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Reviewed: 03/28/05

I wonder if Spartacus had to go through this?

Sony has released another big game in God of War. This puts more of an...ahem..."adult"...spin on Greek mythology. This big game is probably the biggest hit I think Sony has ever released. This is probably the game you will be playing on the PS2 for most of the year.

These are some of the best I've ever seen on the PS2, and that's saying something. Kratos looks totally bad-ass, and the monsters and enemies look gruesome. So do the many ways they can die by your hand. The environments are really varied. You could be on a ship, in a city, or in the desert. And it all looks real. The cutscenes are hands down the best I've ever seen. Even better than RE4. And there is one thing I need to mention. There is nudity. Yes, nudity. And it's both kinds of nudity: the really hot nudity (Greek chicks are easy) and the nudity that makes you go EWWWWW (Gorgons...EWWWWW).

SOUND: 10/10
This game sports some pretty good voice-acting. The sound effects sound incredibly realistic. And the best thing about the sound is: the orchestral score. This is one hell of a musical job they did with this game. I'm a orchestral enthusiast, and I'm glad they went orchestral for this game. It really just sounds like Greek mythology. That's some pretty immersive stuff right there.

STORY: 8/10
I kinda found it confusing at first. The story is that you play Kratos, a Spartan warrior. In the beginning, you see him hurling himself off a cliff, thus committing suicide. Wow. Just wow. You play pretty much a flashback to find out why he did this. It all revolves around him trying to find a weapon that can kill Ares, the God of War (hence the title). The only reason this didn't get a 10 was because at first you don't know what's going on. You just saw Kratos killing himself. How are you able to do all this stuff as him? Then you figure out it's a flashback and it all feels better.

This game is basically a hack-and-slash(Devil May Cry anyone?). They also throw in some pretty challenging puzzles, too. Whenever you're fighting an enemy, you can also engage in a button pressing minigame to finish them off gruesomely. Here's a strange quirk: you can do that minigame for having sex with Spartan girls! That's never been done before! It's all pretty basic. It's a shame that a game this hyped would do something innovative for gameplay, but it really doesn't. Except for the mini-game sex. That's really new

This game features some of the best music, graphics, and movie-like presentation I've ever seen. Unfortunately, since nothing new is really offered in gameplay, this can't be a perfect 10/10. It's still pretty dang fun though.

+Great movie-like presentation
+Best orchestral music I've ever heard
+Graphics are stunning
+Hack-and-slash still fun
+Sex mini-game
-Nothing really innovative
-Story kind of confusing at first
-Not for kids at all

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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