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Travis Monologues FAQ by Shockley_Haynes

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/08/05

James Clinton Howell (August 2005)

I: Introduction
VIII: Conclusions

I: Introduction

The purpose of this document is to transcribe all of 
Travis' monologues in the 2005 Capcom release Killer7.  
These transcriptions are intended for the sole use of 
aiding players' interpretations of the game, and are not a 
violation of Capcom's copyright.


1: First Floor
Shirt: FUNKY
Action: Reclining in doorway.
"It's me!  ME!  You don't remember?  Your chief killed me?  
You already forgot?  I'm Travis!!  I'm the killer who god 
killed on the job!  Let's be totally honest here.  You 
think I'm a pain in the ass, don't you?  Hey Smith, I ain't 
letting you go nowhere."

2: Parking Garage
Shirt: LOVE
Action: Sitting in driver's seat of car.
"This is just a Duplicator.  An egg-laying "Heaven 
Smile"refitted to clamp down on the city.  This sucker 
pumped out the countless duplicates that took this country 
down.  Hey, Smith . . . It's your job to eradicate Heaven 
Smile, right?  Then seek the queen.  The gatekeeper is in 
charge of the queen.  Give this to the gatekeeper.  He 
won't be disappointed."  (Travis pops open the trunk of the 
car, and a Soul Shell is inside.)

3: Second Floor
Action: Looking through glass, into laundry room.
"Let's talk serious for a second.  Heaven Smile, they're 
holy warriors.  Shit.  Ain't that pretty wicked?  Warriors 
who fight with a holy will on their side, and use death as 
a weapon.  Their target?  The very dignity of the country 
itself.  But why should you understand the meaning?  Shit, 
you're a killer after all."

4: Library
Shirt: DREAM
Action: Picking through the books on a shelf in the 
"I was the chief's first catch.  I can still remember the 
chief's quivering hand. . . .  The pain went straight up my 
spine, and then back down again.  To be honest, that shit 
felt good.  It all happened on that smoldering hot night . 
. . ."

5: Beside words written in blood
Action: Standing, arms crossed over chest.
"Can you see it?  Words written in blood . . . .  Obviously 
had a point to make . . . .  But only two letters are 
written in real blood.  The rest are fake.  You need the 
girl for this one."

6: In Room 406
Shirt: L.A
Action: Cooking.
"Huh?  Can't you see I'm busy?  You really oughta to mind 
your manners.  You guys are just a pack of losers.  You 
don't even know how to make use of your abilities.  There 
are traitors in Heaven Smile.  The chief's very own inside 
guys.  They have a white body, spattered with red blood.  A 
reminder of traitorous deeds.  Funny thing is, the 
splotches look like beautiful red roses . . . .  If you 
find a Camellia Smile, use your ability.  Kill one of them, 
and you'll get loaded up.  For real, man."

7: Boiler Room
Action: Leaning against the wall.
"This is where the queen is.  It's different than a 
duplicate.  It's an evolved Heaven Smile, with boosted 
explosive power.  You gotta take it out before it gets too 
close.  They're crazy, I tell you.  They'll be on top of 
you the moment you open the damn door."

8: Outside Elevator
Action: Leaning against the wall.
NOTE: The camera has forced the player to interact with 
Travis as Garcian, here.
"Oh, there you are!  Don't be shy, Emir!  Who woulda 
figured you'd be the only survivor?  Well, anyway, are you 
getting along with the chief?  Straight up, I was waiting 
for you this whole time.  Yeah, I know . . . .  Don't be so 
mad, man . . . .   Don't glare at me like that . . . .  The 
chief'll wake up.  Really, I'm sorry.  The other chief must 
be rolling on the floor with laughter."


PART ONE: Fukushima's restaurant

1:Waiting Room
Shirt: NUMBER 1
Action: Sniffing a flower.
"Do you mind if I tell you straight up?  I heard it through 
the grapevine.  Chief, you're not the only one after the 
owner of this joint.  Japan is controlled by the United 
Nations Party.  If the UN Party goes down, Japan's minority 
party will take control.  In other words, the Liberal Party 
would take the reigns.  There's some nasty shit cooking in 
thie restaurant.  And it ain't momma's fried chicken.  The 
thief from South America could climb this in a jiffy."

2: Waiting Room, Second Meeting
Action: Standing, looking up into the falling rain.
"The cold rain this evening is like my damn tears, you hear 
me?  A blood-red flower's gonna go up like a firework.  And 
it's up to the owner Fukushima to prevent it from hitting 
and killing everybody.  So chief, which side are you on?  
The homeland?  Or Japan?  If you kill the owner, Japan goes 
down the toilet.  Are you alright with that, man?  And be 
careful of the new enemy type."

3: Hallway
Action: Dangling upside down by his knees from the limb of 
a tree.
"Smith, have a minute to share?  It could open your eyes.  
Japan doesn't have its own defense system.  It's survival 
is contingent on the United States.  But as far as the 
homeland is concerned, Japan is extra baggage.  Its 
usefulness as an ally is long past.  Straight up, it ain't 
worth saving, you see?  That's reality for you.  So, chief, 
you still gonna do it?  You know what is meant by 
fireworks?  They're missiles.  The explosion that occurs 
when missiles collide . . . . Well, sure, that's a 
beautiful sight indeed!  But you'll only see it if the 
defense system is activated . . . ."

4: Guestroom
Action: Sitting on his knees, on a pillow.
"The owner, Fukushima, is mixed up in all sorts of things.  
Even the International Ethics Committee is getting 
involved.    Chief, you watch yourself.  The Ethics agents, 
or Hyenas, as a motley crew of rejects.  But the assassins 
trained in the Core?  Now, those guys are for real.  
They're after the Yakumo Party Cabinet Policy.  Or the 
Yakumo for short.  It's just a bunch of paper but it can 
change the world.  UN Party, my friend."

5: North House
Action: Leaning against a wall.
"Straight up, he's desperate.  Fukushima's only ace in the 
hole is the Yakumo.  The secret conference of the U.S.-
Japan Territory Talks held at the Kaku Buildiong tomorrow 
represents the time limit.  The Yakumo will determine 
whether the 'fireworks' launch.  It's Fukushima's offering 
to the gods.  What's your move, chief?  Kill him and sink 
Japan?  Or let him live and get the Yakumo.  The Yakumo is 
dangerous.  It will allow the United States to rule the 
world.  The course of humankind is in your hands, chief."

6: Owner's Room
Action: Leaning against a wall.
"She's hottie, ain't she?  What a waste, though.  The last 
fruitless attempt at resistance by the Liberal Party.  
Using a woman as a weapon?  That doesn't bode well for 
them.  The kind of thing only an inept party would resort 
to.  Japanese politicians are rotten to the core.  Smith, 
there's no sex discrimination here.  Don't hesitate.  Take 
her out like the rest of 'em!"


1: First Floor
Action: Standing at the end of the main hallway, arms open.
"How's this for a stuffy atmosphere?  This is the 
Information Terminal Central, where the elites of the world 
gather.  While the backroom movers and shakers stared each 
other down, the debate heated up over the subject of the 
disposal of Japan.  Not a single country argued in her 
favor.  The Japanese territory would be a prize to any 
neighboring country.  Straight up, Japan is on her own."

2: Third floor
Action: Reclining on couch.
"You wanna hear something?  I'll tell you straight up, 
okay?  Basically, these talks are a war of proxy for the 
owner, Fukushima.  But the attendees are 3rd-rate 
bureaucrats.  And when the prey is sub-par, so are the 
assassins.  What a charade.  The US has given up on the 
talks.  Fukushima was the backbone of the UN Party.  But 
now the UN Party is a toothless organization.  These talks 
will determine the fate of Japan."

3: Fourth floor
Action: Leaning against debris.
"Beware of the basement!  A hitman has already infiltrated.  
The suave dude, DePaul, who was at restaurant, is a spy 
from the International Ethics Committee.  Their goal is to 
disrupt the final talks between the U.S. and Japan.  
They're planing a secret meeting somewhere in this 
building.  By interrupting the talks, they hope to delay 
the sinking of Japan.  Take him out, Smith.  Take him out."

4: Mah-Jongg Room
Action: Leaning back in a chair, feet propped on a desk.
"The talks broke down.  All according to plan, I guess.  
Now the skies will rain on Japan for sure.  But straight 
up, it doesn't add up.  Why doesn't the US destroy the UN 
Party?  Why do they let them live?  Somebody is pulling 
strings.  Could it be a Fukushima adherent?  Kenjiro 
Matsuoka is the Director of the Central Management Office.  
Or Matsuken for short.  Can he pick up where Fukushima left 
off?  Can this dude lead Japan?"

5: Rooftop
Action: Perched on the edge of the rooftop, like The Karate 
"Nice work, chief.  Have you had your fill of picking off 
small fries?  Well, the big fish are still fair game.  The 
UN Party headquarters is right over there.  Your target is 
a couple of corrupt old men.  The incarnation of greed.  
Straight up, they're sly old foxes.  Japan's good as shit.  
A ring opens the door to battle.  Go finish 'em off, 

IV: CLOUDMAN: Ulmeyda City, Texas

1: Front gates to Ulmeyda City
Action: Standing in front of gate, looking up at Welcome 
"Is that guy out of his mind?  Does that look like the 
president of a mega corporation?  A 'Comprehensive 
Company?'  Yeah, right!  And there ain't anything 'ideal' 
about this city!  It's in the middle of the desert for 
crying out loud!  This is all beyond me.  I just can't keep 
up with young folks nowadays."

2: Gas station
"In the U. S., even a 10-minute difference can make the 
sale.  His company . . . takes a week to deliver the 
product.  What kind of system does he have going?  
According to rumours, the company purchases magazines from 
companies around the world.  He claimed the operation is 
'the largest domestic trading company.'  So, you're telling 
me he's just a wholesaler?  The letters on my shirt's the 

3: Behind post office
Action: Standing at a public mail receptacle that has 
Ulmeyda's face where the American Bald Eagle should be.
"Have you heard?  The name of Ulmeyda's company?  'First 
Life,' he calls it.  Hah!  Here's the company profile:  
Largest catalog retailer group.  'A Specialized 
Revolutionary Global Distribution Organization.'  But what 
the hell does that all mean?  Means a big heap 'o rotten 
beans, that's what it means."

4: In front of Ulmeyda's compound
Action: Sitting with chin on fist, atop entrance monument
"The world is a big place.  Mark my words.  The pamphlet on 
First Life contains 93 lies and 7 truths.  The truths don't 
provide any answers.  Corporations are built on lies.  The 
lad has hints of genius.  Dazzle people with smoke and 
mirrors, and swoop down like an eagle and clutch their 
heart in your claws.  First Life is a winning trade company 
that can purchase goods from the world over.  A truly 
gigantic distributor."


PART ONE: ISZK Amusement Park

1: Entrance
Action: Looking into the closed shutters of the ISZK LAND 
ticket booth.
"The park has closed.  Not a damn soul around.  Straight 
up, this is a great place to go undercover.  Just the place 
for the old man to hide out in.  Hard to believe that 
terrible things happen right here in this theme park.  
Hell, this place is linked to an orphan trading syndicate.  
Hurry, Mr. Smith.  That white headed man is a sly old fox."

2: ISZK String Quartet Cinema 3
Action: Sitting hunched over, on top of a seat in the 
theater audience.
"There's quite a history between the old man and the 
Hellion.  The Hellion'll go ape shit if he so much as hears 
Curtis' name.  Even the chief wouldn't be able to hold him 
back.  Where did he get killed, anyway?  Chief, you 
recovered the body, no?  Tell me straight up -- just how 
much do you know?"

3: ISZK String Quartet Cinema 2
Action: Standing at the microphone, on stage, as though 
"You sure don't show much interest in your pals.  Do these 
people even exist?  You're not one of those multiple 
personalities, are you?  The old man was the Hellion's 
mentor at the Seattle self-defense force.  Dan learned the 
ABC's of murder from the old man.  Dan was accused of 
betrayal, and taken out in an alley.  No trial for that 
one, baby!  Chief, you're the one who recovered the body, 
right?  But Pedro, who had connections to the self-defense 
force, was the man behind it all."

4: Adventure Plaza
Action: Hanging from a lamp-post, clearly in parody of Gene 
Kelly's classic pose from the film "Singin' in the Rain."
"Well, isn't that just too bad.  You can't get in without a 
mask.  It's a special masquerade attraction.  Members only.  
Smith can slip in, of course.  The master of disguise.  But 
straight up, wearing a mask is cheating."

5: Central Tower of Killer House
Action: Balanced on his toes, arms spread wide like Christ 
on the cross.
"This is all just hearsay, but the old man has some freaky 
hobbies.  Apparently, he's a black market organ trader.  
And that's his 'public' face.  His private life?  He lives 
with orphans.  Straight up, all girl orphans.  And it's all 
sanctioned by the government.  Pedro is the middleman.  He 
controls the organ trade routes.  The ties from the self-
defense days would appear strong.  Can you believe the 
nerve of it?"

6: Immediately Before Fighting Ayame Blackburn
Action: Holds his right hand, palm facing the character, 
with all digits extended--and with the middle and index 
fingers of his left hand over the palm of his right hand.
"Pedro siphoned capital to a foreign syndicate.  But then 
he tried to skim a little off the top.  The members of the 
Seattle self-defense force signed a pact of brotherhood in 
blood.  Traitors are punished by death.  The Hellion was 
framed by Pedro.  Pedro assigned Dan to launder the dirty 
money, and had the old man take Dan out, or so the story 

PART TWO: Curtis Blackburn's home

1: In the courtyard of Blackburn's estate
Action: Sitting in a lawn chair.
"You know what was behind the assault on the immigration 
office?  Pedro monopolized the market.  Before, the rule 
was the old man had the girls, Pedro had the boys.  That 
is, until Pedro broke it.  There's a big business in 
orphans.  But there was a shortage in fresh organs.  Heaven 
Smile caused the birthrate to drop more rapidly.  Increases 
in contagious diseases started eating away at bodies.  And 
voila --- control of the market on boys was no longer 
enough.  That's why Pedro betrayed the old man.  Pedro can 
run but he can't hide."

2: Main house of Blackburn's estate; Inside chimney
Action: Braced between the walls of the chimney.
"You're slipping, Smith.  How can the old man be giving you 
this much trouble?  Ayame, the machine gun girl with the 
crazy costume?  That's the kind of shit the old man gets 
off on.  He trained her himself.  You saw the the pile of 
bodies in the back, right?  That's the old man's true 
colors, shining through.  He only needs the girls . . . .  
No use for the boys . . . . Some tragic ass shit, that's 
for sure."

3: Backhouse of Blackburn's estate; West bedroom
Shirt: RAVE
Action: Wiping off the table with a purple cloth.
"This is one hot and muggy day.  The old man must really be 
feeling this.  Now, where could he be hiding?  Maybe this 
way?  Naw, at this size, only a kid could fit through."

4: Poolside
Action: Prepping for a dive into the pool.
"What a pitiful pervert.  Doesn't deserve to live.  And 
Pedro?  He's probably a filthy bastard as well.  They're 
all the same.  Rats who profit by bartering in human lives.  
And you know who should settle this?  The Hellion.  Cause 
he's been around it from the start.  A fitting way to tie 
up old ends, right?"

5: Outside Harman's Room in the drained pool
SHIRT: SUMMER 2002; different from other shirts, the tank 
top is robin's egg blue.
Action: Reclining in a lawn chair, as though tanning 
"Man, it's hot.  Almost as hot as that one fateful day.  
Right, Smith?  The Chief knew.  Knew this was an unlucky 
day.  It ain't good for the old man, either.  Cause one dip 
down below, and all the skeletons come out of the closet."


1: In the Church Front area
Shirt: HOW TO GO
Action: Reclining against a barrel.
"What a pain in the ass!  What's with the design of the 
studio?  The editors can't even get near it!  Talk about 
putting on airs!  He needs to know his place.  If you want 
to get into Trevor's studio, I'll tell you straight up, 
you've gotta collect color samples.  With a fancy selection 
of hues, the door contraption will open.  The chief keeps a 
lech, right?  He'd be perfect for the job.  Just the guy 
for running errands."

2: In the Church Front area, second part
Action: Sitting in a windowsill, legs dangling
"Straight up, this is a pain, man?  Running around for some 
frickin' color samples.  What makes it worse?  This town is 
a mess.  THAT'S what makes it worse.  Have you heard?  
About the devil's shortcut.  Word on the street is that 
next to the door to the artist's house is the entrance to a 
labyrinth!  Light the lamp and the shortcut is revealed.  
Is that spooky enough for you, chief?  Would YOU light the 

3: In Cathedral
Shirt: HIGHWAY; Travis wears a white tuxedo
Action: Sitting in a chair
"This just ain't right.  Is it?  Is it right for time to 
march on like this?  We all know the guy owes his success 
to his representative's finesse.  He doesn't have the skill 
to make it on his own, thank you.  Straight up, he puts an 
angle on a comic, and the same shit goes down in the real, 
3-dimensional world.  The guy's a seer, man.  No surprise 
he's a little egoistic.  He thinks the world is putty in 
his hands.  But damn!  Never piss off your reps!  They'll 
cut off your pay!  And in his case, they sent an assassin 
after him!  Oh, I get it!  That's where you come in, huh, 
chief?  It all makes too much damn sense."

4: Terrace
Shirt: ROCK 'N' ROLL
Action: Looking into the distant, still windmills.
"Straight up, this sucks ass.  Pissing me off, I tell ya.  
There are 9 sample colors in total.  All the 'handsome' 
colors.  Match the requested colors, and the door opens.  
It'll be a cinch if you just collect all the color samples.  
I heard the artist has a sodft spot for comic lovers.  If 
you know the assignment of the 'handsome colors,' you'd 
have a nice shot at getting invited to dinner!  If you're 
gonna kill him, you'll do some stealing!"


PART ONE: the Union Hotel

1: Sixth Floor
Action: Sitting in a reading chair, mouth open as if in 
"There you are, Smith.  I was waiting for you.  Do you 
remember this hotel?  Let's talk straight for a second.  
Well, suit yourself.  I was stuck into this sofa.  I found 
it again.  What does this bullet mean?  You know, right 
chief?  The charade is all over, my friend."

PART 2: "Coburn" National Elementary School

1: Main Gate
Shirt: BALI
Action: Reclining on the front steps.
"Quiet!  If you're overheard,. you'll be in deep trouble.  
Lemme tell you straight up, just between you and me.  This 
is the spot where the homeland's elections originate.  The 
spot for the primaries for the first presidential election.  
The first president of the US was the principal of this 
school.  Win over your neighbors, and win over the world.  
That's the way politics works."

2: School Entrance
Shirt: 656
Action: Riding an exercise bike.
"Cut that out!  Don't peek at me all of a sudden.  Can't a 
guy have some privacy?  If you have something to say, save 
it for later.  I mean, please, dude!  Let's talk somewhere 
else.  Hey, I know a good place.  Right over there!  A 
student's secret sanctuary, the private locker!  I'll be 
waiting at the same number as the one on my shirt.  Use 
this.  Get the secret tapes."  (Travis gives the player the 
Cassette Player.)

3: Locker 656
Action: Crammed in the locker, in the fetal position, mouth 
open in shock.
"Straight up, this place is whack!  If you think this is an 
ordinary school, you'll get burned!  I heard the new models 
have already arrived.  This is the final confrontation.  
You've gotta hear this bit, chief.  Shoot the open locker 
repeatedly.  His locker, the sealed one.  Make your way to 
the truth, Smith."  (After Travis finishes speaking, a 
sound like a loudly rung bell is heard.)

4: 2nd Floor Hallway
Action: Spinning a fire extinguisher on two fingers.
"The homeland's history is all right here.  But there's a 
catch . . . .  The first presidential election created a 
precedent.  An artful technique came into play.  Could it 
be?  That the vote count isn't always what it seems?  What 
do you do if the truth is all lies?  What do you do if your 
history is a charade?  Can't you smell the stench of 
deceit?  Smith, go and peer upon it with your own two eyes.  
The truth behind this country . . . ."

5: Cafeteria
Action: Sitting at cafeteria table, prepared to eat with 
giant fork and knife.
"Don't raise your voice, man!  Nobody knows who could be 
listening.  Twenty-four people.  That's how many electors 
have been assigned to this state.  Ten percent of the total 
vote.  Hey, that makes it the key state!  Now, wouldn't 
that be a nice place to control?  The lord of this state is 
the lord of the land.  But who must you sweeten to gain 
this fair prize?  It'll take a mountain of money.  But for 
whom to write the check?  You must know by now, right, so 
just tell me straight up?"

6: Outside Gymnasium
Action: Sitting on the wall of the walkway outside the 
"Can I ask you straight up?  Why doesn't Harman fight?  
This conspiracy is Harman's problem.  Harman's linked to 
this school.  I know you can't believe it.  But it's the 
cold, hard truth.  If you have any doubts, go to the 
gymnasium.  But I'm warning you, the truth is too big to 
even begin to scratch the surface.  But Smith, I do believe 
that you can find the truth.  I'm almost sure of it.  
Because you're on the ground.  Mills waits at the hotel.  
The final battle is not far off.  I'm telling you straight 
up, this is about it from me.  I wish you all the luck, and 
die like a dog.  Then laugh it off.  I'll be waiting for 
you with a grin as wide as the truth."

VIII: Conclusion

There you have it.  Any questions concerning this or any of 
my other FAQs can be addressed to 
LOGOS_AWAKENING@BELLSOUTH.NET, and I will respond as soon 
as I am able to respond.

Special thanks to Jerel Smith and Yoshiko Ohier, for their
suggestions and contributions to help finish the list of
Travis' T-shirts.

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