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Reviewed: 07/06/05

Not as good as the hype, but still a great game.

God of War ( or GoW ) is Sony's 2005 game of the year, or it would be if the game didn't have the problems it does. Here is my review ( cue Star Wars music )

Controls 10 / 10 - The controls are perfect, and being able to switch weopons and magic without pausing make the game run fluidly. This game also accents the combat perfectly, mainly by letting Kratos have vast amounts of moves, without cluttering the combat and fluidity. All in all, the best control that most games should use.

Graphics 10 / 10 - God od War has amazing graphics, even better than most Xbox games. The cinematics are truly breathtaking, and put games like Ninja Gaiden to shame. The weapon effects get even cooler and more breathtaking as you upgrade them, making some of the moves look absolutly goregous and extremely brutal. This is one extremely strong point in this game. There are some awe inspiring moments, such as see Kronos below you as your traversing a cliff. I stopped and looked at the giant crawl for 7 minutes. Thats how amazing the graphics are. There is alot of blood and violence in this game, but it fits well. And don't think I forgot about the great, curvy, nudity. There even bear breasts on the monsters. This is easily a very M rated game. The people at SCEA redesigned what most peoples visions of Mythological creatures look like, and made them look like the most vicous monsters sice OoT. Another feature worthy of notice is hat many cutscenes are drawn and some fluidly go from art to CGI scenes. Those are very stylish.

Gameplay 9 / 10 - Not only does the combat look pretty ( and violent ), but the combat system is solid and fun. The main character, Kratos, is the most brutal character yet, and uses his weopons viciously. Most enemies have a "mini-game " fatality, ranging from flipping the Left analog stick in certain directions, constantly press O, or pressing the four buttons in a certain sequence to destroy your opponents. Every move can connect into each other for a flawless combat system. There is even more, as there is a magic system. There are only 4 magic moves, and only 2 have real use. You can also upgrade your weopons with red orbs. Every time you upgrade your weopons, thier power is increased and is noticable. Every hit feels solid and more powerful. There are also 3 "main" bosses, the Hydra, The Minotouras, and Ares. The bosses can't be killed with normal attacks, and you must use your mind to kill them. Then there are the puzzles. Most are simply amazing and many intergrate mind with muscle, or atleast Kratos'. Pandora's Temple is the best example of this, with puzzles that add much variety to this great game. Some puzzles are frustrating though, like the puzzle to get the 3rd head. I will spoil no more.

Sound 8 / 10 - The sound is good, but not anything memorable. Some of the dialogue is memorable though, even if it's not the greatest amalgamation of words ever. Much of the dialogue is appropiate, as they use terms like "Hades". Also the actor for Kratos makes him a complete 100% badass. The voices are very good, even great, and add alot of personality to the games characters, such as Athena and Ares. Just don't expect to use the free God of War free download on the back of the Instruction Manuel.

Longevity 4 / 10 - This is a reason I'm not giving this game a 10. I beat it in 8 hours, and I got every upgrading item and red orb I coul find, meaning I didn't try to go through the game as quickly as I could. Very dissapointing. This game is very re-playable with the costumes though.

Repalyabilty / Extras 8 / 10 - After beating this game, and conquering the Challenges of the Gods, and beating God Mode, you finally beat everything, which is alot. There are also 5 extra costumes for Kratos, each with thier own abilities, and many of them are hilaroius. There are alot of interesting things. including a making of, a character graveyard, and many other things of interest. Interesingly, there is also a video that shows what happens to Kronos the Titan and one deatailing Kratos' childhood, which could be the second God of War (it even says so). This almost counter acts the low longevity, but sadly, it's just not enough.

Camera control 0 / 10 - This is the most annoying feature in the game. You cant change the camera at all, or even go in a first person look-around mode. Most of the time the camera is good, mainly during combat, but Kratos regularly dies on the balance beams and on other puzzle esque moments, (such as the make a wall with rocks puzzle which blocks the screen, making even seeing Kratos or the room impossible.) This is the main reason I am not giving this a 10 like many others, who seem to not mention this. It really ticks me off.

Final Grade - 8.75 - Overall a great game, but not a buyable one due to the length. If you want this game that much, at least wait until the price drops.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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