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When is a classic a classic? 08/18/08 brutusmuktuk
The definite God of War review. 08/01/08 GodOfWarFanatic
An epic, but abbreviated, action-adventure game. 04/08/05 Evil Dave
Square, Square, Triangle 02/26/10 47pik
A great, but generally overrated, game 08/08/05 arcanehavoc
Action-platforming done right? 02/12/07 Archmonk Iga
Truly Awe Inspiring 04/25/05 bbears
God of War: Why aren't you playing it? 03/31/05 BeefieCheesie
Furious Baldo's Fantastic Furious Adventure 01/07/11 BloodGod65
God of War is one of the best action games I've ever played. 08/22/05 CCS_TeamRider
Breaking the habit... 01/23/07 discoinferno84
A redefining and thought provoking experience 04/04/17 Galactus21
An instant classic 03/15/07 general531
This game takes Castlevania's cake and eats it too. 11/21/05 HEMIstation
A great game, though it tries a little too hard. 04/20/10 Herugrim
God of Mediocre 04/06/05 himurokoken
Ta-tas and blood do not a classic make. 01/03/11 HPHovercraft
An epic experience 08/16/10 JCvgluvr
An adrenaline-fuelled adventure that only falters in terms of story pacing and variety. 04/26/10 joncalvin
God of War is really everything that has been said about it. It is an amazingly fun action game that should not be missed for any reason. 10/28/05 KnightsoftheRound
One briliant experience, from start to finish...great combat and amazing action 03/06/06 maestro_malone
Can a game get any better than this? 11/21/06 MasterGamer2244
Ancient Greece recreated in all its glory; and the game is good too 09/05/06 Millers C
Simply put, the best game I have ever played 05/30/06 Mr_Socks
No, this game isn't perfect. 04/09/07 Mykas0
Night's Review of GOW, warning spoiler 03/06/06 Nights_Requiem
By the Gods! Another over-rated game! 04/06/05 raiden251
God of Combat 10/09/06 RE401
Sony has hit the Jackpot 02/08/06 roadkiller1
Good and intense action combat, with a few problems. 06/05/06 RykuXr
I don't remember mythology being so violent. But, who cares? 04/09/07 ShadowGuardian9
A slasher with soul...SOUL!!! 02/21/06 SieckJ
A grand epic adventure that will blow me away? Not quite, I only felt a nice breeze. 03/29/05 skygto
Not Quite Divine, But Enjoyable Nonetheless 09/22/14 Suprak the Stud
My buddy Kratos, says that you should buy this game, or else!!!!! 06/13/07 thesampleman
Epic as hell. 05/10/10 UltimaterializerX
God Of War Makes Its Genre In A Better Position 05/31/05 VillainC
An epic journey with a few flaws holding it back from perfection 03/15/06 wolverinefan
Dark, Gripping, and Fun, a Staple of Sony's Library 02/25/13 Xodyak
Epic, brilliant, beauitful. That about sums this game up. 12/01/05 zombiesmusher01
Just like many other Ps2 classics, this game didn't really impress me like I hope it would... 07/22/10 Zylo the wolf

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A God like experiance. 05/02/05 Acquire
Gore + Awesome Combat + Ancient Greece = Classic! 08/17/05 Bill_Lange
How easy is too easy? 04/19/05 Captain Username
Corran 450'S Review Series Vol 3: God of War 05/12/08 corran450
God of the Awesome 03/28/05 Darkv1
Lives up to its expectations in my book 03/28/05 DoNnYbAsEbAlL632
God of War - The God of Video Games 09/18/07 Flame_Spirit_X
God of War is a god among games 08/28/08 German Dragon
Frailty, thy name is definitely not Kratos. 04/06/05 JakylReborn
Olympic, Herculean, and all that stuff 05/16/05 Jihad
GOD OF GAMES...from the action genre 08/01/06 johnathanblade
God of Gaming 07/11/05 Nelo_Portgas
God Of War: Where Kicking Mythological Booty Is Fun! 04/06/05 NeoNess
A brutal, detached assault on a god needed more boss fights. 04/19/10 neonreaper
Not the God of Action Gaming 03/28/05 NeoTS
Not as good as the hype, but still a great game. 07/06/05 Ninjilla
A beautiful action game, with a great story to boot 07/08/05 OmegaZeta
Haven't played GoW yet? ... What's wrong with you...? 03/17/10 redbuck
Simply the best game I have ever played. 08/08/05 Robazoid
Simplified Greek Lessons 04/08/05 shamanboy
Perhaps the gods made this one... 02/12/14 Snowyrulz1
Five Years Later, Still an Awesome Game! 05/17/10 Sour
Very gory, violent game that looks and plays great! 07/20/05 supreme dar
Taking the best of Prince of Persia, Rygar and Onimusha and doing it better 04/11/05 Swiftshark
An absolutely fantastic game that will blow you away 03/28/05 The President
This could be one of the best games ever! 07/28/05 titan012345
Pretty Neat-O. If you ask me. It's beyond the hype. 03/30/05 Tr3ndYisHawt
Shows That Amazing Production Values Goes a Long Way 04/14/08 whisperingmute
What Are You Waiting For? 07/25/05 xxnike629xx
God of War, One bad tail game. 04/26/05 Zink69

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