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More weapons means more bolts 02/11/11 Arcreium
2 Words: Absolutly Incredible 11/09/04 ASMgamer193
Quite possibly the most perfect game ever created 11/09/15 BoogerMonster
One of the coolest, most exciting games for PS2. 04/27/05 chunkyliver1204
Like taking nuclear candy from a robot baby...forcefully. 11/08/04 DashMage
A fantastic follow-up to a lacking sequel 12/20/04 essellAY
Insomniac delivers 11/12/04 glory of power metal
Yet another great Ratchet & Clank adventure 12/13/04 I N F E R N O
Another reason to keep your PS2! 12/21/04 in2Nas
Worth every penny... 11/17/04 invictus75
A dissapointment that is still good. 03/11/05 Jeremiah the kitsune
...and I though the second one would be the best... 11/16/04 KillerCrono599
Insomniac delivers again! This game will keep you up all night! 11/16/04 kirbyroks
Best Platformer Yet! 11/08/04 ManiacOVG
Going up your arsenal has never been this much fun! 01/03/05 MetalGearManiac
Simply the best. :D 03/07/05 monkeyman10219
"Where does he get those wonderful toys?" 01/03/05 MrSkip
What another Ratchet and Clank game? 11/29/04 Ocelot529
Up Your Arsenal: Best Game Title of the Year 01/05/05 Omniwrench1
Why Insomiac, why?! 11/23/04 PS2OfHorror522
Ratchet and Clank are back again in this fun-filled shooter/platformer 12/09/04 Snake567
All that and a bag of bolts! 12/20/04 xboarthefighterx
Short, yes. Multiplayer, yes. Horribly fun, without a doubt. 11/09/04 XenoAngelus
The Return Of The Guiltiest Pleasure This Side Of The Solana Galaxy! 11/09/04 Zodiac21

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