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Reviewed: 04/08/05

Simplified Greek Lessons

Okay, first to start it all, I hadn't really heard much about this game called "God of War". Well, the title obviously doesn't sound very interesting and you might go: Just another over-hyped game...." But I beg u to differ. For now, let the odyssey begin. One last warning: This game is not for the weak-hearted.

Story: 9/10

No boring bedtime stories for God of War. Kratos, a human which seems to have overwhelming strength to decapitate Medusa heads and all that, has been haunted by countless nightmares of his past sins and is about to commit suicide by jumping of Olympus highest mountain. Just as he is jumping, you are brought back to three weeks prior to what actually happened.

Gameplay: 8/10

The most important section of a game, the gameplay. The gameplay is what i would say as smooth. Just by mashing the square buttons you can unleash multiple hits to form a chain and also the finishing blows come from the triangle button, which pummels the enemy with heavy strikes. You can also combine both the light strikes and heavy strikes to create maximum damage. Reminds you abit of Dynasty Warriors huh?

Well, through all that mashing, sometimes you might find your hand aching away when you are surrounded by numbers as big as.....30 and they just start whacking away at you. Well, what now? Of course you aren't gonna take them on 1 at a time! You have Magic. O yea what type of magic? Final Fantasy's style? No way pal. Poseidon's Rage, the first magic u get in the game, Medusa's Gaze, Zeus Fury and much much more to aid you in your journey.

Ok now you guys sure remember Devil May Cry right? Somehow it is very much identical to it. You will get Red Orbs on your way, by defeating monsters, smashing jars etc. These Orbs will allow you to power up your magic and your pair of axe to dish out killer damages. There are also Green Orbs, which heals your health, Blue Orbs which restores magic and things like Gorgon Eyes which increases your maximum health. Well with all that stuff helping you, how easy actually do you want the game to get? Though you get to choose the difficulty level, there are many parts where brute force doesn't work on bosses. For example, in the early part of the game where you are suppose to take on two hydra spawns and the BIG hydra, you can't just keep on whacking the spawns as they will be revived . How do you stop them then? Well I won't spoil it but you have to somehow make sure that it's head stays there by using some sort of equipment. Most of the time you might have to die a few times to be able to find out how to get across a certain place, stop the whole troop of archers from draining your health etc. So don't expect this game to be just another hack n slash 100%.

Remember my warning? Why would I say that? If you thought that you endured Devil May Cry's Brutality, wait till you have a taste of God of War's style. If you thought that those blood spilling out from gunwounds on those bats in Devil May Cry were disgusting, then God of War actually might make you sick. In the battle against the hydras, the final part Kratos pulled the Hydra into a stake and stabbed it's eye into it with ultimate blood wastage. Also when Kratos Decapitates the Medusa's, you can actually hear the sound of the crack made. God of War has the circle button to finish off a enemy when it becomes groggy and helpless and all the styles of finishing the enemy off are brutal kid.

There are also multiple puzzles that you need to solve and they can at times really crack your head apart. One point is the camera angle. At certain times the camera shows the whole place and it happens that Kratos is so small you might not be able to see him and you were like: Where the hell did he go?"

Graphics: 8/10
Obviously they arent the best you can get. Devil May Cry was much better in terms of graphics compared to God of War. The cinematics are very limited, as little as an hour and they arent really what I would say as cinematics. Nevertheless, acceptable.

Ah a satisfying part of the game. When you proceed into different areas, different music are played and they are so good that the slightest thing that moves will be heard. The voiceovers are superbly well done-probably one of the best I have heard.

Overall Value: 8/10

If you loved Devil May Cry, this action-packed game is obviously gonna make you go crazy. Try it though the difficulty level can sometimes be overwhelmingly difficult. If you arent the action type person, do not attempt to purchase this game. Have a rental.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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