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Reviewed: 07/28/05

This could be one of the best games ever!

God of War and it's director David Jaffe have been getting alot of hype lately so I decided to check it out. This an action game following in the footsteps of games like Devil May Cry, so I decided to check it out, okay, I bought it. So here is my completly unbiased review.

The story of God of War is preety interesting and takes place in a Greek mythological background (Although it's horribly inacurate). You play as the Spartan (worshiper of Ares) warrior Kratos. In the first moment of the game you see Kratos commiting suicide, throwing himself off of a cliff. The game then cuts to three weeks prior to this, you then spend the rest of the game playing through the flashback, which also contains flashbacks of why Kratos is doing what he is in the first place. What he is trying to do is kill Ares, the God of War. Apparently, Kratos was a great and brutal general in the Spartan army until he fought the Barbarians. He is almost killed, but calls Ares to help him in exchange for Kratos' soul. Kratos is loyal to Ares until he is betrayed by Ares and thus is working for the gods so they will erase the visions of his bloody past, he does this under the watchful eyes of Athena, Ares sister.

The first thing you see when you choose the difficulty level of the game is the graphics. THis game uses both in game and cinematic graphics, similar to what is used in most Final Fantasy games. Both version look great and push the ps2 to it's limits. Most motible are the water effects, it almost looks like real water. These graphics awed me.

The gameplay is preety simple, you run around fighting mythical monsters and solving simplistic puzzles, this is more fun than it sounds. Your main weapon is the Blades of Chaos. These were seared onto your arms by Ares as a sign of your loyalty. This blades are connected to your flesh via chains. They are shrouded in fire and are very useful for both medium and short range moves. Besides these, you also have Poseidon's Rage, which damages enemys around you, Artemis' Blade, which is a large sword shrouded in flames, Army of Hades, which seeks out multiple enemys and damages them. Zeus's fury, which allows you to throw lighting, and Medusa's Gaze, which turns enemies to stone (note nearly as useful as it seems).

Each of these can be upgraded. Upgrading is simple, you use red orbs from enemies, chests, and breakable objects, you also have green orbs for health and blue orbs for magic. You can also sacrifice gorgon eyes to increase your max health and pheonix feathers to increase your max magic.

The combo system in this game is very simple and not very deep. So complain about this, but I like it, it makes kicking ass alot easier. Your combat is broken down into two buttons. The square button produces a quick attack and the triangle button produces a slow but powerful attack. At the beginning of the game you have one full combo for your quick attack. Upgrading allows you to add on to this combo and gives you a heavy attack combo. Their are some puzzles in the game. The puzzles aren't really difficult, but they are very clever.

Probably the best element of gameplay is the ability to grab enemys. When an enemy is weakened enough you can grab them (some enemies don't need to be weakened to grab). This sometimes starts a mini game. Press the buttons on screen to finish of an enemy with style, this ranges from splitting a minotaurs head, to ripping the head off of a gorgon. This is a great addition and adds a cinematic feel to it.

The boss fights in the game are amazing, sadly, theirs only three of them. You fight a hydra, an armored minotaur, and of course, Ares.

The camera is fixed. This furthers the cinematic feel and keeps you focus on your goal. Very rarely does the camera cause a problem while playing.

The musical score is the best ever put into a video game. They use this wonderful orchestral score that keeps you going every inch of they way.

The main downfall of the game is it's length. the game can be beaten in 10 hours tops. Their are multiple difficulties and alot of replay value. Their are many unlockables, such as commentaries with the creators, alternate costumes, and my personal favorite, the 3d model graveyards, which feature cd models of character and enemy rejects. You can also play through the Challenge of the Gods, which features ten frustrating challenges (number 8 and 10 are going to make you suicidal, trust me).

+Simple combat system
+Great boss battles
+Perfect soundtrack

-Short game
-Few bosses
-Not very acurate to Greek mythology

This game is good, infact, you should stop reading and buy it. The replay value is great and the action is intense. This is one of my favorite games ever and if you can stand the blood, gore, and nudity, you should definitly get it.

I give this game a 9 out of 10 and my highest recommendation!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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