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Reviewed: 02/08/06

Sony has hit the Jackpot

A perfect game for the perfect consul. This is one of Sony's greatest games they have ever made right next to Twisted Metal: Black and David Jeffe made both of the games. If David Jeffe keeps up his streak with bring consul games back to life (Twisted Metal Franchise) he will be one of the most popular video game directors. This game has been in development for over 3 years and every hour was worth it. Everything in this game is wonderfully done while Pushing the PS2 to the limits. Now lets stop talking and get to the review.

Sound: 9/10
The vioce overs are extremly good with a couple of flaws. There are some "cheesy" parts which get sort of annoying. Beside that Sony has done great with the voice actors. There is new and original Music for each boss or monsters you fight. God of War even has a sound track you can either buy from a store like Best Buy or Walmart. You could also get the music off of the internet when you get the code on the back of your game. Lets just hope that Sony wont screw up in the second God of War. Thats why im giving it a 9 in the sound area.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are actually really good. From the opening graphics to the end of the game it stays really good. The blood is done wounderfully, it even looks more then real (if thats possible). Even the boobies look very nice (if your a pervert). Overall the graphics are really good on the cut-scenes but they could have been a little better for the gameplay wise (it is good though, dont get me wrong). Resident Evil 4 had really good graphics for the gameplay and so does God of War but not as good as Resident Evil 4. You cant really compare the graphics to Resident Evil 4 though because there in different views. When your climbing the titan you can see it walking and it is so pretty and wounderful. The cover even looks really awesome and if you flip the cover around you will be enthused in how good the graphics are for a hidden piece of paper. It made me stare at the titan walking for over and half hour. So overall the graphics are nothing less then awesome.

Story: 10/10
Its a basic story about someone wanting to get revenge on another person but this story has some twists and some turns. This is different because you are a person named Kratoes who is mad at a god for making him kill his family. The twists and turns are when in the story you think your charactor (kratoes) is dead but actually something else happens. The beginning is a little confusing but after a while through the game you will catch up to the story. If they ever make a sequal for God of War it will be hard for them to beat the story but I have faith in Sony.

Gameplay: 10/10
This is the biggest and by far the best part of God of War. From the very addictive and very fun button combinations to the new weapons and combos. When the gameplay starts to feel the same they add a new weapon or moves that changes everything. There are even some special moves you can use to help the gameplay a lot. The puzzles also feel new and fresh. each puzzle is different and if you dont due them in at the right time you could end up being dead. There may not be that many puzzles but to tell you the truth there some of the first puzzle part of games I like. Every boss battle has a new and unique type of battle. Like I said before the best element of God of War and one of the best gameplay elements of a lot of games.

Greek Mythology: 10/10
The games Greek Mythology stays true to the old mythology. It has most of the creatures from them and the bigger ones are bosses. Even if you rip the head of Medusa you can freeze people plus they can freeze you and kill you instanly. There is also the harpies which is a flying type monster. They have all of them. You can even go into hell (hades). Whenever Kratoes is about to say hell he uses hades which all of the people back then used. Even in the instruction booklet it talks about all of the greek charactors and some new people they added in the game. They even have a conversation with the gods in the booklet. Overall they stay pretty true to greek mythology.

Length: 8/10
It is a really short game. The first time you play the game it will last around 10-15 hours and if you play the second time it should take you 4-8 hours just to finish the game. They also have some bonus movies you can watch to waste some time plus the challange of the Gods. The challange of the Gods are more of really hard then long but once you beat it you will have some costumes you can check out with there own ability's. Then if you wanna unlock the all of the secrets your going to have to beat god mode which would take you roughly around 20 hours because of the difficulty but after then theres not much else to do. Overall I was kind of mad about the length but with the difficulty of Challange of the Gods and God mode it wasnt so bad seeing is that it would take you forever to beat. If you ask me thought they should've added the couple of things they took out because of time. It would have made the game a heck of a lot funner and longer.

Overall: 10/10
A great game with minor flaws which wont hurt the overall score. It is an awesome game which everyone should atleast try once if not until you unlock all of the bonus's. Not one part of this game has yet to get me bored and it wont get you bored either. If God of War has a sequal I hope it will be as good as this one but it may be hard seeing how great God of War is.

Kids: For Kids this game is not for. It has a lot of nudity in the game (which looks good since it has extremly good graphics). On the back it says Strong Language but thats nothing to worry about because it only says **** twice plus it was only on the bonus movies. There is a load of blood and gore but it wont be bad if the kids nice and never violent but if there bad enough, you wont wanna see him after the game. Overall this game shouldnt be allowed to kids under 17 (even though im 13) unless the kid has some good self control. Im kind of surprised thought that Jack Thompson or Hilary Clinton haven't gone after this game and try to ban it from stores. I advice the people who are allowed to play this game to buy it as fast as you can before they find it and try to take it off the store shelves.

Buy or Rent?
You have to buy this game. You could rent it until the price drops but this game is a game you will want to keep for as long as you have a PS2. Even if you have an Xbox or and Gamecube you should go rent a PS2 to at least try it. This is one of the best selling game in 2005 and tons of people has the copy. So if you don't have it you should smack yourself in the face. If your planning to buy it then great because it will become a greatest hits and the price will eventually lower to twenty dollars. Seriously though like I said before you should try buying the game before it gets taking off shelves when Jack Thompson plays it (if he ever plays it) if not at least try it out by renting it somewhere. Just do not miss out on this great game!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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