Review by joeymegs

Reviewed: 04/04/05

An experience of epic proportions

I first heard of God of War months ago and never really gave it to much thought. It sounded like a pretty interesting game, but it was in the shadow of established franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, and Devil May Cry. With all these new games coming out I never thought I would even get my hands on God of War. Well... I was wrong. I picked up the demo one day and thought that the game was damn good, I mean whats not to like about being a bad-ass Spartan trying to hunt down the "God of War"? Now a days in the world of gaming its hard to find a game that breaks new ground, but God Of War doesn't only break new ground it takes the best aspects of several other games and utilizes them to fit its own themes. It's hard to find a game that impresses me or keeps me interested, but God of War not only impressed me, but has rewritten the way Action/Adventure games should be made.


The graphics are really unique to say the least. The environments are smooth and very interactive. The character models look great, and I do have to say that the cut scenes add a very dramatic and movie like feel to the game. When you are playing this game, sometimes you just want to sit back and watch it like a movie. When the cut scenes are over, they leave you craving more. That's something not many games can do... or movies for that matter.


Many times in games the sound is poor, and there's just a monotone sound throughout the whole game (like my teachers in high school). This game is different though, the sound really gives the game that extra something that many games are missing. There's nothing like ripping the head off a Gorgon while arrows are whizzing passed your head and the sound of rocks are being smashed around you, while people are running and screaming for their lives. The music is good and really foreshadows what's going to happen next. In each level of the game the music definitely fits the stage and keeps your attention.


Ok guys this is where your fifty dollars comes into play. This is the one of best Action/Adventure games I have ever played. Kratos(the main characters name) is by far the most bad-ass characters I have ever had the honor of playing as. He just doesn't care about anything, and will kill everyone and everything to complete his goals. His weapons are very unique and really fit him quite well. They are two blades that are chained to his arms, and you can swing them simultaneously and juggle enemies. The magic is crazy and fun and gives Kratos that "magic of the gods " feel. The enemy's look amazing and are all different from the Undead Soldier's, to the Gorgon's, to The Minotaurs. They all have special moves, stats, and AI. there is so much more but, I have to leave something up to the imagination.


The replay value is Very High. You get special unlockables for beating it and various difficulties. Plus you unlock different things for completing the Challenge of the Gods mode, which ads more depth and playtime to the game.

This game has truly opened my eyes to what an Action/Adventure title should be. Good luck to other companies that will try to create another game like God of War. This game is truly one of Epic proportions.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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