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Reviewed: 09/18/07

God of War - The God of Video Games

God of War the God of Video Games

Introduction- God of War, a thrilling title with everything a game needs. This is my first Contribution, and I will give this review all I have. Now, I will talk about the story, gameplay, graphics, sounds, replayability and if it is worth a buy, or just a lowly and pathetic rent. I know, and my wisdom will be revealed to you through this Game Review.

Note: This guide is absolutely 100% SPOILER FREE and it will not ruin any part of the game.

Gameplay- OMG! When I first saw the commercial of this game, I thought it would be just an ok game. Boy was I wrong. This game shines in Gameplay, as you have many attacks, skills, items, and enemies. There are amazing features in this game as the ability to initiate a finishing move on bosses in which you press a few buttons and get an extra special and cool move that will finish your opponent. This game also gives you amazing mythological creatures to fight such as Satyrs, Minotaurs and Harpies. The downfall is that you have certain button mashing minigames that can be annoying if lost many times and could call for the use of a Turbo Controller, but it is worth it. I love the way the attacks are based and how Boss Battles do have repeated skills used, but in different orders and different times making it sometimes very hard to tell where to go or what your opponent is going to do, making it more fun and providing a much, much greater challenge.
Gameplay Rating- 10/10

Note: The button mashing minigames are not hard for everyone, some people finish it with ease and others have great difficulty when attempting this. Try the minigames first and then determine if you need a Turbo Controller.

Story- I loved this story personally. It's really realistic and interesting, unlike other storylines I know, such as GTA San Andreas and Half Life. You are a man named Kratos, and you are the Champion of the Gods. You are out on a mission to destroy the evil, and corrupted Ares, Zeus' son and God of War. On the way, to gain the trust and helpful skills of the gods, you will have to undergo many tasks and prove yourself, until you are able to gain the strength to reach the ultimate goal- Defeating Ares. I really liked this story as though it is simple; it was a really good base for this game and overall was a pretty easy storyline to build around.
Story Rating- 10/10

Note: Even though this is the main plot, you sometimes get sidetracked. This is not apart from the story.

Graphics- Amazing. Nicely animated Blood, and amazing creature models. Attacks have amazing animations and are overall nicely done. God attacks are very real looking, such as Zeus' Thunderbolts, Poseidon's rage, Army of Hades and others. All of the graphics are very crisp, have no downfall, and most of them look better than Halo 2 graphics, which, in my opinion, are FANTASTIC!
Graphics Rating- 10/10

Sounds- Pretty good sounds for a game like this, but is repeated over and over. Eventually gets annoying and you might want to turn off the sound on the TV, but you will get used to it. Not even that bad in my opinion, I personally think they're pretty nice, but not as good as some other games with soundtracks, considering this has pretty much the same tune the entire time, but it is catchy and it is sort of a mood adapter, as it usually comes me down when I am frustrated or angry.
Sounds Rating- 9/10

Replayability- This game takes a while to beat, and it is worth replaying to unlock everything. This game has many, many unlockables, and it is very hard to unlock most of them, so this gaming is shouting to be replayed. Trust me, it's worth it to unlock everything. You can unlock new game modes, bonus games, bonus videos, things that were cut from the game and the list only goes on.
Replayability Value Rating- 10/10

Final Recommendation. Everything I wanted in a game and more. Definitely worth a buy, and I would sell some games to buy it, this is probably the best game I have ever, and will ever play. It is strong in everything and the only downfall is the music, which I personally enjoy to a certain extent. This game isn't worth the money, it's MORE than worth it, and it will prove itself to you once, and if you get it. If you don't get it, you're missing out on one hell of a game! In conclusion, buy. I know you know you want it!
Overall Rating- 10/10

See Ya Later!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: God of War (US, 03/22/05)

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