Where can I find Golden Handles?

  1. I seem to have uh... used one on something I shouldn't have. Do you really only get two the entire game? If not where can I get others?

    User Info: SolarZero

    SolarZero - 7 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Meow SolarZero, Lady Luck is on your side - there is an infinite supply of Gold Handles,
    you find them in *Iris Resting Place*. To the north of the Magic-Circle is a platform,
    it has 3 different spawnpoints for the Gold Handle, so there is probably a chance to
    grab 3 in one go (though I 'only' managed to get 2 at the same time). The easiest and
    fastest way to get them is to use the door to the left in combination with Klein's flying
    companion - just enter and exit the room, fly a bit to the right to look if some
    Gold Handles spawned. Repeat this until you have as many Gold Handles as you need/want.
    Alternatively you can use Diemia and the Magical-Beast skill to get onto that platform.

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