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Reviewed: 03/25/05

Why Is God of War so Good? (Look Inside!)

INTRO: So, you've been waiting around for that perfect action game for a while now. You've read a few reviews about this game. Maybe you've seen a few on t.v...
But the actual game cannot compare to what any screen shot or video can show you. The game doesn't give you a lot of time to get used to the controls before you're thrown into a few fights, but don't fret... Kratos is well equipped (even in the earliest stages of the game) to handle just about any foe thrown his way.

GAMEPLAY: Playing this game brought back memories of a lot of action games, (namely Prince of Persia) and added a lot into the mix. Kratos fights his way through ships at sea, villages, towers, etc. using a wide arsenal of moves including aerial throws, blocks, and his signature weapons the Blades of Chaos. These are two swords that are chained to our hero, and he uses their reach and flexibility for many,many things. Picture if you will being able to knock an enemy into the air after a combo, grabbing them mid-air and performing another combo and throwing them to the ground, only to use your weapons to grab them for yet another combo.... and that was just an easy one.

CONTROL: Kratos does not pull off moves by button smashing and air throws, however. There are times when an enemy will show an opening, or weakness for Kratos to exploit. While fighting a foe, you may have the option to perform a special attack, in which button combinations appear on the screen. If the player is able to pull these combinations off, then Kratos will do some amazing abilities. Every obstacle that Kratos interacts with, the player interacts with. For example, if Kratos had to turn a crank, then the player would have to rotate the analog stick... which makes for some fascinating elements. However, this is where I have my ONLY drawback. I am an avid Action/Adventure player, and the controls are almost solid, but it took me a while to get used to using R2 as an action button... it seemed almost misplaced. Also, everytime I would get new moves for my weapons, I had a hard time learning them and putting them into a combo that was worthwhile. However, I was much more satisfied after I did. Being able to pull off a 200+ combo always puts a smile on my face!

GRAPHICS: The graphics in this game are superb! Every enemy, background, and character is especially polished. The lighting effects are excellent. I always like being able to walk through a dark hall with moonlight coming through the windows, then seeing my character run through the hallway with the moonlight showing on his body when it should be. The backgrounds are also very good. At times, you could see soooo much just by looking at the things in the background. For instance, seeing an entire battlefield with enemies marching into a great city, while in the foreground, my character moves un-phased along in his journey. However, the boss battles are where this game truly shines! The bosses are huge and every detail can be clearly seen.

MUSIC/SOUND: Both the music and the sound only add to an already great experience. The voice acting is terrific, and the enemies sound exactly like they should, with every grunt and groan distinguishable. Even when Kratos swings his blades through the air, you can hear the swoosh, and then the sharp ping as it hits a rock, or another sword. The soundtrack offers the same vastness as the backgrounds I described and add much more to the feeling.

OVERALL: Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves a great action adventure game. In fact, it makes a very noteworthy addition to any PS2 owner's library. It was well worth it for me to pay only 50$ for this masterpiece of a game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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