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Reviewed: 04/01/05

An intense mind-blowing experience


God of War is an new innovative hack and slash/puzzle solving adventure game from Sony. Sure, all hack and slash games are the same, hack your way through the level, upgrade your character, and repeat. But there is just something about GoW that makes it stand out from all the others. Anyway, heres my review. Enjoy.


Ok, I'm going to try to explain the story as best I can. The time is set in Ancient Athens, so the whole game is based on Greek mythology. You play as a guy named Kratos. At first, he seems like a ruthless, mindless barbarian, but as you progress through the story, you will see that he is not. Well, not really, but sort of. Kratos was once the leader of an army, and he was fighting a barbarian army. So at one point, Kratos was near death; his ass was about to get handed to him. So he called out to the God of War; Aeris. Victory was more important to Kratos than his life. He told Aeris that if Aeris gets rid of Kratos' enemies, his soul will belong to Aeris. Now, I'm ALMOST finished with the game, but not yet, so I can't tell you whats going to happen. Nor would I tell you if I finished it, cuz that would spoil it for you right?


As soon as you begin the game, you will notice the jaw-dropping graphics. Obviously the developers spend some time perfecting the looks. You really feel like you're there, you know? The water looks more realistic than in reality, they sky looks EXACTLY like real life, and enemies look as though they are right in front of your very eyes. The environment and the chracters look very smooth, down to the very last detail. What can I say, this is easily of the best looking game out for the PS2 out right now.


Oooh now this is the part the gets the most hype, and is the best part of any game, right? Throughout the game, you go around different places of Ancient Athens. From battle ships in the sea, to the city of Athens, to the Desert, to the Pandora Temple (to fight Pandora's box of course), and so on. Where ever you are, there are always TONS of enemies to be found. Your primary weapons are the Blades of Chaos. They are short but huge blades, that are connected to chains. So basically, Kratos is spinning the blades around him in a circle, damaging near by enemies. You can upgrade your weapons by using red orbs. You get these reb orbs from killing enemies, and by finding treasure chests full of them. Speaking of treasure chests, there are many of them that contain different items. There are green chests, which contain health orbs. Blue chests, which contain magic orbs. Red chests, which contain orbs for you weapon upgrades. There are also white chests. They usually contain Gorgon's Eyes, which if you collect a certain amount, it raises you health bar. Sometimes they had a feather, which if you collect a certain amount, it raises your magic bar.
So throughout the game, your main objective is to kill Aeris, which, you will find out why when you play the game. You go around killing dudes, and you also find different Gods. These God's give you special abilities. They are tons of fun to screw around with, so yeah.


This is a really short game, or so I hear. About 10 hours of gameplay. My opinion is, if you can beat the game within week while renting it, then don't buy. But if you are absolutely in love with this game, and you just want to keep playing and playing and playing, then what the hell, go ahead and buy it. Well, thats it. Hope my review was helpful!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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