Additional AnimatorJeff Bailey
Additional AnimatorDave Blanchette
Additional AnimatorColm Buggan
Additional AnimatorGrace Dotson
Additional AnimatorMichael Kiely
Additional AnimatorParker Matson
Additional AnimatorNicole Stinn
Additional AnimatorGreg Tiernan
Additional AnimatorMark West
Additional ArtistHenry Cheng
Additional ArtistMatt Clyne
Additional ArtistPeter Khn
Additional ArtistJeff Morgan
Additional ArtistTate Mosesian
Additional ArtistMike Nicholson
Additional Concept & Storyboard ArtistShannon Denton
Additional Concept & Storyboard ArtistMartin Mercer
Additional Concept & Storyboard ArtistAdam Pollina
Additional Concept & Storyboard ArtistAaron Sowd
Additional Concept & Storyboard ArtistDwayne Turner
Additional Concept & Storyboard ArtistBrad Vancata
Additional DesignCharlie Huenergardt
Additional DesignQuinlan Richards
Additional DesignScott Rogers
Additional Environment Art SupportMelissa Harrison
Additional Programming SupportBen Diamand
Additional Programming SupportVassily Filippov
Additional Sound DesignerChuck Russom
Additional Technical Art SupportJames D. Polk
AnimatorPaul Lee
AnimatorGlovanni Luis
AnimatorNick Vona
AnimatorMehdi Yssef
Art DirectorSteve Caterson
Art DirectorTerry Smith
Associate ProducerWhitney Wade
Associate ProducerYumi Yang
CastingRick Bowman
Character ArtistErik San Juan
Character ArtistLouis Lu
Concept ArtistCecil Hong-Sik Kim
Concept ArtistScott Seeto
Concept ArtistCharlie Wen
Design - CameraJessica Brunelle
Design - Combat ScenariosDavid Jaffe
Design - Combat ScenariosTodd Papy
Design - Combat SystemDerek Daniels
Design - Combat SystemRichard Foge
Design - Combat SystemEric Williams
Design - Level DesignTobin A. Russell
Design - Level Design & ScriptingAshley A. Morgan
Design - Level Design & ScriptingTodd Papy
Design - Level Design & ScriptingJo Wright
Design - Sound & Music ScriptingJonathan Hawkins
Design - Sound & Music ScriptingJason McDonald
DirectorDouglas Carrigan
Envionment ArtistMark Ahlin
Envionment ArtistMark Anderson
Envionment ArtistPaul Coda
Envionment ArtistDen Johnson
Fight ConsultantChuck Jeffreys
Fight ConsultantChuck Jeffreys
Game Director & Lead DesignerDavid Jaffe
Game ProgrammerMatt Arrington
Game ProgrammerMagnus Banielsson
Game ProgrammerThomas Miler IV
Game ProgrammerBob Soper
Game ProgrammerPhil Wilkins
Game WritterKeith Fay
Game WritterDavid Jaffe
Game WritterMarianne Krawczyk
Game WritterAlexander Stein
Japanese Voice: KratosTessho Genda
Lead AnimatorCory Barlog
Lead Character ArtistDave Matthews
Lead Effects ArtistMaximilian Vaughn Ancar
Lead Engine ProgrammerChrister ericson
Lead Envionment ArtistStig Asmussen
Lead Envionment ArtistKen Feldman
Lead Envionment ArtistGustavo Rasche
Lead ProgrammerTim Moss
Motion Capture ActorBrandon Molale
Motion Capture ActorBrandon Molale
Music EditorJared Emerson-Johnson
NarratorLinda Hunt
Orchestrator ConductorJames T. Sale
Original MusicMarcello De Francisci
Original MusicGerard K. Marino
Original MusicMichael A. Reagan
Original MusicCris Velasco
Original Score Composed byWinifred Phillips
Original Score Composed byWinnie Waldron
ProducerShannon Studstill
Production AssistantMark Camperell
Project CoordinatorRita Mines
Sound DesignerPhillip A. Kovats
Sound DesignerLydian Tone
Sound Effects DesignerMichael Edward Johnson
Technical ArtistMark Anderson
Technical ArtistRichard Greenspan
Technical ArtistJason Minters
Technical ArtistAlexander Stein
Voice Actor: AresSteven Jay Blum
Voice Actor: ArtemisClaudia Black
Voice Actor: KratosTerrence 'T.C.' Carson
Voice Actor: PoseidonFred Tatasciore
Voice Actor: ZeusPaul Eiding
Voice Actress: AthenaCarole Ruggier
Voice Actress: Oracle of AthensSusan Blakeslee
Voice: Boat CaptainKeith Ferguson
Voice: FishermanFred Tatasciore
Voice: GravediggerPaul Eiding
Voice: Greek SoldierPaul Eiding
Voice: Greek SoldierKeith Ferguson
Voice: Greek SoldierChristopher Smith
Voice: Greek SoldierFred Tatasciore
Voice: Town Square WomanGwendolyn Yeo
Voice: Undead SoldierChristopher Smith
Voice: WifeGwendolyn Yeo

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