Review by Bmxer1600

Reviewed: 03/30/05

Move over Devil May Cry and hello God of War!

Gameplay: 9
GoW is a mix of Devil May Cry action with an Onimusha style experience system, this combined with a Greek setting/story makes for a wonderful game experience. The game plays like your average hack n slash but with a good dose of platforming and puzzle solving. As far as game length it should take the average gamer about 9-10 hours on the regular difficulty but harder ones can be unlocked after you beat the game once.

Controls: 10
The controls are very tight and responsive but this much is expected for the level of intensity this game provides. Some people say the combo system is too simple but in my opinion simple is better. Almost all enemies and bosses can be finished off in a certain violent way by means of a few simple button presses or analog-stick rotations that appear on the screen which can be very pleasing if it's against an enemy that you hate to fight.

Sound: 10
The soundtrack for GoW is excellent , so excellent that Sony even provided a free download for the entire thing. The music really fits the game well it doesn't matter if your slashing your way through a ton of demons or if your solving a simple or complex puzzle the music just works. Sound effects are great if you have a decent sound system, the boom of thunder and destruction of environments sound deep and full of bass. T.V. speaker sound is good as well but just not as good. Voice work was done really well it seems as though all the voices for the different characters fit them like a glove, especially the heartless voice of the main character Kratos.

Graphics: 10
Wow talk about pushing the ps2 too it's limits I mean the visuals are great from Kratos's bad ass look too the detailed environments. The enemies all look distinct and creative and the cutscenes are just plain awesome.

Replay: 10
GoW has a bunch of unlockables to keep you busy from the extremely difficult god mode to the very tricky god of war challenges. All cutscenes can be viewed again after you've beaten the game for the first time as well as levels and characters that didn't make it into the final version of the game. Right off the bat a making of god of war is available to view which takes you through the development process of the game.

Final Words: Go out and buy it now, you won't regret it

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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