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Reviewed: 07/08/05

A beautiful action game, with a great story to boot

God Of War is a game about a Spartan named Kratos who is on a quest to kill the Greek God Of War, Ares. He is man haunted by a troubled past, and he seeks to remove himself from the visions from then. You lead him on his perilous adventure through great halls, temples and destroyed towns.

Gameplay: 9/10

The game play in God Of War was tremendously easy to pick up and fun all the way through. The game features lots of different moves with two different types of swords and magic spells coming out of the ying yang. All the moves were really nice and you felt a great sense of accomplishment when you pull off a killer combo. Though, you may find that the battling system is very shallow, with you only using one or two moves primarily. The enemies are no different. They are sometimes limited to a single (and sometimes very annoying) move that they use whenever they get the chance.

God Of War also features a lot of platforming adventure that is very nicely done for an action game. It's not too in depth, but enough to give you the sense that GoW has a lot of variety in it. The puzzle solving is medium, with most of the puzzles being very easy to mediocre in difficulty.

Graphics: 10/10

GoW has some of the best graphics yet seen on the PS2. It harbors beautiful and cool attacks, mind-blowing spells, and all the environments/characters were wonderfully detailed. I noticed, that the water and blood effects were overdone, making them look to much like jello. But other than that, the graphics on God Of War are superb.

The camera angles are pretty good in GoW because of its static camera. The camera angle that its set in is usually awesome for fighting or platforming, but other times, your looking at the back end of a door or some very large Kratos-killing Cyclops. Though, your gameplay is rarely hindered.

Storyline: 9/10

God Of War hit the spot with the depth of their storyline. It's not too involved that it takes away from the over all hack-and-slash fun of the action genre, but plays like a good book. Kratos has many cutscenes, most gruesome, and good dialogue. I must say though, the voice-acting could've been better. Most of the characters spoke in very monotonous tones and didn't excite me when I heard it. GoW's story gives you the profound sense of victory when you finally beat the game, and even some useful classroom knowledge on Greek mythology.

Some cons about the story arise when they tend to drag out one event over even half the game. Some parts of the story feel rushed, but most of the time, the pace is adequate.

Difficulty: 6/10

Most action games have a tough time differing between difficulty and frustration. Sadly, GoW couldn't get it either. I played my first time on Hero (Normal mode) and found myself either, beating the stuffing out of some poor undead creatures, or throwing my controller on the ground after trying to defeat the 10 cyclops' at once. GoW tries to create a sense of difficulty by flooding you with tough enemies, which only serves to frustrate you, because they don't fill up the gaps between these hard battles.

Some battles are cross-enemy'd, with two types of foes attacking at once. Most of the time, the second enemy is a very annoying creature that respawns way too quickly, and the first is some easy lunkhead that you can never get too.

If you do beat the game too quickly, which I have no doubt you will, than you can always go for God Mode, the hardest mode. I have not myself played it, but apparently it tests you in a way that Devil May Cry 3 tests you. If you choose this option, get ready for a fun, but difficult adventure.

Fun Factor: 10/10

I'm going to make this section simple, because it has one clear message. This game is probably the most fun I've had with an action game. It's hack-and-slash style with beautiful graphics brings it all together to give you a great playing experience.

The game might get you mad at other places though, when it just seems like your doing the same thing over and over and... well, over. Near the end, GoW gets repetitive like a dog chasing its tail. It tries to drag out the same platformer/fighting for a long time. Beware of this.

Re-playability: 7/10

Most people will replay the entire game (myself included) on a harder difficulty to see if they can best the game. This adds a whole another 5-7 hours of gameplay. The game also has some extras such as movies, extra stages, and left out characters. But, once this is all said and done, your rare to pick up the game again.

Rent, Buy, or Skip? I'm going to have to say rent, because you'll probably beat it the day or day after you rent it.

Overall: 9/10

The game God Of War brings highly detailed graphics, infuses awesome gameplay mechanics and involves a perfect storyline that will keep you enthralled for hours.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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