Where can I find more gold legien?

  1. I need one gold legien to make the last piece for the Chronolex, but I can't find any anywhere. I already got all of the ones from Hute, the one in the cleft of nelvia, and the one in the sewer. I think I got one in Alexia cave as well, but I used them all.

    User Info: FFVILocke

    FFVILocke - 11 years ago


  1. Gold Legien 'sometimes' spawns at the entrance/exit of Alexia Cave, up on the ledge with the crystals where you first saved Hute after having to use Diemia.
    Either make your way all the way around or use Flight to quickly reach the ledge. If there isn't a piece of Gold Legien there exit right a screen (staying on the higher ground) and then go back and check again.

    I'm not sure how often you can get pieces to appear but I managed to get a few throughout the game.

    User Info: Protector_Wind

    Protector_Wind - 10 years ago 1   0
  2. Unfortunately I discovered this brilliant game just in 2011, would have loved to be able to help earlier.
    Appreciate the help from *Protector Wind*, but the provided info is incorrect. At the discribed place in
    Alexia-Cave spawn only 2 Gold Legiens. Treasurehunter FFVILocke, since you already got all the
    others I fear you're kinda screwed, because I 'think' your Klein is already at Lvl 31 or higher. The only
    possibility to get more Gold Legiens is to trigger the *Save Peki*-sidequest with Klein at Level 30 or
    lower (note that the lowest possible level to reach this point is 20). Only then the enemy you face in
    the field south of the Outdoor Theater will be one single *Fly Trapper*. If you defeat it and return to
    Lyla's shop she will give you 1x Gold Legien as reward. This can be repeated as many times as you
    need/want to. How?^^ Finish the sidequest *Lazy Lyla* (see Shockrave's SideQuest-FAQ), then
    synthesize until you get the recipe for the *6 StringAccoustic* from Totopop, but DO NOT create it
    immediately, because this will remove the trigger for the sidequest *Noisy Hagel*. Instead, as soon
    as you have the recipe go back to Kavoc and enter Lyla's shop. Now the quest triggers and after the
    scene you need to go back to the Hidden Village and synthesize the *6 StringAccoustic*. Back to Lyla
    again to trigger the next scene, then after awakening in the base head over to Lyla once more to
    claim your reward, 1x [Sexy Bikini]. After that all you need to do is enter 20 Random Battles which you
    can escape if you want to, no need to fight. (After finishing the quest and getting the reward just enter
    20 more RBs to trigger it again). When you then enter Lyla's shop the sidequest *Save Peki* will
    trigger. It's simple, just go to the field south of Kavoc, defeat the monster(s), return to Lyla and voila
    - claim your reward. The monster(s) you fight and the reward is determined by Klein's Level (01-10 /
    11-20 / 21-30 aso.) I sent Shockrave a mail with all the details and I really hope he will update his
    FAQ with that info, because I would love to contribute to the knowledge-database of this spectacular
    game.^^ Basically it seems that you need to start from scratch or load an earlier savegame to gain
    access to at least one Gold Legien, sorry Pal. May this help any fellow gamers out there.


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