Review by TheKingOfKool

Reviewed: 07/28/08

Major Let Down

I remember all my friends talking about this game, and how amazing it was. Nearly 3 years after its release date, I got a friend to lend me the game. I was about to play the game for the very first time expecting great things in this little CD.

So there I am, I put the CD into the tray and wait for it to load up. I'm greeted by a long intro, which looked poorly done. It was like watching the Cleveland Cavaliers trying to run an offensive plan. Alright, so let's get down to the break down of the game.


The gameplay was decent. There were some cool combos and nice moves, however after you play this game for like half an hour, you see how repetitive it truly is. The gameplay is basically a hack and slash fest with little to no strategy. The only time it seemed you needed to use strategy was against the cerberus's and some bosses. This is literally what I did in some stages. Hold down L1 and contiously press [ ] to do that spinning attack. Or I could let my enemies surround me and unleash my magic attack.

The only useful magic you had was the circular defence thing. Medusas' gaze did nothing for me because it took so long to use against stronger enemies. The army of Hades took nearly half of my magic meter and Zeus's lightning was so weak.

Story 4/10

So this story made like no sense to me. I was trying to kill Ares because he made me his killing slave and I was having nightmares about the awful things I have done?


Probably the best thing in this game were the graphics, that's not saying much though. The cutscenes were like a dark, creepy cartoon. The blood was like jello, and it was funny how heads just plopped off like a doll's head. The camera was extremely awful. One minute I'd be pressing up on the analog and moving forward. Then I'd go into a cave and end up having to press down to move forward? WHACK


I swear to god I don't think I noticed any music in this game. There probably was, but if there was, it's not like it made you care about it.


Once you beat the game, which I haven't, I'm assuming the only thing to do is beat it on a higher level?

Overall score-5/10

The math doesn't add up, but when you play the game you won't be like OMG THIS THING SUCKS REFUND REFUND!!!

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: God of War (Greatest Hits) (US, 03/01/06)

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