Why are items in shops always sold out?

  1. Certain items I could reeeeeally use are always sold out in shops. Same thing with synthesized items. Is that normal and they are NEVER available or are they sold only extremely rarely? Could I get them some time by exiting and entering a town or is that just wasted time? I just don't understand that shop system in this game. Why showing goods that are never sold?

    User Info: JollyMerchant16

    JollyMerchant16 - 2 months ago


  1. Some items have very limited stock and some become available later. If you do try leaving and returning then fight a few monsters as sometimes creates stock. Make sure to do quests as this will lead to new items being available.

    This applies to all 3 games in the Atelier Iris series.

    User Info: GerinTheFox

    GerinTheFox - 2 months ago 0   0
  2. Talk to everyone frequently to find quests.

    User Info: GerinTheFox

    GerinTheFox - 2 months ago

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