Review by kilhara

Reviewed: 11/07/04

It's mediocrely, OK...

This is one of those games you can rent beat and forget about. Being a long time Contra fan I found Neo Contra dissappointing at it's best. With laughable character design and clumsy play mechanics and level design. The music is annoying and almost tolerable at it's best. It is such a short ride that you won't believe you've actually beaten the game, then the only "fun" you could have is to play the levels over and over till you get a better rank to unlock new characters. WHOOPDEEDOO!!!

I loved contra since I was a kid and not since the PS1 Contras have I seen a worse interpretation. I would recomend renting this game only if it were the last thing on the shelf or if you are curious about this version of Contra.

Graphics: 5
The graphics look ok, nothing outstanding but plenty of bad character design to go around. This was the real problem since besides bad character design the artwork looked OK and I would have rated it higher if it were not for dinosaur bikes, talking dogs and guys in green jumpsuits getting mad at you and turning red.

The fact they took the time to render and animate some of this horrible character design is a testament to how much the care about Contra and even making a decent game. I felt the design team just didn't care, or was on Ritalin or something. The cutscenes were annoying to watch, it's like they were trying to make the characters unbelievably lame. The worse part is that if I describe these things they actually sound good on paper. There are too many cool things that sound cooler than when you see it in the game.

I would have loved some sort of character designs based on the old game, I would have enjoyed all the old bosses from all the really good contra series and I would have enjoyed locales from the old contra series. In one part which I was expecting to play in the OG tunnels from NES Contra I was just psyched out and forced back into overhead gameplay it made me sad and hate this game even more.

Music: 1
The music is so bad you might actually want to turn it off and listen to your own mix. I can't really describe it besides sounding very much like Heavy Metal Technotronica Trance. Again it may sound cool on paper but if you are curious to what it sounds like rent the game. :D

Old school Contra remixes would have been better. I would love hearing contra remixes with a techno vibe ala Symphony of the Night but alas we have Heavy Metal Technotronica Trance.

Sound: 5
There was never anything really outstanding about the sound effects, music and especially the vioce acting. I really don't understand why they bothered with dialouge.

The real Contra would never use dialouge besides one liners and primordial grunts.

Gameplay: 3
In one section you face of with this Pitbull whose name is Animal Contra. Actually all your enemies names are "blank" Contra. So you fight a guy in a green jumpsuit named Plant Contra and some crazy old guy called "I forgot" Contra. It's very cheesy and it's obvious from these designs that the creative team was on lunch break.

The control is horrible. I was expecting controls like Robotron and Smash TV since this is an overhead type shooter. But instead you must use a strafe/lock button. This means you must face your opponents and then press the button and hold it. This is annoying because you will walk into bullets or explosions just so you can lock on to your enemy.

In theory you have 3 weapons a fire arm, a flame thrower type and a fire and forget weapon which is primarily used for flying targets. This is horribly presented since you will never use the flame thrower type weapon and the target lock-on for the fire and forget weapons is poorly realized. The range is pitiful, you have to be standing next to the thing you want to shoot if you want to lock on to it. I really thought it could have been better.

I was especially dissappointed in how the were advertised how the spreader was back. I think the new spreader was really not so good. To sum up, totally dissapointed in the control, I felt like the reason why this game was "hard" was because the controller sucked. :D

The worse part besides the control was the level design. I felt like it was on ADD you could never get into a groove because every section was so short. The bosses where really not that impressive or scarry and it didn't take all that much skill to beat them. I just didn't understand why this huge behemoth machine only took a few hits from my machine gun.

Overall: 5
In conclusion, I did not like this game and as a public service forced myself to review it. I actually forced myself to play it all the way through. So thank you guys for reading my review and RENTING FIRST.

Rating: 5

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