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Cassette Tape FAQ by OrdogToxin

Updated: 08/05/05

Killer 7
Cassette Tapes
Version 1.00
By OrdogToxin

0) Guide history, FAQ and Editor's Note [/]
1) Tape 01 [1]
2) Tape 02 [2]
3) Tape 03 [3]
4) Tape 04 [4]
5) Tape 05 [5]
6) Tape 06 [6]
7) Tape 07 [7]
8) Tape 08 [8]
9) Tape 09 [9]
10) Tape 10 [10]
X) Copyright and cutting the jibber-jabber [X]

Guide History
Ver 1.00 (8/5)
Decided to make a separate guide for the Cassette Tapes from my Game 
Script and Plot Analysis. Started and finished today.

Q: What is this guide's purpose?
A: To provide a plot reference for people playing Killer 7.

Q: I noticed a typo in your guide, what will you do now?
A: E-mail info is at the bottom of the page, tell me about it, and 
I'll do what I can.

Q: When was this game released in Japan? In the US? In the UK?
A: June 9th, 2005/July 7th, 2005/July 15th, 2005

Q: Can I link directly to this guide?
A: No, not even in an alternate universe where that's completely fine 
can you even begin to consider the possibility of maybe, just maybe, 
doing that.

Q: How do you spell the FBI agent's name?
A: I haven't got the slightest clue. It sounds like Halbert, Holbert or 
Hulbert, however, since Shockley_Haynes has taken up referring to him as 
"Holbert" in his two guides, for continuity's sake I shall do the same. 
If anyone has some proof as to how his name is spelled, I would greatly 
appreciate it. Though, I kind of have the feeling that the actual 
spelling is "Halberd," which is a type of 15th century axe and fits in 
well with the odd naming tradition Killer 7 takes up.
To sum-up, for now, it's "Holbert."

Q: What are these little [number]s next to the sections in your index?
A: If you hit "control F," you can search for test in a document, website
or otherwise. So, if you don't feel like scrolling down, you can 
"control F" those little numbers and get to the section whole decimals
of a second later!

Q: What are the tapes purpose in Killer 7?
A: They serve to help you through the terminal puzzle in Coburn 
Elementary, as well as elaborating on the winding story of Killer 7.

Q: Where are the cassette tapes located?
A: All of the tapes are somewhere in Coburn Elementary, Smile Part 2. 
Most of the tapes are in Classrooms, but there's one on the water 
fountain of the 2nd floor in the Entry Hall, another in a locker, and 
another on the 2nd floor of the Library. 

Q: There's this terminal that says I need to type in [fill in the blank], 
what part of the guide says this?
A: Unless it's a rare case of manner of speech, the necessary terminal 
answers are in quotations, as they appear when you're actually playing 
the tapes. 

Editor's Note
Fair warning, this guide contain a few SPOILERS for the game, so do 
exercise some caution and only scroll as far down the page as you need to 
so as to avoid content that could ruin such an excellent game.
Please Enjoy!
Tape 01 [1]
It's been a few days since the presidential election. Today's the fourth 
Thursday in November; rainy. My name's Holbert, an FBI agent assigned to 
the Apollo branch. An investigation for the Electoral Justice Committee 
has brought me to this place. My purpose: to investigate any connection 
between this school and the presidential election. As I dig, I'm finding 
out that there's a lot of dirt. I knew something was up when they 
assigned me to take this investigation. Whoever finds this tape, do me a 
favor and look for the other tapes. I'll record my findings on these 
tapes. My first finding: "55549," it's the number of delinquent students 
here, and also the combination to unlock the safe. Don't forget it.

Tape 02 [2]
This is Holbert; there's more to this safe than I thought, it's got a 
double lock mechanism. I need another combination...but I've figured it 
out, it's "72712." It's the number of criminals in this school. If I'm 
lucky I might hit the truth, but digging deeper might cost me my life.

Tape 03 [3]
It's Holbert; I ran a background check on the boy, his name is "EMIR 
PARKREINER." The Parkreiner's, heh, a family damned by the devil himself. 
Some say that they possess the DNA of crime. It's drawn the attention of 
many academics. It appears that Emir Parkreiner was sent to this school 
by the government; assigned as his teacher was the former principal, his 
name's [static]. He's the key person linked to some kind of underground 

Tape 04 [4]
It's Holbert and...I must say I'm damn glad to still be alive. Still 
being able to record my findings. I heard a voice, more like...laughter. 
I tried to locate the owner of the voice; there's something roaming 
around in these halls. I know it sounds crazy, but you have to believe 
me. This place is dangerous beyond my imagination. I've gotta find a safe 
place. Just a minute ago I found a student ID, the ID number is 

Tape 05 [5]
It's Holbert; it's safe here. Just past 12. A quiet night outside the 
school, but inside the walls of this school the voices still continue to 
echo. I...uhh...I think I'm going to go mad. It sure doesn't help my 
chronic headaches. Well, at any rate, I confirmed his birth date, it's 
"November 22, 1942." Wait a minute, this can't be right, that's over 50 
years ago...
Editor's Note: The number that appears under the screen when Holbert says 
"November 22, 1942" is "11221942."

Tape 06 [6]
It's Holbert; I don't have time, but I've found out where Emir's from. 
There were some documents sent from "ALABAMA," regarding his parent's 
blood types. The "Father-Type A," the "Mother-Type O." If their blood 
types are correct, then Emir's blood type must be wrong. It just doesn't 
match, not only that, the DNA analysis doesn't match either...what the 
hell's going on here?

Tape 07 [7]
It's Holbert; I'm in the library of the PTA. About Emir's parents, or 
should I say "so-called parents," their names are "Michael" and 
"Katharine." They died in a car accident when Emir was four years old. 
Something about this car accident seems fishy. I better continue my 
investigation...I sense something bad here.

Tape 08 [8]
My name's Holbert, my investigation on Emir Parkreiner lead me to this 
school. I'm not even sure if the whole thing is even real...it all seems 
"surreal." I don't know if anyone will believe anything on these tapes, 
but I gotta tell the truth. Emir Parkreiner died on "April 28, 1952." The 
registration of residence indicates that he was living with his 
parents...then who is the Emir attending this school? Have the records 
been fabricated? The government has gone too far...
Editor's Note: The number that appears under the screen when Holbert says 
"April 28, 1952" is "04281952."

Tape 09 [9]
Facts don't tell the whole story, or the truth. (Laughs) It's so cliché, 
but it's the truth about the state this country is in. This school is 
controlled by the government of another nation. Students here are trained 
to become elite agents who work for the government. Graduates are 
assigned to leading positions in the government and promised their life. 
Some are recruited as Yakumo party members. Those selected become key 
players in the intelligence war. In other words, they have the capability 
to spark some fires in the United States. That's the job of a Yakumo 
party member.

Tape 10 [10]
Okay, this is it, it's all over. Whoever's listening to this tape, 
destroy it! A social security code like "EAGLE" doesn't exist. Only the 
chosen one's are given such codes. "Emir" is an ace brought out by the 
Yakumo. He's a dangerous individual everyone 
fears...and...(laughs)...he's standing right in front of me...Incredible! 
Emir-(gunshot) (sounds of a body and tape deck hitting the floor)

You may not reproduce this guide in any way shape or form for another 
site's use, or for anyone else's use. This guide should only be viewable 
at gamefaqs.com

All copyrights and registered trademarks that may be named in this 
document are the property of their owners, more specifically Capcom, 
Grasshopper Studios, Renderware, Sofdec, and ADX.

If you have any questions, corrections, thoughts, or to report the 
unauthorized use of this guide , please e-mail me at 
hexmasterchess@yahoo.com, and I will try to get back to you at my 
earliest convenience. If you have complaints, please phrase them in the 
nicest way possible and do remember, "suxor" and "teh" are not

I would like to thank Suda 51 for the creation of this most excellent 
of games, and though it's a shame that a fair amount of the original 
story didn't make the cut, what's left is art in the making.

I would also like to thank CJayC for keeping GFAQs alive.

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