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Reviewed: 07/11/05

God of Gaming

Off the bat, this game is about the story of Kratos. He is one of the most vicious and mean person in the entire history of gaming...and thats why you'll love him. =)

Story: 10/10
The story is one the most compelling stories told. It can even hold its own against any RPG, (even the famous FF series).
The game begins with Kratos throwing himself off a cliff...(catchy stuff, no?)
So the game starts as a flashback, recounting the tale of Kratos. He is a servant of the gods, and is sent forth to kill a god whose not playing fair. The God of War. Well thats Kratos's mission, but along the way you will learn more and more why Kratos is as he is, and it is very well told. The whole thing blends like a true captivating ancient Greek myth.

Graphics: 10/10
Taking into account that this game is on the ageing PS2 the graphics of this game are truly outstanding. They are so good, that you would think you are playing it on Xbox. But this game is Ps2 exclusive, and the Ps2 is really sent working hard to cope with the magnitude of things.
The scenery is very very beautiful, with larger than life statues and waterfalls and mosaics. And the background action is also very stunning, like falling pillars and people fighting,
The animations are made so that everything flows, without any glitches like disappearing into walls and such. The cut scenes are beautifully made, with good use of the camera. And a note worthy thing is that there are practically NO loading times. Sometimes the game pause for about 1 sec. with the words "loading" but 1 sec. is nothing.

Gameplay: 10/10
Now to a thing that makes or breaks a game. This game blends the best of Prince of Persia, Devil May Cry and the Jak series. As it has beam-walking, wall-to-wall jumping, combo-attacks and some very satisfying platforming.
The controls will initially require some practice as most commands and actions are placed to the R2 button, instead of the usual X button. But once you get used to it, the whole thing flows. The attacks can be chained together and just like in DMC3, the combos can be chained up to 200 hits (my record, but im sure ppl have gone higher).
A new touch to this sort of game is the inclusion of Beatmania style of pressing buttons. Example: You beat an enemy to pulp, then you can grab them, once you do, you have to press the corresponding buttons as they appear. Then you can unscrew an enemy's head or shove a sword down their throat. This inclusion makes killing truly satisfying if the enemy has been a bit annoying.
But this game isnt just about killing stuff. The puzzles are quite refreshing and never seem out of place, and they are quite ingenious. They are not that difficult to figure out, but once you do figure them out, you'll say "ofcourse thats how!!".

Difficulty: 9.5/10
In this genre, the games can be un-forgivingly hard, so any new comers would immediately be overwhelmed by the sheer hardness of the game. Luckily, God of War walks the fine line between to hard and to easy. For a person who has completed Devil May Cry 3, this is game is easy on normal mode. But for a person who just got into these games, it is quite adequate, as players will always realize, that they are losing because they did the wrong thing, instead of the game being without mercy.
For experienced players the game offers God Mode, which is quite a challenge, even for hardened players.
Sound: 9.5/10
Now to the part of sounds, music and voices. The background noises really do respond the action that takes place, like if a war is taking place, all the sounds fit into the scenery. The footsteps match the walking, the ripping noises fit as you rip the wings off of creatures and etc., and the music is truly grand, with beautiful vocalising and trumpets and drums, just like any epic game should be.
The voices in the game really fit the characters well, and there is no problems with the lip-synch, as the actors do quite a good job.

Repeatability: 10/10
Even in this thing, the game exceeds, as it will put you to test the first time through, but you will also unlock God Mode, which as it sounds is the Very Hard difficulty. Once you complete it though you will get many many unlocks which will urge you to play once more. And this game never gets tiring, as most hack'n'slash games do.
Plus guys, the game includes naked chicks, which should give it just another notch upwards.

As you can see by now, this is as close to perfection a game can get. And if you are into any form of action gaming, and you have a Ps2, you should immediately buy this game.
All in all, this game deserves a 10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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