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Remnant Psyche FAQ by FACE

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/05/07

killer7 Remnant Psyche FAQ


1. Introduction

This is my second killer7 guide, a FAQ to the various Remnant Psyches and other
similar personalities that inhabit the crazy world of killer7. Maybe I'm not 
looking hard enough, but I've never been able to find a fully comprehensive 
guide to each psyche and their small speeches. So this guide aims to solve that.
It's highly unlikely you'll find this useful in beating the game, more likely 
you'll just use it for an interesting read on a very odd aspect to the game.

2. Contents

1. Introduction
2. Contents
3. Legal Information
4. Version History

5. What is a Remnant Psyche?

6. Iwazaru

7. Cult Member

8. Yoon-Hyun

9. Past Targets
9a. Susie Sumner
9b. Kess Bloodysunday
9c. Travis Bell

10. Defeated Targets
10a. Jean DePaul
10b. Julia Kisugi
10c. Hiroyasu Kirahashi/Shinya Akiba
10d. Andrei Ulmeyda
10e. Curtis Blackburn
10f. Handsome Black
10g. Benjamin Keane

11. Christopher Mills

12. Harman Smith

13. Credits
14. Outroduction

3. Legal Information

This guide is Copyright (C) 2007 FACE.

You can use this guide for your own or others' personal use, copy and paste 
it, and print it out, even use it on your own website, as long as you 
acknowledge that I am indeed the author of this work.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademarks and copyright holders.

ALL monologues quoted in this FAQ are the property of Capcom and the people
who made the game. I did not write these monologues but I am writing them
all up in here for your viewing pleasure and as a directory for Remnant
Psyches. Think of it as a sort of game script.

4. Version History

29th September 2007 - Version 0.40 - Started the guide; completed Introduction,
Contents, and Legal Information. Completed all monologues for ANGEL, and both 
parts of SUNSET.

30th September 2007 - Version 0.55 - Completed all monologues for CLOUDMAN and 
both parts of ENCOUNTER.

1st October 2007 - Version 0.60 - Completed all monologues for ALTER EGO, 
completed some for SMILE Part 1.

2nd October 2007 - Version 0.85 - Finished all the monologues. Also completed 
the Iwazaru, Cult Member, and Yoon-Hyun sections.

3rd October 2007 - Version 0.88 - Completed the 'What is a Remnant Psyche?' 
section and Susie and Kess' sections.

5th October 2007 - Version 1.00 - Finished the guide, basically.

5. What is a Remnant Psyche?

Assuming that you play killer7, you should be familiar with the phrase Remnant 
Psyches and those that are contained in killer7. But you may not be exactly 
sure what they are.

Remnant Psyches are spirits of the dead people of this world, remaining on the 
Earth because of their attachment to the planet. For what reason? Unfinished 
business perhaps, or a greater good, or simply, they loved the world they lived 
in. Obviously, you could draw certain comparisons with the rumoured ghosts of 
our world.

However, the Remnant Psyches all share a certain similarity in their deaths. 
I'm sure you can guess that they were all murdered. In killer7's case, the 
Remnant Psyches we encounter have all been killed by Emir Parkreiner, the 
game's protagonist. It is unknown yet probable that other murderers are haunted 
by their own Remnant Psyches.

Remnant Psyches appear much like we expect ghosts to - unexpected and 
translucent. They are capable of moving long distances within a short space of 
time, as if summoned by their murderer. They are not however bound to him and 
may full depart to 'their side' of the world whenever they wish - this other 
side can obviously be compared to Heaven.

6. Iwazaru

Iwazaru appears as a man in a red gimp suit, suspended by a bungee cord, his 
eyes sewn shut and his finger held up to his mouth. He isn't your average 
middle-aged man. He generally appears to provide hints to how to progress on 
the game and sometimes fill in the story and in one level actively helps you to 
achieve your goal. Also worth mentioning are his best friend Kikazaru, who is 
addicted to Soul Shells, and ex-wife Mizaru, who aids KAEDE in her blood-
spurting escapades. Iwazaru appears to answer only to his Master Harman and has 
his best interests at heart, but some of the things he says can be oddly 

Other Information:
Strictly speaking, Iwazaru is not a remnant psyche because he is not dead, as 
anyone who has played the Epilogue of the game will know. But because he is one
of your main 'helpers' and can provide some interesting, even amusing 
monologues, I think Iwazaru should definitely be included in this guide.

Lastly, I have decided not to include some of his monologues as they are 
completely irrelevant to the story and only concentrate on the game. Maybe in a
later update I will include them, but not for now/



Trademark statement - "We're in a tight spot!"

"Master. We're in a tight spot! A real tight spot. Like, I haven't seen you for
ages. It is I, Vincel Dill Boris VII, Iwazaruscof, at your service. Just call 
me Iwazaru. Let me show you along the way. To the right, master's room. 
Straight ahead, the enemy. Let the bloodbath begin. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. We're in a tight spot! Tight and outta sight! Let me make a suggestion.
You must turn back. This is the enemy's den. Shudder to think! Their bodies are 
lined with bombs. They'll bomb rush you, literally! Eliminate them before they 
blow! In the name of Harman..."


"Master. We're in a tight spot! This guy is a true freak! But, don't be alarmed.
He is my trusted companion, Kikazaru. Those things that Master seeks...The 
bullets. He loves them so. The bullets were left behind by Master, so the 
servants search for them tirelessly. Bullets of the soul...Otherwise known as 
Soul Shells. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. We're in a tight spot! An ultra tight spot! Life is precious, and the 
enemies mean business. They're called Heaven Smile, but look at their eyes! 
There's nothing heavenly about them! In the name of Harman..."


"Master. We're in a tight spot! A major tight spot! He's here! Yes, HIM! Master,
you can't..? You're going to go and kill him? What?! Impossible! You're a fool! 
An incorrigible fool! Impossible! You're sure to fail! You know nothing of his 
strength! Oh, stupid, stupid, Master! That Mills really fooled you...In the name
of the Fool..."


"Master. We're in a tight spot! Like, tighter than tight! Oh, I have offended 
my Master with my foul words...But please, you must understand! Just thinking 
about HIM drives me absolutely mad! He fixes to sink this country good, and so 
he sends his unending parade of minions! With no signs of letting up! Just how 
many followers does he command? Beware of old friends...In the name of 


"Master. We're in a tight spot! Things are turning in a bad way! An infamous 
criminal lies this way! And he's protecting HIM! Wicked bed partners, indeed, 
indeed! Ah, yes...Seek out the Soul Shells! With Soul Shells, he's sure to allow
you through the gates! In the name of Harman..."


"Master. We're in a tight spot! Ain't even funny how tight it is! Once you open 
this door, there's no turning back, Master! Well, you can come back, but I mean,
that's the gravity of the situation! Don't get me wrong. Like a prelude to 
later battles, you see? You must take it very seriously. In the name of 

:::SUNSET Part 1:::

Trademark statement - "This is bad!"

"Master. This is bad! This is very, very bad! This is their nest. Sure, it 
looks like a sushi joint. But they've got terrible taste! But I have to 
admit...The full course here is dynamite. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is bad! This just can't be good at all! Are you sure about that 
mask? Master, you must have doubts, or I would think? I'm wary of it, that's 
for sure. Whenever you get in a tight spot, you break out with your silly 
wrestling moves. Why can't you bury the past? And by the way, your special Side
Suplex move should be banned. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is bad! Seriously bad! It's an assassin. An assassin has been 
sent to this joint. A skilled assassin. But do not worry, a human assassin. 
Nothing compared to the smiling freaks. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is bad! I feel that it's very, very bad! I just have this feeling
that I've seen that sushi chef before. I recognise that 'I'm-full-of-myself-
and-my-manliness' look! It's all a charade, I tell you! A phony! All looks, and
nothing more! I don't care what you say, Master, that is one man I cannot 
accept! And no, this is not because he's more handsome than me! Nothing of the 
sort, never! I just cannot forgive the rat! In the name of Harman..."

:::SUNSET Part 2:::

Trademark statement - "This is harsh."

"Master. This is harsh. Real harsh, and I mean it. This is a gambler's paradise.
I don't think this place cares much for active support of crime reduction 
policies. The hole in the ceiling - that calls for a thief. We should leave 
this job to the persona. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is harsh. Harsher than hell. Let's knock this target off quick.
Master, you shouldn't have to bother with the sushi chef. Use the personas' 
usual dirty tricks to pulverize him. Bullets won't hit the sushi chef. So, 
listen here, willya? Do what you have to do. There's no such thing as playing
square in this world. Aim for the ceiling. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is harsh. And getting harsher yet! I can't lie. The homeland is 
out of control. Thundering toward...who knows where. Master, please tell me. 
Areyou not frightened? Can a nation have a will? I'm not sure anymore. What 
makes a unit? Can people be counted in units? I cannot accept the way the 
homeland kills. In the name of Harman..."


Trademark statement - None. Iwazaru only has one appearance in this level. He 
then leaves his role to the Cult Member.

"Master. Ew! Major grossness. I just can't take it on a physiological level. I
can't stand afros. There's no way around it. I'm going to take a break. A 
member of the Afro Cult will do a cameo in this show. When you see him, search
around that area. Now I'll be taking my leave. In the name of Harman..."

:::ENCOUNTER Part 1:::

Trademark statement - Varies

"Master. It's wonderful! Just wonderful! I just love rollercoasters. But first,
let's find that white-haired punk with a gun. The children are in trouble. The 
fun will have to wait. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. Very good...A very good idea, but...you haven't got enough strength 
to go on! We need the power of a true hero of the ring. A hero who can destroy 
anything. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. Enough! Enough of this place! Let's hurry to the rides! This place is 
dead. A thing of the past. Ain't worth our time! If only we had the ring...If 
only we had THAT ring...In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is great, I feel just great. I was nearly complimented to death.
And boy, did it feel great! By whom? By the other me inside the mirror. This 
may surprise you, but I'm an infamous narcissist. No, not my profile! It's not 
my best angle. Check out my face, from the front! Yes, that's better. The path 
to the future shall open. In the name of Harman..."

:::ENCOUNTER Part 2:::

Trademark statement - "That won't do."

"Master. That won't do. That just won't do at all! There's just no excuse. How 
could you let a kidnapper get away alive? I must be more strict. I must stay 
vigilant! In the name of Harman..."


"Master. That won't do. You must sometimes use a carrot! There's something very
important I must say, but just between you and me, you know, off the record? 
Whitehair is a neurotic fellow. This house may look normal, but it's actually 
protected by very heavy security. You'll have to proceed carefully, which calls
for Four-eyes. Always better safe than sorry...In the name of Harman..."


"Master. That won't do, not at all. It's entirely inefficient. You fail to 
understand that your job is to nail Whitehair. You should be prepared to give 
your life to take his. Whitehair isn't going to wait around for you. Only the 
Hellion can destroy the core. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. That won't do. That won't do at all. Give it some thought. Don't 
repeat the same mistake. Did you already forget the crack? Thank goodness...
The mask works wonders here. Recall the skill of the mask. In the name of 


"Master. That won't do, you're doing it all wrong. Well, at this point, you 
probably would rather not hear me say that. I'll just stay out of your way. 
Remember, there's a ring for extinguishing flame...In the name of Harman..."


"Master. That won't do. Forgive my criticism. Forgive my arrogance. Lord knows,
I hate myself for this. The self-loathing is frothing over! Drowning in my own 
pool of hate! Empty the pool, empty it now, for all our sakes! In the name of 


Trademark statement -"This is it! Look at what I found."

"Master. This is it! Yes, this! The sight I yearned for. Some much-awaited R&R.
But we must not let our guard down. The enemy has footholds even here. The 
terror has gripped the world. Heaven Smile has reached calamity status. You 
must stay vigilant. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. These! Please collect these! The creator's soul lies in here! The 
artist came up with a very solid lock. To break it, you'll need these. I'm sure
they'll come in handy. I'll go ahead and begin searching. Leave it to me, just 
this once! I'm the hero this time! In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is it! Look at what I found. I stole it from a defeated female 
office drone. Of course, she's rather have me steal her! Use it at the artist's
mansion. The mask is hot, hot, I tell you! In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is it! Look at what I found. I made a deal with an infamous quack.
Life is only what you bargain for. Use it at the artist's mansion. What's that? 
Oh, this? It's called a Lost City. Go this way and that, but you're bound to 
end up where you started. Find your way using sound. This is a job for the 
Punk...In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is it! Look at what I found. A stagnating youth held on to this 
for dear life. One really must live for the moment. Use it at the artist's 
mansion. Barefoot is ready and raring to go. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is it! Look at what I found. Discarded by bickering lovers. Love 
can shatter like glass. Use it at the artist's mansion. This is a job for the 
Thief. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is it! Look at what I found. I got this from a nun. She had quite 
a rack I must say. A kid left it behind after a confession. Personally? Master 
is my only god. Use it at the artist's mansion. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is it! Look at what I found. Discarded by a flustered assistant 
director. He clashed violently with the real director. Differences of nuance 
can destroy relationships. Use it at the artist's mansion. In the name of 


"Master. This is it! Look at what I found. I beat out a hairy-chested model for
a job as a subject for a painting. And this was my payment. Master, stop it! 
You mustn't move an inch. The scene is nothing without me! Use it at the 
artist's mansion. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is it! Look at what I found. Today the windmills stand still. A 
day of calm. A day of despair. If only we had that ring...Then the door would 
open...Use it at the artist's mansion. In the name of Harman..."

:::SMILE Part 1:::

Trademark statement - "It's dark."

"Master. It's dark. I'm overcome with gloom. It's time for the highlight. The 
beginning of the end. To be honest, I'm frightened. It's a terrible ending, for
sure. Let's quit this whole charade. You mustn't strain your body any further! 
Leave this to the Barefoot. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. It's dark. The prospects are so very dark. I feel a dull tide of 
despair. This is sure to mean something. My old intuition speaks to me - 'You 
are surrounded by vicious traps. Perhaps this has gone far enough.' Any more of
this, and you'll take years off your life. Leave this to the Hellion. In the 
name of Harman..."


"Master. It's dark. I'm in a tailspin of confusion. It's all so transparent, it
is! The climax is where the scenes of the dead come in. They walk the 
construction site without reason. They utter sweet nothings without reason. 
Their smiles shine without reason. It's all a trap! A trap that leads to death!
I can see through it all! I'm keenly attuned to the omens of death. And this 
place is trouble. 

Behold! This light! They thirst for blood! They thirst for meat!

We are perfectly ready to return home. Please, cut the cord. In the name of 


"Master. It's dark. Much too dark! I can't take it. They were shot here, too. 
Six were killed. This portends an ill fate. I can see the remnant spirits. 
Their faces...Gradually rise up...

Leave this to the Mask. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. It's dark. Dark as in screeching for death! Meaning, big trouble! This
place is bad news! Bad news with a capital 'B'! And if I say it's bad news, 
you'd better believe it's bad news! Let's leave this to the Thief. In the name
of Harman..."


"Master. It's dark. Much too dark! Way too much atmosphere! I smell a rat. A 
bloody rat! A maimed rat! Danger level at RED and approaching DEFCON 5! Omigod 
omigod omigod, Oh My God! We're in for it! Once you use the ring, you can never
go back! It's the time of reckoning! There's no looking back! In the name of 

:::SMILE Part 2:::

Trademark statement - "This is hot!"

"Master. This is hot! Ouch! Feel the sting! A hot, muggy night...I'm feeling 
rather aroused. A titillating fragrance wafting through the air. A perfume 
called Conspiracy! Master, this may be your last job. Use the personas of the 
Syndicate with abandon. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is hot! It's those suffocatingly hot enemies! But, who are those 
two? Acting like kings...Probably think they're hot stuff. Well I'll be damned!
NOT A WORD OR EVEN A HELLO! All gathered up with minions in tow. It's enough to
make me wretch. Add a cigar to the picture, and behold, our decadent times. He 
could learn a thing or two from my understated Master. Use Barefoot for the 
ladies' room. In the name of Harman..."


"Master. This is hot! I feel a hot hint coming on! The podium is sacred. A 
typical first day of class. Teacher writes the students' names on the 
blackboard. Hm, what's that? I think I see some numbers...Maybe you ought to 
check them? In the name of Harman..."


"Master. I can feel it. I can really feel it! This is the end! I don't want to 
see Master die! I've seen enough. I'm prepared to resign unless you listen to 
my warning.

Master, hear me out one last time. I'm worried about something. Are you sure 
you don't remember those two gentlemen? There's something about them...I can't 
get it out of my mind. Please don't return to the hotel. You must avoid those 

This really is the end. But still, I...I have the utmost respect for you, 
Master. Please acquire all the information on the boy. In the end, the path 
will open. In the name of Harman..."

Iwazaru's last hint to the killer7 is not to go back to the Union Hotel. 
Garcian ignores his warning and pays a visit to Harman Smith and Dimitri 
Nightmare. He soon discovers he is Emir Parkreiner...

In the Epilogue however, Iwazaru must make one final appearance. Emir pays a 
visit to Battleship Island and meets Kenjiro Matsuoka. Kenjiro tells Emir the 
Last Smile is in the room behind him. Emir enters and chases the final Heaven 
Smile through the basement until he finally corners him. He shoots it dead, and
it falls into the light - revealing Iwazaru, with the face of Kun Lan.

7. Cult Member

The Cult Member is an advocate of Andrei Ulmeyda, being one of the more senior 
members of the 'Messiah's' 'Afro Cult' (as Iwazaru might put it). Iwazaru 
leaves the hints for Ulmeyda Intercity to the Cult Member, citing a morbid fear 
of afros.

The Cult Members' information is violently religious and often punctuated with 
preachings and ravings about 'Father', 'God' - the great Ulmeyda. As such, his 
information is not always reliable or neutral, and sometimes borders on 
mystical or confusing, more so than Iwazaru's vague hints.

He dresses in First Life's traditional pink workmen's clothes, is of Caucasian 
descent, and obviously sports an obnoxious hairstyle.


"Do you believe in God? Down with the status quo! Hear me out, just for 3 
seconds! It'll be done before you know it. And you won't regret a moment! Ever 
heard of a minimal safety net? Just hear me out! A pro wrestler would wreak 
havoc on that semi-truck! You must believe!"


"God is the truth. God is a thrill! What lies in the fine line between truth 
and fiction is what's called a miracle! Have you experienced it? God and the 
pigeons are one! Trust the numerous pigeons! You need the ring for the vase! 
God has experiential truth!"


"Don't trust anybody. Don't even trust God. But you can trust Travis. The 
hitchhiker at the gas station. The one in the tank top. Trust the tank top!"


"Have you seen that great adventure movie? The one about the ring? It's an 
autobiography by our father. To mark father's thanksgiving, that movie was 
created along with a collection. Every one of the collection is a priceless 
treasure. There is a secret figure in the collection. It's number 12. He put 
that rare one, the 12th up for sale at an auction. That's why I had to kill him.
But the 12th one has not been relocated...Perhaps his spirit has hidden it in 
revenge. The world is full of mysteries..."


"God has oomph! God loves vigour! God shuns the everyday! Where is the photo of
God? May blood spurt from your eyes when you stare upon it! It's inside of you!
The photo is inside of you! Check your pockets! Try pressing the start button! 
You are the truth!"


"How do you express your faith? I just believe firmly in Father. You need to 
collect all of the Father collections. Then Father will open the door. Father 
never breaks his promise. The collections are the flesh of our Father."


"Your faith in Father is strong. He will surely be sympathetic to your cause. 
But for everything there is a proper procedure. You must look into the eyes of 
Father. Answer all of Father's questions with perfection. Father loves 
perfection. Father has high hopes for you."

Considering this man is only really fanatically devoted to Andrei Ulmeyda, why 
has he been killed by Emir? This question probably won't come to initial 
players or will be quickly brushed aside should you think of it, but the answer
is an interesting albeit speculative one.

As above, you can see the Cult Member's longest speech concerns the man 
murdered for hiding the 12th Ulmeyda figurine. The member states he himself 
killed the man. Perhaps this certain Cult Member was a skilled assassin and 
dirty worker working for Andrei Ulmeyda. Considering his fanatical tendencies,
other human lives would not have mattered one bit to him in the interests of 
the great Ulmeyda. Therefore, the government had Emir knock him off.

So why has he chosen to become a Remnant Psyche? He evidently has unfinished 
business...the answer of course, is that he still wants to help his beloved 
Andrei Ulmeyda. His relationship with his master could be compared with 
Iwazaru's service of Harman; two very similar roles with the player, and two 
very fanatical servicemen to their Masters.

8. Yoon-Hyun

Yoon-Hyun is a middle-aged man with old ties to the killer7. He dresses in a 
blue jacket, brown trousers, and a white undershirt. His purpose within the 
game is to help the player solve puzzles with vague hints.

Yoon's most distinctive feature is of course the red mask he holds in his right
hand. The mask lusts for thick blood. Should the player shoot the mask and have
sufficient thick blood the mask will give a far simpler explanation to the 
solution of said puzzle. However, it expresses great contempt for you, refers 
to you as 'loser', and Yoon himself will flip two birds at you while he gives 
you the obvious solution. Loser.

Other Information:
I have only included Yoon-Hyun's final monologue because most of his other 
speeches do not pertain to the game's story at all and would make fairly 
mundane reading. The first monologue is without mask; the second is with the 


"Mr. Smith. Oh my, that's too bad. So sorry, Mr. Smith. I'm all out. I've given 
all I've got. I'm closing up the shop. Thanks for all the business. Now, let me 
give a little back. It's very important, you hear? 

If you want to survive in this world, brand your chest with these words: 'Don't 
depend on anybody'. From now on, you're all on your own. The only way it should 
be, for the honourable killer."


"So, it is farewell, loser. The loser like no other. But even losers must make 

Make friends with disaster. Misfortune is your cousin.

'The big man for the safe'. Leave your regrets behind. Your third eye will open.
Tomorrow it could be you."

Yoon-Hyun's death is shrouded in mystery seeing as his story is rarely 
elaborated upon and his demise never touched. All we know is that Yoon was the 
informant for the Harman Assassins and also the owner of the Hotel Union. The 
Hotel Union was where the Bloody Heartland murders of the killer7 took place.

Therefore we can assume that Yoon's death took place around the time that the 
killer7 were killed. In fact, it may have been the same night as there is 
reason to believe he may well have betrayed his 'friends' (giving Emir 
Parkreiner their locations). However, the Bloody Heartland would not be 
satisfied and probably killed Yoon to prevent him from blabbing about the 

This point is given another foundation with Yoon's tendency to beat about the 
bush without the mask. The moment you pay him thick blood - money for the mask 
- he will give you the real information you desire. Yoon-Hyun was probably 
bribed to betray the killer7.

Why does Yoon-Hyun then appear frequently as a Remnant Psyche to help the 
killer7 in such a useful way? Straight up, he probably feels a degree of guilt 
to those he believes to be his old friends (remember Emir can physically change 
into his alternate personalities) or is trapped in his old informant ways. When 
the mask is activated, he can display his true negative feelings for the 
killer7. These negative feelings were probably why he accepted the bribes.

There are a number of other answers to this question and the question of Yoon's 
death, but this is not a plot analysis and only a moderate guide to the Remnant 
Psyches. Should I do a full plot analysis, you can expect to see these theories 
in that. Loser.
9. Past Targets

~Susie Sumner~

Susie Sumner is a Caucasian teenage girl appearing as a disembodied head with 
shoulder-length brown hair. She loves small spaces and often appears with the 
lost rings of the killer7 in her mouth - she always returns these to the 
killer7 when encountered.

Susie is extremely unstable even in death - this coupled with her teenage 
feminist views can make for some of the most amusing yet disturbing dialogues 
in the game. She frequently uses internet emoticons to convey her point further.

Other Information:
I have tried my best to emulate Susie's chosen internet emoticons. However, due
to my limited knowledge of how to get all the symbols and general dislike of 
using such weeaboo emoticons, some are not exact. -_-


Target - ANGEL
Ring - Fire Ring
Location - In a dryer in the Laundry

"Well, hello, Smith. ('-')/ Looks like it's cloudy today. Which is really too 
bad. (#_#,) Not a day to hang out the laundry. A great day to use a dryer, 
though. But you know...I just love this one. (~.~) I'll never let anybody 
have it. You know why? Well, you should. I love to stay inside. You left this
behind, didn't you?"

*Gives Fire Ring*

"If you've finished your business, could you hurry up and leave? You're very 
much in the way. ('#') Assassins should have better manners!"


Target - SUNSET Part 1
Ring - Water Ring
Location - In a drawer in a secret room in the roof

"Well, hello, Smith. ('-')/ Raining today, is it? You know what? I never go to 
school when it rains. But my mom doesn't understand. Stupid mom, with all her 
reasons! She says, 'Go to school!' So I jumped down from the 2nd floor. That's 
a compound fracture, mind you. (TT) Pulverized into mush. (T_T) Splat! 
Absolutely 'fubar'ed. #(T[]T) Took 6 months to heal. So I got to take a half-
year off from school! Whoopee! \('.')/ You forgot this, didn't you?"

*Gives Water Ring*

"Not a single classmate came to visit me in hospital. Mom? What about her? Of
course she didn't come. (^^) She jumped with me. And I landed on top of her. 
Like, the coolest thing, you know. (T,T)/ I'll leave the rest to your 
imagination. The imagination of a killer..."


Target - SUNSET Part 2
Ring - Wind Ring
Location - In a box in the basement

"Well, hello, Smith. ('-')/ I finally get some fresh air. It's not that I don't
like tight places, but there are limits to everything. This place is a bit too 
tight. A box? It's no way to treat someone. q(-.-)p I look like a victim of a 
mutilation murder. Like slashed into pieces. Pieces? It completely slipped my 
mind. Maybe I've fallen to pieces. Family's in pieces. Lover's in pieces. 
Body's in pieces. My whole life is about pieces. Then I figured, why stop now? 
People I don't care for, also in pieces. Before I knew it, I was all alone. 
Then I blew up the facility to pieces. And now there's nobody left. That's when
I met him...Daddy Longlegs! (~.~)!! Here, I'll give you this now."

*Gives Wind Ring*

"It made me so happy. He was so very kind. He enveloped me in warmth. Extending
his hand for a gentle caress...Then he reached out gently for the grand prize 
down south...Now that really drove me mad! (','#) Next moment, I'm looking at a
pile of minced man. And he knows he deserved it. (',') These baby boomers don't
know right from wrong. And that's how a killer was born."


Ring - Stamina Ring
Location - Inside a gas pump in a petrol station

"Well, hello, Smith. ('-')/ How do you like this weather? =*.*= The sun's 
bright here, isn't it? I think towns in the south are just fab. (#'.'#) Because 
Susie just adores sweet desserts! What? My name? Yeah, that's right, it's Susie!
You gotta problem with it? Just what about my name? So what I hate it too! The 
name Susie just bites...'Susie the doozie'. 'The queen of prudies, Susie'. 
'Susie packs an Uzi'. I despise men! They're all creeps, as far as I'm 
concerned! (','#) So I rounded up those sons of XXX, and took 'em and XXXX and
then I XXXXX. Yeah, you bet they were screaming for mercy when I cut off their
XXXX! With the shape they're all in now, they can't even go out in public! Oh,
here you are, handsome! (^-^) oO"

*Gives Stamina Ring*

"Oh, I just love chocolate sundaes! A big scoop of ice cream, with a big shot 
of whip cream, all topped off with delicious chocolate sauce! This is what I 
love about the South! Everything's big in Texas! Just my style! (^.^) So even 
if I take his big XXX and stick it in XXX, we can all just laugh it off! Gotta 
enjoy life while you can, that's what I say! Well, guess I can't say the same 
for the dead one here. Tee hee! (#^,^#) What kind of a cold-blooded psycho 
would do such a thing?"


Target - ENCOUNTER Part 1
Ring - Time Ring
Location - In a treasure chest in a cinema

"Well, hello! Smith. ('-')/ I just love this place! A wonderful amusement park!
Every child's dream! And my dream, too! \(*,*)/ Yeah right! Dream on. More like
a nightmare! These suffocating crowds are enough to raise your blood-sugar 
level! Dads who don't apologise when they slam into you! Annoying overweight 
moms who block the flow of traffic by standing around and jabbering! Punk kids 
who trample my favourite shoes! If they think this place is supposed to be some
paradise, it's all bull. So much bull that it makes me sick. In fact, I think I
may throw up..."

*Vomits out the Time Ring*

"You don't mind do you? Okay I admit it. It's a bit messy sure. Awful...just 
awful! What a girl can't throw up without talking a bunch of crap? If you don't
like what you see, why are you gathered around like vultures?! Curses upon you!
I wouldn't hesitate to kill you all I swear! Why not, this place is the 
birthplace of murder."


Target - ENCOUNTER Part 2
Ring - Power Ring
Location - Between the bumper of a car and the floor

"Hello, there, Smith. ('-')/ Muggy night, isn't it? Rather exhilarating, isn't 
it? The perfect night...(//.//) For a summer date! He rolled up on his favorite
custom bike. Of course, it's all a secret from mom and dad! He quietly parks 
the bike in front of the house. And tiptoes over to my window. I even have my 
shoes ready, so I can slip out from the 2nd floor. Isn't it the perfect escape 
plan? He throws the rock to signal me. But it smashed straight through the 
window, and square on my head. Now, that really pissed me off. Daddy's hunting 
rifle just happened to be sitting in my room. With blood trickling into my eyes,
I couldn't see too well. But his head getting shot straight off? Yes, I 
remember that quite vividly. Brains spurted out like cottage cheese. Oh, you 
forgot this, didn't you?"

*Gives Power Ring*

"I had to move soon after that. My new room was all white. Quite an antiseptic 
place, with almost nothing at all inside. A woman in white looked after me day 
after day. I believe we called the room...solitary confinement? The final stop 
for killers. (~'.')"

Susie Sumner, after numerous murders of friends and family, was obviously 
finally put into a mental home. However, she escaped having killed numerous 
program directors. She requested work from the Smith Syndicate after that, but 
was eliminated instead, in such a way that only her head appears to the killer7.

It is completely unknown why Susie chooses to re-appear as a Remnant Psyche to 
confront the killer7. Perhaps to have someone as an equal to boast of her 
murders to, or it may have something to do with her repeated possessions of the
killer7's rings. Whatever the reason, she mysteriously disappears after 
Encounter Part 2. 

I don't want to come across as a professor here, but you should think about the
significance of Curtis' hobby and consider Susie's reaction to this, hence why 
she chose to finally depart to Heaven...or perhaps Hell.

~Kess Bloodysunday~

Kess Bloodysunday is a young boy who appears always in a green and white 
horizontal-striped shirt and brown shorts. He always wears a terrified 
expression on his face with pure white eyes and a bloodstain on his shirt.

He frequently expresses accounts of nightmares of his murderer and the Heaven 
Smile. He is extremely troubled within death but often makes childish jokes to
keep himself amused. His purpose to aid the killer7 is to tell them of coming 
bosses' weaknesses. He shows a fear of many of these bosses and hints to being
killed repeatedly for his actions.



"Please help me! It suddenly disappeared. A white light flashed before me. 
Everything is transparent. So I held his hand. Whose hand was it? Then before I
knew it I was lost, all alone again. Please help me! I can't see a thing."


"Please help me! That monster is quick as lightning. I tried my best to run 
away, but it caught up with me anyway. Hurry! Kill it before it explodes! No! 
I'm going to die again today! Somebody please help!"


"Now I remember. I stole the wings. And then...A woman glared at me with a stern
look. But I didn't run away. Then I saw it...On the woman's back...Were faces...
They were smiling. Heh heh...Funny faces. But you'd better erase the faces..."

:::SUNSET Part 1:::

"I can't stand it anymore! I've seen enough nightmares! I won't believe anybody.
The next monster...it's super-huge, in a certain part! I can't recall...I can't 
remember which part! You mustn't shoot it! You must not shoot that part! Heheh, 
just kidding."


"No, it's just as I thought! I remember! I'm scared...I'm very scared! It's a 
bloodbath...She's a strong girl. You've got to keep shooting, or you'll lose...
You must keep shooting..."

:::SUNSET Part 2:::

"It holds its arms wide open. It holds a large sickle. It'll slice you to 
pieces! You must aim for the sickle! It turned around! Now! Now's your chance! 
Smash the bright spot!"


"I have a dream. When I grow up, I'm going to become the President. I'll make 
the world a place with no bad people. I promise you. I'll kill every last scum.
It'll be a peaceful place. And nobody can stop me. 

But you know what? There are two people who keep screwing things up. The old 
man just won't die. You have to smash his brains to finally kill him for good.
And big old man, your tie is crooked..."

:::ENCOUNTER Part 1:::

"This is a real amusement park? I'd only seen them in my dreams. I'm really 
here, in Ishizaka Land! I can play with the Ceramic Smile. If you don't aim 
fast and true, they'll slip through your fingers! They run as quick as the 
devil! If you chase them too far, you'll get it good! It's all so dramatic! 
The heart doesn't lie. You'll be surprised. The Ceramic Smile is dumb as 


"How cool! What beautiful colours! Like a hero, a fighter of justice! But guess
what happened next! That beautiful luster - no more! The armour crumbled...
and it revealed a monster...The truth was...a monster! I can't believe they
lied to me! Adults are the suck!"


"It's too bright! Turn off the light! It won't hit in the dark. Turn on the 
spotlight! Expose it all! Pick them off! Shoot them fast! Save me..."

:::ENCOUNTER Part 2:::

"I haven't told a soul. I had to make a promise. To keep it secret no matter 
what. Will you believe what I tell you? Do you promise?

That monster doesn't move. But if its neck moves, you're in big trouble. Before
you know it...you'll go completely blank."


"Are those girls alive? I heard them crying. It must have been forced upon them.
The poor girls. 

That man has a glare in his eyes. A sharp, evil glare. It's scary...You can't 
trust a man's eyes. You must trust the pigeon. The last pigeon is unique. It's
the neck, the neck..."

:::SMILE Part 1:::

"Hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah. Heh heh heh heh heh. Don't 
get me wrong! I didn't lose a screw or anything. It just tickled. Tickled up 
and down my spine. That monster is gross. Covered in bumps. Pop them gross 
bumps. Somebody, put it out of its misery!"

:::SMILE Part 2:::

"Don't bother me. Go away! The last monster has come! There are holes 
everywhere. Like something might come out. What is that?! I mean really? If you
get hit by it, it's all over.

I got it! It's the face! It came out from his face! Shoot them all down quick!"


"Mystery solved. I finally figured it out. I was killed. Killed by the three-
eyed monster. 

The big man laughed at me. Then I couldn't move. It was just a simple prank! 
Nothing to get all angry about! I just wanted a little attention.

Mother never looks my way. Daddy ignores me. Don't feel sorry for me. I just 
had to kill somebody, or I'd die. And it wouldn't end until somebody killed me.

I don't dream anymore. So there's nothing more to say. Thanks, for finishing me
off. Beware of three-eyes."

It is clear to see that Kess remembers at the end that he was killed by Emir 
Parkreiner - 'three-eyes'. Once he remembers this, he finally departs to 
paradise, free of his troubles.

It is likely that these troubles were the very things that kept him bound to 
the planet. Either a willingness to resolve them or more likely (as a child) 
his fear of them kept him around on Earth. He appears to the killer7 and gives
them help as gratitude for finally killing him.

Why grateful? Kess tells of bad parentage and seems to have had a very unhappy 
childhood. He was therefore inclined to murder, notably using bombs rather than
killing with weapons. This is interesting as Kess, having set bombs, did not 
have to see the deaths of his victims which is indeed something a young boy may
not have wanted to witness.

Because of his tragic childhood and reasons for murder, Johnny Gagnon mentions 
that even the killer7 were reluctant to kill him at first. However he was 
finally put to rest and condemned to be blind for the rest of his days as a 
Remnant Psyche. Again, I'm not a professor, but think about the various reasons
why Kess was made blind from what has already been mentioned here.

~Travis Bell~

Travis Bell is easily the most interesting Remnant Psyche in the game. 
Appearing as a grey-skinned, white-haired man with a black tanktop (complete 
with odd phrase printed on the front) and trousers, he offers vague hints to 
the killer7.

These hints to the player may simply help you to progress through the game, but
Travis often offers political and underworld commentary and often knows more 
than he lets on. His monologues can be confusing but are there to help along 
the story and can provide some light relief when coupled with his occasionally 
absurd actions that he performs while delivering the speech.

Travis is a knowledgeable man who can be scornful or mocking of both the 
killer7 and their job, but his attitude is overall likeable and his death 
intriguing, if rarely elaborated upon.



Shirt - Funky
Action - Leaning back against a wall, hands in pockets

"It's me! ME! You don't remember? Your chief killed me? You already forgot? I'm 
Travis!! I'm the killer who got killed on the job! Let's be totally honest here.
You think I'm a pain in the ass, don't you? Hey Smith, I ain't you letting you 
go nowhere."


Shirt - Bad Girl
Action - Sitting in the driver's seat of a car

"This is just a Duplicator. An egg-laying 'Heaven Smile' refitted to clamp down
on the city. This sucker pumped out the countless duplicates that took this 
country down. Hey, Smith...It's your job to eradicate Heaven Smile, right? Then
seek the Queen. The Gatekeeper is in charge of the Queen. Give this to the 
Gatekeeper. He won't be disappointed."


Shirt - ???
Action - Looking through windows into the Laundry

"Let's talk serious for a second. Heaven Smile, they're holy warriors. Shit. 
Ain't that pretty wicked? Warriors who fight with a holy will on their side, 
and use death as a weapon. Their target? The very dignity of the country 
itself. But why would you understand the meaning? Shit, you're a killer after


Shirt - ???
Action - Picking through books on a bookcase

"I was the chief's first catch. I can still remember the chief's quivering 
hand...The pain went straight up my spine, and then back down again. To be 
honest, that shit felt good. It all happened on that smouldering hot night..."


Shirt - L.A
Action - Cooking something with a frying pan

"Huh? Can't you see I'm busy? You really oughta mind your manners. You guys are 
just a pack of losers. You don't even know how to use your own abilities. There 
are traitors in Heaven Smile. The chief's very own inside guys. They have a 
white body, spattered with red blood. A reminder of traitorous deeds. Funny 
thing is, the splotches look like beautiful red roses...If you find a Camellia 
Smile, use your ability. Kill one of them, and you'll get loaded up. For real,


Shirt - Night Life
Action - Standing proudly with arms folded

"Can you see it? Words written in blood...Obviously had a point to make...But 
only two letters are written in real blood. The rest are fake. You need the girl
for this one."


Shirt - Sexual
Action - One hand leaning against the wall, the other on his hip

"This is where the Queen is. It's different than a duplicate. It's an evolved 
Heaven Smile, with boosted explosive power. You gotta take it out before it 
gets too close. They're crazy, I'm telling you. They'll be on top of you the 
moment you open the damn door."


Shirt - Pillow Talk
Action - Leaning back against a wall, hands in pockets

"Oh, there you are! Don't be shy, Emir! Who woulda figured you'd be the only 
survivor? Well, anyway, are you getting along with the chief? Straight up, I 
was waiting for you this whole time. Yeah, I know...Don't be so mad, man...
Don't glare at me like that...The chief'll wake up. Really, I'm sorry. The
other chief must be rolling on the floor with laughter."

:::SUNSET Part 1:::

Shirt - Number 1
Action - Sniffing a flower

"Do you mind if I tell you straight up? I heard it through the grapevine. Chief,
you're not the only one after the owner of this joint. Japan is controlled by 
the United Nations Party. If the UN Party goes down, Japan's minority party 
will take control. In other words, the Liberal Party would take the reigns. 
There's some nasty shit cooking in this restaurant, and it ain't momma's fried 
chicken. The thief from South America could climb this in a jiffy."


Shirt - Carnival
Action - Looking up at the rain

"The cold rain this evening is like my damn tears, you hear me? A blood-red 
flower's gonna go up like a firework. And it's up to the owner Fukushima to 
prevent it from hitting and killing everybody. So chief, which side are you on?
The homeland? Or Japan? If you kill the owner, Japan goes down the toilet. Are
you alright with that, man? And be careful of the new enemy type."


Shirt - Good Shape
Action - Hanging upside down from a tree by his legs

"Smith, have a minute to share? It could open your eyes...Japan doesn't have its
own defence system. Its survival is contingent on the United States. But as far
as the homeland is concerned, Japan is extra baggage. Its usefulness as an ally
is long past. Straight up, it ain't worth saving, you see? That's reality for 
you. So, chief, you still gonna do it? You know what is meant by fireworks? 
They're missiles. The explosion that occurs when missiles collide...Well, sure,
that's a beautiful sight indeed! But you'll only see it if the defence system 
is activated..."


Shirt - Power Lunch
Action - Sitting calmly on a cushion

"The owner, Fukushima, is mixed up in all sorts of things. Even the 
International Ethics Committee is getting involved. Chief, you watch yourself.
The Ethics agents, or Hyenas, are a motley crew of rejects. But the assassins 
trained in the Core? Now, those guys are for real. They're after the Yakumo 
Party Cabinet Policy. Or the Yakumo for short. It's just a bunch of paper but 
it can change the world. UN Party, my friend."


Shirt - Good Luck! [Shirt colour is blue]
Action - One hand leaning against the wall, the other on his hip

"Straight up, he's desperate. Fukushima's only ace in the hole is the Yakumo. 
The secret conference of the U.S.-Japan Territory Talks held at the Kaku 
Building tomorrow represents the time limit. The Yakumo will determine whether 
the 'fireworks' launch. It's Fukushima's offering to the Gods. What's your move,
chief? Kill him and sink Japan. Or let him live and get the Yakumo. The Yakumo 
is dangerous. It will allow the United States to rule the world. The course of 
humankind is in your hands, chief."


Shirt - ???
Action - Leaning back against a wall, looking downwards

"She's hottie, ain't she? What a waste, though. The last fruitless attempt at 
resistance by the Liberal Party. Using a woman as a weapon? That doesn't bode 
well for them. The kind of thing only an inept party would resort to. Japanese
politicians are rotten to the core. Smith, there's no sex discrimination here.
Don't hesitate. Take her out like the rest of 'em!"

:::SUNSET Part 2:::

Shirt - Magnum
Action - Looking around, arms open

"How's this for a stuffy atmosphere? This is the Information Terminal Central, 
where the elites of the world gather. While the backroom movers and shakers 
stared eachother down, the debate heated up over the subject of the disposal of
Japan. Not a single country argued in her favour. The Japanese territory would 
be a prize to any neighbouring country. Straight up, Japan is on her own."


Shirt - Scorpion
Action - Relaxing on a sofa

"You wanna hear something? I'll tell you straight up, okay? Basically, these 
talks are a war of proxy for the owner, Fukushima. But the attendees are 3rd-
rate bureaucrats. And when the prey is sub-par, so are the assassins. What a 
charade. The US has given up on the talks. Fukushima was the backbone of the UN
Party. But now the UN Party is a toothless organisation. These talks will 
determine the fate of Japan."


Shirt - ???
Action - One hand leaning against a crumbling wall

"Beware of the basement! A hitman has already infiltrated. The suave dude, 
DePaul, who was at the restaurant, is a spy from the International Ethics 
Committee. Their goal is to disrupt the final talks between the U.S. and Japan.
They're planning a secret meeting somewhere in this building. By interrupting 
the talks, they hope to delay the sinking of Japan. Take him out, Smith, take 
him out."


Shirt - ???
Action - Leaning back on a chair, feet up on the table

"The talks broke down. All according to plan, I guess. Now the skies will rain
on Japan for sure. But straight up, it doesn't add up. Why doesn't the US 
destroy the UN Party? Why do they let them live? Somebody is pulling strings. 
Could it be a Fukushima adherent? Kenjiro Matsuoka is the Director of the 
Central Management Office. Or Matsuken for short. Can he pick up where 
Fukushima left off? Can this dude lead Japan?"


Shirt - Rainbow
Action - Karate pose on the edge of the roof

"Nice work, chief. Have you had your fill of picking off small fries? Well, the
big fish are still fair game. The UN Party Headquarters is right over there. 
Your target is a couple of corrupt old men. The incarnation of greed. Straight 
up, they're sly old foxes. Japan's good as shit. A ring opens the door to 
battle. Go finish 'em off, Smith."


Shirt - Lariat
Action - Looking up at the Ulmeyda City sign

"Is that guy out of his mind? Does that look like the president of a major 
corporation? A 'Comprehensive Company'? Yeah, right! And there ain't anything 
'ideal' about this city! It's the middle of the desert, for crying out loud! 
This is all beyond me. I just can't keep up with young folks nowadays."


Shirt - Hustle [Shirt colour is pink]
Action - Repeated hip thrust ['Come on...' sound not included]

"In the U.S., even a 10-minute difference can make the sale. His company takes
a week to deliver the product. What kind of a system does he have going? 
According to rumours, the company purchases magazines from countries around the
world. He claims the operation is the 'largest domestic trading company'. So, 
you're telling me he's just a wholesaler? The letters on my shirt's the 


Shirt - ???
Action - Checking a postbox

"Have you heard? The name of Ulmeyda's company? 'First Life', he calls it. Hah!
Here's the company's profile: Largest catalogue retailer group. 'A Specialised 
Revolutionary Global Distribution Organisation'. But what the hell does all 
that mean? Means a big heap 'o rotten beans, that's what it means."


Shirt - ???
Action - Sitting down on company sign, one hand on chin

"The world is a big place. Mark my words. The pamphlet on First Life contains 
93 lies and 7 truths. The truths don't provide any answers. Corporations are 
built on lies. The lad has hints of genius. Dazzle people with smoke and 
mirrors, and swoop down like an eagle to clutch their hearts in your claws. 
First Life is a winning trading company that can purchase goods from the world 
over. A truly gigantic distributor."

:::ENCOUNTER Part 1:::

Shirt - ???
Action - Looking into the closed ticket booth

"The park has closed. Not a damn soul around. Straight up, this is a great 
place to go undercover. Just the place for the old man to hide out in. Hard to
believe that terrible things happen right here in this theme park. Hell, this 
place is linked to an orphan trading syndicate. Hurry, Mr. Smith. That white 
headed man is a sly old fox."


Shirt - New Wave
Action - Sitting on a cinema seat, knees held up to chest

"There's quite a history between the old man and The Hellion. The Hellion'll go
ape shit if he so much as hears Curtis' name. Even the chief wouldn't be able 
to hold him back. Where did he get killed, anyway? Chief, you recovered the 
body, no? Tell me straight up - just how much do you know?"


Shirt - Mad Chester
Action - Speaking into a microphone

"You sure don't show much interest in your pals. Do these people even exist? 
You're not one of those multiple personalities, are you? The old man was the 
Hellion's mentor at the Seattle self-defence force.  Dan learned the ABC's of 
murder from the old man. Dan was accused of betrayal, and taken out in an alley.
No trial for that one, baby! Chief, you're the one who recovered the body, 
right? But Pedro, who had connections to the self-defence force, was the man 
behind it all."


Shirt - Digital Rock [Shirt colour is brown]
Action - 'Singing in the rain...' Lamppost pose

"Well, isn't that just too bad. You can't get in without a mask. It's a special
masquerade attraction. Members only. Smith can slip in, of course. The master 
of disguise. But straight up, wearing a mask is cheating."


Shirt - ???
Action - Standing up with arms spread out like Jesus Christ on the cross

"This is all just hearsay, but the old man has some freaky hobbies. Apparently
he's a black market organ trader. And that's his 'public' face. His private 
life? He lives with orphans. Straight up, all girl orphans. And it's all 
sanctioned by the government. Pedro is the middleman. He controls the organ 
trade routes. The ties from the self-defence days would appear strong. Can you
believe the nerve of it?"


Shirt - Gothic Metal
Action - One arm folded across chest, other palm facing you

"Pedro siphoned capital to a foreign syndicate. But then he tried to skim a 
little off the top. The members of the Seattle self-defence force signed a pact
of brotherhood in blood. Traitors are punished by death. The Hellion was framed
by Pedro. Pedro assigned Dan to launder the dirty money, and had the old man 
take Dan out, or so the story goes."

:::ENCOUNTER Part 2:::

Shirt - Neo Acoustic
Action - Sitting up on a deckchair

"You know what was behind the assault on the immigration office? Pedro 
monopolised the market. Before, the rule was the old man had the girls, Pedro 
had the boys. That is, until Pedro broke it. There's a big business in orphans.
But there was a shortage in fresh organs. Heaven Smile caused the birth-rate to
drop more rapidly. Increases in contagious disease started eating away at 
bodies. And voila - control of the market on boys was no longer enough. That's 
why Pedro betrayed the old man. Pedro can run but he can't hide."


Shirt - ???
Action - Between the walls of the chimney

"You're slipping, Smith. How can the old man be giving you this much trouble? 
Ayame, the machine gun girl with the crazy costume? That's the kind of shit the
old man gets off on. He trained her himself. You saw the pile of bodies in the 
back, right? That's the old man's true colours, shining through. He only needs 
the girls...No use for the boys...Some tragic ass shit, that's for sure."


Shirt - Rave
Action - Wiping a table with a pink cloth

"This is one hot and muggy day. The old man must really be feeling this. Now, 
where could he be hiding? Maybe this way? Naw, at this size, only a kid could 
fit through."


Shirt - ???
Action - Getting ready to jump into the pool

"What a pitiful pervert. Doesn't deserve to live. And Pedro? He's probably a 
filthy bastard as well. They're all the same. Rats who profit by bartering in 
human lives. And you know who should settle this? The Hellion. Cause he's been
around it from the start. A fitting way to tie up old ends, right?"


Shirt - Summer 2002 [Shirt colour is light blue]
Action - Relaxing on a deck chair

"Man, it's hot. Almost as hot as that one fateful day. Right, Smith? The Chief
knew. Knew this was an unlucky day. It ain't good for the old man, either. 
Cause one dip down below, and all the skeletons come out of the closet."


Shirt - How To Go
Action - Sitting on a barrel

"What a pain in the ass! What's with the design of the studio? The editors 
can't even get near it. Talk about putting on airs. He needs to know his place.
If you want to get into Trevor's studio, I'll tell you straight up, you've 
gotta collect colour samples. With a fancy selection of hues, the door 
contraption will open. The chief keeps a lech, right? He'd be perfect for the
job. Just the guy for running errands."


Shirt - World's End Supernova [Shirt colour is white]
Action - Sitting on a window ledge

"Straight up, is this a pain, man? Running around for some frickin' colour 
samples. What makes it worse? This town is a mess. THAT'S what makes it worse.
Have you heard? About the devil's shortcut? Word on the street is that next to
the door to the artist's house is the entrance to a labyrinth! Light the lamp,
and the shortcut is revealed. Is that spooky enough for you, chief? Would YOU 
light the lamp?"


Shirt - [Travis is wearing a white suit with black bowtie]
Action - Sitting proudly in a chair, one leg crossed over the other

"This just ain't right. Is it? Is it right for time to march on like this? We 
all know the guy owes his success to his representative's finesse. He doesn't 
have the skill to make it on his own, thank you. Straight up, he puts an angle 
on the comic, and the same shit goes down in the real, 3-dimensional world. The
guy's a seer, man. No surprise he's a little egoistic. He thinks the world is 
putty in his hands. But damn! Never piss off your reps! They'll cut your pay! 
And in his case, they sent an assassin after him! Oh, I get it! That's where 
you come in, huh, chief? It all makes too much damn sense."


Shirt - Rock 'n' Roll
Action - Looking up at the windmills

"Straight up, this sucks ass. Pissing me off, I tell ya. There are 9 sample 
colours in total. All the 'handsome' colours. Match the requested colours, and 
the door opens. It'll be a cinch if you just collect all the colour samples. I 
heard the artist has a soft spot for comic lovers. If you knew the assignment 
of the 'handsome colours', you'd have a nice shot at getting invited to dinner!
If you're gonna kill him, you'll do some stealing!"

:::SMILE Part 1:::

Shirt - New York
Action - Sitting in an armchair

"There you are, Smith. I was waiting for you. Do you remember this hotel? Let's
talk straight for once.

Well, suit yourself. It was stuck into this sofa. I found it again. What does 
this bullet mean? You know, right chief? The charade is all over, my friend."

:::SMILE Part 2:::

Shirt - Bali
Action - Leaning back against the step pillar

"Quiet! If you're overheard, you'll be in deep trouble. Lemme tell you straight
up, just between you and me. This is the spot where the homeland's elections 
originate. The spot for the primaries for the first presidential election. The 
first president of the US was the principal of this school. Win over your 
neighbours, and win over the world. That's the way politics works."


Shirt - 656
Action - Using an exercise machine

"Cut that out! Don't peek at me all of a sudden! Can't a guy have some privacy?
If you have something to say, save it for later. I mean, please, dude! Let's 
talk somewhere else. Hey, I know a good place. Right over there! A student's 
secret sanctuary, the private locker! I'll be waiting at the same number as the
one on my shirt. Use this. Get the secret tapes."


Shirt - ???
Action - Curled up inside a locker

"Straight up, this place is whack! If you think this is an ordinary school, 
you'll get burned! 

I heard the new models have already arrived. This is the final confrontation. 
You've gotta hear this bit, chief. Shoot the open locker repeatedly. His locker,
the sealed one. Make your way to the truth, Smith."


Shirt - ???
Action - Spinning a fire extinguisher on his finger

"The homeland's history is all right here. But there's a catch...The first 
presidential election created a precedent. An artful technique came into play.
Could it be? That the vote count isn't always what it seems? What do you do if 
the truth is all lies? What do you do if your history is a charade? Can't you 
smell the stench of deceit? Smith, go and peer upon it with your own two eyes.
The truth behind this country..."


Shirt - ???
Action - Knife and fork in hand, ready to eat at a cafeteria table

"Don't raise your voice, man! Nobody knows who could be listening. Twenty-four 
people. That's how many electors have been assigned to this state. Ten percent 
of the total vote. Hey, that makes it the key state! Now, wouldn't that be a 
nice place to control? The lord of this state is the lord of the land. But who 
must you sweeten to gain this fair prize? It'll take a mountain of money. But 
for whom to write the cheque? You must know by now, right, so just tell me 
straight up?"


Shirt - Beirut
Action - Sitting on a wall

"Can I ask you straight up? Why doesn't Harman fight? This conspiracy is 
Harman's problem. Harman's linked to this school. I know you can't believe it. 
But it's the cold, hard truth. If you have any doubts, go to the gymnasium.

But I'm warning you, the truth is too big to even begin to scratch the surface.
But Smith, I do believe that you can find the truth. I'm almost sure of it. 
Because you're on the ground. 

Mills waits at the hotel. The final battle is not far off. I'm telling you 
straight up, this is about it from me. I wish you all the luck, and die like a 
dog. Then laugh it off.

I'll be waiting for you with a grin as wide as the truth."

Travis was the killer7's target. He was the 'killer who got killed on the job', 
if we're totally honest here. Travis got involved with deep underground circles,
and when a guy does that, his life expectancy happens to short considerably. 
All we know about Travis before that is that he is evidently an experienced 
killer to warrant an order to be killed by Emir Parkreiner.

Travis returns as a Remnant Psyche to inform the killer7, primarily, of the 
political implications of their actions and other underground organisations' 
doings. Why does Travis want to do this though? To mock the killer7? To laugh 
at them? Or perhaps he just feels a certain attachment to the people who killed
him. In his own words, well...straight up, that shit felt good.

10. Defeated Targets

                                 ~Jean DePaul~

Jean is a young French spy for the International Ethics Committee. In other 
words, he is a pawn. He also died in vain seeing as how the killer7 prevented
the missiles hitting Japan anyway.

Jean was a fan of wrestling in his youth, though why he chose the path of 
espionage is unknown. Like many other characters in killer7, Jean's story is 
that of a promising life stopped by a tragic death.


"Pro wrestlers sure are awesome. It reminds me of my childhood. We'd watch 
wrestlers fighting on the TV. I just loved Mask de Smith. Have you ever 
considered returning to the ring? Prove that the ultimate art of fighting is 
Professional Wrestling in a Vale Tudo match. 

Matsuken has the Yakumo. He wants to change the world. He believes that Japan 
will arise from the ashes. This war won't end until you kill him. When you 
finally meet Matsuken, this can all end."

Jean DePaul dies at the hands of Mask de Smith in a short battle in the 
basement of the Kaku Building. He relied on his bullet-proof armour to keep him
alive, but Jean did not anticipate that Mask's grenade launchers would 
literally bring down the roof on him. Sensing defeat, Jean took his pistol and 
shot himself.

This is a sign of a man completely giving up; tired of life, tired of his job, 
and tired of the world. Jean expresses an affinity for Mask in his monologue, 
and his reminiscence of TV wrestling seems to have an edge of sorrow or regret 
to them. As I said, a talented young man in a dangerous field of work makes for
a tragic death.

                                 ~Julia Kisugi~

Julia is a young Japanese woman who works as a skilled yet moderately unknown 
assassin for Japan's Liberal Party. What she did before her job as Toru 
Fukushima's secretary is unknown, but her main role in the game is to 
assassinate her employer in an attempt to get the Yakumo.


"Shall I introduce myself? I'm the assassin you killed. Remember? It may sound
a bit odd, but you finally freed me. In the underground world, your life is 
just a commodity. And when your life isn't even your own, you may as well be
dead. All I ever wanted were the simple pleasures like a vacation like this on
the outside. Farewell, reaper."

Julia is pursued by the killer7 after murdering Fukushima, and faces off 
against Con Smith in a one-minute dual-pistol battle. She loses the duel and 
kills herself using a secret explosive gadget hidden in her necklace.

Her monologue suggests a story to Jean's, except she openly expresses a desire
to quit her dangerous job as a professional assassin and enjoy a vacation and 
the 'simple pleasures' of life. Unfortunately, she never gets to experience 
this in her physical life, but thanks the killer7 anyway for freeing her from 
the never-ending cycle of work she had found herself in.

                       ~Hiroyasu Kirahashi/Shinya Akiba~

Two old patriotic Japanese men who head Japan's UN Party. They have an open 
dislike of young men without balls, such as Kenjiro Matsuoka. They taunt 
Matsuoka until he 'kills' them both. However, as accomplices of Kun Lan, they 
do not truly die and wait in the conference room for the killer7. Kun Lan and 
Matsuoka leave the room to save Japan.

Kirahashi is the tall old man with black hair, while Akiba is the short old man
with grey hair. Neither seems to have dominance over the other, and they are 
likely very old friends who are tired of seeing their country go to waste.

NOTE - The two speak together. The line breaks signal when the other politician 
starts speaking. The first speaker is Kirahashi, the second Akiba, and so on...

"Do you like war? 

You should know answer to that. I don't consider it war. 

That's a one-sided judgement. In Japan, 80 million lives disappear in an 
instant. An entire country destroyed and the world stands by in silence. 

That's because this is an age of power. Partner, you're an idealist. 

But you know what? They live in fright. The maggots live on. This should be 
quite a sight.

We will have our revenge. The whole world will pay for its sins.

Our will lives on."

The two men are definitively killed in a long range battle with Kaede Smith, 
who shoots their brains out with her sniper rifle.

It is interesting to note that Kirahashi and Akiba are the first main villains 
of the game who do not willingly commit suicide (unlike Jean and Julia). They 
are even 'killed' once but live to fight the killer7, suggesting a very 
determined will to serve Japan until the end (though they may only live due to 
Kun Lan's intervention).

They are still their old bitter selves in their duologue. They still hate the 
young generation, or 'maggots', and vow revenge. They can't do much 
unfortunately, as they are certainly dead. Their will only lives on in Kenjiro

                               ~Andrei Ulmeyda~

Arguably the most interesting 'villain' in the game, Andrei Ulmeyda is the 'man
with the plan'. He is a coloured Texan man who apparently runs his own 
successful trading company, First Life, having first been in a postman in the 
traditional 'rags to riches' mould. He is also very dangerous and has come to 
be viewed as a Messiah of sorts by his Cultist workers.

This Messiah image is contributed to by the fact that Andrei is a living 
miracle, having repeatedly infected himself with various deadly diseases and 
survived them time after time, creating vaccines for them, perhaps for the good
of the world. However, his Heaven Smile infection proves to difficult for him 
to overcome, so he calls on the killer7 to kill him before he changes into a 
truly monstrous being that won't be able to control the urge to kill...


"How is Clemence? He's going to become a big man. He has my DNA. The teachings 
of the Yakumo will guide him.

My life was a blur of risk-taking. I'd suffer withdrawal without the constant 
stimulus of danger. Garcian Smith...I'm just like you. You have to kill just to 
feel alive, right? Well, I have to be face-to-face with death to get any taste 
of life. We are both bound by our passions."

Andrei Ulmeyda is ambushed by the US Army, however, they inadvertently activate 
the Heaven Smile brewing inside him. Andrei's head is blown off and his 
showering blood kills all present, except the killer7. Kevin Smith kills the 
newly formed Heaven Smile Ulmeyda and finally puts him to rest.

Andrei, knowing that his number was soon up, had already made plans to leave 
his empire to Gabriel Clemence. He appears as a Remnant Psyche to Clemence and 
advises him to be a successful man, but later appears to the killer7. He 
expresses a similar sentiment to Julia but instead states that he depended on 
his 'life...of risk-taking'. This view is echoed by Benjamin Keane near the 
end of the game.

                               ~Curtis Blackburn~

Curtis Blackburn is a notorious American assassin with ties to all sorts of 
underground organisations. He also has a nasty habit of paedophilia. He is 
extremely ruthless and will kill anyone who gets in his way. He is also very 
paranoid thanks to all of the old enemies he has made and has a house full of 
traps. However, one man he supposedly murdered is out to get him at all costs.


"Old dogs should keep their mouths shut. I'll keep this short. The day I was 
killed by you, my long-awaited wish was granted. 

Those so called heroes are fakes. Don't be fooled by their trickery. You're 
being sucked in by a fantasy. A world of illusions bred by a madman. Hell, 
what'd you expect from a comic book hero? 

See you in hell."

Curtis is assassinated by Dan Smith in a quick-draw duel in his basement.

Much like Julia, Curtis seems to state in his monologue he wanted to be free 
from his world of assassination. However, this view could be challenged as 
Curtis often killed for fun while Julia was always employed. He knows that 
because of his decadent life he will be going to Hell, but also seems to 
address Dan Smith particularly in following him to his new residence.

Curtis directly references the next villains, the Handsome Men, in his 
monologue, and is extremely cynical of them. However, if you read further into
this, he is speaking directly to the reader in telling them they are being 
'sucked in by a fantasy, 'a world of illusions bred by a madman'. Get off your
lazy ass and stop reading this guide, now, young man. Curtis is an illusion, 
don't you see?

                               ~Handsome Black~

Handsome Black is the chief of the Handsome Men. He is often harnessed by his 
creator, Trevor Pearlharbor, to perform assassinations and other bad deeds. His
last summoning by Trevor is to kill Dan Smith.


"Bloody Psychopaths killer7! This place marks your grave. Don't be scared. 

killer7 committed a crime here. Six people dead. Is that not the work of the 

We couldn't defeat them. There is no justice here. Only the purity of atrocity.
The voyage of the killer7 begins."

At first, Handsome Black, seems to have Dan Smith up against the wall, but a 
misfire of his 'Handsome Wink' attack kills Trevor, a great irony in death for
the supposed seer. Dan Smith then gains a second breath and kills Handsome 
Black at point-blank range.

Despite not being 'real' as such, Handsome Black makes an appearance in the 
Union Hotel to hint, along with Travis, that things are not as they seem. He 
signals the start of Garcian's uncovering of the truth with the words 'the 
voyage of the killer7 begins'. Why do they always know more than they let on?

                                ~Benjamin Keane~

Benjamin Keane is the American principal of Coburn Elementary School, an 
institution linked to the Presidential elections since their very conception. 
He hangs Greg Nightmare, the Education Minister (and the most powerful man in 
the United States), and hopes to become President following this crime.

He is confronted by Garcian in the final level of the game, and he begins a 
game of Russian Roulette with the chief of the killer7. If Garcian loses, he 
must kill the President of the United States of America. If Benjamin loses, he 
will tell Garcian how to hit on women with 100% success. It's a deal.

"Laugh, killer.

The actor pulls the curtain himself. You never know what fate might bring. You 
can't become the President without getting a little crazy.

Hear me out, killer.

You're standing on the wrong stage. Sometimes it's harder to let people live.

Listen up, killer.

This country is pumped. A monopoly on money, power, and interests. The reward? 
Heaven Smile.

Foresee, killer.

See into the future. This nation will be the focus of concentrated fire. But it
still won't die.

Figure it out, killer.

I'm not dead. Blood flows through Japan again. The UN Party and the Opposition
Party are holding secret meetings.

Kill, killer.

Don't expose the nation's shame. Topple the young members of the UN Party.

Go, killer. 

Open the forbidden door. Your mission is to bury the dark pages of history. If
you do, paradise awaits you."

After 4 rounds with no shot fired, Benjamin points the gun to his head. He has
half a chance of dying, half a chance of living. If he lives, he has won. He 
fires...and lives. Garcian must now kill the President.

However, Garcian takes the gun and points it to his head. He fires.

'This gun holds 7 bullets. I'm a professional'. 

Keane knows he has lost now and before finishing the game expresses exactly the
same sentiment as Andrei Ulmeyda in getting pleasure out of putting his life on
the line. Keane then points the gun to his head and fires, killing himself.

Keane's monologue is the most mystic of all the Remnant Psyches, with a very 
political theme yet morbid, secretive undertone. Much like the game, perhaps. 
He issues an order to the killer7 in order to prevent the nation's shame from 
being exposed, but it is unknown what he means by 'paradise awaits you', and 
whether Garcian actually follows his order.

Oh, and by the way, what is the secret to hitting on women with 100% success?

                             They're all the same.

11. Christopher Mills

Christopher Mills is the killer7's informant and provides them with all the 
information they need on their missions and targets. He is very good friends 
with Garcian and has old ties to Dan Smith. Mills is another pawn of the 
government, but before his death, manages to find out the secret behind the 
voting system of the USA. Perhaps he is not so much of a pawn after all.

Other Information:
Garcian or the killer7 does not kill Mills. That is an obvious fact. So why 
does he appear to Garcian as a Remnant Psyche? My guess, supported by how 
Ulmeyda appears to Clemence earlier in the game, is that a Remnant Psyche can 
also visit the one person they are closest to. In Mills' government agent case,
the only real friend he had was Garcian. Ulmeyda also saw a new Messiah in 
Mills. That's the only explanation I can offer right now. Nothing deep, I know.


"Shit, I blew that one. I guess it figures.

What's wrong, brothers? Why the glum face? You know, I'd always wanted to die 
like a guy in the movies. Chest riddled with bullets, right? Well, I got my 

It's the work of the government. Our lives are no more valuable than an 
insect's. Once you get close to the nation's secrets, you become expendable. 
Did we open a black box?

Here's the truth. The nation's voting system is the key. I delved even further.
So, what do you think I found out about what it means to control a state 
election? It's still a secret. In time you will know, brothers.

If you manage to survive, I'm sure we'll meet again. Sorry to keep you, but 
this room is too dark. Please, light me a candle. I'll wait here."


"Did everything get cleaned up? Garcie, I'm glad you're okay. It was the last 
promise. Anyway, I'll keep the explanation short. 

Most ballot booths are at schools. The Education Ministry is in charge of the 
schools. The results of the election are rigged from the start. Voting is just
for show. Before votes are counted, the Education Ministry does a switcheroo. 
The biggest magic trick on Earth. In other words...

The most powerful man in the country is the Education Secretary. 

But a Japanese put him out. The dog bit back at his owner. Revenge for being 
left for dead. This is big trouble. Corrupt officials are at a loss. The 
country has been revealed for what it is - a monster.

But will anything change? You expect some revolution? Well, a dog can't do shit.
Has a dying country ever created anything worth its salt? 

Go and meet them. They're waiting up above.

Trust my words. I wouldn't do you wrong. Hurry, Garcie."


"Why the glum face? What happened? Garcie, don't cry. That ain't like you. The
last thing I want to see is you crying, Garcie. It just don't feel right.

...I see...I realised it after I was killed. I can see through your mask into 
your heart. Garcie, what's this emotion I now see? Tears of sadness? Or of 
hate? Tears of joy? Or of loneliness? Or mercy? I really have no idea, except
that I've never seen tears like those. The only way to wipe those tears away
is to overcome the past. A person doesn't get into this line of work without a
complicated past.

Enter the final room. Meet with Him. Then you can get on with things. 

Times are tough for both of us. I'll be waiting for you in my new sleek on my 
side of the world."

Mills knows a lot of things that other people don't want to even think about 
and therefore also has a considerably shorter life expectancy than 'other 
people'. Just as he is about to reveal a secret about Harman to Garcian, he is 
shot and killed by Linda Vermillion.

In his monologues, Mills proves he is Garcian's closest friend. He is possibly
the only man who can see what goes on inside that pragmatic head and offers 
sympathy when Garcian cries from his madness. He also finally reveals the true
system of elections in the USA to the player before directing Garcian to Harman
and Dimitri upstairs.

And of course, even in death, he still loves his cars. There are some things 
about a guy you just can't change, you know?

12. Harman Smith

"Long journey...but it ends here, Garcian. No, I think it's time I called you 
by your real name. Emir Parkreiner.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Harman Smith. I am the man you saw in 
your past. Do you remember? The incident where six people were murdered in this
hotel? You must have seen it yourself...because you were the killer.

The assassin Emir Parkreiner was the Ace of Aces. Who would have thought the 
killer was a mere thirteen year-old? 

It was a deliberate crime, targeted toward the Smith alliance. It consisted of 
seven members but the leader wasn't included in the seven. Later investigations
found his dead body inside the safe of a school. The investigating unit called 
them the killer7.

But the whole affair was never made public. Not because this was an aberration
from society, but because it involved national security issues. 

Unfortunately a curse brought upon you by old tradition. You, Emir, are an 
assassin controlled by the government. Someone is watching your every move.

From the second when I first took you in on the roof, you were one of the very
few assassins with class...But you were out of control. Still, there was 
something venerable about you. Then it occurred to me, you were no longer a 
mortal being...

Within you, ever so quietly, evil had opened its eyes."

13. Credits

Myself - I wrote this you know.

CJayC/SBAllen and GameFAQs - Creator and admin respectively of the best gaming
help site on the internet.

Shockley_Haynes - I missed two Travis monologues somehow so they had to be 
taken from his guide. Also I missed a few shirt phrases so thanks to him and 
his guide for providing those.

Scriptwriters - Whoever wrote the script to this game and the Remnant Psyches 
is a/are genius(es). I hope they got some nice pay for it.

You - Thank you for using and/or reading this guide.

14. Outroduction

Well, that is the end of the guide. I hope you enjoyed reading through these 
monologues and such and found them interesting - that's the only reason I wrote
the guide really, seeing as I couldn't find most of them anywhere on the 
internet. So I've helped myself and others. Wahey. Straight up, thanks for 
reading...Loser :)

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