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Reviewed: 09/25/04

Hold up, this ain't no joke! This is REAL!!!

Ah, my patience is really somethine. After witnessing the best of the first game (I'm so ashamed I couldn't do a review on that), the second one had started me to wonder. Ok, they've made a great wrestling+hip hop game, now how are they going to make it even better? Easy, turn it into a fighting game, add it with a bunch of customizable options and turn it crazy. Well, I might sound over reacting, but hey, if it's good then why pass it up? Bring the match on!

Instead of the first game, where your pal Manny needed you to replace him for a few matches which resulted into you getting even deeper and in the end kicking the last boss, D-Mob out of comission, the story starts diffrently. This time, you start off just after D-Mob got arrested which enables you to see D-Mob being escorted to jail. On the way, a mysterious suv hits the car and D-Mob is busted out. The guy escorting D-Mob is then needed to testify what the guy who brooke D-Mob looks like. Then, you are brought to the create a character screen. Guess what? You're THE BAD GUY THIS TIME! You're just out here making it big for yourself. Great eh?

-Create a character
Well, everybody has been wanting this to happen for so long actually. This time around, customizing your own character is possible enough. Since at the start, you have the choice of creating yourself by the "sketch artist". You assign what you look like, from hair, eye, nose, ear, mouth, facial hair, eye brow, face structure, and body size. All are detailed to perfection. When you get into the tutorial, you have to pick out one of five fighting styles, ranging from kick boxing, submission, street fighting, wrestling and martial arts. The lessons your thought should get you to understand what style of fighting suit you better. Like grappling? Go wrestling. Like breaking necks? Go submission. LIke punching hard? Go street fighting. You choose what you want. The blaze moves are amazing this time. You coud assign up to four moves to your right analog stick and then unleash it when your blazing.

After a while, you'll want buy more clothing for yourself making yourself impressive to the crowd, while at other times look good. The shops available are always there to help. Need a good supply of body ink? Go to Manny and he'll help your tatoo needs. Need a fresh new hair? Go to Stingray and he'll cut you in no time. (Weird how from flat hair turns into afro in 3 seconds or less). Clothes are available at Snowman's shop, he'll provide you with clothing form Fila, Sean John, Phat farm, Air Jordan and more. A fighter's got to have blings to show off, so stop by at Jacobs as he provides some impressive bling-bling for ya. Henry Rollins could beef you up at Stapleton so make sure you see him each time you get your dev points. All the these things are available for you but still, they don't come in straight, since clothes need shipment, Manny need skills to learn and you need to beat fighters to learn their blazing moves.

Uh, do I need to explain this? Ok ok. Generally, this title is a fighting game. It still remains to be half wrestling since you still grapple the opponent. The fighting engine is redifined into something even better this time, since the environment is now your friend, or better yet friends. Use the crowd to your advantage, take bottles and break your opponents head, slam them onto walls and throw your opponents to the subway tracks. Almost everything you have is an arsenal to go with. The button assigning, is not pleasing. How come the punch button is triangle and kick button is square? It feels to weird. The block button at R1 is ok. The grapple and run button is still the same. But, how come they don't let us assign buttons to our own style? Please, don't make this mistake next time. KO'ing your opponent can be done in many ways. Double team with the crowd. Use the wall to give punishment or just charge up the old momentum meter and let the finisher loose! All in all, this is a great engine AKI has made and I do hope it could be improved somemore next time.

This is DEF JAM. If you put in a bunch of rock songs in the fight, I'd be giving it a zero as a score. The hip hop songs are all a match to the fighting matches and all of it are worth it. At least this time, you could customize the play list and you can unlock even more. This game has got some of the best tracks from all of the artist of Def Jam, and even more like Outkast.

-What I would say?
Jaw Dropping. From the intro to the fight match. This game really stunned me. From the start I heard of the sequel annoucement until the release of this game and into my house, I have been prasing this game because of what it is, a fighting game. I am a really hardcore fighting game lover, and this game has got my hopes up for an even better game in the next time. The method of getting your girlfriend, to grudge matches, and even till the time you play this game again, you'll have this game hooked for a long time. Fighting gamers, get a real load of this! New gamers, might want to try and buy it. It never dissapointed me, so how come it would to you? Too bad, I couldn't find the online play.

FINAL SCORE!!!!-10/10 (Too little flaw, just too little)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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