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Reviewed: 10/28/05

God of War is really everything that has been said about it. It is an amazingly fun action game that should not be missed for any reason.

For any PS2 owner God of War really needs no introduction. Whether you have played it or not, pretty much everyone who owns a PS2 has heard of God of War. Now I must say I for one figured "God of War is probably just one of those overrated games, that really isn't that great" Boy, was I ever wrong. God of War, while not perfect is a totally plain, awesome game.

Kratos is the main character of God of War, and the game actually starts off very odd. The game really doesn't have any sort of introduction, it just sort of throws you into the game. Later the story slowly unfolds revealing things over time. I really don't want to say much, because I figure God of Wars story is better learned by the player experiencing it. But if you like Greek mythology and action adventures or adventures of mystery and gods you will love this games story.

Kratos is also pretty much an anti-hero and a pretty cool one at that. He is very cold and ruthless and there are a few memorable moments throughout the game involving him and a few other characters. Kratos has a past that he can not remember and it is a terrible past that would drive anyone to insanity.

The simple thing about God of War that makes it so great is that it is FUN. There are very few frustrating parts of this game. It has a lot of puzzles but mostly just action, but the action is never boring it is always just fun and cool. It is really unlike any other action adventure. Your 1 weapon that you have for a very large portion of the game has so many different combos and attacks you never feel bored of them. And the "Blades of Chaos" are just really cool to swing at enemies. Your weapons also feel very powerful.

The cool thing about this game is that right from the beginning you are just thrown right into the action against these big hydra beasts from the ocean that are extremely powerful. Then you fight the giant hydra in your first boss fight, which comes very soon into the game.

God of War has puzzles thrown into it, but they are neither to easy, nor to hard. While they are more easy than they are hard, they are interesting enough and fun. I only became frustrated at a "puzzle" about 2 times in the entire game, and they wern't even really puzzles. It was mostly just dodging things and getting to the end. Which in reality were not very hard and were only frustrating because I was attempting to do them in the wrong way. God of War is generally not very pushing to you either, since every new area has a "checkpoint" that you don't really know about so if you fall and die you will come back alive very close to where you died.

There are other parts of the game like climbing that are also mixed with action. When your scaling the side of a wall you can swing your blades at enemies, or grab them and bash their faces into the wall and then throw them down, although the enemies can try to do similar things to you. Also when you are fighting enemies on the ground often times the "circle" button will flash over your opponents head and you get to execute a really cool finishing move to them similar to Mortal Kombats "Fatalities" although these are less "cheesy" in a sense, but are also very gruesome. Sometimes when you execute the "circle" button you will go into a sort of mini-game where Kratos will start performing all these brutal attacks. During his attacks a button will flash on the screen and you must press it in time to continue the assault. Eventually Kratos will kill the enemy in a totally brutal, yet satisfying fashion.

There is a number of boss fights in God of War, which are all very fun and interesting in their own right. Usually each boss must be defeated in a certain way. Most of these bosses are usually finished off with one of those "mini-game" type moves that I mentioned earlier.

God of War also has some magical attacks in the game which for the most part are pretty damn cool and very useful. These attacks will help you out of many sticky situations, however I don't want to say what they are because it is all part of the God of War experience, you just have to experience it for yourself. Kratos also earns an ability where he can become temporarily invincible and super powerful, similar to the "Onimusha form" in the Onimusha series.

During your game you will also collect experience in a similar fashion you did in the "Onimusha" games. When enemies die red orbs will come out of them which you will absorb. However unlike Onimusha you do not have to do anything to collect them you just need to be close enough to them and you will automatically absorb them. There are also many upgrades in the game, again similar to Onimusha. You use your experience points in the exact same way to upgrade your weapons and magical attacks. You can also collect eyes and feathers and when you collect enough of each you can upgrade your magic and health permanently.

Overall, God of War is just a really damn fun game to play with intense action moments, clever puzzles and just fun moments in general.

The graphics in God of War are surprisingly good, proving that their is still life in the PS2 in this area. While not as good as PC games nowadays, it is still a very beatiful looking game. Kratos looks really cool and is animated very well and the backgrounds and environments are all very highly detailed. The magic attacks also look really cool to. The only real "problem" with the graphics in God of War is that the human characters in the game are not very detailed. For example some soldiers you come across during the game don't look that detailed, especially compared to Kratos and the enemies that you will be fighting throughout the game.

One of the best areas of God of War is the sound. The music fits the game perfectly and the voices, screams, slashes, EVERYTHING just sounds awesome. The music keeps you interested in the game and never gets annoying or repetitive. The voices in the game are also very well done and are believable. The magic attacks and sword slashes also sound very good.

Although God of War is a game that is beatable in 10 hours or less, it is still a very fun game that any action adventure fan should not miss. Although if you are only mildly interested in God of War you might want to consider a rental or perhaps a price drop. But God of War is a great game that needs to be experienced by fans of the genre. There are a few cool things like "The making of God of War" and the "Character graveyard" where you can see all the enemy models that didn't make it into the game. There is also a "God mode" after you beat the game, but it is not the kind of god mode your thinking of. This god mode is the hardest difficulty level in the game.

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 9
Sound: 10
Value: 8
Tilt: 10

Overall: 9.3
Although my review is mostly just praise I really can't put it any other way. And you might be wondering why I didn't just give the game 10, well it's because of what it is overall. Yes God of War is a great looking game, but of course there are still better looking games than God of War. The only clear downside I can see in God of War is that the game is not very long being 10 hours or less. But it is still just an amazingly awesome game that you should at least play once. For all you completists, there are extra things to unlock in this game, so you can at least have that to look forward to after beating the game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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