Review by Samurai Gamer

Reviewed: 03/30/05

Incorporates PoP, Onimusha, and DMC for one hell of a ride

God of War, a game three years in the making by Sony , stretches the limits of the PS2. With intense, brutal gameplay, mind-blowing graphics, and tight controls makes this a must have for any PS2 owner and any video game player in general.

What more can i say about the graphics in this game then absolutely amazing. The smooth textures and real time lighting and shadow effects push the PS2 to its limits graphically. The cut scenes are movie quality and the in game graphics could easily pass for cut scene graphics on other games. Very rarely are you gonna see clipping problems and graphical slowdown is completely taken out.

The controls for this game are some the best if not the best you can find on the PS2. As simple combo system with only a few button presses can get you 100's of hits in a combo. Switching between magic is as easy as using the D-pad and most actions such as pulling blocks or opening doors are controlled by either holding or tapping the R2 button, making it a lot more simplistic.

As my title states this game incorporates gameplay from Prince of Persia, Onimusha, and Devil May Cry. The intense combo system and rapid gameplay take from DMC, the soul absorbing, upgrade system and magic attacks seem like those of Onimusha, and the puzzles and acrobatics take form Prince of Persia. The hack n' slash style this game uses makes this game fasted paced, but that also hurts because this game is already pretty short but that is an oversight.

The music in this game is just as epic as the game its self. The orchestral score brings out the emotion in this game and really brings it to life. The voice acting is nearly flawless with a perfect voice to match each character.

Simply jaw dropping graphics, gameplay that is second to none, and music that really gets you into the experience makes this a gaming event for anyone. This is hands down the best PS2 game possibly this year and maybe the best ever.

+Jaw dropping visuals
+Tight controls
+Great sound
+Intense action

-Way too short
-some camera issues

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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