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Reviewed: 04/04/05 | Updated: 04/06/05

By the Gods! Another over-rated game!

It's been a while since I wrote anything, so here goes. Haven't you ever heard of a game a week or two before release and all these reviews come to say how amazing it is and then to play that game when you finally get just to realize that it wasn't as good as you thought it was? Well, of course! Everyone has! And sadly, this game is just like that. From what I remember, this game had no buzz/hype until weeks before it's release. Everyone was saying how it is one of the best action/adventure games to hit PS2. Well, I'm here to tell you it's not. There are better ones out there. But wait! Before you run off being bored of my review, you must read on to know my reasons!

STORY: 7/10
There are endless amounts of action/adventure games where the plot is nearly non-existent and it's just there to drive the game through to the end. I'm happy to tell you that this game is one notch up from that. While the story is heartbreaking, gruesome, and really dark, there isn't much depth to it. After everything is over and done with, this game's story is a simple revenge/hitman story to me. It's very linear and nothing really happens. So, this story is one notch up from non-existent is because it creatively uses the aspect of Athens and it's countless gods into the story.

Although this game is quite fun, it gets really tedious after a while. What I mean by that it's very mindless button mashing. To top it off, this game is quite easy. In other games like DMC3, every monster has a different fighting pattern and therefore making you switch gears to fight the different kinds of monsters. In God of War, although the monsters fight differently, it has no impact on how you fight what-so-ever. The way you fight a minotaur could be used to fight anything else and vice-versa. It doesn' t keep you on your feet with excitement. After you find a combo that you prefer (or one that just looks coolest to you), you will probably stick with it the whole game. Although you can unlock different combos and skills on your spells and weapons and do massive high-hit combos, there is no point to. Yes, you do get red orbs as a reward for combos, but it's hardly worth the effort. The payoff is not good enough. But if you are trying to pull combos (for god knows whatever reason) the good news is that it is very fluid and the controls are really responsive. So if you're trying to pull off a massive combo, you will be able to switch between spells and the two weapons you have with ease. As I mentioned before, you will be able to upgrade. You can upgrade your spells or spells with red orbs you get from the monsters after the kill. After you collect a specific amount, you will able to make the weapon/spell stronger and unlock more moves. So, to put it in other terms, the weapon upgrade aspect is just like any other action game out there. (I wish one of these days game developers find a more creative and funner way for weapon power ups...) Overall, one sentence sums up the whole gameplay: The illusion of depth while it doesn't have any. There is a lot of mumbo-jumbo technical aspect that I didn't touch on, like widescreen TV functions and what-not, because, well, I don't know that much about them. And at last, but not least, is the frame rate. If the frame rate is horrible, no one is ever going to play it and just get fed up. The good news is, ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy to report that the frame rate is nice and steady with the rare occasional peak when there is a LOT of monsters on the screen, but besides that, it goes flowing very well.

SOUND: 4/10
A lot of people liked the music and sounds in this game, I'm not one of those people. Yes, the sound effects were good and done well, but the music? Bleh. Sometimes it felt like as if there were no music. That's how tedious it was (or maybe I just WISHED there were no music playing). This game uses a lot of classical music and after few hours, it just drove me insane. I don't have any against classic music. All the music I've heard in the game are all very forgettable (not like you WANT to remember them anyways). With my strong feelings towards the sound/music and you're reading this, you're asking WHY I gave it a 4? Well, the saving grace for me in this category is the voice acting. Although it's nothing superb by all means, the "hero's" voice goes with the character itself. And on top of that, the narration was also very well done to add to the mood.

This is the highlight of the game. I haven't seen a game look this nice (FMV and during gameplay) since...well, ever in an action/adventure game. The graphics in God of War just stuck out and said "LOOK AT ME!" and well, it's definitely something worth looking at. From the great detail of the character and monster models to the background and environment, everything was coming to life. The colors were all used nicely and effectively to make everything look shiny and atmospheric. The most impressive thing though has got to be the design of Athens while a giant 2000-ft monster/god/whatever-it-was in the background stepping on soldiers. From the interiors of Athens to the exterior areas, everything was just too well done. Graphics? A job very well done.

REPLAYABILITY: 2/10 (based on overall gaming experience alone) 7/10 (based on extras)
Although there are some things you can unlock after you beat the hardest mode, you will have to beat the game first on one of the default settings. Nothing carries over, so you will have to start from nothing again. But then again, the replayability issue isn't what you can unlock in this game, but it's the fun factor. If you are willing to go through the game multiple times with mind-numbing button mashing, go right ahead. And that is why I have 2 marks. This is "worth" playing through for the extras, just for the sake of extras, but as for fun factor, it'll be as mind and thumb-numbing as the first time. I don't know if my two marks 100% totally make sense, but I hope you know what I mean.

OVERALL: 6/10 (not an average)
Yes, the game is fun...up to an certain extent than it just becomes tedious. With the sound and gameplay being so mediocore, the only driving force are the graphics. It's just too good and you can the tell the production value of this game was probably higher than some of the independent films out there. Although the story is there, it's just a one-step upgrade from "for the sake of driving the game forward" plot. Otherwise, there's nothing groundbreaking or new and doesn't do anything for the genre. As for rent or buy, you can only guess that I'll say RENT. I am not bashing this game as I can tell why people would like this game. I just don't personally think that it was up to the hype or the gaming quality I would expect out of it. But then again, the graphics are good, right?

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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