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Reviewed: 10/09/06

God of Combat

God of War is a great game hands down. It has to be the number one action/adventure game of 2005. No questions asked. It's a thrilling game filled with combat, puzzle-solving, and story. It's a massive quest to pull off, but with your Blades of Chaos and your smarts, you should be fine. The mythology involved in God of War makes God of War a new experience to even the most knowledgeable gamer. It's thrilling to turn on the game and listen to Kratos grunt and see the blood dripping off his blades. The future looks bright for this new franchise. Anyway, let's get on with the review for God of War.

Story: The story from God of War is simple. You are Kratos, a Spartan warrior. Loyal servant of the gods and ticked off. During a battle, you where about to die, you called upon Ares. Ares, the god of war, took you into his service after rescuing from your certain doom and also took your life away in a different way. He ordered you to kill and kill without mercy. Without knowing, you killed your own wife and daughter. After you slaughter your own wife and child, you realize your true goal. To kill the god of war. Your quest to kill the god of war will take you across the Aegean sea, the Desert of Lost Souls, Athens, the underworld, and even Mt. Olympus itself. 10/10

Controls: The controls for God of War are very well done. They are easy and responsive. With a such a complex combat system like God of War's, it's hard to imagine how they came up with such easy controls. I easily could pull of some of the most difficult combos and pull of some of the hardest button presses. It's great to know that the controls are good and make the experience of God of War much better. 10/10

Gameplay: The gameplay in this game took my breath away. It's difficult to be sure, but you can get the hang of combat quickly. The controls are very well-done and make the combat more like a free-style combat system. When you add the controls on top of the combat, you know that the combat is going to be great. You also fight amazing mythical creatures like cyclops, hydras, minotaurs, Cerberus, satyrs, and much more. Each enemy have their own attacks that make the game more challenging and satisfying. The boss fights are amazing. Fighting the hydra in the first level was beyond satisfying and the other bosses do not disappoint either. That's just the enemies. Your weapons are very original. Your main weapon is your Blades of Chaos. They are your first weapons and arguably the best. They are burned onto Kratos' arms and have great reach. You also fight with the blade of Artemis. Magic plays a vital role as well in this game. You get magic from the likes of Poseidon, Zeus, Hades, and Aphrodite. Each magic ability has great effects and are vital to your success in killing the god of war. Combat with these weapons and magical abilities are the best part of combat. You have a combo meter as well to keep track of your killing spree and gives you extra experience. Context-sensitive attacks are amazing and gory. Basically, you press certain buttons at a given time to cause maximum damage to your enemy and kill them in the most brutal way possible. Also there is a Rage of the gods meter which, if activated, causes Kratos to go into a rampage killing enemies with ease. Combat can be done on the ground as well as in the air which causes for amazing combos to be pulled off. But ,sometimes, I felt as if the combat was a little bit repetitive. Your weapons and magic can be upgraded to make them more powerful as well as more attacks. Your health and magic meter can also be upgraded to help you on your quest. Chests are opened in this game for obtaining health, magic, and experience. With all the upgrading, you could say that God of War as certain role-playing elements. Puzzles are fun as well. You must solve this nifty puzzles to progress through the game. Some puzzles are massive while others are small. Either way the puzzles are fun and refreshing between battles. The puzzles sometimes can be challenging. I can recall a few times where I had to look at some walkthroughs to get past some. Either way, the combat in God of War is amazing as well as refreshing and the puzzle-solving is a great alternative to keep the game rolling. There's no doubt that God of War's combat is a great new system of gameplay. On a side-note, there are some known glitches for this game. But that doesn't at all take away from the experience this game has to offer. 10/10

Graphics: The graphics in God of War are great, but I've seen better. Not to say they are not amazing. The graphics are certainly top-notch quality. The enemies themselves are very detailed to say the least. You can see the spikes of their armor and their bruises. The blood is very detailed and not for young children. This game takes you across the sea, deserts, cities, mountains, and many more ancient places. This means that the graphics are shown in the sea, land, and air. The graphics are solid, but sometimes feel like an older game. The graphics of cutscenes are where the graphics shine. They are amazingly rendered and full of little tid-bits. The cutscenes are where the story progresses really. Not to mention that cutscenes are numerous in this game. Anyway, as I like to say: Only gameplay truly matters. And since the gameplay in this game is great you don't have to worry to much about graphics. Even if the graphics are amazing. 9/10

Environments: God of War, being set in the ancient times, makes great use of showing how the buildings were like and such. The environments also add to the presentation of the game. You see a lot of places in this game. Athens is amazingly presented in this game. This game will carry you across many environments like deserts, ancient cities, and much more. Environments also play a big role in the puzzle-solving element of this game. Massive environmental-puzzles are in this game. Climbing all the way up cliffs and puzzles just to get to Pandora's box is found in this game. If you like environments in games this game does not disappoint. 10/10

Sound: The sounds of God of War are spectacular. You hear your enemies scream of terror, the cracking of blades hitting blades, destruction of objects, and your enemies doom. Sounds like screaming gorgons or enemies charging up attacks that can mean total destruction to you are scary yet satisfying. The orchestra that helped with the sounds to this game really did a superb job.The sound adds to the ambiance that this games presents.When paired along with the graphics and gameplay of God of War, the sound adds another boost of greatness to an already great game. 10/10

Play Time: This is where the game may fall short. It takes about 7-14 hours to pass this game. That certainly does not take away from the experience that God of War offers. That's okay with me, but to some who enjoy a long game, you might just want to rent it. 8/10

Replayability: The unlockables in this game are worth trying to get. The unlockables make playing the game again. You unlock a mode called God mode which holds more challenging enemies. The unlockables like alternative costumes are fun to use and have added effects. The unlockables certainly make this game worth replaying. And since the game is takes only about 10 hours to beat, you can replay through this game many times before getting bored. 10/10

Buy or Rent?: This may be a difficult decision. You can certainly finish the game in one week, but sometimes you may want to use some of the unlockables. I rented it, but then bought it because it was a game not worth passing up. And now since it's in the greatest hits collection, you might be able to just buy it and enjoy it to the max. That's what I did and I do not regret my decision at all. In the end, if you rent it you have to take all you can from this game. Where, if you buy it, you can enjoy it anytime. So, I consider this to be a Buy.

Overall: God of War is a well made game that is does something new to the genre. This game is truly one of a kind and offers a great new experience for all gamers. With that said, you might not want to buy this for a young kids. Also, God of War does not fail to be an exciting, action-packed game. But if your mature enough, this is a game that everybody should a least check out. When you combine puzzle-solving and combat so easily, this is what you should get. An amazing game. 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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