How to Unlock Comet Jewel with Veola?

  1. Now I'm in the end of the game (Mull's Castle) and wanted to make some money to buy Glowing Manas to upgrade my characters to the final Battle.
    I've checked that the most effective way to make money is the "Ring of Love" Cycle (Craft, then sell this item). So when I went to Veola's shop, I've realized that i have no Recite to Comet Jewel, actually I have just 7 recipes there (Medicine, Bomb, Big Bomb, Magic Paper, Globe, Clothes and Pendelock), from those, I've never crafter the Globe and the Clothes.
    There still some way for me to unlock the Comet Jewel / Ring of Love item at this rate of the game? I've read here in the board that it is possible to unlock by increasing itens quality. But in the official NIS site it is said:
    "What is so challenging about Shop Synthesis is that missing any one event with a particular shop owner can effectively lock off an entire chain of events, depriving you of tons of goodies."
    So I may have skipped some of these important events in my gameplay almost ignoring the existence of the Shop Synthesis.
    So here's the final question:
    Is it possible for me to Unlock Comet Jewel / Ring of Love itens Sythesis in Veola? If yes, how can I do that?
    Thanks in Advice

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    alexnum - 10 months ago


  1. Nevermind, I just did it! Let me explaain how in caso someone is the same situation:
    1-I have increased the quality of the itens, and then some cutscened just started happening and started to unlock some recipes. I've followed the DarkElf99's Shop Synthesis/Ingredient Guide to create the maximum amount of new itens with the best qualiti as possible
    2- If a dialogue scene is not hapenning i leave the store, enter again buy some item and it's done. In some cases i had to leave Kavoc and fight some random monter in Poto's Forest and when i headed back the scene happened. In some extreme cases I had to do some sidequests to have progress in the dialogue trigerring, but i really don't know if it is necessary.
    3 - Sometime after reaching 100% and arround 800 customers I unlocked the Ring of Love!
    4 - To unlock the Comet Jewel, thanks to the Starvenus guide, i realized that to unlock it I had to buy a book from the cat upstairs in Zeldalia's house, then brought it to Veola, and after some dialogues trigerring using the porcesses in item "3", and Voilá! Now i can finally Sythetise the Comet Jewel and the Ring of Love.
    I hope it helps someone =D

    User Info: alexnum

    alexnum - 10 months ago 0   0

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