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Reviewed: 12/01/05

Epic, brilliant, beauitful. That about sums this game up.

Story: The story in this game is amazing on all scales besides for possibly character development. Ares the God of War has gone insane and threatens to siege his comrades with his armies. Zeus has commanded that the gods don't wage war against their brother, and so they have to turn to someone, something for help. That man is Kratos. A torn, twisted, brutal warrior looking for answers on his past, and for revenge. The story is far, far more complicated then that. And at the end of this brutal journey, you will feel some kind of emotion. Be it happiness, or almost feeling sorry for Kratos. The game has a few very well delivered twists, and I believe the last hour or so of the game to be fantastic, and almost un-beatable in a scale of sheer brilliance and top notch storytelling. I can't stress enough that this is an epic, violent journey which will leave you feeling all fuzzy inside in the end. However, this is not a story for kids or the cuddly story lovers. Its sad, brutal, violent, and messy and full of tragic twists, and upsetting moments. This is a very mature story, in a very Mature game.... and thats just the way I like it. This game is probably beaten in seriousness, twists, and plot lines by the Metal gear series. 9/10

Graphics: Visually stunning for Ps2 standards. CGI is like a moving painting its so beautiful. Character models are gorgeous, and environments are large and very pretty. There is a load of particle effects, small details like blades of grass, and drips of water. Facial movement to voice-actors is almost perfect, animations are slick and fluid. This game is the very best the Ps2 can push out in visuals. However, don't think this is the best looking game of all time. Both Game cube and X-box have far better looking games, but for Ps2 this is an Oscar winner. If this were a contest for best CGI cut scenes however, this would be the very best. Anyway, expect to see a lot of detail in this game. And at some points I check to see if I'm really playing it in a Ps2. Like looking over a vast, polished mountain side over a swirling mist of sand over a desert landscape, or watching water stream down a waterfall. I was not expecting what I got in this section. For Ps2, 10/10.

Sound: This is by far the best part of the game. The sound detail is so high its insane. Voice-overs are some of the very best, possibly only rivaled by devil may cry 3. You can tell the actors put a lot of serious emotion into this game. It isn't just your basic one-liners, and cheap writing. The dialogue is very realistic, gripping, and fits very well with the mature and serious tone of the game. Swords clashing sounds great, crunching of bones, howling desert winds, everything. Everything is at such a high level of detail I sometimes wonder if is real life, or a game. The music in this game is the very best it can get, too. This is one of the best orchestral scores I've ever heard. Its intense, beautiful, and almost spine-chillingly beautiful and it fits right in with the game. No longer is it monk chanting crap, or anything like this. This is the real, serious stuff. I'm stomped, I can't explain how amazing the musical score is. The only words I can think of are near perfect. I don't think I missed anything. The brutal fighting sounds intense, and realistically bloody. Roars of monsters never sound better, and in the terms of awesome voice Kratos will never be beaten. Like I said, this is the best part of the game. I easily give it a 10/10.

Game play: The fighting in this game is epic, brutal, and very very mature. Heads being torn off, bodies ripped in half, impaling. Its all very great. You have a few weapons in this game, but the ones you mostly will use are your "Blades of Chaos". They're blades attached to chains which are melded to your wrists for reasons I will not say, because its important in the plot line. Anyway, the blades act like flails in a way. They rip, shred, knock enemies into the air and kick major butt. And you can pull off sick combos too. Its not a rarity to pull off 100+ swings and rips against a group of enemies without stopping. You can juggle the enemies, throw them in the air, jump higher then them and then slash them to the ground, and obviously way more. You buy your combos and moves from red orbs (Souls, blood, or something else. You never really find out.) that you collect from enemies when you kill them, and from chests. And when you reach a certain level in each of your powers and weapons, they get upgraded with new moves abilities power and speed. The whole system of buying and upgrading isn't complicated, but its easy to use and fun. Any how, the enemies. You fight loads of enemies in this game. Zombie minions, Harpies, cyclops, bull creatures with huge axes, and some more. There aren't many monsters to fight, but they all provide their level of challenge and fun. And believe me, when you're surrounded by loads of zombies, some flying harpies, and a cyclops is barreling towards you, you'll be glad there aren't a lot of enemies. As for the bosses, there are very few. About five if I can recall. But, they still are very fun and imaginative. Like, a giant bull thing surrounded in spiked armor for instance. Very strange, but cool. Now I need to mention this game is NOT for kids. There is nudity (Upper, not lower. And only women.) insanely brutal kills, blood, gore in the boatloads, ripping, torturing, burning, and more. But its a good thing. Its a breath of fresh air from childish games that really try and hide the swearing, hide the blood, and everything. And don't think the blood, gore, and violence is cheesy and just for kicks. Its very real, very serious, and this game /never/ tries to be corny. One of the reasons why its being made into a movie I suppose. This game never even slips slightly into the realm of one-liners, punching through heads and laughing, or any fake stuff. As I was saying, this game carries a very mature feeling through the entire game, and its not your basic hack and slash. Like I mentioned, there is nudity which is very realistically done, not like perfect women and stuff like that, there is one hidden thing with sex in it (Even though you don't see it.), and the tale of Kratos is a sad lament basically. There is almost nothing happy in the entire game.

Well, wrapping things up there are quite a few puzzles too, but they're mostly just pushing this, moving that, jumping here, flipping there. Nothing to great compared to how much detail went into the rest of the game. If you've played Devil May Cry 3, Ry-gar, or a few more games I forget the names of you will see this game copies elements from them all, but mostly Devil may cry 3. But thats a good thing, sorta. Unless you have some kind of insane grudge against anything that takes some elements from other games for its own good. Well, I think I covered everything here. This is one of the most epic games I've ever played, and the only one that made me sigh at he end because I wanted more, and I wanted to see a game like this again. Hopefully a sequel, or prequel will be made. I don't know, but lets just all hope. 8/10

Replay: There isn't really much motivation to play this more then two times. One for normal mode, and more of God mode to unlock more stuff. There are bonuses, movies on how they made the game, what was left out, and a lot more. There is a god mode which is very tough, and artwork. And yes, this is the only game ever created that makes me glad there is artwork in it to look at. Though the game itself is pretty short, its very good and is worth playing a second time through. 7/10

Final: If you're not a mature gamer, and don't know if this game is to adult for you or not, you should rent it. However, if anyone like me is tolerant to nudity, violence, sadness, blood and gore then you should buy it as soon as possible. Its worth whatever the price and some. 7 days just won't be enough to beat this game though, and fully enjoy it. I'll say that up front. Well, goodnight everyone and I hoped you enjoyed my review!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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