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Guide and Walkthrough by Starvenus

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/22/2005

FAQ Readers : This FAQ is not finished yet, so I apoligizie for any missing
information that I have not put yet due to the limited storyline and/or
time to compile the information I have.
Please be patient as I will update this FAQ regularly. Thank you

                         ATELIER IRIS : ETERNAL MANA
                                PLAYSTATION 2
                              FAQ / WALKTHROUGH
                                 VERSION 1.0

 Type of FAQ         : FAQ/Walkthrough
 Platform            : Playstation 2
 Genre               : Role Playing Game
 Game Version        : North American
 Rated               : Teen
 Published by        : NIS America
 Designed by         : GUST
 Initial Release FAQ : 2005
 FAQ Version         : 1.1
 Writtten by         : Eli H.

*****************************Legal Disclaimer********************************

 This document is for personal use only. It is not to be sold or reintegrated
 into another guides for this game or others. DO NOT post this FAQ, in part or
 whole, ANYWHERE. I posted this FAQ solely to GameFAQs. You may ask written
 permission to post this FAQ via email, but it's a 0.01% chance for you 
 getting permission unless I am familiar with the site and the site has full 
 respect of copyright laws. If by any chance I granted the permission, I must 
 be given full credit on my work and this FAQ shall not be altered at all.
 Cheatcc is allowed to post my FAQ in their site.
 This document property of Eli H., all rights reserved. Copyright 2005 by 
 Eli H.


 Search Function:
 Press CTRL + F and type the word that you want to find the info.
 For example: You want to find Sub Quest 
              Press CTRL + F then type: 005

            | ~~ TABLE OF CONTENTS ~~ |

  |    I - Introduction                  ~ 001  |
  |   II - Game Basic                    ~ 002  |
  |  III - Characters                    ~ 003  |
  |   IV - Walkthrough                   ~ 004  |
  |        A. Quick Walkthrough                 |Updated
  |        B. Walkthrough                       |Updated
  |    V - Sub Quests                    ~ 005  |
  |   VI - Weapons & Accesories          ~ 006  |
  |        A. Weapons                           |
  |        B. Accesories                        |
  |  VII - Shops                         ~ 007  |
  |        A. Shops                             |
  |        B. Shop Synthesize                   |
  |        C. Shop Synthesize Scenes            |Updated
  | VIII - Mana                          ~ 008  |
  |        A. Mana                              |
  |        B. Mana Items                        |
  |        C. Weapon Synthesize                 |Updated
  |        D. Mana Stone                        |Updated
  |   IX - Skills                        ~ 009  |
  |    X - Miscelleneous                 ~ 010  |
  |        A. Growloons                         |
  |        B. Lector's Bonus List               |
  |        C. Veola's Books                     |
  |        D. Aroma Material                    | 
  |        E. Permanent Effect Food             |   
  |   XI - Frequently Asked Questions    ~ 011  |
  |  XII - Updates and Email             ~ 012  |
  | XIII - Credits                       ~ 013  |


  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>                      I ~ INTRODUCTION  ~ 001                       <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>

 Atelier Iris : Eternal Mana reminds me of classis RPG which very different
 with many RPG nowadays. It sure has the same core as any other RPG; 1 person
 destined to be a hero to save the world against evil, but it has some other
 aspects that makes it enjoyable game. The ability to change the language
 preference, funny moments in the scenes, character development depth, and not
 to mention the synthesize power which make me enjoy this game very much.

 It is quite simple game easy to follow. You can't really miss something 
 really important in the game. The synthesize function is quite fun and easy
 to follow too. There is no hundreds upon hundreds of outcome possibilities
 which could be major headache more often than fun. Although there is one
 thing that a bit bother me, I wish I could see the World Map a bit clear, 
 like I could zoom the map out so I know exactly where is the surrounding

  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>                       II ~ GAME BASIC  ~ 002                       <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>


 1. Action Dial; L1/R1
    The option in this Action Dial is minimized up to 'Mission' and 'Help'.
    You can still check your current mission and/or sub quest also watching
    the tutorial of lots of things in the 'Help' menu.

 2. Left Analog/Directional Pad
    Use this function to move up, down, forward, and backward.

 3. X Button
    Use this button to enter a city/dungeon, read the road sign.


 1. Action Dial; L1/R1
    You can browse through the Action Dial, as you progress through the game
    you will be given more options by using this function. The default function
    of Action Dial are Help Menu, Mission, and Element Extraction.
    It will be added with Gather Monster, Stone, Barrier, Love, Transform,
    Destruction Blast, and Float.

 2. Left Analog/Directional Pad
    Use this function to move up, down, forward, and backward.

 3. Square Button
    Use Square button to activate the Action Dial once you made your choice.

 4. Triangle Button
    Use this button to open the Menu which include;     

 5. Circle Button
    Use this button to jump.

 6. X Button 
    Use this button to talk to people, read sign, comfirming action, search
    the area.

  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>                      III ~ CHARACTERS  ~ 003                       <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>

 1. Klein Keilsing
    Our main character in the game, the one that destined to be a hero. He's
    from Gzestein which is quite far away from Kavoc area. Hi dream is to 
    become Master Alchemist, that's why he takes on a journey to find the lost
    art. His first companion is none other than Lita. 

    His weapon is a Cane which can be used to extract elemental material for
    your alchemy usage. Klein has Wood Mana named Popo as default one but you
    can find more Mana along the way to help you in your journey.

    Level : 1
    Weapon : Klein's Cane
    Accesories : None
    Skill : Ele Extract Level 1 and Mace Atk Level 1   

 2. Lita Blanchimont
    Lita is a young girl who lives in Kavoc and helps Norman to tackle some
    of monsters errands along with non monster related errand. She is a member
    of Galgazit, the main job is to seek out and exterminate Growloons.
    After Klein joined the group, her story starts to unfold so is her destiny
    along with Klein. From killing Growloons for a living now turns to journey
    to survival. Her weapon is claw and she can attack multiple enemies at

    Joined in : Hermil's Gate
    Level : 4
    Weapon : Claw
    Accesories : Red Bracer
    Skill : Claw Attack Level 2

 3. Delsus
    Delsus is the clown of the gang. He likes to drink, hate sweets but like
    spicy food, and most of all like to hit on any girl he comes across, with
    no luck off course. His weapon is bow and can only hit 1 enemy, although
    his other skill has some wider range.

    Joined in : Kavoc
    Level : 8
    Weapon : Bow Gun
    Accesories : None
    Skill : Crossbow Level 2 and Power Shot Level 1

 4. Norn
    She's the cute cat girl who lives with Zeldalia in Poto Forest. She refuses
    to be called a 'cat', you have to call her 'cat girl', there's a difference
    between the two. ;p She has 1 very useful skill that I use alot to gather
    food, beside her other skill too. She joined you after the book stealer
    incident which brought you to Zeldalia, your grandmother's friend. Off all
    your characters, she has the lowest HP and defense. Her weapon is a Cane
    and her regular attack can reduce HP and MP.

    Joined in : Poto's forest
    Level : 12
    Weapon : Wing Staff
    Accesories : None
    Skill : Magical Staff Level 1, Shrink [L] Level 1, and Sleep Level 1

 5. Arlin
    He is a mysterious guy who joined you because he wants to go to the same
    place as you. His agenda has yet to be discovered and it seems he knows
    Zeldalia too. He owns a Mana too same as Klein so he must be an Alchemist
    like Klein. He uses a Sword as his weapon and his attack is powerful.
    Although he can only target 1 enemy at a time, his attack is quite 

    Joined in : Poto's Forest
    Level : 15
    Weapon : Long Sword
    Accesories : Feather Charm
    Skill : Sword Atk Level 3 and Mana Strike Level 1

 6. Marietta
    She's the red haired girl whom you come across meeting on several occasion.
    You won't know what's her agenda until later in the game. There's not much
    information about her since you can only see her on 2-3 occasions. It looks
    like she's one of the member of Alkavana but then choose to go her own
    way, you wouldn't know anything more until you see her again much later
    in the game. She uses a Sword as her weapon.

    Joined in :
    Level : 45
    Weapon :
    Accesories :
    Skill :

  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>                      IV ~ WALKTHROUGH  ~ 004                       <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>

 | WALKTHROUGH NOTE                                                         |
 | You're understand by reading this walkthrough, you're bound to see some  |
 | ****SPOILERS****. And no, I don't put story of the scene, I just take you|
 | where you can activate scenes or fights. I tried the best I could to     |
 | minimize the spoilers.                                                   |


 This Walkthrough is made for people who doesn't want the extensive detail of
 a full walkthrough, a summary for them is good enough. In that manner, I don't
 need to inform you off certain things in the game; save the game, pick up 
 items, open the chest, among with other things. This quick walkthrough is made
 for people who just want to continue with the story of the game.

     - Fight a Falcon Hawk
     - Meet Lita
     - Exit the forest on the northside zone.

 02. KAVOC
     - Go to 'Wild Moss Bar' owns by Norman.
     - Doing errand for him; 1 Lunch to Lyla across the street, 1 Lunch to
       Veola up the hill beside Norman's place to 2nd map, the Magic Shop.
     - Go back to Lyla and check the back room.
     - Back to Norman.

     - Go to Lapis Wood and head to south exit to World Map.
     - Follow path and enter the Tower.
     - Enter red platform.
     - Exit the Tower and head North to the Gate.

     - Enter the Gate. Lita joins you.
     - Back to Kavoc

 05. KAVOC
     - Talk to Norman. 
     - Go to your Base and then back to Norman.
     - Get Tingleberry from Veola.
     - Synthesize for Norman.
     - Go outside town.
     - Proceed to Lapis Wood.
     - Use Ele Extract to the Growloon.
     - Back to Norman then go to Base.

 06. SEWER
     - Delsus joins you.
     - Make your way out to the Sewer. 
     - Keep heading down and east.
     - Go to Base.
     - URU, Fire Mana joins you.
     - Exit town to go to Lake Forwel

     - Do 1 errand for Gemlis.
     - Get Stained Grass in Lapis Wood [climb on the tree].
     - Back to Gemlis.
     - It's safe to go back to Kavoc.

 08. KAVOC
     - Talk to Norman, go to Sewer.
     - Back to Base, go back to Sewer.
     - Talk to Norman, head to Base.
     - Head toward Church then back to Base.
     - Exit Base go to Outdoor Theatree

     - Go to Outdoor Theatre.
     - Head to Kavoc
     - Follow the catgirl to Lapis Wood
     - BOSS FIGHT : Beggur plus 2 men
     - Back to Base then head out to Lake Forwel

     - Go to Lake Forwel, talk to the boat men, across the lake.
     - Head north/right side of the map, enter Collector's Caravan.
     - Get Visa from Lector, then head to Proselyte Encampment on the East 
       side of the World Map.

     - Eradicate all the Growloons you see.
     - PLUA, Dark Mana joins you.
     - Make your way to the exit [left side of the map]
     - Exit the place enter to Poto's Forest, follow the path left to cross
       stone bridge then go up to new map.
     - Enter Zeldalia's house.
     - BOSS FIGHT : Norn

     - Go back to Iri's Resting Place to 3 Circle Pedestals on top of 3 black
     - Go up the long stairs near the exit area, to go inside the door.
     - Back to Zeldalia.
     - Head back home through Iris's Resting Place.
     - Go to Red Portal to Kavoc.

     - Head to your Base. 
     - Exit town then go to Puni God. It's Northwest of Tower of Airfen.
     - Enter the Puni God.
     - BOSS BATTLE : Super Puni + 2 Golden Puni + 3 Red Puni
     - Head back to Pilke in Norman's Bar.
     - Go to Veola then visit Hagel [Weapon Shop].

     - Go to Lake Forwel, cross the Lake and go to Iris's Resting Place.
     - In Poto's Forest go North crossing the bridge and exit to World Map.
     - Enter Arcose, talk to Villa [shop up the stairs the further leftside].
     - Exit Arcose, go right to Valiant Path, then go to Alexia Cave.

     - DIEMIA, Stone Mana [must get it to reach Hute]
     - Make your way into deeper part of dungeon, 2nd map then 3rd map.
     - Use Stone Mana as stepping stone to jump up.
     - Meet Hute, exit the Cave.

 16. KAVOC
     - Use the green portal in Arcose to zap in to Kavoc.
     - Go to Hagel to finish the mission story.

     - Use DIEMIA [Stone Mana] to get items you can't reach.
     - Kavoc -> Chest in front of Norman's Bar.
     - Sewer -> Mana Item Chest & Chest in a room behind the electrical charge.
     - Iris's Resting Place -> Chest and Mana Item Chest on rooftop Furnace
                            -> Golden Handle near the Iris's Secret Door.
     - Zeldalia's house -> Mana Item Chest on top of big ol' pumpkin.

 18. KAVOC
     - Go to your Base
     - Go to Church
     - Back to Base
     - Go to Sewer
     - Follow the guys to cross the wood log.
     - BOSS BATTLE : General Beggur Part 2
     - Go to Norman's Bar, talk to Finn
     - Get NYMPH, Water Mana in Collector's Caravan.

     - Use NYMPH [Barrier] to reach the item.
     - Iris's Resting Place -> Bag near electrical charge.
     - Sewer -> Chest on top of wall inside electrical charge room.

     - North of Lake Forwel.
     - Clean out the thieves.
     - BOSS BATTLE : Mr. Brigand
     - In World Map : Northwest of Fort Galga.
     - Head down the botton of the Cleft.
     - SILWEST, Wind Mana halfway down to the bottom on the leftside.
     - Enter Spring of Nervia.

     - Go to Base.
     - Go outside Base to get main quest/mission. 
     - Poto's Forest, Growloons clean up [6]
     - Go to glowing Stone Circle outside Zeldalia's house
     - BOSS BATTLE : Jin Riders
     - Go to Hermil's Gate.
     - Go to Base
     - Head to Arcose, talk to Villa.
     - Go to Mine to talk to Hute so you get the key.
     - Proceed to Alexia Cave, the locked door.
     - BOSS BATTLE : Elder Virum

     - Ku Luda North of Puni God.
     - Enter Snow Field and exit to East.
     - Town of Duran East then North of Ku Luda.
     - Talk to Village's Chief in Duran on the 2nd room in the Jajima's Shop.

     - Go back to Ku Luda and go up the stairs to the chessboard.
     - Positioned the 4 white pawn pieces to the glowing square board.
     - Get the item for Village's Chief in the scene [Flame Sphere].
     - Positioned the purple pawn pieces [4] to the glowing square board.
     - Put the last purple pawn in the middle of the board  with the pattern,
       then you will get Norn's Illusion Skill.
     - Exit and Go to Duran.
     - Talk to Village Chief.
     - Now you can travel to Forest of Ocean Mist.

 26. Forest of Ocean Mist
     - Make yourway in this place.
     - Exit to World Map.

 27. Garden of Eternity
     - Follow the only road from Forest of Eternity.
     - Make your way through Garden of Eternity.
     - On the 3rd map exit to World Map.
     - Move up North then go East to Land of Mana.

 28. Land of Mana


 _______________________//                           \\_______________________
 _______________________|  1 ~ LAPIS WOOD - PROLOGUE  |_______________________

 | Feather Charm   | Chest on the tree, climb it       |

 The game begins with a touch of flashback, you will see a scene where two
 people talking about how they met. Your story begins here in Lapis Wood
 where Klein your character starts his journey to learn more about the lost 
 art of Alchemy. While you are short on alchemy materials, you got attacked by
 Falcon Hawk and there's a girl; Lita, comes to your rescue. After the scene, 
 you can go approach any object that seemingly has more color than the 
 surrounding area, to activate a tutorial on how to use Element Extraction.
 Go use Extract Element in your Action Dial [L1/R1] and press Square button 
 while facing the thing you want to extract. You will notice things that can 
 be extracted has more color than surrounding area. You can also extract the
 wood sign if you want to. ^^;

 See the big blue stone in the middle of big tree? Extact that stone then 
 proceed to go near the tree to climb it with X button. There's an accesories 
 inside that tree in a chest, Feather Charm.
 There's 1 more battle you have to do but this time you are ready with your 
 Alchemy. Use Mana Synthesize to synthesize Ice Bomb from the Water Element 
 you just extracted. Once the battle is done, you will see a scene where
 the Prologue is ended.

 ________________________________//           \\______________________________
 ________________________________|  2 ~ KAVOC  |______________________________

 | 220 Cole        | Bag on top of the wood box        |
 | 300 Cole        | Bag on top of the stone structure |
 | Pinenuts        | Chest in front of Weapon Shop     |
 | 5 Cole          | Barrel in front of Veola's Shop   |
 | Mini Pendelook  | 2nd Floor Balcony Church          |
 | Dark Mana       | Rooftop house near Church, jump to|
 |                 | barrel                            |
 | Heal Jar | Mana Item in the back room of Lyla's Shop|

 Once you are inside, you can take your time exploring the city. There's a guy
 whom you will have quite few scenes with him to advance with the storyline,
 his name is Norman and own a somekind bar and grill place. Outside his place,
 you can jump up to the stonelike structure to go to the upper level on the
 roof to find your way to the next map. On the next map you can go to the
 Weapon Shop, Hagel owns it. You probably doesn't have enough money yet to
 upgrade your weapon. Now make your way back to the first map of the town 

 Across the street from Norman's place, there's another shop. I conside this
 shop is miscellenious shop. Lyla is the keeper of the shop. On the road that
 lead up beside Norman's place is to go to the last shop of this city. Veola,
 a young girl runs this shop. She has mostly battle related items along with
 other stuff.

 Ok, Tour Guide done, now the real thing. There are some items that you can
 pick up there, also you can extract boxes, barrel, and flower pot; however
 before you extract barrel, if the barrel shown X button it means there's an
 item inside that barrel so take the item instead of extract the barrel.
 Items on the ground, most of them will respawn back once you exit and reenter.
 There are certain items that won't respawn easily or never since the items
 are considered rare items.

 I, personally, take my time to exit and reenter the map to get the spawn items
 and extract the pots to get more Elements. ^^; 
 Now to continue on to the story, go to the first house near the town entrance.
 You will be greeting by Norman, the man who owns and runs the place. Norman
 will ask you to do errand for him so you can earn a bit of money. Popo will
 stay in the bar, he can heal you and your party too. Now go outside across
 the street to go to Grocery Store owns by Lyla.

 Now, go up the hill beside Norman's place to 2nd map. The only store there to
 go is the Magic Shop which runs by Veola. She will make reference to you that
 you should go to Lyla's Shop since you interested in alchemist stuff. Go back
 to her to receive another scene. You will end up in the back room. There's
 a big blue gold box. This is a Mana Item box, everytime you see this kind of
 box, try to get it. Open the box and you recieve a 'Heal Jar'. You can 
 synthesize Heal Jar in 'Mana Synthesize'. 

 You can go back to Norman now to receive the reward from helping him, 100Cole
 also ask him about the city on top of the mountain. You will be approached
 by a man named Delsus when you and Norman talk about the city on top of the 
 mountain. Based on his recommendation, you're going to Tower of Airfen to
 see the mountain city there. It's West of Kavoc. Everytime you open a new 
 area, you will be ask if you want to view it on how to get there, use this 
 function as your advantage so you won't get lost or have no idea where to go 

 Save the game first before going out to Tower of Airfen. Afther that, you can
 go to World Map and travel to Lapis Wood.

 _____________________________//                 \\___________________________
                              |  3 ~ LAPIS WOOD   |
 _____________________________|  TOWER OF AIRFEN  |___________________________

 | Herbal Drop | Mana Item on the top of Tower Airfen |

 You can pick up mushroom here, Fresh Dancing, Fresh Smoking and the Old 
 version of both. You can also pickup Old Nue and Karikari Nuts. It's an easy
 map so make your way down to exit the map and continue your journey from
 World Map to Tower of Airfen.

 Once inside, you will see a red teleporter, step on it will take you to
 the top of the tower. Another scene to watch. You can get that Mana Chest
 after the scene, Herbal Drop. You can't make the Mana Item yet since Popo
 can't handle Fire Element, all you have to do is wait until you find a Fire 
 Mana who wants to join with you. Now we need to take a closer look of that
 gate we saw on the tower. It's north of the tower. 

 ___________________________//                   \\___________________________
 ___________________________|  4 ~ HERMIL'S GATE  |___________________________

 Once inside you will see a scene. You can see there's a glowing step square 
 on the bottom left corner, that is your 'Camp' where you can save your
 journey, heal up, and check some lists. You finally introduced yourself 
 properly to a girl who saved you in Lapis Wood. She asked you to become a
 Galgazit, people who hunt monsters and Growloons. She will join in your party
 here once you become a member of Galgazit. Now head back to Kavoc to Lita's

 When you went in to Lapis Wood, you will see 2 kids all alone, approach them. 
 Lita commented that kids shouldn't go outside while there's no adult
 supervision. Meet Dia, Yach, and Pamela. You will have the chance to help
 Pamela finding her body much later in the game so don't worry about it now.
 Proceed to Kavoc to Lita's house.

 _______________________________//           \\_______________________________
 _______________________________|  5 ~ KAVOC  |_______________________________

 After talking to Norman now you'd be able to go to your home Base where you
 can do many things beside Save your journey. Now you need Norman's permission
 to Mana Synthesize inside the Base but before that he needs you to do an
 errand for him. Pick up Tingleberry from Veola's Shop, up the hill beside

 On your way to Veola's, you will meet another Alchemist named Rurona who
 is on the journey to go find Flawless Marvel. You'll see her from time to time
 after she founds more clues about the place she wants to go. After the scene,
 go to Veola to finish your errand. When you gave Norman the Tingleberry, he
 will introduce you the function of 'Shop Synthesize'. An advice, for you all,
 use this function regularly to create more items and new items. You won't
 regret it as some crucial quests that will help one of your character comes
 from one of the items that you will create in the future.

 You will have to make your first synthesize; Meuniere. After you are done,
 Norman will give you the reward for doing the errand, 5 Flour, 5 Green Powder,
 5 Rock Sugar, 5 Ale, 5 Karikari Nuts, 5 Goat Milk, and 5 Canola Oil.
 You both went back to the Base then Lita wants to go to bed since it's late
 at night. You will see a scene then you can control yourself again afterward.
 Save your progress, don't forget and you can Mana Synthesize for Heal Jar or
 Ice Bomb if you want and have the element.
 Go outside town, you will be stopped by a scene where a guy shouted that
 there's Growloons in the forest [Lapis Wood]. It's time for Galgazit to step
 in and eradicate Growloons. Proceed to exit town you will instantly in
 Lapis Wood to see yet another scene. Finish the battle then report back to 
 Norman. You receive 500 Cole from killing 1 Growloon. Since you are official
 Galgazit, Norman gave you a Growloons Record book, you can access this book
 in Norman's place. Click the book whenever you kill more Growloons to receive

 After small explanation on Growloon Record, you have to choose the Team's Name
 from several choices the game have it for you. Go back to Base to continue
 with the story. Proceed to the Church to find out what Alkavana wants from
 you. Meet General of Alkavana, Beggur; a pain in the butt guy. ^^;
 You will see a familiar face trying to help you run from Alkavana. Follow
 him to the Sewer.

 ________________________________//           \\______________________________
 ________________________________|  6 ~ SEWER  |______________________________

 | Small Gear      | Barrel near the Sewer entrance    |
 | Blue Bracer     | Chest on the Eastside corner      |
 | Red Legion*2    | Barrel                            |
 | 360 Cole        | Chest in the dead end Westside    |
 | Log*2           | Barrel near the wooden boxes      |
 | Skinny Log*2    | Barrel near the wooden boxes      |
 | Feast Rock      | Barrel near the wooden boxes      |
 | Blue Mana       | Chest hidden behind wooden boxes  |
 | 360 Cole        | Chest in the middle of sewer water|

 After all the scene. Keep go straight, take the item inside the barrel and
 extract the box so you can keep going straight. A Chest at the end of the 
 corner there, Blue Bracer. If you follow the path, you will see a small room
 blocks by purple and black blocks. You can't enter this room to get that
 Mana Item Chest you see inside; you will however, later on when you get the
 right Mana to help you with it. Backtrack again at the boxes you destroyed to
 go down to the middle path. Take the item inside the barrel, Red Legion.
 Proceed until you reach a dead end ahead [metal bars on the left side of the
 wall] and the only way to keep moving is to go following the right path.
 There's a Red Legion on the wood ledge, get that too.
 Keep walk straight until you see a wooden bridge in front of the electrical
 charge room. If you want to keep walking straight passing that bridge, you
 will reach a dead end with an open ledge to jump down to the lower ledge then
 go on top of the wood log on the sewer water. You can go there again when you
 Fire Mana officially joined you. Now go back, across the bridge in front of
 the electrical room and pass the wooden bridge, choose leftside path first
 [it's dead end but you can get items there]. Get the items lying around then
 get the item inside the barrel, Red Legion. 

 Extract 1 box, then jump up to the purple block. Open the Chest, 360 Cole.
 You can go backtrack now and choose the righ path to keep on going to the
 exit. Go across another wooden bridge, jump to the barrel and pick up some
 items lying on the ground. Go down small step stairs on the left side and
 crossing very narrow stone bridge [again it's not the exit path but there's 
 item there]. You will see lots of boxes and barrels. Get items inside the
 the barrel. Now start extracting these boxes to clear out the area.

 At the corner of the boxes, there's a Chest hiding. Cleared out the boxes and
 get the Chest, Blue Mana. After you get the Chest, go backtrack to original
 crosspath and proceed to go right path pass the wooden bridge. In the middle
 of the sewer water, there's a wood ledge with a Chest on it, ignore that you
 can pick it up later with Fire Mana. Pick up items on ground then jump up the
 purple and black block to go exit the dungeon.

 _______________________________//           \\_______________________________
 _______________________________|  7 ~ KAVOC  |_______________________________

 | URU  | Fire Mana will join you after |
 |      | exiting the Sewer             |

 You ended up in the back room of Lyla's Shop. Inside your Base, Delsus will
 say you to stay low for awhile and recommend you to go to Lake Forwel.
 Before heading to Lake Forwel you can go back to Sewer now to get the Chest
 you missed out, since you have Uru joined you, now you can use Destruction
 Blast. You can use Action Dial [L1/R1] to choose it and face the object you
 want to destroy then press Square button. You can't, however, destroy the
 black block. 

 I, personally, took advantage of the items that keep spawning in town or in
 Sewer to make some money so I can buy some weapon for my party. It's your
 choice though.

 After saving the game, go outside to World Map. You can now journey to the
 East then quickly to South heading to Outdoor Threatre then finally to 
 Lake Forwel.

 ____________________________//                 \\____________________________
 ____________________________|  8 ~ LAKE FORWEL  |____________________________

 | Dark Mana     | Bag in Outdoor Theatre         |
 | 160 Cole      | Bag in Outdoor Theatre         |
 | 280 Cole      | Bag in Field                   |
 | Old Dancing   | 2 Barrel in Lake Forwel        |
 | Feather Charm | Bag in Lake Forwel             |
 | Twisted Lando | Bag in Lake Forwel [very rare] |
 | Fest Stone    | Barrel in Lake Forwel          |
 | Sleepaid | Mana Item near Gemlis in Lake Forwel|
 | Growloon = 03/03 in Field near Outdoor Threatre|

 When you left the city, another scene will appear in the Church. Proceed to
 the East then go South to the Outdoor Theatre. Jump to the box and destroy
 the purple block in front of you so you can hop to the black block to reach
 out for the Bag. There's another Bag near the left corner. Exit the place
 then proceed to follow the road in the World Map. Enter the 'Field' to
 kill some Growloons there. With this 3 Growloons, you will have a new Rank
 once you check the book and report to Norman. Exit the area then keep going
 East to Lake Forwel, it's a small town by the lake, hence the name of it.

 They have only 1 shop here, Fish Shop runs by Gemlis. Once you're at his shop
 he will give you an errand to do. He needs Stained Grass for fishing lure.
 Go inside the only house in the area, you will get 2 Bags there. Go to the 
 dock and you can see there are 2 Mana; Red Mana and Dark Mana, there. 
 You can destroy the box and purple block to get it. 

 Save your progress at the Camp then go out to Lapis Wood to do Gemlis's job.
 Now go to Lapis Wood to get the Stained Grass, it's on top of the big tree
 that you can climb up. Once you are in Lapis Wood, another scene will pop up.
 You can pick up the grass on top of the big tree after you saw the scene.
 Go back to Gemlis to give him that grass and receive your reward. He will
 reward you 325 Cole for the grass. It's safe to go back home now so make
 your way back to Kavoc.

 _______________________________//           \\_______________________________
 _______________________________|  9 ~ KAVOC  |_______________________________

 Norman will tell you an update of what's going on after you left the city.
 Don't forget to check the Growloons Record to update the book and receive
 you reward. You will get another job from Norman. There's a ghost sighting
 down in the Sewer, you have to check that out to see if the rumor is true.
 Head to the Sewer entrance near the Church, you will encounter Yach and Dia
 talking about the ghost. Enter the Sewer and go up in front of the room with
 electrical charge on the ground, you will a familiar face. Head back to the
 Base after the scene. You won't be home for long since after your arrival,
 Dia reported that Yach is gone missing. Pamela came through the wall
 [literally] and said that she saw Yach walked in to the Sewer.

 Go march down to the Sewer again. Head near the electrical charges room,
 then go down across the wooden bridge toward the other end of the sewer.
 You will see that Yach is about to get attack by one of the monster in the
 Sewer, not the ordinary monster though.

 This will be your first battle against creature that immune to physical atk.
 Each of your character has move that has magical attack so use that move 
 to kill the Ghost. You can use Ice Bomb to hurt it too. After you finished it,
 the whole gang came to see Yach. Dia gave you Red Bracer for saving Yach.
 Report back to Norman about the ghost. He gave you 5 Milk for getting rid of 
 the ghost.

 Head back to your Base to continue on. Head toward Veola's Shop part of the 
 map, then go back to 1st map to activate a scene. Check Lita, how's she doing
 at the Base. Save your game then exit Base to see another scene.
 You can go to Outdoor Threatre to see the new play the people talk about.

 _________________________//                      \\__________________________
 _________________________|  10 ~ OUTDOOR THEATRE  |__________________________

 After the scene, Klein realized that his book from his late grandmother is
 missing and that cat girl took it along with other people belonging as well.
 Let's head back to Kavoc to see where she's going, and what do you know...
 She's there! While the Alkavana gave up their pursue and report the incident
 to General Beggur, you have to keep after her. According to Arlin, she's
 going to the forest. Now, go to the only forest you know, Lapis Wood.

 The bad kitty stopped by General Beggur in Lapis Wood. You will have to fight
 the General and his men. Get ready, BOSS BATTLE time.

,========================'  GENERAL BEGGUR PART 1  '=========================.
|                         '-----------------------'                          |
|                                                                            |
| Estimate HP : 300~HP [Ein and Zwei] - 450~HP Beggur                        |
| EXP Gained  : 220 and 242 [character who had the finishing blow]           |
| Cole Gains  : 440                                                          |
|                                                                            |
| Beggur will be accompied by 2 of his men; Ein and Zwei. Have Delsus keep   |
| using Power Shot to knockback and skill break whoever charging up skill    |
| mainly Beggur. Arrange his Power Shot so you can hit more than 1 enemy.    |
| Use Lita's Stone Blast, she could hit all 3 of them and you can only hit   |
| it once since I don't think she has enough Mana to do it twice.            |
| I use Klein Bomb Ice and Healing Jar whenever needed to. For Lita regular  |
| attack make sure she can hit everyone. I only need healing once and I don't|
| think it's even neccesarry.                                                |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|                            '-----------------'                             |
'==========================='  END BOSS BATTLE  '============================'

 Now, you made an enemy that won't go away even after you defeated him. ;p
 Even after you helped the cat girl, she won't give Klein's book back and ran
 away with it, but Delsus knows where to go since the cat girl mentioned
 Zeldalia. Before keep going on pursue, you better head to Kavoc again to rest.

 ______________________________//            \\_______________________________
 ______________________________|  11 ~ KAVOC  |_______________________________

 Head to your Base to listen to Delsus's story about how he knows where to
 track the kitty down. He's giving you clue that you need to across the lake
 in Lake Forwel to reach Iris Resting Place. Through there you could get to
 Poto Forest. Now we head to Lake Forwel but before that, let's go to Outdoor
 Theatre as the people are gone and you can get new items there.

 _____________________//                             \\_______________________
 _____________________|  12 ~ JOURNEY TO POTO FOREST  |_______________________

 | Flame | Mana Item in Proselyte Encampment  |

 Once your business done in Theatre, go to Lake Forwel. You have another 
 problem now, you need Visa to pass the Alkavana so you could get to the ruins.
 There's a boatman waiting for you by the small dock now. Talk to him so you
 can crossover to the other side. In the World Map, head left to Northwest
 to go to Collector's Caravan. Meet Lector, from here on whenever you found or
 made new items, you can report it to Lector, she will keep in tab on how many
 items you have collected and combination too. You will get 'Bonus' from her
 when you completed a set of combination or reach certain number of items.

 From her, you can get the Visa you need to pass the Alkavana Guards.
 Exit the place then head to East to Proselyte Encampment. You will have no
 problem passing though, get the Mana Item Chest before exiting the place.
 Keep follow the road in World Map, you will see a ruin called Iris's
 Resting Place.

 ________________________//                         \\________________________
 ________________________|  13 ~ IRIS RESTING PLACE  |________________________

 | Chest       | Red Bracer                   |
 | Bookshelves | Yellow Mana, Black Mana      |
 | Bag         | 360 Cole                     |
 | PLUA | A Dark Mana awaken by you inside the| 
 |      | Blue Statue                         |
 | Mana Jar | Mana Item in the middle of 4    | 
 |          | Round Blocks                    |
 | Growloon = 04/05 in Iris Resting Place,    |
 |                  1 needs Diemia            |

 There are Growloons in this area [5 total but you can only get 4 right now], 
 so take care of them too while finding the exit of this place. Avoid those
 electric conductor. Get the Chest not far from the entrance; Red Bracer,
 then proceed further in more open area, you will see a door at the bottom left
 side of the screen, enter the room to see a scene. This room called 'Furnace'
 used by the Fairy to create things. Exit the room then go up the stairs.

 After the scene, follow the east/right path, you will see 1 Growloon in the
 middle of air, shoot it with Destruction Blast. Jump up the blocks, you will
 see another Growloon in front of you, use Extract this time if you want, you
 could get pretty rare element. Keep follow the path, it's the only one you
 can go to keep on going. Soon after you will see a big Blue Statue blocking 
 your way, go click it.
 Meet Plua, a Dark Mana who agreed to join you. She also mention to remember
 the Blue Statue, there might be a Mana sleeping inside the statue just like
 her. In front of you, there's a big dark blue orb that you could extract into
 36 Dark Element. Go up the stairs as you can see, there's a Mana Item Chest
 up ahead, Mana Jar. Go back then jump to the purple blocks, you see the
 Chest on the upper right screen? Keep going until you see the stone stairs
 that lead you to it. Extract the Growloon and get the Chest, Sorcerer Support.

 Now backtrack where you got Plua, the Dark Mana, to go to the exit. Go follow
 the stairs down to the leftside of dungeon. When you see the blocks of spikes
 at the lower ground, you will see the dark stone, go jump down to the lower
 ground using that block to much big open hall with blue circle in the middle
 of the room. Keep walking to the left side of the area. You will be stopped
 by a man that you saw earlier talking to Zeldalia. Go up the stairs to exit
 the area and enter Poto Forest.

 __________________________//                    \\___________________________
 __________________________|  14 ~ POTO'S FOREST  |___________________________

 | Chest       | 360 Cole                      |
 | Chest       | 370 Cole                      |
 | Chest       | 340 Cole                      |
 | Barrel      | 340 Cole                      |
 | Chest       | 360 Cole                      |
 | Barrel *3   | String                        |
 | Ancient Mask| on the ground 2nd floor       |
 |             | outside Zeldalia's house.     |
 | Living Item | Skill for Klein [choices from |
 |             | Zeldalia]                     |
 | Ether Bulb  | Mana Item [choices from       |
 |             | Zeldalia                      |
 Once you are in Poto Forest, go to your leftside of the map and cross the 
 stone bridge. You can pick River Water for you shop synthesize here too. 
 Hop in to the higher ground and proceed to the left to another stone bridge,
 or you can take a look around before going to the 2nd stone bridge. There's
 a barrel for 340 Cole hidden behind 3 wood log stacking very high, up in the
 north. When you crossed the 2nd bridge, there's 1 pumpkin and bushes near the
 edge of the cliff, extract or destroy it so you can walk on the cliffside to
 get the Chest there, 360 Cole. Proceed to the next map [2nd map] you can
 get some String from the barrels here. There also a Chest on the end of the
 map near the cliff to jump down, 340 Cole. 

 And don't worry about the big pumpkin with Mana Item Chest on top of it, you
 will be able to get it later because it's currently too high for you to jump, 
 need 1 more stepping stone to reach that pumpkin. Make sure you go to Camp to
 heal up and save. Next scene will be BOSS BATTLE. Once you entered the room,
 you will see a scene where you will be tested if you are worthy to get the
 book back so get everything ready first for battle.

,================================='  NORN  '=================================.
|                                  '------'                                  |
|                                                                            |
| Estimate HP : 500~                                                         |
| EXP Gained  : 291 and 320 [finishing blow]                                 |
| Cole Gains  : 176 Cole                                                     |
|                                                                            |
| She will have many companies ;p 7 Punis and 1 Master Puni. Finish the      |
| weakling first so they won't bother you. Use Lita's Stone Blast on the puni|
| near Norn, so you can hit 4 Punis, Master Puni, and Norn. Have Delsus's    |
| Power Shot hit the other 3 Punis on the other side, that will take care of |
| that side. Have Klein use Heal Jar on whoever got hit. After Lita's Stone  |
| Blast, the one left should be Norn, Master Puni, and 1 Puni.               |
| Now, kill Master Puni as she can heal the enemies. Delsus's Power Shot     |
| will takecare of it, arrange it to hit Norn and Master Puni at same time.  |
| Klein's Bomb Ice not too well again Norn, his Flame Bomb however works     |
| bit better, 50-60 dmg each time. Make sure you heal everyone too, by the   |
| time Norn is the only one left, you will need some healing.                |
|                                                                            |
|                            '-----------------'                             |
'==========================='  END BOSS BATTLE  '============================'

 After defeating Norn, you can look around at Zeldalia's house. There are 
 couple of items on outside of her house in 2nd floor. Meet Nyaron too, the
 cat who sells items on 2nd floor of Zeldalia's house. The Cat sells the book
 Veola wants, if you use the Shop synthesize regularly. Outside there's a
 yellow golden orb ball which you can extract into 36 Light Element. Pick
 up Ancient Mask too, it's an Accesories. 

 Talk to Zeldalia again, she will give you a choice to choose either one of 
 the item. It's up to you to choose which one you want, you could get the other
 one later in the game. Personally, I choose Mana Item, Ether Bulb. The other 
 choice is Klein's skill, Living Item. Some people prefer Living Item skill
 as it could help you on dire situation. 
 Save the game and heal up with Popo, then you have to go back to Iris's
 Resting Place.

 ________________________//                         \\________________________
 ________________________|  15 ~ IRIS RESTING PLACE  |________________________

 As Zeldalia gave a hint in her scene, you have to go back to that 3 Circle
 Pedestal on top of black blocks. It's near the Furnace where you got the 
 scene from it earlier too. You will see that the electric charge that blocking
 you from entering the secret room has been turned off. Make your way toward 
 the exit again but this time don't go to the lower ground [stepping down to 
 the black blocks], instead keep going to up the long stairs and approach the 
 door to activate the scene.

 Back to Zeldalia to ask her what's going on. After the scene, you will have
 another thing you could use in your Base whenever Lita's Mana depleted.
 Arlin showed up to prove his point. Don't worry about winning the battle test
 with Arlin, you can't win the battle. After enough talking, it is decided that
 you are going to open Hermil's Gate. Go back to Kavoc to find more clues about
 opening the Gate. Once Arlin joined your party, you can equip the Mana you 
 have to each character. Each Mana has the ability to help you raise your
 skills once their experience bar is full, take advantage this function to
 raise your skill's level.

 About Lita's Mana; I always try to keep her Mana fully charged but then
 I know that some people deliberately depleted her Mana so her wing is fully
 grown. While she's in this situation, her HP goes down but her attack power
 greatly increased. People take advantage of this method to have her hit hard
 on bosses battle.

 As you are about to enter Iris's Resting Place to go back to Kavoc, you are
 transported to another place. You can now do 'Weapon Synthesize', I waited to
 do this after much later on in the game since you are still short of Mana
 and Mana Stones. Pick up the Mana Stone in here too. There are; Glowing Mana,
 Green Mana, and Blue Mana. Pick the ones up the stairs too; Yellow Mana,
 Red Mana, and Black Mana. Pick up the Accesories too, Speedster. After done
 looking around, step into the red portal and choose Kavoc.

 ______________________________//            \\_______________________________
 ______________________________|  16 ~ KAVOC  |_______________________________

 When you arrived at Kavoc, go back to your Base. Find Delsus in Norman's bar.
 You have another job to do now. Puni God is Northwest of Tower of Airfen.
 Talk to Norman so you can get Monster's List which you can ask Lita about it
 when you are in a Camp. Walk toward Veola's Shop, you will meet the Alchemist
 girl, Rurona again. Now we can go to Puni God, exit the town and head to 
 Lapis Wood then pass the Tower of Airfen, choose left/west road to Puni God.

 ____________________________//               \\______________________________
 ____________________________|  17 ~ PUNI GOD  |______________________________

 | Bag    | 260 Cole                          |
 | Chest  | Dragong Fangs                     |
 | Chest  | Fairy Claw                        |
 | Bag    | 1840 Cole                         |
 | Love Gem | Mana Item halfway to Puni God   |

 Enter the Puni, follow the road that look like a phone cable ;p
 You didn't walk too far until Puni's Brothers stop you and challange you to
 a fight, an easy fight I might add and you get Frozen Rain in return which
 you could give it to Norman when he asked you for it. About the notorious
 Puni Brothers, you can visit them from time to time to have them re-challange
 you again and there is a 'final' battle between you and them after you fought
 them numerous times. I have yet to prove this myself but I heard other did

 Keep follow the path until you see a Chest, Dragon Fangs. Go back then follow
 the other road to the left. Keep following the road, and jump the black block
 to get that Dark Mana. Move up north follow the path, you will see a Mana
 Item Chest, Love Gem. Take the path that leads you to Northwest. Jump the 
 black block to reach for the Chest, Fairy Claw. Follow the winding road 
 heading to 2 black blocks, jump over it to get to a Bag, 1640 Cole. 

 Back to the 2 blocks again, then head to the other path leading to East. Keep
 following the road until you see there's a Puni guarding a pathway. Get
 Ready, BOSS BATTLE begins here.

,============================='  SUPER PUNI  '===============================.
|                              '------------'                                |
|                                                                            |
| Estimate HP : Super Puni 800~HP / Golden Puni 300~HP                       |
| EXP Gained  : 322/645/709  - Mana 33/40                                    |
| Cole Gains  : 1730 Cole                                                    |
|                                                                            |
| Beside Super Puni, you will have 3 Red Puni and 2 Golden Puni. As usual,   |
| take out the weaklings first so it won't bothered you. Use Lita's Stone    |
| Blast to take them out, you could target them all by choosing the middle   |
| Red Puni. Red Puni is easy to defeat, the next hard one is Golden Puni.    |
| Use Delsus's Power Shot to kill the Golden Puni, but this move is bad for  |
| Super Puni so don't use it. Lita's Force Blast is doing good to Super Puni |
| I got Lita's wing pop up and her Force Blast to Super Puni doing 270+ dmg. |
| Her wing pops up when her total mana is depleted to low numbers.           |
| I used Norn's Turn 2 Candy to get Sour Block on regular fight against Puni |
| before the battle so I can use it for Lita. If you need to heal use Klein's|
| Skill 'Wide Item' then choose Heal Jar, target the middle character so     |
| everyone is healed.                                                        |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|                            '-----------------'                             |
'==========================='  END BOSS BATTLE  '============================'

 Once the fight is over, proceed to the door you will exit the dungeon and go
 back to Pilke the fairy in Norman's bar. Pilke will give you Gust Sphere.
 After everything is done, go talk to Veola to receive a message. Head to
 Hagel's Weapon Shop and you will see Rurona again. Walk to the shop and talk
 to the big guy. He wants you to help him get minerals he ordered in Arcose.
 It's time for another journey and this time we're heading to new town, Arcose.

 _____________________________//              \\______________________________
                              |  18 ~ JOURNEY  |
 _____________________________|    TO ARCOSE   |______________________________

 | Poto Forest                                |
 | Bag    | Glowing Mana                      |
 | Mine                                       |
 | Bag    | Small Gear                        |
 | Bag    | Red Legion                        | 

 Now that we can go to new city, let's head to Lake Forwel to cross the lake
 so we can go to Poto's Forest. You know the drill by now, make your way to
 Iris's Resting Place then when you're in Poto's Forest, go upper right to
 cross the bridge to new map. Keep following the road, you will see a landmark,
 Mine. Enter the Mine, and to the store there but nobody is there. Go down to
 the other room to get 2 Bags there. Exit the Mine then proceed South. Arcose
 not very far from there. 

 _____________________________//             \\_______________________________
 _____________________________|  19 ~ ARCOSE  |_______________________________

 | Bag    | 340 Cole                          |

 Once you are inside, you will see familiar face visiting the town too. Go to
 the main area and up the stairs to see another scene about green portal.
 From now on, you can transport back from Arcose to Kavoc [vise versa] using
 this portal. The Kavoc portal would be in Veola's Shop, it'll save you time
 by using this portal instead of walking. Everytime you come across to town or
 other significant place, the portal will add the new town/place to the list 
 of places that you can go.

 Get the Dark Mana near the portal, also there's a bag on the lower area in
 front of the Mana, 340 Cole. You can look around town if you want to explore,
 but to go on with the story, go to the shop on the leftside of the map.
 Meet Villa who is rather worry about her sister, Hute [she happens to be the
 one who opens the shop in Mine]. You need to find her in Alexia Cave before
 you can get the Ore for Hagel.

 Alexia Cave is located Northeast from Arcose. From Arcose, go to East/right
 path to enter Valiant Path. It's just a small walk in that dungeon, you can
 get Growloons inside too and some chest/bag. After Valiant Path keep following
 the road until you see Icy Cave, Alexia Cave.

 __________________________//                  \\_____________________________
 __________________________|  20 ~ ALEXIA CAVE  |_____________________________

 | Chest       | Ancient Mask in Valiant Path      |
 | Chest       | Poison Blade in Alexia Cave       |
 | Chest       | Red Mana in Alexia Cave           |
 | Gold Legion | Very rare item found in Alexia    |
 |             | Cave near Hute                    |
 | Bag         | 360 Cole                          |
 | Mask of Courage | Mana Item in Valiant Path     |
 | DIEMIA | Stone Mana in Alexia Cave              |
 | Growloon = 04/05 in Valiant Path, 1 needs Fly   |
 |          = 03/03 in Alexia Cave                 |

 Once you entered Valiant Path, you could see there are Growloons and Chest
 with Mana Item inside, let's get these first before we keep going. You can
 jump when you see the small shattered cold lava in between the ground.
 Extract all the Growloons then jump over to the Chest, Ancient Mask. Jump
 over again then go to the right side to jump to the Mana Item Chest, Mask of
 Jump back and go back to where you started, then keep going West to the exit.
 You are in World Map now, keep follow the road, it's the only road there to
 the Icy Cave, Alexia Cave.

 Extract the Growloon in front of you, keep going under the stone bridge.
 Destroy or ectract the stones blocking your way to the stairs. Before going
 there to 2nd map, go across the stone bridge on your right side first.
 There is a Mana there that you need to save Hute. Get the Blue Statue to get
 Diemia, the Stone Mana. Now that you can summon him to make an additional
 stepping stone, you can reach places that you couldn't before, hint: outside
 Zeldalia's house the Mana Item Chest. ^^

 Now, back to the stairs and get the Chest, Poison Blade. Get the Growloon and
 keep going East to the 2nd Map. Once you are in 2nd Map, keep follow the road
 until you see a small lava puddle, jump over it then go step down reaching
 the Camp point. Make use of it to have Popo heal your characters, then go
 down straight and jump to the ledge beside the puddle of lava. Get the Chest,
 Red Mana then keep going down the stairs to the 3rd Map.

 Pick up that Gold Legion and the Bag, 360 Cole. Use the 'Stone Mana' in the
 Action Dial then press Square button to create a stepping stone to jump up 
 higher ground. Proceed to meet Hute. You can go back to Arcose now that you
 bring Hute with you to meet Villa. Upon exiting the Cave, you will see Villa
 waiting for you, after the scene Hute will give you the order Hagel asked
 you to pick up plus with the reward from helping her get out of the Cave.
 She gave you 2 Comet Stones. You can go back to Hagel now, use the portal
 in Arcose to save you time.

 ______________________________//            \\_______________________________
 ______________________________|  21 ~ KAVOC  |_______________________________

 Once you are arrived in Kavoc, you can see a scene with Rurona as usual in
 front of Veola's Shop. Proceed to Hagel to give him the Ore and receive your
 reward. (T_T) After all the suffering is over, he gave you Star Piece.
 Before you enter your Base which will make you see the next story scene,
 you could go backtrack to the places that you've been but not been able to 
 get certain items since you don't have Diemia yet.

 ___________________________//                \\______________________________
 ___________________________|  22 ~ BACKTRACK  |______________________________

 | Edge Cast      | Chest in front of Norman's Bar     |
 | Black Mana     | Chest inside Sewer                 |
 | Obake Bag      | Mana Item inside Sewer             |
 | Metalic Gear   | Rooftop of Furnace Room in Iris's  |
 |                | Resting Place                      |
 | Sylvan Ring    | Chest on the rooftop of Furnace    |
 | Cure Jar       | Mana Item on the rooftop of Furnace|
 | Golden Handle  | Near ornamanted block at the corner|
 |                | upper ground from spike,blue circle|
 | Unholy Water   | Mana Item in front of Zeldalia's   |
 |                | house                              |
 | Growloon = 01/01 in Iris Resting Place on rooftop of|
 |                  Furnace Room                       |

 Since you got Diemia; the Stone Mana, we could backtrack to places we went
 before but leave few things behind because we can't reach to the place yet.
 First stop is Kavoc, see the Chest in front of Norman's Bar with the ladder?
 Go in front of the 2 boxes on top of each other near a house in front of that 
 ladder. Put the Stone Mana in front of the boxes, so you can jump over then
 jump to the rooftop. Jump diagonally to the small area with the ladder. 
 Go up the ladder and get the Chest, Edge Cast. It's a nice bow for Delsus.

 Now we go to Sewer, remember the Mana Item Chest behind the electrical room?
 We can get that one now that we have Diemia. Once you enter Sewer near the
 Church entrance, keep going straight East to the corner and summon Diemia
 so you can jump up to the purple blocks. Get the Chest, Black Mana. Proceed
 to the black blocks and put Diemia again so you can jump over and get the
 Mana Item Chest, Obake Bag. The Chest on top of a wall, you can get it later
 once you have another Action Dial function that could help you to get there.

 Next target is Zeldalia's house, the big ol' pumpkin with Mana Item Chest
 on top of it. ^^ Go to Lake Forwel, cross the Lake pass Proselyte Encampment
 and to Iris's Resting Place. There are some items you can get in here too
 using Diemia.

 Go inside Iris's Resting Place and walk to the Furnace Room. There's lower
 wall beside the door that you can hop to by using Diemia. Jump up to the roof
 of the Furnace Room. You will get 3 Metalic Gears, 1 Growloon, 1 Chest
 [Slyvan Ring], 1 Mana Item Chest [Cure Jar]. You can keep going in here to
 get more Metalic Gear.

 Don't know where the Furnace Room? ^^; Okay when you enter Iris Resting Place
 [don't enter from Poto Forest, enter from the other side], keep moving forward
 you will need either jump, destroy, or extract those broken things blocking
 your way. Now you are in somewhat larger open area with the stairs on your
 upper screen. Walk forward, in front of you there's a door by the wall. It's
 a bit camouflage. That door is Furnace Room, remember that door! ^^;

 Now 1 more item to grab in here, keep going as if you want to exit the place.
 Until you reach the big area with few spikes and that big blue circle aura.
 Jump up next to the spike to the higher ground and you will a tall ornamented
 block on the corner. Use Diemia to jump over, and use it again to jump to
 the ledge reaching for Golden Handle. You can go to Iris's Room to zone in
 and out to get more of this Golden Handle.

 Ok, now proceed to Zeldalia's house. Use Diemia to jump up the pumpkin then
 click on the Mana Item Chest, Unholy Water. I think that's all the places 
 we could get for now, the rest of the items we need another kind of ability
 to reach it. Back to Kavoc, to your Base. You can use the Green Portal
 on 2nd floor of Zeldalia's house.

 ______________________________//            \\_______________________________
 ______________________________|  23 ~ KAVOC  |_______________________________

 Check the Growloons Record, since you get that 1 Growloon in Iris's Resting
 Place you will get to the next rank. Go to your Base to continue with the
 story. After all the scene is done, head to the Church area to find out what
 is next to be done. You next stop is back to the Base again. Once the scene
 is done, you need to go to Sewer to get Norn. Enter the Sewer from the
 Church area, you will find her near the electrical charge room, just a bit
 further straight down the road to activate the scene.

 Now we play cats and mouse with them ;p Follow where they run, at the end of
 the path, you see a black block, jump over it to go down the stone stairs.
 Ride the log to the other side. You will ended up at secret passage to the 
 heart of Alkavana place.

 Prepare for BOSS BATTLE !

,========================'  GENERAL BEGGUR PART 2  '=========================.
|                         '-----------------------'                          |
|                                                                            |
| Estimate HP : Soldier 300~HP Pig 150~HP Beggur 800~HP                      |
| EXP Gained  : 285 / 570 / 627                                              |
| Cole Gains  : 613 Cole                                                     |
|                                                                            |
| He's bring 3 men along with him and not to mention to little pig.          |
| Use Arlin Double Attack to kill the pig instantly. Use Lita's Stone Blast  |
| and target the middle men so you will hit him and Beggur.                  |
| Klein's Flame does nice dmg too 130~. When Arlin got his turn use another  |
| Double to the men in front of Beggur, he will be dead with it [Flame+ Stone|
| Blast+Double]. Now 2 men and Beggur left. Lita's Force Blast does good dmg |
| too against Beggur's men and add Flame from Klein afterward, he will be    |
| dead by then. For Drei, tooked me 3 skills to kill him. Then Beggur left.  |
| Keep using Klein to heal your party and if you could use 'Wide Item' to be |
| able to heal more than 1 character. Arlin's Double against Beggur does nice|
| dmg, Lita's Force Blast and Klein's Flame.                                 |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|                            '-----------------'                             |
'==========================='  END BOSS BATTLE  '============================'

 Thinking about the puzzle again, Arlin will give you a clue on where to go
 next. The little fairy Pilke will return the favor for helping him getting
 Super Puni Ball which he uses to pick up girls. ;p
 Now we need to go to Fort Galga, it's North of Lake Forwel. But before we go
 there's good stuff that you need to get first. Go to Norman's Bar and you see
 there's a guy there; Finn, telling you there's a wierd statue in Collector's
 Caravan. Use the Green Portal in Veola's Shop to warp there and find it out

 ___________________________//                \\______________________________
                            |  24 ~ BACKTRACK  |
 ___________________________|       PART 2     |______________________________

 | NYMPH  | Water Mana in the Collector's Caravan      |
 | Bag    | Yellow Mana in the electrical charge [Iris |
 |        | Resting Place]                             |
 | Chest  | Glowing Mana in electrial room [Sewer]     |
 | Chest  | Red Pants in your Base near Delsus         |

 Once you entered, you will activate a scene where Lector gave Norm Item List.
 Click on the Blue Statue, NYMPH the Water Mana will pop up and join you.
 Don't forget to assign her to one of your character so she/he will get free 
 skill points. She has unique ability too, called Barrier. It protects you
 from getting hurt for stepping on electrical charge, lava, or other stuff.
 Need more hints? Time to backtrack again to Sewer and Iris's Resting Place
 on that electrical charges place. ^^

 First off we go to Iris's Resting Place since we are in the neighbourhood.
 You know where to go by now, once you are in front of the electrical charge
 use the 'Barrier' on the Action Dial, then jump to the area. Get the Bag,
 Yellow Mana. Proceed to Zeldalia's house to use the Green Portal back home
 to Kavoc.

 Once in Kavoc, go to Sewer from Church side entrance, that's the closest to
 the room. Destroy 1 purple block and use the 'Barrier', walk to the other
 purple block near the Chest, destroy it and hop on top of it. You should be
 able to get the Chest, Glowing Mana.

 If you see to the side of the room, you will see someone wonders there. Go
 there and talk to her. When you're done, go to your Base to heal and save.
 I was able to pop a Chest near Delsus's bed, I'm not sure what triggered it,
 could be I just hit 20,000 Cole or because you just open access to Fort Galga
 or because of other unknown reason. I don't go down where Delsus lay back
 a lot so I'm not really sure. >.<

 ___________________________//                 \\_____________________________
 ___________________________|  25 ~ FORT GALGA  |_____________________________

 | Aeroangel | Mana Item on top of the leftside Fort   |
 | Hulking Smasher | Chest on top of the rightside Fort|
 | Me, Myself&Bomb | Chest on top of the rightside Fort|
 | 340 Cole        | Bag on top of the Fort            |
 | 320 Cole        | Bag on top of the Fort            |
 | 340 Cole        | Bag on South Clift                |
 Fort Galga is North of Lake Forwel. There's a Camp there so you can save and
 heal whenever you need to. When you arrived, Pilke is waiting for you in the
 middle of area. Take the left side of the fort first. Save up in the Camp
 if you want, later you can ask Popo to heal you after you take on left fort.

 The battle with the thieves who guard and run the cannon will automatically
 started when you climb up the stairs. Once you finished the first battle
 [1 thief, 1 rogue] go up the stairs and jump pass that blue arrow platform.
 You will fight 1 battle here [2 thieves, 1 master thief, 1 rogue]. Keep go
 on the stairs on the leftside and jump the black block, 1 more group and you
 see there's a Mana Item Chest. Beat this group and grab the Chest, Aeroangel.
 Go back down again, heal up then proceed to the rightside of the fort. Do the
 same thing as you did the leftside of the fort. This side is tougher than the
 other one, they have gunners and heavy armor enemy. First group 1 thief and
 1 rogue. Second group 2 gunner, 2 archer, and 1 heavy metal. Last group on
 top of the rightside of the fort is easier 1 thief, 1 rogue, 1 mercenary.
 Get the Chest, Hulking Smasher and Me, Myself & Bomb.

 Go back down, and heal or save up if you need to, then start go to the middle
 ladder. There are 2 ladders, doesn't matter which one you take first.
 Take leftside ladder, 1 master thief and 1 rogue. Take rightside ladder,
 1 thief and 1 rogue. Go back down the ladder and take the middle ladder.
 Take leftside ladder again, 2 gunner, 1 mercenary, 1 rogue and 1 thief.
 Delsus's Power Shot always does good dmg against them all. Now take the 
 rightside ladder, 1 gunner, 2 heavy metal, 1 mercenary, and 1 thief.

 All that left is the all the way up in the middle part to the boss area.

,============================='  MR. BRIGAND  '==============================.
|                              '-------------'                               |
|                                                                            |
| Estimate HP : Gunner 300~ /Wolves 150~ /Falcon Hawk 150~HP /Brigand 700~   |
| EXP Gained  : 408 / 816 / 897                                              |
| Cole Gains  : 1114 Cole                                                    |
|                                                                            |
| Brigand comes with 4 wolves and 2 gunners. Use Lita's Stone Blast and      |
| Delsus Power Shot to take out those wolves and gunner. Brigand could call  |
| Falcon Hawk to help him out. Keep using Delsus's Power Shot and alternate  |
| with Arlin's Double when only Brigand left. Have Lita used up all her mana |
| using Force Blast on him while Klein use Heal Jar to heal everyone.        |
| Klein Bomb Ice does nicely on the Hawk while the other hit Brigand.        |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|                            '-----------------'                             |
'==========================='  END BOSS BATTLE  '============================'

 Before heading out, get the Bags on the leftside, 340 and 320 Cole. Start
 going down then head to the rightside to enter the World Map.

 _________________________//                      \\__________________________
 _________________________|  26 ~ CLEFT OF NERVIA  |__________________________

 | 340 Cole        | Bag on South Cliff                |
 | Red Mana        | Bag in Cleft of Nervia            |
 | Red Mana        | Bag in Cleft of Nervia            |
 | Lighting Orb    | Chest near the bottom of Cleft    |
 | Gilded Sword    | Bag in Spring of Nervia           |
 | Buffer Ring     | Bag in Spring of Nervia           |
 | Sylph's Kiss    | Bag in Empty Tavern               |
 | 360 Cole        | Bag in Empty Tavern               |
 | SILWEST | A Wind Mana in Cleft of Nervia midway down|
 | Growloon = 02/02 inside the Cliff near Cleft of     |
 |                  Nervia                             |
 |          = 02/02 inside Cleft of Nervia             |
 |          = 02/02 inside Empty Tavern                |

 On the World Map go South to enter a Clift. Inside there's a Bag, 340 Cole.
 After you get the Bag, go back to North until you see a crosspath with a sign
 take a left path to enter another Cliff. There are 2 Growloons here. Take them
 out and exit to World Map, keep following the road to the North. Go up to
 the edge of the big cliff to enter Cleft of Nervia.

 Follow the narrow road, jump up and extract the Growloon in front of you. Go
 down the stairs and use Dest.Blast to destroy the purple block so you can get
 the Bag, Red Mana. Go pass the purple block and follow the path to the left
 side of the cleft. Get the Growloon then keep moving down until you see
 the Blue Statue and with the jumping path. You know what to do next. Jump to
 the small pillar there then make a big jump to the Statue.

 Make your way back up again to the right side and enter the first house.
 Go down the ladder, you could enter the house, but the way out is following
 the left path. Keep going down the ladder then proceed to the left, jump up
 near the bushes and pass it to reach for the Bag, Red Mana.

 Go back up again until the last wooden ladder then jump down to the woodledge
 Use destruction blast on the stone that blocking your way to continue walking
 on the wooden support. Get the Chest, Lighting Orb. Now you jump down to the
 wood made stairs to reach out for that Gold Legion. There's a Chest there
 but you can't get it yet until very late in the game.

 Go to the left to exit the area and enter Spring of Nervia. Once you are done,
 go up near the zone up jump over to get that green Bag, Gilded Sword. Then
 move down and extract that pink bushes to get to the Bag, Buffer Ring.
 Zone in to Cleft of Nervia since the World Map after Spring of Nervia still
 closed. So exit the way you came in Cleft of Nervia.

 From the Cleft of Nervia, go back to the Clift then keep going straight at 
 the road fork near the sign. Follow the road until you see an Empty Tavern. 
 Go inside there, extract 2 Growloons there. Jump over to extract it. Get the 
 Bags, Sylph's Kiss and 360 Cole. You can use the Green Portal to go home now,
 since you can't go back to Fort Galga full of Alkavana.

 ______________________________//            \\_______________________________
 ______________________________|  27 ~ KAVOC  |_______________________________

 Back at home, if you following Veola's Synthesize before doing anything,
 go up to Veola's Shop. Yach will show up and want to read the book you got
 from Fort Galga [Me, Myself & Bomb] then you can give it to Veola. However,
 before giving the book, you can give the Glow Stained, she asked you earlier.

 You can give her the book afterward. Now, you can go back to your Base to
 continue on. Go outside to see the people gathering in the plaza. A job for
 a Galgazit is waiting in Poto's Forest. Either go from Arcose to Poto's Forest
 or from Iris's Resting Place to Poto's Forest, it doesn not matter.

 __________________________//                    \\___________________________
 __________________________|  28 ~ POTO'S FOREST  |___________________________

 | Newlife | Mana Item in the glowing Stone Circle     |
 | Growloon = 06/06 Get every Growloon for easier fight|
 |                  with Jin Rider                     |

 When you get there, first thing to do is to destroy or extract all Growloons
 you could find this will help you greatly later. So take your time to 
 explore every corner of the forest to seek out and destroy Growloons.
 From where you stand, take a right to the dead end near the river side. Get
 that 1 Growloon there. Now proceed toward Zeldalia's house. There are 2
 Growloons on your way take them out then proceed forward. 

 Across the river bridge, take a right and follow the road until you see
 3 logs making structures, there's 1 Growloon on top of one of them. Use Stone
 Mana to jump up there, dont destroy the log or you can't get to it.
 Once you got it, keep moving up follow the path until you reach dead end with
 4 log structure. Use Stone Mana to jump over to the log. That is a total of
 6 Growloons you must extracted.

 That is all the Growloons in the forest, once you destroyed it, you will
 automatically in Zeldalia's house. Heal up and save if you want at the Camp
 outside Zeldalia's house, next stop is BOSS BATTLE. Go to where you fought
 Norn in the beginning of the battle.

 From Zeldalia's house, go south and jump down to the barrel on the lower 
 ground then proceed to the new map. Wind of Mana is waiting for you there.

,==============================='  JIN RIDER  '==============================.
|                                '-----------'                               |
|                                                                            |
| Estimate HP : 900~                                                         |
| EXP Gained  : 600 / 1200 / 1320                                            |
| Cole Gains  : 1200 Cole and Silver Mana                                    |
|                                                                            |
| Lita Force Blast is doing good dmg against it. Don't use any Physical Atk  |
| use Magic Atk Skill. Keep have Klein healing you all with Wide Item + Heal |
| Jar since Jin Rider has skill that dmg you all. Arlin Mana Strike is not   |
| bad dmg too but Lita has the best atk of them all. Delsus Dark Shot not    |
| doing so good for me. I just attack with Force Blast [Lita] and Mana Strike|
| [Arlin] and have Klein keep healing with Wide Item + Heal Jar or use any   |
| Mana Recovery food I have for Lita. It's important that you took out all   |
| the Growloons in the forest so you won't have any add Elemental in this    |
| battle. If you took them out, all you have to battle is Jin Rider alone.   |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|                            '-----------------'                             |
'==========================='  END BOSS BATTLE  '============================'

 Before you go, get the Mana Item Chest, Newlife. You can head to 2nd floor of
 Zeldalia's house to get into the green portal then head to Kavoc.

 ______________________________//            \\_______________________________
 ______________________________|  29 ~ KAVOC  |_______________________________

 Now, from here on, you can visit Zeldalia from time to time to do her a
 backrub, repeat this scene for several times [3 times for me] then talk to
 her to receive the other choice that you are passing earlier in the game.

 Talk to Norman and he will give you 1,200 Cole for taking care of Growloon in
 the forest, also check the Growloon Record since you will get a new rank.
 Head to Lapis Wood, to see a scene from Rurona. Save up then head to Hermil's
 Gate, it's North of Tower of Airfen. Go back to your Base after the scene.

 Soon after you arrived at the town, you will see another scene. You will
 have to fight 6 soldiers, use Lita's Stone Blast to hit few of them at
 same time. Delsus's Power Shot works well too. After all the scene done, head
 home to see where the next story takes you. Head to Arcose and talk to Villa
 to find out more about the locked door in Alexia Cave. She told you to go
 to Hute since she's been going that place alot. She will give you the key to
 unlock the door in Alexia Cave. Hute is in the 'Mine' North of Arcose.
 She opens Ore Shop in there.

 __________________________//                  \\_____________________________
 __________________________|  30 ~ ALEXIA CAVE  |_____________________________

 Once in the cave, you can go up to the 2nd map. Go to the place where you 
 see the Camp then go down the stairs to open the locked door. Becareful,
 once you are inside, it will automatically starting the BOSS BATTLE at the
 end of the scene.

,======================='  ELDER VIRUM - BLUE DRAGON '=======================.
|                        '--------------------------'                        |
|                                                                            |
| Estimate HP : 3600                                                         |
| EXP Gained  : 1200 / 2400 / 2640                                           |
| Cole Gains  : 3700 Cole and Ice Orb                                        |
|                                                                            |
| This will be your fist Everest. Compare to other bosses you've been head   |
| to head, this one has much more devastating attack [hit 3 characters] and  |
| A LOT more HP. Make sure you have 9 Heal Jar ready before battle, Klein    |
| probably ended being a healer in every turn. Every turn, the dragon could  |
| use 2 devastating flame moves. Arlin Double or Mana Strike does good dmg.  |
| First Klein's move, use skill 'Wide Item + Mark of Courage that you got in |
| Valiant Path. This will add STR to your characters for 5 turns.            |
| Use Lita's Force Blast and have Klein keep using Heal Jar at all time.     |
| Have Arlin using Double/Mana Strike and Lita Force Blast while Klein       |
| healing up everyone and putting up Mana food if you have too.              |
|                                                                            |
| Another big note: If you synthesize at Veola and up to Bomb Armor, made 3  |
| of that accesories and have it equip to everyone in battle. You take 10 dmg|
| every turn but it's hell alot of worth it since whenever the dragon cast   |
| Terra Flame or Flickering Flame you won't get hit for 100s.                |
|                                                                            |
| Another strategy other people used, is to deliberately make Lita's mana    |
| depleted [8] so her wing fully grown that way she does way more dmg when   |
| she uses her skill. Another method people use; go to Ku Luda Playground    |
| first [North of Puni God] and acquired Mark of Weakness which lower enemy  |
| defense for 5 turns. Also use the special bomb that Veola can make;        |
| Micro Craft, Terra Craft, Spike Bomber. I did Mark of Weakness + Spike     |
| Bomber, the dragon took 400-500~dmg.                                       |
|                                                                            |
|                                                                            |
|                            '-----------------'                             |
'==========================='  END BOSS BATTLE  '============================'

 A new destination has been opened after the scene. Go back to Kavoc, your
 home Base, save up then the journey begins again to Town of Duran.

 If you don't mind backtrack to Outdoor Theatre. There's a new set of blocks
 have been placed there. Go up near the stage area, put up a Stone Mana to jump
 then you do jump + destruction blast at that purple block on top of black
 block. This way you can jump over to the black block and down to the stage
 area to get that Bag, 1740 Cole.

 ______________________//                         \\___________________________
 ______________________|  31 ~ KA LUDA PLAYGROUND  |___________________________

 | Blue Mana     | Bag in dead end right from the      |
 |               | first stairs.                       |
 | Angel Feather | Chest just southwest outside maze   |
 | 850 Cole      | Bag near other side of the stairs   |
 | Mark of Weakness | Mana Item found in Ka Luda on the|
 |                  | exit side to Duran.              |

 Ka Luda Playground is on the Northwest from Puni God. From Puni God, keep
 follow the only road pass Puni God, you will eventually end up in Ku Luda
 Playground. There's only 1 word to describe Ka Luda, a chessboard. 
 Once you are in Ka Luda, go up the stairs then take a right to dead end with
 a Bag, Blue Mana. Go back and follow the left path to the stairs again.

 Becareful, the monsters here tougher then other places you've been. Once you
 are in the open area, keep heading north beside that pawn pieces. Don't enter
 the maze yet, the path that lead to the other side of the maze is in north.
 When you hit dead north, go inside the maze near the opening beside you.
 Follow the path then hit right then not far walking, you will see another path
 leading to south/down, it's quite camouflage.

 The down/south path will get you out of the maze. Go up immediately to get
 the Chest, Angel Feather. Back again to the other side go north then inside
 the maze again. Keep north to the top of the area with stone pillars. Head
 right to the edge of the place and go toward the Bag, 850 Cole.
 Go down the stairs, you see there's a ladder leading down. Don't go there
 yet, there's a Mana Item Chest if you keep going to the narrow path to the
 corner [southwest]. Get the Mana Item Chest, Mark of Weakness.
 Now, you can go down the ladder to exit to World Map. You can't reach to the
 Chest on that small place covered with pillars yet. 

 _________________________//                    \\_____________________________
 _________________________|  32 ~ TOWN OF DURAN  |_____________________________

 | Snow Field                                          |
 | Sylph's Kiss | Bag in Snow Field                    |
 | Lighting Rod | Mana Item in Snow Field              |
 | Town of Duran                                       |
 | 300 Cole     | Bag near the Camp behind the tree    |
 | Twisted Lando| Near the Oracle Room, lying around   |
 | 320 Cole     | Bag beside the house near the bridge |
 | Groovecube   | Bag inside Village Chief room        |
 | Tiny Gear    | Bag inside Village Chief room        |

 Keep go straight and enter the 'SnowField'. There's a Bag, Sylph's Kiss and
 a Mana Item Chest, Lighting Rod. You probably gonna use Lighting Rod alot in
 Boss Battle so good to take it early in the game. Your business is done here.
 Exit to World Map and continue your journey to the North following the road.
 Once you enter the town, a scene pop now you know what Delsus real name is
 Sir Ghaleon Ashley Delsus Delvarood. ^^; After you watched the scene, go
 look around first for bag, chest, and store. First go near the Camp area,
 behind the tree there's a Bag, 300 Cole. Then go to the rightside and up the
 stairs cross the bridge. Beside the house there's a green Bag, 320 Cole.

 Now back down near the Camp area, there's a house on left side of the town.
 Jajima [Delsus's grandmother] runs the shop. There's a door of the leftside
 wall, enter that door to meet the Village'c Chief, Delsus's father.
 He promised to help if Delsus passed the Test of Parodius which that what made
 him run away from his village in the first place. ^^;

 Before going to Ka Luda Playground again, let's get that 2 Bags in the room,
 Groovecube and Tiny Gear. Now we head back to the chessboard place again,
 Ka Luda Playground.

 ______________________//                         \\___________________________
 ______________________|  33 ~ KA LUDA PLAYGROUND  |___________________________

 The chessboard has been re-esembled and down to the small centered place with 
 several white and purple pawn pieces. Go to the front center of the puzzle
 in front of all those statues to activate a scene. After the scene, you can
 push the pawn around; forward, backward, and diagonally. All you have to do to
 pass the test is to put 4 white pawn pieces to the glowing square chessboard. 
 You can step on the black border too if you want to push piece that stuck to 
 the border.

 Remember, 4 white pawn pieces to the glowing square board to get Delsus's 
 Trial done. And for the freebies, we can get Norn secret skill here too.
 For Norn's Illusion Skill; placed the 4 purple pawn pieces to the glowing
 square board AND 1 purple pawn pieces to the center of the board. The center
 square is not glowing but has the same pattern as the glowing one.

 When you put 4 white pawn pieces to the glowing square board, you will get
 Flame Sphere. You're done your job for Delsus's Trial. Now, get the Norn's
 Skill. If you put the 4 pieces to the glowing square first, a purple mist will
 pop and comes with the monsters. It's rather tough battle which people use it
 for leveling purposes. If you don't want to fight those guys, place 1 purple
 pawn piece in that center square board with a pattern on it, same pattern as
 the glowing board but this one has no glow on it. By placing the center board
 with the purple pawn first, then placed the rest of the purple pawn, you won't
 have to fight those monsters in the mist.

 After you're done your business here, head back to Duran and report your
 success to Village Chief.

 _________________________//                    \\_____________________________
 _________________________|  34 ~ TOWN OF DURAN  |_____________________________

 After watching a lengthy scene, you know where to go to reach Land of Mana.
 You have to go through a forest also before going there, make you sure you 
 have; Uru [Fire Mana], Diemia [Stone Mana], Nymph [Water Mana], and Silwest
 [Air Mana]. If you don't, there's no continuation when you reached forest.
 If you missed out any Mana, please refer the above walkthrough and find it
 there. When you have all the Mana, you can go to Forest of Ocean Mist, 
 it's South of Duran.

 _____________________//                           \\__________________________
 _____________________|  35 ~ FOREST OF OCEAN MIST  |__________________________

 | Prismoon   | Bag near the first bridge.             |

 Once outside Duran, follow the middle path to the South until you reach
 Forest of Ocean Mist. It's the only path there. When inside, enter the Red
 Across the bridge then head down to get the green Bag, Prismoon. Continue to
 upper path blocked by ice crytal, destroy or extact it. Jump to the upper
 stone ledge then proceed to north, jump again. You'll be in a huge tree with
 a ladder leading down. Go down the ladder then head north side of the path.
 You can't go further on southside, the path is too narrow for you right now.
 You can go here later maybe ^^; Okay, now go North follow the path, extract 
 the ice crystal, jump down to lower ground on the edge of the path, you see
 a stone that seemingly different color, that one is moving stone, step on it
 to cross you to the other side.

 On the other side, you see a Red Portal and another moving stone. Go with the
 portal first, it's dead end with Mana Stone. Enter the portal, cross the 
 bridge and grab the Mana Stone, Silver Mana. Then head back where you were
 to cross that other moving stone.

 Crossed to the other side, go up to the small ladder and to the longer bridge.
 There's bushes, stone, and a huge dark pillar blocking your way. Destroy
 the pillar and the rest of the things that in your way. Cross another bridge,
 there's a Red Portal inside the hollow tree, step on it.

 You teleported to another place. There's a Camp on top of the stairs, use that
 to save and heal if you want. Go to the left to the bottom of the screen, you
 will see there's an arrow to proceed to next area. Extract or destroy the wall
 that blocked you. You are in World Map now.

 Follow the North the only road there. It'll take you to Garden of Eternity.

 ______________________//                         \\___________________________
 ______________________|  36 ~ GARDEN OF ETERNITY  |___________________________

 | 2300 Cole   | Bag not far from entrance use Diemia  |
 | 1740 Cole   | Bag on top of stones in 2nd map       |
 | Blue Mana   | Bag on top of very high arranged stone|
 | Yellow Mana | Bag on top of very high arranged stone|
 | 750 Cole    | Bag on top of stone                   |
 | Blue Mana   | Chest on 3rd map                      |
 | Meteor | Mana Item in 2nd Map of Garden of Eternity |
 | Growloon = 04/05 [ 1 in mid air near exit, need Fly |

 Garden has lots of Glowgrass type of plant. Grab some if you want to use it
 for synthesize. Keep moving up until you see a higher ground of the mountain,
 use Diemia to jump up to it. There's a Growloon and a Bag, 2300 Cole. Step
 down and continue to the left side, you will reach a new map.

 In the 2nd map, keep moving up until you see arranged stones with a Bag on top
 of it, 1740 Cole. Continue follow the path up you will see there's 2 stone
 stacked up so high. Destroy or extract to get the Bag, Blue Mana and the other
 Bag, Yellow Mana. Follow the left wall you will see a red arrow, jump up there
 and walk behind those bushes. Head South you see small bushes blocking your
 way, destroy it. On top of the stones there's a Bag, 750 Cole. Keep heading
 South you will see a Mana Item Chest, Meteor.

 Okay your business around that area is done. Go up North again then enter
 the door to the other side of the door. Down the stairs, extract those 2 
 Growloons. Follow the path you see 2 more Growloons. You can only get 1 right
 now. Continue forward to the new map. Follow the road until you see the bush
 blocked your way to the upper ground. Jump up and go to the end of the area
 and get the Chest, Blue Mana.

 Go back where you started [when you just enter the map], then jump to the 
 other higher ground. Go to the right side and use Diemia to give you a boost
 to jump. Go up then head North, you will exit to World Map.

 Continue North until you see a big white roundish landmark; Land of Mana.


  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>                          V ~ SUB QUESTS  ~ 005                     <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>

 When you are attempting to get a sub quest, try to finish your current sub
 quest. How do you know when you have 1 active? If you have sub quest active,
 it will show the 'quest' symbol on your bottom left corner screen. Press
 'square' button to find out what subquest you have, Popo will explain what is
 you main mission then if he says : 'Oh by the way.... blah blah blah' then
 you have 1 sub quest active.

 There are certain conditions which you might need to be able to receive a
 Sub Quest; reach a certain point of storyline, finished a precondition
 quest if there's ever one, and have certain item that will trigger a Sub 
 Quest which need that item to finish it. For example of these quests :
 Pamela's Body is Timeline, Lyla's Messy Store is item triggered, Candy Maker
 Part 2 has precondition of Candy Maker part 1. Although there might be
 other variable that play part but I think those 3 are the main ones.

 However, it's still unknown how one can get certain quest while the others
 cannot. There are still some other variables that takes an effect.

 I compiled some of the quests that I found and finished in my game. If the
 person has more than 1 quest, I put it in order of the first one is the
 first quest I ever get from him/her, second will be the second and so on.

|  K A V O C  |

 ~~~~~<<  1 ~ LYLA  >>~~~~~

 A. Messy Store
    When you are able to make Suxital from Veola's Shop, try visit Lyla every 
    so often to activate this quest. She will complain on how messy her store
    then if you have Suxital, you will offer it to her and she will accept it.
    Come back to her again after short while to see what is her reaction.
    A note to remember, I gave her 'Biomaster' the new result of Suxital, and
    she complained on how her place is messier when she used it so she gave it
    to me.

 ~~~~~<<  2 ~ YACH & DIA  >>~~~~~

 A. Daredevil Yach
    You will be able to initiate this quest when you get the scene when
    Norman gave you a job to investigate a ghost sighting in Sewer. You come
    across Yach and Dia on the way to the Sewer near the Church. They will
    run off after Lita said that they will take care of it. Proceed to the
    Sewer and found a so called ghost, then go back to your Base to initiate
    a scene where Dia came and told you that Yach is missing.

    Go to Sewer to find Yach. Fight the ghost that attack him. Once the battle
    is done, you will see another scene about Yach and Dia. Dia will give you
    Red Bracer as a reward.

 B. Learning to be an Alchemist
    When you got your first book to give to Veola, Magic in 7 Days, you can
    start this quest. Walk toward Veola's Shop after your arrival to Kavoc,
    you will start a scene once you zoned in. Yach will read the book real 
    fast so you don't have to worry about loosing the book. Now, everytime
    you get another book and in Kavoc, DON'T go anywhere once you arrived in
    Kavoc, firs thing first, walk toward Veola's Shop to activate Yach's scene
    to allow him read the book first before you give the book to Veola.

 C. Treasure Map
    Find Yach, Dia, and Pamela in Lapis Wood. They are talking about this
    tresure map that they found. Delsus ears ringing like Chistmas's bell when
    they talked about tresure, so he's gonna take the map and do the hard work
    for them. Go back to Norman's Shop to investigate further on the exact
    location of the tresure. Upon finishing and calculatting where it might be,
    you noticed there's an eardropping guy overheard what you all have said.

    Go to 'Empty Tavern' in the World Map. You will find it in surrounding map
    near the Clift area. Go inside to initiate another scene, be ready though
    you will have to fight inside with bunch of thieves who want their share
    of the tresure. Beat the thieves to end the quest.

 ~~~~~<<  3 ~ RURONA  >>~~~~~

 A. Rurona Sighting
    Through out the game, you can see a scene where you saw her somewhere.
    Mostly you met her in front of Veola's Shop so be sure to stop by there
    to check if you get a scene from her or not. 
    - She talked about a place called Flawless Marvel.
    - She found more info about Flawless Marvel.
    - She asked about a Mana Item called Dragon Gem.
    - She is in Valiant Path, investigate there. She said she heard about this 
      ruin while she's in Arcose. She said there might be a sanctuary built 
      beneath the lava flow, then she goes off to get Ice Bomb to freeze the 
      lava so she can look around.
    - She can be found in Lapis Wood, after Poto's Forest Growloon Atk event.
      She told you she finally found Flawless Marvel.

 B. Finding her way again
    You can find her in Kavoc, after Land of Mana. She feels so dissapointed 
    after her failed attempt to go to Flawless Marvel. After the scene, she
    will run off to explore ruins that you mentioned. You have to go find her
    in Iris Resting Place, Alexia Cave, and Puni God. After short while, she 
    will stand in Lapis Wood, near Kavoc zone. Talk to her in there to finish
    the quest.

 ~~~~~<<  4 ~ NORMAN  >>~~~~~

 A. Fish Dish
    He wants Frozen Rain so he could start making Fish Dish. You can get this
    item from Ice Puni in Alexia Cave or if you save it, you get this when
    you are doing story run in the first time in Puni God. You got this item
    by defeating Puni's Brothers.

 B. Pen for Instrument
    Norman asked you to get him Angel Quill Pen from Veola's Shop. In reward
    he will give you 2 instruments recipes.

 ~~~~~<<  5 ~ VEOLA  >>~~~~~

 A. Favor in Spring of Nervia
    Once you gain acces in Cleft of Nervia, you will be able to get this scene
    from Veola. She needs Glow Stained and she says it grows in Spring of


 ~~~~~<<  1 ~ ZAZZY  >>~~~~~

 A. Missing Letter
    Zazzy is been waiting for his grandson letter but it never came.
    I got this quest when I'm walking around checking people out, my main
    story is at Poto's Forest got attacked by Growloons. Go to Kavoc to see
    another scene from Finn. Go to Arcose, then walk from there to Poto's 
    Forest. You will see a scene once you enter Poto's Forest from Arcose side,
    fight the thieves then Lita will pick the diary that the thieves threw 
    away. Go back to oldman Zazzy to finish the quest.

 B. Fetch me a Milk... and other things - Spirit Blast [Delsus Skill]
    You can't activate this quest if Blaire doesn't have Snickerdoodle recipe
    and off course if you have another sub quest activated in your quest log.
    I got this quest right after I opened Hermil Gate and went to Hidden 
    Village. The old man in Lake Forwell [in a house] wants a Milk so you go
    and get him a Milk from the cow outside. Delsus will handle everything and
    get you a Fresh Milk. Go to Zazzy and turn out he wants another thing
    from Gemlis special fish not a Milk. >.< so go outside and talk to him.

    He gave you a Sushi Platter, go to Zazzy to give him the food. Now, he
    wants a Herbal Elixir from Norman's Shop. T_T go to Norman to get it for
    him. Norman will give you Special Herb Cocktail. Once again go to Zazzy
    and give him his drink. He took the drink then he wants the Milk again.
    Things you gotta do to get a skill. ;p but fear not, the charade ends 
    there and he gives you Green Mana, Black Mana, Silver Mana, and Gold Mana.
    After finished giving you all these items, he tricked Delsus by saying
    he will give a tresure if we could get him an outfit that Tight and Hip.
    Yes.. yes... it's the Gogo Outfit.....  If you have it already in your
    possesion, Lite is going to give it to Delsus [I don't know what happen
    if you don't have the outfit, probably you have to go to Veola and make 
    it]. So anyway... go inside again and give it to the old man.
    After he delightfully accept the outfit, he wants something sweet and you
    have to go to Blaire to get him Snickerdoodle. Now, I already have one in
    my item list so I don't know what happen if you don't have one.
    Gave him the cookies and he will give Delsus his last skill; Spirit Blast.

|  A R C O S E  |

 ~~~~~<<  1 ~ HAAN  >>~~~~~

 A. Appraising Painting
    Haan opens the item shop near Blaire's Bakery Shop. He will ask your help
    about finding a person who can help him to appraise a painting so he would
    know the selling value. Take the painting to Lector in the Collector's
    Caravan. Be ready to fight as you will have to fight a monster that was 
    sealed in the painting, it's not hard fight though so you wouln't have to
    worry about the preparation prior to battle. Go back to Haan to report
    your findings. You get Black Mana as a payment.
    Note : You could try to have Norn do Turn 2 Candy for the Baphy so you 
    could get Golden Sugar. It took me few tries to be able to do it. Norn put
    it to sleep then she used Turn 2 Candy.

 ~~~~~<<  2 ~ VILLA  >>~~~~~

 A. Missing Sister
    Villa told you that she's worry about her sister who didn't show up at her
    store. Find Villa's sister [Hute] in Alexia Cave. Once you exit Arcose,
    go to the right and follow the path until you see 'Valiant Path', go
    inside to take a short walk and exit the dungeon. Keep following the road
    until you see Icy Cave; Alexia Cave. She's gonna be standing on top of
    a ledge, you can't reach her on the ground floor, you have to find your
    way around to upper ground. The map here isn't that hard to figure it out.
    You need the Stone Mana to help you with the stepping stone to reach to
    where she is.

 B. Replacement for a wounded delivery guy
    Villa's regular delivery guy wounded so he can't go pick up the items she
    ordered from Lyla's Shop. You have to go to Lyla in Kavoc to get it for 
    Villa then go back to her to finish the quest. She'll reward you with
    Red Mana, Blue Mana, and Yellow Mana.

 C. Candy Maker Part 1
    Once you got a scene where Blaire's starring at the window looking sad,
    you can try keep coming to Villa's shop to trigger this scene. 
    When you told Villa that you found Blaire starring at window looking sad,
    she's going to make Blaire favorite candy. Give it to Blaire to finish the 

 D. Candy Maker Part 2
    After the scene where Blaire got really mad and forbid Villa to ever come
    to see her, once you went outside, Villa is waiting for you to tell you 
    that she needs to talk to you about something. Come to her shop to trigger
    a scene where you recieve this quest. You have to choose which Lando you
    will give to her: Lando, Sweet Lando, Lovely Lando, and Twisted Lando.
    For the record : Twisted Lando [reward : 5 Milk and 3000 Cole], Lovely 
    Lando [reward : 5 Milk and 500 Cole], Sweet Lando [reward : 5 Milk and
    300 Cole], and Lando [reward : 5 Milk and 100 Cole].

 ~~~~~<<  3 ~ PAMELA  >>~~~~~

 Although her original place is in Kavoc, you will find her in many places
 since she's trying to find her body but her 'final' place would be in
 Arcose where she said she feels drawn to this place but not sure why. 

 A. Pamela's Sighting
    From time to time you could find her in various places looking for her
    - You can find her in Puni God after you have access to it. 
      For me, I found her after I got access to Arcose.
    - After you helped Hagel with the Ore in Arcose, go to Sewer to find
      Pamela in the back room behind electrical charges. If you didn't
      come across with her scene falling for Arlin, you could get it
      in here.
    - Find her at the bottom of Cleft of Nervia near the zone to Spring of
    - Found Pamela sleeping on Lita's bed. I got this scene when Poto's
      Forest got attacked by Growloons. I went on doing synthesize runs then
      went back home to save my game then I got this scene.

 B. Rest In Peace
    You can't miss finishing this quest as part of the main story.

 ~~~~~<<  4 ~ THIEF in ARCOSE >>~~~~~

 The quest started in Kavoc, when you enter the town [Kavoc] either by portal
 or regular entry, you will see Finn reporting a breaking news about a thief
 run amok in Arcose. As soon as you finished the scene, you will have a sub
 quest log on the bottom left corner of your screen. Head to Arcose then talk
 to Villa to officially accept the job finding the thief.

 After the scene outside Villa's Shop is done. Head to Cleft of Nervia then
 go halfway down to the bottom. Find a sparkling bird nest. It's on the 
 leftside of the area. You will get Blue Mana, Green Mana, Glowing Mana, Arcose
 Metal. The bird came back you have to fight it. It's very easy fight.
 Head back to Arcose then you will automatically talk to Villa. She'll give
 you Shifty Eye as a reward.

|  R A N D O M  |

 ~~~~~<<  1 ~ PAKA [Faerie World] >>~~~~~

 A. He asked for 5 of the same type Legion Stone. Give him 5 Red Legion, he'll
    reward you with 5 Black Mana. Give him 5 Silver Legion, he'll reward you 
    with 3 Red Mana. Don't give him 5 Gold Legion since it's rare and you 
    better use it for synthesize.

 B. Furnace up and running. I'm not sure the timing to start this quest but
    it's started in the middle of the game [mine activated when I got to Duran
    for first time], he said the Mana Furnace in Iris Resting Place is fixed
    and ready to use. You need 5 Bombs [buy it in Veola's Shop] to make it
    up and running. Go visit Paco from time to time to get free Mana Stone.

  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>                   VI ~ WEAPONS AND ACCESORIES  ~ 006               <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>

|  A. WEAPONS  |

 There are only 4 weapon types in this game; Sword, Claw, Bow, and Cane.
 Delsus uses Bow, Lita uses Claw, Arlin and Marietta use Sword, and
 Klein and Norn use Cane.




  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>                          VII ~ SHOPS  ~ 007                        <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>

|  A. SHOPS  |

 I only put buying price items and didn't bother to put selling price since
 the selling price would be half of the buying price. I don't include the 
 items that you can create by using the Shop Synthesize as I don't want to
 make the list longer.

 Table Legend:
 Inv : How many items the shop has it for sell
 Restock / Sold Out : If you bought out the item, will it be restocked or it
                      will disapear from the list.
 R : Restock
 S : Sold Out [disapear from the list]

 ~~~~~<<  1 ~ NORMAN  >>~~~~~
 Norman is a man who runs the restaurant and bar in Kavoc. He also the person
 who ask you to do jobs for him with money or item as the reward. He does not
 have any family except a girl whom he considers his own daughter, Veola.
 His shop is consist of drinks, food, and some of its ingredients.

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Carrot              |    10 |  05 |   R    |
 | Old Carrot          |    10 |  09 |   R    |
 | Hard Carrot         |   120 |  -- |   R    |
 | Kavo Potato         |    10 |  09 |   R    |
 | Honey               |    70 |  03 |   R    |
 | Brown Sugar         |   136 |  -- |   R    |
 | Mountain Fish       |    30 |  07 |   R    |
 | Castor Oil          |    88 |  03 |   R    |
 | Salt                |    12 |  03 |   R    |
 | Flour               |    15 |  05 |   R    |
 | Green Powder        |    50 |  03 |   R    |
 | Goat Milk           |    18 |  02 |   R    |
 | Canola Oil          |    10 |  08 |   R    |
 | Rock Sugar          |    48 |  08 |   R    |
 | Ale                 |    28 |  05 |   R    |
 | Red Wine            |    96 |  03 |   R    |

 ~~~~~<<  2 ~ VEOLA  >>~~~~~
 Veola, one of Klein's love interest, not that he knows anything about it. ^^;
 She is a lonely girl who has no family but Norman whom she considers her 
 father. She opens the shop because she needs the money for living, the girl
 gotta make a living not that she likes doing it. She also loves messing around
 with Lita. Off all the shop owners, I think Veola needs more attention than
 any other people and her character story is more indepth than anyone else
 [the other shop owners off course]. She has many recipes too, double than
 the others.

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Tingleberry         |       |     |   R    |
 | Medicine            |    70 |  08 |   R    |
 | Bomb                |    80 |  06 |   R    |

 ~~~~~<<  3 ~ LYLA  >>~~~~~

 Lyla is the lady who runs the Item Shop/Groceries Shop across the street from
 Norman's bar. Not much information you can gather about her except that she
 has a regular trade to Villa, hiring Pike although you can find him sleep
 on the job more often than actually working and even if he's awake he would
 probably hitting on the ladies who shops there. ^^;

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Peanuts             |    10 |  05 |   R    |
 | Wax                 |   250 |  08 |   R    |
 | Magi Grass          |     2 |  08 |   R    |
 | Flax Cloth          |    75 |  05 |   R    |
 | Cotton Cloth        |   188 |  02 |   R    |
 | Log                 |     8 |  07 |   R    |
 | Thin Metal Rod      |    48 |  01 |   R    |
 | Hollow Pumpkin      |  1200 |  01 |   S    |
 | Comet Stone         |   150 |  01 |   S    |

 ~~~~~<<  4 ~ HAGEL  >>~~~~~

 Hagel is the big guy who runs the Weapon Shop. He has a terrible loud singing
 voice. >.< not to mention he doesn't realize it. To my surprise, he picked
 Villa interest, not for long though. He caused Lyla not being able to sleep
 thanks to his singing. From time to time, you can check his sales as he will
 add more weapons to his sales list the further you are into the game. 

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Battle Mace         |   860 |  09 |   R    |
 | Fire Cane           |  1200 |  04 |   R    |
 | Blizzard Cane       |  2800 |  09 |   R    |
 | Lighting Cane       |  4800 |  07 |   R    |
 | Situs               |  1350 |  07 |   R    |
 | Falcutta            |  2250 |  06 |   R    |
 | Robin's Sword       |  2700 |  07 |   R    |
 | Claymore            |  4600 |  02 |   R    |
 | Crossbow            |  2400 |  06 |   R    |
 | Red Bracer          |  1600 |  02 |   R    |
 | Blue Bracer         |  2200 |  02 |   R    |
 | Feather Charm       |   650 |  02 |   R    |
 | Legendary Cane      | 26000 |  01 |   S    |
 | Heavy Blow          |  3600 |  06 |   R    |
 | Iron Mace           |  5200 |  05 |   R    |
 | Heavy Mace          |  4000 |  07 |   R    |
 | Earth Gauntlet      |  3200 |  04 |   R    |
 | Knuckle Blade       |  3800 |  08 |   R    |
 | Catapult            | 12000 |  05 |   R    |
 | Mana Booster        | 52500 |  01 |   S    |

 ~~~~~<<  5 ~ GEMLIS  >>~~~~~

 Gemlis opens a fish shop in Lake Forwel. Not much information about this guy
 except that he likes drinking Ale even when he opens the shop.

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Joker Fish          |    50 |  03 |   R    |
 | Fish Island         |    10 |  08 |   R    |
 | Devil Fish          |   150 |  05 |   R    |
 | Mountain Fish       |    30 |  07 |   R    |
 | Palm Fish           |  3500 |  01 |   S    |
 | Aqua Snowbug        |   210 |  01 |   S    |

 ~~~~~<<  6 ~ NYARON, THE CAT  >>~~~~~

 Nyaron, opens the shop on the 2nd of Zeldalia's house. He sells the ever
 illusive Twisted Lando! Make very good of it as you won't get many more or
 you might be one of the lucky person who could get it to spawn in Delsus's

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Red Pepper          |   200 |  02 |   R    |
 | Twisted Lando       |   800 |  02 |   S    |
 | Tingleberry         |    60 |  06 |   R    |
 | Star Piece          |  1600 |  01 |   S    |
 | Snowbug             |    60 |  08 |   R    |
 | Big Pumpkin         |    80 |  07 |   R    |
 | Baj Serum           |  1300 |  02 |   S    |
 | Magic in 7 Days     |  2000 |  01 |   S    |

 ~~~~~<<  7 ~ VILLA  >>~~~~~

 Villa is a girl who looks though but inside she does care afterall. She is 
 the kind of people who always look mean but she really is a nice girl. She
 does care about Hute although she doesn't want to admit it due to the fact
 by doing so she can keep messing with her, same thing happen with Blaire too.
 She keep making Blaire mad at her that will motivate Blaire to do her best
 on her bakery, to prove Villa that she could make the best bakery.

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Lando               |    20 |  09 |   R    |
 | Sweet Lando         |    95 |  03 |   R    |
 | Lovely Lando        |   180 |  -- |   R    |
 | Belgrade Potato     |    40 |  09 |   R    |
 | Maply Syrup         |   185 |  09 |   R    |
 | Big Pumpkin         |    80 |  02 |   R    |
 | Wild Meat           |    30 |  03 |   R    |
 | Joker Fish          |    50 |  03 |   R    |
 | Devil Fish          |   150 |  01 |   R    |
 | Salt                |    12 |  07 |   R    |
 | Flour               |    15 |  05 |   R    |
 | Spice Powder        |   100 |  03 |   R    |
 | Milk                |    76 |  01 |   R    |
 | Canola Oil          |     8 |  08 |   R    |
 | Rock Sugar          |    48 |  08 |   R    |

 ~~~~~<<  8 ~ BLAIRE  >>~~~~~

 Her Bakery Shop is in Arcose, next to Villa's shop. She's not originated there.
 Blaire works at bakery shop to improve her baking methods, so she says. ^^;
 She often practice baking at night, trying with many ingredient to come up
 with very good recipes to please the bakery owner. She doesn't like Villa
 because she likes messing with her but truth to be told I think she's just
 trying to be the bad guy but in fact she's giving her the motivation to make
 the best bread. 
 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Fluffy Roll         |    40 |  -- |   R    |
 | Baked Pie           |    50 |  -- |   R    |
 | Teddybear Roll      |   100 |  -- |   R    |
 | Flour               |    15 |  09 |   R    |
 | Goat Milk           |    18 |  09 |   R    |
 | Milk                |    76 |  04 |   R    |
 | Rock Sugar          |    48 |  09 |   R    |
 | Brown Sugar         |   135 |  03 |   R    |
 | Honey               |    70 |  01 |   R    |

 ~~~~~<<  9 ~ HAAN  >>~~~~~

 Haan opens the store across Blaire's. You can buy quite valuable items when
 you get access of his store for the first time. I recommend you to buy it
 immediately, you won't be sorry by doing this. After much later on, he will
 open a slot in his sales list for Dragon Horn. Now, this item is pretty hard
 to come by so if you see him selling it [not 'Sold Out'] you ought to buy it
 no matter what, doesn't matter if you don't use it in your present time, you
 will need it I guarantee you. He will have 1 Sub Quest for you too, an easy
 one too.

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Phoenix Quill       |   800 |  03 |   R    |
 | Pretty Stained      |  1230 |  04 |   R    |
 | Shifty Eye          |  1900 |  04 |   S    |
 | Cat Eye             |  1900 |  04 |   S    |
 | Dragon Horn         |  2500 |  01 |  R/S   |
 | Crystalite          |  3000 |  01 |   S    |
 | Star Piece          |  1600 |  02 |   S    |

 Many talks about Dragon Horn is his shop, some players could buy it from the
 shop when they able to get it drop from monster [talk about redundant].
 Others have hard time seeing Haan ever actually sell it. I'm not too sure
 how to put this one R or S just because people experiencing different things.

 ~~~~~<<  10 ~ HUTE  >>~~~~~

 Hute; Villa's sister, runs the Ore Shop in the Mine. She looks practically
 the same as Villa just different hair color. You can buy Gold Legion from 
 her although it will diseaper once you bought it all. Hute always has problem
 with Villa's pranks.

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Machine Oil         |    25 |  07 |   R    |
 | Fest Stone          |    10 |  01 |   R    |
 | Red Legion          |    20 |  05 |   R    |
 | Silver Legion       |    50 |  03 |   R    |
 | Comet Stone         |   150 |  04 |   S    |
 | Gold Legion         |   500 |  04 |   S    |
 | Star Piece          |  1600 |  02 |   S    |
 | Thin Metal          |    48 |  04 |   R    |
 | Thick Metal         |   100 |  01 |   R    |
 | Small Gear          |    36 |  03 |   R    |
 | Large Gear          |   126 |  02 |   R    |
 | Wax                 |   250 |  07 |   R    |

 ~~~~~<<  11 ~ JAJIMA  >>~~~~~

 Jajima is Delsus's grandmother who runs the Item Shop in Town of Duran.
 Duran is Delsus hometown where he grew up. There are reason why he tried
 to avoid this town and you will see why later in the game. As other 
 grandmother do to their grandchild, they will embarrass them with their
 baby story to other people specifically Delsus's friends, us. ^^;

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Stained Grass       |    80 |  07 |   R    |
 | Pretty Stained      |   120 |  02 |   R    |
 | Glow Stained        |   220 |  01 |   R    |
 | Shattered Stained   |    50 |  07 |   R    |
 | Snowbug             |    60 |  09 |   R    |
 | Palm Snowbug        |   300 |  01 |   S    |
 | Tingleberry         |    60 |  08 |   R    |
 | Red Powder          |   400 |  06 |   R    |
 | Silk                |   960 |  07 |   R    |
 | String              |    82 |  06 |   R    |
 | Golden Gear         |  4500 |  09 |   S    |

 ~~~~~<<  12 ~ VALCO  >>~~~~~

 Valco runs a shop in the Land of Mana. You have to use different currency if
 you want to buy his stuff. His currency is Pendelook which you can make in
 Veola's Shop using 2 Mini Pendelook + any Stained Grass. He sells pretty
 rare items. You could also buy the last book that Veola wants in the game.
 Valco also sell 1 very rare Moist Glowgrass that you need to have in 1 of
 Veola's Shop, so if you bought it try to conserve it until you can use it
 for that recipe.

 ~~~~~<<  13 ~ TOTOPOP  >>~~~~~

 Totopop is a fuzzy small bunny who lives in Hidden Village. Hidden Village
 is beyond Hermil Gate up to the mountain. In the Path to Heaven, work your
 way up to meet a small pink bunny, you will see a scene and the bunny will
 automatically take you to the Hidden Village. Totopop's recipes are the 
 missing items for Veola's recipes. When you go outside the village, go south
 to see a well on the World Map, go to the well to go back to Kavoc.

 ~~~~~<<  14 ~ MOFUMA  >>~~~~~

 Mofuma is a big pink bear [is it?? ^^; ] who lives in Hidden Village.
 Mofuma makes the missing food for Blaire's, Norman and Oscar's recipes beside
 his/her own signature dishes.

 ~~~~~<<  15 ~ OSCAR, RENEGADE CHEF  >>~~~~~

 Oscar is a renegade chef. Your first encounter with him is in Kavoc. He is
 standing where the kids playing around near the middle area between Norman
 and Lyla's shop. After awhile he will move out to other area, so far I found
 him in Kavoc Hagel's Weapon Shop then he diseapered and showed up in Arcose
 near the regular item shop.

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Red Powder          |   400 |  07 |   R    |
 | Unue                |   200 |  04 |   R    |
 | Crank Snake         |   460 |  01 |   R    |
 | Dragon Tongue       |  2200 |  01 |   R    |

 ~~~~~<<  16 ~ PATTOTE THE BLACKMARKET FAERIE  >>~~~~~

 He can be found in : 
 - On top of a roof outside Hagel's Weapon Shop in Kavoc.
 - Outside Oracle's Room in Town of Duran.
 - In Garden of Eternity, there 3rd map on top of the mountain.
 You can find him in one of those location if you have more than 30,000 Cole
 in your pocket. He will show up in front of Hagel's Weapon Shop or near
 Oracle Room in Duran.

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Lovely Lando        |   180 |  02 |   R    |
 | Baji Poison         |   800 |  03 |   R    |
 | Animal Paw          |   230 |  03 |   R    |
 | Fresh Poison        |    50 |  05 |   R    |
 | Old Poison          |    10 |  06 |   R    |
 | Extreme Poison      |   500 |  06 |   R    |
 | Fairy Blade         | 16600 |  01 |   S    |
 | Flamberg            | 18600 |  01 |   S    |
 | Devil Bow           | 36300 |  01 |   S    |
 | Flame Bow           | 18600 |  01 |   S    |
 | Demon Horn          | 26000 |  01 |   S    |
 | Speedster           | 38000 |  01 |   S    |
 | Devil Eye           | 68000 |  01 |   S    |
 | Yellow Mana         |  9880 |  -- |   R    |
 | Blue Mana           |  9880 |  -- |   R    |
 | Green Mana          | 12500 |  01 |   R    |
 | Glowing Mana        | 12500 |  -- |   R    |
 | Silver Mana         | 17500 |  -- |   R    |

 ~~~~~<<  17 ~ PATTET FAERIE WORLD  >>~~~~~

 You can go to Faerie World by using the green transporter which can be found
 in Veola's Shop, Arcose, Collector Caravan, Oracle's Room [Duran], Empty
 Tavern, 2nd Floor of Zeldalia's house, and probably more that I forget to 
 mention but the cities transporter is the main one anyway.
 Patte sells fairly rare items, you can buy 3 type of Mana Stone through him.

 |        ITEM         | Price | Inv |Restock |
 |                     | to buy|     |Sold Out|
 | Honey               |    70 |  09 |   R    |
 | Goat Milk           |    18 |  04 |   R    |
 | Phoenix Quill       |   800 |  06 |   R    |
 | Phoenix Tail        |  1980 |  03 |   R    |
 | Puniball            |   100 |  09 |   R    |
 | Faux Puniball       |     5 |  -- |   R    |
 | Crystalite          |  3000 |  -- |   R    |
 | Milk                |    75 |  01 |   R    |
 | Swimsuit            |   600 |  -- |   R    |
 | Sexy Bikini         |  1200 |  -- |   R    |
 | Red Pants           |   900 |  -- |   R    |
 | Fairy Cane          |  9600 |  01 |   S    |
 | Fairy Bracer        |  4800 |  01 |   S    |
 | Dark Mana           |  6800 |  -- |   R    |
 | Black Mana          |  6800 |  -- |   R    |
 | Red Mana            |  6800 |  -- |   R    |


 All shop has basic principle on getting high rates, the use of high quality
 ingredients in every shop will result in higher quality rates. I will use
 the example of Blaire's recipes since it's the easiest.

 Blaire's Recipes to use: Bread Crumbs, Baking Powder, Fluffy Roll

 Recipe #1 Baking Powder  
 Attempt 1 = Fresh Smoking + Flour              = Quality 65
 Attempt 2 = Fresh Smoking + Baking Powder [65] = Quality 79

 Recipe #2 Fluffy Roll
 Attempt 1 = Baking Powder [79] + Baking Powder [79] + Milk = Quality 69

 Recipe #3 Bread Crumbs
 Attempt 1 = Fluffy Roll [69] = Quality 69

 In essence, you have to do trial and error with the basic ingredient first,
 until you reach the highest score you can get; then you can use that
 ingredient for other recipes, by doing so you will get better result.
 I heard people playing this game skip the Synthesizing part of the game which
 is giving them disadvantage because there are items in the synthesize recipes
 that will trigger a secret skill Delsus.

 And there are the effect of Reviews. There are some good reviews and bad
 reviews. When you check out the Shop's Review, you will see that there's a
 favorite item for that shop and what the review will say about that item.
 That review is a good review. The bad one you could find out from costumer
 who doesn't like certain items and you could check after you synthesize an
 item and put it on the menu, check the Shop Review if it's going down, 
 there's something in that item that people don't like. Off course, you have
 to save your game first so you can reload if you made a bad one.
 Some of the good reviews I know :
 Deadly Odor, Unique Scents, Gothic, Sweet and Sour, Gorgeous, Super Clean,
 For The Stars, Perfect Fit, Burningly Hot 

 Some of the bad reviews I know :
 Soul Breaker, Little Clean, A Lot Cheap, Vomit - Inducing 

 Now once your store reach 100% Review, if you created an item with bad review
 I don't think the shop will take negative effect anymore. I'll have to do
 more experiment to see if it could actually cause negative effect.

 For the complete list of recipes please check my In Depth - FAQ. Thank you


 I get all the scenes here by regularly synthesizing in each store and most
 importantly; when I go synthesize or trying to trigger new recipes, I always
 go back and forth from 1 shop to another. Off course the shop has to be the 
 one that has direct relationship; Veola > Norman or vice versa and
 Blaire > Villa.

 Their stories are related to each other. Veola needs some of Norman scenes as 
 well as him to hers. Blaire needs some of Villa scenes to advance more.
 By doing this at all time when you are synthesizing or hoping to get more
 recipes, you will have bigger chance on getting new recipes regularly.

 Ways to get the recipes :
 - Synthesize often. 
   Do the same with their other 'partner in synthesize relationship'. 
   Like I said above; Veola with Norman [or the other way around] and Blaire 
   with Villa. Synthesize everything that you could make that including any 
   new recipes as an outcome from old ones.

   I CAN'T stress you enough about this. Synthesize with Veola, that means
   do Norman too, there is no other way around it or you will get stuck.
   Synthesize with Blaire, that means talk to Villa too and on some odd 
   occasion it involves Hute too.

 - Always visit after you finished and encountered a scene in other area, main
   story scenes or others. That counts as 'advancing the timeline'. But most
   effectively is main story scene, the second best one is side quest scene.
   Doing several battles is acceptable too to help you with the timeline.

 - Conserve your 'Rare Item' and wait for the right recipe to use it. 
   There are rare item in the game that you won't get anymore or in rare case 
   very hard to get it again. Later in the game, there are some recipes that 
   need to have this items, that's why try not to use it on regular recipes.
   For example: Gold Legion, Twisted Lando, Moist Glowgrass, Gold Handle,
   Gold Metal, and some few others. I miss count how many people saying :
   Help find me [said some rare item], because I used it in other recipes now
   I need it for a must have ingredient in this recipe.

   Off course by using rare item in regular recipes could give you significant
   increase in Quality rate but I would rather keep some for the recipes that
   ought to have this items then have some recipes goes blank because I used
   up the items in other recipes that not really need it.

 ~~~~~<<  1 ~ NORMAN  >>~~~~~

 01. Default Recipes : Karikari Liquor, Peach Cocktail, Grilled Fungo, and 
     New recipe outcome from above recipe: Tinglecannon, Sauteed Fungo, and
     Astral Sautee.

 02. A request from a father
     After you got the book scene with Veola, visit Norman to receive this one.
     He will tell you his relationship with Veola and his worries about her.

 03. Experiment Food
     You get this one after you advanced the timeline. He will ask you to try
     out the rice bowl he just made.
     Recipe Added : Jaja Bowl

 04. Fish Dish 
     Once you made all the food available in Norman's, including made the new
     recipes out of the old one [Astral Sautee and Sauteed Fungo], you'd be
     able to get this scene. He wants to start making Fish Dish but there's
     a problem, fish not coming in fresh, he need Frozen Rain to maintain
     the freshness. Luckily, you get this item from your encounter with
     Puni's Brothers, so you can give it to him now. Reward 500 Cole.
     Recipe Added : Sashimi [Red Sashimi]

     New recipes outcome from Sashimi : White Sashimi, Black Sashimi, Fresh
     Sashimi and Deviled Sashimi.

 05. Alcoholic Drinks
     Advance to the story to receive this scene. Delsus will complain to Norman
     how people think negative stereotype on alcoholic beverage which motivate
     Norman to make new drinks.
     Recipe Added : Hell Soju

 06. Meat Dishes
     When you get access to Pure Water, fix your Hell Soju drink and other
     drinks too so you get better % Review. You will activate this scene, if
     you have raised good %. 
     Recipe Added : Bitter Steak and Dragon Tongue.

 07. Thank you from a father
     I got this scene after I talked to Veola and got a scene where she gave
     me Ring of Love and For Lita recipes [scene #22]. Norman said she's been
     smiling alot lately since you've been visiting her often.

 08. Present from Veola
     After received a previous scene [#7] I talked to him as if I'm browsing
     his store then leave out to activate this scene. Lita is asking him if
     he got the present already.

 09. New drinks for Delsus
     I think to get this scene, you have to make all drinks recipes you 
     possibly could [Karikari Liquor, Peach Cocktail, Tinglecannon, Lando Sour,
     and Garigari Liquor. I made Lando Sour as my last drink recipe, then I got
     this scene afterwards. 
     Recipe Added : Herbal Elixir

 10. New exploding drink
     Continue with the story to get this one. Norman heard about this drink
     from people.
     Recipe Added : Dragon Slayer

 11. Musical Taste
     Advance with the story or get a small scene from other npc/subquest. 
     I just got a scene from Rurona and I tried to check Norman. He started
     this scene. He wants you to get Angel Quill Pen. 
     Recipe Added : Eidaltone and Sitar.

 12. Healthy Dishes
     After advancing the main story, I got this scene when I talked to Norman.
     He's making a new recipe.
     Recipe Added : Japanese Meal [Veggie Patty]

 13. Shaddy Job Part 1
     Synthesize 1 item [might be more needed for me is 1] after a story event.
     It doesn't need to be a new item, just any item that already in your 
     recipe list is fine. For the record, I did Hell Soju.
     Norman will trigger a scene after you made the synthesize. He wants you
     to take an illegal job, he needs ingredients to make poison and wants
     you to get him Garigari Nuts and Spoiled Meat. He'll reward you 1000 Cole.
     Recipe Added [secretly] : Powder

     Now you can go to Veola and make 'For, Lita' recipe. ^^ Took a while but
     Norman finally popped the recipe.

 14. Shaddy Job Part 2
     Again, synthesize 1 item [doesn't matter which one] once you finished,
     Norman will triggered this scene. He has a client that needs poison food.
     Recipe Added : The Last Supper

     New recipe outcome from The Last Supper : Purgaroni [put The Last Supper
     as substitude for Powder].

 15. Norman's Dream
     Once I advanced to the story, I went back to Norman and he gave me this
     scene. He said he has a dream since he opened his bar. He wants to make
     a very difficult drink called Smartini.
     Recipe Added : Toma Sake

 ~~~~~<<  2 ~ VEOLA  >>~~~~~
 01. Default Recipes : Medicine, Bomb, Magic Paper, Globe, Clothes, and 
     New recipes outcome from above recipes : Big Bomb 

 02. Mind your own business
     Veola will tell you that she opens the shop to get income although she
     doesn't like doing it. You can see from the start that she doesn't want
     to be bothered and always have a knack on picking a fight with Lita.

 03. Eating while on the job
     Once you synthesize 1-3 recipes from her [try to get Big Bomb too as I'm
     not sure if making new recipe is part of the triggered requirement].
     For the record, I synthesized all the items that I could make which are
     Medicine, Bomb, Big Bomb, and Magic Paper. Exit the shop and re-enter to
     receive this new scene with Veola. You will see the scene where Lita says
     the customer is always right then Veola smartly replied not when the 
     customer is you. Touche... ^^;

     Since I can't do anymore synthesized, I went to Norman to make some of his
     recipes, then I advance to the story.

 04. Alchemist not too different from Magic
     Once I got back, I checked with her. She asked Klein about alchemist and
     said that it's not much different from the work she's been doing in the
     shop then she properly introduced herself to Klein.

 05. A visit from Chamber of Commerce Part 1
     You can get this scene by advancing to the main story or wait a bit after
     the last one. Meet the big bully in the block who tried to intimidate
     Veola and have her business got evicted. In this scene you first learn
     about Chronolex even not much more than Ancient Devise. ^^;

 06. Books Favor
     After advancing to the story, I visited Veola again as my daily ritual. ;p
     Since Klein and Lita are traveling alot, Veola asking you a favor to bring
     her books that you could find during your journey.

 07. First Book : Magic in 7 Days
     You bought this book from Nyaron, the cat on 2nd floor Zeldalia's house.
     Talk to Veola as if you want to browse her merchandise, then leave the
     store. Even though Veola doesn't want it, Klein left it there anyway.

 08. Another favor from Klein part 1
     After the First Book scene, go back inside and talk to her in the same
     manner, browse store then leave, you will strike a scene with her.
     Klein would offer Veola his help if she ever need items and books.

 09. It's a useful book afterall
     I visited her again after advance with story. Veola apologized for last
     time. Veola gave Klein 3 Bombs. After she read it, she could add more
     recipes now.
     Recipes Added : Strong Medicine, Liquid Emptiness, Comet Jewel, 
                     StretchyStretchy, and Metal Pipe.

     New recipe outcome from Strong Medicine : Crazy Bull, Vampire's Kiss
     New recipe outcome from Metal Pipe : Magic Pipe [not until late in game]

 10. A visit from Chamber of Commerce Part 2
     After you made Comet Jewel, StretchyStretchy, and Metal Pipe. You can get
     this scene by exit and re-enter Veola's Shop. 

 11. Fashion sense part 1
     Made one more new item for her. I made Pendelook then she started this 
     scene. She's been learning Fashion Design to make more modern clothing.
     Then she added if the clothes not outdated, Klein can wear it but if it
     does Lita can wear it. ;p
     Recipe Added : Stage Costume [Gogo Suit] and Fairy Clothes.

     New recipes outcome from Fairy Clothes : Fairy Hat, Sexy Robe and Blue

 12. Another favor from Klein part 2
     After advacing with the story [have access to Cleft of Nelvia], you will 
     get this scene. She ask you to bring her Glow Stained. Once you got it,
     give it to her. She will ask you to join her tonight.

 13. Second Book : Me, Myself & Bomb
     After the Glow Stained scene, you will be in front of her shop, go right 
     in to activate this one. She will immediately give you the bomb recipes.
     Recipe Added : Spike Bomb, Craft, and Amel [Bomb Armor]

     New recipes outcome from Spike Bomb : Spike Bomber and Hyper Bomber.
     New recipes outcome from Craft : all the mini craft and all the big craft.

 14. Fashion sense part 2
     After I made items that I could make from getting bomb recipes. 5 items
     I made then she immediately started this scene. 
     Recipe Added : Bunny Ears, Bunny Suit, and Paw Gloves.

 15. Chronolex
     Made items that you could make to trigger this scene [I made Bomb Armor]. 
     Veola asked that you said alchemy could bring a person back to life. Klein
     promises that he would tell Veola if he found anything about Chronolex. 
     Veola ended the scene by giving Lita clothes.
     Recipe Added : Outfit for Lita [Silver Pants]

 16. Do you have [Gear] ?
     I immediately made that Silver Pants then she gave me this scene after.
     She asked you find her a gear. Talk to her again as if you want to buy
     her items then exit it to trigger Klein giving her the gear she wants.
 17. Point of Globe
     I didn't need to advance with the story here although I spent time with
     Blaire synthesizing when I'm back, Lita strike a conversation with Veola.
     Recipe Added : Angel Quill Pen, Nonbouncy Ball, and Globe Frame.

     New recipe outcome from Angel Quill Pen : Devil Quill Pen

 18. Experiment is a success
     Come back after a bit while [don't need to advance with story] to see
     what she's been doing with the Gear you gave her. 
     Recipe Added : Nano Craft and Deka Craft

     New recipes outcome for Nano Craft : all the mini craft.
     New recipes outcome for Deka Craft : all the big craft.

 19. Fashion sense part 3
     When you made all the clothing recipes including the possible different
     outcome [you must made Paw Glove because Lita will say so] then wait a 
     while or synthesize new recipes with her [the craft recipes before this 
     scene], you could activate this scene after making 5 new craft items. 
     Recipe Added : War Tuxedo, Veola's Swimwear [Alluring Bikini], and
     Veola Brand [Erotic Bikini].

 20. Gift for your beloved one
     After you're done making all the crafts item. You could get this scene.
     I just made all the crafts then I made Devil Quill Pen when I wanted to
     leave the synthesize menu, she stopped me for this scene. Might be
     because you used up both Phoenix Quill and Tail for her synthesize.
     She gave you hint that she has to gather materials in Lapid Wood, so go
     there to see the rest of the scene and give her the item she needs.

 21. A New Contender
     In order to get this recipe, you have to know Blaire for quite some time.
     Because you triggered this scene when Lita 'reported' to Veola that Klein
     likes talking to Blaire because she can cook. This talks inspired Veola 
     to be able to cook for Klein also. That's why it's important to know 
     Blaire for quite some time; that means you have to synthesize with her 
     too, triggered new recipes with her, more scenes with her.
     I got this scene right after I did the #20 scene.
     Recipe Added : Love Bunn [Penultimate Roll]

     New recipes outcome from Love Bunn : Lumpy Bread, Tragic Bun, ??? Bread,
     and Ingredient X

 22. Love is a battlefield
     After I made her some of the bun she has [I made Penultimate and Lumpy]
     she started this scene right away.
     To show her appreciation and her interest on Klein, she will make Klein
     an item that will make Lita's hair on fire. ^^; Make the item to receive
     another scene which at the end Veola will make another item for Lita.
     Recipe Added : Ring of Love / scene / For Lita [Farewel, Love].
     Note: When you got recipe For Lita, head to Norman and synth with him
     until he gave you a recipe scene that you need to make For Lita recipe.
     It might take a while since you have a few scenes before Norman finally
     give you the Powder recipe scene, remember to synthesize with him too.

 23. Inheritance
     Advance with the story to get this scene. She ask Klein if he wants to
     inherit her shop.

 24. Musical Taste
     After you made a Moon Sitar from Norman, go talk to Veola to receive this
     scene. Since Klein said he wants to hear the instrument Veola made, if
     she ever made one, Veola immediately add an intrument recipe for him. ^^;
     Recipe Added : Imitation Sitar

 25  A Better Present
     This scene will be triggered after you made 'For,Lita'. Spend some time
     outside [do battle, continue with storyline, do sub quests, etc] and come
     back to Veola to get this scene. She apoligized for the last time [the
     scene after you made Farewell, Love] and give Lita a better present.
     Recipe Added : For Lita [Priestess Tiara]

 ~~~~~<<  3 ~ BLAIRE  >>~~~~~

 01. Default Recipes : Fluffy Roll, Baked Pie, Teddybear Roll, Bread Crumbs,
     and Baking Powder.
     New recipe outcome from old recipes : Poofy Roll and Fruit Pie.

 02. Food Testing
     After you synthesized everything you could make then proceed with the
     story, come back here to get this scene. 
 03. Kaboom!
     Come back when you moved on with the story, to get this one. Norn being
     a cat and all, likes food from trial and errors.
     Recipe Added : Leftovers    
 04. Imposter
     Go to Hute's Shop in the Mine to see this scene.

 05. Blaire vs Villa Part 1
     Come back to Blaire after advanced with the story. You will see Villa is
     in the shop. 

 06. Befriend with Blaire
     Once the previous scene finished, go talk to Villa to instantly activate
     this scene.

 07. Food Experiment part 1
     Advance with the story to receive this scene [I did sub quest]. She asked
     you to try out the new bread she made. Although Lita and Norn like it,
     it seems like she doesn't like it.

 08. Sibling Fights
     Go to Hute and see what she's up to now. Her revenge is complete. ^^;

 09. Secret Ingredient
     Advance your timeline by doing side quest or story and make sure you don't
     have any sub quest active. She thanked you for helping her in her
     Recipe Added : Secret Ingredient.

 10. Looking at the window part 1
     Either wait a bit while [do some battle] or have some scene with other
     shops. Blaire is looking sad at the window.

 11. Brainstorming
     Wait a short while [go do battles or other synth] then come back here.
     She's thinking adding new bread recipe but not sure what kind of bread
     so she asked your advise. 
     Recipe Added : RosieAnnBun

 12. Favor for Blaire
     After made some RosieAnnBun, come back a bit while [don't need to advance
     with the story]. She will ask you a favor to bring ingredients so she
     can bake bread that she used to make back home.
     Recipe Added : Bun ala Fran

 13. Blaire vs Villa Part 2
     After I synthesize Bun ala Fran then went to the the other shop for 
     synthesize for a short while. When I went back here then I got this scene.
 14. Food Experiment part 2
     Advance to the story to receive this scene. She wants you to try out
     the new cookie sandwish she just made.
     Recipe Added : White Love

 15. Sleeping on the job
     Advance with story or get some scene from other synthesize to be able
     to see this scene. She's talking about her dream man which motivate her 
     to make this recipe.
     Recipe Added : Wedding Cake

 16. Ghost Story
     Advance with the story, then visit her to see that Villa and Hute are
     there together. They're telling Blaire that there's a ghost in Alexia

 17. Scary Bread
     After you moved on with the story, talk to her to find out what she's
     up to after that ghost story. 
     Recipe Added : Dead Bread

 18. Ice Cream Day
     Moved on with the story [get some small scene in other place] to activate
     this one. Hute came by visiting Blaire. Blaire complaining about the
     bakery owner for not allowing her making and putting up sweets in the list
     because she doesn't allow anything but bread in her store.

     Get 1 scene from other people or story to be able to get this one.
     She decided that she would help you in battle against evil by making 
     armor/weapon for you from bread. (; ;)
     Recipe Added : Ration bun [Bread Pants], Offensive Bunn [Rock Bread], and
     Offensive Roll [Smash Bread]

 20. Swallon Lips
     After advancing with the storyline, I get back at her and got this scene.
     You get to try the bread that Hute requested.
     Recipe Added : Hute's Favorite [12AlarmSandwich]

 21. Looking at the window Part 2
     Do some synthesize run in other shop or battle to get over the waiting
     time then come back to Blaire to get this scene. Once again, she's looking
     at the window with a sad face. Nothing comes out of her when Klein's 
     trying to help her out.

 22. Villa's Candy part 1
     Right after the window scene [#21] go visit Villa to get this one. She
     said if Blaire doesn't tell you anything, she can't tell you either.
     All she can do is giving you the candy that Blaire likes very much and ask
     you if you could give her the candy.

 23. You can keep her stupid stuff
     Once you got the candy, back to Blaire again and have this scene. Klein
     gave the candy to Blaire although she insist that she doesn't want it.

 24. Sweets Recipe
     After advancing to the story, I get back at her and got this scene.
     She is allowed to make sweets recipes under 1 condition from the bakery
     Recipe Added : Caramel Cube, Salty Fries, Animal Crackers, Cheesecake,
     and Snickerdoodle.

     New recipe outcome from Caramel Cube : Twister Candy

 25. Create your own signature sweets
     After you made Caramel Cube, Twister Candy, Salty Fries, Animal Crackers,
     and Cheesecake come back after a shortwhile, no advancing story needed.
     You just need to waste time in other place then come back here to get
     this one. She's not very happy because she hasn't been able to make sweets
     that will blown the owner away.

 26. Blaire vs Villa Part 3
     Once again they're on each other throat. I got this scene with no story
     advance need, you just need to waste time doing something else [I wasted
     15-20min collecting Element in Iris Resting Place]. It was really bad this
     time, Villa really pushing her luck this time ^^;

     Exit the bakery to talk to Villa, she asked you to come by her shop.
     Don't have any SubQuest active when you gonna walk in to her shop, she
     won't talk to you that way because she will give you Sub Quest to gather
     Candy ingredients. You have to choose between all the Lando you have,
     I gave her Lovely Lando [going to conserve my Twisted Lando]. But for the
     record : Twisted Lando [reward : 5 Milk and 3000 Cole], Lovely Lando
     [reward : 5 Milk and 500 Cole], Sweet Lando [reward : 5 Milk and 300 Cole]
     and Lando [reward : 5 Milk and 100 Cole].

     After you got the candy, back to Blaire. She knows Villa meant good even
     though sometimes she shows up mean doing it.
     Recipe Added : Blaire Special

     I was lucky enough to be able to get Golden Sugar very early in the game,
     with the cursed painting Baphy quest from Haan [the Item Shop Owner in 
     Arcose]. He asked me to give it to Lector for appraising purposes but you
     gotta fight Baphy instead. Norn used Sleep then Turn 2 Candy.

 27. Mr... Klein.....
     I advance with the story and when I get back at her, she gave me this one.
     She thanked you for all your support and help and give you something to 
     show her appreciation. You'll get Cheesecake, Berry Mousse, Bavarian 
     Banana, and Pumpkin Tart.

     When she passed the test [#27 scene] I was just finished with Delsus's
     Trial. ^^; If you go visit her often enough to get every scenes regularly
     you can finish her exam early than you expected.

 28. Proud of her
     Talk to Villa after the passed exam scene to receive this scene.
     After talking to Villa, go to Hute to receive very short scene.

  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>                           VIII ~ MANA  ~ 008                       <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>

|  A. M A N A   |

 ~~~~~<<  1 ~ ACQUARING MANA  >>~~~~~

   Popo is Klein's default Mana. He's been with Klein since he was a baby so
   they more like friends or even feel like brothers. Popo is Wood Mana.
   When you get an item called 'Aroma Material', you could turn Popo into
   an upgraded Wood Mana, DOUR. You can change it back to Popo by un-equip
   the Aroma Material.

 - URU
   He is a little Fire Mana whom you get after the first incident with the 
   ever clueless Beggur. Once you exit the Sewer then go to your Base, he will
   join you from there on. Upgraded version is GRUPT.

   Plua can be attained in Iris Resting Place. Find your way around this place
   and you will this big blue statue, press X when you approached it. Inside
   this statue there's always a sleeping Mana. She will join you after you 
   wake her up. Upgraded version is FANATOS.

   Acquairable in Alexia Cave, since you need the stone as a stepping stone to
   jump up to the upper level to reach Hute, Villa's sister whom you have to
   help in Alexia Cave. As usual, once you click on the blue statue, you will
   wake him up and join you. No upgraded version.

   Nymph is a Water Mana which can be found in Collector's Caravan. You can go
   and get her when Finn [the guy in Norman's Shop] talking about a statue
   in Collector's Caravan and you have to becareful when you go close to it.
   You can use 'Barrier' with Nymph around now. You won't get hurt with 
   dungeon traps like electric zap. Upgraded version is FLAY.

   You can find her in Cleft of Nervia. Her statue is in the middle of the
   Cleft, halfway down. When you are given the choice to go left path down,
   follow that path to finnaly reach a pillar that you could use to jump over
   to the statue place. You can't miss it really. Jump yourway to get to it.
   She sometimes pop up to do the 'Barrier' instead of Nymph. 
   Upgraded version is ZEILIA.

   Aoin is a Life Mana in Flawless Marvel. Her statue is on the stone bridge
   in the middle of stucture. No upgraded version. When you reached the main
   structure of the place [pyramid shapelike], go to the furthest left you 
   possibly can until you reach the end of the structure. You will see there's 
   a green portal there stand alone on high place [next to it there's a stone 
   puni], use Diemia to make the necessary jumping stone. Enter the portal, 
   you will ended up in the stone bridge which lead you to the Blue Statue.

 ~~~~~<<  2 ~ EQUIP MANA  >>~~~~~

 After certain point in the game [early in the game] you will be able to equip
 your choice of Mana which will allow you to gain free skill points when the
 Mana you equip gain a full experience bar. The bar will be shown beside
 your character skill's list. Each Mana is unique on what skills it could 
 raise and also it's different on each person. Some Mana can only raise 1 skill
 while the other can raise 2 or even 3 at one time. You can gain big advantage
 on your skills if you equip these Mana as soon as you gain access on Equip
 Mana. Free skills who doesn't want it, huh?

 Note that you could equip all your character with Mana, it doesn't matter
 if you don't use that character in the battle, they will still get experience
 therefore, the Mana will get experience too.

 Here are the list on which Mana and which Skill it can raise:

 01. POPO - Wood Mana
     | Klein    | Ele Extract + 7                     |
     | Lita     | Force Blast + 3                     |
     | Norn     | Turn 2 Candy + 4 / Sleep + 3        |
     | Delsus   | First Shot + 4                      |
     | Arlin    | Mana Strike + 3                     |
     | Marietta |                                     | 

 02. URU - Fire Mana
     | Klein    | Mace Atk + 4 / Power Item + 3       |
     | Lita     | Claw Atk + 7                        |
     | Norn     | Magical Staff + 4                   |
     | Delsus   | Crossbow + 4 / Power Shot + 3       |
     | Arlin    | Sword Atk + 4                       |
     | Marietta |                                     | 

 03. PLUA - Dark Mana
     | Klein    | Ele Extract + 3 / Mace Atk + 4      |
     | Lita     | Force Blast + 3 / Jump Kick + 4     |
     | Norn     | Shrink[L] + 4 / Sleep + 3           |
     | Delsus   | Dark Arrow + 4 / Power Shot + 3     |
     | Arlin    | Mana Strike + 3                     |
     | Marietta |                                     | 

 04. DIEMIA - Stone Mana
     | Klein    | Mace Atk + 7                        |
     | Lita     | Stone Blast + 7                     |
     | Norn     | Magical Staff + 4 / Telekinesis + 3 |
     | Delsus   | Power Shot + 3 / Counter + 4        |
     | Arlin    | Sword Atk + 3                       |
     | Marietta |                                     |

 05. NYMPH - Water Mana
     | Klein    | Wide Item + 4 / Magic Resist + 3    |
     | Lita     | Force Blast + 3                     |
     | Norn     | Sleep + 4 / Magic Resist + 3        |
     | Delsus   | First Shot + 3                      |
     | Arlin    | Mana Strike + 3                     |
     | Marietta |                                     |

 06. SILWEST - Air Mana
     | Klein    | Wide Item + 3 / Pass Item + 4       |
     | Lita     | Jump Kick + 3                       |
     | Norn     | Telekinesis + 4 / Sleep + 3         |
     | Delsus   | First Shot + 4                      |
     | Arlin    | Double + 4 / Fast Attack + 3        |
     | Marietta |                                     | 


 ~~~~~<<  1 ~ MANA ITEM  >>~~~~~

 01. Ice Bomb
     This Mana Item is your default item. You can throw the bomb to the enemies
     at the battle, as the name says it will have an Ice Atk.

 02. Heal Jar
     You get this from a box in a back room of Lyla's Shop. It heals from a 
     considerate amount of HP. You can make this item to heal your party in 
     the battlefield if your party members are in the right alignment.
     Use Klein's skill 'Wide Item + Heal Jar' to be able to heal not just one
     person but 2 or 3 people.

 03. Herbal Drop
     This Mana Item is on the Tower of Airfen.

 04. Sleepaid
     You can get this Mana Item in your first visit in Lake Forwel.

 05. Flame
     Get this in Proselyte Encampment. Just like Ice Bomb, but this one has
     Fire Attack.

 06. Mana Jar
     You found this in Iris's Resting Place placed in the middle of 4 Circle

 07. Ether Bulb
     Zeldalia has this item. She will give you choices on which one of these
     things you want; Mana Item [Ehter Bulb] or Skill [Living Item]. If you
     choose skill instead, you can get this Mana Item later on after you 
     visited Zeldalia and started a scene where she got back pain. Do this
     scene 3 times, at the 3rd time you can talk to her to get this one.

 08. Love Gem
     You get this Mana Item in Puni God.

 09. Mark of Courage
     Get this one in Valiant Path.
     Increase your character's STR for 5 turns.

 10. Obake Bag
     Mana Item inside the Sewer in the back room of electrical charges. Use
     Diemia to jump to the black blocks.

 11. Cure Jar
     Get this one in Iris's Resting Place on the rooftop of Furnace Room.
     Use Diemia to jump to the rooftop area.
     It cures your character from poison.

 12. Unholy Water
     On top of the big ol' pumpkin in front of Zeldalia's house. Use Diemia
     to jump to the pumpkin.

 13. Aeroangel
     You found this in Fort Galga. On the very top of leftside of the fort.

 14. Newlife
     Get this Mana Item after you defeat Jin Rider in the glowing Stone Circle
     in Poto's Forest.

 15. Mark of Weakness
     Get this in Ku Luda Playground.

 16. Lighting Rod
     Get this in 'Snow Field' East of Ku Luda Playground.

 17. Meteor
     Found this in Garden of Eternity. 2nd Map right on the south dead end near
     the cliff edges.

 ~~~~~<<  2 ~ ELEMENT EXTRACTION  >>~~~~~

 I compiled some of the stuff that I found which produces elements that you 
 need for Mana Synthesize. I know for fact, you can get it from other sources
 too [if I didn't put it here]. I just listed that one that I remember and
 not too hard to get it either.

 | Fire Element     | Astral Crackers, yellow bushes                         |
 | Air Element      | the ice crystal where you saved Hute in Alexia Cave    |
 | Water Element    | green bushes, big pumpkin in Poto Forest               |
 | Light Element    | the ice crytal where you saved Hute in Alexia Cave,    |
 |                  | Comet Jewel, Glow Stained                              |
 | Dark Element     | orange mushroom in Poto Forest                         |
 | Stone Element    | any Stone, spikes                                      |
 | Wood Element     | green bushes, big pumpkin in Poto Forest, boxes, barrel|
 | Life Element     | pink bushes in Spring of Nervia                        |
 | Power Element    | blue arrow pedestal in Iris Resting Place              |
 | Lighting Element | electric conductor in Iris Resting Place, Metalic Gear |
 |                  | spawn on rooftop of Furnace Room in Iris Resting Place |
 | Spirit Element   | orange mushroom in Poto Forest, Pendelook              |
 | Holy Element     | Comet Jewel                                            |
 | Evil Element     | Growloon                                               |
 | Time Element     | Sweethouse, Felios Globe                               |


 There are numerous combination that you could make but only few of them that
 consider great to be fused to your weapons and accesories. You won't be able
 to find many great mana fuse until later in the game, due to it comes from
 much rarer Mana than regular color ones. 

 Here some information that should give you insight about fusing weapon :
 1. Fuse the same type of crystalize mana to get higher lv of the same type.
    Example: Speed Lv 1 + Speed Lv 1 = Speed Lv 2

 2. Fuse different type of crystalized mana might or might not produce
    different outcome.
    Example : ATK Lv 5 + Speed Lv 7 = Double Attack
    You still can get Double Attack if you use higher Level of Attack, but
    better save that up for making another combo.

    if you try lower level you won't get Double Attack result.
    Example : ATK Lv 8 + Speed Lv 5 = ATK Lv 8 & Speed Lv 5

 3. Once you fuse it to the weapon/accesories, you can take it off if you
    want to use it into another weapon/accesories.

 4. Once you fuse 2 or more Mana into 1 card, you CANNOT break it down to 
    single/individual card again.
    Example: You've made 1 Card consist of Double Atk, Speed Lv 9, Holy Power,
    and Sky Sonata.
    Once you did that, it's permanent. You can't do anything with it beside
    equip it to a weapon/accesories. You can't take Double Atk off or either
    one of them for that matter.

 Weapon and Accesories that can be       Mana and Upgraded Mana [used Aroma
 fused :                                 Material to change the Mana] :
 .-----------------------------------.   .-----------------------------.
 |     Weapon       |  Accessories   |   |    MANA     | UPGRADED MANA |
 |------------------|----------------'   |-----------------------------|
 |      Cane        | Fairy Bracer   |   | Uru         | Grupt         |
 |------------------| Siglis Breath  |   | Plua        | Fanatos       |
 | Klein's Cane     |----------------|   | Nymph       | Flay          |
 | Wing Staff       |      Bow       |   | Silwest     | Zeilia        |
 | Fairy Cane       | Galgazit Bow   |   | Eital       | Paltia        |
 |------------------|----------------'   | Popo        | No Upgrade    |
 |     Claw         |                    | Diemia      | No Upgrade    |
 |------------------|                    | Aoin        | No Upgrade    |
 | Fairy Claw       |                    | Luplus      | No Upgrade    |
 | Astral Gauntlet  |                    '-----------------------------'
 |     Sword        |
 | Whip Sword       |
 | Fairy Blade      |
 | Phantom Blade    |
 | Para Sword       |

 Crystalize Regular Mana Stone :
 |  MANA   |   Dark    |  Black    |   Red    |  Blue   | Yellow  |   Green   |
 | POPO    |PSN Res +1 |PAR Res +1 |F Res +1  |PSN Res+1|Slp Res+1|Mana Up [S]|
 |         |F Res +1   |D Res +1   |Slp Res +1|I Res +1 |Life + 1 |           |
 |         |           |           |          |Mana + 1 |         |           |
 | PLUA    |DEF +1     |D Res +2   |ATK +1    |DEF +1   |Speed +1 |Life Up [S]|
 |         |F Res +1   |           |F Mgc +1  |I Mgc + 1|L Mgc +1 |M Comp +1  |
 |         |           |           |F Res +1  |         |         |           |
 | FANATOS |DEF +1     |D Mgc +1   |F Mgc +1  |DEF +1   |L Mgc +1 |M Comp +1  |
 |         |Life +2    |           |ATK +1    |I Mgc +1 |Speed +1 |Life Up [S]|
 | DIEMIA  |DEF +2     |Heavy      |Speed +1  |Mana +1  |Life +1  |Mgc +1     |
 | URU     |Life +1    |ATK +1     |F Res +2  |DEF +1   |Speed +1 |M Comp +1  |
 |         |DEF +1     |Heavy      |          |Mana +1  |Life +1  |Mgc +1     |
 | GRUPT   |DEF +1     |ATK +1     |F Res +2  |DEF +1   |Speed +1 |M Comp +1  |
 | NYMPH   |F Res +1   |D Res +1   |F Res +1  |I Res +2 |Life +1  |Mgc +1     |
 |         |Life +1    |Heavy      |Speed +1  |         |L Res +1 |I Res +1   |
 | FLAY    |PSN Res +1 |PAR Res +1 |F Res +1  |I Res +1 |L Res +1 |PAR Res +1 |
 |         |F Res +1   |D Res +1   |          |DEF +1   |Speed +1 |I Res +1   |
 | SILWEST |PSN Res +1 |PAR Res +1 |Slp Res +1|PSN Res+1|L Res +2 |PAR Res +1 |
 |         |Life +1    |           |Speed +1  |Mana +1  |         |Mgc +1     |
 | ZEILIA  |DEF +1     |PAR Res +1 |Slp Res +1|PSN Res+1|L Res +2 |Par Res +2 |
 |         |PSN Res +1 |           |          |DEF +1   |         |M Comp +1  |
 |         |F Res +1   |           |          |         |         |           |
 | AOIN    |F Res +1   |D Res +1   |F Res +1  |I Res +1 |L Res +1 |I Res +1   |
 | EITAL   |F Res +1   |D Mgc +1   |F Mgc +1  |I Mgc +1 |L Mgc +1 |I Res +1   |
 |         |DEF +1     |D Res +1   |F Res +1  |I Res +1 |L Res +1 |M Comp +1  |
 |         |Life +2    |ATK +1     |ATK +1    |DEF +1   |Speed +1 |Life Up [S]|
 | PALTIA  |PSN Res +1 |PAR Res +1 |Slp Res +1|PSN Res+1|Slp Res+1|PAR Res +1 |
 |         |Life +2    |D Mgc +1   |F Mgc +1  |I Mgc +1 |L Mgc +1 |Life Up [S]|
 | LUPLUS  |Life +2    |D Mgc +1   |F Mgc +1  |I Mgc +1 |L Mgc +1 |Life Up [S]|

 Crystalize Rare Mana Stone :
 |  MANA   |  Glowing  |  Silver   |   Gold   |  Jade   | Crimson |
 | POPO    |D Res + 1  |L Res +1   |BlessPow  |Holy Pow |SpStone  |
 |         |Avoid +1   |Disease C  |Slp Res   |RSN Res  |         |
 |         |           |           |          |         |         |
 | PLUA    |A Comp +1  |A Comp+1   |BlessPow  |Holy Pow |SpStone  |
 |         |D Res +1   |L Res +1   |BatLordPow|Holy Sanc|         |
 |         |BatLordPow |           |          |         |         |
 | FANATOS |A Comp +1  |A Comp +1  |BatLorPow |Holy Pow |SinglePow|
 |         |BatLordPow |BlessPow   |BlessPow  |Holy Sanc|         |
 | DIEMIA  |Mental C   |Disease C  |BatLordPow|Holy Pow |SpStone  |
 | URU     |A comp +1  |A Comp +1  |BatLordPow|Holy Pow |SpStone  |
 |         |Mental C   |Disease C  |BlessPow  |         |         |
 | GRUPT   |A Comp +1  |A Comp +1  |BlessPow  |Holy Pow |SpStone  |
 | NYMPH   |D Res +1   |L Res +1   |BatLordPow|Holy Pow |SpStone  |
 |         |Mental C   |Disease C  |BlessPow  |         |         |
 | FLAY    |A Comp +1  |ATK + 3    |BlessPow  |Holy Pow |SpStone  |
 |         |D Res +1   |           |Slp Res   |PSN Res  |         |
 | SILWEST |Mental C   |Disease C  |BatLordPow|PSN Res  |PAR Res  |
 |         |Avoid +1   |ACC +1     |Slp Res   |Holy Pow |SpStone  |
 | ZEILIA  |A Comp +1  |BlessPow   |BlessPow  |Holy Pow |PAR Res  |
 |         |D Res +1   |Slp Res    |Slp Res   |PSN Res  |         |
 |         |Avoid +1   |           |          |         |         |
 |         |ACC +1     |           |          |         |         |
 | AOIN    |D Res +1   |ATK +3     |BlessPow  |Holy Prot|SpStone  |
 | EITAL   |MGC +3     |Bless Pow  |BatLordPow|Holy Pow |SkySonata|
 |         |           |L Res +1   |BlessPow  |Holy Sanc|SpStone  |
 |         |           |           |          |         |         |
 | PALTIA  |BatLordPow |BlessPow   |BatLordPow|MGC Stone|PAR Res  |
 |         |Avoid +1   |ACC +1     |Slp Res   |         |         |
 | LUPLUS  |BatLordPow |BlessPow   |Holy Prot |Holy Sanc|SkySonata|

 ATK                      = Attack
 MGC                      = Magic
 DEF                      = Defense
 I/L/F/D Res/Mgc          = Ice/Lighting/Fire/Dark Resist/Magic
 PSN/PAR/Slp Res          = Poison/Paralyze/Sleep Resist
 A/M Comp                 = Attack/Magic Comp
 Life Up [S]/[M]/[L]/[XL]
 Mana Up [S]/[M]/[L]/[XL] = Restore Life/Mana Small->Extra Large per turn
 Mental C / Disease C  = Mental Curse / Disease Curse
 BatLordPow            = Battle Lord Power
 BlessPow              = Blessing Power
 SinglePow             = Single Power
 SpStone               = Spirit Stone
 Holy Pow              = Holy Power
 Holy Prot             = Holy Protect
 Holy Sanc             = Holy Sanctuary

 Fusing Combination :
 |       RESULT      |  Combo 1      +    Combo 2       |
 | Double Attack     | ATK Lv 5      | Speed Lv 7       |
 | Very Heavy        | Heavy         | Heavy            |
 | Dragon Slayer     | I ATK Lv 5    | ATK Lv 6         |
 | Puni Slayer       | F ATK Lv 1    | ATK Lv 3         |
 | Demon Slayer      | ATK Lv 6      | Holy Power       |
 | Evil Slayer       | Demon Slayer  | Holy Sanctuary   |
 | Holy Sanctuary    | Spirit Stone  | Magic Stone      |
 | Mind Curse        | Mental Curse  | Mental Curse     |
 | Death Curse       | Disease Curse | Disease Curse    |
 | Ancient Curse     | Mind Curse    | Death Curse      |
 | Single Power      | Ancient Curse | Blessing Power   |
 | Holy Weapon       | Evil Slayer   | Single Power     |
 | Mana Slayer       | ATK Lv 6      | Ancient Curse    |
 | Holy Protect      | D Res Lv 5    | DEF Lv 5         |
 | Water Protect     | Spirit Stone  | I Res Lv 7       |
 | Thunder Protect   | Spirit Stone  | L Res Lv 7       |
 | Fire Protect      | Spirit Stone  | F Res Lv 7       |
 | Pierce            | A Comp Lv 3   | ATK Lv 3         |
 | Heavy Blow        | Very Heavy    | A Comp Lv 4      |
 | Master Karma      | Avoid Lv 3    | ACC Lv 3         |
 | Battle Protect    | Master Karma  | Battle Lord Power|
 | Animal Instict    | A Comp Lv 3   | Speed Lv 5       |
 | Beast Killer      | Animal Instict| ATK Lv 3         |
 | Dirty Power       | Mental Curse  | MGC Lv 8         |
 | Magic Stone       | Dirty Power   | Blessing Power   |
 | PSN RES           | PSN Res Lv 5  | Holy Protect     |
 | PAR RES           | PAR Res Lv 5  | Holy Protect     |
 | Slp RES           | Slp Res Lv 5  | Holy Protect     |

 Combo Effect :
 | Double Attack       | Chance to have an extra attack                 |
 | Heavy               | ATK +8 / Speed -25                             |
 | Very Heavy          | ATK +15 / Speed -50                            |
 | Sky Sonata          | Add an extra Fire Attack [Ele Extract not work]|
 | Magic Stone         | Magic +40 / Critical Rate up for mgc atk       |
 | Spirit Stone        | Magic +10                                      |
 | Disease Curse       | Life -20 / Mana +25                            |
 | Mental Curse        | Life +25 / Mana -20                            |
 | Mind Curse          | Life +40 / Mana -35                            |
 | Death Curse         | Life -35 / Mana +40                            |
 | Ancient Curse       | Life -35 / Mana -35                            |
 | Dragon Slayer       | Increase Dmg to Dragon monsters                |
 | Puni Slayer         | Increase Dmg to Puni monsters                  |
 | Demon Slayer        | Increase Dmg to Demon monsters                 |
 | Mana Slayer         | Increase Dmg to Mana monsters [ghost type]     |
 | Beast Killer        | Increase Dmg to Beast monsters                 |
 | Single Power        | D Res +100                                     |
 | Dirty Power         | Magic +50 / -2 Mana per turn                   |
 | Battle Lord Power   | Life +35 / Attack +35                          |
 | Blessing Power      | Life +35 / Mana +35                            |
 | Holy Power          | Regen 5 Life and 5 Mana per turn               |
 | Holy Protect        | Def +25 / D Res +25                            |
 | Holy Sanctuary      | Def +50 / D Res +75                            |
 | Water Protect       | Ice Resist +50                                 |
 | Thunder Protect     | Lighting Resist +50                            |
 | Fire Protect        | Fire Resist +50                                |
 | Holy Weapon         | An additional Holy Attack                      |
 | Pierce              | Attack +30 / Critical Rate Up                  |
 | Animal Instinct     | Speed +30 / Critical Rate Up                   |
 | Battle Protect      | Attack +50                                     |
 | Master's Karma      | Increase Evade and Hit Rates                   |
 | Poison Blow         | Give chance to attack with poison effect       |
 | Seductive           | Give chance to attack with charm effect        |
 | Sure Hit            | Give chance to attack with sleep effect        |
 | Heavy Blow          | Give chance to attack with knockdown effect [?]|
 | Sleep RES           | Immunity to Sleep                              |
 | PSN RES             | Immunity to Poison                             |
 | PAR RES             | Immunity to Paralyze                           |
 | Attack Lv 9         | Attack +45   [Raise +5 each Level]             |
 | Magic Lv 9          | Magic +45                                      |
 | DEF Lv 9            | DEF +45                                        |
 | Speed Lv 9          | Speed +45                                      |
 | Life Lv 9           | Life +45                                       |
 | Mana Lv 9           | Mana +45                                       |
 | F Res Lv 9          | Fire Resist +30                                |
 | I Res Lv 9          | Ice Resist +30                                 |
 | L Res Lv 9          | Lighting Resist +30                            |
 | D Res Lv 9          | Dark Resist +30                                |
 | PSN Res             | Increase Poison Resist                         |
 | PAR Res             | Increase Paralyze Resist                       |
 | Slp Res             | Increase Sleep Resist                          |
 | Avoid +             | Increase chance to dodge attack                |
 | ACC +               | Increase chance to hit enemy                   |
 | A Comp +            | Increase hit rates of physical attack          |
 | M Comp +            | Increase magic rates of magical attack         |
 | Life Up [S/M/L/XL]  | Restore a Small -> Extra Large Life per turn   |
 | Mana Up [S/M/L/XL]  | Restore a Small -> Extra Large Mana per turn   |


 Through out the game, you will be rewarded by people or encountered places
 that give you this Mana Stones. You could extract this stone into elements,
 BUT the best usage of all is using it for Weapon Synthesize. There are
 monsters that drop this Mana Stones as well although some drop not as often
 as the others.

 Here are the list of monsters that drop Mana Stones :
 All the Mana Stones are rare drop from a monster so you probably have to
 fight several [if not many] to finally get the Mana Stone.

 01. Dark Mana
     You can buy this one in Pattet Shop for 6800 in Fairy World. Red Puni and
     Mandragora drop it too.

 02. Black Mana
     You can buy this one in Pattet Shop for 6800 in Fairy World. Faux Puni,
     Ghost, and Black-belt Kero drop it.

 03. Red Mana
     You can buy this in Pattet Shop for 6800 in Fairy World. Mountain Pig,
     Cerebus, Vine Trap, Salamander, Lantern Jack, and Brownie drop this mana 

 04. Yellow Mana
     You can buy this in Pattote Shop the blackmarket shop for 9880. Jin and 
     Shock Element drop this one too.

 05. Blue Mana
     You can buy this in Pattote Shop the blackmarket shop for 9880.
     Super Puni and Blue Puni drop this mana too.

 06. Green Mana
     You can buy this in Pattote Shop the blackmarket shop for 12500.
     Wood Golem drop it in a pretty rare rate.

 07. Glowing Mana
     You can buy this in Pattote Shop the blackmarket shop for 12500.
     Baal drop this one too.

 08. Silver Mana
     You can buy this in Pattote Shop the blackmarket shop for 17500.
     Jin Rider in the bonus dungeon first room 100% drop this one.

 09. Gold Mana
     Still unsure where to get this Mana.
 10. Jade
     Master Kero drop this one, although it's a rare drop.

 11. Crimson
     Unsure where to get this Mana.

  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>                           IX ~ SKILLS  ~ 009                       <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>

|  K L E I N   |

 1. Elemental Extraction - Default Skill Level 1
    Magic Attack which could turn enemis into elements that you could use in
    Mana Synthesize. Klein can hit multiple enemies with this move.

 2. Mace ATK - Default Skill Level 1
    Physical Attack

 3. Wide Item - Learned at Level 3
    This skill will allow you to widden the range area for your Mana Item.
    For example; Heal Jar usually heal 1 person, use this skill and choose
    Heal Jar then arrange it appropiately so it will effect 2 or 3 of your 
    characters in the battle.

 4. Magic Resist - Learned at Level 8
    Klein's passive skill. It increases RES to elemental attacks.

 5. Delay - Learned at Level 12
    When you learned this skill, it already been maxed out.

 6. Pass Item - Learned at Level 24
    Expand the Mana Item vertically. You need 12 Mana to use it. In my opinion,
    this skill isn't as usefull as Wide Item.

 7. Living Item - Given by Zeldalia
    If by any chance you choose 'Mana Item' when Zeldalia gave you choices of
    things to take, you have to visit Zeldalia from time to time to do her
    a backrub. I do this 3 times than she gave me this skill since I choose
    Mana Item at the beginning of the game. 

 8. Power Item - Learned at Level 30
    Enchance the effect of Mana Item. You can use this for your characters or
    against your enemy. for example; if you use it with healing, it will heal
    more than the amount of healing that item permits. If you use it with 
    an attack item, say Bomb Ice, you will see an increase of the dmg output.
    Use this with Mark of Courage/Weakness, Lighting Rod, or Meteor you will
    see pretty big numbers.

|  L I T A   |

 1. Claw Atk - Default Skill
    Physical Attack. This is Lita's regular attack and it could hit multiple

 2. Force Blast - Learned at Level 6
    Magic Attack that uses 22 MP. It's a powerful attack, Lita will jump and
    attack the opponent with speed.

 3. Jump Kick - Learned at Level 9
    Physical Attack. It takes 8 MP to be able to use it. The style almost the
    same as Force Blast, jump into mid air and attack the enemy with speed.

 4. Stone Blast - Learned at Level 14
    This skill has very wide area effect, often it could hit every enemis 
    although this move needs 2 turns to unleash it. It takes 22 MP to use it.
    Level 3 - changed into Rock Smash

 5. Hyper K.B - Learned at Level 22
    Physical Atk. This moves will knockback the enemy beside doing dmg. Lita 
    needs to have 6 Mana to be able to use it.

 6. Dodge - Learned at Level 28
    Lita's passive ability that will kick in randomly to avoid attack from 
    enemy. Getting it max would be nice as I heard, she will have like 1/3 
    chance dodging attack.

|  DELSUS   |

 1. Crossbow - Default Skill Level 2
    This skill is Delsus regular attack.

 2. Power Shot - Default Skill Level 1
    Physical Attack. It requires 8 Mana to use it in a battle.
 3. Dark Arrow - Learned at Level 10
    Magical Attack. It could have a random status effect on enemy.
    You need 4 Mana to use it in a battle.

 4. Counter - Learned at Level 18
    This is a passive attack which mean you don't need to actually use it, it
    will activate by itself [randomly] to counter attack any enemy that hit 

 5. First Shot - Learned at Level 24
    Physical Atk. It's a quick shot and needs 1 Mana to use it.

 6. Spirit Blast - Secret Skill given by Zazzy
    I got this quest right after I opened Hermil Gate and went to Hidden 
    Village. The old man Zazzy wants you to go on several errands before he's
    giving you Delsus's Secret Skill. Here's what you have to endure:

    - Fresh Milk from cow outside.
    - Special Fish Dish from Gemlis [the fishermen outside]
    - Special Herbal Elixir from Norman.
    - Reward : Green Mana, Black Mana, Silver Mana, and Gold Mana.
    - Outfit that hip and tight [Gogo Suit]
    - Sweets from Bakery in Arcose [Snickerdoodle]
    - Final Reward : Delsus's Secret Skill

    Require 99 MP and it's Elemental Attack [random elemental output]. Off all
    Delsus's attack skill, this skill has more fire power than the others.

 7. Feint Shot - Learned at Level 32
    When you got this skill it's already cap max. It's a passive ability that
    will randomly triggered by Delsus, the same as Counter.

|  N O R N   |

 1. Magical Staff - Default Skill at Level 1
    Magic Attack that hit HP and Mana. This is Norn regular attack.
    At Level 2 it turned into Witch Staff.

 2. Shrink [L] - Default Skill at Level 1
    Physical Atk. Norn shrink the enemy and throw her staff at it. You need
    6 Mana to use it.

 3. Sleep - Default Skill at Level 1
    You can use it against multiple enemies. 16 Mana usage to use it.

 4. Turn 2 Candy - Learned at Level 14
    You can turn your enemy into candy. I recommend to max this skill as you
    will have better chance for not missing when using this skill, it will
    cost you greatly [Mana and turns]. You need 14 Mana and 2 turns to use it.

 5. Telekinesis - Learned at Level 17 
    Physical Atk which lift up an enemy then bash it to the ground. You need
    16 Mana to be able to use it.

 6. Magic Resist - Learned at Level 20
    Increase REST to elemental attacks. Norn's passive skill.

 7. Magic Shield - Learned at Level 26
    Increase one of your char's DEF for 5 turn - 28 Mana

 8. Illusion Magic - Secret Skill at Ku Luda Playground
    You could do this part when you are doing Delsus's Trial given by his 
    father, or you could do it after that since the chess board stay that way.
    Enter Ku Luda Playground and put the purple pawn to all 4 glowing square
    and put 1 purple pawn left to the middle chess board with the pattern.

|  A R L I N   |

 1. Sword Atk - Default Skill at Level 3
    This is his regular attack.
 2. Mana Strike - Default Skill at Level 1
    Magic Atk. Arlin Magic skill attack. You need 8 Mana to use it.

 3. Double - Learned at Level 17
    Physical Atk which hit the enemy up into the air and slash it down. 
    You need 16 Mana per usage.

 4. PAR Strike - Learned at Level 20
    It's a Physical Atk which paralyze the enemy Arlin attacked. You need
    4 Mana to use it.

 5. Fast Attack - Learned at Level 23
    Arlin passive ability to be able to attack first in the battle.

 6. Berserker - Learned at Level 26
    Just like the name means, it increases Attack but decreases your DEF.
    You need 16 Mana to be able to use it.

 7. Blocking - Learned at Level 30
    Arlin's passive ability. Sometime he will block an attack from enemy

  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>                        X ~ MISCELLENIOUS  ~ 010                    <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>


 Growloons is this ballon shape thing with white and blue color on it. Over
 the course of the game, you have to use Element Extraction to get rid of it.
 Monster is attracted to it so we need to get rid of it before it's becoming
 a problem. There will be a book to keep track on how many of them that you
 have exterminated. It's in Norman's Shop.

 | Rank |       Title       |Total |Growloons Need |       Reward           |
 |      |                   | Kill | For Next Rank |                        |
 |  01  | Rookie            |  01  |      04       | Default Rank           |
 |  02  | Smalltime Hero    |  04  |      05       | 1600 Cole / Dark Mana  |
 |  03  | Growloon Hunter   |  09  |      06       | 2500 Cole / Black Mana |
 |  04  | Deputy Galgazit   |  15  |      07       | 3600 Cole / Red Mana   |
 |  05  | Kavoc's Guardian  |  22  |      08       | 4900 Cole / Yellow Mana|

 |      Place          |Growloons|         Description          |
 | Lapis Wood          |   01    |                              |
 | Field               |   03    |                              |
 | Iris Resting Place  |   05    | 1 needs Diemia [Furnace Roof]|
 | Valiant Path        |   05    | 1 needs Fly [near 3 blocks]  |
 | Alexia Cave         |   03    |                              |
 | Cliff               |   02    |                              |
 | Cleft of Nervia     |   02    |                              |
 | Empty Tavern        |   02    |                              |
 | Poto Forest         |   06    |                              |
 | Garden of Eternity  |   05    | 1 needs Fly mid air near exit|


 - For each new item, you will be given 100 Cole.
 - For each set that you completed, you will unlock 1 more stuff in bonus 
   section. It could be Character Information, Pictures, Sounds, or Movies.
   That's why it's important to do the synthesize in the shops because the 
   majorities of the items come from there.
 Bonus given by Lector for completing certain number of items :
 1. Complete 150 items - Received Picture Bonus
 2. Complete 200 items - Received Picture Bonus 
 3. Complete 250 items - Received Picture Bonus

 Bonus List :
| No.|       Name      |              Requirement               |   Unlock   |
| 01 | Travel Kit      | Klein's Cane, Medicine                 | Character  |
| 02 | Lita's Fav      | Animal Paw, Rosie Ann BunnH            | Character  |
| 03 | Green Power     | Dunklehite                             | Character  |
| 04 | Norn's Fav      | Milk, Nekotreat                        | Character  |
| 05 | Player's Kit    | Pretty Stained, GogoSuit, Silver Pants | Character  |
| 06 | Life's Gift     | Palm Fish, Palm Snowbug                | Character  |
| 07 | Pursue Mana     | Mana Booster, Sorcerer Support         | Character  |
| 08 | Alchemy Cane    | Legendary Cane, Wisdom Cane, ??        | Character  |
| 09 | Triple          | Fresh Dancing, Fresh Smoking,          |            |
|    | Mushroom        | Fresh Poison                           | Sound      |
| 10 | Bread Sword     | Rock Bread, Smash Bread, ??            | Sound      |
| 11 | Hard Food       | Big Pumpkin, Hard Carrot, GarigariNuts | Sound      |
| 12 | AfterThePhoenix | Phoenix Quill, Phoenix Tail            | Sound      |
| 13 | Cleaning Kit    | Wax, Flax Cloth, Suxital               | Sound      |
| 14 | Sashimi Platter | Red, White, and Black Sashimi          | Sound      |
| 15 | Summer Special  | Swimsuit, Sexy Bikini                  | Sound      |
| 16 | Fairy Cosplay   | Fairy Clothes, Fairy Hat, Fairy Bracer | Sound      |
| 17 | Burning Soul    | Bomb Armor, Fire Cane                  | Sound      |
| 18 | From North      | Snowbug, White Love                    | Sound      |
| 19 | Love Mem        | Love Poems, Ring of Love, Farewell,Love| Sound      |
| 20 | Sweet Fruit     | Sweet Lando, Lovely Lando, Tingleberry | Sound      |
| 21 | Kid Leader      | Twister Candy, ?? , Slingshot          | Image      |
| 22 | Underwaer       | Red Pants, Passion Pants, Bread Pants  | Image      |
| 23 | Too Small!      | ?? , Micro Craft                       | Image      |
| 24 | Banzai Seafood  | Fresh Sashimi, Deviled Sashimi         | Image      |
| 25 | OOKiller        | Dragon Slayer, Demon Slave, Puni Slayer| Image      |
| 26 | Burnt it...     | Burnt Bagel, ??? Bread                 | Image      |
| 27 | Mystic East     | ??? , Crazy Bull, Imitation Sitar      | Image      |


 1. Magic in 7 Days
    The cat [Nyaron] in the 2nd floor of Zeldalia's house sells the book.
 2. Me, Myself and Bomb
    You get this book in Fort Galga from one of the chest/bag. Veola will give
    you recipes for bombs and some other stuff.

 3. Master of Magic
    You get this book in Flawless Marvel. This area isn't that big so try to
    venture before you go the boss area [on the tip of the structure]. It's
    in one of the chest/bag. When you go back to Veola to give it to her, she
    is not automatically trigger the scene where she takes the book from you,
    although she triggered another scene with me. You have to wait a short
    while to trigger the 3rd book scene. With this book, she can study on how
    to make Chronolex. Although within time she gave you the recipes to make 
    it you won't be able to make until you reach Hidden Village which some of 
    the necessary ingedients are in the hands of Totopop the fuzy bunny.

 4. Strange Dict
    You can buy this book in Land of Mana; Valco's Shop. This is the last book
    for Veola.

 Each time you gave her a book means she will give you more new recipes after
 short while [she gotta read first].


 You can use Aroma Material to upgrade your Mana. You can also degrade the
 Mana back to original form. Use this feature to your own advantage to create
 certain Mana Fuse Weapon that can only be obtained by using the upgraded
 Mana. You can only have 2 Aroma Materials in the whole game.

 One you get it in Avenberry and the other you get it from a quest with
 Water Chief in Land of Mana. She will send you to Lake Forwell, there are
 3 statues of Water Chief, use Flight ability to get to the statue and click
 on one of them to activate another scene that will tell you to go to Spring
 of Nervia to talk to the Water Fairy there. After a scene there, go back to
 Lake Forwell and use 50 Water Element on each statue to get a gem.
 Take the gem to Garden of Eternity and find the Water Chief Statue to put the
 gem on the statue.


 There are certain food that can raise your stat permanently. 
 You can use this strategy to your advantage; however since this is special
 food, the ingredients needed isn't that easy to get and some of them even
 limited [I have yet to find which monster that drop Cat-Eye/Shifty Eye].

 1. Shangri-La : Veggie Patty [Norman's] + Red Wine + Cat-Eye + Frozen Rain
    From   : Oscar's Shop
    Effect :

 2. Chubby Bunny : Eyescargo [Mofuma's Shop] + Dragon Tongue [cooked from 
                   Norman's] + Red Wine + Palm Fish
    From   : Oscar's Shop
    Effect :

 3. Smartini : Nectar [Mofuma's Shop] + God's Dance [Mofuma's Shop]
    From   : Norman's Shop
    Effect : Giving you Skill points

  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>              XI ~ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  ~ 011                <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>

 01. Q : My game disk is broken! The voice of the character sometimes got
         cut off and keep doing playback like a broken record.
     A : Most of the people who bought the game have experienced this problem
         as well, so you are not alone. If it gotten worse you could take it
         back and ask for a new one but the game is already a bit hard to find.

 02. Q : Is there any known bug in the game?
     A : Some people found; the broken record voice, game froze at certain 
         point [at the ending is the one that I know]. For the game froze at
         the ending, some people recommend to turn off the voice audio for
         the cutscene to help you pass/watch the ending safely without frozen.
 03. Q : Do I need to 'Shop Synthesize' at all? I'm lazy.....
     A : Well in my opinion, you will miss out major part in this game.
         Side stories of the characters, 'Bonus' section in the Main Game Menu,
         Character's Skill, Items that you could use in battle for healing
         and attack, and maybe more but those 3 reasons are good enough for
         me to make full use of Shop Synthesize. Start early in the game so
         you have enough story scenes [advancing timeline] to get recipe

 04. Q : Do I need to buy Weapons and Accesories?
     A : Over the course of the game, you will find Weapons and Accesories that
         you could use and it's decent too. But for me, it depends whether or
         not that weapon could be fused with Mana Stone that been crustalized.
         Only very few weapons that can be fused; all Fairy weapon and
         accesories can be fused.

 05. Q : Should I use 'Weapon Synthesize' at all? I'm confuse on what to do
         and what the best combo I could have.....
     A : It is not mandatory to use Weapon Synthesize as I heard some people
         beat the game without it but there are some effect that will benefit
         you greatly in battle specially Boss Battle such as Double Attack,
         Speed +, and some other upgrade power attack. You can fuse this into
         your weapon and accesories.

 06. Q : Should I max out all the Skills? 
     A : Put priority on the Skills that your characters use, don't waste
         the Skill Points on skill that you are not even using it. There are
         also passive skills [which will activate on its own randomly just 
         like Lita's Dodge Skill]. That skill is usefull too specially during
         Boss Battle, so try to max it out that way you have greater chance
         on activating it. To name a few : Wide Item, Power Item, Ele Extract,
         Power Shot, Spirit Blast, Counter, Stone Blast, Force Blast, Double,
         Mana Strike, Bull's Eye, Turn 2 Candy, etc.

 07. Q : I'm at the point where I have to go to the locked door in Alexia Cave,
         I can't open the door! I looked everywhere.
     A : First off, go to Arcose talk to Villa. Second, go to Hute in the Mine
         to get the key. THEN you can go to Alexia Cave to open that locked

 08. Q : I heard there's a fairy that sell items too beside the fairy in the
         fairy world. Where is he and how to get him?
     A : The fairy you talking about is Pattote. He only show up if you have
         30,000 Cole or more in your pocket. When you have that much money,
         you can find him in 2 places: on top of a rooftop in front of Hagel's
         Weapon Shop in Kavoc and in front of Oracle Room in Duran.
 09. Q : The fairy in fairy world asking for 5 Legions. Which type should I
         give it to him?
     A : Well, give him either the Red Legion or Silver Legion [if you have
         money to buy it]. DON'T give him Gold Legion, it's not worth it
         and Gold Legion quite hard to come by plus you gonna need that for
         Veola synthesize.

 10. Q : When is Puni God become inaccessible ?
     A : After you finished the locked door in Alexia Cave [fought the Elder 
         Virum, blue dragon], Puni God is closed after that until further
         notice. ^^;

 11. Q : How and When do I equip Mana?
     A : When Arlin joined your group, you can 'Equip Mana' to each of your
         character. The Mana has a 'EXP Gauge' shown beside your character
         skill list. Everytime the gauge is full, your Mana will give out
         skill points to your character. Each Mana has different ability of
         which skills it can raise. 

 12. Q : How to slow Lita's Mana decrease?
     A : To slow it down, don't put her to fight monster because everytime
         she fights monster her mana depleted. If I want to use her skills 
         instead during Boss Battle, I usually keep her out from fighting 
         regular enemies, that way her mana is stayed full.

 13. Q : I'm at Ka Luda Playground with all the chess pieces. I need to do
         Delsus's Trial, what should I do?
     A : Arrange the white pawn pieces [4] to the glowing square on the board.
         You will get a scene which gave you an item to finish the trial.
         Go back to Duran to finish it.

 14. Q : How to get Norn's Illusion Skill in Ka Luda Playground?
     A : Arrange the purple pawn pieces [4] to the glowing square AND 1 purple
         pawn piece to the middle of the board with the pattern on it.

  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>                   XII ~ EMAIL AND UPDATES  ~ 012                   <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>

|  EMAIL  |
 Email Address : Starvenus101{at}hotmail{dot}com
 Email Header  : Atelier Iris FAQ
 - Read my FAQ first AND the Frequently Asked Questions section, if my FAQ does
   not have the answer to your question then you can send me email about it.
 - I won't reply back if the answers are in my FAQ.
 - Questions have to be in SPECIFIC, DETAIL, AND CLEAR QUESTIONS so I could
   reply you back with the correct answer.
 - You won't get my reply if you just send me hatemail or rude email.
   I can use my time in better things than replying to such email.
 - I don't accept any input that I already have in my FAQ.
   Any new input will always be welcomed but please if you want to contribute,
   put it in a good description so the information is actually useful.

 July 17, 2005  - Version 1.0 finished.
 July 22, 2005  - Version 1.1 Continued Walkthrough and updating some sections.

  <>                                                                      <>
 <~~>                         XIII ~ CREDITS  ~ 013                      <~~>
  <>                                                                      <>

 GameFAQs      - For being such a great games' source and allowing me to 
                 contribute for other gamers.

 NIS America & - For making and publishing this fun RPG 

 Atelier Iris  - Such a good source if you want to find answers within the game
 Message Board   off course. ^_^
 Contributers  - Big thanks to the following names who helped me with all the
                 useful information about the game. Shop Synthesize :
                 LSpencer, Aviram661, S_epiroth983, pilyoong, tevyen, 
                 FOnewearal Lina, rpgcrazy2, The n00b Avenger, SchorcingFalcon,
                 weroth, Gundam4fun, Terra Ghaleon, TalonMiraj. 
                 and many others with their contribution.

                 Weapon Synthesize Contributors : GameFreeek, Pdaimaoh, 
                 Blood_Drive, omilash000, VeghEsther, Nico Silius, Voltfox, 
                 Xaintrix, EviILOnE, RenRen245, drzero7.
                 Random Contributors : Kunai_W_O_Chain


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