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Aigle Guide by hedin2004

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/25/2005

                       *            Aigle          *
                       *       (Rumble Roses)      *
                      Character FAQ, version 1.0.
                   Author: Hedin (hedin2004@yandex.ru)
			   Date: 25 July 2005.

I played Rumble Roses game and finished it with all characters. The game is
really great! I 've been waiting something good like this from Konami. When
I visited a GameFAQs section of Rumble Roses, I saw, that there was no Aigle
Character FAQ there. I desided to correct the situation and write the FAQ.
Aigle is a strong character. I've finished her story mode, collected 100%
Face, got Rose of Roses Title and defended it without any problems. So,
let's begin!


1. Version control.
2. Aigle's personal data.
3. Game basics.
  3.1. About the game.
  3.2. Basic moves.
  3.3. Some rules of Rumble Roses.
4. Aigle's Moves (By ShinGokuIAM).
5. Strategies.
6. Gaining 100% Face.
7. Gallery Mode, Beach and Interview.
8. Credits.
9. Conclusion.
10. Disclaimer.

1. Version control.

Version 1.0.   25 July 2005.
Added Aigle's personal data, Game basics, Aigle's Moves, Strategies,
Gaining 100% Face, Gallery Mode, Beach and Interview, Credits chapters and
some other nessessary staff.

2. Aigle's personal data.

Aigle is a young girl from one of the Mongolian tribes. Her father and
brother are champions of Mongolian Sumo, so Aigle joined Rumble Roses
in order to convince her father and brother that she is a great warrior.
Aigle is "the lightest" character of Rumble Roses. She is quick, strong,
has a really good tolerance and effective moves.

Type: Face.
Country: Mongolia.
Age: 18.
Height: 5'5.
Weight: 119 lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown.
Eye Color: Dark Brown.
BUST: Unknown.
Waist: Unknown.
Hips: Unknown.
Killer Move: Mongolian BBQ.
Lethal Move: White Doe.
Humiliation Move: Lobster Lock.
Entrance Music: The Spirit of Hawk.

3. Game basics.
  3.1. About the game.

Rumble Roses is an action wrestling game. It is a contest of the strongest
and the most beautiful girl fighters in the world. This is a main feature of
Rumble Roses. There are three difficulty levels in Rumble Roses: easy,
normal and hard. Each character has her story mode with a couple of matches
and a boss at the end. Each character also has her own entry movie. There
are several types of simple battles. You can choose normal battle on the
ring, Mad Mud battle, where you have to fight in a pit of mud, and the Title
mode where you can receive and defend the Rose of Roses title.

Each character has a lot of moves. To win the match you must either hold the
enemy for 3 seconds, or submit ("crack" a leg, arm, etc.) her, forcing to
give up.

  3.2. Basic moves.

Here are the basic moves, which can be used during the battle.
"button1/button2" means that you can either press button1, or button2 in
a discribed situation.
"button1, button2" means that you must quickly press button1 and then
button2 in a discribed situation.
"button1+button2" means that you must press button1 and button2 at the
same time in a discribed situation.

Up/Down/Left/Right (on D-pad or left Analog) - move character.
Up, Up/Down, Down/Left, Left/Right, Right (on D-pad or left Analog) - Dash.

Square - punch.
Square (when holding a lying enemy by the head) - punch.
Square (when holding a lying enemy by the leg) - kick.
Square + direction towards to enemy (when holding a lying enemy by the head)
 - strong punch.
Square + direction towards to enemy (when holding a lying enemy by the leg)
 - strong kick.
You can perform a 5 hit combo with knock down last strike, if you rapidly
press X.
Dash, Square - knock down strike.

Triangle - Grab.
Triangle (when holding a lying enemy) - force the enemy to get up.
Triangle (when holding a weapon) - drop weapon.

X (while standing) - run forward.
X + any direction - run to the direction.
X (while running) - stop.
X + any direction (while lying) - evasion roll.

Circle - break the enemy hold.
Circle (when holding the enemy) - release the enemy.
Circle (near the weapon) - take a weapon.
Circle (near the ropes) - ring in or out.
Circle (near the ropes while running) - quick ring in or out.

R1 - guard.
R1 + Square - counter Square attacks.
R1 + Triangle- counter Triangle moves.
L1 + R1 - counter a Lethal or Killer move.
R1 + L2 - counter a Humilation move.

L1 - perform Killer or Lethal move.
L2 - perform Humilation move.
Right Analog - taunt.

  3.3. Some rules of Rumble Roses.

To win the match you must either hold the enemy for 3 seconds, or submit
("crack" a leg, arm, etc.) her, forcing togive up. You can truly hold the
enemy or submit her on the ring only. You can't win out of the ring, you can
only do the damage to the enemy there.

During the fight you can see 2 character panels at the top of the screen,
where you can see current information about the characters (left - the first
player, right - the second player).

Each character in Rumble Roses has 7 main attributes: head gauge, body
gauge, arm gauge, leg gauge, power gauge, humilation gauge and tolerance.

All the successful moves, which are performed during the battle, decrease
head gauge, body gauge, arm gauge or leg gauge. When the character takes
damage you can see a name of a part of the body, which is damaged under the
character's panel. Strikes can't reduce head gauge, body gauge, arm gauge or
leg gauge to 0. After the strike (and throw) these 4 gauges "regenerate" if
they are lower than 15%. To decrease head gauge, body gauge, arm gauge or
leg gauge to 0 you must successfully perform a submission on the body part
when it's gauge is low. If the head gauge, body gauge, arm gauge or leg
gauge of the enemy is decreased to 0, then you'll win with "Give up" final.

Lets name as a holder a character, who is submitting the enemy. Another
character (who is suffering) will be named as victim. During the submission
a gauge appears under the victim's panel.
 ______________________________/  \ 
|          |  1                |2 |
where "1" - a gauge of a victim's body part with name "3".
"2" - a power of a holder's submission move.
"3" - a victim's body part, which takes damage.

The goal of the holder is decreasing a gauge of a victim's body part to 0.
To decrease it the holder's player must simply hold Triangle button. The
goal of a victim is to break the submission (decrease a power of a holder's
submission move to 0). To decrease it the victim's player must rapidly press
Triangle, Square, Circle and X buttons.

Each character has a tolerance. This attribute is independent from others.
The higher is the tolerance, the faster a fighter will retailiate from knock
down position, and it will be easier for her to break submission or ground
pressing. If the tolerance is high, the character can perform long evasion
rolls. To decrease the enemy's tolerance you must attack quickly with long
combos. Try to use throws and submission moves as often as possible. You
can't see the tolerance gauge.

Each fighter has a power gauge. It is a yellow gauge on the character's
panel. The gauge fills as you strike the enemy or taunt. There are 4 types
of taunting for eash character (4 direction of the right analog). Long
taunt fills the power gauge better than quick taunt. When the power gauge
fills you can perform Killer, Lethal or Humilation moves. Each of them costs
1 power gauge to use. To know when to use them, look at your panel. If there
is a blew invitation under the panel, then you can perform a Killer move
(level 1 power move). If there is a green invitation under the panel, then
you can perform a Lethal move (level 2 power move). If there is a red
invitation under the panel, then you can perform a Humilation move (level 3
power move).

Each fighter has a humilation gauge. It has a heart appearance. Some moves,
which "emit hearts" increase the enemies humilation gauge. When the enemy's
humilation gauge becomes full, you'll see a little scene with a red
background and a lying hero, who askes for mercy. When the enemy's
humilation gauge is full you can perform Humilation moves on her. These
moves can only be performed only when the is a shining heart at the enemy's
panel. Some of your moves can decrease your own humilation gauge, so be

Some moves can press the enemy to the ground. If you can hold the enemy for
3 seconds, you'll win the match. The effectiveness of breaking such moves
depends on the victim's tolerance. To breake such move you must press the
Circle button rapidly.

During the fight you can use the weapons. To get them leave the ring, run to
the corner of a "battlefield" and press circle button. You can only strike
with the help of the weapon. The first using of Triangle button will force
your character to drop a weapon.

4. Aigle's Moves (By ShinGokuIAM).
#1. Standing Attacks.

Square- Left Hook Punch
Left + Square- Right Hook Punch
Right + Square- Right Punch
Up + Square-  Right Hand Shiroda
Down + Square- Left Hand Shiroda
Keep Pressing Square for Combo of Punches ending with Monogoilian Chops

#2. Grapple Attacks

Triangle- Irish Whip

From Left + Triangle
Left- Powerbomb (Humilation)
Right- Body flip
Up- Head Takedown
Down- Scissors Lock

From Right + Triangle
Left- Counter DDT into Pin (Humilation)
Right- Dangerous Suplex
Up- Arm & Head Lock Pin (Humilation)
Down- School Boy into Leg Lock

From Up + Triangle- Head Takedown into Head Grapple
Up- Neck Crank
Down- Dragon Sleeper (Submission) 
Left- Russian Rolling Drops
Right- La Magistral Pin (Humilation)

#3. While in Ground Head Position
Press Any Direction + Square
Up/Right/Left- Head Beat
Down- Elbow Drop

From Down + Triangle- Dragon Screw into Leg Moves
Up- Single Leg Boston Crab(Submission)
Down- Reverse Texas Cloverleaf (Submission)
Left- Huge Knee Slam
Right- Knee Slam

#4. While in Ground Leg Position
Press Square and/or + any Direction
Up- Elbow Drop
Down/Left/Right- Knee Strikes

#5. Ground Attack
Square- Stomp
Left/Right + Square- Knee Drop
Down/Up + Square- Elbow Drop

#6. Dazed Standing Front (Hit Any Direction + Triangle)
Left- Powerbomb (Humilation)
Right- Dangerous Drop
Up- Head & Arm Lock Pin (Humilation)
Down- Scissors Lock

#7. Dazed Standing Back (Double Tap Triangle to rise Oppenent to feet to 
get behind them)
Left- Suicide Judo Takedown
Right- Burning Hammer
Up- Knee Takedown
Down- Camal Clutch (Submission)

#8. Irish Whip (When Oppenent is Standing press Triangle then any direction)
Down/Left, Up/Right, Down/Left, Up/Left- Irish Whip into Ropes
Up, Down, Right, Left- Irish Whip into Turnbuckles

#9. Oppenent Irish Whipped from Ropes
Up/Down + Triangle- Flapjack
Left/Right + Triangle- Bearhug (Submission & Humilation)

#10. Running off Ropes into Oppenent
Triangle + Any Direction- Irish Whip 
Left/Right/Up/Down + Square- Running Shoulder Block
Square- Shoulder Block

#11. Turnbuckle
Running into Turnbuckle
Run + Square- Clothesline
Up + Square- Splash into Bulldog
Down/Left/Right/Up + Triangle- Irish Whip Oppenent from facing forward 
to now facing behind

#12. Turnbuckle Front Grapples
Up + Triangle- Corner Stomps
Down + Triangle- Powerbomb into Turnbuckle
Left + Triangle- Top Rope Jumping Bulldog
Right + Triangle- Corner Cradle Driver (Humilation) 

#13. From Oppenent Back Facing you
Up + Triangle- Throw into Post
Down + Triangle- Head Beat into Turnbuckle
Left + Triangle- Second Rope Belly to Back Suplex
Right + Triangle- Corner Thunderfire Powerbomb

#14. Oppenent Sitting Down in Turnbuckle
Run (X) + Square- Drop Kick
Up/Down/Left/Right + Triangle- Stomps w/Knee (Humilation)

#15. Oppenent Hanging on Ropes
Up/Down/Left/Right + Triangle- Punches into Irish Whip

Top Rope Moves (Standing or Liying on the mat)
Up/Down + Square- Knee Drop
Left/Right + Square- Diving Elbow Drop
Square- Flying Axe Hammer

#16. Attack to the Outside
Up + Square- Dive from Apron (While Standing at the Ropes)
Run towards the ropes and Hold Square- Baseball Slide

#17. Finishing Moves.

Killer Move:
Mongolian BBQ (Hail Storm of Mongolian Chops) - When oppenent is Standing
(Not Dazed). Press L1 to perform.

Lethal Move:
White Doe (Oppenent Gets Dumped straight on their Head) - When Oppenent 
is Standing & Dazed. Press L1 to perform.

Humilitaion Move: 
Lobster Lock - When Oppenent is Standing. Press L2 to perform.

5. Strategies.

#1. Counter as oftern as possible. After you've countered with R1, quckly:
 - if the enemy is standing wery close continue your counter with Square,
Square and so on;
 - if the enemy is standing a bit afar, perform a dash strike;
 - if the enemy is lying, grab her and continue the counter combo.

#2. I don't recommend you to use 5 hit Square combo, espessially near the
ropes, because the fifth strike can either miss, or it won't knock down the
enemy. If the enemy has blocked your combo, she can easily counter after the
forth strike. So, it is better to perform such combos as Square, Square,
Triangle and so on.

#3. When the fighter is moving out of the ring or in the ring, she is
vulnerable, so be careful! Move in or out the ring when the enemy is far
away. You can use this fact as an advantage. When the enemy is moving in or
uot of the ring quickly move to her and PRESS SQUARE BUTTON ONCE. This will
be enogh to knock her down.

#4. Don't forget that you can't win out of the ring. But you can damage the
enemy there. A good way to damage the enemy out of the ring is equipping
a weapon.

#5. When you are fighting remember, that you can be countered. So do not
use simple strategies and do not repeat the combos. A good way to confuse
the enemy is to pull the enemy by the hare, when she is on the ground.

#6. When an enemy is dizzed, there are a "stars" near her head. Pay
attention whether the enemy is dizzed or not, because you can be countered.

#7. If the enemy is trying to suppress you to the corner, simply leave the

#8. Some of your moves can decrease your own humilation gauge, so be
careful. If your fighter has got such moves try not to use them, and if you
do, try not to delay the battle too much.

#9. When fighting with Lady X true form try not to allow her to perform her
Killer move, because if she do, and then she quickly press you to the
ground, you'll loose. But note that there are some characters, who have got
a great tolerance to stand and quickly recover from this move. Aigle is one
of these characters (Makoto has the higherst tolerance and Aigle is the

6. Gaining 100% Face.

Face is a "good guy" and performs only good things during the battle.
Aigle is a positive character, and if you try to make a negative wrestler
from her by receiving heel points, she'll become Killer Khan (Aigle's
negative form with another technique). That is why I'll advise you how to
gain only face points.

There is no real difficulty here. Select Exhibition mode match, and before
the match enter "Wow system" menu. Set "wows", which restrict weapon using
and leaving the ring. During the fight simply don't leave the ring. After
winning the match Aigle will receive additional 20% face. Win 3 battles with
these 2 "wows", and Aigle will be 100% face. After that she can fight for
the Rose of Roses Title. This way is very easy.

7. Gallery Mode, Beach and Interview.

To unlock the Gallery Mode for a character you must get the Rose of Roses
Title. To unlock the Beach Mode for a character you must defend the Rose of
Roses Title after receiving it. Aigle must be 100% face to battle for the
Rose of Roses Title.

In Gallery Mode you can get character's personal data, hear related
soundtracks, or look at the character with controlled camera. Beach mode
looks alike the Gallery Mode, but the character is lieing on a beach. There
are no Gallery and Beach modes for Lady X forms, because she is a boss.

When you are in Gallery or Beach modes just wait nearly a minute, and an
Interview will begin, where the reporter will ask a couple of questions to
the character.

8. Credits.

Special thanks to:
- ShinGokuIAM for Aigle's moves with great notation.
- the game itself, because there is a lot of interesting information here,
which can be posted in a FAQ.
- Konami for creating such a great game.
- www.gamefaqs.com for your existence.

9. Conclusion.

This concludes my character FAQ for Aigle (Rumble Roses). I hoped my FAQ
helped you get through the game a little. If you have any questions,
contributions, concerns, or comments, please, e-mail me at
hedin2004@yandex.ru. If your contribution can make a difference on this
FAQ and I will update it with proper recognition to the author.

10. Disclaimer.

This FAQ may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without my permission. Please, e-mail me if you want to host it
(e-mail: hedin2004@yandex.ru).

Copyright 2005 Oleg Lyskov 

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