Review by Mortortex

Reviewed: 08/11/05

Neo contra has to be one of the biggest let downs on the PS2

Neo contra has to be one of the biggest let downs on the PS2. When Contra: shattered soldier was released, it was one of the best contras to date. I don't know what Konami tried to do with neo contra but it comes out stale and boring.

You act Bill or Jaguar (a ninja with a katana) and make your way through some of the weirdest places known to man. The biggest draw back is that the game is in an overhead view and the angles are completely stuck.

This game shows no innovation compared to the last one. The graphics have been replaced with almost cell-shaded coloring and the voice acting is hard to listen to. You now have the choice of a variety of different weapon selections that you are stuck with through the entire game. The new weapon system lets you have a ground attack, air attack and an alternative ground attack. The styles are not even equally weighed for the power of them. Everyone plays with what they can, then when type E or the one with the laser unlocks, since it is the most powerful, it is played the most.

The levels in this game are really boring and overall very poorly designed. You find yourself running around in cartoony environments and beating bosses that resemble a certain WWII leader and a dog that talks. Now that I've gotten into the bosses and enemies, I'll tell you that the overall difficulty of this game is really easy because of easy kills. Most enemies and bosses take little to no damage to kill, and that's quite literally. If a big, bad look thing tries to get in your way just shoot him with what ever, and soon enough he will be dead, what happened with the hard bosses from shattered soldier?

The story line for this game is pitiful. Earth is doomed for destruction by who else a Bill Razor clone. Now the true Bill Razor must make his way through seemingly pointless battles only to discover that the final boss in the game can be killed with little to no effort.

I really don't know where they get off releasing this game. From the into movie you are led to believe that this game is going to be another great hit like shattered soldier, but then you play it and are sorely disappointed!

Rating: 4

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