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Plot Analysis Guide by Aleksss1984

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 07/06/10

KILLER 7 PLOT ANALYSIS: Some assembly required   by Aleks Zivanovic 
(only one Harman inside)

Version 1.02

  I - Intro
 II - Q&A
III - Conclusions

The following is simply put, a bunch of thoughts i had to tie into something 
resembling a 'true' story behind this killer game that i had to write or else 
i would've exploded. Essentially, i'm just trying to make sense out of it for 
myself, and perhaps for some of you that are reading this. I've been writing 
for hours now, have read all the faqs, visited some wikias and seen most
cutscenes again, just to put it all together, to make some sense, to be
able to sleep. I apologize if this seems a bit amateurish, but it is my first 
FAQ-like .txt. Just bear with it, it might make some sense. Also, there are 
other great plot faqs and such, around too. You should read them all, 
just to see some different takes on the story, and then come to your 
own conclusions. 
It is a great story, but some assembly is required. Also, i doubt that
i should have made a more detailed ToC (table of C) because 
anyone willing to read a game-related detailed plot FAQ - likes the game and 
likes to read, and will read through it all. To try to organize your thoughts 
for a game like this would feel unnatural. Like the game, take this FAQ as a 
mess of ideas that it is.

5 Harmans? (The Harmen)
1. Why were there three Harmans? (The demigod, the principal and the 
persona) What point would that serve? And what about the young Harman? 
4 then? 
And what if you take into account the 'body absorbing Harman' from the 
Gamebook 'Hand in Killer 7', he seems different from the rest, 5? What if it 
was all just one plain old Harman Mastermind god-killer. Holy Trinity you say 
(Shockley_Haynes)? Then why are all the Harmen cripples? If there are 
three Harmans, one on a cosmic level, one as a human avatar and one in 
Garcian's head, why are they all represented as invalids in the game. Why not 
only the avatar Harman, whom Dan wounds, and his consequent representation 
inside Garcian's mind. And what about his young self? Why would a ressurecting 
demigod choose to remain immobile? Even 100y later? Is it to get demented 
chicks, or the elephant rifles?

2. Wasn't the guy next to Harman, when Garcian relearns he's Emir and 
goes back to the Union Hotel, Dmitri Nightmare and not J. Gagnon? J. 
Gagnon never made it to the hotel. 'Cause he got offed by the smiths. Whatever 
they were.

4. I read in a similar plot FAQ, but of greater depth, (by Shockley_Haynes)
that Harman's current state was a result of Emir trying to put him
into a safe and 'breaking' him in the process. It seems more plausible that he 
was assaulted back in 2000 when Dan got revived and got crazed for a period, 
that left him in his sad state, as the gamebook suggests. 
I think that the 'hand in killer 7' gamebook should not be totally neglected 
when analyzing the plot. Using only what the game itself shows and gives 
always leads into confusion. You must gather clues here and there and piece it 
for yourself, accept one story denounce another in favor of own sense of... 
well sense. The only other explanation of why Harman 
is in a wheelchair is to underline his weakness and dependence on 
Garcian (explained later). I thought it was to fool his enemies into 
underestimating him, but the dude packs an elephant, tank killing rifle 
on his 'chair. I mean, it's a hell of a giveaway.

9. Master Smith is Master to Garcian probably because subconsciously 
Garcian must remember the real Harman, which he offed as Emir or was it 
the other way around. Something from harman's RL authority as his 
Tutor, must have carried onto his new incarnation as Garcian's persona 
companion. If it was one and the same Harman Smith, or Deltahead, that was the 
school principal and a skilled assasin with multifoliate personae 
ability, and against Kun Lan, it can be assumed that Kun Lan used Emir, 
Harman's student, to off Harman, and Emir could've found out where the 
Union 7 meeting was held easily, because he held Harman's trust. He 
didn't need no Yoon-truemaskguy.

34. Why 100y later? Did it take them that much time to resurrect, if they ever 
were real? Why is Harman still in a wheelchair? Surely a semi-deity is not so 
easily crippled. Why doesn't he age at all, but he did, as shown by him once 
being the young Tommy-gun-tooting Harman. Is it really an Emir's crippled 
memory of the man, possessing a bit of Harman inside himself even now?

14. When Kun Lan and Harman Smith talk for the second time, while playing 
chess and say 'has another come to surface?' after someone opens the 
door to wherever they are, they might mean just one 'another', not the 
entire crew of K7 personae, in sequence, who i believe to never have 
existed in the first place. Time is warped there, and this was the 
second time Garcian interrupted them, presumably.
The first time he interrupted them, he shot them full of lead. Or was 
it the second time? Time there is warped.

15. There is nothing to suggest that Master Harman persona took control 
over Emir, during the 2nd encounter with Harman Smith (the other one 
but the same one) and Kun Lan chess-match, and shot the two. Garcian 
doesn't even have a tommy gun in his suitcase. I think it just meant 
that Emir discarded another part of his delusions, Harman Smith and Kun 
Lan, which were also a part of his madness, so like all the other 
personae, he destroyed them too.

37. Harman has the ability to laugh. 

19. Why did Matsuken turn on Kun Lan during 'Lion'? Could it be that he didn't
even know by whom he was marked?  And what the hell is a Harman 
doing there just lying on the floor? Who leaves decrepit immobile old 
men lying on the floors of secret abandoned bases anyway. This body, 
which i presume dead, might mean only that Harman left his avatar 
body because the game was over, and then Emir shoots Kun Lan's avatar, who 
was reluctant to end the game, and that's that. Time to sleep for a 
hundred. See you next resurrection.
If we do accept Shockley_Haynes's explanation of a chess play occurring 
between Kun an Harm, and as Matsuken and Emir being their pieces, 
respectively, then we can assume that the reason Matsuken gives Emir a chance
to decide what course of action is to be taken - is black waiting for white's 
play. The problem here is that Harm lost his chess game to Kun this time, but 
his pawn Emir won and killed the smiles. If Harman is the white player and for 
the good, and Kun is the black player, for the bad, that won the game, why is 
it that his smiles lost? And the option of whether to destroy Japan or not is 
left to Harm's Emir, that is, to us the player?
If Kun won, and the smiles are treated as a sacrifice game-wise (chess), the 
canon ending would seem to be the destruction of Japan.
Or are their roles, Kun's and Harm's actually reversed?

23. Where is Harman's gun in that 1st scene Garcian enters the 
Forbidden Room? Why is he so stirred after seeing Garcian? Kun Lan 
finds not Harman's gasping and screeching funny, but the fact that 
Garcian was there. Also, he entered half-way into the story, after the 
stabby part. He didn't hear everything. 
In the next scene he says to Mills, 'the master is gone'.
Could it be that the second time he enters the forbidden room is just a 
flashback of what he did the first time? Time has no meaning in memory 
inside one's mind, everything else in the U7 hotel in 'Smile' was a flashback. 
Could it be that the first scene is what Garcian remembered, but the 
second what actually happened?
Time has no meaning there, the two might have been discussing the 
slaying of that woman and the new arrival at the same time.
The weird spasm that Harman pulls and Lan's laughter remind me strongly 
of how their bodies danced when shot in the 2nd chess scene.
Since time has no bearing there, it might have occurred simultaneously, 
and left Emir Harmanless. It wasn't Master Harman or young Harman they 
saw, with a Tommy gun that did them in, it was Emir. Only it was in a 
warped place, inside his mind. And there is only one damn Harman.

Emir Parkreiner
5. Problem, how could have Garcian driven all the way to Coburn with a 
corpse in tow, when he offed himself on the Union Hotel Rooftop, where 
he was found by Harman Smith, some version of him? And what is the 
significance of putting a dead Harman inside his vault? Why didn't he 
leave him where he shot him? It is never said where he shot him.

6. And who gave Garcian the ring? Wasn't he clairvoyant from the start, 
the third eye and all? No he wasn't, it signified his link to Harman. 
On the rooftop, he either assimilated Harman, after killing him, or 
Harman absorbed him. It's Harman that's clairvoyant. When Garcian 
shoots the third eye near the end of the game he severs his link with 
Harman completely, and is Emir again. Presumably still 13yo in his 

10. Why would a young Harman be partnered with Gagnon in that flashback scene
at U7 hotel? Makes no sense. 
I thought of Gagnon as Garcian's own self-inquiry into who he really 
is. His internal thought process. In the end, when he is at the 
rooftop, opening his suitcase and seeing all the weapons of his K7 
unit, he appears distraught and seems like he didn't know that all the 
Personae were him, not bewildered that he was alone, but surprised at 
what was there. His inflection and voice tone changes to an 
adolescent's, like he's 13 again. And it seems as if he didn't know 
what he was carrying this whole time, a lot of guns for all occasions. 
There were no Personae, other than him. All of it, all, was his 
madness. He was a trained and conditioned assassin that got triggered 
every time, from his base in battleship island, and went to do a gig in 
one of those Ulmeyda rocket cars. Yeah, i know, we don't see him 
driving that model until Mills bites it, but we don't see what he's 
driving most of the time. Nor do we know what amount of time it takes 
to go from Japan, using that expressway thingy, to the States. It might 
be pretty fast, and it sounds that way too. Then we have the RL coliseum, and
the vinculum coliseum, the steps leading out, when he's passing through the 
vinculum, deja vu, it's all to similar to the ones presented in 'lion' to be 
simply written off. I think that Mills activated him every time with that same 
phone call, gave him the data, and Garcie would be off, carrying his tools in 
his suitcase, thinking that he was a multitude, with who knows what playing 
in loop inside his mind. But what about the basement Harman of 3y later?

11. The common explanation for how the k7 compilation got detached from 
Garcian, after Smile op, after gymnasium, did not sit well with me. This 
explanation is that the others just up and left, or no explanation is given at 
all. I beg your pardon? 
I think that, as Garcian was coming to terms that he might be the E, his 
own subconsciousness, his craze, got loose inside him, and as a result 
we were treated to a gunfight between ghosts, his personae and the 
invincible smiles at the gymnasium. The death of all the personae by 
the Invincibles is him knowing that he is once again Emir, and that the 
madness (thinking that he was a multitude K7) has passed. It was all an 
internal self-defense mechanism, a mind cleansing itself of false data.

12. The 'forbidden room' itself is a part of Garcian's Psyche that was 
locked from himself, by himself.

37. And what about the television set? It is missing when he comes back to the 
island in his living/waiting room/prison? Does it symbolize that all control 
over him was broken?

16. Also, i think that Garcian, when it came to sense of self and 
reality, and common sense, was limited by his conditioning from the 
government. He didn't know what 'a president' was, and what was its role. 
Iwazaru was probably his inner smile, so to speak, being locked in the 
basement of the same building Garcian had awaited every Mills' 
activation phone call. Most of the events of the game were probably in 
his own head, and not real, or not as they actually occurred.
Everything up until his second game visit to U7 hotel was probably 
false or inaccurate crazed memory.
The heaven smiles were probably real, but i doubt that they were all 
monsters as portrayed in the game. Most were probably just folks, 
targets and collateral, that seemed as monsters to Garcie, because of 
his conditioning. Not only did he have the ability to see smiles, he saw them 

18. I believe Garcie just sat there, in what appeared to be his home, 
but was in fact a waiting room of sort, at that island, waiting for 
Mills' activation call. 
He was always brunching away, during activations, which is awful 
curious. Like a set of instructions always given the same way in order 
to further a conditioning.

20. Battleship island is the place where Garcian's room was, and where 
he was kept, as an antidote for Smiles, which were created there as 
well. The vinculum is the route he always took when going on a hit, so 
it is always the same in his skewed conditioned memory.
Garcian would always start his mission from there. It is possible that 
he never offed Harman the principal, and that he was always with him on 
the island, or that Harman's room Harman was just a remnant illusion.

24. The rooftop scene with Emir and young Emir. Why is Garcian so 
bewildered by this realization that he is Emir resurrected. I mean, he 
is a 'professional' in his own words. He played Russian Roulette with a 
loaded pistol. And he resurrected lots before, 
so it's not new. Why would he break down and act as a child. Is it 
because the madness finally looses its grip and he realizes there were 
never any other personae but him, and that he was a tool, conditioned 
and used by two governments? And after offing that memory he was 
disgusted with what he has killed while under control of some 
government's agency? Also notice no Tommy gun in his suitcase. 
Everything else is there.
Emir Parkreiner's conditioning started when he was young, it is 
possible that he never had any control over his actions whatsoever. And 
also, he cannot be the 'quarterback' from Kun Lan's story during the 
first chess scene, simply because he was too young. It could've been 
Harman though.

25. If it was Harman that Emir killed as the leader of U7, how did it 
come to pass that Harman 'took Emir in' as he says during a flashback, 
on the roof after the killings?
Could it be that the gamebook was half-way true, that Emir killed 
himself, that Harman went up and absorbed him, and then faked his own 
Then, as years passed and both got older, one of Garcian's personae, 
which were all madness, harmed Harman badly enough to make him bound to 
a wheelchair? And from then on Garcian was the main persona, between 
the two. 

26. Who set up the Gymnasium? It was Garcian's mind's self-defense 
mechanism, the whole thing, offing his madness. Everything after 
Matsuken leaving is madness. In light of fresh data regarding his 
identity, Garcian's mind unravels and his own mechanisms destroy his 
alter egos, which were never real in the first place, except for 
Harman, with whom he shared the Multifoliate Personae Phenomenon, and a 
body, after he 'took him in' at the roof. The only surviving persona 
was the real persona, Emir. The link between Harman/Emir might have 
degraded after Garcian injuring Harman while under the influence of one 
of his fake personae, Dan, so he rejected Harman the cripple and left 
him in his own physical body, while remaining a different Harman 
Smith/Garcian, much like the original Harman melded with Dmitri, but 
then rejected him and became something else but the same.
We don't know who killed Greg Nightmare, it could've been Keane, but we 
don't know. And why was Keane so bitter about women anyway?

27. Garcian lacks the vision ring because it was Harman that could see 
the smiles, not Emir, and when he regained his Emirness, his connection  
with Harman was lost.

28. The golden gun is Emir's, it's the gun Emir uses to off himself on 
the roof, it is the same gun Garcian uses after Gymnasium. It kills 
smiles in one shot. Why? Is gold to smiles as silver to werevolves?
Assuming the gymnasium was all in his mind, where did he get the gun? 
Did he always have it? If so, why the other guns, this one is so 
effective. And it's Emir's.
Perhaps that is why. Perhaps he willed it out of his mind, perhaps he 
found it someplace, maybe hidden in the gymnasium or on the way to 
Union Hotel. Did Matsuken or Lan plant it? Or perhaps it was with him 
all along, but he was blind to its presence. Notice how the dangling nightmare 
corpse is shown with the gun only after Matsuken leaves, not before.
If he was actually a smile, what the hell was he doing with Emir's gun?

30. So, Emir was 2m tall at 13y of age? He looks that tall when he 
whacks Dan in the hotel, and he wears a suit too. All the murders were first 
person, even the Harman/Kun Lan scene, except Dan. Only there we see Garcian, 
but dressed as usual, and tall as usual.

32. When Matsuken says, 'you boys' to Emir, near the end of chapter 
Lion, i doubt that he means Emir and a multitude of other Personae 
inside him, i think that he means 'you assassins' as in other assassins. 
Emir and K7 weren't the only crew around, although they were the best. 
The solution to the suitcase, besides it being the laziness of the 
programmers could be that, even though Emir ceased being Garcian, he 
still retained his memories, and skills. And him actually being all of 
the K7, having all of their combat and weapon skills, he is able to use 
all of the weapons as the situation requires. Although he still prefers 
his old golden gun.

3. If all of the killed were killers themselves, why did Kaede act like 
a frightened little girl when the killer came for her? Besides Coyote 
and Dan, the rest were taken out without a fight. What sort of killers 
act so casually, when something big is about to go down? Also, Kaede is 
said to be killed elsewhere in the 'Hand in Killer 7', and that all of 
them were actualy 'Union 7' remnants. How can such a mixed group of 
people be all grouped behind something so Japanese. There's no chance 
that all of them recieved training at Coburn.

7. If Kevin never speaks, not even when harmed by an exploding dna 
terrorist, or shot to death, why did he choose to pose as a receptionist at 
the U. Hotel when he got himself Emired? Wouldn't it be hard for him not to 
speak with that cover? Where's the sense in that?

8. Emir shot everyone from the K7 right? But why does only Kaede show 
the bloodstains? Coyote was shot while he was wearing nothing but his 
underwear and all of them got bullet holes in them. So why just Kaede? 
Perhaps she was innocent? And Mask De Smith, how in the hell did he get 
to become a U7 hitman, when he was popular as a small-town wrestler 
about to go big? Of how many blind 14yo chinese boys that practice 
assasination have you heard? This seems like an unlikely rooster for a 
killer crew. Some of them might have been innocent.

35. The only K7 member that might have been a real persona, confirmed through 
a neutral's eyes (the comic book writing guy Pearlharbour), is Dan Smith. But 
whose persona was he? He might have been Harman's, going by what the gamebook 
says, but like the rest, he too got dissolved by those invincible smiles in 
Gymnasium. Was he then, too, a false memory, only stronger then the rest?

36. When K7 squares off against Handsomes, none of them show signs of emotion 
concerning each other's simultaneous presence. It could be that they do 
simultaneously exist inside Garcian, and that they find it no different then 
the real thing. It also should be noted that the 'real thing' in this case 
probably is just a scripted event in an online game written by Love. Not only 
does Love serve here as a 4th wall breaker, telling the K7 it's just a game 
played by players, namely us, but she tells them, him, that he's being played.
Out of all K7+H only Garcian remains after Love breaks the scripted battle and 
the illusion of control of outcome. Why is only Garcian left?

Remnant thoughts
17. The Handsome men encounter, besides serving as a game that Kun Lan 
supposedly waged against K7 and Harman Smith and lost due to Love (or did he?) 
the gamer that abruptly ends the match, also serves as the game message 
that it is all just a game, and that it could end at any time and with no 
explanation as to what the hell. The explanation will be done justice 
in the authors own way. Understand?
Which happened in the end. Most of us that played it said 'What the 
hell happened with this storyline?'
I believe the game unfinished, which is supported by what the gamebook 
says concerning the background of the story. You couldn't guess half 
of it, if you just played through the game. 

38. Since Iwazaruscof turned out to be a smile in RL, possibly even Kun Lan's 
avatar or some such, the question is, what are the other two from the trio? 
Kikazaru and Mizaru? Were they just different personae of a same creature?

21. Iwazaru is all red, this is a standard heroic color in japanese 
culture, while white is death. The screaming in the trailer, which 
really isn't in Seattle, is Iwazaru, that is Kun Lan's avatar body. I 
doubt that Matusken didn't know where this body was, being touched by 
Kun Lan after all. Kun Lan probably called it quits after the game was 
done, and decided the Smile master body served no purpose whatsoever 
anymore. Terrorism was done, the chess game done, and the smileys 
spent. Harman and Kun Lan take their games very seriously.

22. Who killed Samantha? Was she even real? When Garcian selects Harman 
from the TV, he doesn't speak to him physically, he gets inside his 
mind, becomes him, talks with himself then. I bet Garcie himself 
strangled the life out of her for abusing Harmie, that is himself, 
well, inside his head i presume. I presume she was never real, only a 
fragment of his madness. Or before a certain point - she was real.

29. Kun Lan and Harman are reminiscent of the Great Gesser and Zavulon, 
from the 'Nightwatch' universe.

31. Samantha Smith's Death. Yes her trousers are unbuttoned, and mouth 
wide open, but what else? What else shows she was raped/reaped?
What rapist puts clothes back onto his victim, once he's done, and with 
her life on his soul? Although, perhaps, Harman mind-raped her, 
not physically, i doubt it happened at all. Maybe she tried to rape the 
old man once again, and it backfired. If she was there at all as a 
really real person. Perhaps she was some Emir flashback or some remnant 
broad from op 14 or something. Could be that she's Harman, when he's 
out of it. That would explain why, when Harman leaves for good, she is gone 
too. And why she's always around him. Or did he just recruit her by killing 
her? If so, where is she?

33. Dan Smith's death, and all the stories concerning K7 are rendered 
fiction within fiction, with the explanation above that it was all Emir 
baby. Only messed up in the head by government conditioning, held on 
the island awaiting activation. Harman and Kun Lan, might even be false 
too, Garcian could have come into contact with the imprisoned Kun Lan-
alike in the basement, and Harman himself could have been just a meat 
puppet, and another conditioning trick. 
So Garcian just absorbed them into the story and gave them 
characteristics and lines. And the Lan and Harman from the ending - 
used as mere symbols for a never-ending fight, as we came to see them as 
conflicted opposites game-wise. Like if i waved a piece of paper and 
a glass of water in front of you all day saying that paper is thin and 
the glass is full of water and said that these were in opposition and 
then after a couple of days of such conditioning i'd simply put this 
glass over the paper and you'd see what i was meaning to say.

It must be said that, what the 'Hand in Killer 7' writes about, and 
what the game shows are really loosely connected. Who knows what had 
occurred, this is my version, based mostly on only playing the game. The 
problem here is that the storyline is a mess, and that everything is 
open to interpretation and not coherently connected. It's like a dozen 
stories spliced together, stories with similar characters and a main 
plot, but from different seasons and episodes. And it makes little 
sense. But even so, i think that the whole game was, excluding the lion 
chapter and the ending of 'Smile', seen through the minds of a broken, 
mad individual, namely Emir. Who knows what happened, or what he did. 
All we saw was his mad, conditioned interpretation of ops he carried 
out. We know almost nothing for sure, except:

A: There are two very powerful, seemingly god-like creatures of 
opposing intentions and means. Kun Lan is linked to Smiles, Harman 
linked to Emir. Which one is good is debatable. (very probable)
B: They spar, regularly, playing games that involve fates of nations 
and many many people. Currently they are involved in a mutual struggle. (true, 
if A is met)
C: An exceptional assassin existed, called Emir, that killed 6 people, 
and got stuck with their personae. I doubt he killed Harman, because it 
is shown he killed himself on the roof, and i wager Harman absorbed 
him. 'Took him in'. If he did kill H, that's 7, and he was stuck with 
them, for real or make-believe. (true)
D: Harman uses a wheelchair, meaning he has come to some harm in the 
timespan between the time he absorbed Emir or E took him, and K7's op 
number 33. I presume Garcian, under the influence of Dan Smith persona, 
harmed him, as said in the gamebook. (true, but the Dan part is debatable) 
E: Matsuken is real, and his existence can't be doubted. (true)
F: Ulmeyda shows himself as a remnant to his successor, showing that 
remnants do exist. But i don't know if Travis and Susie do. They might, 
i don't know. Because they are never seen from a neutral third party, 
only the K7, which i think are all non-existant, and all just Emir 
absorbed in Harman, or, because Harman was weakened, Harman in Garcian.
G: The coliseum from op. Lion, and the vinculum coliseum, also the 
stairs of the vinculum entrance and exit are awfully similar and are 
probably one and the same, only distorted through Emir's skewed, 
conditioned memory. The gatekeeper may be some agent collecting data 
(presented as soul shells ingame) and checking whether Emir did his job right, 
if he did, he did the work, come back home Emir. The monster smiley in the 
middle of it is his actual mission goal. When he destroys it, his mission is 
done. This is how missions are encoded and compressed. (plausible, 50% or less)
H: Emir, as Garcian, was always under somebody's surveillance. Even in 
his fantastic missions, with the cameras. If you accept that at least 
the cameras were real, you can assume that it was through switches like 
these Garcian's buttons were pushed into a desired behavior pattern, 
or a persona. (surveillance positively present, switches might be)
I: The game is a mess, an intentional one at that. Like for instance, 
you intend to randomly throw socks of different color around your 
bedroom, but you can't know where each one will land, but there's a 
good backstory as to what occurred, but you kinda loose interest 
somewhere after 75% of it, and you desire to throw your boxers around 
and mix it up, a twist you see, and then you're out of time and must go 
to work and you leave it at that.
And if someone else walks in, and sees this mess, he might think it's 
interesting, perhaps cool, but a mess still, with no explanation. Now, one 
could presume that this rampage of socks and undergarments has a deeper 
meaning, besides being fun and seemingly cool, and you can try to make sense of 
it all, but the point of the matter is that you just can't know for sure. The 
guy that made the mess is not there, he's at work, doing something else. So you 
could analyze this sock formation to death, and it might remind you of swans or 
robots or potatoes, but you'll never know what it meant to the creator of it. 
Only what it meant to you. Perhaps it meant nothing. The creator comes home and 
says after being asked about the underweargeddon 'Oh, it was pointless. I had 
an idea there, but it got lost. But it's cool, right?' 
Don't expect a sensible story here, but expect to be prompted into thinking, 
even though it may lead to nowhere. Enjoy the minute coolness of it, but 
remember that the socks have to be put back into the drawer eventually, and 
that it's another working day tomorrow.
J: Curtis existed, as did all the targets. The question is how Garcian 
eliminated them all in truth. (yep, hmm)

And that's what i make of it, if it's to have any sense.
An odd thought, could Linda Vermillion be Harman Smith, separated from 
Garcian, in a skirt? The hat, the fact she finds herself known to 
Garcian, the fact she offed Mills just before he said a thing about 
Harman, ordering Garcie and calling herself a protector.... Mills got 
himself wasted the second he chose to speak about Harman.

Final thoughts
I honestly think that the authors lucked out. Those guys put this 
complex but unfinished product out there, for whatever reason, and it 
just worked because it was mess, it was... art. Hah. It had everything, 
cars, gods, afros, politics, action, gore, sex, zombies, twists, good 
vs evil, punishing rangers, imagination. And it let you assemble the 
story, decide what made sense. No, it made you decide. A game that 
makes you think, go figure. Also i don't like number 13.
Handsooome Beeeam!

To the makers of this artsy mess of a game that made me think'n'play. 
Other FAQ creators, on Gamefaqs and elsewhere, for their collected thoughts and 
Captain Planet, for being awesome, even with a mullet.


Legal Stuff
Private use and all that right? Just kidding, my thoughts are yours. 
But are still mine!

If you have a question or a thought or something like that concerning 
Killer 7 or the faq, write at


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