end of the game, you will only need to
    accomplish 50 taskings.  To get the 100% mark, though, you will have to
    successfully complete all 68 taskings.
    The missions are (in order):  NOTE:  The number after the colon is the amount
    of tasks in that mission.
    No Cheese!                            :  1
    I'm Ready... Depression               :  5
    Sandwich Driving 101                  :  4
    Three... Thousand Miles To Shell City :  6
    Rub a Dub Dub, Slip Slide In The Tub  :  4
    Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt              :  6
    No Weenie Parking Anytime             :  4
    I'll Let You Pet Mr.Whiskers          :  1
    Rock Slide                            :  4
    Now That We're Men                    :  6
    Shell City, Dead Ahead                :  6
    Name's Dennis...                      :  1
    Sundae Driving                        :  4
    Google-Eyes And Smelly Knick Knacks   :  4
    Dennis Strikes Back!                  :  1
    Welcome To Planktopolis... Minions    :  6
    Drive of The Knucklehead-Mcspazitron  :  4
    Turn The Tables On Plankton           :  1
    In addition, there are 42 treasure chests spread out amongst the taskings.
    Getting treasure chests does not contribute to the 100%, but they do unlock
    things such as FMV's, alternate costumes, artwork, etc.  Along with the
    player's interaction are actual clips from the movie to give one the overall
    sense of what is going on.  Good luck on your journey to prove Mr. Krab's
    innocence and to stop Plankton from taking over Bikini Bottom.
    ******************************** U N I T  III *********************************
    | 7.  GETTING STARTED |========================================================
    Once the game has loaded, you will be able to Start a New Game, Load a
    previously saved game, tinker with the Options, or see Promotional Materials
    for other games.
    | 8.  TAKING CONTROL |=========================================================
    / 8.1  The Controls /__________________________________________________________
    The controls for this game are pretty simple.  It is just a matter of being
    able to use them for split-second decisions.
                                   << CHARACTER >>
                  | BUTTON INVOLVED     | RESULT                   |
                  | LEFT ANALOG STICK   |                          |
                  | OR DIRECTIONAL      | CONTROL YOUR CHARACTER   |
                  | BUTTONS             |                          |
                  | X                   | JUMP, DOUBLE JUMP        |
                  | SQUARE              | KARATE OR STAR SPIN      |
                  | TRIANGLE            | BASH OR TONGUE SWING     |
                  | CIRCLE              | SPONGEBOWL OR CARTWHEEL  |
                  | R1                  | SONIC WAVE GUITAR OR     |
                  |                     | PICK UP, THROW           |
                  | L1                  | DISPLAY STATS            |
                  | PRESS R3            | CENTERS CAMERA           |
                  | START               | PAUSE MENU               |
                  | SELECT              | UPGRADE MENU             |
                                  << PATTY WAGON >>
                  | BUTTON INVOLVED     | RESULT                   |
                  | LEFT ANALOG STICK   |                          |
                  | OR DIRECTIONAL      | CONTROL YOUR VEHICLE     |
                  | BUTTONS             |                          |
                  | X                   | ACCELERATE               |
                  | SQUARE              | BRAKE OR REVERSE         |
                  | CIRCLE              | HORN                     |
                  | R1                  | NITRO                    |
    / 8.2  The Screens /___________________________________________________________
    These are the different screens in the game.
    | 8.2.1  Game Screen |---------------------------------------------------------
    By pressing the L1 button, you can bring up information on the main game
    |                                              0_________________##      |
    |  ## ## ## <-HEALTH                           [_________________]       |
    |                                                MANLINESS POINTS        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                           MAIN GAME SCREEN                             |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                             +          |
    |  +--+                                GOOFY GOOBER TOKENS ->+ +         |
    |  +--+ <-TREASURE CHESTS                                     +          |
    Health Meter        -  How many burgers of health you have.
    Manliness Points    -  Tells you how close you are to earning another upgrade.
                           A "P" to the left of the meter indicates you have an
                           upgrade point(s) waiting.
    Treasure Chests     -  Tells you the total Treasure Chests you have found in
                           the game.
    Goofy Goober Tokens -  Tells you the total Goofy Goober Tokens you have found
                           in the game.
    | 8.2.2  Pause Screen |--------------------------------------------------------
    Pressing START will get you to this screen:
    |                                                                        |
    |           +------------------------------------------------+           |
    |      +----+                                                +----+      |
    |      |    |                  MISSION NAME                  |    |      |
    |    +-+-+  +------------------------------------------------+    |      |
    |    |   |                                                        |      |
    |    |   |                                                        |      |
    |    |   |                                                        |      |
    |    |   |                                                        |      |
    |    |   |                                                        |      |
    |    |   |<-MISSIONS          TASKS                               |      |
    |    |   |                                                        |      |
    |    |   |                                                        |      |
    |    |   |                                                        |      |
    |    |   |                                                        |      |
    |    +-+-+                                                        |      |
    |      |         +--------------------------------------+         |      |
    |      +---------+       TREASURE CHESTS COLLECTED      +---------+      |
    |                |                                      |                |
    |                +--------------------------------------+                |
    |                                                                        |
    |                                                                        |
    |      X WARP TO LEVEL         O OPTIONS          /\ RETURN TO GAME      |
    |                                                                        |
    Mission Name              - Name of the mission you have selected.
    Missions                  - Mission selector.
    Tasks                     - A list of tasks that must be performed for that
                                mission.  There are three possible icons:
    Question Mark     :  This means you haven't unlocked that particular task yet.
    Empty Oval        :  You have unlocked the task but have not completed it yet.
    Goober-filled Oval:  You have completed that task.
    Treasure Chests Collected - Treasure Chests collected for that mission out of
                                the total possible.
    Warp to level             - Allows you to go to any level you have unlocked or
    Options                   - Allows you to Save Game, Quit Game, Options, or
                                Extras.  See Chapter 13 in regard to the Extras.
    Return to Game            - Self-explanatory.
    | 8.2.3  Upgrade Screen |------------------------------------------------------
    Pressing SELECT will get you to this screen:
    |                                                                        |
    |     +-----+                                                +-----+     |
    |     |     +------------------------------------------------+     |     |
    |     ++----+       SPONGEBOB                 PATRICK        +----++     |
    |      |                                                          |      |
    |      |               UPGRADE POINTS AVAILABLE  ##               |      |
    |      |                     _  _  _                      _  _  _ |      |
    |      | HEALTH             |_||_||_|  HEALTH            |_||_||_||      |
    |      |                     _  _                         _  _    |      |
    |      | KARATE SPIN        |_||_|     STAR SPIN         |_||_|   |      |
    |      |                     _  _                         _  _    |      |
    |      | BASH               |_||_|     CARTWHEEL         |_||_|   |      |
    |      |                     _  _                         _  _    |      |
    |      | SPONGEBOWL         |_||_|     SMASH             |_||_|   |      |
    |      |                     _  _                         _  _    |      |
    |      | SONIC WAVE         |_||_|     THROW             |_||_|   |      |
    |      |          +------------------------------------+          |      |
    |      +----------+         PRESS X TO UPGRADE         +----------+      |
    |                 |                                    |          |      |
    |                 +------------------------------------+          |      |
    |                                                                        |
    |      X CHOOSE          O UPGRADE DESCRIPTION           /\ RETURN       |
    |                                                                        |
    Go to Chapter 11 for full details on upgrades.
    ******************************** U N I T  IV **********************************
    | 9.  GENERAL STRATEGIES |=====================================================
    These are general strategies to make your journey through the different areas
    more enjoyable (or tolerable at least).  These also can be used when you don't
    want to look at the specific strategies and want to solve things on your own.
    Again, these are not all-encompassing and I know there are other general
    strategies to use.  These are, though, the best I have found to work for me.
    Also I have listed the common challenges that occur throughout the game.
    / 9.1  Strategies /____________________________________________________________
    -  Use your SAVE liberally.  Especially every time you do something important
       like get a Goofy Goober Token or Treasure Chest.  Nothing is more
       frustrating then playing a couple of hours on a game only to have the power
       go out and you having to start over.  Keep in mind that when you save, you
       will go back to the beginning of whatever Task you saved from if you restart
       your game.  This means you would have to redo Checkpoints if required.
    -  Learn to use the controls with proficiency.  I know, this sounds so basic
       but you would be surprised at how many people complain about not being able
       to do certain things because they don't know how to use the controls.  There
       are quite a few tight areas, narrow ledges, killer jumps, etc. that the
       chosen character will be required to perform.  If you don't know how to use
       your controls, then you better be prepared for either a long game or
       quitting due to frustration.
    -  When you are jumping, use this trick.  Sometimes you will have to jump on
       very small ledges or very thin surfaces.  Use your shadow for guidance.  If
       the chosen character's shadow is over the area you want to land, then it is
       safe to land.  You must also take into account if what you are jumping onto
       a moving object.
    -  Never get just the minimum required for a level.  Just because you only have
       to do one task within a mission, try to do as many tasks as you can.  The
       reason is that as you progress through the game, you will need those Goofy
       Goober Tokens for upgrades to your character's skills.  Also, try to collect
       every barbell within a level (this also means destroying or killing every-
       thing).  This will help you to upgrade your current health or skill much
       faster.  This will pay untold dividends down the road when you need to get
       through an area quicker.
    -  Some tasks have more then one part.  What I mean by this is that you may
       have to scale cliffs or go through caves to get through those other parts.
       Also, everything may not be contained within a single task.  It might span
       multiple tasks.  This is especially true of the Treasure Chests where you
       may have to do three tasks to get them all.
    -  Use the Sonic Wave to "recon" an area.  What I mean by this is to use it to
       overfly different parts of an area to get an idea of what you may be
       encountering or where you have to go.
    -  Learn to use the camera controls.  Nothing is more frustrating then trying
       to do a specific task and the camera angle only adds to the difficulty.  If
       the camera refuses to rotate in one direction, go the other direction to
       ensure that you have the best possible angle to accomplish your task.  There
       are a few mini-games and boss battles, though, that you aren't allowed to
       use the camera on.
    -  Keep in mind that when you are carrying objects, you cannot jump.  You must
       toss the object onto the next level and retrieve it.  This means you need to
       plan your moves carefully, especially if the object has a short life (i.e.
       watermelons).  There are areas that you can bounce with an object but that
       is all you can do.
    -  Manliness points are a primary thing you need to be collecting.  By
       collecting these, you can upgrade your skills to Macho much quicker.  I find
       the first skills that should always be upgraded is the Spin Attack.  This is
       because you can return any enemy missiles or projectiles fired at you with a
       devastating effect.
    -  Learn how each enemy fights in combat.  This can go a long way for creating
       effective strategies to take them down with minimum pain to your character.
       Also, an interesting thing happens when an enemy does get a hit on your
       character.  All enemies on the screen briefly pause to laugh at your hapless
       character.  Of course, they forget your character has been honed into a
       well-oiled weapon.  Take advantage of this and destroy as many as you can.
    -  Of course, when all else fails, consult the specific strategy section to get
       yourself out of a bind.
    / 9.2  Challenges /____________________________________________________________
    There are challenges that appear throughout this game.  The general idea of
    these challenges is discussed below.  More detailed discussions on them will be
    contained in the walkthrough for that specific task.  The challenges are:
    | 9.2.1  Bungee |--------------------------------------------------------------
    Hop onto the fish hook and bounce down toward the targets below.  You will have
    to destroy a specific number of targets in three areas.  In addition to the
    targets, there are dangers that could end Spongebob's life very quickly if you
    aren't careful.
    | 9.2.2  Combat Arena |--------------------------------------------------------
    Spongebob gets to tangle with 30 enemies in the first wave, 40 enemies in the
    second wave, and 50 enemies in the third wave.  You must defeat all 120 enemies
    to collect the prize.  Failure in any wave means you start over at the first
    wave again.
    | 9.2.3  Floating Block |------------------------------------------------------
    Just as the name implies, you play as Patrick who must get across the different
    floating blocks and trampolines to retrieve the prize.  You have a set time you
    must accomplish this in.
    | 9.2.4  Ring |----------------------------------------------------------------
    In between the Time Challenge and Macho Time Challenge, you must do this one.
    It basically involves you driving through a series of rings the game sets
    before you.  Be careful, you have only a limited amount of time to make it to a
    ring before it disappears and you fail the challenge.  Hitting them on the edge
    and not direct center still counts.
    | 9.2.5  Time |----------------------------------------------------------------
    This is applicable to both the Time Challenge and Macho Time Challenge.  You
    must complete the required task in or under the time that is required.
    | 9.2.6  Sonic Wave |----------------------------------------------------------
    Once Spongebob learns the Sonic Wave, he can crank up the amplifier and play to
    his hearts content.  This challenge involves putting the Sonic Wave through a
    series of rings to get the prize.
    | 9.2.7  Spongeball Challenge |------------------------------------------------
    Yep, Spongebob becomes a Spongeball as he attempts to navigate the hazards and
    crazy paths to get to the coveted Goofy Goober Token.
    | 10.  SPECIFIC STRATEGIES FOR MISSIONS AND TASKS |============================
    These strategies cover the 18 missions and 68 tasks in the game.  For each task
    completed, you collect one Goofy Goober Token.  You must collect all 68 to get
    100% in the game.  In addition, I will give the locations to all of the
    Treasure Chests.  To find out more about your enemies, go to Chapter 12.
    I will list the missions as they appear on the pause menu.  They will be set up
    like so:
    / Mission #:  Mission Name /
    Treasure Chests:  Number of Treasure Chests for this task.
    Brief overview of the overall mission.
    | Task #:  Task Name |
    Brief overview of this task.
    Walkthrough for task.
    SPECIAL NOTE:  There is an Easter Egg in the game that gives the times that it
    took the developers to make it through the Time Challenges.  I will note these
    under times required for those taskings.  It will be listed as Heavy Iron's
    To find this Easter Egg, do the following:
    It is located in mission 16, Welcome To Planktopolis... Minions during the
    Monument-Al Destruction tasking. When you get to the high ledge overlooking the
    lava pit (across from the twin Plankton statues) go right and fall onto the
    ledge next to the castle wall. Follow the ledge around until you get to an
    alcove. You will then see a series of messages being displayed with the
    information in individual boxes.
    /  10. 1  Mission  1:  No Cheese! /____________________________________________
    Treasure Chests:  1
    This is the introductory level (so to speak).  It seems that Mr. Krabs has been
    busted for stealing King Neptune's Crown.  Of course, Spongebob living in his
    dreams of being the manager knows that isn't right.  He embarks on his journey
    to prove Mr. Krabs is innocent.
    | 10.1.1  Task 1:  Crisis at the Krusty Krab |---------------------------------
    All you will be doing during this task is going around the path and learning
    about Spongebob's starting moves:  The Spin Attack and Smash.  The only enemies
    to bother Spongebob will be a few jellyfish.
    -  Get on the path and follow it around.  Go up and over the hill to the next
       valley.  You will see a truck with a load of crates crash into the barrier.
    -  Use those crates to climb up to the next cliff.  Go up and around to the
       slide.  Go down the slide into the next valley.  Turn left and go across the
       small islands to collect the Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #1.
    -  Go over to the switch and Spin Attack it to cause one of the rock pillars to
       lower.  Get on it and go up.  Break through the wooden crates to get to the
    -  Head over to the buttons and push them to reveal a Sticky Wall:  Climb it.
       At the top of the Sticky Wall, destroy the rock wall in front of Spongebob
       and proceed through.
    -  Jump on the springboard, on the back of the truck, to complete this tasking.
    /  10. 2  Mission  2:  I'm Ready... Depression /_______________________________
    Treasure Chests:  2
    Looks like Spongebob and Patrick are drowning their sorrows in a few milkshakes
    and sundaes.  Of course, now that they are on a mission, all heck breaks loose.
    Patrick must find his way out of the Goofy Goober Ice Cream Parlor.
    | 10.2.1  Task 1:  Sponge on a Wire |------------------------------------------
    Patrick must make his way through this building to collect the Goofy Goober
    -  Clear out all enemies in the cafeteria area and exit up the steps and around
       to the wooden balcony.
    -  The balcony will collapse.  Take care of the Foggers and collect everything.
       Get on the candy cane elevator and cross the chocolate chip platforms to the
       next area.
    -  Take out the Slammer and Spin Attack the button to drop some springboards
       across the cafeteria area.  Go across these springboards and you will be in
       a small kitchen area.
    -  Follow the platforms, that are sitting in the chocolate "lake", around to
       the Spawner.  Take care of any Foggers in Patrick's path.  When you get to
       the Spawner, give it a good whack to put it out of commission.  Just don't
       stand too close to avoid the blast radius.  This will unlock the third task
       of this mission.  Exit this room.
    -  You will pass a Checkpoint along this corridor.  At the end of the corridor
       is a large room.  In the center is a vat of boiling chocolate.  Before you
       go across and exit the room, it's time to collect a Treasure Chest.
    -  Directly below where you entered is a storeroom.  Drop down and deal with
       the Foggers.  Use Patrick's Spin Attack to break down the door and collect
       the Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #1.
    -  Use the springboard to get back up on the platform you started from.  Jump
       and press TRIANGLE to latch onto the floating ice block.
    -  Swing across and land on the platform on the other side.  Spin Attack the
       switch to open the door.
    -  When you go through the door, you will see an island in the middle of the
       chocolate.  Proceed slowly since three Foggers will break out.  Deal with
       them and exit this room.
    -  This next room is a small cafeteria.  In the center is a Clam Communicator.
       Mindy tells Patrick she is willing to teach him the Cartwheel but he needs
       two Goofy Goober Tokens to learn it.  Turn right and head for the broken
       wall.  You unlock tasks two and five in this room.
    -  At the broken wall, spin attack to break it down.  Go to the next wall and
       do the same.  Eventually you will end up in a room with springboards.  Jump
       on the lowest one and Patrick will be propelled to the balcony to collect
       his reward.
    -  Go back to Mindy and she will give Patrick the Cartwheel.  The door opposite
       the door you first entered this room through will now be opened.  Go through
       it and exit this room.
    -  You will enter a big storage-type room.  You will have to clear out three
       waves of Foggers and Slammers.  Once they are cleared out, collect every-
       thing in this room and go to the door.  Spin Attack the two switches and
       enter the corridor.
    -  Follow this corridor around to the freezer.  Go through the freezer and
       stand on the big cookie.  You will be lowered into a giant ice cream room.
       Before you exit, time for the last Treasure Chest.
    -  To the left you will see a row of boxes.  Use your Cartwheel attack and mow
       through these boxes in order from left to right.  When you destroy the last
       box, the Treasure Chest will appear after you destroy the last box.
       Treasure Chest #2.
    -  Use the candy cane elevator to get to the springboard.  Then follow the
       alternating springboards and chocolate chip cookies to get to the next room.
    -  In this room, you must Spin Attack the switches on the left and right sides.
       To add to your pain, a Spawner starts shooting out Foggers and Slammers.
       Get to the switches quickly and only kill those that stand in your way.
       Once both switches are activated, a path opens to the other side of the
    -  Get on the path and destroy the Spawner.  When you enter this room, you will
       notice a Port-o-Head.  You will also note a sticky wall.  This is for when
       Spongebob gets the Sonic Wave attack.  Collect your Goofy Goober Token to
       end this tasking.
    | 10.2.2  Task 2:  An Ounce of Bounce |----------------------------------------
    This task is explained in Chapter 10.2.1.
    | 10.2.3  Task 3:  Up Chocolate Creek |----------------------------------------
    This task gets unlocked when you enter the area.  Patrick must have the Throw
    Skill plus the upgrade to complete this task.
    -  First, clear all enemies from the area.  Head over to the kitchen and get on
       the lower level behind the wooden boxes.  Destroy one of the boxes to leave
       one intact.
    -  Pick up the box and head to the center of this room.  Aim for one of the
       four buttons on the opposite wall.  When you strike one, a chocolate chip
       path rises from the chocolate.
    -  Go across this path and into the next room.  You must use the marshmallows
       to get to the other end of this room.  To make it a further challenge, buzz
       saws go across the path.
    -  Just follow the path and when you get to the end, collect your reward.  Use
       the Teleport Box to go back to the beginning and exit this room.
    | 10.2.4  Task 4:  Sonic Wave Guitar Challenge |-------------------------------
    This is a pretty easy challenge.  Just watch for a tight right-hand curve after
    you exit the ventilation duct.  Also watch out for tight curves when you are in
    the cafeteria Patrick started Mission 1 in.
    | 10.2.5  Task 5:  Combat Arena Challenge |------------------------------------
    This is a good introduction to how the arena works.
    -  The first wave of enemies are just Foggers.  Just run the edges and whack
       them when you can.  
    -  The second and third waves bring in more Slammers and less Foggers.  Again,
       run the edges and take shots at them while you can.
    -  Keep in mind that if you hit one enemy into a group, you can take out five
       or six in a shot.  Great for Manliness points.
    /  10. 3  Mission  3:  Sandwich Driving 101 /__________________________________
    Treasure Chests:  3
    Heavy Iron's Time:  2:37
    Your first driving experience in the Patty Wagon.  For a cheeseburger with all
    the trimmings, it doesn't handle too badly.  Anyway, you must make it to the
    other end of town and escape to continue your journey.
    | 10.3.1  Task 1:  Escape From Bikini Bottom |---------------------------------
    Time Limit:  N/A
    The best route to take (which also yields all Treasure Chests) is listed below:
    -  Follow the road around until you get to the second building a bulldozer
       breaks out of.  Go through the opening that was created to use this shortcut
       and to collect the Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #1.
    -  When you get to the park, take the shortest path to the bridge.  Once you
       cross the bridge, head left into the grass.  You will see a rock to your
       left.  Go around it to get the Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #2.
    -  Keep going until you get to the second building the wrecking ball puts a
       hole in (the brown building).  Go through this new shortcut and collect the
       Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #3.
    -  Follow the road to the edge of town.
    | 10.3.2  Task 2:  Time Challenge |--------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  4:00
    Use the strategies from Chapter 10.3.1.
    | 10.3.3  Task 3:  Ring Challenge |--------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  N/A
    Just follow the rings.  It will go through the first shortcut but not the
    | 10.3.4  Task 4:  Macho Time Challenge |--------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  3:00
    Use the strategies from Chapter 10.3.1.
    /  10. 4  Mission  4:  Three... Thousand Miles To Shell City /_________________
    Treasure Chests:  3
    Spongebob and Patrick are now in the middle of the desert.  Their objective is
    to destroy the three radio towers transmitting Planktons message.  Of course,
    there are enemies galore as they attempt to navigate their way around.
    | 10.4.1  Task 1:  Topple a Trio of Towers |-----------------------------------
    Spongebob gets the joy of navigating through the desert terrain.  Make sure you
    have upgraded your Spin Attack since a few enemies like to "throw" things.
    -  After you get the Bash from Mindy for four Goofy Goober Tokens, go to the
       rotating plank.  Bash it to rotate it over the sticker bushes.
    -  Send the Flinger back to the junk heap and go left over the balanced rock.
       Take care of the Slammer and continue to follow the path to the right.
    -  Bash to the two platforms and cross the goo.  Deal with the two Flingers and
       continue along the path.
    -  After you cross the two balancing rocks, you will see three Foggers on the
       next ledge.  Send them back to Plankton and cross over this ledge.  Before
       you go up the steps, go right into the small valley.
    -  Go all the way to the back and destroy the wooden crates to get the Treasure
       Chest.  Treasure Chest #1.
    -  Backtrack and go up the steps.  Take out any enemy that opposes you and look
       for the switch.  Use your Bash ability and punch the switch.  This will set
       up a chain reaction which will blow the tower up.  After the tower fries, a
       new path will be created over the small valley.
    -  Cross over this wooden path and get to the Checkpoint.  Follow this path
       around and blow through the large stack of wooden crates.  Take out the
       Foggers and Slammer on the other side.  You will then see some platforms you
       can bash.
    -  After you bash the platforms, jump across the goo and take care of the
       Flinger.  Once they are dealt with, a Slammer comes out of the wall.
       Eliminate them as well.  Continue to follow this trail around and another
       Slammer pops out.  Again, clean their clock.
    -  At the end of this path is a switch.  Bash the switch to bring up three
       floating platforms.  Time your jumps so that Spongebob isn't steamed and
       make your way across to the other side.
    -  Follow the shoreline and deal with any enemy that gets in Spongebob's way.
       Take out the Bucket-O-Tron and then head up to the next radio transmitter.
       This switch is moving so take care of the enemies and bash the switch to
       bring it down.
    -  Backtrack to where the Bucket-O-Tron was and you will see a switch.  Bash it
       to bring up some springboards.  By following these springboards, you will
       open up tasks number two, five, and six.
    -  Use the springboards in the water to return to where you started.  Go
       through the wall that was opened by the destroyed transmitter and activate
       the Checkpoint.  Follow that path around.  Watch out for the steam vents.
    -  The next area has some balancing rocks and more steam vents.  Make your way
       across this area and you will unlock task number four.  Continue to the next
       ledge and take care of the Flinger.
    -  At the end of the path you will get to a springboard.  Jump on the spring-
       board to enter a rocky arena.  Here you will have to defeat all of the
       enemies before you can leave.
    -  You get to deal with two Bucket-O-Trons spitting out Foggers, Slammers, and
       Flingers.  Get under these two contraptions and bash them to prevent any
       further monsters.  Then clear out what remains.  After you clear the last
       enemy, a springboard appears.
    -  Jump on the springboard to get you to an island with a switch.  Bash the
       switch to bring up two sets of platforms.  One set opens up task number
       three while the other leads you to the last tower.
    -  Head across the platforms and watch out for the steam vents.  Go to the
       middle and be ready for the two Flingers.
    -  Take care of the two Flingers then head up the steps to the right (past the
       Port-O-Head).  You will see three switches floating around in a slow circle.
       You must bash all three switches to take care of the last transmitting
    -  Once you bash all three switches, the Goofy Goober Token appears.  Congrats
       on shutting Plankton up.
    | 10.4.2  Task 2:  Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy |------------------------------------
    -  After you bash the switch next to the second radio tower, a series of
       springboards appear.  Just use them to go across to the island with the
       Goofy Goober Token.  You can break through the wall for the Bungee
       Challenge, task number five.
    | 10.4.3  Task 3:  Patrick Gets Steamed |--------------------------------------
    -  Change into Patrick in the Port-O-John next to the third radio tower.  Go
       back across the platforms until you get to the cave entrance.
    -  All you have to do is go across the rocky platforms to the end of this cave.
       Just watch out for the steam vents.
    -  Collect the Goofy Goober Token then hop into the cardboard box to return to
       the entrance.
    | 10.4.4  Task 4:  Floating Block Challenge |----------------------------------
    Time Limit:  4:00
    This is a pretty straightforward challenge.  It is also a good introduction to
    how these challenges work since the next ones only get worse.
    -  You will first go across blue blocks that spin in place (on vertical axis),
       move up-and-down, and move side-to-side.  Stay to the left so you can
       retrieve the Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #2.  Keep going to the plat-
       form to reach a Checkpoint.
    -  The next blocks will be a little trickier.  It will be a mixture of the
       above plus blocks that rotate on a horizontal axis.  Go across these to make
       it to the next platform and Checkpoint.
    -  The last part will be hard unless you can plan a route at least two to three
       blocks in advance.  The reason is because these are ice blocks and they
       disappear after a couple of seconds which means you have to move quickly to
       avoid the fall.
    -  Move across these to get to the end and collect the Goofy Goober Token.
    | 10.4.5  Task 4:  Bungee Challenge |------------------------------------------
    The areas are arranged as so:
    Area 1:  One Target
    Area 2:  Two Targets
    Area 3:  Three Targets
    You don't have to worry too much about the first two areas.  It's the third
    area that may cause some problems since steam vents line the walls.  Note the
    pattern when the steam subsides and strike the targets before the steam
    Before you start this challenge, or even after, you will notice four floating
    boxes.  Against the wall you will notice stacks of wooden crates of varying
    number.  It looks like this when you are entering this area:
                                | BUNGEE CHALLENGE |
                                |           F4  W2 |
                                |           F3  W1 |
                                |           F2  W4 |
                                |           F1  W3 |
                                |                  |
    In order to get the Treasure Chest, you must break the floating boxes in
    numerical order according to how many crates are next to it.  Therefore, you
    will need to break the floating boxes in this order:  F3, F4, F1, and F2.  When
    you do this, a Treasure Chest will appear next to the Bungee Challenge area.
    Treasure Chest #3.
    | 10.4.6  Task 6:  Spongeball Challenge |--------------------------------------
    This is a good introduction to how you will be doing this and future Spongeball
    Challenges.  The only difference, of course, is that they will get harder.
    -  Roll up to the big block and wait for it to come down.  Get on it and ride
       it up to the wooden platform.  Then head toward the brownish-orange
    -  The brownish-orange platforms will collapse after two seconds so you must
       quickly get across them to the wooden platform.  Follow the path up to the
       fan blade.
    -  Wait for an opening and go through the fan blade and get to the wooden plat-
       form.  Turn and head toward the five blocks that are alternating going up
       and down.  Time your approach to move through these blocks.
    -  On the next path, it slants to the right so you will need to move more left
       to stay on it.  You will then make it to another path of three brownish-
       orange platforms.  This time, there is a block going across the middle one.
       Again, time it to move quickly across these platforms and miss that block.
    -  From the next wooden platform, head up the path to the double fan blades.
       Again, time your approach to pass through them.  Head up the path to four
       blocks that are doing alternating side-to-side motions.  Again, time it so
       you get across them and head down the path.
    -  You will now be at a set of four brownish-orange platforms with a fan blade
       over the third one (as you face it).  Just time the blade so that you can go
       across without any hindrance.  Once you clear through this area, just follow
       the path to the Goofy Goober Token.
    /  10. 5  Mission  5:  Rub a Dub Dub, Slip Slide in the Tub /__________________
    Treasure Chests:  3
    Heavy Iron's Time:  2:43
    Seems like Mission 4 only destroyed a few of the towers.  There are five more
    transmission towers that must be destroyed in order to secure the desert
    | 10.5.1  Task 1:  Plankton's Towers:  Part Deux |-----------------------------
    All you have to do is hit the targets located on the tracks to bring down the
    towers.  You will be able to retrieve two Treasure Chests on this run.  This
    track is pretty straightforward and I'll give you the route in Chapter 10.5.2
    for minimum time.  To get the Treasure Chests:
    -  After you pass through the fourth target, a new track opens up (with a red
       front).  Jump over to it and pass through that cave.
    -  Go left and jump onto left-hand balancing rock.  When you get to the end of
       the rock, jump to the left.  If done right, you will end up on a track
       leading into a mineshaft.
    -  Follow the mineshaft around and watch out for the boulders.  At the end of
       the shaft is a Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #1.
    -  Follow the tracks around until you get to the top.  Instead of going right,
       jump straight out to the middle row of balancing rocks.  Jump across them
       to pick up the Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #2.
    | 10.5.2  Task 2:  Time Challenge |--------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  3:40
    There are really only a couple of deviations from the main path but they are
    the time savers.
    -  Follow the tracks around until you pass through the first cave.  Go through
       it and the tracks curve to the right.
    -  At the end of the curve is a jump.  After you make this jump, start riding
       the right side.  Before you make the jump, jump to the right on the
       balancing rock.  Jump from that rock to the tracks.  At the end is the
       Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #3.
    -  Follow the tracks around until you get to the final cave.  Instead of going
       left, jump straight out.  You need to land on the end of the balancing rock
       to give you the elevation to make it to the next one.  The turns are tight
       but after you go across four, you can then take the final path to the
       finish line.
    | 10.5.3  Task 3:  Ring Challenge |--------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  N/A
    Just follow the rings.  At the end, you will be using the balanced rocks on the
    | 10.5.4  Task 4:  Macho Time Challenge |--------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  3:15
    Use the strategies from Chapter 10.5.2.
    /  10. 6  Mission  6:  Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt /______________________________
    Treasure Chests:  3
    Patrick gets to go through this Mission.  He will first have to learn the
    Porpoise (indicated by sound effect) Slam for the low price of 20 Goofy Goober
    Tokens.  Once learned, Patrick is ready to rock and roll.  Also, make sure you
    upgrade the Spin and Slam ability (if you haven't done so) for better effect.
    | 10.6.1  Task 1:  The Key Ingredient |----------------------------------------
    Patrick will be going through a ship full of rough characters to get to the
    end.  It seems that Plankton is trying to stop Spongebob and Patrick from
    fulfilling their mission.  Go figure that one out.
    -  Before you head into the bar room, look to your right.  You will see a
       rickety stage.  Smash through the top to collect the Treasure Chest.
       Treasure Chest #1.
    -  Clear out the bar room of the Spinners and Foggers.  Then head to the top
       and Slam the switch to open the door and proceed through.
    -  Jump off the edge and use the TRIANGLE button to use Patrick's tongue to
       swing across the goo.  When you land on the other side proceed up to the
       explosive barrels.
    -  Activate the barrels and stand back for a major explosion.  Go through where
       the barrels were and go up the steps to the next area.  You now get to deal
       with a Turret.  When he fires, return his shots via Spin to take him out.
    -  On the other side, you will activate a Checkpoint.  Beyond that is a rickety
       floor.  Slam to the floor to break through to the next lower area.  Go down
       the stairs and you will be at a big room.  There is a rickety platform with
       a swing for Patrick.
    -  Before you go across, drop down into this pit.  Two Spinners will come out.
       Take them out and use the springboard to get out.  This is important to do
       for later on.
    -  Get on the collapsible platform and hook up to the ice to swing across this
       room to the other side.
    -  When you get to the other side, two Slammers will break out from the room on
       the left.  Deal with them and continue to follow the corridor around to the
       next room.
    -  Two Slammers will break out of the far wall to confront Patrick.  Confront
       them back and send them a "nice" message.  Slam the revealed button to start
       your way across the goo.
    -  Keep slamming buttons and jumping until you are to the other side.  You only
       have about five seconds to get to the next button before the platform drops.
       When you slam the last button, the door will open.
    -  In this next area, you get to deal with both a Turret and Spinner.
       Eliminate both to proceed into the next corridor.  You will be on a rickety
       floor.  Slam it to enter the corridor to task number two.
    -  Follow the corridor to another big room.  As before, jump down to entice the
       Spinners.  Take them out and you will see a cut scene showing a barrel
       exploding next to the Combat Arena Challenge.  A Treasure Chest will appear.
       NOTE:  You must have done this in the last big room also for this to occur.
    -  Springboard out and use the ice to swing across the room.  Follow the
       corridor around until you get to a big area of lava.  Smash the switch to
       bring out a conveyer.  Now follow the path around either by walking or
       swinging.  Take out all enemies in your way.  You will also gain access to
       task number six.
    -  At the end, you will open up task number three.  It is from this task you
       will gain access to the Treasure Chest in this room.  Exit the area and
       activate the Checkpoint.  Continue through the corridor to the next switch.
    -  When you activate the switch, a series of four conveyer belts will appear.
       Every other belt is going the same direction.  To make this harder, a Turret
       is on the other side shooting at Patrick.
    -  Get across the belts and watch out for stray shots when you jump.  The shots
       go high so you are safe standing on the belts, it's just when you jump.
       When you get to the other side, deal with the Turret.
    -  When you get to the other side, break through the weak wall and you will
       open up task number five.  Also collect the Treasure Chest (if you did the
       aforementioned prerequisites).  Treasure Chest #2.
    -  Continue down the corridor and break through the rickety floor at the end.
       Take care of the Slammer and make your way to the next room.  Using the
       springboards and ice blocks to make it to the collapsible platforms.  Then
       use the conveyer belts to make it to the other end.  Deal with the Turret
       long distance.
    -  Once you are to the other side, follow the corridor around to another room.
       The left wall will break open to reveal two Turrets.  Deal with them and
       continue to follow the corridor around.
    -  Detonate the barrels and crates blocking Patrick's path and follow it to the
       next Checkpoint.  After the checkpoint, you can go left or right.  If you go
       right, you will do task number four.
    -  Go left through the duct and when you drop out of the other side, you will
       be back where you started.  Take care of all the enemies in the room and
       collect your reward.
    | 10.6.2  Task 2:  Disco Star |------------------------------------------------
    After you break through the floor from Chapter 10.6.1, follow the corridor to
    the switch.  Smash the switch to reveal a disco floor.  The big thing to
    remember is each of the four dance floors has a specific pattern.
    | 10.6.3  Task 3:  Throwing the Fruit Electric |-------------------------------
    One of the more difficult tasks since you have to avoid the electric currents
    running across the paths.
    -  Pick up the watermelon and throw it on the pressure plate.  Get on the plate
       and pick up the watermelon and throw it at the switch to open up the next
    -  Go down the slide to the next area.  Throw the watermelon toward the
       pressure plate.  Avoid the electric currents and pick it up and throw it on
       the pressure plate.  Get on the plate and throw it into the switch to open
       up the next area.
    -  Before you do the next part, you will see to your left a Treasure Chest on
       top of the machinery.  Jump over to that area and collect it.  Treasure
       Chest #3.
    -  Go back to the start of this area and get back to where you were before you
       went down to the Treasure Chest.
    -  This next area is a bit tricky.  You need to throw the watermelon to the tan
       platform then quickly get to it avoiding the electric current.  Then throw
       it to the next platform.
    -  Quickly jump over, pick up the watermelon and throw it on the platform.
       Then throw it into the switch to collect your reward.
    | 10.6.4  Task 4:  Sonic Wave Guitar Challenge |-------------------------------
    There aren't too many tight turns on this challenge.  Just remember that the
    wave curves around back to where Patrick started this mission.
    | 10.6.5  Task 5:  Spongeball Challenge |--------------------------------------
    This challenge is a little more difficult since you will now be going through
    rotating tubes and spirals.
    -  Head through the cylinder to the five moving blocks.  Time them so you can
       get across without falling off the edge and get on the wooden platform.
    -  After you get across them, go on the path.  The path slants left so keep to
       the right.  Keep going until you go around the corner.  The path will then
       slant right toward the fan blade.
    -  Go through the blade and head up the path until you reach the cylinder.
       Avoid the blocks sticking out from the sides and go through to the wooden
    -  Your next obstacle may be a bit tricky.  You will have to navigate around a
       path of brownish-orange platforms.  Blue blocks will block your way so you
       will have to do some quick circling to get around them.  Once you are clear
       of this obstacle, the path heads uphill.
    -  A half-cylinder awaits for the next challenge.  Time the gap in the cylinder
       so that you land on the solid part.  Gently move forward so you miss that
       gap until you get to the other side.  Exit onto the wooden platform.
    -  Another timing obstacle.  You must go across six brownish-orange platforms.
       Of course, it isn't that easy.  On the even numbered ones are double blocks
       moving back-and-forth to stop you.  Time their movement so you can quickly
       move across the platforms when the gap appears between the blocks.
    -  Follow the path around to the spiral.  Again, time it so you get on the
       solid part and gently move forward with the spiral until you get to the
       other side.  Go up the path to the wooden platform to collect your Goofy
       Goober Token.
    | 10.6.6  Task 6:  Combat Arena Challenge |------------------------------------
    This challenge is a little more difficult.  In addition to the enemies, you
    also have explosive barrels that can either be good or bad depending on how
    they are used.
    -  Two Flingers and a lot of Foggers make up the first wave.
    -  Less Foggers and more Flingers constitute the second wave.
    -  The third wave is mainly Flingers.
    /  10. 7  Mission  7:  No Weenie Parking Anytime /_____________________________
    Treasure Chests:  2
    Heavy Iron's Time:  2:54
    This will be your first encounter with a track where you have to go around
    multiple times.  In addition to driving around, there are a few hazards you
    must avoid so you don't destroy your Patty Wagon.
    | 10.7.1  Task 1:  Now, How Do I Get Out Of Here? |----------------------------
    Your goal is to collect five keys that will open up the gate.  You can also
    collect all the Treasure Chests during this run.
    -  Follow the road around, avoiding the oil slicks, until you get to the under-
       ground parking garage.  Instead of heading right, go left through the wall
       to enter a new area.
    -  Jump out of that area, avoiding the spikes, and head toward the truck with
       a ramp on it.  Use that ramp to go up to the higher road.
    -  Go straight and crash through the gate.  Follow the road around to the ramp.
       Jump it to collect the Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #1.
    -  Keep going along the road, avoiding the hot sauce, until you get to the
       second ramp.  Slowly go over it to collect the Treasure Chest.  Treasure
       Chest #2.
    -  Follow the road around and collect any keys you may have missed.  Then
       head to the finish line.
    | 10.7.2  Task 2:  Time Challenge |--------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  4:30
    Use the path from Chapter 10.7.1
    | 10.7.3  Task 3:  Ring Challenge |--------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  N/A
    This challenge is a little more difficult due to obstacles in the way.  In
    addition, with three laps, you will be going different ways.
    | 10.7.4  Task 4:  Macho Time Challenge |--------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  3:20
    Use the Path from Chapter 10.7.1
    /  10. 8  Mission  8:  I'll Let You Pet Mr. Whiskers /_________________________
    Treasure Chests:  0
    Welcome to your first boss battle.  This one, though, should be relatively
    | 10.8.1  Task 1:  Defeat the Frog Fish |--------------------------------------
    -  Mr. Whiskers will start the show by charging at Patrick.  Step aside and let
       him dangle at the edge.  A good bash will send him over the edge.
    -  Do this until his health is down by a third.  He will then jump to the
       opposite side and thrust his tongue into the ground.  His tongue will come
       up on the other side and turn into a Smasher.  Whack his tongue four times
       to bring him back over.  Also watch out for the ice cream bombs he launches.
    -  Use the same tactics of charge, dangle, and bash until his health is down by
       another third.  He will again jump to the other side.
    -  His tongue will become a Spinner.  As before, whack it four times to defeat
       the monster.
    /  10. 9  Mission  9:  Rock Slide /____________________________________________
    Treasure Chests:  3
    Heavy Iron's Time:  3:33
    To get to the other side, Spongebob and Patrick must cross the trenches.  It
    won't be easy, though, since there are a lot of crazy jumps and multiple paths.
    | 10.9.1  Task 1:  Getting to the Bottom of Things |---------------------------
    -  Head down the path until you pass the first Checkpoint.  You will then go
       along a curve on the path and see a multi-eyed monster at the edge.
    -  After you make the left curve, you will go through a cave with explosive
       barrels.  Just as you exit this cave, double jump right.  You will hit a
       springboard which will vault you much further down the path.
    -  Continue to follow the path around until you go through the first monster
       cave (it is yellow, has tentacles coming out of the walls).  When you get to
       the gap between this and the second monster cave, jump right to the path
       paralleling the second cave.
    -  Follow that path around until you see the first group of Foggers.  When you
       knock down the first Fogger, single jump to the right (if this is the first
       time, red barbells will be over the area) and hit the hidden springboard.
    -  It will launch you to a higher path.  Follow the path around and at the end
       is a Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #1.
    -  Continue going down the path and take either the right or left fork on this
       path.  At the next split, take the left (lower) fork.  You will then go
       through a yellow cave.  At the very end, jump to the right.  You will hit a
       path down below.  Be prepared to spin around and follow that path to the
       Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #2.
    -  You will eventually get to an area populated by a lot of steam vents.  After
       you pass these vents, you will come to a fork with the left path going high
       and the right path going low:  Take the left path.
    -  After the jump, you encounter another fork.  This time, take the right path.
       Right after you get through the yellow cave, jump to the path, then
       immediately jump to the right on that path.  Watch out for the Minelayer as
       you go along this path.  At the end is a Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #3.
    -  Continue to follow the paths to the end.  It doesn't matter if you use the
       left or right platforms to get to the finish line.
    | 10.9.2  Task 2:  Time Challenge |--------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  5:30
    Use the path from Chapter 10.9.1
    | 10.9.3  Task 3:  Ring Challenge |--------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  N/A
    Pretty straightforward challenge.  At the end, you will be using the left
    | 10.9.4  Task 4:  Macho Time Challenge |--------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  4:10
    Use the path from Chapter 10.9.1
    Dave the Old Hippie's strategy:
    -  The FAQ's sixth bullet point says:  "Continue going down the path and take
       either the right or left fork on this path." I found that taking the LEFT
       path saved a second.  Also, once I reached the cave, I did not change paths
       and spin around.  I found that the time on either path is about the same,
       however, you should not change paths and waste the time it takes to spin
    -  As indicated in the FAQ's seventh bullet point, you should take the left
       path.  However, you will notice that there are 4 barrels off the left side
       of the path.  Single-jump to the left between the second and third barrel,
       and immediately start guiding yourself to the right and inside the mouth of
       the cave.
    -  The FAQ's eighth bullet points states:  "Right after you get through the
       yellow cave, jump to the path, then immediately jump to the right on that
       path".  Do not make that quick, right jump. As stated in my previous post,
       it will save you about 8 seconds if you stay on that path through the cave.
    Here's a mental note that helped me.  I was regularly hitting the checkpoint
    after the rotating, spiky platforms at about 2:46.  Once I started taking that
    shortcut over the barrels and into the cave, I found that I hit that check-
    point at about 2:35.  This should put you in the ballpark for finishing on
    /  10.10  Mission 10:  Now That We're Men /____________________________________
    Treasure Chests:  5
    Spongebob gets to go through some pretty treacherous terrain to make it to
    Shell City.  Besides the enemies, some of the places Spongebob has to go to
    will create a certain "challenge".  Spongebob will have to acquire the Bubble
    Bowl for 20 Goofy Goober Tokens.  Make sure you upgrade it.
    | 10.10.1  Task 1:  Here Monster... Nice Monster |-----------------------------
    Spongebob goes through a volcanic "desert" and gets to meet a couple of new
    enemies along the way.
    -  Before you head out, make sure you have the Sonic Wave.  Turn and look at a
       far ledge with stacks of crates, televisions, etc.  Use the Sonic Wave to
       detonate an explosive barrel.  If you are successful, all things on that
       ledge will be destroyed and the Treasure Chest will appear in front of you.
       Treasure Chest #1.
    -  Go across the ledges to the first spinner switch.  Use the Spongebowl
       ability and roll one right into the switch.  It will drop a bridge to the
       next island.
    -  At the next island, turn left and Spongebowl that switch to raise some more
       platforms.  Take care of the Popper who is firing at Spongebob from the next
    -  Go over the platforms to that area.  When you jump to the next area, watch
       out for Foggers breaking out of a small canyon.  Spongebowl them to take
       care of the problem.  Head around the left side.
    -  You will make it to a sticky wall.  Climb the wall and at the top, Spongbowl
       the Spawner.  Then go across the lower canyon using the horizontal sticky
    -  When you get to the other side, be ready to deal with the Flinger.  Once
       they are taken care of, watch the pattern of the rocks in the lava.  They
       will fall and rise in a certain pattern.  Cross these to the other side.
    -  It's time to get a Treasure Chest.  Turn right and go up the small path.
       This will lead you to task number six.  Go past this and up the steps.
    -  Jump across the gap to collect the Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #2.
    -  Backtrack to where you started.  You will see a stone pillar on the right
       with a switch.  Spongebowl the switch to reveal another.  Spongebowl that
       switch and head across using the platform.  Blast the Minelayer to get a
       Treasure Chest on this platform.  Treasure Chest #3.
    -  You will get jumped by a Popper and some Foggers.  Clear them out and head
       onto the slide through the cave.
    -  Once you get off the slide, immediately deal with the Turret who is rapidly
       firing at Spongebob.  You will also activate a Checkpoint.  Go to the right
       and across the sinking and rising platforms to the other side.
    -  Go to the edge of this cliff and look across.  You will see a switch.
       Spongebowl said switch and a pair of sticky walls will come down from the
       ceiling.  These sticky walls, though, are timed.
    -  These sticky walls stay down approximately nine seconds so you had better
       be quick getting across.  Once across, head toward the moving platforms.  Be
       wary of the two Flingers lurking just across the way.
    -  Either deal with the Flingers on the ledge or on the moving platforms.
       Either way, take them out before crossing to the other side.
    -  On the other side, you can go right to unlock task number five.  In front of
       you is a Lava Monster.  Use the Spongebowl to get him to move.
    -  Once he moves, a hump will appear.  You will be jumping from hump to hump as
       he moves along.  Eventually you will get to another small island.  A Mine-
       layer and Popper wait on the other side of this small lava lake.
    -  You must step on the pressure plate to bring up the path.  Then Spongebowl
       across the path to the switch to make the path permanent.  Of course, you
       will have to avoid the mines being thrown at you.
    -  On the other side, deal with the two enemies and look across the next gap.
       This time you must hit two buttons to bring down each side of the sticky
       wall.  Again, you will have nine seconds per wall so try to bring them down
       at relatively the same time.
    -  After you have crossed this gap, be ready for an attack by another Turret.
       Take him out and go across the moving platforms.
    -  Way across is another Spawner and it is busy generating Foggers and Poppers.
       You will also see a large fish-like monster on the top step.  Get over to
       that step as quickly as possible.
    -  You must Spongebowl this monster three times.  Avoid the falling rocks and
       fire from the Poppers.  Once you have taken the monster down, the wall will
       collapse to reveal a cave.
    -  Go into the cave and take care of the Flinger.  Go around and when you reach
       the Checkpoint, you will be at a door.  Enter it into the next area.
    -  When you enter this area, you will see a some springboards with spinner
       switches (only the Spongebowl can spin the switches).  These switches raise
       and lower the springboards.  Your goal is to get all the springboards
       aligned so you can leave the area.
    -  First, the alignment of the springboards is like this:
             AE=AREA EXIT
                                  |     | S3 |    |
                                  |  S2 +----+    |
                                  +----+          |
                                  |               |
                                  +---     +----+ |
                                  | S1 \   | S4 | |
                                  D    |   +----+ |
                                  +----+     \ AE |
                                  | S5 |      \  \|
    -  To set up the springboards, do the following:
       -  Raise S1 and climb the steps to the left and jump on it.  You will end up
          at S3.
       -  Raise S3 then jump down to S2 and climb the steps to jump on it to take
          you back to S1.  NOTE:  If you don't raise S3, then you will be bounced
          to S4.  From S4, you can get back to S1.
       -  Jump back on S1 and you will be bounced to S3.  Then you will be bounced
          to S5.  Raise S5 then jump back down to S1.
       -  Now jump on S1, which will bounce you to S3, then to S5, then to the exit.
    -  At the exit, watch out for the Popper.  Then follow the path around up the
       hill.  At the top of the hill, watch out for the Turret firing from the
       other bank.
    -  Take out the Turret and jump across.  Follow the path around to the lava
       lake.  Another Sea Monster awaits.  Spongebowl him and ride him around the
       lake.  This time, he turns so plan your jumps accordingly.
    -  Get off at the prison-looking cave and go in.  Immediately a barred grate
       will slam shut and Spongebob will go down three levels.  Now the fun begins.
    -  Spongebob must defeat five levels of enemies within this narrow tower in
       order to escape.  The enemy patterns are:
       -  Level 1:  Three Foggers
       -  Level 2:  Three Foggers and one Popper
       -  Level 3:  Three Foggers and one Flinger
       -  Level 4:  Three Foggers and two Poppers
       -  Level 5:  Three Foggers, one Popper, and one Flinger
    -  Once you make it to the top, head out onto the rocky pathway.  Jump on the
       springboard to go to the next island.  To the left is a Spawner and in front
       are some Monster Eyes.
    -  Take out the Spawner to the left and any Foggers on the island.  Then
       Spongebowl the Eyes until they are eliminated.  A platform will then rise
       up.  Follow this to the next area.
    -  If you look left, you will see a Treasure Chest in the middle of the lava.
       You will be getting this during task number two.
    -  Before you get the Goofy Goober Token to the right (by the steps), head left
       up the steps to unlock tasks two, three, and four.
    -  Backtrack and collect the token to end this task.
    | 10.10.2  Task 2:  Frozen Lava Desert |---------------------------------------
    Once Patrick learns the Throw ability, head back to this task and change into
    Patrick in the Port-O-Head.
    -  Get the Freezy Fruit and throw it into the lava lake.  Head right and go to
       the small alcove to collect the Goofy Goober Token.
    -  Freeze the lava lake again and go to the small island over the lava fall.
       Then use that Freezy Fruit and throw it down to the bottom.
    -  Jump down into that area and quickly head left.  Grab the Treasure Chest.
       Treasure Chest #4.
    -  Go right and use the springboard to return to where you started.
    | 10.10.3  Task 3:  Swinging Starfish |----------------------------------------
    Use the springboard to the left of the Port-O-Head to start this task.
    All you will have to do is use the ice blocks to swing over and around to the
    four platforms.  Your reward is on the fourth platform.  Use the springboard to
    return to the beginning.
    | 10.10.4  Task 4:  Floating Block Challenge |---------------------------------
    Time Limit:  3:30
    Things get a little tougher and you have less time to do this challenge.
    -  You only have to deal with blue blocks and springboards on this part.  Just
       time your jumps as the blocks rotate and/or move.
    -  After the checkpoint, you get to do some climbing.  Use the blue blocks and
       ice cubes to get to the next platform.
    -  Off this platform, you will be doing some climbing using the blue blocks,
       ice cubes, and springboards.  Keep to the right to collect the Treasure
       Chest.  Treasure Chest #5
    -  After you get to the next platform, you have to fall onto the moving blue
       blocks below.  Time your drops to get to the Goofy Goober Token.
    | 10.10.5  Task 5:  Bungee Challenge |-----------------------------------------
    The areas are arranged as so:
    Area 1:  Two Targets
    Area 2:  Three Targets
    Area 3:  Six Targets
    This one is pretty easy.  The first area has no hazards.  The second and third
    areas just have steam vents that go upward so you should easily be able to take
    out the targets.
    | 10.10.6  Task 6:  Combat Arena Challenge |-----------------------------------
    The bar has once again been raised.  This time you will deal with more
    aggressive enemies.  In addition, you have floating explosive barrels you may
    be able to use.
    -  A few Poppers and many Foggers make up the first wave.
    -  About half Foggers and half Poppers make up the second wave.
    -  The third wave is mainly Poppers and Type 2 Mervyns with a few Foggers.
    /  10.11  Mission 11:  Shell City, Dead Ahead /________________________________
    Treasure Chests:  4
    Plankton has set up a series of television screens in order to brainwash his
    minions.  It is up to Patrick to take care of these televisions.  Patrick also
    gets the ability to Throw for a mere 25 tokens.  Make sure you upgrade to make
    life even easier on this mission.
    | 10.11.1  Task 1:  Boob Tube Smashing Boob |----------------------------------
    There are a lot of jumps and pitfalls associated with this level.  In addition,
    Patrick will have to stack crates and utilize them to solve some of the
    -  Grab a safe or the watermelon and hit the first switch.  This raises a stone
       platform to the next island.  Grab another safe or watermelon and face left
       to the farther switch.
    -  Use the upgraded Throwing ability to sling whatever you chose to hit the far
       switch.  It will drop the lid down on the toilet goo and a Spinner will
       appear on it.  Go over to the first island.
    -  A Mervyn will appear.  Use the watermelon to knock him out of the air.
    -  After you have knocked the Mervyn down, grab the watermelon again.  Again,
       do a power throw to take out the distant Spinner.  Then head to the next
       rocky outcrop and get on that flat area the Spinner was on.  Before you do
       this, look right and you will see a piece of moldy toast in the toaster.
       Use the watermelon and hit it to drop it into the toaster.  This is a
       prerequisite for the Treasure Chest.
    -  Jump across the rocky platforms until you get to the next one with a
       watermelon.  Grab the watermelon and throw it on the pressure plate in
       front of Patrick.
    -  Jump over to that pressure plate and then jump across the other side where
       the thin, metal wall was.  From there, jump to the flat, metal plate to the
    -  From there, jump to the stone platform with a watermelon.  Pick up the
       watermelon and throw it into the television.  The television will explode
       and fall down creating a path.
    -  Follow the television path to the next platform.  You will reach a Check-
       point.  Pick up the steel safe and power throw it into the Flinger at the
       cave entrance.  Then follow the platforms to said cave entrance.
    -  When you exit this cave, you will be overlooking a wide area.  There are
       Mervyns buzzing around and there is a Bucket-O-Tron busy spitting out
       monsters.  Go down the steps to the explosive barrels.
    -  You need to be quick.  Grab an explosive barrel and target either the
       Bucket-O-Tron or one of the Mervyns buzzing around.  When they are
       destroyed, repeat with the steel safes until all three enemies are gone.
    -  Go down the steps to that flat area.  If you look right, you will see a
       floating ice block.  This allows you to do task number 2.  Head to the
       left and get on the platform the Bucket-O-Tron was on.
    -  Hop across the platforms until you get to the one next to the steam pipe
       on the right.  Pick up the watermelon and power throw it into the switch
       on the other side of the steam pipe.  This will create another pathway.
    -  Follow the platforms around until you are almost at the television.  Two
       Flingers will try to stop Patrick.  Just return their shots to eliminate
       them.  Grab the watermelon and turn the television off permanently.
    -  The television will drop creating a new pathway.  Follow it up to the next
       platform and a Checkpoint.  Beyond you will see a couple of Mervyns buzzing
       around and on the other side is a Bucket-O-Tron.
    -  Use the available explosive barrel and crates to bring down the two Mervyns.
       The Bucket-O-Tron will toss out five Foggers.  Run across this platform and
       clear a path to said Bucket-O-Tron and destroy it.
    -  If you look to the left and head that way, task number six will be opened
       up.  In front of you will be three watermelons.  Beyond is a pressure plate.
       You task is to stack those three watermelons on the pressure plate.
    -  When completed, jump on the watermelon stack and onto the platform above.
       Go along the platform and you will reach another with two Spinners.  Stun
       them with a Smash and use one to take out the Mervyn.  Quickly jump to the
       platform with the Bucket-O-Tron.
    -  Clear a path through the Foggers and shut down the Bucket-O-Tron and jump to
       the next platform.  You will see a Port-O-Head in the distance.  Go to the
       Port-O-Head and you will unlock task number four.  Jump on top of the
       Port-O-Head and onto the ledge above.
    -  Patrick will get jumped by two Foggers and a Spinner.  After they are dealt
       with, head toward the third television.  Grab the watermelon and walk onto
       the springboard.  Throw the watermelon at the highest point of the jump to
       destroy the television.
    -  When the television gets destroyed, a door and a Checkpoint are revealed.
       Before you go through the door, get back on the springboard and bounce
       toward the television.  On the backside is a Treasure Chest.  Treasure
       Chest #1.
    -  NOTE:  When Spongebob gets the Sonic Wave Guitar ability, come back to this
       area.  If you haven't done so already, go back to near the beginning and hit
       the moldy toast.  From here, go behind the television again.  Use the Sonic
       Wave and hit that piece of moldy toast.  Do task four and follow the rings
       around until you see the toaster that is above the cave you entered this
       area in.  Hit that piece of toast.  If done successfully, a Treasure Chest
       will appear to the right of the Port-O-Head.  Treasure Chest #2.
    -  Go around and head through the door to the next area.
    -  When you walk forward, task number three is unlocked.  Go right around the
       corner and deal with the Flinger in front of the cave entrance.  Then go
       through the small cave.
    -  Grab a wooden crate and when you round the corner, send it into the Mervyn
       on the other side.  Then continue toward the next television.  Use the
       watermelon to take care of the Spinner on the platform.
    -  Follow the platforms to the moving steel platform.  Grab the watermelon and
       blow out the television.  Two platforms will rise connecting you to the next
       island.  Go across and hit the Checkpoint at the cave entrance.  This will
       also unlock task number five.
    -  Go into the cave and you will be met by a wall of steel safes with an
       explosive barrel in front.  Grab the barrel and get it away from the safes
       so they aren't destroyed.  You are going to be using the safes for the next
       part.  Also grab the Treasure Chest from on top.  Treasure Chest #3.
    -  First, go over the safes and use the explosive barrel at the end of this
       cave to take out the Mervyn.  Then go back to the safes and start the
       process of carrying them to the edge and tossing them to the island below.
       I would toss eight or nine safes down.
    -  Once you have accomplished this, jump down to that island.  Avoid the
       Spinner and watch for the Flinger.  Eliminate him and get a safe.  Go to
       the right side of the island and power throw it into the Bucket-O-Tron on
       the right side.
    -  Grab another safe and head to where the fan and switch are.  Time the fan
       blade and toss the safe into the switch to create a path up to the
       Bucket-O-Tron on the left.  Head up that path and be prepared to be jumped
       by four Foggers.
    -  Clear them out and clear out the Bucket-O-Tron and go up to the next ledge.
       You will see a central area with two smaller areas to the left and right.
       These smaller areas have switches on them.  A Mervyn guards each of these
       smaller areas.
    -  Use the monsters generated by the remaining Bucket-O-Tron to take out the
       Mervyns and activate the switches.  Once both switches are activated, a new
       path opens up.  Use this path to get to the next area.
    -  Grab the watermelon and go to the second springboard.  Wind it up and
       launch.  You should be able to destroy the television and collect your
    | 10.11.2  Task 2:  Cirque Du Malaise |----------------------------------------
    Just use the ice blocks and sinking platforms to go around this cave.  At the
    end is the token.
    | 10.11.3  Task 3:  Three Meter Island |---------------------------------------
    This challenge involves hitting switches and crossing the paths they create.
    After you bash the first two switches and climb up, there are no enemies.  Bash
    the third switch and you deal with one Flinger.  Bash the fourth you get two
    Flingers and the fifth switch yields three Flingers.  After this, go to the top
    to claim your reward.
    | 10.11.4  Task 4:  Sonic Wave Guitar Challenge |------------------------------
    Just navigate the Sonic Wave around this level.  Watch out at the end when you
    go through the narrow tunnel.  The turns get very sharp so you will need to be
    alert and ready.
    | 10.11.5  Task 5:  Floating Block Challenge |---------------------------------
    Time Limit:  2:30
    Well, apparently you're a pro at this now.  This will be the biggest challenge
    you have had on the blocks.
    -  The first part consists of going across some ice covered blocks that rotate
       both horizontally and vertically.  In addition, some have spikes on them.
    -  After you hit the Checkpoint, you will now have to climb up blue blocks that
       do all the usual stuff to make it hard to climb them.  In addition, you will
       have to go across the ice cubes and trampolines to make it to the next
       wooden platform.
    -  Activate the Checkpoint and continue your journey upward.  Bear to the left
       across the ice covered blocks and you can retrieve the Treasure Chest.
       Treasure Chest #4.
    -  Continue to move along this way.  When you get to the spiked springboards,
       you are almost there.
    -  Carefully pick your way through the spiked springboards and land on the
       platform to collect your reward.
    | 10.11.6  Task 6:  Spongeball Challenge |-------------------------------------
    Well, now things get even harder.  In addition to past obstacles you had to go
    through, you will now be going through things such as alternating path tiles
    and the like.
    -  You will first go across a path with rotating yellow panels.  Then you will
       turn left along the path.  It will go up and down until you reach a spiral.
    -  Jump into the spiral and watch out for the fan in the middle.  Exit onto the
       wooden platform and head along that leads to the brownish-orange platforms.
       The middle one is moving back and forth so time your pass accordingly.
    -  Head up the path and it will slant right.  Continue until you get to the
       rotating yellow and blue panels.  They alternate their rotation so head
       across as each set rotates down.
    -  Continue up the path to the wooden platform.  Then go left and you will see
       a series of five blocks waving back and forth.  To make this more
       challenging, there is a fan in the middle.  Navigate across these blocks and
       avoid the fan.
    -  You will come to another set of panels colored yellow, blue, and red.  They
       alternate, in a pattern, as to when they flip over.  Time your approach and
       go across.
    -  Next you will go up a hill and into a half-cylinder.  Watch out for the gaps
       at the end and navigate through.
    -  The next area might be a little challenging.  You again have yellow, blue,
       and red panels to cross.  This time, though, they are in a 3x10 grid.
       Again, watch the way they flip over and move from panel to panel until you
       get to the other side.
    -  Once you are past this.  Follow the path around to your reward.
    /  10.12  Mission 12:  Name's Dennis /_________________________________________
    Treasure Chests:  0
    Dennis has been looking for the guys and it looks like he found them.
    | 10.12.1  Task 1:  Defeat Dennis |--------------------------------------------
    Looks like Dennis has a score to settle.  As a matter of fact, he uses
    Spongebob as a golf club to whack toilets at Patrick.
    -  When Dennis whacks a toilet at Patrick, just send it back to him.  After he
       loses a third of his health, he will get reinforcements.
    -  A Spinner appears so now you will have to deal with sending toilets back to
       Dennis and keeping the Spinner at bay.  When Dennis loses another third, he
       sends in a second Spinner.
    -  Again, run around and avoid the Spinners while returning toilets to Dennis.
    -  When Dennis is defeated, you will get your Goofy Goober Token.
    /  10.13  Mission 13:  Sundae Driving /________________________________________
    Treasure Chests:  3
    Heavy Iron's Time:  3:55
    You will be escaping from Goober City.  Of course, it won't be without its pit-
    falls.  This is another three-lap track.
    | 10.13.1  Task 1:  Follow That Peanut! |--------------------------------------
    Just follow Goofy Goober for your three laps.
    | 10.13.2  Task 2:  Time Challenge |-------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  5:30
    Use the first path for all three laps.  On the third lap, you will have to go
    across the waterslide.
    -  When you enter Goober World, look for where the road leads into a wall.
       Crash it to collect the Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #1.
    -  In the brown tunnel, right before the finish line, another Treasure Chest
       is inside.  Treasure Chest #2.
    -  You can retrieve the other Treasure Chest on lap two.  At the beginning,
       after you pass through the first tunnel.  Go right instead of straight.
       Then go left through the gate.
    -  Follow that tunnel around and the Treasure Chest is at the end of the ramp.
       Treasure Chest #3.
    | 10.13.3  Task 3:  Ring Challenge |-------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  N/A
    Pretty straightforward challenge.  You will be using all three ways out
    including the water slide.
    | 10.13.4  Task 4:  Macho Time Challenge |-------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  4:10
    Use the path from Chapter 10.13.2
    /  10.14  Mission 14:  Google-Eyes And Smelly Knick Knacks /___________________
    Treasure Chests:  3
    Heavy Iron's Time:  1:23
    Spongebob and Patrick have retrieved the Neptune's Crown.  That's the good
    news.  The bad news is they have to escape from the Cyclops who has them
    trapped in the aquarium area.
    | 10.14.1  Task 1:  Escape the Shell City Cyclops |----------------------------
    You will have to turn three faucets off and drop four lamps to make the great
    escape.  You can collect the treasure chests during this run.
    -  When you are on the high red hose.  Look down, to the right, and you will
       see another red hose.  Jump on it to collect the Treasure Chest.  Treasure
       Chest #1.
    -  Jump from the blue hose to the red hose, in the upper part, to collect the
       Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #2.
    -  As you jump across the lamps.  A Treasure Chest is in the gap.  Treasure
       Chest #3.
    | 10.14.2  Task 2:  Time Challenge |-------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  2:30
    See Chapter 10.14.3 for the route.
    | 10.14.3  Task 3:  Ring Challenge |-------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  N/A
    Pretty straightforward challenge.  This will give you the quickest route out.
    | 10.14.4  Task 4:  Macho Time Challenge |-------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  1:50
    Use the path from Chapter 10.14.3
    /  10.15  Mission 15:  Dennis Strikes Back! /__________________________________
    Treasure Chests:  0
    Dennis didn't take too kindly to Patrick defeating him so he is back for some
    | 10.15.1  Task 1:  Defeat Dennis... Again |-----------------------------------
    You get to be on the hairy back of some man lying in the water.
    -  To make this easy, go over to the left side (on the arm).  All you have to
       do is return the fish that are thrown at Spongebob.
    -  When Dennis loses one-third of his health, a Slammer appears.  When he loses
       two-thirds, another one appears but they won't bother Spongebob on this
    -  Just keep returning the fish and Dennis will be history in no time and you
       get the reward.
    /  10.16  Mission 16:  Welcome To Planktopolis... Minions /____________________
    Treasure Chests:  3
    Plankton's main headquarters.  This is probably going to be the hardest mission
    of the game due to the jumps and other crazy things that you will have to deal
    | 10.16.1  Task 1:  Monument-Al Destruction |----------------------------------
    First of all, you must have 40 Goofy Goober Tokens to acquire the Sonic Wave
    Guitar.  If you don't have it, you won't go very far in this mission.
    -  From the pedestal you start at, fire the Sonic Wave at the switch to lower
       the spikes in the courtyard.  Hop down and get ready for some action.
    -  Before heading down, turn toward the safes plugging up holes in the ground.
       Destroy these to get the steam vents going.  Look up at the crane and you
       will see a spinner switch.  Spongebowl the switch to raise the red door and
       reveal a Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #1.
    -  Take care of the Popper and head for the courtyard.  An electrical line will
       arc between the walls and three Foggers will pop out.  Destroy them and
    -  Another two electrical lines will spring up.  In addition, a Type 2 Mervyn
       and three more Foggers will make their presence known.  Eliminate them and
       get into the courtyard.  Destroy the broken wall to open up task number
    -  You will see a sticky wall with spikes coming out of one side, then the
       other.  Before you go up, Sonic Wave the Popper at the top.  Now, time the
       spikes so that you start on the wall opposite and climb quickly to avoid
    -  The next hazard is a horizontal sticky wall over a pit of spikes.  Negotiate
       this wall and take a look.  You will see a castle on the far side of a lava
       lake, a truck with a crane holding a steel plate, and some craters in the
    -  Go down to ground level and a Type 2 Mervyn will pop up along with three
       Foggers.  Hit the Mervyn long-range and eliminate the Foggers.  Then head
       over to the truck and activate the switch.  This will bring the steel plate
       over to your location.
    -  Hop onto the steel plate and stand slightly to the rear to tilt the plate
       up.  When it stops, you will be in front of the first Plankton statue.  Be
       careful, when the eye opens, it fires a lava bomb (hence why the plate is
       tilted up).
    -  Fire a Sonic Wave right after the Plankton statue fires and you should catch
       it as the eye opens again.  When the statue is destroyed, another steel
       plate comes to rest beneath the one you are on.
    -  Hop onto this plate and be ready to deal with the Type 2 Mervyn.  Eliminate
       him and get on the ground next to the castle and activate the Checkpoint.
       You will also unlock task number 3.
    -  Go to the doorway and take care of the Type 2 Mervyn and Popper.  When you
       step in, spikes will come in and out of the floor.  In addition, another
       Popper will show up to cause trouble.  Take the Popper out first then
       concentrate on getting things set up in this room for your transit.
    -  Use the Sonic Wave to start pushing buttons.  You will see the spikes
       disappear from below a sticky wall and you will also put a stop to the
       spikes coming out of the floor.  Using the Sonic Wave on more buttons will
       bring up the floating, collapsible platforms and will also show a moving
       sticky wall.
    -  Head over to the first sticky wall.  You will notice an electrical current
       running up it.  When the current starts at the bottom, get on the wall and
       quickly climb it.  Then get to the edge by the collapsible platforms.
    -  Steam vents blow steam across these platforms at regular intervals.  Time
       the steam release with your jumps.  You must go across two of these plat-
       forms.  Be ready for the Popper at the end.
    -  On the next platform, you will notice a sticky wall on the right and a small
       one, in the distance, on the left.  Sonic Wave the switch directly in front
       of you on the wall to bring that small wall to you.
    -  When that small wall is at your end, start jumping between the walls.  Time
       it so you are moving at the same speed as the small wall on the left.
    -  Turn left and you will see two platforms with the steam vent between them.
       Again, time the steam releases and jump across the platforms to the next
       sticky wall.  Be ready for a Popper at the top of that wall.
    -  The electricity on this sticky wall runs up and down the entire length.  You
       must time your jumps so that you are constantly in the "X" portion of the
       current.  Once you are at the top, you only have one more set of platforms
       to navigate.
    -  Again, time the steam cycles and jump across these platforms.  You will now
       be on a bigger platform.  Go up the incline and a Type 2 Mervyn will jump
       out on the opposite side.  Clear it out and hit the switch that now appears.
    -  This will drop down a series of platforms.  Cross over these to reach a
       balcony overlooking a lava lake.  Across the lake are a pair of Plankton
       statues with a couple of stone pillars in front.
    -  This, in my opinion, is the hardest part of the game.  You will see a switch
       to the left.  Spongebowl or Sonic Wave it.  This will bring up three spring-
       boards.  In the distance you will see a conveyer belt with an electric
       current running back and forth along its length.
    -  At the end of the conveyer belt is a switch.  The goal is to Spongebowl the
       switch.  Of course, you have to deal with a conveyer belt moving away from
       the switch and the electric current.
    -  Once you activate this switch, another springboard and conveyer belt appear.
       This time, the electric current is running the width of the belt back and
       forth.  The conveyer belt is also moving toward the switch.  NOTE:  All
       springboards from this point forward have electric currents running across
    -  Activate this switch and yet another springboard and conveyer belt appear.
       This time, the electric current is running both the length and width of the
       belt back and forth.  The belt is moving toward the switch.
    -  Hitting this switch will bring up three springboards, only the second has a
       current running across it.  Use this to get to the stone pillars.  The eye
       of the Plankton statues will open up.  Hop over to the left statue and fire
       a Sonic Wave at that eye.
    -  Once that statue is destroyed, hop over to the other pillar and destroy the
       remaining statue.  When you do this, the pillar will collapse into the lava
       lake.  Hop off and activate the Checkpoint.
    -  Deal with the two Type 2 Mervyns and Foggers on the front steps.  Head to
       the right to unlock task number two.
    -  Enter the door to advance to the next area.
    -  When you enter, immediately fire the Sonic Wave and hit the Bucket-O-Tron
       high up in the corridor.  Also deal with the Spinner that is left behind.
    -  You will now go across the ultimate sticky wall.  When you advance a quarter
       of a way into this area, spikes will shoot out of the floor.  You must use
       the sticky wall to bounce all the way to where that Bucket-O-Tron was
    -  Once you make it to the top, get ready for some heavy-duty action.  Quickly
       climb over the lip and be ready to return the Popper's shots.  Almost
       immediately, guided missiles will be headed your way.
    -  Remember, don't stay in one play too long since they home in on you.  Return
       these missiles and advance up until you are overlooking another lava pit.
       Across the way you will see two Bucket-O-Trons and two Type 2 Mervyns.
    -  Return the Mervyn's fire until they are destroyed.  Then quickly launch a
       Sonic Wave to destroy one of the Bucket-O-Trons.  The other will generate
       another Type 2 Mervyn.  Deal with it and destroy the other Bucket-O-Tron.
    -  Head down the steps to your left and finish off the Popper if you didn't do
       so already.  Follow the path around until you cross the two conveyer belts
       and are on a stone platform.  Look to where you entered this area for a
    -  Activating this switch unlocks task number four.  Just time your jumps
       across the collapsible platforms.
    -  Enter the area that the Bucket-O-Trons were in and you will be jumped by
       some Foggers.  Deal with them and head into the area with the statues and
       stone pedestals.  When you get into this area, a wall will close behind you
       and you will be asked to solve a puzzle.
    -  The room is set up like this with switches on the six pillars.  I have
       numbered them from left to right, bottom to top:
                                     +--+ S +--+
                                     |         |
                              +------+         +------+
                              |                       |
                              | PI5   PE      PE  PI6 |
                              |           PE          |
                              | PI3   PE      PE  PI4 |
                              |           PE          |
                              | PI1   PE      PE  PI2 |
    -  This game is played like the old game Mindreader.  You will hit two
       switches.  The game then will tell you whether both switches are wrong; one
       right, one wrong; one wrong, one right; or both are right.  If you get any-
       thing other then both of them being right, the room fills with lava.
    -  THE SOLUTION:  Stop if you don't want to know...
       -  Hit switches PI3 and PI6 to get the conveyer belt up to the sticky wall.
          Climb the wall to the next area.
    -  You will next hit a small lava pit.  Lining said pit on the left and right
       are six offset pistons.  Guess what, these are sticky walls.  You will need
       to time the moment the piston comes down to jump.  Do it six times to make
       it to the other side.
    -  Once you cross over, you will be jumped by two Foggers.  Eliminate them then
       Spongebowl the two spinner switches on the back wall.  Sticky walls will
    -  Now ride the sticky wall elevator to the top.  Before you touch off the
       explosive barrels, turn around and look at the pistons.  Look to the left
       for an alcove.  You will see a Treasure Chest resting in that alcove.
       Treasure Chest #2.
    -  Set off the explosive barrels to blow a hole through and go to the concrete
       balcony.  The Plankton statue will fire and collapse the balcony below you.
    -  The fun really begins now.  Three Type 2 Mervyns will attack.  I recommend
       "crowding" the stone pedestal.  When their missiles come in, you can deliver
       the whole grouping back to them, plus, you won't have to run around all over
       the place.
    -  Once they are destroyed, head right along the stone pedestals.  Be aware
       they sink immediately after you step on them so be quick.  Stop on the first
       conveyer belt and get ready.
    -  The belt is moving toward the Type 2 Mervyn so make sure you Spin sooner
       then you should since you will be approaching the missiles.  Once he is
       dealt with, go across more stone pedestals to the next conveyer belt.
    -  A Popper awaits on the other end and the belt is moving toward him.  Again,
       return his shots and continue along the stone pedestals until you reach the
       next conveyer belt.
    -  Again, this one is heading for the Type 2 Mervyn so adjust and return fire.
       Go across more stone pedestals to the next conveyer belt.  This one is
       moving backwards so make sure you line up for the enemy attacks.
    -  You will eventually make it to the center platform.  Eat up and jump on the
       springboard to deal with this Plankton statue.
    -  There are two sets of conveyer belts going in opposite directions.  The
       Plankton statue has two attacks:  Electrical and Lava Bomb.
       -  The Plankton statue will electrify the conveyer belts in an alternating
          fashion and will fire Lava Bombs when done.
       -  You must score three hits on the eye to destroy this final statue.
       -  Jump between the belts.  Get on the very end of a belt opposite of its
          direction.  This gives you some time to launch a Sonic Wave without
          worrying about going over the edge.
       -  Repeat for the other conveyer belt and be sure to dodge the bombs.
    -  When the statue collapses, Planktopolis is no more and his headquarters are
       destroyed.  Collect you Goofy Goober Token for a job well done.
    | 10.16.2  Task 2:  More Bounce Please |---------------------------------------
    Get to the Port-O-Head and become Patrick.  Then head to the edge of the large,
    lava lake and get ready for some fun.
    -  Jump and swing from the ice block to the platform.  The lava level in the
       lake will go down to reveal springboards.
    -  The first three pairs of springboards alternate rising and falling below the
       level of the lava.  You must time them so you land on them when they are
       above the lava level.
    -  Follow the next springboards around.  They are moving so you may have to
       stay on one springboard until the next one moves within range.
    -  After going across four springboards, you will have to solve a puzzle, of
       sorts.  When you get to the springboard, two more pop up next to it.  Jump
       on the springboard to the right side (as you are looking at it from the
       first springboard up).
    -  When you do that, the first springboard disappears and three more appear
       above the two.  Jump to the upper left springboard and a platform with the
       token will rise from the lava.  Jump over to collect it.
    | 10.16.3  Task 3:  Ice Skating Idiot |----------------------------------------
    -  Go into the Port-O-Head and change into Patrick.  Then go to the edge of the
       lake where the Freezy Fruit and Watermelon are.
    -  Toss the Freezy Fruit into the lake and immediately toss the watermelon in.
       Then jump down.
    -  You must move quickly on this.  Pick up the watermelon and throw it on the
       pressure plate.  Then run across to the open cave on the other side to get
       the token.
    -  By now, the lake has "thawed".  Use the Freezy Fruit in the cave and run
       over to the springboard in the corner to return to where you started from.
    -  Repeat the above except go right to unlock task number six.
    | 10.16.4  Task 4:  Spongeball Challenge |-------------------------------------
    This challenge will definitely put your reflexes to the test.  Be patient on
    this one since there is no timer.
    -  You first must move past three steam vents.  You must move quickly by them
       since they will blast you off the path if you aren't moving quick enough.
       The best way to get by them is to roll toward them when you pass.
    -  You will be pushed to the opposite side of the path to the next one.  Do
       this on the third one and you have cleared this obstacle.
    -  Two propellers spinning side-by-side are the next obstacle.  You will notice
       that a steam vent blasts across each of them.  The best time to get on the
       blade is when the steam vent is blowing steam.  The reason is because it
       will quit when you get next to it.
    -  Go over to the other blade and that vent should also stop.  Get back on the
       path and continue.
    -  By this time, the spiral should be pretty easy.  Avoid the fan in the middle
       and get to the wooden platform on the other side.
    -  You will see a break in the path with a steam vent blasting steam upward.
       Get some speed and go across this gap.  That steam will float you over the
       gap and to the other side.
    -  The next problem is another grid of yellow, blue, and red panels.  They are
       arranged in two 2x3 grids with moving brownish-orange platforms between the
       two grids.  Watch the pattern and get across.
    -  Once across, you will see two steam vents to the left while the path slants
       right.  Get as close to these vents as possible and when they quit shooting
       steam, zip by them.
    -  There is another steam vent blasting steam upward.  This time, though, the
       steam comes and goes.  You must cross when the steam is active.  Also, you
       must hit it at the highest point to collect the Treasure Chest.  Treasure
       Chest #3.
    -  The next obstacle may be a bit tricky.  You will see two four-length blue
       blocks moving back and forth to two stationary blocks.  A steam vent sits on
       either side.  Time the way the blocks move and get to the stationary block,
       then go across the other moving blocks to make it to the other side.
    -  Use the steam discharge from the seven vents as a path, and get across to
       the other side.  Follow the path around to collect the token.
    | 10.16.5  Task 5:  Bungee Challenge |-----------------------------------------
    The areas are arranged as so:
    Area 1:  Two Targets
    Area 2:  Four Targets
    Area 3:  Four Targets
    This one may be a challenge.  The first area has one line of electric current
    running left to right and vice-versa.  The second area has a line of electric
    current running left to right and vice-versa and another running up and down
    and vice-versa.  The third area has three lines of electric current arranged
    in a circle.  It goes out briefly at regular intervals.  Again, for all three
    areas, time them so you can hit the targets and avoid the currents.  Take out
    all ten targets and you get the token.
    | 10.16.6  Task 6:  Combat Arena Challenge |-----------------------------------
    This is the nastiest combat you will ever face.  This time you get to play
    Patrick.  When it starts, it shows only one enemy.  Look around and you will
    see a lone jellyfish.  Take him down to win the challenge.
    /  10.17  Mission 17:  Drive of the Knucklehead-McSpazitron /__________________
    Treasure Chests:  4
    Heavy Iron's Time:  2:29
    Seems that Spongebob and Patrick are heading back to Bikini Bottom.
    Unfortunately, Plankton has made a few changes since they have been away.
    | 10.17.1  Task 1:  Chaos Ahead, Expect Delays |-------------------------------
    There are only a couple of shortcuts in this mission.  You will have to avoid
    four areas where you can get trapped and fail this mission.  You can collect
    all Treasure Chests at this time.
    -  When you start out, get the nitrous because you will come upon a Plankton
       statue in the process of falling onto the road.  Use the nitrous (if needed)
       to get by.
    -  You will get to a fountain with a ramp.  To the right are small Plankton
       statues.  Go over and run into one to start a domino effect.  At the end,
       they will break through a buildings wall and reveal a shortcut.  Get the
       Treasure Chest at the beginning of this shortcut.  Treasure Chest #1.
    -  Keep going through and you will reach an area where you can go right on a
       collapsing road or left through a tunnel.  Go left and then go left again
       before you get to the water.
    -  Follow this tunnel around to collect a Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #2.
    -  You will make it to an arch with three openings.  Two random opening will
       close leaving only one open.  You must quickly get through the open one
       before it closes also.
    -  When you exit, start pouring on the speed because you have to get by an
       overhanging block that is dropping.
    -  You will then enter the park from the other way.  This time, though, the
       park is covered in oil wells and hot sauce bottles.
    -  Follow the path until you see a fallen Plankton statue, oil well, and
       crane.  The Treasure Chest lies behind these items.  Treasure Chest #3.
    -  Continue along the path and avoid falling rocks.  You will eventually make
       it to a ramp that leads to a building.  Take the ramp and jump into the
       opening of the building.  This is another timed event so be quick.
    -  You will go through the hall and break out the other side.  Now turn around
       and you will see another room under the one you just drove over.  In the
       back is the Treasure Chest.  Treasure Chest #4.
    -  Exit and follow the road out.  You will end up at the Krusty Krab and your
       reward will also be waiting.
    | 10.17.2  Task 2:  Time Challenge |-------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  3:00
    Use the path from Chapter 10.17.1
    | 10.17.3  Task 3:  Ring Challenge |-------------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  N/A
    Pretty straightforward challenge.  Just follow the rings.  Some rings may be
    moving so adjust accordingly.
    | 10.17.4  Task 4:  Macho Time Challenge |-------------------------------------
    Time Limit:  2:35
    Use the path from Chapter 10.17.1
    /  10.18  Mission 18:  Turn the Tables on Plankton /___________________________
    Treasure Chests:  0
    It's the end of the line...finally.  The boys have King Neptune's Crown but
    Plankton has played his last card.  Seems that King Neptune is also a Bucket-
    head so Spongebob and Patrick are going to have to set things right.
    | 10.18.1  Task 1:  Defeat Buckethead King Neptune |---------------------------
    Spongebob gets to deal with the good king on this one.  King Neptune has a
    couple of attacks in his arsenal:  First, he can use fire or electricity from
    his trident; second, he has a laser that can be use to auto-target his victim.
    The goal is for Spongebob to spin all five mirrors so they are facing King
    Neptune.  Then he needs to run over to the frozen Mr. Krabs and wait.  When
    King Neptune fires his laser, it will reflect off Mr. Krabs and bounce between
    the mirrors so they hit the kings bucket and stun him.  You will have to re-
    adjust the mirrors after every hit.
    Spongebob then needs to fire a Sonic Wave to knock some of King Neptune's
    health down.  Continue this pattern until King Neptune is defeated.  Below are
    how things work:
    -  King Neptune attacks with a "rope" of fire.  Make sure you jump over it when
       you are running, and realize you may have to change direction multiple
    -  Once a third of his health is down, King Neptune switches to electricity.
       The best way to hide from this attack is to get on the popped out board
       behind Mr. Krabs.
    -  Once two-thirds of his health is gone, King Neptune collapsing almost the
       entire floor.  You will now have to jump between floor sections to get to
       the mirrors and Mr. Krabs.
    -  As before, set up all the mirrors and wait for the fireworks to begin.  Once
       that is accomplished, your reward is the token plus Plankton being "helped"
       out.  Scene fade.
    ******************************** U N I T  V ***********************************
    | 11.  ABILITIES AND UPGRADES |================================================
    Both Spongebob and Patrick have special abilities that will allow them to get
    through the game.  The first ability is already given.  It is the Spin attack.
    After that, you must earn enough Goofy Goober Tokens to acquire the other
    In addition to acquiring the moves, you can also upgrade their moves to a macho
    level.  This enables them to destroy more enemies in one shot, increases the
    damage radius, or allows a longer time for the attack to continue.  In order to
    upgrade, you must earn manliness points.  For a certain number of points, you
    will earn an upgrade point which can be applied to any stat (including the
    health stat).
    Below are the abilities and also the upgrade chart.
    / 11.1  Spongebob's Abilities /________________________________________________
    Spongebob starts off with three health points and the Karate Spin.
    | 11.1.1  Karate Spin |--------------------------------------------------------
    When acquired  :  Starts with
    Tokens required:  N/A
    Upgrade        :  More power; able to deflect shots
    Spongebob's basic attack.  Try to upgrade as quickly as possible so you can
    deflect enemy shots from Flingers, Turrets, Poppers, and Mervyns.
    | 11.1.2  Bash |---------------------------------------------------------------
    When acquired  :  Mission 4
    Tokens required:  5
    Upgrade        :  Delayed explosive Bash
    Allows you to hit overhead targets.  The upgrade allows you to leave your glove
    as a delayed timer bomb.  It will go off in about three seconds.
    | 11.1.3  Spongebowl |---------------------------------------------------------
    When acquired  :  Mission 10
    Tokens required:  20
    Upgrade        :  Explosive ball
    Enables Spongebob to utilize spinner switches and to hit targets at a distance.
    When upgraded, the Spongebowl also comes with an explosive radius which can
    destroy more enemies along its path.  In addition, it allows you to strike
    multiple switches if they are close together.
    | 11.1.4  Sonic Wave Guitar |--------------------------------------------------
    When acquired  :  Mission 16
    Tokens required:  40
    Upgrade        :  Wider blast radius
    Your basic guided missile.  Allows you to strike targets well out of reach.
    Good for long-range strikes.  Upgrading gives you a bigger blast radius which
    could be handy if the enemies are packed close together.
    / 11.2  Patrick's Abilities /__________________________________________________
    Patrick starts off with three health points and the Star Spin.
    | 11.2.1  Star Spin |----------------------------------------------------------
    When acquired  :  Starts with
    Tokens required:  N/A
    Upgrade        :  More power, able to deflect shots
    Patrick's basic attack.  Try to upgrade as quickly as possible so you can
    deflect enemy shots from Flingers, Turrets, Poppers, and Mervyns.
    | 11.2.2  Cartwheel |----------------------------------------------------------
    When acquired  :  Mission 2
    Tokens required:  2
    Upgrade        :  Greater damage radius
    Allows Patrick to "roll" around and strike multiple enemies or objects.  Up-
    grading increases the damage radius so he doesn't have to directly strike one
    of the above.
    | 11.2.3  Porpoise Smash |-----------------------------------------------------
    When acquired  :  Mission 6
    Tokens required:  10
    Upgrade        :  Stun enemies
    The overhead Smash.  Allows Patrick to deal with enemies, such as Spinners,
    that cannot be directly attacked from the side.  The upgrade allows Patrick to
    also stun enemies.  When combined with the Throw ability, Patrick can use
    stunned enemies as weapons.
    | 11.2.4  Throw |--------------------------------------------------------------
    When acquired  :  Mission 11
    Tokens required:  25
    Upgrade        :  Longer throwing distance and more power to throw
    Allows Patrick to pick up objects and throw them.  When upgraded, it gives him
    a greater distance he can throw and adds more power to his throw.  Allows him
    to destroy enemies with one shot.
    / 11.3  Upgrade Chart /________________________________________________________
    To get upgrades, you must acquire Manliness Points.  These points are gotten by
    destroyed items or enemies.  In addition, you can also pick them up (in the
    form of weights) along your path.  The point values for these weights are (they
    are color coded):
    Red Weights   :   1
    Yellow Weights:   2
    Green Weights :   5
    Blue  Weights :  10
    Purple Weights:  50
    You also get bonus points for killing multiple enemies or destroying multiple
    objects.  These points are based on how many Manliness Points you already have.
    These points range from 1 to 200 points.  Chapter 11.4 will list the Manliness
    Point spread for the enemies and items taken out.
    Both Spongebob and Patrick require a total of seven upgrades to be totally
    upgraded.  This translates to three more health points and the four abilities.
    This means you will need 14 upgrade points total.  The chart below will
    enumerate the upgrade points as if you didn't upgrade.
                               | UPGRADE # | MNPTRE |
                               |     1     |    250 |
                               |     2     |  1,500 |
                               |     3     |  3,000 |
                               |     4     |  5,000 |
                               |     5     |  7,000 |
                               |     6     |  9,000 |
                               |     7     | 11,000 |
                               |     8     | 14,000 |
                               |     9     | 17,000 |
                               |    10     | 20,000 |
                               |    11     | 23,000 |
                               |    12     | 27,000 |
                               |    13     | 31,000 |
                               |    14     | 35,000 |
    / 11.4  Manliness Point Calculations /_________________________________________
    As you acquire Manliness points, all enemies and items can be worth more or
    less depending on how many you have going into a mission.  The reason, I
    suspect, is to make you move forward to gain more points and not try to
    accumulate them by constantly going back to the "easy" missions.
    This system also applies to certain tasks that may accumulate points.  These
    tasks are the Combat Arena Challenge, Floating Block Challenge, and Spongeball
    Challenge.  These also will be indicated on the chart.
    Points are given as a range.  Anything below the first number is classified as
    a low value and anything above the second number is classified as a high value.
    All other values are classified as normal.  In Chapter 12, three values will be
    given:  They will be High, Normal, and Low.  To figure out how many Manliness
    points you will get for a particular enemy, just look at how many Manliness
    points you already have and figure out which mission you are on.  Look at the
    table of values to see where the low and high points lie.  Then, using the
    numbers in Chapter 12, you can determine what a particular enemy or item is
    You also get Manliness points for destroying multiple objects.  The more
    objects destroyed at one time, the more Manliness points you will get as a
    The table of values is as follows (NOTE:  If multiple missions or tasks use the
    same range, it will be noted.  In addition, tasks will be denoted by chapter
    number. i.e. task 10.4.4 for example):
                        LEGEND:  HV=HIGH VALUE; LV=LOW VALUE
          | MISSION OR TASK                              |   LV   |   HV   |
          | MISSIONS 1 - 3                               |      0 |  4,200 |
          | MISSIONS 4 & 5; TASK 10.4.4; TASK 10.4.6     |  4,201 |  8,200 |
          | MISSIONS 6 - 8; TASK 10.6.5                  |  8,201 | 14,700 |
          | MISSIONS 9 & 10; TASK 10.10.4                | 14,701 | 20,900 |
          | MISSIONS 11 & 12; TASK 10.11.5; TASK 10.11.6 | 20,901 | 25,800 |
          | MISSIONS 13 - 15                             | 25,801 | 29,800 |
          | MISSIONS 16 - 18; TASK 10.16.4               | 29,801 | 35,500 |
    NOTE:  TASKS 10.2.5, 10.6.6, 10.10.6, AND 10.16.6 ONLY HAVE A LV OF 0 AND A HV
           OF 1
    The point values of combinations are listed below.  In order to achieve a
    combination, each item must be destroyed within approximately one second of the
    last item in the chain.
             HV=HIGH VALUE
                              |  #  |  LV |  NM | HV |
                              | 0-2 |   0 |   0 |  0 |
                              |  3  |   4 |   2 |  1 |
                              |  4  |   6 |   3 |  1 |
                              |  5  |  10 |   5 |  1 |
                              |  6  |  20 |  10 |  1 |
                              |  7  |  30 |  15 |  1 |
                              |  8  |  40 |  20 |  1 |
                              |  9  |  50 |  25 |  1 |
                              | 10  |  60 |  30 |  1 |
                              | 11  |  80 |  40 |  1 |
                              | 12  | 100 |  50 |  1 |
                              | 13  | 120 |  60 |  1 |
                              | 14  | 150 |  75 |  1 |
                              | 15  | 200 | 100 |  1 |
    | 12.  ENEMIES AND ITEMS |=====================================================
    Both Spongebob and Patrick will need to defeat their enemies and be able to
    manipulate items in the game.  These enemies and items have distinct
    characteristics.  Also note that most of these enemies have an antenna on top
    of their head.  This is an indicator as to whether they are going to attack
    Spongebob or Patrick.  Green means they are clueless, Yellow means they are
    alert but not ready to attack, Red means they are actively engaging Spongebob
    or Patrick.
    / 12.1  Enemies /______________________________________________________________
    Although there are only nine named enemies, each of these is a general class.
    As you move farther into the missions, the enemies also upgrade and become a
    little tougher.  These types will be noted in the description of the enemy.
    | 12.1.1  Bucket-O-Tron |------------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  100 points
    Normal:   50 points
    High  :    1 point
    Their only purpose in life is to generate monsters.  They can only take one hit
    to shut them down permanently.
    | 12.1.2  Flinger |------------------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  80, 90, or 100 points
    Normal:  40, 45, or  50 points
    High  :   1 point
    As their name implies, they like to throw frozen goo.  Not only does it detract
    from the health of Spongebob or Patrick, it also causes the surface they are on
    to become very slippery.  This can be especially hazardous when one is on
    narrow ledges.  Their shots can be returned to them via the Spin Attack.
    | 12.1.3  Fogger |-------------------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  20, 30, or 40 points
    Normal:  10, 15, or 20 points
    High  :   1 point
    There are three versions of this enemy.  All share a common trait of exhaling a
    toxic cloud.  Getting caught in this cloud subtracts one health point.  After
    the Fogger exhales, it retreats so it can recharge.  Type 1 and 2 Foggers take
    only one hit but the Type 3 takes two Spins to kill.
    | 12.1.4  Jellyfish |----------------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  10 points
    Normal:   5 points
    High  :   1 point
    Your basic jellyfish.  They attack with electricity if Spongebob or Patrick get
    too close.  They come in regular and Buckethead varieties.
    | 12.1.5  Mervyn |-------------------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  140, 160, or 200 points
    Normal:   70,  80, or 100 points
    High  :    1 point
    Probably one of the most dangerous enemies in the game.  The Type 1 and 2
    Mervyns are only equipped with a laser.  Unfortunately, this laser can not only
    drain health quickly, it can also push Spongebob or Patrick away from where
    they are going.  The Type 3 launches a rocket which is MIRV (Multiple
    Independently-Targeted Reentry Vehicle) capable.  This means that the rocket
    breaks up into six MIRV's that home in on Spongebob or Patrick.  These shots
    can be returned.
    | 12.1.6  Popper |-------------------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  120, 130, or 140 points
    Normal:   60,  65, or  70 points
    High  :    1 point
    As their name implies, these enemies like to "hit and run".  The first two
    types fire three slow shots while the Type 3 fires six fast shots.  If
    Spongebob or Patrick get too close, they dive into the ground and appear else-
    where.  They also do this if you make a successful hit on them without
    destroying them.  Their shots can be returned.
    | 12.1.7  Slammer |------------------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  60, 70, or 80 points
    Normal:  30, 35, or 40 points
    High  :   1 point
    These enemies usually carry around a heavy object.  Their claim to fame is the
    ability to use this heavy object to reach out and touch someone...namely
    Spongebob or Patrick.
    | 12.1.8  Spinner |------------------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  100, 110, or 170 points
    Normal:   50,  55, or  80 points
    High  :    1 point
    This "master/dog" combination packs a mean punch (as well as bite).  When the
    dog starts spinning around its master, only an attack from above can stop him.
    They can chew through any obstacle to get to Spongebob or Patrick.
    | 12.1.9  Turret |-------------------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  40, 50, or 100 points
    Normal:  20, 25, or  60 points
    High  :   1 point
    These enemies will appear out barrels and launch their attack.  The first two
    types typically fire a single, slow salvo one way while the Type 3 does it
    "machine-gun" style by raking the area back-and-forth.  Their shots can be
    / 12.2  Items /________________________________________________________________
    Although there are only nine named enemies, each of these is a general class.
    As you move farther into the missions, the enemies also upgrade and become a
    little tougher.  These types will be noted in the description of the enemy.
    | 12.2.1  Balloon Box |--------------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  10 points
    Normal:   5 points
    High  :   1 point
    These are upside-down cardboard boxes on balloons.  They can be used as
    stepping-stones or broken apart.
    | 12.2.2  Explosive Barrel |---------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  20 points
    Normal:  10 points
    High  :   1 point
    Just as the name implies, these barrels explode.  When you get too near them,
    you will have approximately three seconds to get clear of the blast radius.
    Great for flinging into enemies or blowing apart large walls of objects.
    | 12.2.3  Freezy Fruit |-------------------------------------------------------
    Freezes goo, lava lakes, rivers, and other bodies of liquid for 18 seconds.
    | 12.2.4  Krabby Patties |-----------------------------------------------------
    Restores one unit of health to Spongebob, Patrick, or the Patty Wagon
    | 12.2.5  Steel Safe |---------------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  50 points
    Normal:  25 points
    High  :   1 point
    These virtually indestructible items have many uses.  Besides being used as a
    weapon against your enemies, they can also be stacked up to allow access into
    higher parts of an area.
    | 12.2.6  Teleport Box |-------------------------------------------------------
    Use these for shortcuts.  You must open the boxes at either end for them to
    work.  This means you may have to navigate the hazards the first time around
    but after that, you can go around them.
    | 12.2.7  Television Monitor |-------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  30 points
    Normal:  15 points
    High  :   1 point
    These items disappear when you get too close.  That means you must hit them
    from a distance with either your character's ability or another object.
    | 12.2.8  Watermelon |---------------------------------------------------------
    Good for solving puzzles, using on pressure plates, or stacking to reach higher
    elevations.  Deteriorates over time:  More so when left on the ground.
    | 12.2.9  Wood Crate |---------------------------------------------------------
    Low   :  4 points
    Normal:  2 points
    High  :  1 point
    Your basic wooden crate.  They are easily shattered by a simple Spin attack.
    | 13.  TREASURE CHESTS |=======================================================
    Although not required for 100% completion, the Treasure Chests give a variety
    of extras to the player that unlocks them.  The Treasure Chests are unlocked
    sequentially as you find them.  It doesn't matter what mission or task you are
    on, each chest found opens the next one in line until you get all 42 of them.
    The Treasure Chests themselves are arranged in a 7x6 grid like this (NOTE:
    These numbers will be used later on to show what is in each Treasure Chest):
                           |  1   2   3   4   5   6   7 |
                           |  8   9  10  11  12  13  14 |
                           | 15  16  17  18  19  20  21 |
                           | 22  23  24  25  26  27  28 |
                           | 29  30  31  32  33  34  35 |
                           | 36  37  38  39  40  41  42 |
    The following is a breakdown of what each chest contains.  Since a majority of
    them contain FMV's, Soundbites, and Artwork, these will be grouped together by
    their location numbers on the chart.  For the remaining things, Costume and
    Game Mods, they will be explained in more detail.
    / 13.1  Movie /________________________________________________________________
    Chests:  1, 6, 8, 13, 15, 18, 21, 23, 26, 29, 35, 38, 40, 42
    Icon  :  Film Clip
    This represents both the trailers and clips from the original movie in addition
    to the in-game movies.
    / 13.2  Sound Bites /__________________________________________________________
    Chests:  5, 11, 16, 19, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36
    Icon  :  Musical Note
    These contain witty sayings from Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton to
    name a few.  Many of these are in the game but there are a few that aren't.
    Great for quieting someone up.
    / 13.3  Art /__________________________________________________________________
    Chests:  4, 9, 10, 14, 22, 28, 34, 37
    Icon   :  Artist's Palette
    These are captures of the original artwork that was considered for the game.
    It also shows how drawings were fleshed out to show how some of the missions
    were put together.
    / 13.4  Costume /______________________________________________________________
    Chests:  2, 20, 32, 41
    Icon  :  Hanger
    This allows you to put an alternate costume on Spongebob and/or Patrick.  It
    also allows you to make them totally blank and without features.  Keep in mind
    that if you activate two costumes for the same character, the game will default
    to the last (highest chest number) costume.  Also be aware that these costumes
    may not be available or function on all missions.  The costumes are:
    Chest  2:  Mermaid Man Spongebob
    Chest 20:  Disco Patrick
    Chest 32:  Plain Patrick
    Chest 41:  Plain Sponge Spongebob
    / 13.5  Game Mods /____________________________________________________________
    Chests:  3, 7, 12, 17, 25, 31, 39
    Icon  :  Cog
    These are things that allow you to change the appearance of in-game objects or
    enemies.  The changes are:
    Chest  3:  Long Buckethead Antennas - Extends the length of the antennas on the
    Chest  7:  New Targeting Hand - Replaces the old arrow with a bigger arrow with
               a happy face.
    Chest 12:  Buckethead Antenna Fountain - Turns the light on top of the antenna
               into a sparkler.
    Chest 17:  Fish Hook Hand - Changes the out-of-bounds hand into a hook.
    Chest 25:  Tiny Foggers - Reduces the size of the Foggers by about 75%.  They
               can still inflict the same damage, but they are just very small.
    Chest 31:  La Cocoracha Horn - Gives the Patty Wagon a new sounding horn.
    Chest 39:  Magnetic Pickup -  Allows Patrick or Spongebob to grab objects they
               are close to.
    ********************************  U N I T  VI *********************************
    | 14.  CONCLUSION |============================================================
    Spongebob Squarepants:  The Movie is a fast paced, highly energetic game.  It
    is both very challenging and very frustrating at times.  THQ did a good job of
    integrating the movie with the game.  If you didn't watch the movie, don't
    worry, since the game does a great job of explaining the plot.  If you already
    saw the movie, then this will be more of a review except you get to be in the
    "driver's seat" and play some of the main characters.  There is good replay-
    ability as you attempt to get through each task and trying to get all the
    Treasure Chests for each mission.  Plus, this game shows how the Spongebob
    games, in general, have progressed through the couple of years that they have
    been made.  This guide, though, was a lot of fun to write and I hope you get as
    much enjoyment out of reading it as I did writing it.  If you do have other
    ideas or thoughts, please e-mail me and share them.  Who knows, maybe I'll
    start a Q&A chapter in this guide if enough people ask the same questions.
    Anyway, thank you again for reading this guide.
    To see other FAQ's I have written please go to:
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