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Reviewed: 03/15/05 | Updated: 02/03/06

Bill and Lucia sitting in a tree.....

You have to love the Contra series. From the time that I first popped the original Contra into my NES, I was hooked. There is nothing more satisfying than basically being a commando in a one man army. You get to blast aliens; huge and small; grotesque and disgusting. Sadly, when the Playstation came out, people decided to make Contra into 3D. Big mistake! Both of the PS1 games were terrible. However, after the success of Contra: Shattered Soldier last year; which returned the Contra series to 2D, the game developers decided to try another 3D game. While there were some big worries, Neo-Contra is a 3D Contra game that is actually worthy of the Contra name.

The big challenge is how to turn a 2D game into 3D. Zelda, Mario, and Metroid have all done it. Well, with Neo-Contra, you are given an overhead view much like in Contra 3 for the SNES. Let me say that there are no camera problems present like the ones in the PS1 games. After you start your game, you are given the choice of three different weapon sets. There are 3 different weapons in each set; standard, power, and lock on. There is a nice variety to the weapons such as the machine gun, and the classic spread gun. One more thing to point out is that while the game does have a decent challenge, it isn't nearly as hard as Shattered Soldier.

The story is your basic Contra storyline. Aliens have invaded Earth, and Bill Rizer is joined by Jaguar to stop them. Graphically the game looks pretty nice. All of the environments have nice detail, and the bosses are as nasty as ever; in a good way. The music is much like Shattered Soldier; heavy metal. I love it. It actually makes you more pumped up to play this game.

As for replay value, there is lots of it. First of all the game is very short. It will only take you about 30 minutes or so to beat it. However, the ranking system is back. You'll never unlock everything the game has to offer on the first trip threw, so by replaying it over and over, the game will give you lots of replay value. There are weapon sets to unlock, artwork, and a music box. In all, this game may not be perfect (sometimes it is hard to hit an enemy with the machine gun), but in all this game is fantastic. I advise anyone who likes the Contra series to pick it up.

Rating: 9

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