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FAQ/Walkthrough by sophialeigh

Version: 1.07 | Updated: 05/10/09

     Killer7                             /
--------------------------------------- /
                                      /  "Step into the mind of an assassin..."
                                     / ----------------------------------------

//Game Specs
Platform: Playstation 2, Gamecube
Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture, Capcom (2005)
Genre: Track/rail-based Shooter, Action
Rating: M (Blood and Gore, Intense Violence,
           Sexual Themes, Strong Language)

                                                            //Walkthrough Specs
                                                         Author: Georgi Samaras
                                                  E-mail: SophiaLee04@yahoo.com
                                                                  Version: 1.07
                                                      Last Updated: May 3, 2009


    Introduction ....................... [int]
    Controls ........................... [con]
    Characters ......................... [cha]
    Enemies ............................ [ene]
    Starting Out ....................... [sta]
      Target 00: Angel ................. [ang]
      Target 01: Sunset ................ [sun]
      Target 02: Cloudman .............. [clo]
      Target 03: Encounter ............. [enc]
      Target 04: Alter Ego ............. [alt]
      Target 05: Smile ................. [smi]
      Target 06: Lion .................. [lio]
    Extras ............................. [ext]
    Glitches ........................... [gli]
    Miscellaneous ...................... [mis]


//Introduction      [int]
    Let's not beat around the bush.  This game is strange.  Strange in the
    addicting way, the good way.  It's refreshing in how strange it is.  If
    you're into unique visuals or gameplay, Killer7 should not disappoint.
    This walkthrough was started because I think this game is incredible on
    several levels and couldn't get enough of it.  It's also worth noting that
    this is for the PS2 version, although I have played both versions and can
    see no major gameplay differences between it and the one for the Gamecube
    (changes in graphics and speed are a whole different story), so this
    walkthrough will work for either.  The one thing that makes this a PS2
    guide is the controls that are referenced during gameplay.

    Enjoy the madhouse that is Killer7!


//Controls          [con]
Playstation 2
    start: open sub menu, skip cutscenes
    up directional button: move forward
    down directional button: turn around
    left/right directional buttons: select destination at junctions
    left analog stick: select destination at junctions
    R2: change camera view (either look in front of or behind character)
    R1: ready weapon (switches to first person view)
    right analog stick: reload
    square: use special skill
    triangle: turn around, cancel
    circle: map
    X: confirm selection, move forward

    in first person view:
      L1: scan
      left analog stick: aim
      square: adjust charge level for special shots, zoom in (Kaede)
      triangle: target lock
      left/right directional buttons: toggle between targets
      X: attack
      circle: counterattack

    start: open sub menu, skip cutscenes
    up directional button: move forward
    down directional button: turn around
    left/right directional buttons: select destination at junctions
    analog stick: select destination at junctions
    Z: change camera view (either look in front of or behind character)
    R: ready weapon (switches to first person view)
    c-stick: reload
    Y: use special skill
    B: turn around, cancel
    X: map
    A: confirm selection, move forward

    in first person view:
      L: scan
      analog stick: aim
      Y: adjust charge level for special shots, zoom in (Kaede)
      B: target lock
      left/right directional buttons: toggle between targets
      A: attack
      X: counterattack


//Characters        [cha]
    Killer7 is all about harnessing the multiple personae of a man named Harman
    Smith.  Each persona has special skills and fighting styles that make
    Killer7 the deadliest group of assassins known.  Personae are handled
    through televisions but, once woken up, they can replace each other on the
    field at any given time through the sub menu.

    Harman Smith
      Harman is the leader of the group and is only controllable during certain
      parts in the game.  He is wheelchair-bound and requires his nurse,
      Samantha Sitbon, to care for him but is quite a force to be reckoned
      with.  He wields an armor-piercing rifle and has godly stamina.

    Garcian Smith
      The only member of Killer7 capable of communicating with Harman, Garcian
      also keeps the other personae in line.  He's a "cleaner" and can revive
      dead personae through the television after collecting their remains on
      the field.  He uses a silenced handgun and is able to see the enemy from
      miles away, but he is by far the weakest when it comes to combat.  You
      should only use him when the game forces you to.  If he's killed, it's
      game over.

    Dan Smith
      The Hellion, Dan, is fittingly described as a "tyrant in a three piece
      suit".  He's got quite the personality and can definitely hold his own in
      a fight.  He's a deadly combination of power and speed and has many
      useful combat abilities.  He reloads quickly, and his revolver has oomph.
      His special move is the Collateral Shot that can rip through enemies but
      requires three vials of thin blood.  His special ability outside of
      battle is being a total badass.

    KAEDE Smith
      The only female member of Killer7, Kaede (codenamed Barefoot) is a
      sniper.  Her automatic has a scope that allows her to zoom in by pressing
      square to easily shoot distant enemies.  It has a long reload time,
      however.  Her special ability outside of combat is quite strange: she
      slits her wrists and uses her blood to call a servant, Mizaru, to break
      barriers as well as absorb blood found on walls.

    Con Smith
      Con, the Punk, is the youngest member of the team and is blind but not as
      handicapped as you'd think.  He uses his hearing to find his way and
      sense enemies, blasting them with his dual automatics.  His special
      ability outside of combat is super speed.  He can also fit into small
      openings and doors the others wouldn't be able to.  His reload time is
      the quickest, and his firing rate is much faster than anyone else's,
      though his shots aren't too powerful.

    Coyote Smith
      Coyote the Thief is just what his name implies.  He can unlock any and
      all padlocks and has a superhuman jumping ability for getting to those
      hard to reach places.  He wields a modified revolver that has quite a
      backlash so you need to constantly watch your aim with him.  His charge
      shot uses one test tube and fires a custom magnum bullet.

    Kevin Smith
      Four-eyes Kevin is unique in several aspects.  One, he uses knives in
      combat so he never has to reload.  His special ability in battle lets him
      throw multiple knives at a target by using either one or three tubes of
      thin blood.  Two, when he takes his sunglasses off, he turns invisible,
      allowing him to slip by the enemy and security systems undetected.  He
      also has terrible posture but is quite the nimble acrobat.

    MASK de Smith
      The Mask is a strange one.  He's all about raw power and can blow enemies
      and walls to bits with his dual grenade launchers.  If a certain enemy is
      giving you a hard time, chances are it can just be blown apart with Mask.
      Because of this, he's incapable of getting blood from most enemies since
      he can't hit critical points.  He has several different charge shots
      using different amounts of blood that are imperative to bringing certain
      enemies down, and he can perform special wrestling moves outside of
      battle to clear a path.  He's also got the most stamina of the team.


//Enemies           [ene]
    The enemies in the game are called Heaven Smiles, people turned mad by the
    leader of the terrorist group known as the Smiling Faces, Kun Lan.  They
    are basically walking bombs.  Once they spot you, they will move towards
    you and ultimately grab you and explode if you don't kill them first.  They
    use camouflage to blend in to their surroundings but give themselves away
    when they laugh maniacally.  Most of them have a critical point that
    results in an instant kill when hit.

    This enemy list consists of all the Smiles you'll find while running around
    on a mission.  There are certain Smiles that only appear once (mostly in
    the Vinculum Gate) so they're covered when they're encountered in the

    Heaven Smile
      The basic enemy type.  Comes in different colors but are all basically
      the same.  They lumber towards you, giving you plenty of time to aim for
      their critical point and kill them.  Some of the more asthmatic Heaven
      Smiles run towards you, making killing them a priority and aiming tough.
      You can hear them coming a mile away.  There are also peculiar yellow
      Smiles that explode after a certain amount of time whether you kill them
      or not but give up blood no matter where you shoot them.

    Camellia Smile
      These guys are traitors within the Heaven Smiles and wear white garments
      splattered with blood to show for it.  They stand perfectly still but
      will run away and kill themselves if you get too close or shoot them.
      Try to kill them as quickly as possible for a good amount of blood.
      Whenever you encounter these Smiles, it's also a hint that you need to
      use one of the personae's special abilities to proceed.  Kill them and
      you'll get enough thin blood to use that special skill.

      More like huge blobs than anything, they lays eggs that hatch into
      regular Heaven Smiles.  They can have red and yellow critical points.
      Yellow points can be shot out by anyone, but red ones must be destroyed
      with Dan's awesome Collateral Shot.  All Duplicators in Deadly mode are
      red, so get used to Dan.

    Micro Smile
      These are small, flying Smiles.  They don't cause any damage when they
      hit you; they only blind you.  This can be dangerous with other Smiles
      around, though.  Yellow ones will restore your health while red ones give
      a large amount of blood when killed.

    Bombhead Smiles
      These enemies wear a casing around their head with doors that open and
      close in tune to the weird sound they make as they walk towards you.
      When the doors are open, shoot the head for an instant KO with blood as
      a reward.  When the doors are closed, the Smile will still die but no
      blood for you.  In the latter case, it also explodes with a good chance
      that you'll get caught in it and get killed.  If there are other Smiles
      in the vicinity, get the Bombheads to explode and they'll take out
      enemies near them.

    Spiral Smile
      Spiral Smiles are awesome!  They're ball-shaped and make a distinct
      sound (almost like a child's toy jingling).  All they do is roll towards
      you slowly.  Shoot the only green face to claim an easy kill and lots of

    Another Smile
      Normal Heaven Smiles that cling to ceilings.  Shoot them down and they'll
      crawl towards you.  This might make them hard to target, but by the time
      you encounter them in the game, one of the personae should really have
      the Down or Counter Attack abilities.  If they get too close, use these
      skills to finish them.

    Phantom Smile
      If you're trigger happy, you will hate these guys.  They have one large
      body part, either the head or one of the hands.  You need to shoot this
      body part to kill them.  Miss, and they jump right into your face and
      explode, causing lots of damage.  (If you're really quick, you can avoid
      this with a counterattack.)  Aim carefully and watch for Smiles with
      weird-shaped heads or hands the size of sleeping bags because they can
      really blend in with a crowd.

    Diver Smile
      These guys ambush you from above but are normal Smiles when they land.
      Their laughter is higher-pitched, followed by a thud, so it's easy to
      tell when a Diver is nearby.

    Poison Smile
      Another pain in the neck for people with bad aim, Poison Smiles can only
      be killed by hitting their critical point.  Hitting anywhere else will
      make them fall over, but they'll just get right back up.  If you can't
      kill them by the time they reach you, you can actually take them out with
      a counterattack.  Poisons aren't hard to spot: they're fairly large and
      look like they've got fumes emanating off them.

    Mother Smile
      Basically mobile Duplicators with red or yellow critical points in their
      midsection.  Anyone can take out the yellow points with enough hits, but
      Dan must do the deed if it's red.  All Mother Smiles on the Deadly
      difficulty setting have red points.  When you attack them directly, they
      will charge at you along with any Smiles they've spit out.

    Backside Smile
      Heavily armored Smiles that slowly float towards you, they have a sickle
      or blade on each arm that you must shoot in order to throw them off
      balance, spinning them around so you can shoot the yellow spot on their
      backs.  They're slow, but it's awfully hard to get them to turn around
      and shoot them before they straighten themselves out.  If they give you
      problems, just blow them up with Mask's grenades.

    Ulmeyda Smile
      Normal Smiles that wear their critical points as t-shirts.  They jog
      around and won't attack until you shoot them.  They're abundant, easy

    Giant Smile
      Tall Smiles that can only be killed by shooting out their eye.  This is
      difficult even when they're standing still.  Their method of attack is to
      walk up and fall over on top of you.  They'll laugh right before they do
      this, so stand perfectly still until you hear it and then retreat to a
      safe distance.

    Protector Smile
      These Smiles have a deep laugh and trudge their way over to you.  They're
      hulks and can only be blown up with Mask.  The cool thing is that they
      yield blood when blown up, unlike other enemies.

    Broken Smile
      These Smiles are a real pain.  They fly in the air in a zigzag pattern
      and so are extremely hard to hit.  Most of the time, it's easier just to
      let them run into you and heal afterwards.

    Protector Z Smile
      Like the Protectors but with some white armor on.  These enemies can only
      be killed by Mask's charge shot that uses one test tube of thin blood.

    Mithril Smile
      Mithril Smiles are covered in armor that must be shot off.  Shoot, shoot,
      and don't let up until it crumbles off.  Then, they're pretty much just
      regular running Smiles.  Sometimes their critical points aren't covered
      by their armor so you can bypass the tedium and go for it instead for an
      instant kill.

    Protector ZZ Smile
      Like the other Protectors: slow and easily killed.  These have red armor.
      Use a charge shot from Mask with two tubes of thin blood to deal with

    Laser Smile
      Strapped to a board, these Smiles attack by shooting a laser at you.
      After that, they self-destruct.  Their critical points are always their
      heads; get Dan with the Head Lock-On ability to take them out with one
      shot.  If you don't think you can kill them before they shoot, retreat to
      a safe distance after you hear their laughter and they'll fire anyway,
      missing you and killing themselves.

    Roller Smile
      As annoying as the Broken Smiles, these guys have a distinct laugh and
      roll around on the floor like demonic contortionists.  They are extremely
      hard to hit and kill but can be done in with a counterattack if they get
      too close.


//Starting Out      [sta]
    A few pointers before getting into the action.

      The eye in the upper left corner is your health gauge.  If the eye
      closes, the persona is rendered unconscious and must be revived by
      Garcian.  The eye sits in the middle of your compass, which is helpful
      when used in conjunction with your map.  The eye also changes color
      from blue to red when you've got enough thin blood to use for recovery or
      special skills, so don't go charging into the fray if your eye is blue.

      Being assassins, Killer7 lusts for blood.  White blood is produced when
      you shoot and kill enemies anywhere besides their critical points; this
      blood cannot be harvested.  Killing enemies by shooting their critical
      points or limbs results in red blood that comes in two varieties: thick
      and thin.  Thick blood is used to power up personae through the TV and
      thin blood is used to power special abilities and restore stamina.  Blood
      does not carry over from assignments so make the most of it and trade it
      in before killing your main target.

   Harman's Room
      Throughout your missions, you'll encounter these safe rooms.  Each one
      has a TV, Samantha, and Iwazaru.  The TVs allow you to trade your thick
      blood for serum on channel B.  (If channel B is closed, then you've met
      your blood quota for that mission.)  You can also wake up and switch
      characters through the TV.  (Note that you can only wake up sleeping
      personae after you've killed enough Smiles.)  Samantha is your save point
      but only when she's dressed as a maid.  Iwazaru is your own personal help
      file.  Talk to him to learn information on the Smith personae, basic
      controls, and enemies you've encountered.

    Leveling Up
      In the TV, select a persona and choose Skills to get a choice of how you
      want to improve that character.  It's a good idea to choose a persona
      you're comfortable with and level them up above others, but it's also not
      a bad idea to try and keep everyone on the same level.  You'll be forced
      to use everyone at some point in the game, but most of the time you can
      switch right back to your favorite character.  Be sure to level them up
      evenly (i.e. - don't just focus on power).  Certain abilities are only
      obtained through boosting areas like speed and waver.  For example, if
      you get all areas of certain personae to level 4 or 5, you'll get the
      awesome Critical Lock-On ability.

      If a persona besides Garcian "dies", it's not game over.  You'll be
      transported to the last Harman's Room you entered with the option to
      switch to a different member.  Choosing Garcian will allow you to
      retrieve the remains of the member that died.  It will be found where the
      death occurred and, when you retrieve it, you'll automatically be taken
      back to the room.  Resurrect the dead member by repeatedly pressing the X
      button until the deed is done.  All personae left unconscious by the
      mission's end are automatically revived for the next.  If Garcian should
      happen to die during a mission, then it's game over.

      The map in this game is the best asset you can have on the field in
      Normal difficulty.  Press circle to bring it up.  The area you're
      currently in will be outlined in yellow.  Where it really shows its worth
      is during puzzles.  If a certain persona is needed to get past an area,
      you'll see their picture next to that area.  If you need a certain ring
      to solve a puzzle, the map will show you which one to use.  Get used to
      using your map.  Deadly difficulty players will have to settle with it
      telling you the location of Harman's Rooms and Soul Shells only.

    Difficulty Levels
      When you start a new game, the difficulty settings are self-explanatory.
      Normal is definitely what you should pick if you're new to the game.
      Hints abound, combat isn't as difficult, and you get to carry 20 vials
      of thin blood.  Deadly steps it up with less blood to collect and carry
      (only 10 vials), fewer hints, critical points that are not visible right
      away, and enemies that take more punishment.  Pick your poison wisely.


    NOTE: This guide was written while playing on the Deadly difficulty just
          because I'd already gone through on Normal and wanted to make this
          walkthrough as well-rounded as possible.  Major differences between
          the two are addressed specifically when encountered.  Differences
          between the Gamecube and Playstation versions are also noted.

    Target 00: Angel         [ang]
View the opening cutscene.  I highly recommend taking the offer of learning
the controls if this is your first time playing.  When ready, head forward
until we're introduced to Dan.  Talk to Iwazaru and explore Harman's Room or
your menu if you'd like.  Enter the elevator hall.

Walk forward until you hear a laugh.  Instantly press R1 to aim and L1 to scan
for your enemy, a Heaven Smile.  Hit the yellow critical point if you can to
kill it or just shoot it until it falls and talk to Iwazaru.  There's another
Smile around the corner.  Here, you'll meet Travis.  Get used to this
interesting fellow.  Straight up, he's got lots of valuable info.  Farther
north, Iwazaru will introduce you to Kikazaru, who is a dead giveaway that a
Soul Shell is near.  (They're also indicated on your map.)  These are vital to
progressing through missions so keep an eye out for them.

In the parking lot, Iwazaru will introduce you to the Camellia Smile.  These
are harmless but will run away and self-destruct if you get near them or shoot
them.  Try to kill them for blood before they run off.  They're also a sign
that you're in an area where a special skill is needed.  Aim and scan the back
of the lot to see a Duplicator Smile, which will continually spit out eggs that
hatch into Heaven Smiles.  Shoot the small fry until you have three tubes of
thin blood.  Then, aim for the critical point and fire a Collateral Shot from
Dan (press square three times and X to fire) to kill it.  If you're on the
Normal difficulty, you can simply shoot the yellow point until it dies.  (Note:
All Duplicators on the Deadly difficulty have red critical points and so must
be killed by Dan.)  Go to the back and talk to Travis to get a SOUL SHELL.

Backtrack to the hallway where you encountered your first Heaven Smile and go
north.  Kill the Smile, go up the stairs, talk to Iwazaru, and continue up.
Watch the scene and kill the four Smiles.  There's a Harman's Room here.  Go
north.  You'll see two Smiles plus a Micro Smile in the distance.  Killing it
will replenish your health so try to get it before it gets you.  Go north and
talk with Travis.  Go back down that side hallway to see a running Smile that
sounds like it needs to work out some more.  Yet another lovely scene follows.

The north door is locked.  Go south to meet your otherworldly informant, Yoon-
Hyun, who gives puzzle hints.  He's pretty explicit, but if you need more out
of him, shoot his mask to see his meaner side, which gives straightforward
answers (this requires thick blood).  On Deadly mode, this guy won't even
really talk to you unless you've got blood, which the mask will absorb
automatically so don't talk to him unless you really need his help.  Room 212
has candles, but we need a light.  Continue south to talk to a strange-looking
lad.  Enter the stairs.

Talk to Iwazaru and climb ever upward.  Go down the SSW hallway to greet a
carrier pigeon with a COURIER MEMO.  Looks like someone's watching us.  Go down
the west hallway now to find a Harman's Room.  You should probably start
leveling up the Smiths if you haven't already.  Go to the third floor.

There are quite a number of Smiles here.  Retreat to the doorway as soon as you
hear them laugh to try to tackle them one by one.  Yoon-Hun is ahead, in front
of a restroom.  Ignore it for now.  Go north to the library.  Go west and up
the stairs.

Down the stairs is a laundry set-up.  There's a hard-to-see Micro Smile up
ahead; press triangle to target and kill it for tons of blood.  Examine the
dryer and turn it off to meet a dismembered head (one of the most entertaining
figures you'll meet) who gives you a FIRE RING.  Note the hole in the pipe.
Continue east to talk to Iwazaru.  The door past him is locked by a padlock.
Bring out Coyote to unlock it.

Kill the running Smile and enter Room 212.  Equip the Fire Ring and examine the
candles.  They'll be numbered 1-5; light them in numerical order.  On Deadly
mode, there will be rings under each candle, which indicate its number.  In any
case, they're numbered (from left to right) 2, 1, 4, 5, 3.  If you screw up,
turn on the air conditioner to blow them out and try again.  The shelves will
open to reveal an ODD ENGRAVING.

Leave and go south up the stairs and all that jazz until you get to the room
with the four Smiles again.  Run west to the restroom.  Use your Fire Ring to
set off the sprinkler, which fills the toilet with enough water to flush it.
Remember that hole in the pipe in the laundry room?  Go through those Smiles
outside again, through the library, through the door to the west, and down
the stairs to get another ODD ENGRAVING.  Go back to the library.

On the east side of the room is a control panel, examine it to place your
engravings and rearrange the shelves.  Three Smiles will attack.  Iwazaru is to
the west down in the shelves.  To the east is the warehouse.  Use Mask's
grenades to break the wall and kill the Smile.  Travis is to the north and a
COURIER MEMO is to the south.  Go back out and north up the stairs.  Talk to
Iwazaru and climb until you reach Harman's Room and the 4th floor door.

Watch the scene and continue along the linear path.  A Camellia Smile is in the
next room.  Go forward to talk to Iwazaru.  Switch to Kaede and hit square to
summon Mizaru to break the red barrier, revealing a SOUL SHELL.  Head west now
to find a wall.  Destroy it with Mask.  Use Coyote to unlock Room 406.  Kill
the Smile and talk to Travis.  Backtrack and head north.  Around the winding
hallway to the south, another Camellia Smile will show up and promptly explode
into the wall if you approach too fast.  Talk to Travis and use Kaede's special
ability to reveal the word "NO".  This is the code for the lock on the door to
the WNW.

Enter the boiler room and talk to Travis.  Follow the linear path, killing
Smiles along the way.  Talk to Iwazaru and then the Gatekeeper.  He's the
reason you've been collecting Soul Shells.  He won't let you through until you
give him all of them.  Through the techno-sounding hallway is the Colosseum.
Talk to Iwazaru and run forward until you meet the white-eyed boy again.  In
order to progress, we need to do battle with an experimental Heaven Smile who
will instantly kill us if we don't kill it first.

    Speed Smile
      This thing will start far away and run at you like crazy.  Simply aim,
      lock on, and shoot non-stop.  Powerful shots stop it in its tracks so you
      should have a lot of breathing room.  Don't choose anyone with a slow
      firing rate or reload time; this means Mask and Kaede are out.  Anyone
      else should do just fine.  If you cannot kill it in time or it's too
      close for comfort, retreat through the door back to the Colosseum and
      reenter to try again.  (Keep in mind that this will work for any of these
      types of battles.)

Exit to find yourself back where you started.  Be sure to give all your thick
blood to the guy on channel B in the Harman's Room further down the hall since
it won't carry over (serum, however, does).  Continue along the path until
you're switched to Garcian.  Go down the right side of the hallway to meet that
creepy kid again, who's probably best described as your monster informant.
Enter the large hall to gain control of Harman.

      She won't attack Harman at all so you can take all the time in the world
      to shoot her four wings off.  As soon as that's done, you'll get a shot
      of four faces on her back and Harman will give way to Dan.

      Her only attack is a blast of fire that is easily avoidable.  Whenever
      she raises her hand, she's about to cast it.  Run and she'll stop.  Now,
      you need to get behind her to shoot those faces, but she won't let you.
      You have to stand still and wait until you see flames spark from her
      hands (a noise will also accompany this).  Since it takes her a while to
      cast her spell and recover, you'll have plenty of time to run behind her
      and shoot a face on her back.  You can do this with pretty much anyone
      except Mask.  Con and his super speed will aid in getting behind her
      quicker, and you can just fire away at her back since he shoots and
      reloads lightning fast.  Power isn't a factor here (one shot kills each

Exit through the other side of the room when you've done it.  As Harman again,
go forward as far as you can to find another angel.  You can't target her, so
ignore her and instead aim for the transparent man that shows up intermittently
in the background.  Shoot him and you get a scene.  He's threatening us with
that sparkly hand of his!  Shoot it to send him flying.


    Target 01: Sunset        [sun]
First, we get some backstory.  Then, Garcian gets a message from Mills about a
new assignment.  Amid the strange sounds coming from Garcian's trailer house is
Harman's Room.  Enter to see a different side of Samantha.  Access the TV and
select Harman for something different.  Now you can go outside.  Several scenes

Once you're in control, talk to Iwazaru and keep going until you're switched to
Mask.  Blow the Smiles away.  If you need a Harman's Room, there's one to the
NE; take out the rock with Mask.  Head up and enter the waiting room after the
scene.  There's a Camellia Smile here among other enemies.  Watch your back
because they will respawn while you are still in the room.  Quickly run and
talk to Travis and read the COURIER MEMO.  Go into the corner and use Coyote to
jump up to the roof.  (If don't have enough thin blood to use his skill, hide
out in this corner and pick off the Smiles that respawn until you have enough.)

Run along the roof and enter the room you come to.  Open the closet to meet our
emoticon-using dismembered head friend again.  She gives us the WATER RING.
Backtrack, watching out for Smiles, and enter the foyer.  Go north to the
courtyard.  Run along, killing the Smiles, and turn east at the junction to
talk to Travis.  Head inside the building.

Bombhead Smiles are introduced.  These things are quite dangerous.  Wait for
the flaps over their head to open, then shoot their heads for an insta-kill
with blood.  Shooting while they're closed means a kill plus an explosion.  If
you're nearby when it explodes, the instant kill is on you.  Kill the first one
then walk forward until you hear another.  Quickly turn around and get some
distance, then open fire because there's two more with a regular Smile.  Make
note of the Harman's Room in the lounge.  Head north.

There's a Camellia Smile off in the side yard.  Snipe it and head out there.
Kill two more Smiles and destroy the tree barrier with Kaede.  A Duplicator
lies beyond, so if you have access to Dan, you know what to do.  If not, kill
enough of the Duplicator's eggs to wake Dan up in the Harman's Room you just
passed.  Normal players can kill it with whomever they want.  Talk to Travis
when you've destroyed it.  Go back to the walkway and enter the stairs to the

Need blood?  Then you've hit the right room.  You'll see your first Spiral
Smile.  Learn to love these guys.  They're so slow that they pose almost no
threat, and they give up lots of blood when killed.  All you have to do to kill
them is shoot the green face as it rolls towards you.  Originally, only two
show up here, but hang around a bit and they'll respawn indefinitely.  Dan says
it best: "This is too easy."  When ready, head north into the guestroom.  Kill
the Smile, equip your new Water Ring, and examine the vase.  Look at the
picture at the back of the room next to Yoon-Hyun to get an ODD ENGRAVING.  Go
back and exit this room to the east.  Trade in all that blood at Harman's Room
before heading downstairs.

Uh-oh.  Go down the north hallway and retreat to the entrance to coax a regular
and Bombhead Smile out of hiding.  Enter their room to find a Micro Smile and
Travis.  There's more Bombheads on the west side of this area.  Exit through
the door to the north after using your engraving to unlock it.

Go east to reach Harman's Room and a COURIER MEMO.  Head north and use Mask to
clear the rubble in front of the kitchen.  A scene occurs.  He's got his work
cut out for him in that kitchen.  Back in the hall, you can now exit north.
Past Harman's Room is the annex.

Another Smiles are introduced here.  Nothing special; they just hang on the
ceiling and crawl towards you.  If you have the Down Attack, you can easily
take them out if they get too close.  Yoon-Hyun is up ahead.  Crud, that means
it's time for a puzzle.  Look at the sign to your left.  There are four houses
in the area, each with three doors with certain animals on them.  According to
this sign, the houses match the cardinal directions: north, south, east, west.
We need to find and close the door in each house that has the corresponding
animal on the sign.  In this area, there's a Harman's Room in between the west
and north houses, and you'll be ambushed by running Smiles almost every time
you exit a house.  Here's what you'll find/need to do for each house:

    West House: Iwazaru, Micro Smile, close White Tiger door
    North House: Another Smile, Heaven Smile, Travis, close Black Warrior door
    East House: COURIER MEMO, Another x2, Iwazaru, close Azure Dragon door
    South House: Another x2, close Red Phoenix door
The bridge should lower.  Grab the SOUL SHELL, enter the guesthouse, and give
it to the Gatekeeper.  Get the scoop from our monster informant and enter the

    Phantom Smile
      This Smile has an enlarged body part; either the head or the hands.  The
      head isn't so much enlarged as, well, weird-looking.  Picture a flower
      with petals like a daisy.  Yeah.  If you see things coming off the head,
      aim for the head.  If you don't, look at the hands.  Kaede's good for
      this but the thing moves slow enough so that you can do it with anyone
      but Mask.  Watch your aim.  If you miss and hit it anywhere other than
      that body part, it'll warp right up to you and kill you.

The boy has the scoop on our next boss fight as well.  You'll be switched over
to Harman shortly after talking with him.  Wheel yourself in the owner's room
for a scene.  Afterwards, go back into the owner's room and out the back after
Julia.  Mask will take over, but you should switch to someone else for the next
fight.  Talk to Travis and save if you like; make sure to trade in your blood.
Enter the large hall.  Looks like Julia wants an old-fashioned shoot-out.

    Julia Kisugi
      All you have to do is get more shots in than Julia does.  You don't have
      to worry about your health gauge either.  Like with Angel, you'll want
      speed over power.  Con will absolutely blow Julia out of the water, but I
      assume that anyone except Mask and Kaede would be okay on their own.

      If you're playing in Deadly mode, Julia will put up more of a fight.
      After a few tries, I beat her with Kevin.  She seems to match the power
      of the persona you choose to face her with.  In my experience, she got
      about 125 hits to Con's 115 but only about 40 or 50 to Kevin's 70
      (granted, my aim is terrible so a good number of Con's shots missed,
      whereas Kevin's easier to aim but nowhere near as fast).

Afterwards, you'll find yourself in Garcian's trailer.  Save if you want, then
go outside.  A few scenes will play.  Outside, go ahead and check the car for
some seemingly meaningless graffiti: BTJ, CSC, WTS.  Head up until Kevin takes
over.  Diver Smiles will attack as you progress; their laughter is higher-
pitched and they jump in front of you from above, but that's all.  Once on the
ground, they're regular Smiles.  Past Harman's Room, go west to talk to Iwazaru
to get a clue about that graffiti.  Either loop around or turn around to go
north to find a vending machine.  Push the buttons for Bloody Tomato Juice,
Creamy Southern Coffee, and Wild vegetable Tempura Soup (as per the
abbreviations on the car) to get inside.

Poison Smiles are here.  You must hit their critical points to kill them or
they'll just keep getting back up.  There's also Heaven and Another Smiles
here.  Go south past Harman's Room for yet another Smile.  We're going to be
fighting in really close quarters throughout this building so I highly advise
sticking with Kevin so reloading doesn't get in the way or using someone who
can counterattack.  Use Coyote to unlock the control panel and flip the
switch to turn something or other off.  Also note the poster on the back wall.
Go west to Room 105, watching out for Smiles.  Yoon-Hyun is here with some
dice.  That woman in the poster was holding dice...  Yoon-Hyun's True Mask will
tell you that the machine you should have turned off was a "cheating device";
with it off, you should be able to roll the die and get what she was holding:
snake eyes (two ones).  Grab the SOUL SHELL.  Travis is at the end of the hall
all the way to the west.  Talk to him and go up the stairs.

On the second floor, you'll see a Poison Smile and two Anothers.  Go south to
find Yoon-Hyun and a poster.  Pay attention, poker players.  My knowledge of
the game is microscopic, but research says that this is a straight flush, cards
of the same suit in sequence.  Leave and go west to find a Poison Smile
guarding some cards.  You have to beat the cards on the poster.  What beats a
straight flush?  A royal flush (an ace, king, queen, jack, and ten of the same
suit), so flip over the 9 and grab the SOUL SHELL.  Go upstairs.

Talk to Iwazaru and enter the third floor.  Mother Smiles are introduced.  They
are basically mobile Duplicators with the same yellow and red critical points.
Anyone can take them out on Normal, but Dan must shoot them on Deadly mode so
hurry to the Harman's Room on this floor and wake him up if you need to.  Go
south to Room 307 to find another poster and Travis.  Pay attention to the
finishing order of the horses in the picture: 1, 4, 3, 7, 6, 2, 5.  Room 301
has a mini Duplicator in the corner.  Once again, Dan is the man.  Use Coyote
to jump through the hole in the roof to get an ODD ENGRAVING.  Jump back down
and head west.  Yoon-Hyun is to the south and a horse race game is set up
nearby.  We need to recreate that historical finish on the poster, so
manipulate the numbers until they match that order and hit S to see the race
and claim a SOUL SHELL.  Go upstairs.

Talk to Iwazaru and enter the fourth floor.  There are some Poison Smiles here
as well as Camellia, running, and even Phantom Smiles.  If the Poisons get too
close for comfort, they can actually be killed with a well-timed counterattack
(hit circle as soon as you see a white flash).  It might be a good idea to save
at the Harman's Room to the south, past the alluring posters.  As you might
have guessed, those posters are part of yet another puzzle.  Each one has an
animal and a floral motif somewhere on it.  PS2 players can individually select
each poster for a close-up; Gamecube players might have to squint.  Speak to
Travis in Room 401 and then go next door to see three cards.  Now, how well did
you study those posters?  You need to match the fauna with its flora.

    lower left card: deer, maple leaf motif
    upper left card: boar/warthog, rounded leaf pattern
    right card: butterflies, rose

I'd tell you which number is which pattern, but it's random.  If you get it
wrong, the numbers will change patterns.  Grab the SOUL SHELL and head west.
Use Kevin's invisibility to get past the security system.

Ah, the Gatekeeper.  Rave your way to your next challenge.

    Backside Smile
      This hulking Smile has two blades on its arms.  You need to shoot one of
      those blades enough to get it to turn all the way around, exposing the
      yellow critical point on its back.  Shoot one, and *just* as the thing
      regains balance, shoot it again to throw it off even more.  Anyone would
      probably stand a chance here (though you probably want to go for quick
      reload speed).  By far, the easiest way to deal with this guy is just to
      blow him up with Mask.

Talk to Iwazaru and stop by Harman's Room if you need to.  In and out of the
elevator, blow the wall apart with Mask to meet one of his fans.

    Jean DePaul
      Instantly switch to anyone other than Mask; he takes too long to aim.
      DePaul will run and roll back and forth, shooting you and then hiding
      behind the lockers to the far left or right.  He's fast and his shots
      actually do some good damage.  You can't harm him by shooting him
      directly so take Iwazaru's hint to heart and aim for the ceiling.  There
      are three pieces of crumbling ceiling above him.  Wait until DePaul is
      under one of them and shoot it down to hit him and get him to kill
      himself.  (Talk about not putting up a fight.)  If you shoot down all
      three pieces of ceiling without hitting him, you'll have no way to harm
      him and so will automatically lose.  A good strategy is to wait until
      he's hiding behind the wall to the far left or right and aim for the
      piece right next to his hiding spot since you know he'll have to roll
      under it.  Just remember to watch your health gauge.

Enter the Mah-jongg room to see the ultimate "board game gone wrong" scenario.
Check the storage box to meet the disembodied head to get a WIND RING.  Talk to
Travis before unlocking the control panel.  Hit the "Top" button to manipulate
the elevator and backtrack.  Lots of Poison and Another Smiles out here now.
Talk to DePaul and the white-eyed kid and head on up.

Up here, you'll get a Diver Smile attack each time you move so much as a step.
There's also a Micro Smile in the distance.  Talk to Iwazaru and go south to
meet Travis.  Trade in all your blood while you can and make sure Kaede is
awake.  Outside, equip the Wind Ring and use it to blow the curtain from the
front of the meeting room.  (Why we can't lift it ourselves is an interesting

    Hiroyasu Kurahashi and Shinya Akiba
      First off, make sure you're using Kaede.  It is impossible to fight this
      battle without her scope.  The two old men won't move from their side of
      the long conference table and only attack by throwing brains at you
      (you'll know they've thrown some when they laugh).  Either shoot them out
      of the air or just run to avoid them; they're not homing brains.

      First, move to the left side of the table.  Shoot the taller man's
      (Kurahashi, on the right) tie.  Akiba (on the left) will lean over and
      straighten it for him, exposing his red brain.  Shoot it to damage him.
      If you're on the left side of the table, you'll have a clearer shot.
      Rinse and repeat until he's dead.

      Kurahashi will now throw four brains into the air (five on Deadly), and
      they'll circle around above his head before flying at you.  Stand at the
      end of the table, off to one side (don't enter first person mode), so you
      have a clear view of Kurahashi and his brains.  Wait until they circle
      around his head and run to the other side of the table when they start
      flying at you.  They will harmlessly explode where you were, and you now
      have a chance to aim at Kurahashi as he bends down before getting ready
      to throw more into the air.

      This fight is a real pain for those of us with bad aim, and Kaede's slow
      speed and reload time might add to the difficulty factor, but once you
      get the hang of the way the old men fight, you learn to anticipate their
      attacks and fine-tune your timing.

Garcian will meet Mills again and the mission is over.


    Target 02: Cloudman      [clo]
We'll get our first look at Andrei Ulmeyda, quite an energetic character.  He
issues a direct challenge to Garcian.  (Fun fact: during Mills' call, you can
hear Ulmeyda discussing what sounds like blood types on the TV.  We'll soon
find out why he's so interested in blood.)  Go to Harman's Room and select him
from the TV.  Are our brains hurting from all this yet?  Head outside.  After
the scene, talk to Iwazaru to learn that he won't help us here because he hates
afros; a cult member will take his place.  Talk to Travis farther down.  Enter
the gate and Coyote takes over.

Welcome to rockin' Ulmeyda InterCity!  You'll get a flash of an Ulmeyda Smile:
regular Smiles that wear their critical points as t-shirts.  Shoot them for
lots of blood and coins that will come in handy later.  There's tons of them in
the following areas, but they'll just run around and won't attack until you
shoot or get close.  After cleaning up, you can find a Harman's Room to the
west and a cult member to the north.  Circle around the semi to find a Micro
Smile and Travis.  Make note of the word "HUSTLE" as it's a code we'll need
later.  Switch to Mask and go to the front of the semi to pull it aside.  Go to
the pump to learn that disembodied head's name: Susie.  After a stirring
monologue, she gives you the STAMINA RING.  Equip it ASAP, as it (surprise)
raises your stamina.  Head out to the main street and take the northern road to
the next area.

There's a Giant Smile ahead and tons of Ulmeyda Smiles running around.  Take
this opportunity to rack up nice amounts of blood and coins.  The only way to
kill Giant Smiles is to shoot out their eyes.  This is really hard so let's
avoid him and go west to get a COURIER MEMO (there's nothing at the end of that
street but a bunch of locked doors anyway).  Note the address: 210 Terry St.
To the suburbs!

A Camellia Smile will run off and explode when you enter.  Talk to the cult
member.  This place is a thief's paradise!  All along this street are houses
that you must use Coyote's jumping ability to enter.  The only one you really
need to visit is 210, but I highly recommend entering them all to get in some
kills and blood.  Here's what you'll find in each house:

    208: Ulmeyda Smile x2
    217: Ulmeyda Smile
    209: Spiral Smile x3
    218: nothing
    210: Ulmeyda x4, equip Water Ring to fill the vase to get an ODD ENGRAVING
    219: Ulmeyda x8
    220: Harman's Room

When you're ready, head north.  To the east, beyond 206, lies a Duplicator.
There's a Camellia Smile in 206 along with a bloodstain on the wall.  Use Kaede
to absorb the blood and uncover a piece of the ULMEYDA COLLECTION, #12.
Outside, continue east to find a Micro Smile ahead while a Mother Smile
ambushes you from behind (but only if you killed the Duplicator earlier).  Use
Coyote to unlock the padlock.

A Giant Smile will come right at you the minute you step through.  Run before
it can get to you.  Their primary attack is falling over and exploding, and
they'll laugh right before they do.  Just beat feet in any direction to get
away until they explode.  If they keep following you, stand still until you
hear that laugh, then turn and run.  Go to the NNW and talk to the cult member.
"Trust the tank top!"  Use the engraving, and enter "HUSTLE" to unlock the

Three Giant Smiles will greet you!  Run towards them, then retreat to get them
to fall over.  A Harman's Room lies to the east, but don't enter unless you
really need to save or you'll have to deal with those Giants in close quarters.
There's a infinite supply of them ahead so you can either run like hell or use
Kevin's invisibility to walk right past them.  Read the bulletin board, the
poster, and enter the diner.

To the northeast is a cult member and a toy dispenser.  The number of Ulmeyda
Smiles you've killed is equal to the number of coins you have.  Keep putting
coins in the dispenser until you've got all of the set but one.  (View your
collection under the Items submenu.)  Hopefully you've got quite a few coins
since you're bound to get duplicates.  At the back of the diner is a photo of
the poor soul whose blood we found on the wall.  Go out the back door.  Julia
is back here; long time no see.  Use Coyote to unlock the padlock for a
shortcut to the suburbs.  You can use it or not; it's probably easier just to
backtrack through the diner.

Deal with the Giant Smiles as you wish.  Go north over the railroad.  Talk with
the cult member.  Whenever you hear the "use a special skill" music, open your
submenu and examine the photo of Ulmeyda to get in the drugstore.  After the
scene, the warehouse will unlock.  Kill the Micro Smile, then examine the boxes
to get your missing piece of the ULMEYDA COLLECTION, #7.  There're Backside
Smiles roaming the north end of the street; I'd blow 'em up with Mask to save
you the trouble.  Talk to the cult member.  A Harman's Room lies to the west.
Exit to the north.  If you've got the whole collection, the post office will

After learning more about Ulmeyda's past, talk to Travis and go up the mountain
path.  Plenty of Diver and Giant Smiles will attack on the way.  There's a cult
member past the Harman's Room before the next gate.  Pay attention to all the
posters you pass here.  Yeah, you will be quizzed on them.  As with the posters
in the KAKU building, PS2 players can individually select each one, while NGC
players just get a new camera angle.  Luckily, these are easy to read.  Nearby,
Travis has more on Ulmeyda's company.  Examine the First Life Gate for your
test (we won't take points off for cheating, so if you need help, the q's and
a's are below):

    How many people appear with Anderi Ulmeyda in the "Guarantee of Happiness"

    How many continents were illustrated in the "World Peace" billboard?

    What color was Andrei Ulmeyda's afro in the "Financial Reform" billboard?

    What did it say on Andrei Ulmeyda's T-Shirt?
      Texas Bronco

    Which of the billboard did it spell Ulmeyda's name as Urmeyda?
      A Perfect City

    This question is number what?

    What's the chairman wearing in the billboard, "More Relaxed Way of Life"?

The blood all over the place is probably from the guy who wrote the questions;
how dare he spell Ulmeyda's name wrong!  Examine the Guard's Room to gain
access to the building.  There be Backside Smiles in the immediate area.  Blow
them up or run past them with Kevin's invisibility.  There's a Harman's Room to
the east (trade in your blood now).  Enter the building proper to find yourself
out in the desert again.  Interesting.  Go forward to the trailer and enter the
control room.  You'll get a lengthy scene.  Strange things happen therein, but
we're used to this, right?  Ulmeyda called us here to kill him if he became a
Heaven's Smile; looks like we get to follow through with it.  Enter the
ambulance and walk around until you see your target.

    Andrei Ulmeyda
      Ulmeyda will slowly tread throughout the area, dragging his afro behind
      him.  You need to get behind him and shoot that afro; no trying to shoot
      between his legs or anything.  One shot will take him down.  Problem is,
      the area is a map maker's nightmare and you can't see around corners
      well.  If you run into Ulmeyda head-on, he'll instantly kill you.  He
      also has a long range attack that hurts but can be used to your

      Tread cautiously around corners and use R1 to direct the camera to see in
      front of you.  If Ulmeyda is close, he'll yell out and whip red tendrils
      at you.  That's your cue to turn around and find a way behind him, which
      is no easy task.  A nice place to try and trap Ulmeyda in are the green
      ambulances.  They form a nice square that will help you circle him
      easily.  Use someone you can aim well with or go the easy route and use
      Con's speed to move around quicker and his automatics to just blindly
      fire at Ulmeyda's afro once you're in position.

      Deadly players, Ulmeyda seems to move a little quicker but not too much
      to be too difficult.  His afro is also harder to target as it bobs and
      weaves behind him.  This could take a few tries on any setting.

Ulmeyda passes the reins to Clemence and the mission ends.


    Target 03: Encounter     [enc]
After a scene, you'll be in the trailer house.  Enter Harman's Room and select
the old man from the TV.  Alright!  Time for Dan to kick some ass!  Head
outside for the usual rendezvous on the overpass.  At the amusement park, Con
will take over.  Save if you like then head north to speak with Iwazaru and
then Travis.

In the arcade, you'll see a Protector Smile.  These must be blown up with Mask.
There will also be a Heaven Smile that will respawn, so watch out.  In the
passage past the Harman's Room is Iwazaru.  Continue north to see the way
blocked.  Mask is not strong enough to blow apart this wall so backtrack and go
west to the String Quartet.

A Broken Smile will attack from the SW and a Protector and Backside Smile will
approach from the NE.  Broken Smiles fly in a crooked pattern and are tough to
hit, let alone kill.  It's probably easier to use Mask to kill the two big guys
and just take the hit from the Broken since he's got the stamina for it.
Iwazaru's to the SW with the main breaker.  We can't do anything with it now,
so go to the NE.

In Cinema 4, some running and normal Smiles will attack.  Go up on stage and
blow the wall apart with Mask.  Open the treasure chest to get an upgrade for
our wrestler friend, making him more powerful (with a faster reload time!),
powerful enough to blow apart that metal grate back a ways, I bet.  But let's
explore around here a little more.  Outside, the usual hulking Smiles will

East, in Cinema 3, three Smiles will attack.  Speak to Travis in the front row
and Kurahashi and Akiba on the stage.  Nothing else here.

Deadly players, prepare to groan.  Cinema 2 houses a Duplicator with three
critical points, and Dan is still sleeping.  You need to backtrack to the last
Harman's Room and wake him up (killing all the Smiles in and around the other
Cinemas should be enough to do it).  Of course, Normal players can just shoot
the Duplicator with whomever.  All this work is so you can speak with Travis
for more backstory and gain access to a Harman's Room with the save feature.

Cinema 1 has a normal Heaven's Smile and a Micro Smile.  Use Coyote to unlock
the chest.  Speak to Susie who throws up the TIME RING.  Lovely.  Two Protector
and Diver Smiles will attack.  Deal with them and leave.

Continue east to speak with Iwazaru.  At the end of this passage is an old desk
with a clock.  Well, we did just get a Time Ring so let's try it out.  Equip it
and time will go backwards, fixing the desk and yielding an ODD ENGRAVING.  Go
all the way to the other side of the area, where the Broken Smile attacked.
Place the engraving and flip the breaker.  Balloons will come flying down and
get stuck.  Go over and equip the Wind Ring to give them a push and claim the

Leave this area and go through that winding passage to the wall we couldn't
blow up earlier.  Take it out with your new and improved Mask.  In the plaza,
you'll see a Protector Z Smile; these guys can only be killed with Mask's
charge shot using one test tube of blood.  There are two Mother Smiles on
either side of this area and a Harman's Room to the very north if you need it.
Let's go to the Killer Mansion first, so dispose of the Mother Smile blocking
your way however you need to, kill the Protector Smile, and enter.

Talk to Iwazaru to get the jist of this area.  There are paintings above all
the doors here.  Find the door with the painting of a frontal face shot and
enter.  Do this for each area, killing a variety of Smiles along the way
(Heaven, Backside, Protector Z, and Camellia).  In the central area, you'll
hear the "use a special skill" riff.  Use Coyote to jump up and talk to Travis
who, straight up, gives you a SOUL SHELL.  Up ahead, Garcian will take over.
Sit on the sofa to open a shortcut to the Adventure Plaza.  Be sure to change
to someone else in the Harman's Room you pass!  It might also be a good idea to
make sure everyone is awake, especially Kaede.

The Mother Smiles will be back.  Destroy the one blocking the way to the
Freaky Fun House, since that's our next stop.  Kill the Protector Z, talk to
Travis striking a pose from "Singin' in the Rain", and go inside.  Read the
information and switch to someone other than Mask since three Phantom Smiles
will attack down the hall.  Con would be good since he is the only one who can
fit through the Child Entrance at the end.  Enter the Loop da Loop.

Read the info.  Phantom Smiles will attack in the maze.  Continue along until
you see a crack in the wall.  Blow it up with Mask to get out of there.  Read
the info and enter Squeaker's Attack.

Kill the two Phantom Smiles and attempt to enter Burning Hot Hell.  The game
will start.  The idea is to shoot all the rats out of the holes in the cheese.
Since the room is rotating and Phantom Smiles will attack intermittently, this
could be a challenge.  I stuck with Con and didn't have too hard a time.  Just
aim at a hole and shoot when you see the rat.  You'll hear a Ping! when you've
got it.  However, to get it over with quickly, you can just blow the cheese and
all the rats in it to pieces with Mask.  Game over.

In Burning Hot Hell, read the info and equip your Water Ring to douse the fire
and cross.  Kill the Broken Smile if you can and talk to the white-eyed boy.
More Broken Smiles will attack.  Read the info.  Here, we need to play target
practice.  Simply shoot all the targets to proceed.  Kaede's scope will make
this super easy, but you can do it with anyone but Mask if you've got steady
aim.  The red door leads back to the beginning of the Freaky Fun House if you
need to backtrack for some reason.

In Spinny Spinny, we'll go up against a Ceramic Smile.  The thing will run
around the circular area and continue to run in a single direction until you
face it, then it will turn around and run the other way.  Needless to say, if
it runs into you, it will kill you.  Chasing it is useless.  Probably the
easiest way to deal with it is to stand your ground and shoot its heart on its
chest with Kaede's scope.  However, I was able to take it out with Con by
waiting to face it until it was close enough for me to get a clear shot.  Make
sure you turn and face it quick enough, before it has the chance to kill you.
This actually isn't too hard; you can keep the thing in your range of vision
since it will only run away if you stare *directly* at it.  When it's dead, a
new area will open up.  The Fallen Angel will give you a SOUL SHELL and Dan's
Demon Gun, making him an even more powerful killing machine.  Exit to the
Adventure Plaza.

Lots of running Smiles will attack.  Trade in your blood and save at the
Harman's Room on the north side of the area and then go through the nearby door
to see the Gatekeeper.  Trade in your Soul Shells to face your next challenge.

    Mithril Smile
      This Smile is covered in thick armor.  All you have to do is shoot it
      until the armor crumbles, revealing a normal Smile.  It will then jog up
      to you.  Kill it as usual.  If you can't do so before it reaches you, you
      can actually kill it with a counterattack.  There's also the fact that
      its critical point is on its limbs, not covered by the armor.  You can
      try using Kaede's scope for an insta-kill in this case.

Outside, talk to Travis and use the Harman's Room if you need to.  Get a hint
on our next fight from the kid and enter the parking lot.

    Ayame Blackburn
      Because she's an anime fangirl who's ingested way too much sugar, Ayame
      runs around the parking lot blazingly fast.  She'll fire random bursts of
      gunfire from her machinegun as she runs, but it either doesn't connect
      half the time or it does little damage.  As per our informant, she can
      only be damaged when she's in the light.  Because she is so fast, the
      best way to deal with her is with Mask since his grenades have a large
      hit radius and cause lots of damage.  At least, that's how I always deal
      with her, and it works like a charm.

      Find a spot in the lot where you have a clear shot of one of the lamp
      posts.  Wait for Ayame to run under it and shoot her.  After she takes
      some damage on Deadly, she'll run around even faster.  This will make it
      uber tough for people with bad aim but, again, this is why Mask works so
      well here.  If using anyone else, the same strategies apply; you just
      need really good aim and patience.

Oddly enough, she'll calmly hop on the bus, and you'll be back in the trailer.
Outside, you get a real jaw-dropper of a scene, and Mills and Garcian will meet
up outside Blackburn's house.  Talk to Iwazaru and enter the grounds.  Dan will
take over after a jog; I smell revenge.  Talk to Iwazaru again.  Bombhead
Smiles will start attacking.  They are woefully easy to deal with if you've
leveled Dan enough to give him the Head Lock-On ability.  Wait until the thing
on their heads opens, lock on, and shoot.  Easy kill.  (Which is good because
they're all over the place.)  There's a Harman's Room nearby if you need it.

Go to the garden, where there's more Bombhead Smiles; they will respawn while
you're still in the area so always keep an ear out for their laughs.  To the
WSW, there's also a Camellia Smile.  Talk to Iwazaru and head north.  (Ignore
the pool to the west for now.)  Examine the statue to see that it has a red
critical point like the Duplicators.  Shoot it with Dan's Collateral Shot to
claim a SOUL SHELL.

Backtrack to the front of the house and head east.  Kill the Camellia Smile and
go south.  Examine the water tank with the Fire Ring equipped to uncover an
ODD ENGRAVING.  (Why the Fire Ring?  I dunno.)  Now go back and head east,
using Kevin's invisibility to get past the security and enter the garage.

Right in front of you is a sparkly panel.  Shoot the sparkle to kill the lasers
outside.  Yoon-Hyun is at the other end of the garage with a picture.  We need
to get the parking position of the cars to match the photo which means we want
the right center space free.  Examine the control panel and flip the lever down
and then to the left twice to unearth Susie.  She'll give you the POWER RING,
which raises attack power.  Choose wisely between it and the Stamina Ring when
equipping stat boosters.

Now that we're done outside, we can enter the house to the north.  Talk to
Travis before you do.  Go up the north hallway to meet Iwazaru and a Mithril
Smile.  A Micro Smile might attack from behind.  Ahead, go south to find a
COURIER MEMO and a Harman's Room.  North is the pool; you can still ignore it.

Backtrack to the entrance hall, watching out for Smiles.  Take the south hall
now.  Another Mithril Smile will attack.  Kill the Camellia Smile up ahead and
use your Water Ring to douse the fireplace.  Grab the SOUL SHELL and use Coyote
to jump up the chimney to talk to Travis.  Jump back down and go to the NNE.

Blow up the wall with Mask and kill the Mother Smile on the other side.  Go
out the passage and talk to Iwazaru.  Keep ignoring the pool, kill the Camellia
Smile, and use Kevin to bypass security.  You'll then have to kill a Spiral,
Protector, Protector Z, and a Protector ZZ (use Mask's charge shot with two
vials for this one).

In the second house, go north to kill two running Smiles and a Protector ZZ if
you need to use Harman's Room (you'll be ambushed by two Protectors and a
Mithril upon exiting).  Let's go east to get attacked by Backside Smiles.
Yoon-Hyun is in the first bedroom.  In the bedroom at the end of the hall, use
the garbage chute as Con if you need to return to the first house for some
reason.  To the NNE is a clock.  Equip and use your Time Ring to get a SOUL
SHELL.  Backtrack to the entrance hall and go west.

More Backside Smiles will attack.  In the bedroom, deactivate the security.  In
the second bedroom, there's a Micro Smile.  Talk to Travis and then use Con to
go through the Child Entrance.  Kill the Smile, talk to Ulmeyda, and grab the
ODD ENGRAVING.  Backtrack once again to the entrance hall and go north past
the Harman's Room to the door we unlocked when we deactivated security.  It's
time to fight Ayame again.

    Ayame Blackburn
      Same rules apply: she can only be hit when in the light.  The shutters
      behind her will open and close randomly; wait for her to run in front of
      one when it's open and shoot her when you can.  You might have to keep a
      closer eye on your health gauge during this fight because of the close
      quarters.  She'll also fire a lot more often than she did last time.  Run
      along your side of the room to avoid her shots if you can or, if you
      quickly shoot her while she's aiming, you'll disrupt her and she won't
      fire.  You can usually get in about 2-4 shots before the shutter she's in
      front of closes (more if you've acquired the Double/Triple Tap
      abilities).  Reload manually whenever the shutters close so you don't
      become a sitting duck in a stand-off.

      This fight lasts a looong time.  That costume must be iron-clad.  On
      Deadly, like last time, she'll start moving around quicker once she's
      about dead.  However, on any difficulty setting, once the fight is almost
      over, all the shutters will close and the fight will turn into a stand-
      off.  Just shoot, shoot, shoot before she kills you!  Once she starts
      shooting, she won't let up (until it's time to reload), and it will be
      hard to see her and aim.

      Because she's right in front of you, you don't necessarily have to rely
      on Mask's raw power this time around.  I stick with Dan on this one
      because 1) with his Demon Gun, he's more powerful and reloads much
      quicker than he used to, 2) I'd powered him up the most, and 3) who
      better to fight Blackburn's new protégé than an old protégé?  But you
      could probably stick with whomever suits you and do okay.  Deadly players
      might want to equip the Stamina Ring since you don't have much thin blood
      and need all the protection you can get.  You can also just switch to
      another persona before the one you're using dies.

Go over to the west side of the room and turn off security once she's dead.  If
you'd gone to the pool before doing this, the game would've told you we needed
a light.  Now that we have one, let's leave this house out the front and make
our way to the pool.  Go down the front walkway and enter the pool area when
you get a chance.

Bombheads and a Micro Smile are wandering around.  Talk to Iwazaru on the north
side of the pool to learn that we need to drain it.  Around the pool, go down a
road leading south.  If you go south again, you can find a shortcut to the
garden, but we really don't need it now.  Examine the valve, place your two
engravings, and flip the switch.  Talk to Travis on the south side of the pool.
We can enter the drained pool from the east (across from where we first
entered).  Use Mask to blow apart the wall to reveal Travis and a Harman's
Room.  Talk to him and trade in your blood/save/etc.  Enter the door between
the ramps to meet the Gatekeeper.

    Laser Smile
      Like Kess Bloodysunday, our monster informant, says, this Smile won't
      move.  It looks like it's strapped to a board and only attacks by
      shooting a laser after a set period of time.  Kill it before it shoots
      said laser or you're a goner.  An extremely easy way to handle this is to
      use Dan if he knows the Head Lock-On ability.  Since its critical point
      is always its head, all you need to do is lock on and shoot.  Piece of
      cake.  Otherwise, like with the Speed Smile, just shoot and don't stop.

Go down the hallway, use the Harman's Room if you need it, and talk to Kess.
Enter the door using Dan.

    Curtis Blackburn
      Quite a change of pace, this.  The winner of this game is the one who
      shoots the other four times first.  But there's a twist: that pigeon on
      Curtis' shoulder is the referee.  You can only shoot Curtis when the
      pigeon is in flight.  The little bugger likes to toy with you too; he'll
      flap his wings and make it look like he's gonna fly, faking you out.
      This is bad because Curtis gets a free shot at you if you so much as look
      at the R1 button before the pigeon flies.  Do NOT touch R1 until the
      pigeon flies away.  How to tell when it's going to fly?

      For Normal players, the real cue is the pigeon's cooing; it'll coo before
      it flies for real.  If you don't hear a noise out of the bird and it
      starts to flap, it's a fake out.  For Deadly players, this is going to
      get tricky.  The bird won't make any noise whatsoever.  Listen to Kess'
      hint and watch its neck.  When it's about to fly, it will raise its head
      and neck fairly high, like it's rearing up.  When you see it raise its
      head like this, the next time it flaps means it's flying for real.  It
      can be a little hard to distinguish the neck movement at first, but it
      gets easier when you know what you're looking for.  This part is tough
      for those of us that are trigger-happy.

      When the bird does fly away, instantly hit R1 and fire.  Curtis is quite
      a quick shot; if you take too much time to aim, he'll hit you first.
      You're standing point-blank in front of him anyway, so you're bound to
      hit him without aiming properly.

The Hellion gives his old mentor his comeuppance, and the mission ends.


    Target 04: Alter Ego     [alt]
After the message from Mills, enter Harman's Room for a scene.  Samantha hasn't
changed, but the animation for the cutscenes has.  Examine the TV to see what
looks like a Japanese cartoon and then a news report.  Head on outside.  Mills
explains what's going on and gives us a new target.  Looks like it's definitely
kill or be killed on this one.

In the Dominican Republic, talk to Iwazaru and enter the alley.  Dan takes over
in a scene.  A Smile attacks afterwards.  Talk to Iwazaru, the randy dog, who
gives up a COLOR SAMPLE.  He's going to be doing the dirty work for us here;
all we have to do is find him to get the goods.  To the north is a Mithril
Smile, a Harman's Room, and a barrel.  Switch to Mask and examine it to take it
out.  Talk to Iwazaru for more COLOR SAMPLES.  Diver Smiles will attack from
behind.  Head east.  Kill the Smile and head all the way north to enter a new
part of the alley.

Go forward to meet Iwazaru for a COLOR SAMPLE and a hint.  This is the Lost
City, and we need to use sound to navigate this area.  Who does this naturally?
Con.  Beware of the Laser and Phantom Smiles lurking around.  Run around as the
Punk until you see sound waves and hear Dan's singer friend playing his song.
Follow the sound waves (they're hard to describe but you can't miss 'em) until
you see an alley door to the NE.  You can actually do this with anyone; Con
just makes it easier.  Listen for the guitar player, and he'll lead you out.

Roller Smiles are introduced in the next area.  These guys are just about as
bad as the Brokens.  They'll roll around on the floor, making it hard to hit
them.  If you can't take them out the old fashioned way, try a counterattack.
There are also Mithril Smiles in the area.  To the south is a strange lamp
indeed (apparently) that we can't light with our Fire Ring.  Go east.  Keep
going east to find a Mithril Smile and Iwazaru for another COLOR SAMPLE.
Ahead is a Harman's Room to the south.  Wake up Kaede.  Go back to the west
and head north when you get a chance.  There's a Camellia Smile.  Switch to
Kaede and break the barrier.  Speak to Travis.  You might want to hang around
this area and kill enough Smiles to wake Coyote since we'll need him later.
Exit to the east when ready.

Kill the Smile and head east when you can.  Talk to Iwazaru to get a COLOR
SAMPLE.  Follow the path around to get attacked by a normal and Laser Smile.
Head west, then north to find a Camellia Smile.  Use Coyote to jump up through
the hole and speak to Travis, who speaks the plain truth.  Go back the way you
came and head west to unlock a shortcut back to the first part of town if you
want.  When ready, go back to where the normal and Laser Smile attacked and
head south through the arch to enter the church.

An obscene amount of Diver Smiles will attack.  Go forward to meet Iwazaru and
a Micro Smile.  Get the COLOR SAMPLE.  There's a Harman's Room to the west.
Enter the corridor to the east.

Go north up the stairs and through the door.  Mithril Smiles will attack; they
are much easier to deal with on this side of the room.  Just shoot them as they
walk up to you, one-by-one.  If they get too close for comfort, stop shooting
and just wait to kill them by counterattacking.  There's another strange lamp
to the south.  Go north and loop around to talk to Iwazaru for a COLOR SAMPLE.
Enter the corridor on the other side of the room.

Use your Fire Ring to light the lamp you come across in this dark hallway.
This opens up a hallway to the south.  An odd scene occurs halfway down it.
Enter the door.  In this room, you'll first see a Camellia Smile.  Walking
forward a bit more, you'll see the whole room is taken over by a Duplicator
with four critical points.  Kill it with Dan.  The creepy music will go away
once it's dead.  Continue on.

To the west is a Harman's Room.  To the south is Travis in a tux.  Exit to the
grand staircase to the east.  We'll be outside again, and Spiral Smiles will
attack.  Enter the alley.  A normal, some Spiral, and an Another Smile will
attack from the west.  Head down that way since there's only a Harman's Room to
the east.  Ignore the path to the north for now.  There's another strange lamp
to the south.  Enter the door at the end of the western path.  Blow the wall
apart with Mask after checking out the painting.  Talk to Iwazaru the model for
COLOR SAMPLES.  Go back and head up the north path we ignored earlier.

There's a Harman's Room to the west.  To the east is a pocket watch on a
barrel.  Equip your Time Ring here to get an ODD ENGRAVING.  Speak to Curtis
and move on.

A Roller Smile will attack, and there's two Mother Smiles up ahead.  Talk to
Iwazaru for COLOR SAMPLES and a hint.  Move ahead.  Go out on the terrace to
see Travis and a Harman's Room.  Backtrack and go west, then south to the
alley.  Roller and Spiral Smiles will attack.  Use your Wind Ring to get the
windmills going to supply power to the front gate.  Backtrack, killing Smiles
as you go.

You can now enter the area called Trevor's House.  Go north and use your Fire
Ring to light all the lamps to gain access to super quick shortcuts to all
over the place (namely, wherever you ran into one of those weird lamps).
However, I don't think you really need them at this point unless you missed a
color sample somewhere.  Go to the front door and examine the control panel to
use your engraving and place all your color samples, releasing the lock.  Go
inside to find some Smiles (Mithril, Camellia, and normal).  There's what looks
like a dormant Duplicator guarding the door that Dan must kill.  Once that's
done, you get an awesome scene.

You'll get taken back to Garcian's trailer to save if you like.  Head back
outside, and we'll be in Times Square.  The outcome of every fight here is
predetermined; all you have to do is shoot until someone wins.  However, when
Mask fights and loses, he'll come back in a new costume and must use a charge
shot with 5 tubes of blood to finish the match.  Garcian's fight is cut short
as Love introduces herself.  Enjoy the credits, taking you back to Capcom's old
school days, and get a look at who we were playing against the whole time.


    Target 05: Smile         [smi]
Things start off with an interesting cutscene.  In the trailer house, go
through the usual routine in Harman's Room...  Oh, wait.  Something big is
going on.  After the scene in the room, you'll find that you can now enter the
Forbidden Room at the end of the hall.  Do so for a strange scene.  Go outside
for the usual meeting on the overpass...  Oh, damn.

In the hotel, IMMEDIATELY turn around and head west to the Harman's Room in the
lounge.  There are Smiles in the area and you do not want to fight them as
Garcian.  Pick someone to deal with the Micro, Camellia, and Mother Smiles out
in the lobby.  Go back near the entrance and speak with Iwazaru.  Go behind the
reception desk and use Kaede to break the barrier for a SOUL SHELL.  Enter the

On the second floor, you'll find a Smile, Iwazaru, and a Duplicator with five
critical points to the north.  Take it out with Dan.  Down the east hallway is
a Harman's Room.  Past the Duplicator is Room 203.  Get the SOUL SHELL inside.
Go to the elevator.

On the third floor, a Laser and two Anothers will attack, and two Phantoms wait
just around the corner.  Past Harman's Room is Room 306.  Speak to Iwazaru to
the north.  In the bathroom, shoot the cord of the hairdryer before grabbing
the SOUL SHELL, so we don't get electrocuted.  Go to the fourth floor, watching
out for Phantom and Another Smiles.  (It's a given that the enemies are going
to respawn while you're still in the area so watch out for that on this and
subsequent floors.)

Another, Micro, Mithril, and Broken Smiles will all attack in this hallway.
Enter Room 404.  Talk to Iwazaru in the bathroom.  In the bedroom, blow up the
cabinet with Mask to claim a SOUL SHELL.  Three Poison Smiles will attack you
right outside the door when you leave.  It's probably best to just counter-
attack them instead of trying to find their critical points.  Head down the
hall past Harman's Room to deal with an Another Smile.  Enter Room 406 to speak
with Handsome Black.  Backtrack to the elevator, while watching out for

Two Protector Zs will attack when you exit to the fifth floor, so switch to
Mask right away.  Enter Room 502 to the north.  Speak to Mills, whose first
line wins the award for Understatement of the Year.  Use your Fire Ring to
light those candles in the bedroom for him.  Grab the SOUL SHELL on the floor.
A Protector Z and ZZ will attack when you exit.  Spiral and Backside Smiles
protect the Harman's Room to the east.  Make your way to the sixth floor when

Ouch, this floor isn't easy on the eyes.  There's a Bombhead Smile and Iwazaru
to the north.  Kill the Laser Smile directly ahead of you and unlock Room 601
with Coyote.  Speak with Travis, who's uncovered a SOUL SHELL for you.  Lots of
Bombheads and a Laser Smile guard the Harman's Room on this floor; you can save
here if you like.  Be careful exiting, though.  You might want to wait until
the next floor to save.

There's just a Micro Smile on the freaky seventh floor.  Talk to Iwazaru.  Hm.
I think he's trying to tell us something.  Go into the corner and use your Wind
Ring to blow the flowers away and claim a SOUL SHELL.  Enter the suite to find
the Gatekeeper.  Head through to the Vinculum Gate.

    Timer Smile
      Whew, Kess was right.  This thing is hideous.  This Smile has red bumps
      all over its body.  It will slowly walk up to you while you shoot them
      off (definitely use Kaede and her scope here).  However, once it has one
      bump remaining, it will start to run at you like a Speed Smile, limbs
      flailing.  Because of this, shoot the ones on its arms and legs first.
      There should be a fairly large bump on its torso and another on its head;
      try to save one of those for last since they should be easy to target
      once the thing starts charging you.  This is one of the most challenging
      Smiles and might take a few tries depending on aim and luck.

Keep going along the linear path until Garcian takes over and gets brushed off
by the suits in the room.  Save in the trailer if you like, then go outside to
meet our new informant.

At the school, chat with Travis outside and enter.  Kaede takes the reins.
Talk to Iwazaru and go south, up the stairs, to the Data Room.  Yoon-Hyun is
here.  We can't access the terminal, so loop around the table to find posters
on the wall.  The idea here is to pay attention to how many parts there are
for each robot (that is, how many robots there are on each poster) and enter
that number on the control panel.  Check out the panel to see symbols.
Somewhere on each poster is a matching symbol.  For example, the poster with
five forms on it on the western wall has the omega-looking symbol on it, so 5
goes with that symbol on the control panel.  Like with the last few times we've
encountered posters, Gamecube players might have to squint to see the symbols.
You should get the code 3576 from all the posters.  Speak to Travis on the
exercise machine.  He'll give you a CASSETTE PLAYER and a promise to meet him
at locker 656.  Exit.

Go north to find a Harman's Room and west to find a hall with more posters.  I
don't believe these have any real purpose; they're probably just the completed
robots from the puzzle.  Grab the CASSETTE at the end of the hall.  You can
listen to these any time you want through the submenu, but we won't need the
information contained therein for a while yet.  Now go downstairs and north to
the next hall.

A Mithril Smile will greet you.  Talk to Iwazaru.  Use Kaede to enter the
ladies' room.  Flush the toilet in the open stall to summon a pigeon and get a
COURIER MEMO.  Make note of the code 55549 as we'll need it later.  You'll also
get another CASSETTE.  Continue down the hallway, fending off Mithrils.  Enter
the classroom you come to for another CASSETTE.  Go to the next hallway.

Broken Smiles will attack in this corridor.  Enter the classroom near you for a
Smile attack and a CASSETTE.  Go as far west as you can to find two more
classrooms.  The first one you come across has a CASSETTE.  The one at the end
of the hall has a CASSETTE, Iwazaru, and graffiti on the board (Locker 666
[L3G]).  Backtrack and go down the south hallway now to be greeted by a Broken.
Enter the classroom for a Mithril ambush and a CASSETTE.

Continue down to find Kikazaru guarding the lockers.  Find locker 656 and shoot
it open to meet with Travis.  Now find Locker 666 and shoot it open for a SOUL
SHELL and a CASSETTE.  You'll now see that the open locker is sparkly.  Shoot
it and it will close while another opens.  Keep shooting the open lockers until
the Iron Mask is revealed.  Switch to Mask and examine it to get a final
upgrade.  At this point, if you talk with Yoon-Hyun at the end of the hall by
Harman's Room, you'll find that you need to continue shooting lockers to open
the second floor door.  Before exiting, there's another classroom across from
the lockers that houses yet another CASSETTE.

In the second floor corridor, go north to meet Travis.  Then go WNW up the
stairs.  A Duplicator with seven critical points lives in the cafeteria.  Send
it packing with Dan.  When the deed is done, talk to Travis to the north and
exit to the south.  Follow the path past Harman's Room to the Gatekeeper in the
library.  Speak with Kess and fight your last fight in the Colosseum.

    Galactic Tomahawk Smile
      This Smile will sit in place and chuck what looks like rockets at you,
      which will hurt (but not kill) you if they connect.  The kicker is that
      it fires three at a time that come at you fairly fast.  Shoot them out of
      the air to save yourself.  The hard way to deal with this guy is to shoot
      him and his projectiles until he dies (use someone fast here, Con's
      good).  The easy way is to blow him up with Mask with a five-test tube
      charge shot or a Collateral Shot from Dan.  Your choice.  At least he's
      much easier than the Timer Smile.

Grab the CASSETTE and turn around to leave out the new door.  Continue along
past the Harman's Room to enter the Principal's Office to switch to Garcian for
a scene.  Benjamin's got issues; just imagine him as a principle.  At least he
can admit it though.  Afterwards, ignore the trophies and enter the Chairman's
Room.  Yoon-Hyun is here for a final message.  Before you examine the control
panel, make sure you listen to at least tape #01 and #02 in the submenu to get
the codes for the control panel (if you haven't already).  Examine the panel
and enter the codes 55549 and 72712.  Garcian will enter his fingerprint at the
next door to open it.  Examine the safe.  Tilt the left analog stick to the
right until you hear a tune, then turn it to the left until you hear it again.
You'll get a scene and an ODD ENGRAVING.  Now go back to the trophy case and
shoot the sparkly trophy for a way out of here.

Talk to Iwazaru down the stairs.  Ignore the gym and head back to the main
entrance of the school.  Remember that terminal in the robot poster room?  We
need to go there.  Talk to Keane on your way up the stairs.  In the data room,
place your engraving and Vision Ring on the terminal.  Now, if you haven't
listened to those cassette tapes, you need to now to get the info to properly
answer the questions.  Or you could just look below.

    Your surname?

    Your student ID#?

    State of birth?

    Your birthdate?

    Your blood type?
      B (This one requires some thinking.  Since his dad is type A and his
         mother is O and they don't match their son, it could either be B or
         AB, and the computer won't accept AB.)

    Father's name?

    Mother's name?

    Date of death?

    Your Social Security Code?

The gym will open.  Make your way out the front to the gym to speak with
Travis.  In the gym, Kess will thank you for killing him and warn you to watch
for the three-eyed monster.  Make note of the hanging corpse and go to the back
to the control panel.  Push the button for a scene.  Time to fight the final

    Greg Nightmare
      A lifeless corpse until now, Greg will simply try to shoot you from where
      he hangs.  His shots have some oomph to 'em, but (like Ayame) if you
      shoot him before he can shoot you, you'll interrupt him and he won't
      fire.  The purpose of the first stage of the fight is to get Greg to
      swing.  Shoot one side of his body to start.  Then, as he swings, shoot
      the opposite side to give him momentum.  Do this until you hear the
      comedic sounds of his pants flying off.  He'll stop swinging.  All you
      have to do now is shoot the red spot on his crotch until his legs fall
      off.  Strangest.  Fight.  Ever.

      Seven indestructible Smiles will now attack as creepy organ music plays.
      Run over to the gun Nightmare dropped.  The only one who can handle it
      is Garcian but you obviously can't switch to him.  You can't kill the
      Smiles either so just stand over the gun and watch all the personae die
      and replace each other until Garcian's the only one left.  When he's up,
      grab the gun and use it to kill the Smile.  Then use it to kill (rekill?)
      Greg Nightmare.

Exit to find yourself in the trailer house.  Save if you like, then head
outside.  Looks like it's back to the Union Hotel.  Your stay in the hotel
this time around will be nothing but flashbacks prompted by bloodstains on all
the floors.  No combat.  The bloodstain on the first floor is behind the
reception desk.  The path is linear for the other floors; you're just retracing
your steps from when you were here earlier.  Pay uber attention to all these
flashbacks because they're important in more ways than one.  Be sure to talk to
Mills on the fifth floor and again on the seventh.  After the scene in the
suite, enter the elevator.  On this floor, ignore the stairs and enter the
Forbidden Room at the back.  Climb the stairs now to confront Emir on the roof.
Shoot his third eye to get a scene.  The credits roll after Garcian finally
shows us what's in that case of his.


    Target 06: Lion          [lio]
Three years later on Battleship Isle, Smiles will attack, but Emir has his
Golden Gun so he can handle them.  However, since his Vision Ring was left at
the school, he can't see them.  Just hit triangle to auto-target them and
prepare to get sick and tired of hearing "son of a bitch" over and over.
Follow the linear path through the deserted building to the courtyard for more
Smiles.  Enter the ... Colosseum?  So that's where the Gatekeeper's been
leading us.  Go down the central stairs and follow the path to find Kenjiro
Matsuoka (Matsuken).  You've got a decision to make here.  If you want to know
the consequences, check the Extras section under "Endings", or you can wing it
to see what happens.

Harman's lying on the floor ahead, and there's a TV here for some reason.  The
music's the same as the Harman's Room tune.  Hm...  In the trailer, enter the
basement at the end of the hall.  Chase down the mysterious figure and shoot it
to find...  *cue dramatic music!*  After the credits, you get déjà vu.  Shoot
Kun Lan's sparkly hand to start the cycle over again.

Congrats!  You've finished Killer7.  Be sure to hang around after the credits
to save your file.  Reloading it will let you play any mission you want.  All
the personae will be as strong as they were when you finished, meaning you can
absolutely tear up the first couple missions if you spent a lot of time
leveling, but channel B looks like it's closed indefinitely when replaying.
You'll also have unlocked Killer8 mode.  Check out the details in the extras


//Extras            [ext]
    There are a couple of goodies that make playing the game another time
    through worth it for you.

      There are actually two endings to this game, and both are bright and
      cheery and leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.  Yeah, right.
      Towards the end of the Lion mission, you're faced with a decision: kill
      Matsuken or let him live.  Keeping in mind that he has the Yakumo, the
      fate of the United States and Japan rests on your decision.  SPOILER: If
      you kill him, Japan is bombed.  If you let him live, he'll attack the
      United States.

      Finishing the game once on any difficulty unlocks Killer8, with the
      eighth member of the team being Young Harman Smith.  His weapon of choice
      is a Tommy Gun.  Reload time isn't spectacular but, like any machine
      gun worth its salt, you won't have to reload as often.  He's slow but
      has even more stamina than Mask, and he's always awake.  You cannot level
      him up with blood and he doesn't have any special abilities, but that's
      because he's all about power.  His gun packs a mean punch and his stamina
      is excellent; he's the only one that can withstand at least one hit
      without dying.  However, depending on your fighting style, you might miss
      the special Lock-On and Counter Attack abilities which are crucial for
      saving your hide in some places.  Plus, Harman is absolutely terrible
      against Smiles that require you to hit a certain area to kill them
      (Phantom Smiles especially).  Use the man wisely.

      The difficulty in this mode is Deadly on steroids, codenamed: Bloodbath.
      Critical points are completely hidden, so rely on easy kills like
      Bombheads and Spirals or shoot off enemies' heads and limbs for blood.
      Get someone like Con or Dan to level 4 or 5 (respectively) to get the
      Critical Lock-On ability to make things easier for you, too.  Your map
      also has no icons whatsoever, and you can only carry 5 vials of thin
      blood.  Add this to the fact that enemies now deal obscene amounts of
      damage and you've got a real challenge on your hands.  It takes some
      skill to get through this mode without breaking a controller or two: you
      gotta know your level layouts, you gotta know your Smiles, and you gotta
      know your Killer7.  Good luck.

      Finishing Killer8 unlocks this special treat.  A new difficulty emerges:
      Face the Swarm, which is pretty much just Deadly with one exception.
      This mode is nothing but the Angel mission with all the normal Heaven
      Smiles being replaced by guys in grasshopper suits (even in the
      cutscenes) and all are killed with one shot anywhere.  This is a nod to
      the developer, Grasshopper Manufacture, and is interesting to say the
      least but boring after finishing the absolute hell that is Killer8.


//Glitches          [gli]
    Unfortunately, there are a few glitches that have been found in the game.
    As far as I know, Gamecube players need not fear them, but PS2 players
    might want to watch out for these.  This list comprises the ones I've
    encountered personally, but there may be more.

    Never-Ending Reload
      This one is potentially deadly.  For some odd reason, your character will
      continually reload his/her weapon, even when you're not touching the
      right analog stick.  Since reloading is a battle priority, they will not
      respond to any other controls and so are stuck on the field.  I had the
      grave misfortune to have this happen to me during a fight with Andrei
      Ulmeyda when he was right in front of me.  To fix it, ride it out or
      unplug your controller and put it in again.  I've had this happen on
      different controllers several times.

    Lingering Sound
      A glitch in the sound will make some sound effects linger in the
      background.  This is most common with Mask and his grenades.  Long after
      he's shot and blown up an enemy, you'll sometimes still hear the sound
      of their burning remains.  This does not affect gameplay, and it fixes
      itself after a while.  It's just annoying.

    Wandering Aim/Dead Start Button
      I still don't know if this is an honest-to-goodness glitch, but I've had
      it happen numerous times on ALL of my controllers so I'll put it here
      just to be safe.  Sometimes, when you hit R1, you might find that your
      character's aim will wander off in a direction, almost like you're
      leaning on the left analog stick.  You can still target and manually aim,
      but it will continue to "wander" and make it difficult to hit enemies.
      Even more annoying is the fact that the Start button goes dead when this
      happens.  No matter how hard you press, you won't be able to access your
      menu, sticking you with a persona that can't correctly aim.  Unplug and
      re-plug in the controller to fix this.

    Vanishing Smiles
      Sometimes, after you've located and targeted a Heaven's Smile, they will
      just up and disappear.  This is a less common glitch, and it's not
      harmful.  I really only encounter it around Blackburn's pool.  They're
      not invisibly waiting for you to walk into them and kill yourself;
      they're just gone and will reappear normally after a while.


//Miscellaneous     [mis]
    If you've got comments, critiques, or questions about this game or this
    guide, let me know at SophiaLee04 at yahoo dot com.  Be sure to mention
    Killer7 in the subject line.

    Version History
      1.07 - 05/03/09: added the controls for the Gamecube because I realized I
                       hadn't before; I own both versions, so why not?
      1.06 - 02/06/08: added a new host and did some reformatting
      1.05 - 12/03/07: revisited the guide to make minor proofreading changes;
                       I think it's about as complete as it's gonna get
      1.04 - 09/11/07: I got my hands on a Gamecube version of Killer7 and I
                       must say that it is superior to the PS2 one; I didn't
                       encounter one glitch throughout the entire playthrough
                       and persona-swapping was smooth as silk; as for the
                       guide, I made a few updates due to this new info
      1.03 - 06/06/07: more proofreading (just little stuff); also contemplated
                       adding a cheat code for Killer8, but since I couldn't
                       get it to work, I didn't add it
      1.02 - 06/01/07: added a new host for this guide, more info on Killer8,
                       and did general proofreading/clean-up work
      1.01 - 05/29/07: figures; as soon as I finish and submit the thing, I
                       remember a glitch I forgot to add
      1.00 - 05/28/07: walkthrough finished and submitted
      0.00 - 04/23/07: walkthrough started

      Major thanks goes out to Grasshopper Manufacture, SUDA 51, Capcom, et al
      for this wonderful game.  Yet another title I'm proud to have in my

      Applause for GameStop for actually carrying this game (and nice and cheap
      too - just the way a college student likes 'em).

      Gratitude goes out to Yoshiko Ohier and James Howell for translating the
      book "Hand in Killer7" and putting said document on the internet.  I
      don't think it's possible to step away from this game without questions,
      and their work with Capcom's companion book helped answer some for me
      and other lost souls.  Plus, I used the text to double check names and
      spellings in this walkthrough.  Howell's personal plot analysis is also
      a spectacular read.  Excellent work.

      Thanks to my friend Dar for letting me borrow his Gamecube version of
      Killer7 just so I could note the changes for my walkthrough.

      Thanks to the Killer7 SINdicate
      (http://www.killer7.3dactionplanet.gamespy.com/) for being just plain

      Finally, thanks to anyone reading and all the sites that've hosted this
      for me.

      The following sites have permission to host this guide, so you should
      only be able to find it on those links.  I'm not a stickler when it comes
      to linking, sharing, or any use that's personal.  Anything to share the
      love, baby.

      GameFAQs, http://www.gamefaqs.com
      Neoseeker, http://www.neoseeker.com
      HonestGamers, http://www.honestgamers.com
      Super Cheats, http://www.supercheats.com
      GamesRadar, http://www.gamesradar.com

    Legal Stuff
      Plain and simple: this guide is meant for personal and private use.  I
      didn't write it for my health; I wrote it for yours.  Please don't alter
      or redistribute this document without my permission.  Copyright
      infringement is a serious offense; I'd hate to have to call Killer7 on

    Copyright (©) 2007, 2008, 2009 Georgi Samaras

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