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Game Script by OrdogToxin

Updated: 10/23/08

Killer 7
Game Script
Version 3.01
By OrdogToxin

1) Guide history, FAQ and Editor's Note [0/0]
1.5) Spoiler Free (Early game) Character Index [0/1]
2) Angel 00 [1/0]
   Angel 00 Boss fight and ending sequences [1/1]
3) Opening Sequences and backstory [1/2]
4) Sunset 01 [2/0]
   Sunset 01 Pt. 1 Ending sequences and Boss fight [2/1]
5) Sunset 01 [2/2]
   Sunset 01 Pt. 2 Boss fights and ending sequences [2/3]
6) Cloudman 02 [3/0]
   Cloudman 02 Boss fight and ending sequences [3/1]
7) Encounter 03 [4/0]
8) Encounter 03 Part 2 [4/1]
9) Alter Ego 04 [5/0]
   Alter Ego 04 Boss fights and ending sequences [5/1]
10) Smile 05 [6/0]
    Smile 05 Pt.2 [6/1]
    Smile 05 (Revelations) [6/2]
11) Lion 06 [7/0]
X) Copyright and cutting the jibber-jabber [X/0]

The game Killer 7 contains a great deal of swearing and some sexual
references, editing them out of this guide would defeat the purpose of its
 existence. However, this game was given a Mature content label for a
reason, and it is not recommended by ESRB that anyone below the age of 17
play this game. The same rules apply to this guide. If you choose to
proceed through the guide from this point, I cannot be held responsible
for any content you may view and/or take offense to.

Guide History
Ver 1.00 (7/19/2005)
Me spending a great deal of July 19th in front of the TV taping all the
movie scenes off Killer 7 onto a VHS at SP, then deciding to write my
first(and likely last, at least for awhile) FAQ.
Ver 1.01 (7/20)
Finished Angel and began Narration sequence transcription.
Ver 1.015 (Also 7/20)
Fixed numerous typos. Adjusted margins to the 75 space limit with the
understanding that GFAQs rejected the original version for that reason.
Ver 1.02 (7/21)
Finished Narrative transcript, began Sunset transcript.
Finished Sunset script, guide rejected a second time. "Incomplete," they
Ver 1.03 (Also 7/21)
Began, and completed, Cloudman script.
Ver 1.04 (7/22)
Completed Encounter and Alter Ego scripts.
Ver 1.05 (Also 7/22)
Began Smile and Lion scripts.
Ver 1.06 (7/23)
Finished Smile and Lion scripts.
Ver 2.00 (7/30)
While I was out of town, and away from computers, I took numerous notes
on the written versions of the script and intend to turn them into a plot
analysis of sorts...
(7/31) Made Plot Analysis a separate guide.
(8/14) Am attempting another submission...sorry it took so long.
(8/15) Changed "Heaven's Smile" to "Heaven Smile"...don't I feel dumb.
Also altered Travis' description slightly...as well as Susie's and
(8/16) Fixed minor dialogue typo in Angel and Alter Ego. Thanks
DarKTsunG. Fixed spanish typo in Sunset, thanks Hunterjet X. Also
added a more open interpretation of Samantha. Thanks Sam.
Ver 3.00 (7/19/2008)
Wow folks, its been exactly three years since I started this whole
shebang. I was standing out on my porch tonight and suddenly remembered
this thing. I've known for awhile now it was replete with some fairly
annoying typoes and inconsistencies and that it was about time I did
something about it. I went through the whole thing retooling little
inaccuracies and even adding in an entire scene (the Mithra sequence)
that I had totally missed three years ago when I first beat the game. So
thank you kungfuhippy of YouTube for providing it. Hope y'all enjoy the
slightly new guide and'll let me know if there's anything else to
improve it. Otherwise, I'm crossing my fingers for Kurayami and hoping
to get my hands on a Japanese copy of Flower, Sun and Rain.
Ver 3.01 (10/22)
Typo fixin'.

Q: I heard the PS2 version of K7 was edited, is this true?
A: No, it was not. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, of the K7 staff, already
confirmed that, though all versions of the game lost story material that
simply couldn't make the final cut, the Western version(i.e. US release)
was the least edited on both systems. What edits the JPN and PAL versions
have suffered are a mystery to me.

Q: I noticed a typo in your guide, what will you do now?
A: E-mail info is at the bottom of the page, tell me about it and
I'll do what I can.

Q: When was this game released in Japan? In the US? In the UK?
A: June 9th, 2005/July 7th, 2005/July 15th, 2005

Q: Can I link directly to this guide?
A: No, not even in an alternate universe where that's completely fine
can you even begin to consider the possibility of maybe, just maybe,
doing that.

Q: Will you be adding a Plot Analysis to the guide at some point?
A: I'd like to add a Plot Analysis to this guide(or make it a new,
separate guide), but I don't know if/when I'll have the time.

Q: What are these little numbers next to the sections in your index?
A: If you hit "control F," you can search for test in a document, website
or otherwise. So, if you don't feel like scrolling down, you can
"control F" those little numbers and get to the section whole decimals
of a second later!

Q: I remember this scene where this dude blows up, and this scene where
some spirit dude said...etc...where are they?
A: Okay, first off, there are a couple movie scenes in the first level I
did not transcribe as they had little to no dialogue and no real
relevance to the overall story, it would just be me describing a bunch
things you can't see that aren't relevant to the story. As for spirit
conversations, it would have to be a whole 'nother guide for me to
transcribe EVERY conversation you can have with Iwazaru, Travis, Susie,
Yoon-Hyun, Cult Member, et al. So no, you won't find any spirit
conversations here.

Q: What's up with Samantha, why are there two of her?
A: Okay, this is one story point I will talk a bit about. Now I won't
say specifically why this is going on with Samantha, but to alleviate
confusion, Samantha-Maid will be referred to as such, and punk
Samantha will be "Samantha-Punk."

Follow-up Q: Why do the pigeon memos list her name as Samantha Smith,
but the movie lists here as Samantha Sitbon?
A: The memos were written by the Japanese creators, the movie scene
titles were translated by the Capcom offices in America. It may just be
a typo on the game maker's part, as, correct me if I'm wrong, but the
Japanese subtitle under Samantha's name in the import version reads
"Shi-to-bo-n," if her last name were Smith, it would be "Su-mi-su."
However, another explanation has been offered in that, though Sitbon
is her real name, she is labeled as Smith at other points so as to
emphasize Harman's control over her.

Q: About the Mahjong table sequence in Sunset...
A: I don't know the rules of Mahjong or the piece names,
if anyone has any corrections on my limited knowledge of Mahjong, it
would be welcome. Apparently the characters are named Kuramoto, Ohta,
Jeffers and Dudley, though which is which is a mystery to me and so I
leave them unnamed in the guide.

Q: Who is Edo MacAlister?
A: Edo, a desk clerk at the Union Hotel in Smile, is a Suda51 character
from a previous Grasshopper Manufacture game for PS2 titled "Flower,
Sun & Rain" (or "Hana to Taiyou to Ame to") which focused on a
recurring Suda51 character, Sumio, who tries to disarm a bomb on a
plane leaving a resort island, only to fail and wake up to the same
day again and again, the world slowly decaying around him. The manager
at Sumio's hotel was also Edo (or perhaps just "Ed" considering
the Japanese katakana) and is notable for his enigmatic - nay, WEIRD -
mannerisms and statements, which indicate that he knows more about
what's going on than he appears. His comment about Garcian's bag is
likely a reference to Sumio's briefcase, Catherine, which was a
powerful decrpytion device he carried with him. Sumio, like Garcian,
had unresolved issues concerning his past, and Edo comments on
Garcian's suitcase, which is lined wall-to-wall with Garcian's own
secret past. Some have theorized that Garcian is an incarnation of
Sumio, but at the very least Edo is representative of the larger
forces that seem to be dogging Garcian's each step.

Editor's Note
Fair warning, this guide contains SPOILERS for the entire
game, so do exercise some caution and only scroll as far down the page
as you need so as to avoid content that could ruin such an excellent
Please Enjoy!

Spoiler Free (Early game) Character Index [0/1]
Harman Smith: An old man in a wheelchair, Harman wields a deadly, armor-
piercing rifle. He is believed to be the head of the assassin group known
as "Killer 7," and the possessor of multiple personalities, all with the
last name of "Smith."
Distinguishing features: Priest's outfit, rifle is strapped to the back
of his wheelchair, sideburns

Garcian Smith: Harman's second-in-command, he is the only personality
able to contact the other Smiths'. He is always holding his large
suitcase and pistol/silencer combo. Garcian is also able to resurrect any
personality when they die through the use of his suitcase.
Distinguishing features: African-American, earring in his right ear,
white suit and yellow tie, large suitcase

Dan Smith: Commonly known as "the Hellion," Dan is the resident badass of
the personalities, wielding a custom revolver and always shooting his
mouth off. His gun is said to be possessed by a devil, and is able to
fire powerful energy blasts from it called "Collateral Shots."
Distinguishing features: Blue suit and tie, short hair, holds revolver
behind his head with his right hand

Kaede Smith: The only female personality, Kaede wears a white slip
covered in blood and wears no shoes, leading to why she is often referred
to as "barefoot." She holds a pistol with a long-range scope on it and
when she slits her wrists, producing a shower of blood that reveals
hidden passages.
Distinguishing features: Short red hair, white slip-on with blood on the

Con Smith: A blind teenager, Con is the fastest member of the group. He
wields double, semi-automatic pistols and is able to get into smaller
passages the other personalities can not.
Distinguishing features: Is a teenager, bandana covering the upper half
of his head, head phones, shorts

Kevin Smith: The silent member of "Killer 7," Kevin holds an infinite
supply of knives and, upon removing his shades, can turn completely
invisible, helping him to bypass some of the most formidable security
Distinguishing features: Albino, shirtless, hunches a little as he moves

Coyote Smith: A thief, Coyote is an invaluable member of the party, able
to pick almost all locks and leap to the highest ledges. Like Dan, he has
a nasty attitude and a modified revolver to match.
Distinguishing features: Latino, wears shirt and over shirt

Mask De Smith: An ex-lucha libre wrestler, Mask holds double grenade
launchers and is the strongest member of the group, able to smash
through obstacles and doorways with his trademark finishing moves. He is
always wearing his signature mask.
Distinguishing features: White suit, mask, cape

Christopher Mills: An informant for the U.S. government, Mills is the one
who supplies Garcian with the information and materials necessary to
complete the Killer 7's various assignments. Though often easy-going, he
is rife with some of the most confidential secrets and going's on for the
world's political stage.
Distinguishing features: Yellow suit, short curly hair

Samantha Sitbon: Hired by Garcian as Harman's personal maid, she has
two personalities, the mentally unstable punk school girl and Harman's
doting attendee, the latter only appearing when Harman is conscious.
Distinguishing features: Maid's outfit

Heaven Smile: A mysterious group of terrorists, the HS are people with
the ability to alter their DNA instantly to appear as hideous, demon-like
creatures who detonate on impact. They are the Killer 7's primary foe.
Distinguishing features: Being that there are various breeds, there are
also various physical characteristics, from slack jaws and armor to jet
packs and missile launchers

Iwazaru: One of K7's spirit aids, Iwazaru resembles a man dressed in red
bondage who is suspended from the ceiling by a wire. He often helps K7
with the various puzzles they face, as well as general information about
each personality's uses.
Distinguishing features: Red S&M outfit, eyes stitched closed

Travis Bell: The spirit of the man first killed by K7 30 years ago,
Travis often appears to insult and advise, from information about puzzles
to specific information about missions not always revealed in cutscenes.
Distinguishing features: Gray skin and white hair, t-shirt reads something
different on every encounter

Yoon-Hyun: Another spirit informant for K7 with an interesting twist. The
average conversation with him will reveal basic puzzle info, but shooting
the mask in his hand causes the mask to take hold of Yoon-Hyun's face.
The mask personality of Yoon-Hyun(which has no relation to Mask De Smith)
usually insults the user, steals some of your thick blood supply and
gives more information on puzzles.
Distinguishing features: Suit, holds a mask in one hand

Susie Sumner: One of the other spirits that often appears before K7, she
is a disembodied head that enjoys cramped spaces and, like the rest of the
spirits, is a killer herself. When not entertaining you with stories from
her previous life, she will give K7 rings that will help solve puzzles
or increase overall character stats when worn.
Distinguishing features: Disembodied head with a different ring in her

Kess Bloodysunday: The spirit of a young boy who appears before the K7 are
about to face a new breed of Heaven Smile and relates a tale about one of
his murders.
Distinguishing features: Green and white vertical-striped shirt, kid

Gatekeeper: The Gatekeeper spirit allow the K7 to advance further in
levels by paying him in soul shells, which are bullets that have taken
lives. By paying Gatekeeper the required amount for that section of the
level, the K7 are allowed to proceed through the Vinculum Gate to a
previously inaccessible part of the level.
Distinguishing features: Spiky hair, works behind a tollbooth


Angel - 00 [1/0]
(Two men, Garcian Smith and Christopher Mills, cross paths, Mills
passing a small envelope to Garcian. Garcian proceeds down an alley
when his cell phone begins to ring)

Mills: It's me, so, you there yet?
Garcian: You mean this shit hole?
Mills: That's where they all hang out. Our information tells us that
there's 14 of 'em.
Garcian: And they're all for huntin', huh?
Mills: Naw, keep one alive so we can ask who their boss is.
Garcian: Anything else I should know?
Mills: Naw, not really, you'll know it when you see them they're,
uh, different.
Garcian: Will do.
Mills: May the Lord smile...
Garcian: ...and the Devil have mercy.

(Garcian proceeds down a hallway and turns toward a security camera. The
image becomes warped, and Garcian is replaced by a new man in a blue suit)

(The new man approaches the HQ's main entrance, and a cloaked man appears
walking toward the new man.)
Cloaked Figure: You don't wanna go any further. It's dangerous. My friends
are all dead, they were murdered...by people who look like this. I have
been chosen. (The cloaked figure transforms into a twisted, purple,
slack-jawed creature, known as a Heaven Smile. The HS dives at the new
man, but he pulls his revolver on the creature and with one shot, the
creature explodes into a million pieces.)
New man: Shit, there's more than 14. Those bastards are breeding.
(The subtitle below the new man reads "Dan Smith.")

(After successfully passing through the Headquarters, the once seven
personalities introduce a new one: an old man in a wheelchair with a
Barret M82 anti-matériel rifle strapped to the back. He is accompanied
by a maid who is identified as "Samantha Sitbon.")
Samantha Sitbon: Please, be careful sir.
(The old man wheels himself away, his name is "Harman Smith.")
(Samantha fades away.)

(In the next room, an angel with four wings sits in a chair.)
Angel: I'm the mother of this sacred place. Our four children served their
purpose, they did not die in vain. But our other nine children were
killed by you. (Rises from the chair) What do you want from us? We're
only serving our gods. At heaven's command, we will kill the unwanted.
We must get rid of bad trees from their roots. I hope that you are not
one of them.
Harman Smith: Good night, child. It's past your bed time.
(Harman blasts all four wings off the angel's back. Suddenly,
the angel rises from the floor with a demonic look.)
Mysterious voice: You think you killed me? Better think again! (Laughs
(The camera pans to the angel's back, and we see four identical faces
where the angel's wings were.)

(After the angel is defeated, Harman proceeds to the next room, where he
kills the Angel and meets a mysterious figure.)
Mysterious figure: Oops, I guess my trick didn't work on you.
Harman: Tricks are for kids, Kun. I'm an old man.
(The mysterious figure is "Kun Lan")
Kun Lan: Ahh, yes.
Harman: Nothing has changed for 30 years. No matter how many times you
try, the result will be the same.
Kun Lan: Ahh, yes. Like our chess games, you always seem to win.
Harman: Do you know why?
Kun Lan: You tell me.
Harman: Because you're a bad player.
(Both burst into laughter)
Kun Lan: A new generation of children will bring order to this age.
Harman: You're a good friend, but unfortunately, our interest is not
mutual. We both have become burdened with so much, and we don't have
time for fun anymore.
Kun Lan: There's always time for fun. It's Friday night.
Harman: Let's dance.

(Harman blasts Kun Lan in his glowing hand, and the bullet drags Kun over
a skyscraper, where he lands and drops the bullet to the ground. Harman
wheels into view from the other side of the cityscape, the two foes
staring straight at one another.)
Harman: You're awake from your dream.
Kun Lan: Harman, the size of the world has changed. Its changed to the
size where you can control it with your hands just like a PDA. The world
will...keep getting smaller. (Laughs maniacally)

Ending title card reads: The day when laughter disappears from the world
draws near.
(July 3rd, 1998)
Narrator: (Image of the sun rising from behind the Earth) July 3rd, 1998,
the day that all international disputes were resolved. This day marked the
beginning of true peace for the entire world, for people of all races.
The four powers quickly formed anti-terrorist organizations, and set out
creating peace keeping agencies to bring order and security on a global
scale. The world unified to do everything in its power to eradicate all
the weeds of evil and disorder.
The International Society, under the motto of protecting the world from
international terrorism, ideology terrorism, and cyber terrorism, stopped
all air transportation and closed every network station in a short span of
two years, to reduce the likelihood of terrorism. The world had changed.
(Image of a long, over water highway)
In the year 2002, a network of intercontinental expressways opened,
connecting the two major sides of the world. In the following year of
2003, the construction of a mass scale distribution system began, and a
man made land mass as large as a city was built over an ocean. The use
and research of nuclear energy was banned, and all radioactive waste
and materials were disposed of at an energy disposal facility in the
Gibsoft islands, (image of the islands) a remote set of islands off the
coast of the Indian Ocean. Now (images of missiles being launched),
international eyes were on the elimination of the intercontinental
missiles that posed the biggest threat to World Peace.
In order to eliminate these weapons of mass destruction, they were
launched outside the Earth's atmosphere and intercepted by other missiles,
exploding them on contact. (Images of missiles colliding in the sky)
People around the world watched these explosions light up the sky,
as if they were some kind of dazzling light show. These explosions,
later known as "The Missile Shows," became the symbol of World Peace.
The world was filled with hope. But a new threat was on the rise...
At the signing ceremony of the UN's world security treaty in the year
2003, terrorists who called themselves "Smiling Faces" attacked the
ceremony. (Image of a smiling man exploding at the UN) The devastating
attack caught the International Society by surprise and temporarily
crippled key operations in the UN. That assault was aimed at nothing more
than using terrorism to create terror.
Fear spread throughout the nations like wildfire. There was nothing the
police or the military could do to counter the Smiling Faces. The only
ones who had any chance of stopping these Smiling Faces were the
omniscient and almost God-like professional assassins. The key players
behind the scenes of the four powers utilized their connections and called
upon the group known as...Killer 7. (Image of a man being shot in a
telephone booth by Harman)
Their only hope, rested with them.
Sunset - 01 [2/0]
(Garcian sipping tea in his Seattle apartment)
Answering Machine: Please leave your message after the beep.
Answering Machine(Mills): Hello Mr. Smith. The election is drawing near,
have you decided on your vote? If you haven't, please let the Republic
party make the most of your precious vote. Thank you, and have a nice day.
Garcian Smith: Precious vote? (Laughs lightly) Yeah, right.

(Garcian proceeds to Harman's room, where he finds a more punkish version
of Samantha circling the wheelchair bound assassin. Harman remains
motionless while Samantha abuses him)
Samantha-Punk: What?! You wanna eat? (Notices Garcian) Make it fast, okay?
I have to go to class at nine.
(Garcian turns on the TV and activates Harman's channel)
(The room goes dark and only Garcian, Harman, Samantha-Maid and a few
overhead lamps are visible)
Samantha-Maid: The Master is awake.
Harman: Garcian, relax.
Garcian: As you wish, Master. There's an important message for you.
Harman: Ahh yes, I've felt it. An old friend is trying to bring down a
Garcian: I will contact you.
Harman: If there are visitors for me, call. Samantha, the lights.
(Samantha pulls out a remote and the light dims, recalling the room's
original appearance)
Samantha-Punk: It's time, can I go now?
Garcian: Yeah. Thanks.
Samantha: See ya tomorrow, then. (Takes money) Thanks. (Blows Garcian a

(Department of Defense)
Com Man 1: Huh? Wait, look at this.
Com Man 2: Hmm, what is this? A bug in the system?
CM1: No sir, it's reading right. There's 200.
Com Man 3: What the hell? A country could disappear off the map!
Com Man 4: Do you have the impact point yet?
CM1: Yes, sir. It's Japan.
CM2: What? Are the fireworks ready yet?
CM4: No, forget it!
CM2: Japan is our ally!
CM3: We're not authorized to make that kind of decision!
CM2: Forget authorization! We need to do something now or else!
CM4: We can't just let it happen!
CM3: Get the President on the line.
Com Man 5: This is an emergency call for the President. (Pause)
Mr. President, this is Spencer speaking, sir. 200 Pulsars have been
fired towards Japan. We're unable to calculate their trajectory because
we're avoiding the computation time lag. Interception can only commence
two hours before initial impact. Should we launch the fireworks? (Pause)
Mr. President, your assessment, sir?

(Garcian approaches Mills)
Mills: The missiles have been launched.
Garcian: Where are they headed?
Mills: Japan.
(Mills hands Garcian a picture and a folder)
Garcian: Washington?
Mills: Restaurant Fukushima. It's a popular joint.
Garcian: And the target?
Mills: The owner of the place, Toru Fukushima. See, he's the middleman
between the Japanese UN representative and our government.
Garcian: A government job?
Mills: It's a job from all the parties. Japan has turned against us.
Garcian: So that's why they're going to hit Japan?
Mills: Well, it's a possibility. It depends on how they move.
Garcian: Oh it'll be a blow alright. What will happen to Japan?
Mills: It's up to the President; they have 18 hours.
Garcian: All hell's gonna break loose over in Washington, and I sure as
hell don't wanna be there.
Mills: If, for some reason, you need help, talk to a guy named Kasai.
He's well informed, especially about the Japanese movement. You've got
all the details in there, okay? This time, the string puller is
Fukushima. Now, the integrity and the true worth of Japan is at stake

(Mask De Smith enters Restaurant Fukushima, USA)
(Three waiters in black approach him)
Middle Waiter: Irreshaimase. Welcome. How many in your party?
Mask: I wanna talk to the owner.
Middle Waiter: May I ask what it's concerning?
Mask: Yeah, I'm here to kill Mr. Fukushima.
Middle Waiter: Certainly, we'll be delighted to serve you. (All three
waiters bow and transform into Heaven Smile, Mask blasting them all away
in one shot from each of his grenade launchers)

(Mask De Smith enters a kitchen covered in blood, a lone Chef stands in
the middle of it all, holding a gun)
Mask: What's in your right hand, chico?
Chef: Please don't, this is just a...(Mask levels his guns at the Chef)
Mask: Put your arms down!
Chef: No, it's not like that, this gun is a...
Mask: Don't move, amigo!
Chef: Please, don't shoot!
Mask: Stay still!
(The Chef screams and fires a bullet directly at Mask, time slows down
and Mask headbutts the bullet, flattening it in mid-air and then
firing his grenade launchers, which pass harmlessly over the Chef's
shoulders and into a Heaven Smile right behind the Chef)
Mask: What were you doing here?
Chef: Cleaning up, our head chef always tells us that an ideal kitchen
is a kitchen clean enough that you can lick the floor. Anyway, it's the
least that I can do for them...
Mask: The others? The chefs, the waiters, where are they?
Chef: Those guys with the strange smiles, you saw them.
Mask: It's dangerous, aqui.
(Mask walks away)
Chef: Awesome... (Laughs)

(Harman approaches Fukushima's room and is greeted by a woman)
Woman: We've been expecting you. If you will, right this way please. Mr.
Fukushima is waiting for you inside.
(Harman wheels to the table that Fukushima is sitting at, tea is served)
Fukushima: I always wanted to be a tea master. It's one of the reasons
I chose this profession. (Sips tea)
Harman: Which profession might that be?
Fukushima: (Laughs) You're an interesting man, and you ask a very
difficult question. Perhaps it's a sense of humor that only comes from
someone who lives life on the edge. I wanted to become a politician who
could be a true leader, but the world of politics was like a stage where
people only acted. They were merely actors playing the politician.
Harman: Did you ever think of becoming an actor?
Fukushima: Well, it just so happened I got a call from the government
asking me if I wanted to become an architect.
Harman: You mean, to design and devise?
Fukushima: Yes, I took the offer with delight.
Harman: Is that the only thing you do, Mr. Fukushima, the founder?
(Fukushima smiles and claps, a door opens behind Harman revealing the
woman from before)
Fukushima: Could you bring us some refreshments?
Woman: Certainly. (The subtitle reads "Julia Kisugi")
Fukushima: It's a really old story. Union 7, a group made up of seven
young men, drew up the Yakumo Party Cabinet Policy. The heat of
factional politics eventually broke down the Union 7. It was like a
warm welcome in the world of politics. It became clear to me then, this
country didn't have what it took to compete with the rest of the
world. (Julia serves refreshments, Harman glances in her direction)
Harman: It must be wonderful to have such a bright secretary.
Fukushima: Not as bright as you, Mr. Smith. (Julia draws a gun)
Thank y- (Julia fires point blank at Fukushima's head)
Julia: (Aims at Harman) Hand over the Yakumo.
Harman: Lady, (Harman wheels backward quickly) where are your manners!
(Julia fires three shots in Harman's direction, but Harman is already
gone, and Julia exits)

(K7 catches up with Julia in a large, vertical room; fire is everywhere)
Julia: A pet of the United States...interesting. I've got nothing better
to do anyway. Whenever I see a punk, the assassin in me starts to stir.
From here, it's all about enjoying myself. Sure you got the balls for a
shootout? Dead or alive, you're going down. You won't last a single
minute against me. Better get ready...to die.
(Whether you win the shootout or not, a large mold of Fukushima's head
falls in between you and Julia; who the head damages is determined by the
winner of the match, if you lose, you die, if you don't...)
(Julia lies gasping on the other side of the bridge, clutching the
pendant around her neck)
Julia: Yakumo will destroy your country. Back off before you get hurt...
(Julia tears off her pendant and bites into it, causing the to pendant
to explode)
End of Sunset 01 Part 1
Sunset - 01 Part. 2 [2/2]
(Coffee Shop, USA)
Garcian: It sure is a small place. (Garcian is about twice the size of
the chair he is sitting in)
Hiro Kasai: I used to come here quite often when I was an exchange
student. I like this place, kind of run down but homey, you know?
Garcian: I didn't come here to chit chat. Just tell me what I need to
Kasai: Okay, let's get down to business. Mr. Mills has a job for you, he
wants you to kill this man. (Passes a picture of the Chef from earlier to
Garcian) His name is Jean DePaul, 23, an apprentice cook at Restaurant
Fukushima. He's a spy alright.
Garcian: How can you tell?
Kasai: He's one of the elite international operatives. Killed quite a few
government operatives off, by the way.
Garcian: Where is he?
Kasai: Try the Kaku Building. Syndicates from all over the world run
their thing in that area.
Garcian: Guess I'll be on my way then. (Rises) Sayonara. (Bows)

(UN Party HQ, Kaku Building, USA)
(Two Japanese men are visible on one side of the table)
Japanese Man 1: Well, I guess it's too late. We won't see any fireworks...
Japanese Man 2: For 65 year, we gave everything we had to restoring this
country. (Identified as "Hiroyasu Kurahashi") Now, all our efforts will
end up in smoke once again, by the hand of the same country that first
put us here. (Japanese Man 1 is "Shinya Akiba")
Shinya Akiba: This is what happens when you rely on boys. (The camera pans
to another man on the other side of the table) Now, how should we settle
Japanese Man 3: Shut up already! (He is "Kenjiro Matsuoka") Who the hell
do you think you are?!
Akiba: This is exactly why I hate young pricks like him. They lack
Kurahashi: Hey kid, do yourself big favor. (Slides a revolver to
Matsuoka's side of the table)
Akiba: (Laughs) Blow your head off.
Kurahashi: You want to shoot us, with that gun? Go ahead.
Akiba: We're prepared to die.
Kurahashi: Shoot us, if it will make you happy, but it won't make any
Akiba: Oh-ho, we've done it many times, killing our seniors. But it's
how we've always settled things.
Kurahashi: Look at you, don't even have balls to pull trigger.
Akiba: (Laughs) I can say this much, this boy's got no future.
(Matsuoka snaps and shoots both in the head, and then turns the gun
under his chin)
Kun Lan: Tsk tsk tsk tsk, a real gentleman would dress more
appropriately for his death.
Matsuoka: (Panting heavily) Who the hell are you?
(Akiba and Kurahashi rise from the floor, each of their heads torn to
Kurahashi: Why do they treat elders like such nuisance? If only they
knew how much we truly contribute.
Kun Lan: I have to agree with you there.
Akiba: He's yours.
(Kun Lan reaches out his glowing hand and grabs hold of Matsuoka's
shoulder; Matsuoka shakes repeatedly, and then relaxes his posture)
Akiba: So, what do you think p-p-partner?
Kurahashi: I think he's finally seeing things clearly now.
Kun Lan: Well, (talking to Akiba and Kurahashi) you'll always be together.
(Matsuoka rises and leaves the board room, the chairs at the table are
empty now)

(Mask De Smith meets up with Jean DePaul)
Jean DePaul: We meet again, baby face!
Mask: So, you were behind this after all. I guess my speech was
DePaul: Lucha libre is for kids! But you know, you're great with the
kids, masked man.
Mask: Children are pure, they know who's the strongest.

(Mahjong Table)
Man #1: Taking advantage of us, aren't you? There's more than one
scenario, y'know.
Man #2: You got this all mixed up you monkey. Don't you think he can hold
onto the bar forever when you're on the verge of death.
M1: Listen to him, barking like a stupid dog.
Man #3: Gee, so you finally reveal your true self, you dirt bag.
M2: I'll take that as a threat to the States.
M3: (Lays down a piece) Pong.
M1: It's the one who designs first that wins.
Man #4: (Laughs) I didn't know monkeys could design.
M1: Don't underestimate the monkeys!
M3: Pong.
M2: There are dogs bred for fighting, and they're mean sons of bitches.
M1: How do I stop your barking?
M3: (Lays down a piece) Chi.
M2: What?!
M4: What can one knight possibly do? Don't you care about winning?
M1: You really are a stupid dog. You'd better pay attention, before someone
puts a bullet in your head!
M4: Shut up monkey! (Lays down a piece) Riichi.
M3: Heh, too bad, like I said I know your train of thought. (Lays another
piece) Lon.
M2: Bullshit!
M1: Enough with the caviling, this is pathetic!
M4: Hey yo, cheater! That's a fortyton, you've got no hen!
M3: Wha?
M1: Shit...it's all over.
(All four draw their guns at each other and fire)

(UN Party HQ)
Akiba: This country is big...it's too big.
Kurahashi: Our voices will never be heard.
Akiba(to K7): You really think you're better than us because we're old
men?! You're not getting out of here alive! Japan's not going down just
yet! We'll show him, right, partner?
(After the fight, the camera holds over their two dead bodies)

Mills: What can you do when the whole world has its eyes on you?
Garcian: Almost everything. Destroying one or two nations, heh, it's an
easy task here. The promise made 30 years ago wasn't a guarantee, it
was only the beginning of a countdown. (The 200 Pulsars pass overhead)
Look at them, they're headed toward hell.
Mills: What's sad is that we've gotten used to this, I mean our senses.
It's pathetic.
Garcian: That doesn't necessarily mean that we're not human.
Mills: Okay, now you're not helping.

Ending title card reads: Laughter is the countdown of devastation.
Cloudman - 02 [3/0]
(TV in Garcian's Trailerhouse)
(A man with an afro and a yellow t-shirt reading "Texas Bronco" is on
the screen with a large building behind him)
Andrei Ulmeyda: The name's Andrei Ulmeyda. I am the man with the plan.
People will come to me for salvation. I have a hunch that something's
gonna happen. Take this Stacy concert goin' on right c'here, something
very bad is gonna happen here. You know the kinda people that come to
these Stacy concerts, these dudes have got energy to spare. We're talkin'
guys who beat off four times a day! This is an epicenter of energy, man.
But this Stacy they love, she's an, she's an illusion, but in the new age,
there's no foolin' them, no sir, they won't be fooled by illusions anymore!
Oh, oh my God! I'm comin', I'm comin'! Whaaa-hoo, whoo! (Concert building
explodes) See, I told ya. This is real!

(TV in Garcian's Trailerhouse, later)
Ulmeyda: Now, Mr. Garcian Smith, I am challenging you! I've created a new
faith, I want you to find me, whaddya say? If you don't find me, I won't
have meaning. So, I'll be waiting for you.

(Harman's Room)
(Garcian finds Samantha-Punk having sex with Harman in his wheelchair)
Samantha-Punk: Oh, I didn't notice you there. (Sits in the chair)
No need to be so reserved, y'know. (Motions towards Harman) Don't worry
about him, this scruff loves to play rough. You wanna have a little fun
(Garcian turns on the TV and activates Harman's channel)
(The room goes dark and only Garcian, Harman, Samantha-Maid and a few
overhead lamps are visible)
Samantha-Maid: The Master is awake.
Harman: I sense trouble in the South.
Garcian: A young man is causing some commotion.
Harman: Not a revolutionary?
Garcian: He's no one of that caliber, sir.
Harman: The town is far. I shall stay here with my dear Samantha.
Garcian: Yes, sir.
Harman: Samantha, the lights.
Samantha-Maid: Yes, sir.
(Samantha pulls out a remote and the light dims)
Samantha-Punk: What are you still here for? Get out, shoo!

(Garcian approaches Mills)
Mills: Pfft, who in the hell was that? What, a new type of stalker?
Garcian: I feel something, like somebody's calling out to me...
Mills: You can't last long in this business relying on "feelings." I
trust you know that.
Garcian: Let's hit Texas first.
Mills: Texas?
Garcian: Nobody wears a t-shirt that says "Texas Bronco," except in Texas.
Mills: Huh?
Garcian: Time to head South by Southeast.

(Intercity outskirts, Texas)
Farmer: Oh, we don't get many black folk around here. What brings you
to town. Ulmeyda? Yes, I see. I just met him today, I meet him everyday.
You saw the posters around town, hmm? You think they're...creepy? Well,
you'd better keep that thought to yourself around here, if you care for
your life. This is a mean town. They'll do anything to protect the great

(Intercity, Texas)
Woman: You're an outsider? You've done well to make it this far. You one
of them reporters? (Time passes) Oh, you still here? What'cha need?
Lookin' for Ulmeyda, hmm? I couldn't care less about that disco freak, I
won't have anything to do with him. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm glad the
town has flourished, but do you have any idea how many creeps with that
weird smile have moved in? Somethin's up with him, though I don't quite
know what. This is an old town, and we respect tradition. I can't get
along with a bunch of newcomers who just waltzed on in, no way.

(Intercity Post Office, Texas)
Postal Worker: Yeah, I know him. Ulmeyda, right? He's a good guy, I'm not
way into him or anything, he did his job; he's one of those guys nobody
notices. I kinda think he was just lucky, but it is strange...no, no-no,
just talkin' to myself, I mean, how could a lowly postal worker take over
such a big corporation? Coulda been me, he's hardly worth the shirt on
his back. What an asshole! He sold the damn town, he sold our souls,
that's how he got that position, the damn fake!

(First Life Inc. Main Gates)
Guard: Sorry, only First Life employees are allowed from this point.
Walkie-Talkie: This is an emergency message from Mr. Ulmeyda; let
Mr. Smith through. I repeat, let Mr. Smith through.
Guard: Are you...Mr. Smith? My sincere apologies Mr. Smith, please
forgive me. But I'll tell ya something, though, even we don't know what
goes on inside this building.... Anyway, please, come in.

Ulmeyda(In an astronaut-like encounter suit): Ahh, you made it! Well, how
was your trip here? This city I've created is...is a paradise. The life
here is perfectly autonomous, a model of peace. But our corporation,
First Life Inc. (Laughs) It doesn't exist, no sir, it just...runs
commercials. You see, people judge books, by their covers. (Clock in the
background reads 17:00) Oh, today's job is done. Ahh yes, you just might
be able to meet today's lucky guy. (A long line of slouching citizens
walk past Ulmeyda's trailer in the desert) Don't be alarmed, these are
good citizens, no Heaven Smile. Our man, (Ulmeyda grabs one of the kid's
shoulders) Clemence, congratulations!
Gabriel Clemence: Me? Is it really me? Wow, I can't believe it!
Ulmeyda: (Laughs) Relax, Clemence. You're job has just begun. Calm down,
or you'll frighten Lady Luck away!
Clemence: Y-you're right, um, what should I do?
Ulmeyda: Like I told you, first, you need to relax. Your job will be here
any moment! (A car with rocket engines pulls itself in front of the two)
Clemence, this, is yours! G'head, take it for a spin!
Clemence: Huh, this car...is it really mine?
Ulmeyda: Of course it is, now take it, and do what you want with it!
Clemence: It's really, really mine?!
Ulmeyda: Hop in and find out! (Car blasts off into the distance) Bon
voyage! Don't drive yourself to death! (Motions at the screen) C'mere.
Clemence's job had a five million dollar price tag! This is what he gets
to do! (Close-up on Clemence's face, now suffering high duress from the
multiple G forces of the vehicle) This is what I call driving yourself
to death! How long will Clemence last, or will he cross the finish line?
If he makes it, he wins. (The car speeds across the desert) I needed
bigger thrills. So, I infected myself with all kinds of deadly viruses.
I overcame them, time after time, discovering vaccines and creating
medicine all the way. I overcame all the symptoms. (Sighs) But them
"Smileys," ooh, they're different, the risks involved are at...another
realm. It's flirtin' with...fuckin' death itself. I...I...I want you to
kill me. If I catch Heaven Smile, you gotta kill me. I heard you're the
only one who can kill them.
(Military planes, jeeps, troops and medical teams swarm from all corners
of the desert around Ulmeyda. A medical team member pulls out a large
syringe and injects Ulmeyda with the mysterious liquid within. A General
approaches the camera)
General: I'm General Lynch from the United States Emergency Countermeasure
Defense Department. I want to thank you for assisting in the capture of
Mr. Ulmeyda. As you may know, this city is run by the military. This city
remains a vital instrument for determining our country's safety
standards. So I ask you, forget what you witnessed here today.
Soldier(approaching Lynch): General, beginning countdown, sir.
General Lynch(talking hold of the soldier's walkie-talkie): Aim!
Soldier: On your mark. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, mark!
(Explosion from where Ulmeyda was captured. Close-up on Ulmeyda twisting,
screaming and his skin breaking out.)
Ulmeyda(hissing): I told ya to kill me, now...now I'm goin' mad. I can't
control this urge to kill! What are you gonna do about it? Damn, get this
over with, once and for all!
(Ulmeyda explodes within his suit, head skyrocketing upward. Blood begins
to rain all across the desert)
Lynch(looking at the player): Take cover, hurry!
(The blood rain causes the General to go into convulsions and die)
(Ulmeyda stands naked and headless in the center of the commotion,
tendrils of blood drawing his head back to his neck. He smiles. More
tendrils sprout from his back and insert themselves into his afro,
causing it to float just behind him.)

(Ulmeyda, after being shot in the afro, decomposes into numerous little
molecules that absorb themselves into the desert)
(Cut to Clemence's car slowing down in the bloody downpour. Clemence
stops the car and steps outside)
Clemence: What happened to Mr. Ulmeyda? This...this blood (Tastes it),
it tastes like Mr. Ulmeyda's. So...he's dead, isn't he? I've always had
a sixth sense...(Clenches fist) If only I had only attained Mr.
Ulmeyda's level earlier! (A spectral image of Ulmeyda's encounter suit
appears in the background)
Ulmeyda: Clemence, you're in control of things now. Walk down the path of
life, don't succumb to weakness, take the big risks...
Clemence: Rest assured, Master Ulmeyda, I will watch over this town. Our
way of life stands eternal. May peace rest with out great Ulmeyda. Our

End title card reads: The day he stops smiling is the day we remember his
Encounter - 03 [4/0]
(A man is loading a gun in his limo, an orchestral score echoes in the
background. He loads the gun, aims at what appears to be a prostitute in
the seat across from him and fires into her head. The limo pulls up to a
building, the man exits the car and the camera is held from his
perspective as he enters the building, rides the elevator, and reaches an
office. Here he approaches the main desk where he shoots both secretaries
and two men by the window. He then turns his sights on the only other
person in the room, a very shocked looking girl. The screen flashes red
and the man exits the building.)

(Garcian receives the usual phone call from Mills)

(Harman's Room)
(Samantha-Punk is circling Harman, holding a bowl of food and a spoon)
Samantha-Punk: Eat! Here, c'mon! It's really good, open your mouth and
say "ahh." (Shoves the bowl into Harman's face) Eat, dammit! (Notices
Garcian in the doorway) Hey, what are you doing, don't just stand there,
get this old fart to eat will you! (Turns back to Harman) Are you gonna
finish your meal or what? I don't have time for this shit, you know I'm
busy with my classes!
(Garcian turns on the TV and activates Harman's channel)
(The room goes dark and only Garcian, Harman, Samantha-Maid and a few
overhead lamps are visible)
Samantha-Maid: The Master is awake.
Harman: The surge.... It's Curtis.
Garcian: Curtis? The one who killed Dan years ago....
Harman: It's as if fate has woke him up. He'll soon make his move.
Garcian: Shall I take care of him?
Harman: Curtis? No, it's alright, he's just a punk with a gun, Dan's more
than he can handle.
Garcian: As you wish.
Harman: Samantha, the lights.
Samantha-Maid: Yes, master.
(Samantha pulls out a remote and the lights dim)
(Samantha-Punk slaps Harman twice across the face)
Samantha-Punk: Geez, will someone wax the damn floor!

(Garcian approaches Mills)
Mills: He's been laying low in the public agency for 15 years.
Garcian: So he's working for the government?
Mills: Rumor has it that he's involved with some kind of organ deals.
Organs to be used as raw material for the Smileys. (Hands Garcian a
Garcian: So he's after children... That's as vile as you're gonna get.
Mills: Hurry, children are disappearing at the fairgrounds!
Garcian: The blood of innocent children is unnecessary.

(After clearing through the fairgrounds, Smith enters the parking lot to
discover a girl in a school girl outfit holding a gun)
Girl(speaking in Japanese): Like a flower that blooms in the soil of our
carnal and corrupt society, I shall administer retribution to stray
vermin that graze this land. For I am the Chairman of the Education
Guidance Council, Ayame Blackburn!
(In romanized Japanese, for those who care, she says: Kusattahakidamenior
(After defeating Ayame, she walks into the shadows onto a school bus that
drives off into the distance)
End of Encounter 03 Part 1
(A man is playing squash in a private court, his name is "Pedro Montana")
Pedro: If you're looking to play doubles, go find someone else, alright?
Curtis Blackburn: Do I look like a guy who wants to play "doubles"?
(Pedro whimpers, we're shown the bloody office, from earlier, behind
Curtis, who levels his gun at Pedro)

(Pedro is kneeling on the Squash court floor, Curtis has two guns aimed
at the back of Pedro's head)
Pedro: He-he-hel-no-hel! For-for-forgive me! For-forgive me!
Curtis: Oh, what was that? Do I sense regret? Just because you apologize
you think you'll be forgiven? Just like that? Didn't you notice the dead
bodies behind you?
Pedro: Huh?
Curtis: Your folks.
Pedro: No, you're lying...
Curtis: Your wife's name is "Pamela," right? And your son, "Paul"?
Pedro: What have you done to them?
Curtis: Ahh, Pamela sure has a mole in a unique place. Y'know, it kinda
turned me on.
Pedro: No, no...you-you didn't. You bastard!
Curtis: Paul, he's such a sissy, he didn't even try to save his mother.
What are you teaching your kids?
Pedro: Fuck!
Curtis: Do you feel the hate swelling? That hate that comes from your
grudge? It's merely a reflection of you. Ask yourself, Pedro, how many
children have you killed?
Pedro: M-mary?
Curtis: You mean you're little girl, "Mary"?
Pedro: Mary...where is she?
Curtis: Ahh...right here. (Tosses the head of the girl from earlier in
front of Pedro. Pedro backs up in fear, but then lunges at it, clutching
it in his arms.)
Pedro: Noooooooooooooooooooo! (Cries)
(Curtis fires three shots into Pedro's head)

(Near the Blackburn Estate)
Mills: Ahh, come on, let's get out of here.
Garcian: Yeah. Poor kid. (Closes his suitcase) It's just an innocent
little child.
Mills: I know, it's atrocious, ain't it?

(Later...within the manor)
Ayame Blackburn(speaking in Japanese): Like a flower that blooms in the
soil of our carnal and corrupt society, I shall administer retribution to
stray vermin that graze this land. For I am the Chairman of the Education
Guidance Council, Ayame Blackburn!
(After defeating Ayame once again, she falls to the far, her mask rolls
off and a young woman with red hair lies dead on the floor)

(Dan finds Curtis lying in a pool of liquid, Curtis rises from the pool
[much like Nosferatu did in the 1922 film of the same name])
Curtis: Danny boy, look at you. You've changed considerably. Into a
badass, if I may.
Dan: Yeah, you've changed a lot too, into an old man! I went to see the
devil. Now it's your turn!
Curtis: Oh my pupil, so tenacious of life. Guess I have to kill you
Dan: Shut up, before you run out of breath.
Curtis: I got rid of those smiles, there's no one left to disturb our
game. Just you, and me.
Dan: Sounds fair, 'cuz I hate holding back, even for an old fart like
Curtis: Talk all you want. I won't need six bullets for you.
Dan: Or four for you.
Curtis: Hmmph, we'll begin when the bird flies, think you can remember
that? Pinkass punk, you're going down!
(They fight to the first with four hits, when Dan wins...)
Dan: Looks like this is your end. (Curtis falls back into the small pool)
Curtis(straining): Oh, guess you think this is pretty funny.
Dan: You got quite a hobby here, old man.
Curtis: Doesn't hurt to have a hobby after retirement. What do you think?
Dan: What do I think? I think what you got here is no different than what
those guys do at immigration.
Curtis: All I ever wanted was to shed light on my life.
Dan: You have no idea, you're nothing but a sick maniac.
Curtis: Guess it's time to close the curtains...
Dan: Trying to die in style? Give me a break you sick old man!
(Dan fires at a lever just behind Curtis' head. Rotating blades from
around the pool plunge themselves into Curtis' body. Dan walks out the
door, on each side of him are women on meathooks in the distance)

End title card reads: The maiden save the world with their laughter.
Alter Ego - 04 [5/0]
(Garcian receives the usual phone call from Mills)

(Harman's Room)
(Samantha-Punk punches Harman across the face and then kicks him in the
Samantha-Punk: Ahh, that felt good! Talk about relieving stress! Hey you,
what are you staring at? (Camera closes in on Samantha's skirt) (She
laughs) Oh, I get it, you wanna take a look, right? Does it turn you on,
hmm, does it? (Harman remains utterly motionless) Hey, will you stop
staring? (Samantha kicks Harman in the chest again) Geez, what a pervert.
(Garcian turns on the TV where Power Ranger-esque characters are leaping
across the screen)
Rangers: We are the punishing rangers!
(Theme song begins to play and is cut short)
Reporter: Reporting live to you now, the reports are just coming in.
Steve Thunderson of the Democratic party has been assassinated during
today's Congress session. The assassins appear to be wearing costumes
resembling the comic book characters "The Handsome Men." Oh geez...

(Overpass, Mills and Garcian are in a car)
Garcian: Who are they?
Mills: You've never heard of 'em? That mysterious group of guys who call
themselves "The Handsome Men"? I've heard that they're designed by the
military to counter the Heaven Smile. But what's funny is that they
look like heroes from an underground comic. ZTT Comics. Ever heard of
them? Anyway, the hype about this comic is that the stories seem to cross
over with the real world.
Garcian: What's that got to do with Thunderson's assassination?
Mills: Well you see the story in the comic forewarned about the
assassination before it actually happened. And 27 minutes afterwards, a
new story about Thunderson's assassination was updated in the online game.
Garcian: Who's the architect behind this?
Mills: Well I know for sure that the bastards at the PR agency, Electro
Inline Inc., are trying to buy over whatever character rights they can get
a hold of. Not only that, they're spoiling the creative interest of that
Garcian: So those bastards are the targets?
Mills: Actually, the target is the comic book writer, Trevor Pearlharbor.
He's got a place down in the Dominican Republic where he does his thing.
Sometimes you, uh, have to take the strong arm approach.
Garcian: Got it.
Mills: Oh, and before I forget... (the car drives off to a comic book
stand) Look, the latest issue was released today. Last week, it ended
with Thuderson's assassination. Now according to the last issue, there's
supposedly a new enemy appearance in here. (Image of Harman, in the comic
book, transforming into a monster)
Garcian: Our master...he's...
Mills: Turned into a monster. Hey, wait a sec, this means that their next
target is gonna be...the Killer 7.

(Dominican Republic)
(Camera pans down from the image of a mountain to a guitar case with
money being tossed into it)
Guitarist: Thank you, sir.
Dan: How you makin' out?
Guitarist: I'm gettin' by.
Dan: Hey (tosses some more change into the case), here's somethin' extra.
Guitarist: Lemme sing you a song, a song for travelers. This is a lost
city, you must find the key. (Plays)
For your tranquility...deep within.
Guide to your soul, find your place, then you'll find your way...
Dan: And if I don't?
Guitarist(smiles and laughs, lightly): The darkness will swallow you, and
you'll become a resident of the city of smiles, where eternal darkness
rules all.
Dan: When I'm gone, sing me that song, will ya?

(The player enters an antechamber where a small boy, known as the Oracle
or Mithra, stands silently, the voice coming from the shadows at
his back)
Oracle 2: Light is caprice. Sometimes it escapes the darkness. Sometimes it
hides in it. Sometimes it engulfs us, keeping us warm. (The source of the
voice, the boy's doppelganer, appears in the shadows) Other times it
dessicates us with absolute un-pity.
Oracle 1(same voice): Wherever the light may lead, a beast awaits.
Oracle 1&2: You shall be king, traveler.

(After proceeding through the estate, Dan reaches Trevor's abode)
(Trevor is shown sketching an exact picture of Dan in the doorway)
Trevor Pearlharbor: It's Dan Smith! My man!
Dan: Yo, how's it goin' with next week's story, huh?
Trevor: Wow, this is unbelievable, you really came! I didn't think I had
such power!
Dan: You're one lucky guy, you know that? Let me ask you, what happens to
your prophecy if I shoot you right now?
Trevor: Oh, I already wrote it. I wrote the story, so you'll die! Hey,
it's almost time for their appearance...the appearance of heroes! (A
Handsome Man stands in the doorway) You better watch out, these Handsome
Men are tough! Trust me, I know, 'cuz I wrote them! Kill Dan! Give him
the ol' Handsome Wink stuff!
Handsome Black: Handsome Wink!
(A burst of energy erupts from the Handsome Man's visor at Dan, Dan
dodges, fires twice, and has his gun kicked from his hand)
Handsome Man: Handsome Wink!
Dan(at Trevor): Get down!
(The blast burns a hole straight through Trevor's chest. He collapses to
the floor, motionless)
Black: I suggest you don't get too involved, unless of course you
wanna end up like this fellow here!
Dan: You think you guys can kill me?!
Black: I didn't know Killer 7 had a sense of humor! It's showdown,
Dan Smith! Handsome Wink!
(Dan dodges the energy bolt, grabs his gun, dodges three more shots, and
puts his gun right under the HM's chin, a single shot echoing out)
Handsome Red: You'll pay for Black's death, bloody psychopaths Killer 7!
Prepare to die!
(The remaining eight[six guys, two girls] HM land in front of Dan)
Red: We are the punishing rangers!
All Handsome Men: The Handsome Men!
(Dan brings his gun to bear)
Dan: Sorry, but your stupid series ends today. I'll finish you all at
once, if that's more convenient.
Red: Fine, let's settle this once and for all, Seven versus Seven, fair
and square! The place will be Broadway, New York, at 0400! Wait, I'm
not finished with you yet! (The Handsome Men teleport away)
Dan: Talk about characters out of a comic book.

(Broadway, NY)
(Image of Con with his ear to the ground)
Con Smith: They're coming!
(Handsome Men appear in the distance)
Con: Wow, it's the Handsome Men! Awesome!
(Individual sound off)
Handsome Red!
Handsome Blue!
Handsome Light Brown! (female)
Handsome Dead!
Handsome Purple!
Handsome White Pearl!
Handsome Pink! (female)
Handsome Gold!
Red: We are the punishing rangers!
All Handsome Men: The Handsome Men!
Con: They're really here! Did-did you see that? A real Handsome Pose!
(Both groups are lined up in front of each other)
Red: Hope you guys are ready!
Harman: I must say, to decide where you will die is a gallant act.
Red: Fitting for the Killer 7, don't you think?
Harman: I think that's enough chit-chat. Shall we begin?
Red: Why not! I've got the ultimate cards matched up! Let's get it on!
(Each of the Handsome Men matches see the HM mimicking their opponent's
stances, weapons and actions, however each fight's outcome is
(Harman beats Red) 1:0
(White Pearl beats Con) 1:1
(Coyote beats Gold) 2:1
(Light Brown beats Kaede while she's reloading) 2:2
(Dead beats Kevin [When Kevin misses, I think]) 2:3
(Dan beats Blue with one shot) 3:3
(Purple beats Mask, 3:4...but Mask gets reborn in an upgraded state, and
beats Purple with one charged shot) 4:3
(When Garcian and Pink stand ready to battle, light explodes from within
Pink's body and...)
(We see Garcian standing across the street looking at a teenage girl
where Pink was standing)
Garcian(thinking to himself): The girl's an avid gamer, her world of
games and the real world coexist as one.
Girl: Nice to meet you Mr. Killer Garcian. My name's Love.
Garcian: How do you know my name?
Love Wilcox(smiling): Because I wrote the story, mister.
Garcian: I don't follow.
Love: Here's the thing, I'm working for Electro Inline Inc. I create
propaganda using media, you see?
Garcian: You're saying that they're all Electro Inline's advertisements?
Love: That's why I'm going to bring 'em down. I'll make them pay for
Trevor's death.
Garcian: Can you really do it?
Love(approaching Garcian): I'll make sure justice is done, but in my
book, though. You be sure to check it out in next week's issue. (Stops in
front of Garcian) I'm really glad we met, Mr. Killer Garcian.
(They shake hands)
Garcian: The pleasure’s all mine. Love, your passion is inspiring to
us all.
Love: Thank you. I'll be watching you, mister. (She vanishes)
(32 bit credits for the Smiths' and HM roll. The words "Game End" appear
on the screen.)
(Kun Lan reaches out his hand and grabs the screen)

End title card reads: Unmask your heart, then show us your smile.
Smile - 05 [6/0]
(We see Kasai standing on the edge of a building's roof in only his
briefs, a bondage mask and pierced nipples. Matsuoka watchs from behind
as a heavy gust of wind knocks Kasai from the ledge and to his death on
the steets below)

(Garcian enters Harman's room and finds Samanth-Punk in her chair, legs
spread, pants unbuttoned, motionless. A pool of liquid rests in the chair
at her pelvis)

(Garcian proceeds into the Forbidden room, Kun Lan and Harman are playing
Kun Lan: Check.
Harman: What a coincidence. Check.
Kun Lan: This time, the game is mine. Do you want to hear a story, Harman?
Harman: Why not.
Kun Lan: There once was a young man who had a promising future. The
center back position was his to keep and no one could take that away from
him. Any play was a fair play, no one blew the whistle on him. Everybody
loved him. Not to mention his campus sweetheart, ooh she was something.
They were the perfect couple. He graduated from Columbia with an MBA, his
opportunity was infinite. He could do whatever he wanted with his life,
but was he satisfied? No. Every night he would cry, begging the Lord.
Something deep within needed awakening. Then one day it happened, that
moment when the subconscious rises to the surface. Well the way it
triggered was very simple. It happened when his mother came onto him one
night. (Garcian pans into view, standing in the doorway) As if the spirit
of Jack the Ripper had taken over his body, he stabbed and stabbed until
you couldn't tell who she was. You know what I think? An angel whispered
into his ear. The angel gave him the extra courage he needed to give
her the divine retribution she deserved.
Harman: Sure she wasn't "the Hell's angel"?
Kun Lan: I'm pretty sure she only had good intentions.
Harman: You really are a villain.
Kun Lan: I had nothing to do with it, but I must admit, my memory has
become a bit "misty" these days.
Harman: (Noticing Garcian) Huh?
(Harman suddenly starts twitching violently and breathing heavily while
Kun is laughing maniacally. Garcian stands stock still)

(Garcian and Mills are sitting on the Overpass in one of Ulmeyda's rocket
Mills: The remnant parties have started making their move.
Garcian: I felt a disturbance in the air. What's gonna happen?
Mills: Terrorism, different from the Smiling Faces. It's hard to predict
the kind of terrorism Japan will engineer.
Garcian: Terrorism using what, most likely? Think they're capable of
damage devastating enough to shake the foundation of the United States?
Mills: I need you to fly to Phili, right? A former aid to the leader of
the UN Party has information. He goes by the name "Matsuken," okay? He's
staying at the Union Hotel, now find him.
Garcian: Who is he?
Mills: Kenjiro Matsuoka. He's the only guy remaining that belonged to the
UN Party. Now, he's the leader of 10 million secret Japanese members that
are scattered around the world. He is a major force.
Garcian: 10 million?
Mills: What do you think they're capable of?
Garcian: If they gathered in one state and organized their votes as one
large block vote, then...
Mills: They could win the seat of estate! It's gonna be a wild game, 'cuz
everyone's gonna want a piece of Matsuken.
Garcian: The master has disappeared.
Mills: Uh...yeah Garcie, about that.... Ah, look, I need to tell ya
somethin' real important.
Garcian: Go ahead, lay it on.
Mills: How should I, um...okay. 30 years ago, you and Harman-
(Six bullets go through the car windshield into Mills)
(Garcian dives out of the car, off the bridge and onto a passing semi)

(Union Hotel)
Edo Macalister: Welcome to the Union, sir. How many nights will you be
staying with us?
Garcian: Actually, I'm meeting someone.
Edo(accessing the computer): Ahh yes, Mr. Smith, we've been expecting
you. The top floor, please use the elevator in the back.
Garcian: How do you know my name?
Edo: I remember all the faces of our guests. Even your bag, sir.
Garcian(turning to find Edo has vanished): Huh?

(Top Floor, Union Hotel)
(Two men sit in the shadows as Garcian enters the room)
Garcian: Are you the one they call "Matsuken"?
Shadowy man(left): No, Kenjiro Matsuoka is not here, I already handed him over.
Garcian: Where?
Shadow man(left): How about I give you a clue?
Garcian: You know we don't have time for puzzles.
Shadowy man(left): Of course, a new informant is waiting. When you find
yourself getting close to the truth, please come again. I'm afraid our
time is up, good day.
End of Smile Pt. 1
(Overpass, snowing)
(Garcian approaches a woman leaning over the railing)
Woman: Is the word "punctual" even in your vocabulary? It must be easy
being you, come and go whenever you please.
Garcian: Your identity?
Woman: Linda Vermillion, I was the one hired to kill Mills.
Garcian: What?
Linda Vermillion: Mills was a slave, kissed up to the government; the
government's interest was his interest.
Garcian: That's our job, that's what we do.
Linda: Is making a move for the interest of the country an assassin's
job, too?
Garcian: Who are you really?
Linda: I'm a protector of the country. You'll soon know who I am. (Linda
begins to walk away)
Garcian(drawing gun at her): Hold it!
Linda: See, you already know. It's your last job. Use your eyes to
decipher how the system works, and then, seek the real enemies. (Walks

(Principal's Office, Coburn Elementary)
(Garcian walks in to find the principal sitting, a revolver on top of his
Principal: And who might you be?
(Garcian puts his suitcase to rest on the floor)
(The subtitle under the principal reads "Benjamin Keane")
Benjamin Keane: Would you like to join me for a game of Russian Roulette?
(Loads the gun with a single bullet and spins the chamber) Come on, how
about it, son? (Laughs) If you win, I'll tell you a secret. "How to hit
on women with 100% success!"
Garcian: And if I lose?
Keane: If you lose, then I want you to kill the President.
Garcian: Alright, it's a deal.
(Keane starts, aims the gun at his head, breathes heavily)
(The sound of an empty chamber clicks)
(Keane slides the gun across the desk. Garcian raises the gun to his head
and pulls the trigger without thought. The chamber is empty. Garcian
slides the gun back to Keane. Keane gasps)
Keane: I hate to say it but you got guts, son. (Picks up the gun) No way
I'm gonna die today, or tomorrow for that matter! At least not until the
election is over. It takes more luck than this game to run a country,
(Breathing heavier than before, Keane pulls the trigger only to hear the
sound of another empty chamber, and then bursts into laughter.)
Keane: I'm on a roll! I'm hot! It looks like Lady Luck is on my side
today. (He once again slides the revolver across the table)
(Garcian, mechanically, levels the gun at his head and pulls the
trigger, the chamber empty. Garcian slides the weapon back to Keane.)
Keane(staring at the gun in disbelief): What's a "country"? Who are "the
people"? What are "politicians"? Who knows. I just wanted to become a
president. All I need is to hear the empty click of this gun and my
dreams will come true!
(Panting heavily, he raises the gun to his head and the empty click
Keane: Looks like you lose, son. Sorry, but a deal's a deal. (He slides
the gun to Garcian, who raises the gun to his head and echoes yet another
empty click from the gun. Garcian slides the gun back)
Garcian: This gun holds seven bullets. I'm a professional. You can't fool
me old man.
Keane: You and I, we're both sick. The only time we feel alive is when we
put our lives on the line. It's a sad reality, but we people are never
satisfied, we'll always seek a higher rush! The history of the United
States rests within the walls of this institution! It's an old tradition
that continued since the first presidential election! I want you to see
it through to the end. And by the way, women are all the same!
(Keane pulls the trigger, and the gun fires)

(At the Principal's safe)
(Garcian opens the safe with the engraving of the third eye and as he
does a bloody line appears across his forehead)

(Garcian finds a man hanging from a rope around his neck over a stage,
just then, Matsuoka pulls a gun on Garcian from behind)
Matsuoka: The press is gonna be all over this one. The United States
cover will be blown.
Garcian: Hmm, so this is dirty politics.
Matsuoka: The Presidential Election is in the hands of the Education
Ministry. They manipulate the votes and bring forth political leaders.
Garcian(motioning at the dead man over the stage): Who's he?
Matsuoka: Greg Nightmare, he was the Chairman of Education Ministry.
Garcian: What is "United States"? What is the purpose of the President?
Matsuoka: I'm Japanese, how the hell should I know? Figure it out
yourself; there are more important things. Shit, like finding out who
you are.
(The camera pans upward to show a long line of portraits of past
principal's of this school, the camera stops on a picture of Harman Smith)
(A laughing sound reverberates from the belly of Nightmare, and
now Nightmare is holding a weapon: a single golden revolver. You
fire at Nightmare until his pants fall down, revealing his deformed,
Heaven Smile legs which, after being shot repeatedly, explode out from
under Nightmare, causing him to release his gun. As this happens, from
the underside of what remains of Nightmare appear seven jet black
Heaven Smile, the first six of which kill all the personalities but
Garcian, who is the only person able to grip the Golden Revolver and kill
the new breed of Heaven Smile and Nightmare's remains.)

(Union Hotel)
Edo: Ahh, I hope you had a pleasant day, sir. (Passes Garcian a
newspaper) Enjoy your stay.
(Garcian examines a blood stain behind the desk clerk, and is bombarded
with the vision of a man entering the Union holding the Golden Revolver.
The man behind the desk is Kevin Smith in disguise, who is shot three
times by the man with the revolver)

(The next floor sees the same mysterious man shooting Con Smith in the
back six times in room 203)

(The following floor shows the man shooting Mask De Smith in the shower
four times in room 306)

(The floor after that has Kaede being shot in the chest four times in
room 404)

(And the fifth floor sees Coyote shot three times by this man from the
balcony in room 502)

(The sixth floor sees this man, who appears to be Garcian, speaking with
Dan in rom 601)
Dan: So, you must be the one they call "the Bloody Heartland." You here
to kill the Smith's, is that it? Rule of thumb, don't set your goals too
high. What do you want? What do you want, huh?
?Garcian?: You.
(Both draw their guns, but only the mysterious man gets off a shot)

(Garcian enters the suite from his earlier visit to the hotel, the two
mysterious men are still here)
Garcian: Naturally I found myself being lead to this place.
Mysterious man(left): Long journey, but it ends here Garcian. No, I think
it's time I called you by your real name, Emir Parkreiner.
Garcian: "Emir"?
Mysterious man(left): Allow me to introduce myself, my name's Harman
Smith(he is handed a hat by Dimitri Nightmare on his right), I'm the man
you saw in your past. Do you remember, the incident where six people were
murdered in this hotel? You must have seen it yourself, because you were
the killer. The assassin, Emir Parkreiner, was the ace of aces. Who would
have thought the killer was a mere 13 year old? It was a deliberate
crime, targeted toward the Smith Alliance. It consisted of seven members
but the leader wasn't included in the seven. Later investigations found
his dead body inside a safe of a school. The investigative unit called
them "the Killer 7." But the whole affair was never made public, not
because this was an "aberration" from society, but because it involved
national security issues, unfortunately a curse brought upon you by old
tradition. You, Emir, are an assassin controlled by the government.
Someone is watching your every move, from the second when I first took
you in on the roof. You were one of the very few assassins with class.
But you were out of control. Still, there was something venerable about
you. Then it occurred to me, you were no longer a mortal being. Within
you, ever so quietly, evil had opened its eyes.

(Garcian finds the door to the Forbidden Room on the next floor;
Harman[older] and Kun Lan are still playing chess)
Kun Lan(at Garcian): What took you so long?
Harman(at Kun Lan): Nice view, isn't it?
Kun Lan: It's different. Time here is warped.
Harman: To finish this game peacefully is my last wish.
Kun Lan: Guess that won't happen, we've been interrupted again.
Harman: Has another come to service?
Kun Lan: Hmm, a sight for sore eyes.
Harman(at Garcian): Haven't seen you around for a long time.
Kun Lan: Come in.
Harman: Please.
(Harman and Kun Lan are shot multiple times, dead)

(Roof, Union Hotel)
(Garcian finds a young Emir Parkreiner standing silent, holding the
golden revolver and has a third eye on his forehead)
(Garcian shoots him in that eye)
(The third eye closes, and Emir breaks down to his knees, sticks the gun
in mouth, and pulls the trigger, this turns out to be a flashback)
(We see Garcian standing there, covered and blood with revolver in hand)
Garcian(scared and at the edge of tears): No...no, it wasn't me, it can't
be, it's all some kind of a misunderstanding.
(Garcian opens up the long case he's carried with him the whole game, the
one that he "revived" the other personalities in, however, inside the case
all he finds are two grenade launchers, revolvers and semi automatics, a
knife and a pistol: the weapons of his "personalities")
Garcian(in disbelief): Oh.
(Credits role)

End title card reads: That wonderful smile is gone for eternity.
Lion - 06 [7/0]
(Battleship Isle)
(Three Years Later)
(Ulmeyda car pulls in)
(Garcian, now dressed in black, proceeds through the facility and
eventually reaches Matsuoka, sitting in front of a door)
Matsuoka: You boys are almost done here, you don't need to go around
killing everybody anymore. The last of the Heaven Smile is in the back,
the big boss. If you do him, then that means you've eradicated all of
them. No more terrorism. "Hail to the free world." But I wonder, what'll
become of you guys if terrorism is the law of nature? No, you should kill
me now, because you don't want us hanging around, know what I mean? If
I'm alive I'll give you a run for your money, even an assassin like
yourself. Better be prepared, because blood must atone for blood. So,
which will you choose? Your own country, or watch our retribution? Your
fuckin' decision.
(You are now given a choice to kill Matsuoka or not)
(If you do, he falls dead to the floor and you enter the room)
(If you don't, he stands up, opens the door and says "Douzo," Japanese for
(Either way, the next sequence is the same, Garcian proceeds through the
door and finds a replica of Harman's room with a dead Harman in it,
Garcian then ends up chasing a figure dressed like Iwazaru into a corner.
Garcian shoots him five times and he falls to the floor dead, it's Kun

(If you didn't kill Matsuoka, the ending scene is him on a roof in
Battleship Isle welcoming in a fleet of ships and jets)
The message below Matsuoka reads: Retribution Definite in the year 2014,
the UN Allied Forces launched a full-scale attack on the U.S.

(If you do kill Matsuoka, that same squadron of jets destroy Battleship
Isle, presumably with you on it, the title card in this situation reading)
Japan, destroyed in 2014 in an attack by the U.S.

(Secondary credits role)

(A message on the screen reads "Shanghai, 100 years later")
(Harman releases the rifle from his wheelchair and shoots Kun Lan in his
glowing hand, the bullet drags Kun over a skyscraper, where he lands and
drops the bullet to the ground. Harman wheels into view from the other
side of the cityscape, the two foes staring straight at one another.)
Harman: You're awake from your nightmare?
Kun Lan: Harman, the world won't change, all it does is turn. Now, let's


End title card reads: Thank you for playing Killer7.

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I would like to thank Suda 51 for the creation of this most excellent
of games, and though it's a shame that a fair amount of the original
story didn't make the cut, what's left is art in the making.

I would also like to thank CJayC for keeping GFAQs alive.

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