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Reviewed: 11/21/06

Can a game get any better than this?

My First Thoughts:

When I hear this game mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is blood and gore and this is one of the Greatest games to hit the Playstation 2. In my review I will tell you everything you need to know about this game. When I first played this game I played it on a demo, this one demo I played over and over and over again. I just couldn't wait for the game to come out. When the game came out I was blown away by how a game can be this much fun. The moves he link together into one combo will make you just jump out of your seats. How he just rips apart his enemies, and how the blood just goes flying everywhere. This is the best hack and slash game that hit the PS2. Kratos is suffering you must go out right now and help him get through this. Let's start the review and I will tell you why he needs your help.

Story:It starts out with Kratos standing on top of Mount Olympus saying there is no hope. In what you wonder? This is where you come in. The story is Awesome in this game, let me tell you a little about it without spoiling to much. You are Kratos, and you have been sent out to defeat the God Of War Aries. You continue to have these awful flashbacks of something that occurred in your life 3 weeks earlier. In order to get rid of these flashbacks you have to go out and defeat the God Of War. The story is Fantastic. You have to go on this long journey trying to defeat this God. On your way there you will meet plenty of other God's too. What you need to defeat this God is held inside the Pandora Box. This is your key for defeating this God, without this there is no hope. I do not want to spoil anything this game is a experience everyone must experience. This isn't just a game it is a fun experience that will keep you coming back for a long time. I have no choice but to give this story a 10/10

Graphics: These are the best graphics that hit the PS2. I mean the cutscenes are gorgeous. The actual gameplay will blow your mind away. Nothing fades out I mean everything is so clear and beautiful. Sometimes I just stand there and stare at things. Yes the graphics are that Good. The camera angles are Perfect no other word comes to me but perfect. You will see everything you need to see plus more when you are in battle and out. I have to say this game really pushed the PS2 passed it's limits I mean graphics can't get any better than this. Everything is in great detail from the levels to the enemies. The graphics get a 10/10.

Gameplay: This of course where this game shines out from them all. The fighting system is the funnest. This is a game you can take out any day and have fun with it. The blood and gore of course is my favorite part of this game. There is SO much blood and gore and it all looks real. You have spells you can do you help you out on this game also. This is because the enemy's can get a little overwhelming at times. My favorite spell has to be the Poseidon's Rage. What happens when he does this is he gets electricity all over his body and can shock all his enemies. You also have to level up your spells. Like when you get this spell to the highest level he can shock further away from him. I want you to figure out the other spells when you play the game. I just wanted to give you a idea about how the spells are. They are some puzzles you will have to solve along your journey, not the hair pulling puzzles that are impossible to figure out they are pretty easy if you asked me. It just keeps the game interesting. The difficulty isn't to hard on this game. I mean it can overwhelm you sometimes with a lot of enemies, but if you know what your doing it wont be as hard. Don't forget you have your spells and of course swords to help you out. I give the gameplay a STRONG 10/10

Controls: The controls are nice and smooth, you will get use to them very fast. What I liked most about the controls is like when your in a battle a little button mini game pops up and you have to press the right button to do the attack. I thought that was a fun feature added to a game, because I never witness that on a game before. They have a lot of attacks you can do from ground attack to aerial attacks. The attacks he does keeps me jumping out my seat and just saying WOW. Oh man I love it, and I know you will too. You have to learn your own combos, and link them together to make one awesome killer move. The attacks buttons vary from square to X and so on. It's not a button smashing game you just have to know what your doing. You can't just expect to hit every button and kill everything. Skills come along in this game too. 10/10

Music/Sound: The voice acting on this game are very good. I love Kratos voice he sounds really like a God. The other characters you will meet in the game all sound like that's how their voice was meant to be. They really out did their selves with the voice acting . The music fits the game its this Greek mythology kind of music that goes with the game. I have no complaints at all everything is how it should be. 10/10

Re-playability: This game will keep you coming back forever. I bought this game on release date and still play it a lot. I mean it is just so much fun. You also have this mode called the Challenges Of The Gods. The name makes it sound hard, and I won't lie to you it is hard. It took me forever, but the reward is so great and worth it. When you beat it you will see. I already beat this game three times, and still going back for more. Your first play through should take you about 8-9 hours if not less. When you beat the Challenges Of The Gods it should take you less than that *wink wink* There is plenty things to unlock in this game, you might find some to be cool, and some to be stupid. All in all this game is a must own. A MUST!! 10/10

Rent/Buy: There is no reason in the world why you shouldn't buy this game considering it's price range right now. This game deserves to be in Anyone and Everyone's game collection. Go out right now and buy it, Stop Reading Leave right now. Why are you still reading? Go Now!


Final Thoughts: I always here people bashing this game saying its to overrated and over hyped, this game deserves to be that way. This is one of the funnest games you will ever play. This game will own it's way up to your top favorites. I know it's already in mine. Go out buy this game put it in your PS2 and play all night. It will be hard for you to put the controller down. Listen to a person who has been through this lol. Why don't you right now go look at some game play pictures of this game and you can't tell me it doesn't look cool can you? When you do buy this game and yeah I know after reading this you will. Make sure to go do the Challenges Of The Gods first thing. I found this to be the most helpful thing in the game. You just have to be really patient with it. Yes it is hard. The rewards are to great to pass up though. After writing this I feel like playing this game. Where is it? Oh yeah here it is. I keep it right here next to me. I am always in the mood to play this Awesome game. Ok where is my PS2 hmm? Oh yeah! Hold on let me go put God Of War In .......... WOOOO That was awesome I just ripped apart a Hydro's head. Oh man That was so awesome. Whoops I forgot I wasn't done writing my review. Let me pause it hold on...
Anyways you have to go pick this game up. Oh man I can't believe someone wouldn't want to buy this game. It is only 20 bucks WOW. Just WOW! That is a perfect reason to go out and buy it now. Go look for your car keys right now and go out and buy this Wonderful Wonderful game. I grant you the permission to stop reading my review. My game is still on pause you know. I think it is about that time to go rip apart another hydro. AHHH look at the blood ahhh lol. Still here? You shouldn't be you should be in your car driving to go pick up this game. Anyways moving on to my:

Conclusion: My conclusion for this game is that you must go out and buy it right now. I still can't believe you are still reading my review. The game is just sitting there at the store waiting to be played. You are Kratos and you will defeat the God Of War!!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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