No Lyla Side Quests?

  1. I'm level 30, right before the part where I have to fight the dragon boss in the cave. I just saw the side quest faq but "lazy lyla" isn't appearing?

    User Info: JeriKnight

    JeriKnight - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. EDIT: The term "XYZ" is not allowed in a message. LOL, but that's the name of the item.... renamed it to Su><ital

    Hey JeriKnight, sorry for the late reply, but I don't check in here every day. I guess you went on with the game and have gotten it by now. Anyway, from my own experience I would say that it doesn't trigger before you beat the Elder Virum in Alexia's Cave. I did the following things before I got the *Lazy Lyla* quest (no spoilers):

    - beat the Dragon
    - went to Duran, from there did the quest at Kaluda's Playground
    - did a sidequest about a thief in the Cleft of Nelvia (we get the quest in Arcose)
    - then I got the package from Lyla and brought it to Villa in Arcose to finish her Errand-sidequest
    - then gained access to the Flawless Marvel, but didn't do it just yet
    - synthesized at Veola's shop until I was able to make a Su><ital or a Blowmaster (we can choose which one to bring to Lyla for different reactions, but only once. If you want to see the other scene, you have to reload the game and give her the other one.)

    This concludes the *Lazy Lyla* sidequest. I'll put it here how to get her last two quests:

    After we finish *Lazy Lyla* we have to synthesize in Totopop's shop until we get the recipe for the *6 StringAccoustic*, but we DO NOT create it immediately, because this will remove the trigger for the next sidequest - *Noisy Hagel*. Instead, as soon as we have the recipe we go back to Lyla's shop. Now the quest triggers and after the scene we need to go back to Totopop and synthesize the *6 StringAccoustic*. Back to Lyla again to trigger the next scene, then after awakening in the base we head over to Lyla once more to claim our reward. Then, to trigger her last quest, all all we need to do is entering 20 Random Battles which we can escape to save time, no need to fight. When we then enter Lyla's shop the sidequest *Save Peki* will trigger. This quest is simple => field south of Kavoc => defeat the monster(s) => return to Lyla for a reward. It can be repeated by entering 20 Random Battles to trigger it again. Just keep in mind that the monsters and the reward change every time Klein hits another 10 levels (30, 40.... up to 90). Good luck.

    Welcome to our wonderful bakery!

    User Info: Norns_FanClub

    Norns_FanClub - 1 year ago 2   0
  2. Thanks so much! I actually left for a trip after I posted this so this helps a lot! I really appreciate it. Also, I too, am a fan of Norn :D

    User Info: JeriKnight

    JeriKnight - 1 year ago

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