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It's here at last! The game based on the most famous police series of the 1980's!
Stylish Miami is being overrun by the Columbian drugs mafia, and only the world's two super-coolest cops can stop them.

In this action-packed 3rd person shooter, you don't just have to shoot, you have to kick down doors, collect evidence, solve puzzles and arrest suspects.
During the game you can take it in turns to play the cool Sonny Crockett or tough guy Ricardo Tubbs. An entirely unique feature is you can change between Sonny & Ricardo at any moment. Give each other backup and help each other out with special skills.

Can you resist the temptation of drink, women, fast cars and drugs to roll up drugsbaron Ortega's cartels?

* Based on an actual TV Episode, but fully interactive!
* Includes Miami Vice Theme" and "Crockett's Theme" composed and performed by Jan Hammer!

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