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FAQ/Walkthrough by Zerstorung

Version: 0.13 | Updated: 12/25/04

Neo Contra for Playstation 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

Written By - Zerstorung

E-Mail - mr_bob6@yahoo.com

===Table of Contents============

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002-Version History
004-The Basics
   c-Hit Rate
   a-Level 1
   b-Level 2
   c-Level 3
   d-Level 4
   e-Level 5
   f-Level 6
   g-Level 7
006-Hit Rate Guide
   a-Level 1
   b-Level 2
   c-Level 3
   d-Level 4
   e-Level 5
   f-Level 6
   g-Level 7


Contra is Copyright 1987-2004 KONAMI and Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo

Neo Contra is a trademark of KONAMI CORPORATION

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descriptions found within this FAQ without proper quotation is protected.
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This FAQ is Copyright 2004 Justin "Zerstorung" Kvithyll.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

===Version History=========(002)

v0.0 - 9 December 2004

-FAQ Started

v0.1 - 11 December 2004

-Completed Walkthrough
-Completed Hit Rate Guide
-Completed Character Information
-Completed Controls Information
-Completed Disclaimers
-Completed Introduction
-Completed Credits/Outro
-Completed Weapon Descriptions
-Authorized use of this FAQ for the following domains:

v0.11 - 14 December 2004

-Authorized use of this FAQ for the following domains:

v0.12 - 17 December 2004
-Authorized use of this FAQ for the following domains:

v0.13 - 25 December 2004
-Added Enemies section
-Fixed a few clarity errors


This is a FAQ/Walkthrough of Neo Contra for the Playstation 2 Console.
Included is a walkthrough of each level, boss pattern analysis, hit rate guide,
and other random information.

Neo Contra takes Contra to a completely new style.  Despite the classic feel
and re(re)use of various enemies/bosses, this game plays more like Smash TV
than a standard Contra game

===The Basics==============(004)


D-Pad/Left Analog Stick - Move/Aim

Square - Fire basic weapon.

Triangle - Fire air (Lock-On) weapon.

Circle - Unused

X - Player spins in a circle and is temporarily invincible.  Cannot shoot or
move while spinning.

L1/R1 - Switch basic weapon.

L2 - Aim Lock.  Your character can move around, but you continue firing in the
same direction as when you first held down the button.

R2 - Move Lock.  Your character is immobile, but you can still turn and aim.

Start - Pauses the game.

Select - Toggles HUD fading.


Bill Rizer - A cloned version of the hero from the Nintendo Contra games.

Weapon Damage  [][][][]
Movement Speed [][][][]
Collision Size [][][]

Jaguar - A mysterious samurai that joins Bill on his mission to destroy Neo

Weapon Damage  [][][][][]
Movement Speed [][][]
Collision Size [][][][]

Lucia - A female android that first appeared as Bill's partner in Contra:
Shattered Soldier.

Lucia is unlocked by clearing the game with a total time of less than 18

Weapon Damage  [][][]
Movement Speed [][][][][]
Collision Size [][]

----Hit Rate----(004c)

Neo Contra uses a ranking system based on a percentage of how much you destroy
in each level.  Each death takes 1% hit rate away.  

At game over, continuing from the middle of the stage costs you 10% hit rate, 
whereas continuing from the beginning of the stage resets all hit rate.

You are ranked by the following hit rate percentages:

98-100% = S
95-97%  = A
90-94%  = B
75-89%  = C
 0-74%  = D

Earning a hit rate of at least all As is required to play the final two levels
in the game.


Unlike in previous Contra games, where you would receive weapons from flying
objects, in Neo Contra, you select one of 6 (3 initially, 3 unlockable) weapon
sets.  Each set contains a standard weapon, a power weapon, and a lock weapon.

The standard weapon is used for soft targets, usually those that swarm in large

The power weapon is used for bosses or targets that take a lot of damage.

The lock weapon is used for flying targets or any target above the scope of
the other two weapons.

In addition, playing the game once (it doesn't need to be completed) unlocks
the Jaguar Katana option.  This allows Jaguar to replace one of his two ground
weapons with either the katana for standard weapon, or fire katana for power

The katana does massive amounts of damage, and can absorb standard energy orbs,
but has extremely short range.

--Weapon Set A--
Standard Weapon: Machine Gun - Fires a steady stream of bullets.

Power Weapon: Grenade Bomb* - Launches a grenade that bounces on the ground a
short distance before exploding.

Lock Weapon: Lock on Missile - Fires up to 4 slow-moving missiles.

--Weapon Set B--
Standard Weapon: Charge shot* - When the fire button is tapped, it shoots a very
small bullet.  When fully charged, a very large, fast bullet is shot.

Power Weapon: Fire Whip - Very short-ranged flamethrower.

Lock Weapon: Lock on Laser - Fires a multitude of lasers that arc up and move
towards the target.  Identical to the energy burst in Ikaruga.

--Weapon Set C--
Standard Weapon: Spread shot* - Fires a mass of bullets in a very wide cone.
This weapon has a very slow refire time.

Power Weapon: Classic Fire Ball - Fires two helixing fireballs.  Each fireball
may hit individually, and disappears when it hits a target.

Lock Weapon: Lock on Thunder - Fires a steady stream of lightning at the target.

--Weapon Set D-- (Unlocked by beating Level 5)
Standard Weapon: Lightning - Fires a lightning bolt that pierces enemies and
spreads to all enemies near a hit target.

Power Weapon: G Bazooka* - Fires a heavy damage missile.  The strongest weapon
in the game.

Lock Weapon: Heaven's Laser - A bolt of light instantly deals massive damage to
the target.  The strongest lock weapon in the game.

--Weapon Set E-- (Unlocked by beating Level 6)
Standard Weapon: Drill* - Fires a slow-moving drill that pierces enemies.

Power Weapon: Reflective Laser - Fires a long beam of energy that bounces off
of any wall it hits.

Lock Weapon: Fairy Laser - Up to 6 energy orbs fly up in the air in a circle,
then move towards the target in short, quick, bursts.

--Weapon Set F-- (Unlocked by beating Level 7)
Standard Weapon: Ripple Laser - Fires a ring of energy.

Power Weapon: 6 V Laser* - Fires a long laser beam.

Lock Weapon: Variable Weapon - A slower, higher damage version of the Lock on

*Replaced by Katana and Fire Katana when using Katana Jaguar.


----Level 1----(005a)
Begin walking up, destroying all containers and barricades along the way.  
Halfway through this opening section, a flying enemy will approach, easily

Eventually, a dropship will fly overhead (this can block your view, leaving
you open for a hit, so beware) and drop a pod.  This pod will then open and 6
soldiers will run out at you - Kill them and destroy the pod.

Continue walking upwards, destroying more containers and enemies, until you
come to a tank with a shielded soldier in front of it.  At this time, another
flying enemy will approach - once again, easily dispatched.  The tank will
shoot a harmless beam out, followed by a stream of machine gun fire.  If you
kill the tank while it is mostly offscreen, it does not attack at all.
Destroying the tank will automatically kill the shielded soldier.

At this point, the path splits.  If you are going for hit rate, continue
moving upward, if not, follow the branched path left.

Following the path up, you meet three turrets that rapidly fire two sets of
energy orbs, and a flying enemy.  The dropship from earlier will now drop a
second pod in the center of this area - Kill the same as before.

Moving back downward and onto the left path, you will two armored enemies, 
which will either shoot four energy orbs, or charge at you rapidly.

Here the path splits again, this time travelling left if you want more hit
rate, or up to continue with the game.  The left path leads to another flying
enemy, and another tank.  This tank will slowly let out a stream of enemies,
until you blow it up that is.

Continuing upward, you'll meet two more armored enemies, followed by another
section filled with containers, infantry, and flying enemies.

----Midboss: Mechanical Walker Babalu----

If you've played any other Contra game, you've probably seen this boss before,
but not quite like this.  Unlike its counterparts, this rendition of the
Mechanical Walker is much larger, and doesn't move.

This boss stays fixed at the top-right corner of the screen.  

Its weak point is the head, which quickly moves from side to side, though not
for long, as this boss doesn't take much damage before going down.

Attack 1: Fires a stream of four energy orbs from its head.  

Attack 2: Fires a set of missiles that are launched upwards - Targets then 
appear on the ground where the missiles will land and explode.


After the Mechanical Walker is destroyed, the path continues upward and then
forks in two.  A satellite is high on the barricade that seperates the two
paths - Lock on and destroy.

The left path is easier, but the right path is quicker and is where all the
hit rate targets in this section are.  There is a flying enemy that appears at
the beginning of the left fork - destroy it and then move onto the right fork
if you are going for hit rate.

Another short section with enemies, and containers if you take the right path.
The two paths will converge at another tank, two containers, and a shielded
soldier.  Destroying the containers will automatically kill the tank and
enemy.  Two flying enemies will then fly at each of the top corners of the
split path, destroy them for hit rate.

One more stretch of enemies, and you will approach a large tank, three shielded
soldiers, and two grenade lobbing enemies on two platforms.  This tank does not
move or fire at all, but destroying it will automatically kill all 5 of the
nearby enemies, so just go straight for it if you want to save time.  You then
walk into a large building where the boss fight is.

----Midboss: Alien Baby----

As the cutscene ends, you find yourself face to face with this hideous alien,
sticking out of a pit in the ground.  This boss is pretty straightforward,
despite its size, and follows a set attack pattern.

Attack 1: Launches a fairly large number of insects that fly towards you until
they are killed.

Attack 2: The alien vomits towards your position.  The vomit stays on the
ground for a short period of time, and it can still kill you.

Attack 3: The alien then vomits upwards, and then falls down into the hole,
while the purple pussy gunk comes raining down on you in bursts.  There will 
be a small amount of the vomit on the ground at all the spots where a large 
amount will fall.

It repeats this pattern until it is killed.


You then jump down the pit where the alien was, and fight the next midboss.

----Midboss: Elevator Guard----

This boss fight is fairly short and pretty easy, with only two attacks.

Attack 1: Fires a beam from its head that rotates while firing.

Attack 2: Drops down out of the screen and launches a set of blades that remain
onscreen until they are destroyed or it launches the attack again.

It alternates these attacks until you destroy the head.  At this point, the
arms will extend, and fire out two beams instead of one.  The guard will then
alternate between firing two beams while spinning, and one large beam in the


After a cutscene, you have to fight the boss

----Boss: Guerilla Contra----

This is a pretty simple boss, understandably, because it's the first main
boss you fight.

Guerilla Contra fights you from inside a giant mech, the Titan.  There are two
phases to the fight, both are fairly easy.  The first phase is the Titan in
walker form, on four legs.  The two front legs can be destroyed for hit rate,
but the targets are the turrets on its back.  Titan in walker form has four

Attack 1: Launches two missiles in the air.  Targets appear on the ground where
they will land and explode.

Attack 2: Fires a series of fireballs at you that explode, creating a shock wave
on the ground.

Attack 3: The turrets will fire energy orbs at you.

Attack 4: The turrets will launch a series of blue spheres in the air, which
land and create rings of energy on the ground.  These rings can kill you.

Attack 5: The Titan will jump around the screen and may land on you.

After destroying all of the turrets, the Titan will jump into the center of
the screen and transform into the Titan Mech.  For this phase of the battle,
you must deal damage to its legs until blue electricity starts coming out of
them.  At this point Guerilla Contra himself will open a hatch at the top of
the mech and proceed to attack.  Lock on and attack.

Attack 1: The Titan jumps in the air and then stomps down, approaching you.

Attack 2: The Titan jumps high in the air and lands in the center of the room.
Debris then falls down from the ceiling.

Attack 3: The Titan jumps to the top end of the room and slams its fists into
the ground.  Three fireballs then appear at the same time.

Attack 4: The titan jumps to the top end of the room and then quickly charges
at you.

Attack 5: When Guerilla Contra comes out, he will launch a series of homing
missiles at you.


The Titan will explode, ending Level 1


----Level 2----(005b)

Level 2 starts with a short clip of the opening of Level 2 from Contra:
Shattered Soldier.  The screen then pans down to a tunnel, where an enemy
approaches.  You then crash through the screen that was showing the clip on a
dinosaur, and level 2 begins.

Five enemies on hoverboards will quickly move on screen, and begin rushing
around.  They will then stop and throw a disk at you, though that's not the
source of the problem, you can easily kill them before they get that far.  The
problem lies in the fact that the enemies may hit you while very rapidly moving
around the screen.

After all five of the enemies are destroyed, a series of the armored enemies
from level 1 will rush in from the bottom of the screen, with the same attacks
as before.  Kill them quickly because they don't stay on screen for long.

When all of the armored enemies are gone, the screen will pan to the side,
where the first midboss awaits.

----Midboss: Agile Tank----

This midboss is very simple, just hold up on the D-Pad, and fire lock on shots
at the vehicle until it is destroyed.

Attack 1: Fires a stream of machine gun fire while moving around.

Attack 2: Fires a napalm grenade that explodes constantly until it is offscreen.
This may seem intimidating at first, but you can actually move sideways (or
vertically, if you want to be technical) in this section to avoid the fire.


A plane then flies overhead and begins to attack.

----Midboss: Airplane----

Another simple midboss.  There are 3 lock on targets on each wing of the 
plane - destroy these for hit rate.  In the center, a soldier will be throwing
objects out of the back of the cargo hold, they bounce around until they 
explode.  Destroy the soldier with lock-on.  The plane will then explode.


You will then jump off the dinosaur and start climbing up a wall.  The next
section is autoscroll, while the next midboss chases you up the wall.  All the
while, enemies will pop out of holes in the wall and drop projectiles on you,
kill them all for hit rate (getting them all is somewhat difficult, because
they quickly go back into the holes after throwing the object).  At each step,
the scrolling will stop, and the enemies will attack.

There are two types of objects that the enemies drop.  Purple objects are
slightly larger than the green objects.

-Screen 1-   -Screen 2-   -Screen 3-

|        |   |O       |   |  ----  |
|     O  |   |  ------|   |    O   |
|        |   |   O    |   |        |
|----    |   |        |   |--    --|
|        |   |        |   |        |

-Screen 4-   -Screen 5-   -Screen 6-

|      O |   |O      O|   |        |
|------  |   | ------ |   |   O    |
| O      |   |        |   |    ----|
|        |   |   O    |   |        |
|      O-|   |        |   |---     |

After all 6 screens, the midboss will smash its head against the wall and
proceed to attack you.

----Midboss: Crawler----

Two turrets slowly fire energy orbs at you - destroy them for hit rate.

Yet another straightforward midboss.  Attack the head while avoiding its two

Attack 1: Sprays an arc of mist across almost all of the screen, move to the
opposite side of the screen from where it started the mist to be safe.

Attack 2: Lunges its head at you VERY quickly.  There is no warning for this
attack, so just try to stay away from the head, as it doesn't reach to the top
of the screen.


You will then crawl into a hole in the wall, and enter the final length of
Level 2.

In this next section, there will be a series of vents in the wall that launch
log-like grenades at you (similar to those in the 2d levels of the original

Two turrets will approach from the sides, lock on to destroy them for
hit rate.  If left long enough, they will fire a harmless blue beam of light.
The light will then turn red and the turret will fire a rapid stream of
machine gun fire.

Destroy the plug at the top of the room to move on...

...To a nearly identical room.  Same thing as last time turrets and all, though 
this time the plug will be behind a barricade, and will occasionally fire a 
beam straight across the room.

Due to a design problem in Neo Contra, the barricade is too thin to shoot
through at the angles you are forced to shoot it at using the D-Pad.  The
Analog stick must be used to line up shots for this part.

Jaguar's Katana, fortunately, passes directly through the barricade and takes
out the plug in seconds.

After that ordeal, you move on to fight the Level 2 Boss, Plant Contra...or do

----Midboss: Mystery G----

Mystery G quickly dispatches Plant Contra and then decides to fight you.

Attack 1: Fires two thin beams that reflect off of walls.

Attack 2: Charges at you quickly for a short amount of time.

Attack 3: Spins around quickly spraying fire with two flamethrowers.

He repeats this pattern in order until dead.  


After disappearing, a cutscene interrupts and Plant Contra wakes up.

----Boss: Plant Contra----

Plant Contra creates a flash of light and transforms into a giant flower.

Attack 1: Launches pods that create spore infantry when they hit the ground.

Attack 2: Lunges at you, and then stops moving for a short amount of time.

Attack 3: Slams two vines against the ground, creating shock waves.

The weak point is a highlighted area on its 'stomach'.  After enough damage,
the bud on the top opens up, and the boss begins its final phase.

Attack 1: Two vines come out of the ground and rotate around the screen.

Attack 2: Launches pods that fire a single energy orb at you when they hit
the ground.

Lock onto the flower and fire until it's dead.


The plant then shrivels up and Level 2 ends.


----Level 3----(005c)

A pretty linear level, but certainly not boring.

Follow the canyon upward, destroying all of the flying enemies.  Eventually
you approach a turret, destroy it and the satellite behind it to open the doors.

Through the doors is another short section...same thing as the first pretty
much.  Destroy the flying enemies, turret, and satellite.

Through the next doors is a third, yes, third section similar to this, but this
time there's a 'midboss' at the end.

----Midboss: Walking Labia----

Nothing more to say here than 'WHAT THE HELL?'.  As you approach the doors, the
Walking Labia crawls over the left canyon wall and attaches itself to the door.

Attack 1: The boss shoots out slime in short, random bursts until it is dead.


After defeating the Walking Labia, the doors open up, and you enter
a narrow corridor with sets of enemies, each set must be destroyed to open
the next door.  Pretty simple.

After this, the screen fades to black and you enter an area filled with sand,
where you fight the next midboss.

----Midboss: Desert Worm----

This boss is a variation of the serpent boss in Contra: Shattered Soldier.

It crawls around under the sand, only surfacing to attack.  Each section of its
body can be locked onto and destroyed, but the worm moves very quickly, and
you are on a short time limit for the battle.

Attack 1: The worm surfaces, flies across the screen, and submerges at another

Attack 2: The worm's head surfaces, and it launches a fireball that explodes
into a circle of energy orbs when it hits a wall.


After destroying (or timing out on) the worm, you move onto the next section.

The next corridor is littered with flying enemies, and cars that charge at you
VERY quickly when onscreen long enough.  Move straight through the corridor
until it takes a turn.  At this point, soldiers rolling on top of boulders will
sporadically start to appear.

Other than the boulders, the remainder of the section is the same until the end.

At the end, you meet two turrets, two shielded soldiers, and a satellite.
Destroy all 5 to move onto the next section.

After a series of short cutscenes, you begin the final boss string of the level.

----Midboss: Armored Crab----

Another simple boss.  To defeat it, you must use your weapons to knock it off
the edge of the circular platform 2-3 times.  Whenever it has its shields up, it
cannot be pushed.

Attack 1: Fires a giant laser and then rotates around the edge of the platform.

Attack 2: Charges along the line that the laser was pointing, and drops its
shields for a short period of time, allowing you to push it off the edge.


Another cutscene, and another boss.

----Midboss: Jellyfish----

A giant jellyfish appears in the background and five blades appear in front of
it.  The blades can be destroyed for hit rate.

Attack 1: The blades shoot a small beam out, followed by a very large beam.

Attack 2: As the blades are destroyed, the jellyfish shoots out lasers that
randomly rotate around the platform, only damaging you at the point where the
laser hits the platform.


After the jellyfish is destroyed, a very long cutscene ensues, filled with lots 
of closeup shots of Lucia.  (Yay for fanservice)

Anyway, now you have to defeat her.

----Boss: Lucia II and Pegasus Mech----

The battle starts out with Lucia jumping towards the middle of the room.  You
can get quite a few free hits here, so shoot her.  When she gets to the middle,
she will jump in the air, and the Pegasus Mech will either fire a red or blue
shot at her, which determines her attack pattern.

Damaging Lucia enough causes her to revert to neutral status.  She will then
jump to the middle of the room again and Pegasus will charge her up again with
a random color.


Attack 1: After charging, she dives at you and anywhere from 3 to 5 copy images
appear.  You can damage the real one at this point, because there is a pause.

Attack 2: Lucia dashes at you rapidly.

Attack 3: Fires a small amout of energy at you that follows you around for a
short amount of time.


Attack 1: After charging, she drops to the ground and shock waves fill the
room, all but the outside.  Take this opportunity to get lots of free hits.

Attack 2: Fires a small fireball that follows you for a short amount of time.

Attack 3: Fires a large ring that travels directly outward.


Attack 1: Occasionally fires missiles up in the air, targets appear on the
ground where they will land and explode.

After enough damage, Lucia goes down.


More cutscenes, and the end of level 3.


----Level 4----(005d)

You spend the first half of this level somehow walking on top of the propeller
of a helicopter.  Flying enemies will approach, but are easily taken out with
lock on weapons.  The midboss then appears.

----Midboss: Attack Helicopter----

Immediately after destroying the last of the flying enemies, the midboss flies
in and begins attacking.  It attacks by alternating between two patterns.  Lock
on and fire until it goes down.

Attack 1: Flies around the outside of the helicopter blade and launches flying
blades that slowly move inwards towards you.  The blades sometimes glow red and
fly at you quickly.

Attack 2: Flies around the outside of the helicopter blade and fires a stream
of quick energy blasts when it lines up with you.  This is pretty tricky to


After the midboss goes down, you approach a giant battleship.

----Midboss: Flying Battleship----

This midboss is on a very strict timer, you only have seconds to lock onto and
destroy a multitude of turrets while your helicopter flies quickly around the
outside of the battleship.

Attack 1: Turrets fire machine guns.  As far as I know, these cannot hit you,
as they generally fly offscreen, but I'm not entirely sure.

Attack 2: Turrets fire rockets upwards.  Targets will appear where they will
land and explode on the helicopter blade.

After 6 movements, the battle will end, regardless of how many turrets you


You land on the deck of a massive cruiser, and begin the final run of the level.

This part of the level is very open, and takes a lot of running around to clear
out everything for hit rate.

In the first section, there are four energy-orb shooting turrets on the four
corners of the area, five flying enemies that must be locked onto in order to
destroy, and countless infantry.

After the first section is cleared out (or you can just skip it if you're not
going for hit rate) you approach a bottleneck with another turret blocking the
path.  Because of a slope, you must get right next to the turret to destroy it.
Simply wait until right after it stops firing to attack and destroy it.

In the next section, you must lock onto and destroy a missile turret on a
platform.  After destroying it, you try to move on, but a wall of lasers stop 
you and an object appears at the top of the tower in the middle of the area.  
This fires rings of energy at you sporadically.  Lock on and kill.

The next area is littered with infantry, flying enemies, and four turrets.
Three launch missiles, and one launches energy orbs.  There is a platform in
middle of the area that you cannot walk through, so you need to go around it.

On each side of the platform, there are two turrets that launch energy orbs
straight across, you cannot destroy the turrets so just time it and run past.

After all 4 turrets are destroyed, the screen fades to white and a very
pun-filled cutscene ensues between you and the boss, a talking dog with a
rocket launcher on its stomach.

----Boss: Animal Contra----

After grabbing a torpedo and jumping off the ship (!) you land in the ocean,
riding on the torpedo (the scene of you landing on the ocean is supposed to be
a reference to the first midboss in Level 4 of Contra: Shattered Soldier)

This is probably one of the easier bosses in the game.  The mech that Animal
Contra controls has three parts, the core, and two arms that can be destroyed
for hit rate.

Attack 1: The arms shoot a constant stream of energy blasts, while the mech
rapidly moves from side to side.

Attack 2: Mirrors surface from the water, and the arms shoot lasers that bounce
off the mirrors and fill the screen.  The figure then slowly rotates.

Attack 3: The core shoots a giant laser that rotates around the screen.

After both arms are destroyed (doesn't take much fire) the boss only performs
attack 3 for the remainder of the battle.


The dog flies out of the mech and off the screen, and an anime-esque star
appears in the sky where it disappears.  End level 4.


----Level 5----(005e)

Yep, this is the alien level.  Pretty much the same alien level as in all other
Contra games.

The level starts with spiders at the top of the screen.  Four pods constantly
spawn the spiders until they are destroyed.

After the first bit, you are introduced to a new enemy, the spores.  They pop
out of the ground as you approach, and must be locked onto to be killed.  Five
of these are followed by four more spider pods, and then a set of three.

After moving down an elevator, you approach two more spores, and a familiar

Yep, it's another Walking Labia, just as quick to be destroyed as
last time.

Moving on, now flying enemies appear, as well as a bunch of armored enemies.
Seven spider pods and five spores later, you enter another elevator.

A set of four spores, followed by three armored enemies and two spores await
you at the bottom of the elevator, as well as a very familiar boss.

Yep, it's the Alien Toad.  It drops down at the bottom of the screen and
proceeds to chase you up through the corridor, filled with armored enemies,
until you reach another elevator.

The door is too small for the toad, but that doesn't stop it.

----Midboss: Alien Toad----

Any Contra fan knows this boss, and this one fights pretty much the same way as
all other times.

Attack 1: Jumps around the screen.

Attack 2: Quickly crawls towards you in a straight line, just dodge out of the

Attack 3: Launches spores out of its tail.  Spiders crawl out of the slime pool
that is created.

Attack 4: Fires a beam out of its eyes and spins around.  The only way to
avoid this attack is to perform the spin dodge as the lasers are moving towards

After it dies, a lock on target appears on its back.  A moth then crawls out of
its back, and begins the second phase of this battle.  Just keep locking on and
firing at it until it goes down.

Attack 1: Launches three crescent shaped energy attacks, they split into smaller
shots when hit, and then are destroyed completely.  Until then, they move around
the screen.

Attack 2: Shoots a bunch of red slime out of its tail that covers 1/3 of the 
room.  Spiders crawl out of this slime.

Attack 3: Charges across the room, creating an energy wave in a line underneath


Super C anyone?  This next section is filled with cracks in the ground, that
open up when you get near them.  A worm then lunges out at you.  Destroy them
for hit rate or just move on.

The next section is filled with pods for a new type of enemy.  They are mounted
on the walls and must be destroyed with lock on.  The enemy that it spawns will
pause and then rapidly charge at you.

There are two more worms in this area, then we get into another, 'unusual' boss.

----Midboss: Alien Genitalia----

This is a very weak midboss, your target is the snakelike object protruding
from between the alien's legs.

Attack 1: Fires an arc of energy orbs, with narrow dodge space between them.

After destroying the target, an eyeball opens up right above where it
was destroyed, and you must lock on and kill it.

Attack 1: Fires a laser that travels from the top of the screen to the bottom.
You can only be hurt by the point where the laser touches the ground.


After destroying the eyeball, you walk into the hole left by the destruction
of the area between the alien legs.

Another cutscene and it's time for two more bosses we've already seen before!

----Midboss: Red Falcon----

Yep, him again, the guy with the snake arms.  This time, there are four arms,
and they aren't snakes, they are inside floating containers.  And the skull
is in a container in the center of the room.  The arms can be destroyed for
hit rate.

Attack 1: The containers drop down and a ring of energy orbs fires outward.

Attack 2: The skull fires beams out of the top of its head, they can only hurt
you at the point where they touch the ground.

Attack 3: Orange spots appear on the skull's container, which then disappear.
The skull then fires a large mass of energy orbs out of the opening.  This
opening is the only way to hurt the skull.

Attack 4: The conainer completely disappears and massive amounts of energy shots
are fired in every direction.  The skull stays vulnerable for a good amount of
time after the attack stops.


Red falcon explodes, and the screen fades to black, but it's not over yet.

----Boss: Red Falcon's Brain----

A quick battle.  Simply move to the bottom of the screen and fire up at it.

Attack 1: Launches mines that rotate around the room.

Attack 2: Constantly fires out energy orbs out of its sides that 
rotate and form a spiral pattern moving around the room.

Attack 3: Many blue orbs appear in the water and then explode 
shortly after.

Attack 4: Fires a set of 12 large fireballs, one at a time.


The brain explodes and level 5 ends.


----Level 6----(005f)

The last real level in the game, pretty short one too.

The level begins with you launching out of a rocket to get to the space station.
All the while, enemies fly up, quickly launch an attack, and then VERY quickly
fly off screen.  You need to kill them very quickly to get all the hit rate

After 10 of those, you begin the boss fight chain.

----Boss: Master Contra----

This boss has many phases, each following a completely different pattern.

-Phase 1-

Three flying enemies appear, dispatch them quickly.

Attack 1: Spins around and launches a large fireball at you.

Attack 2: Teleports next to you and swings his sword at you.

Attack 3: Jumps in the air and lands, creating two shock waves.

-Phase 2-

Attack 1: Master Contra throws his sword and it bounces off the walls, splitting
into three, and then six blades that bounce around the room.

-Phase 3-

An electric ring encloses you in the middle of the room, and five Master Contras
appear.  The real one flashes red when hit.

Attack 1: One or two of the Master Contras shoot a large fireball at you.

Attack 2: The Master Contras disappear and then reappear in a different

-Phase 4-

Master Contra falls down and transforms into a giant head...thing.  You have
30 seconds to lock onto and destroy 4 life-support beams or else you get Game
Over on the spot.

Attack 1: Master Contra launches a beam, followed by a bunch of explosions,
filling up a third of the room.  The explosions are marked by a bunch of lines,
and do not necessarily follow the beam.

Attack 2: After some time has passed, Master Contra will vomit up white energy
that forms into the image of his previous 3 phases.  These run around the room
just swinging the sword at you.

Attack 3: If time runs out, Master Contra launches an attack that fills the
entire room with electricity.  This is unavoidable, and regardless of how many
lives you have left, the game over screen will appear.  No cutscene or anything.


Master Contra goes down, and the level ends.


----Level 7----(005g)

Just like in Contra: Shattered Soldier, this level is nothing but a boss fight
(same Background Music as the Shattered Soldier boss fight too).

----Boss: Project C----

Despite the lock on target, you do not need to shoot the boss to defeat it.
Though shooting it may cut some time off the battle, if you're going for Lucia,
you shouldn't be at level 7 anyway.  Just take your time and avoid the attacks.

Attack 1: Fires four energy shots to the platform that explode into a ring of
smaller energy shots when they hit the ground.

Attack 2: Fires a set of five fireballs, that split into three that rotate at
an increasing size, there is a fixed safe spot between where the two fireballs

Attack 3: Fires a beam of energy around the outside of the platform, that
creates a constant stream of energy orbs that fly directly to your position.  He
may also fire this in straight lines across the platform.

Just wait it out and the boss just plain dies.


The boss burns up in the atmosphere and level 7 ends.


===Hit Rate Guide==========(006)

|Level 1 (006a)|
|Name (in order of appearance)                      |   %   |Total %|
|Exploding Barrel (x2)                              |   2%  |   2%  |
|Infantry (x2)                                      |   2%  |   4%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   2%  |   6%  |
|Exploding Barrel (x2)                              |   2%  |   8%  |
|Drop Pod                                           |   1%  |   9%  |
|Infantry (x2)                                      |   2%  |  11%  |
|Exploding Barrel                                   |   1%  |  12%  |
|Infantry                                           |   1%  |  13%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   2%  |  15%  |
|Infantry (x4)                                      |   4%  |  19%  |
|Tank                                               |   1%  |  20%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   1%  |  21%  |
|Turret (x3)                                        |   3%  |  24%  |
|Drop Pod                                           |   1%  |  25%  |
|Flying Enemy (x2)                                  |   2%  |  27%  |
|Armored Enemy (x4)                                 |   4%  |  31%  |
|Infantry (x3)                                      |   3%  |  34%  |
|Tank                                               |   1%  |  35%  |
|Exploding Barrel                                   |   1%  |  36%  |
|Infantry                                           |   1%  |  37%  |
|Exploding Barrel (x2)                              |   2%  |  39%  |
|Flying Enemy (x2)                                  |   2%  |  41%  |
|Infantry                                           |   1%  |  42%  |
|Exploding Barrel (x2)                              |   2%  |  44%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   2%  |  46%  |
|Midboss: Mechanical Walker Babalu                  |   2%  |  48%  |
|Infantry (x7)                                      |   7%  |  55%  |
|Satellite                                          |   1%  |  56%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   1%  |  57%  |
|Infantry (x3)                                      |   3%  |  60%  |
|Exploding Barrel                                   |   1%  |  61%  |
|Infantry (x2)                                      |   2%  |  63%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   1%  |  64%  |
|Tank                                               |   1%  |  65%  |
|Exploding Barrel (x2)                              |   2%  |  67%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   1%  |  68%  |
|Infantry (x7)                                      |   7%  |  75%  |
|Flying Enemy (x2)                                  |   2%  |  77%  |
|Infantry (x5)                                      |   7%  |  84%  |
|Tank                                               |   2%  |  86%  |
|Midboss: Alien Baby                                |   3%  |  89%  |
|Midboss: Elevator Guard                            |   3%  |  92%  |
|Boss: Guerilla Contra                              |  ---  |  ---  |
|-Legs (x2)                                         |   2%  |  94%  |
|-Turret (x4)                                       |   4%  |  98%  |
|-Guerilla Contra                                   |   2%  | 100%  |

|Level 2 (006b)|
|Name (in order of appearance)                      |   %   |Total %|
|Hoverboard Riders (x5)                             |  10%  |  10%  |
|Armored Enemy (x10)                                |  10%  |  20%  |
|Midboss: Agile Tank                                |   5%  |  25%  |
|Midboss: Airplane                                  |  ---  |  ---  |
|-Engine (x4)                                       |   4%  |  29%  |
|-Turret (x2)                                       |   2%  |  31%  |
|-Infantry                                          |   4%  |  35%  |
|Hole Infantry (x11)                                |  11%  |  46%  |
|Turret (x2)                                        |   4%  |  50%  |
|Midboss: Crawler                                   |  10%  |  60%  |
|Turret (x2)                                        |   6%  |  66%  |
|Wall Plug                                          |   4%  |  70%  |
|Turret (x2)                                        |   6%  |  76%  |
|Wall Plug                                          |   4%  |  80%  |
|Midboss: Mystery G                                 |  10%  |  90%  |
|Boss: Plant Contra                                 |  10%  | 100%  |

|Level 3 (006c)|
|Name (in order of appearance)                      |   %   |Total %|
|Flying Enemy (x4)                                  |   5%  |   5%  |
|Turret                                             |   1%  |   6%  |
|Satellite                                          |   1%  |   7%  |
|Flying Enemy (x2)                                  |   4%  |  11%  |
|Turret                                             |   1%  |  12%  |
|Satellite                                          |   1%  |  13%  |
|Flying Enemy (x3)                                  |   4%  |  17%  |
|Midboss: Walking Labia                             |   3%  |  20%  |
|Infantry (x11)                                     |  11%  |  31%  |
|Midboss: Desert Worm                               |  11%  |  42%  |
|Armored Enemy                                      |   2%  |  44%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   1%  |  45%  |
|Armored Enemy                                      |   2%  |  47%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   1%  |  48%  |
|Armored Enemy                                      |   2%  |  50%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   1%  |  51%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   1%  |  52%  |
|Infantry                                           |   1%  |  53%  |
|Exploding Barrel (x2)                              |   2%  |  55%  |
|Flying Enemy (x2)                                  |   4%  |  59%  |
|Infantry                                           |   1%  |  60%  |
|Exploding Barrel (x3)                              |   3%  |  63%  |
|Armored Enemy (x2)                                 |   4%  |  67%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   1%  |  68%  |
|Flying Enemy (x2)                                  |   2%  |  70%  |
|Turret (x2)                                        |   2%  |  72%  |
|Infantry (x2)                                      |   2%  |  74%  |
|Satellite                                          |   1%  |  75%  |
|Midboss: Armored Crab                              |   5%  |  80%  |
|Laser Weapon (x5)                                  |   5%  |  85%  |
|Midboss: Jellyfish                                 |   5%  |  90%  |
|Boss: Lucia II and Pegasus Mech                    |  10%  | 100%  |

|Level 4 (006d)|
|Name (in order of appearance)                      |   %   |Total %|
|Flying Enemy (x12)                                 |  12%  |  12%  |
|Midboss: Attack Helicopter                         |   5%  |  17%  |
|Midboss: Flying Battleship                         |  18%  |  35%  |
|Flying Enemy                                       |   2%  |  37%  |
|Infantry (x13)                                     |  13%  |  50%  |
|Turret (x4)                                        |   4%  |  54%  |
|Flying Enemy (x3)                                  |   3%  |  57%  |
|Flying Enemy (x2)                                  |   2%  |  59%  |
|Turret                                             |   1%  |  60%  |
|Flying Enemy (x2)                                  |   2%  |  62%  |
|Infantry (x2)                                      |   2%  |  64%  |
|Turret                                             |   1%  |  65%  |
|Satellite                                          |   3%  |  68%  |
|Infantry (x8)                                      |   8%  |  76%  |
|Turret (x4)                                        |   5%  |  81%  |
|Flying Enemy (x4)                                  |   4%  |  85%  |
|Boss: Animal Contra                                |  ---  |  ---  |
|-Arm (x2)                                          |  10%  |  95%  |
|-Animal Contra                                     |   5%  | 100%  |

|Level 5 (006e)|
|Name (in order of appearance)                      |   %   |Total %|
|Spider (x3)                                        |   3%  |   3%  |
|Spider Pod (x4)                                    |   4%  |   7%  |
|Spider (x4)                                        |   4%  |  11%  |
|Spore (x5)                                         |   5%  |  16%  |
|Spider Pod (x4)                                    |   4%  |  20%  |
|Spider (x2)                                        |   2%  |  22%  |
|Spider Pod (x3)                                    |   3%  |  25%  |
|Walking Labia                                      |   2%  |  27%  |
|Spore (x2)                                         |   2%  |  29%  |
|Flying Enemy (x7)                                  |   7%  |  36%  |
|Spider Pod (x7)                                    |   7%  |  43%  |
|Spore (x4)                                         |   4%  |  47%  |
|Spider (x2)                                        |   2%  |  49%  |
|Spore (x6)                                         |   6%  |  55%  |
|Midboss: Alien Toad                                |  ---  |  ---  |
|-Phase 1                                           |   3%  |  58%  |
|-Phase 2                                           |   3%  |  61%  |
|Alien Worm (x10)                                   |  10%  |  71%  |
|Armored Alien Pod (x7)                             |   7%  |  78%  |
|Alien Worm (x2)                                    |   2%  |  80%  |
|Midboss: Alien Genitalia                           |  ---  |  ---  |
|-Phase 1                                           |   1%  |  81%  |
|-Phase 2                                           |   1%  |  82%  |
|Midboss: Red Falcon                                |  ---  |  ---  |
|-Arm (x4)                                          |   8%  |  90%  |
|-Red Falcon                                        |   5%  |  95%  |
|Boss: Red Falcon's Brain                           |   5%  | 100%  |

|Level 6 (006f)|
|Name (in order of appearance)                      |   %   |Total %|
|Missile Fighter (x10)                              |  20%  |  20%  |
|Boss: Master Contra                                |  ---  |  ---  |
|-Phase 1                                           |  10%  |  30%  |
|-Phase 2                                           |  10%  |  40%  |
|-Phase 3                                           |  20%  |  60%  |
|-Phase 4                                           |  40%  | 100%  |

|Level 7 (006g)|
|Name (in order of appearance)                      |   %   |Total %|
|Boss: Project C                                    | 100%  | 100%  |



--Standard Infantry--
Found in: Level 1, Level 3, Level 4

Description: Endlessly running from the open-ended sides of the screen, these
enemies are very easy to deal with, with their low health and lack of 
long-ranged attacks.

Attack 1: Walks up to you and swings sword.

Attack 2: Spins sword in midair and then quickly charges at you.

--Shielded Infantry--
Found in: Level 1, Level 3, Level 4

Description: These enemies hold up an indestructable shield that only piercing 
weapons can get through.  After a short period of time, they will drop their
shield and fire a small amount of energy orbs.

Attack 1: Fires energy orbs.

--Sniper Infantry--
Found in: Level 1, Level 3, Level 4

Description: Usually hiding behind walls, these enemies stand still for the most
part and slowly shoot energy orbs at you.

Attack 1: Fires energy orbs.

--Bazooka Infantry--
Found in: Level 1, Level 3, Level 4

Description: These enemies do not move, but fire a rocket at you.  Easy to kill.

Attack 1: Fire rocket.  The rocket starts out slow, but picks up speed very 

--Armored Enemy Type 1--
Found in: Level 1, Level 2

Description: These blue vehicles can move around the screen very quickly, making
them hard to hit in some situations.

Attack 1: Fires a multitude of energy orbs.

Attack 2: Charges at you very quickly.

--Armored Enemy Type 2--
Found in: Level 3

Description: These vehicles look like they have a missile rack on top of them,
but they are never used for some reason.

Attack 1: Charges at you at insane speeds, very difficult to avoid.

--Armored Enemy Type 3--
Found in: Level 5

Description: These blue enemies will produce a white glow followed by a
relentless charge.

Attack 1: Charges at you in short, quick bursts.  Does not stop until dead or
far enough away from you.

--Armored Alien--
Found in: Level 5

Description: These green enemies come out of the pods in the second part of
Level 5 in very large numbers.

Attack 1: Charges at you very quickly.

--Energy Turret--
Found in: Level 1, Level 3, Level 4

Description: This turret has two guns parallel to each other, and rotate with
the turret.

Attack 1: Launches pairs of energy orbs very quickly.  In levels 1 and 3, only
a few orbs are launched, but in level 4, the turrets fire a constant stream of

--Missile Turret--
Found in: Level 4

Description: Found at the ending section of level 4, these turrets are fixed on
top of platforms and must be locked onto.

Attack 1: Launches a multitude of missiles in the air.  Targets appear on the
ground where they will land and explode.

--Aircraft Type 1--
Found in: Level 1

Description: These aircraft simply fly across the screen.  After passing you, 
they may rotatearound towards you or continue in their path.  If you fail to 
kill them beforethey fly off the screen, you will miss the hit rate that 
generally comes with them.

Attack 1: A target appears on the ground, and the aircraft fires an energy orb
at it.

--Aircraft Type 2--
Found in: Level 1, Level 4

Description: These slow aircraft have two spinning propellors on the top of 

Attack 1: A small laser appears, followed by a stream of machine gun fire.

--Aircraft Type 3--
Found in: Level 3, Level 5

Description: These aircraft look like small satellites, floating in the air 
with very little motion.  A spotlight is shooting out of the bottom of it.

Attack 1: When you move into the spotlight, it turns red and the aircraft chases
you, firing fireballs at targets that appear on the ground.

--Aircraft Type 4--
Found in: Level 3

Description: These aircraft look like large satellites.

Attack 1: Fires a multitude of missiles.  Targets appear on the ground where
they are going to land.

--Hoverboard Rider--
Found in: Level 2

Description: These enemies jump around the screen very quickly, making them
hard to hit.

Attack 1: Launches a circular disc that moves towards you, and then comes back
to the rider.

--Hole Infantry--
Found in: Level 2

Description: These enemies come out of a hole in the wall you climb in this
section, launch an object downard, and then go back in their hole.  If they
do this, you miss hit rate points.

Attack 1: Launches either a green or purple object directly 'down' from where
they are.

Found in: Level 1

Description: These large tanks do not move, and fire an easily avoidable attack.

Attack 1: A red beam of energy appears, followed by a stream of machine gun 

--Overhead Turret--
Found in: Level 2

Description: These turrets hang from the ceiling and must be locked onto.

Attack 1: A red beam of energy appears, followed by a stream of machine gun 

--Spore Infantry--
Found in: Level 2

Description: Plant Contra launches these out in its first phase.  They are easy
to kill, and have no attacks.

--Small Spider--
Found in: Level 5

Description: The basic enemy in Level 5.  Very easy to kill.

Attack 1: Vomits up yellow pus.

Attack 2: Charges at you very quickly

Found in: Level 5

Description: These larger spiders appear at fixed locations, and take much more
fire to kill than the small spiders.

Attack 1: Vomits up yellow pus.

Attack 2: Charges at you very quickly.

Found in: Level 5

Description: These look like small holes in the ground until you approach.  Then
they pop out of the ground and begin attacking.

Attack 1: Launches an energy ball at you slowly.

--Alien Worm--
Found in: Level 5

Description: These worms are found underground at the cracks in the ground of
the second half of Level 5.  Two eyes will appear on either side of the crack
when the worm is about to surface.

Attack 1: If you are nearby, the worm will lunge at you at an unavoidable speed.

Attack 2: The worm will launch a series of sets of energy orbs.  Either three or
two are launched with each set.

--Missile Fighter--
Found in: Level 6

Description: These enemies fly up to your level as missiles, then open up and
attack.  They will attack once and then very quickly fly offscreen.

Attack 1: Launches a stream of energy orbs.

Attack 2: Launches a set of five larger white energy orbs.



Tentakel - Thanks for the 100% hit rate videos!

Myself - For being bored enough to write a FAQ.

Konami - For keeping faith with a near-dead genre.

Any questions?  Comments?  Anything I missed?  E-Mail me at mr_bob6@yahoo.com.
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