Review by Tr3ndYisHawt

Reviewed: 03/30/05

Pretty Neat-O. If you ask me. It's beyond the hype.

Very rarely do I come across a game that I enjoy beating. Half of the game I play I never beat, because I get compelled by sheer boredom. Todays games do not have any umpf. You know that piazzas that makes you want to play. Everything is just copying off the next best thing like movies. Well I came across this little gem and let me tell you It's better then any other type of game in its genre. Devil May Cry 3 is a joke compared to this game. Do not be fooled, his is definitely a must have AAA title.

Graphics: 10 So killed it here. My god this is seriously one of the best looking games ever on the Playstation 2. It's even on par with Xbox graphics. Let me tell you I've played some pretty games, but in GOW everything is expressed in color. The world is not drabbest in the least. From the sands of the desert to the grimy towns. Everything it correct. Who ever was the artists in charge of modeling and color they should be commended. The cg movies weren't that bad. But, the in game graphics is really where it shined. Kratos player model was especially nice. From his pasty skin to his tattoos. It was so fitting of him. Then there's the monsters in the game, which fit really well with everything, I don't want to spoil the game, but you should watch out for the Hades level, Now those monsters are nothing less then stellar. For me. This is most definitely an A++++ in this department.

Sound: 1 It's not so much the sound is bad, it that there is not Dolby Digital support. And we are left with Pro Logic 2 which is really awful to say the least. Not only is it muddy it drags the game down. The game itself If it was encoded with Dts 5.1or Dolby Digital 5.1 I would have gave it a 10. But like I said, it's really god awful like all Playstation 2 games in the sound department., why I gave the sound a 2 , is because If your not an audio buff it just wont matter to you. Or if you don't have the equipment, then there is not really anything you are missing. But for the people who know sound. They will tell you It's really is a disappointment. But on a side note the music in the game is very nice, I like the classical touch a lot.

Gameplay: 10 Sick Sick Sick ! This is really where the game shines, first off you are equipped with these two bad ass dagger type things that are chained to you arm. Quite frankly this is really the coolest weapon I've ever seen. Almost like Rygars weapon only 10x better. Anyway, you get to upgrade your weapons just like in Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden, upgrading your weapons unlocks new moves. As soon as you upgrade you will notice your combos become extended with the new added moves. Comboing consist of juggling characters, or if they swarm you, just unleash hell on them, the comboing system goes pretty high. As to how high I have no Idea, highest combo I achieved in the game was about 108hits. Comboing isn't complex either, you have your basic control sheme, triangle square for your daggers and O for your other weapons. The only thing I wish, was that they gave you control of the camera. But I'm just nit picking here. The camera is marvelous. So you wont have any problems with that. Like in most games.

Story: 10 If only Greek mythology was as cool as this. The story revolves around a man who was at the end of his life, so he begged a god not to let him die , for the exchange of his soul. Little did he know what it would cost him. After certain tragedies happened he wanted revenge so he embarked to find the same god who saved him from near death, and sought out to kill him. With the help of well known gods. Which most of you should know if you opened a history book. He took off on his journey. That's about as vivid as I would like to go. As for my opinion on the story, I would like a continuation of the series. It just to rich, to let it go with one game. Not only does this story keep your attention, it compelling tragic and sadistic all at the same time. Just think of it as a book only less boring and keeps you more in tune. I expected a lot from this game and it delivered more then what was expected.

Replay: 1 Sorry, the game is the best thing since sliced bread, but there's no replayablity at all. I was spoiled once the first time I played it, I don't need to play the same game again and experience the same thing again. But on the bright side. I give a one on every game for replay value. It's nothing against GOW.

Overall: 7/10 I would truly have loved to give the game a 10/10 for gameplay,graphics and story alone. But sadly a review doesn't consist of only that. This is a game you buy and cherish. This is truly a gem, it's rare to see good games come out today day and age, but this is truly something that more companies should try If they want to stay in a genre spice it up like this game did. And it did it very well might I add.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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